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We will sell our entire stock of
New and Stylish TRIMMED
PRICES. Come and see them at
Rare Your COLLAIIS Htarrhed in the old
way when you can have thorn ilono with soft,
pliablo Bnttonholos for TWO CENTS EACH.
Norrman& Moore
120 Wyoming Avenue
We are showing
new designs in printed
415 Lacka. Avenue.
We Will Offer for a Few Oays
Fine Moquctte Rugs at $2 oo.
These Rugs Have Never Been
Sold for less Than $3.00.
Williams k ickitj
'2 "7 Wyoming Ave,
H. L. Garlen left niglit 011 the mid
nl:ht train for New York on a business
There will bo a meeting of the board of
maunders of Florence mission Tuesday,
Juno 5, at 10 a. m.
Thomas Rippard', Alfred Rippard, A.
Hansen and William Skeats, ot Wilt
Iinrre. spent Sunday in the city.
H. A. Kingsbury has sold his residenco
on luincy uvuoue to Mrs. Hannah Coar,
through IL H. Holgate's agency. ConBid
eiation, $13,000.
Hon. MIchBel Rran will If cture at the
Acudomy of Music on Junt- 14 for the ben
efit of the Pine Brook branch of the St.
Vincent do Paul society.
The Father Whitty Bugle corps will
give an entertainment at St. Unty'n hall,
Providence, tonight. A programme of
rare merit has boon arranged.
On Saturday John P. tuinnan, M. J.
Donahce, Charles P. O'Mai my and M. J.
Gibbs successfully passed tho "final examin
ation for admission to tho Lnckawanua
The MacKay-Kennedy comic opera com
pany will commence a season of summer
opera at tho Frothinghnm tonight, when
"(iirolle Uirofla" will be sung. I'rices will
be in, 25, 85 and 60 cents.
The exchanges at the Scrauton Cloaring
Houo during the last week wore: SI011
duy, SllB.-0t.08; Tuosdny, I 1 5,53a..".5;
'ihursday, 14(), 055,1)9; Friday. 1110,871 21;
Saturday, J156.22o.07. Total, wM,lin.W,
Opn AU Night
at Lobman'i Spruce street.
Frof. Jules Jordan Compliment! Prof.
Bauer and Hii Orchestra.
Professor Jules Jordan, of Provi
dence, It. I , magical director to the
Bingbamton Musical festival, to be
bald on Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday of this week, arrived hi this
city from Binghatnton Saturday even
ing, and held a rehearsal of Bauer's
orchestra at the band quarters oa Wy
oming avenne yesterdav morning for
the performance of "Haydn's Crea
tion," winch will be sang during the
It it pleasing to note that Prof.
Jordan was wuoh gratified at the re
sult of the rehearsal and complimented
the members In high terms. The or
chestra to the number of fifteen pieces
will leave for the Parlor city on Tnes
duy at midnight to be absent three
AU Day Sunday at Niagara Fall.
Saturday evening, July 9. the popular
Brie hues will start a grand cheap excur
sion for the people to the (ireat Cataract
and Buffalo, accompanied by a line baud
of music, arriving at the Fulls at 5 a. to.,
Sunday, and leave on tho return at !).S0 p.
m., arriving at home station in timo for a
good night's rest for Monday's work.
Tickets will also be good to return on any
regular train Monday, July 1L
Train will leave Citrboudalo nt T.1& F; re
round trip on t3. D not mies tbiB cbe ,n
Dr. A. E. Burr, having opened his of
fices in the Burr building, Washington
avenue, will resume tho practice of hie
profession, where be will be glad to servs
his old patrons' and public in general.
Matchliss Shaw Pianos Every cus
tomer recommends them. Steele & Hoe ley,
184 Wyoming avenue.
Scranion Choir May Br m ; a Pr.z) from tha
Thirty-fiva Well Known Scranton Ger
mans and Many Others Will Attend
the Great Music Festival Cheap
Excursion Rate Over the Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western Road
Some Features Which Will Attract
Many to New York.
Tlio German residents of this city
and particularly tho Liuderkrauz and
thoso interested in music il matters are
looking forward with pleasure to the
great Saengerfest which U to be held
iu New York on June 82, 23, 24, 85, 20
und 27, Enecial local interest is at
inched to i lie evout from the fact that
rt choir of thirty-five voices from the
iiiederkrsnz will compete with a scorn
01 more choirs In the sjeouci-slaw cm-
I alt
The mambm of the Scranton Lioder
kranz choir aro Prank Beckor, William
Wachter, Edmund A. liarth, OjOM
Strauob, Peter Gard, Jacob Bsruisl,
Charles Wagner, Charles , Nier, John
Klasen, Frank Dreuer, Fred 0. Diiuler,
Edward riiebeclisr, Theodore Kiesel,
Charles Wenzjl, Conrad Wenztl, bigs
niiiud KUinfeld, Charles Koompjl,
Emil Maxiaii, John Wutkins, Joseph
Bickel, Fred J, Widmuyer, Henry C.
Dimler, George Wahl. Joseph Eibes,
J. D. Ember, Willium Siebecker, Louis
Siebecker, Henry Siebecker, Poter Sny
der, Paul Kellar, Louis Conrad, Theo
dore Pittak, Joseph Priucevally, Hec
tor Jumes.
CdtlBfl TO BK ItEl'BESKNriCI).
The contests include valmolo prizes
to be uwardtd the best choirs from
I :r,: cities and in first, second uud
third daises for choirs from cities
promiscuously. In tho firat-cliisj sing
ing, Philadelphia will be rcprtsstited
by thirty-six choirs; Newark, soven
teen; Brooklyu. twenty -six, and Bulti
more, six; second class, local contest,
Hodson county, N. Y., will present
nine societies; Albany, tour; Trenton,
three, and Troy, four. Each of the
choirs will represent a society of about
250 members iu addition to whicn 2G0
societies wiil also be present.
The selection chosen for the first,
stcond and third classes, in the second
of which tho Scranton choir will com
pete, are respectively "Das Grab am
Buaemo," "Ilortstnucht" and "Wal
deinsimkoit." Professor F. F. Ivpff is now drilling
tho choir three times 11 week ami dur
Irjg tin last week previous to the opin
ing of the H.iongerfeiit a rehearsal will
bo held every evening. In ordr to
proQr funds incident to the contest,
tho Liederkram will conduct n picnic
nt Central Park garden nxt Monday,
J11110 11, when several of the city's sing
ing societies of several nationalities
will sing.
Beginning Friday, Jane 82, tha Dela
ware, Lackawanna and Western road
will sell excursion tickets, good for ten
lays and during tho saangorfest, for
$4 55, Nonrly all of the 175 members
Of the Liederkranz will leave th'i fir. t
day of the festival at il.iio. Ticket j
can bo procured at the depot, or from
any member of the ehoir.
Tho first prlta for singing by the
combined societies of a city at the
couiitig fcE'.ival Is a bust of Beethoven,
heroic size, and is a companion piece
10 the Schubert bust, which was won
by Philadelphia in 1891. Tho second
prize, for mass singing, is a $250 ban
tier. The prizes for club swinging are
1 irst Class rirat prizo u concert
grand pinno; socond priz, a silver
punch no wl; thirl prize, a nlver
Secoud Class First prize, a baby
grand piuno; second n a silver
punch bowl. third priz, a silver
Third Class First priz). ft, square
piano; second prize, a silver punch
bowl; third priz, a silver wreath.
Among the cities which will be offi
cially represented by male ehorujes
are :
Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pittsburg,
Allegheny City, Steading, Allentown, Lan
caster, Bethlehoui, Scranton, Easton and
Now York Now York city, Brooklyn,
Buffalo, Albany, Troy, Utica, Syracuse,
Elmiraand Wintield, Long Ialaud,
New Jersey Newark, Trenton, Hobo
ken, Ornngo mid Kliznbeth.
Connecticut Now Haven, Bridgeport
and wateroury.
Maryland Bnltimore.
Delawaro Wilmington.
District of Columbia Washington.
Massachusetts Boston.
W isconsln M il waukee.
In addition to this list there will be
a large number of societies from many
states who will attend, but will notou
ter into tho contest.
The officers of the Saengerbund are:
Presindeut, Carl Loutz, Newark.N. J.;
vice president, Carl Kubl, Philadel
phia; treasurer, August Goortz, New
ark, N. J. ; corresponding ancrotary
Felix Schwartzchikl, New York; re,
cording sscretury, Ernst C. Stabl,
Trenton, N. J.
While the participation of the local
choir will bo the main incentive for at
teudanoe from thin city, stilt there are
other features which will go toward
making the coming Saengerfest one of
the most stupendous festivals of its
kind ever held. On the opening night
a torchlight procession will bo givou,
when it is expected 20,000 people will
be in line. An orcheatraof 112 pieces
on Saturday night aud seventy-live
pieces regularly will be conducted by
Frank Van Der Stuchney.
Among the noted performers who
will appear are Frau Emma Jnoh,
soprano; Frau Arhalia Materim,
dramatist soprano; Miss Maud Powell,
violineste; Conrad Behreno, bnsso;
Victor Herbert, cello; Guiseppo Cam
panari, baritone.
The prizi contests will all be heard
in Madison Square Garden, than
which no structure in the world is
more adapted for the Duruose. Tha
first and third class singing will occur
at 2 30 o'clock Snnday, and op Monday
nt the same hour the second class con-
tost will bo held.
Dolivsr il an Interesting- Discourse
Bla Cocgregatlon Last Evening.
Itsv. E. L. Miller, pastor of Uolv
Trinity Lutheran church, corner Adams
avenue and Mulberry street, preached to
his congregation last evening from tho
text, "What profit shall this birth
right do met''
It is Indisputably true, ho said that
those things which nre In themselves
most valuable. are sometimes
considered of the leait worth.
This Is often true of worldly things,
and especially true of spirilml things.
Men do not value the latter at they
onght. When invited to a epirltual
fenst, men make all manner of invalid
and unreasonable exanses
Eiau failed to value the privileges
luvuiveu in uis ngai 01 primogeniture.
A3 the eldest sen he had the right to
the inberitaneo of an earthly king.
Both spiritual and earthly tretsures
were involved iu this right of nrlino-
genittire, yet be sold it lor a mess ot
But there camo a time when Eeau
perceivod what a bad bargain ho had
made. Then he sought his father, and
with many tears begged that the bar
gain be reversed, but it could not bo
done. It was too late.
So with those who in the same way
barter away for trifles their privilege
to an heavenly inheritance. There
co nits a day when nil such shall see
their bad bargain. Tuev will repent it
when they hear the words "Depart
tri.m mo; l know ye not; but it will be
too late, too late for ropontancn then.
This heavenly birthright Is ours
Uod gives it to us as His cnildren. It
is a great possession and entitles us to
every good thing, for it is written "All
tblngi are yours. "Seek vo tho king
dom of Clod cud nil these things shall
oe audoa to you. Anion.
Thomas O'Raurke 8eiiouly Affected
from a Slight Cut on tha Foot.
Thomas O'Hourke, a young man who
was employod iu tho Pine Drook shaft
has for some timo been under treat
ment nt tho Moses Taylor hospital for
mood-poisrining, caused by a sli-xht cut
on tho foat which he received iu the
From tho contact of sulphur water
with the wound, there ensued a general
poisoning ot the system.
At the hospital OTtourko has boen
treated by tonics and assimilation. His
case was at first considered hopeless
but now the doctors think he has bit
tor chances for recovery.
Alderman Post Allowed the Defence
of Prior Conviction in Several
Cnses-AII Open Yesterday.
The continued cases for last woek
against the violators of the Sunday ob
servance law were finally disposed of
Saturday afternoon in Aldormun Post 'a
The uction against Druggist Laewen
borg was the first hoard. Attorney
uonn m. uarris represented the do
reiMiint and offered the transcript of
iuuerinan I'liztimnions as proving
prior conviction. colonel i'.Li Hitchcock
dissected the document aud drew
Alderman Post's attention, to a technical
iap3e in the form of the transcript.
Although Attornoy Harris etreuuously
objected to tho docision, Aidarmati
Post ruled that the pap r was imper
fectly drawn and would not bo ad
mitted as evidence.
A motion was then made by Attor
ney Harris to allow a writ of certiorari,
aud the transcript wus then submitted
us part of the reeord. Tho case against
F. G. Waldner was t'uo next one. and
Attorney Fred R. Stark, for tho de
fendant, offered tho transeript of Al
derman FitzMmmons.
Colonel Uitchoock objected to the
admission of this trunscript; but Alder
man Post allowed it, aud that vir
tually settled the case.
Constable P. F. Ryan was put upon
the stand and swore that he bought
scda water in Waldner's place of busi
ness and accordingly wont tho next
morning and bad a warrant sworn out
Aldermnn Fitzsimmons. Wald
thereupon dismissed.
The information against Druggist D
S. Ryan was then sworn to, and At
torneys Ross and Hoban sot up the
same defense ns iu the foregoing ctsss.
Alderman Post examined the tran
script, found it was legally complete
and dismissed tho defendant.
A TMBUNB reporter yesterday visited
tho business places of the dealers who
aro arrested weekly for infraction of
the Sabbath law. All of the stores,
except the Lackawanna avenue stand
of Cigar Dealer Moses were otien 1 the
Wyoming avenue store of Mr. Moses
was, however, doing business as usual.
McGarrah & Thomas accommodated
all who desired to invest in soda water,
Druggist Loewenburg did tho satno.
In D. S. Ryan's window beneath the
advertisement, "Dony's salve," was the
printed placard, "Knocked Out." His
soda fouutain was well patronized and
kept fizzling during tho day and even
ing. At Phelps' drnrr store the sains re
sult was fouud. On the front window
on tho Spruce stroot sido was a card
entitled, "Wo are bore to accommodate
the public every day in the year." Ia a
window in front of the store was an
othor card labeled thus: "Soda and
mineral water promote temperanoe."
Tho reporter interviewed Mr. Phelps
and was told that no change will be
nude ob far as he is concerned. His
store will be kept open every day in the
week and soda water dispensed as loug
ns he is the proprietor of it.
On the other hand, Rev. Mr. Dony is
uctivo and intends to prosecute the of
fenders with the sumo vim he has dis
played in the past
Cedar Avenue Bridge tt-oomtner Notoi
ious as Their Bone of Operation.
Tho second attempt to waylay and
rob a man wns made on the Cotlar ave
nue bridge at an early hour Saturday
morning. Officer Mills was palroling
his beat near the bridge about 2 o'clock
in the morning when he saw a man
running at full speed across the bridge,
lie waited until tho fellow ronched
him aud losrned that two dnngerous
looking characters had maile an at
tempt to commit highway robbery on
hiin. The officer did not wait to make
inquiries, but started to ran the rob
bers down. Ho saw them disappear in
tho darkness among the ears in the
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
yards, and with Officer Perry tbey
scoured the place for them but met
with no succes.
Hereafter the vicinity of the bridge
will be thoroughly policed.
Card of Thanks.
Tho undersigned desires to express her
deep gratitude to members of various
societies and friends generallv for their
kindness in U10 hour of her iiflliction, and
takes this opportunity to thank all who
ronderod asslstauco aud exteudod sym
pathy at that time.
Jjins. U. V. Thomas.
Dsath of Mrs. Rob -n Walton.
Mrs. Robert Walton died yesterday
morning at her home, (503 Luzerne street, of
heart trouble after a long illness. The an
nouncement of the funeral will appear
later. She was the mother of Mrs. An
thony Oorrity, Mrs. William O'Connor and
Miss Marv Walton aud Edward and
1 nomas Walton.
Caledonian Gimss, Laurel Hill
July 4
For liebi and other privileges apply to
Wam.ack Kknnkdy,
Box 552, Scrauton.
No gambling privileges allowed.
It Had No Compatitior for loa Divies and
GriOia Prize.
Regimental Order Issued by Colonel
E. H. Ripple He Presents Regi
ment With a Steel Fill Case for
Preserving Records Officer Made
n Good Showing Before Brigade
Examining Board Other Notes of
Several months ago Messrs, Divi
and Griffin made the announcement
that they would offer a handsome
trophy for competition la drill to be
contestd for by the several companies
01 the Ninth and intrteenth regiments
and suggested that the contest take
place at Hih driving park on Decora
tion day. Eich company ooinmnnder
was invited to enter his company and
strive to win the prizi and at, the same
lime demonstrate winch was tho bijst
drilled company in tho Ninth and
lhirteenth regiment.
The day uriived and Lieutenant
Colonel Harry A. Coursen, Adjutant
W. S, Miller and Battalion Adjutants
L. T. Mattea und C. C. Conkling wore
selected judges. At tho appointed hour
there wns but one company prosent to
enter Into 11 contest for the distinction
of being tho best drilled company. It
was Company C of the Thirteenth com
manded by the doughty Captaiu Junius
Moir. Notwithstanding that there was
110 foe worthy of their steel present to
do battle with thm the company, los
ing no time, began to drill for their
Hie. I he ninntial of arms, company
movements, platoon movement, ex
tended order, (with blank cartridgo.s)
and bayonet exercise were executed with
inch snap and precision as to elicit the
admiration of tho judges and enforce
the conviction that it was no wonder
all other companies were afraid to com
peto with them
A better drill in the new rognlation
has hover been executed by any com
pany in the Thirteenth regnnont and it
is only fair to say that couipuny C is
the best drilled company in the rogl
mcnt to-day if laat Wednesday's work
is a criterion. Every movement gave
evidence of careful, patient practice
nuu wns executed with an earnestness
and accuracy us though a dozen com
panies were to follow tliJ-m in the drill.
We coDgrutulato company C in its
practical demonstration of being tho
best (trilled company in the regiment,
Captain Moir, tho enthusiastic com
mundor, may foel well proul of hlj
work and that of bi man. Tho trophy
which waa awarded by Lieut. Col.
Coureon in a briof but neat speech, is a
haudsomo portrait of the bolovod com
mander of tho regiment, Col, Ezra II.
The following or.lor wus issued by
Col. Ripple the past vek:
Scranton, Pa., May 28, 18U4. )
Regimental orders. No. 10:
J. Private P. H. White, Company A,
member or the Hospital corps, is hereby
reueveu ana returned to 111s company.
11. I'rivalo dolui A. lonKing, Company
A, is hereby appointed a member of tho
Hospital corps, vice 1 . 11. White, rolioved.
III. Private Charles E Kingsbury. Com
pany c, is hereby dotnilcd to the Color
guard. By order of
W, 8. Millar, Adjutant.
Colonel Ripple, who is always mak
ing some sacrifice for the regiment,
has added to headquarters a valuable
and much needed article, no loss than
a Fenton steel tile case, haudsomo and
comploto iu all its appointmont. Val
uable documents and papers of the reg
iment siuse its organization, for the
want and of a suitable place of deposit
have been allowed to seek shelter
scattered all over headquarters, where-
over room could bo fouud, much to the
consternation ot tho adjutant who is
held responsible for the safe filing of
an valuable military papers.
By Colonel Ripple's generous gift all
worry nnd trouble is obviated, as here
after each paper will be safoly stored in
the filing case. The regiment is to be
congratulated on the possession of such
a valuable pieco of property. Were
Colonel Ripple's purse as big as bis
heart, the Thirteenth would have today
the handsomest armory in the state.
the wot weather since the opening of
tne nn I range tins interfered very much
with tho qualifying of tho men, yet a
mimuor have muliind and made their
record for 1894. Have vou'Z
Kees Watkins is looking for the man
who made a target of the armory s coal
scuttlo and perforated it full of holes
at pistol practice.
Colonel Ripple, a member of tho
Third Brigade Examining board, went
to Uarruburg last Friday in conduct
an examination of such offioors who
hope to bo olocted, or r-olected or ap
pointed since tho last examination by
the board. The following officers of
tho Thirteenth accompanied him and
appeared before the board for examina
tion: Inspector of Rifle Practice, Llou
tenant W. H. Jeseut'. jr.,aud Battalion
Adjutant C. C Conklin, of tho stuff;
Captain Fred W. Stillwell, First Liou
tenant J. IS. Uimmick. Cumnativ A:
Captain Montrose Barnard, Comoauy
D, and Captain William B. Rockwell,
Company H. These ofliiers Dassod a
successful aud creditable ex iraination
and will receivo their commissions
There will be a rjon-commi.'siontd
officers' school nt the Adams u venue
armory next Thursday evening, June
7. The lesson is in the "School of the
Battalion" and "Duties of Guides" aud
At a Trifling Cost.
Food Baked Beans
15 Fer Can, Largest size.
The Ferris Delicious Ham
and Bacon. Reduced prices
429 Lacka. Av3.
"Extended Ordor." It is tho duty of
every non-com to be present.
The Jermyn match wns shot at tha
rauge last Thursday. Company D was
the only company that entered a team.
This company is tho shooting company
of the regiment and seems to be invinc
ible. Tho all-comers' match sched
uled for last Saturday was called off on
account of rain.
The Thirteenth made a One appear
ance on parade last Wednesday and
held up its reputation for excsllent
mnrobing. The regimental parade in
front of tho court house which fol
lowed tho street parade, atlrauted
1,000 admirers. Tho .parade was with
out u fliw. Copthin W. B. Rockwell
had command ot the Uacond battalion,
and he noted and lookod a full fledged
major. Adjutant Conkling made his
first bow before the Stcond battalion,
nnd clearly demonstrated he is the
right man iu the right place.
By the resignation of Colonel Keck,
of the Ninth regtuieut, tho Thirteenth
moves up to socond in line in brigade
formations. Colonel Ripple is now the
second colonel in rank in the brigade,
Colonel Mageo, of the Eiirbth, being
Grot. ' Critic
McKar-Knney Company at the Froth-
inehain This Evening.
The summer Mason, will bo inaugur
ated nt tho tonight, by
tbo MncKay-Kenney Opera company,
aud there is every reason to believe
that with the excellent company , the
perfect vontllating system of the
theatre and the low prices, it will bo 11
great success. Comic opera is de
cidedly a summer style of entertain
ment. It is liht and frothy, contains
no great amount of dialogue or heavy
dramatic uctions, The pieasant strains
of music soothe tho ear, while pretty
combinations of color delight and
pleuBe the eye.
A elisor review of the artists who
compose the Muckay-lCenny Opera
company, reveals the fact that this or
ganiz ttion is one of considerable talent
und merit.
A popular prima donna is always a
great fuctor in the snccets of summor
opora. That Mie6 Fannij Myers will
become a grtut favorite, la already as
sured from the excellent encomiums
that have preceded Iter. Miss Myers is
an actress ns well as a singer. Her
voice is a pure soprano, strong, flexible
and sympathetic, und her remarkable
veisatility is said to fit her for tho por
trayal of a wido range of opratic roles.
In tho souond roles, Miss Lizzie Gon
zalez will doubtless make a big hit for
public favor. She possesses a mezzo
soprano voice of raro sweetness and
purity, Is a studious urtiet, and her im
personations exhibit careful study and
Miss Eva Beith, who will asiuraa the
contralto role, has been connected with
many of the leading operatic companies
nnd comes highly recommended,
An operatic tenor is a porsonago of
considerable conjecture, especially for
the feminine theater-goer who dot
on tho tonor with a sweet voice.
Charles Holmes poss9sso9 a well culti
vated voice, wonderful in range and
swojt in tons. Ho is a good actor,
something extraordinary ia the general
run ot tenors, and hi dramatic ability
is said to euhanco his value as an ar
Dan Young, comedian, is nn artist in
the full, broad sense of the term: not u
caricature, but an artist of the highest
graao. 110 is amy ussistd by Tom
Whyto, and a funnier duo it would be
hard to find, nnd as laugh producers
they cannot be equaled.
A word of praise is due tho excellent
chorus. It is large, selected with groat
care, and contains a number of pretty,
renlly pretty girls with cultivated
yoiceB. Tho costumes will be appro
priate and correct,
"Girofle, Girofla," the opening opera,
is one ot Lccoq's brightest and best
works. It is tne latest and greatest
success of tho Lillian Russell Opera
company. Matinees will he givon for
ladies and children Wednesday nnd.
Saturday during tho season, nnd special
summer prices will prevail daring tho
operatic soaaon, .evening prices, 15,
25, 35 and 00 cents, and 10, 15 and 25
cents at the matiaees.
Dry A!r Polar Refrigerator.
Tho nbovo refrigerator is sold only In
this city by Thomas F. Leonard, 505 Lnck
waunaavenuo. As a preserver of food it
has no superior, nnd for economy of ico it
has no equal It is charcoal filled und ziuc
lined. The refrigerators are built in hard
wood, finished In nntiqne.aud pinc.grained
iu oak and walnut colors. We also have
a large lino of sideboard refrigerators.
They arc nil made in a thorough manner,
constructed so that they are self ventilat
ing dry air, freo from any tuint or odor,
t'omo and soo our stock before you buy.
Wo ure sure wo will please you.
Dr. Qibbonn,
of Now York city, will bo in his Scranton
office, 441 Wyoming avenue, evory Mon-
nay rroui d in tho morninL' nnti Din Un
even ing.
Rout a Drst-class wheel for Docorntion
Day ut 310 Washington Avo.
They Have Gone Down
That Is prices nt Guernsey Brothers.
Bicycles for rout by
HO Washington Ave.
the day or honr,
Dn. T. V. Kay, who has lust completed
H special course in gyu. oology In Brocn
hospital, Paris, Prance, will be In his office,
i.mi nonn main avenue, jnno 7, 1891
Avo ibe works of a wheelbar
row. It should bo oiled ouoe
y ar.
It is a much finer piece of
meciianism anil should be
cleaned and oiled every year,
to keep it iu good order.
Have it done by
W. W. Berrv
The Jeweler
Who lias had twenty-five
years' experience. You will
find him at
417 Lacka
Avenue. Best Sets of Teeth, $8. 00
Including the painless extracting
ot toeth by an entirely new process.
S. C. Snyder, D.D.S.
Btenoa-raphers Furnished.
We are prepared to famish business men
with first-class stenogrnphora by the day
or hour. Expert bookkeeping a specialty.
Scranton Commercial Association, Lim
ited, 425 Bpruce street.
I Plumbing
PRflMPT ecrume
i il w mi cull V IUL
120 rr.NN AVENUE.
As ordered by Board of Health.
- s
S "A bit of everythlnpr undor tho sun, S
B From a fish hook to a Until nn guo."
On If. n lay. .'one II, we wll have nn
oipi rle i o i l v.rset woma i from .v.-w -York
who 1 1 o:.h b t ai d lit t le ce.ebra-ed
Wo will rn plm.scd to fit n Vor V (,no who
Otun tohave a Porltot F tt'ng Corsit.
Wo are al o p umnd to fit imy Corset
from 50c. lothohlrhor prices.
128 Wyoming Ave.
That tho natural outlines of the foot should be preserved
rather than Interfered with; if you believe lu comfort and
lit as well as style; if you believe in shapely Bhoea for shapo
ly feet; if you want service, then put your money, as well as
your feet, in our shoos.
We show and sell tho grandest and greatest lina of
Footwear that ever adorned and protected th-j feminine or
masculine foot.
Ladies' Beautiful Russet Tipped
Oxfords, all sizes,
Ladies' Extra Quality Russet
Misses' Best Quality Russet Goat,
spring heel, button,
Child's Extra Quality Patent
Leather Tipped, button,
Complete Outfitters, SCRANTON, PA.
REMEMBER--Every purchaser of $1 worth or over receives a chance on
tho Beautiful PARLOR SUIT.
For a few minutes and we will fit them
out in Shoes that look better, fit better
and wear better than any other Shoes you
can buy. Our Special Hobby is Children's
shoes. Try us. We'll save you money on
ell kinds of Shoes.
Special Bargains Every Day This Week.
Is the time to get
your Cape or Coat.
You will get them
for half price.
Selling handsome
Mackintoshes for
$2.50, worth $5.00.
and untrimmed Hats
for half price.
During the Summer.
138 Wyoming Ave.
Men's best grade Casco Calf, lace
and Congress, Loudon and
French toe,
Men's extra quality Russia Calf,
hand welt, laco and Congress,
Youths' extra quality B Calf,
tipped, button and bals,
Infants' best quality Tan and Red
Coat, button,
PRICE, 26o.