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Bcccham's pills are for
biliousness, bilious headache,
dyspepsia, heartburn, torpid
liver, dizziness, sick head
ache, bad taste in the mouth,
r.6atcd tongue, loss of appe
Mtt, sallow skin, when caused
1 j' constipation ; and consti
pation is the most frequent
cause of all of them.
Book free; pills' 25c. At
drugstores,or write B.F.Allen
Co.,365 Canal St., New York.
The Month
of Kosca and
The beginning of Summer.
Tho month altogether love
ly of the year.
The lime of year when your money
goes farthest and shows to
the best advantage.
Where shall wo go for the sum
mer? What shall we buy for our
How will we have them made,
Where shall we buy the goods.'
r9Rir!'"SE are questions that al
I ways come with the regular
' Ity of tan season. We have
nlvaye answered these questions
for yoa to your entire satisfaction.
We have pleased your tastes, met
iht'PjMOf your pocket books, and
yon have keen the admired of
your friends and the envy of your
Hood Will, Accommodation, In
tegrity, and the Best and Cheap
est of All (ioods are marked
features of our store.
Trnvplinsj men say those Navy Blue and
Black Serf;i BnitS ot ours at tlC.OO aro th"
name M bring $12.50 in New York and
I'oaton. They're a marvel, aiivwny.
The honso of Michael Costello at
Banks' SHI was entered by buri;lnr.
botirssn Thursday midnight and yes
terday nior.iltiic. EntranOS WBJ efTneted
by li .acy ilnor wbioh had been
Oaielrsslv laft open. The mauradem
Bft:obd i li iiiotbing bunging in tli"
oloeet !nt fo;iuu uo booty until Mr
Cottelio'.l r.ons roiin was reached.
7ny snenred Iho young Bentlcraeri'rt
tir.users and carried them to the porch
where tbey rifled the pookets and de
parted fiom the house iJiO richer.
Ntltnoroa books, papers, pocket lenives,
fto., wera left scattered around the
;ior. These together with burnt
laatohca gave the family a clue that
tilcvcs had been at work while thoy
The Yonng Ladies' Mission oirclo is
fttra.:gi:ig for an entertainment to be
fWsn in lho near future. The pro
(,'mtnino will consist of Indian tab
leanx, mostly bistorical, and others
fn:n Indian legends and tales. Promi
nent unions them will be scenes from
Longfellow's great legend, "Hiawa
tha," and fr im the much read tale oi
Arcadia "Evangeline." Scenes from
Indian camp life will also lie portrayed.
The OUt of characters comprises a large
r.umbr of people and with their his
torically correct costuming, bright
light and scenic effects, the entertain
ment will be one of tho funniest over
vtltnessed at this place. A detailed
programme, date, etc.. will appear
Dr. Harvey, of Philadelphia, spent
Memorial Day ut this place.
Thomas Palmer and Elward Oiter
hf.ut r'tured from n fishing trip yester
day. Tho Bcene of this piscatorial pur
suit was at Keysera pond in Wayne
county and a goodly number of its
finny inhabitants found a resting place
in their baskets.
Tho handsomest locomotive run in
this section is No. 27 turned out of the
Erie und Wyoming Valley paint Bhops
last week.
The council will raoet on Monday
evening in the town ball,
Mrs. W. T. Messenger has returned
from the sunny south, where she spent
the winter.
Miss M. Jesaio Brvden has returned
from Wilken-Hnrre, wln-re she was the
guest of Miss Grace Y. Bates.
Miss Jennie Sawyer is visiting at
Clark Summit.
MissE llie Kuehler, of Mauoh Chunk,
is visiting Mrs. E. U. Kruuse.
"The Face of Uoseufel'' it one of the
most interesting aud artistic narratives
of orime. mystcrv, occult, mental
enwors, love, iutrij'ue and adventure
that we have over read. Tuk TuinCNi:
will print it in serial chapters, begin
nine next Monday morning.
M. J. Mt Hn.lp.of Olyphnnt.and James
jormnn and liernuru widen, of (
buiidale. attended the Young Mou's
Institute social on Tnesduy evening.
The following (.(uurautma of class
day cxercista were rendered yesterday
afternoon by the scholars of the high
school i
Song, "On the Sea" School chorns
AddreBS Erles Krosgo
Declamation, "Death of Lord Chat
ham" Thomas Kedding
Essay, "As You Like It".... Christina Kutf
Music, Instrumental uuet,
Lillian Mattbewi and Edith Jones
Recitation, "Archie Dean"
Delle A. Moran
Music, "Whistliujr Soug" Bohool chorus
CIubs history, "Loiter From a High
School Mouse" Mary A. Malonoy
itecitatiou, "Nicholas Nickloby"
Josephine Gilfeather
Music, Instrumental trio,
Mao McIouald. Messrs. Frank and
James 'i'oiihill.
Essay, "Develi pmout of Books"
Mamie Nowcomb
Declamation, "Heroes ol the Land of
Penn" George O'Brien
Music, Vocal duet,
Sadie Morris and Grace Bennett
Class Prophecy Carrie Siegfried
Song, "We Bock Away" School chorus
Farce, "Sniggles Family"
Girls of first class
Music Class song
The rendition of the several members
was very good and was greatly enjoyed
oy all present. A similar programme
wax rendered bv the scholars of the
Welsh Hill school.
"Tho Face of Kosenf 1" ia ons of the
most interesting and artistic narrative?
of crime mystery, occult mental
powers, love, intrigue and adventure
that we have over read. The TRIBUNE
will print it in serial chapters, bHgin
uing next Monday morning.
The members of the Leek Cornet
band will meet at their rooms at 7 :80
o'clock this morning in fall uniform
to accompany Company II and Com
pany C, Ninth regiment, who will par
ticipate in the fnneral of the lata Cap
tain F. P. Heap. Eight members of
Company II will officiate as carriers,
and there will be eight honorary pall
bearers, of professional and baiinefS
men, and a number of flower hearers.
The remains of Michael Barrett, age
0 years, of Maltby, who was crushed
to death by tho Cage descending upon
him while at work in th Maltby shaft
Wednesday, wore brought hare yester
day and interred iu Market street
Dr. J. B. Mahan, who haa b:n the
attending physic' in at the hospital
during tlr.i par-t two monthl was suc
ceeded yeeterdry by Dr. B. Bevan.
During tho month just closed the fol
lowing donations wore received: Mrp.
linlcnby, l preserves, 1 dozen eggs;
Miss L inra Caunon, 1 vase and flowers ,
Dr. BttUjamifl Ii van, flowers; Miss
Winnie McNamsrn, flowers; Mis
Martha ProeST, roll of old muslin;
Unknown Friend, 8 shtrtl partly worn;
Mrs. Dan Johnson, jars preserves;
Miss Walsh, botted wine; Dersbimmer
& Griffiu. load kindling Wood; Mrs. W.
E. Drier, buaket apples 3 glasses jolly:
Miss M. Grady, flowers; Mrs. Chae.Law,
packages crackers, 15 glas;fcs jolly.
I jirs preserves, 4 cans torn ito soup, 1
roll old muslin. 4 cans; F. A,
Davis company, Philadelphia, 4 medi
cal books; 0. P. & C. O. Shoe company.
5 books; Mrs A, Mel. DeWitt, fruit
and flowers; Mrs. H. B. Cuttler, roil
of old muslin; Misses Nina Bobinion,
Lizzie Jones, Mary Miller, flowers;
Mrs. C S. Crane, literature; William
Ci. Simmons, load wood; Tbibcne
Gazette, ltecord, Bepnblioan, Truth.
John McG.uin a single yonng man
ug id 23 years died very suddenly yes
terday morning in the Butler shaft at
Smithville. He was employed as a
laborer and a few minutes after reach
ing the foot of tho shaft he was
suddenly seized with a weakness. Hop
ing to overcome it he sat down to rest
for a few minutes and suldetily
expired. His body was removed to his
homo iu Bamtown.
As foretold iu THB Tiubunr soma six
months ago, R :v. N. G. Parke, pastor
of the First Presbyterian church, will
celebrate tho fiftieth anniversary of
his pastorat" tomorrow. At tne morn
ing service Dr. P irke will preach his
inuivorsarv sermon. In tho afternoon
a popular meeting will be held in the
church under tho diroction of the Pitts
ton ministers. In the evening the two
Presbyterian churches will meet iu Dr.
rke's church, with representative.
from the First Presbyterian chnrcli of
BorantODi the church of L ingcliff the
hurch ot Moosic and t ie church ot
today Kev, N. (t. Parka and wife
will receive the Sabbath school cliil-
lren in the chapel on Broad Btreat.
Interest in the revival moetiugsb'-
mg conducted liy J5lr. Moody and Ins
associates continivs to increase uight
ly. Every session, despit" inclement
woa'.her, has been crowded witb
The way cows an allowed to roam
at will through the borough destroy
ing lawns, trees and shrubbery is n
burning sham , and it can be truly
said, lae greatest evil pro;er;y owners
have to contend with. The evil is a
the inoroshamotut when tho taxpayers
ire forced to annually pay a salary o'
f3.'i a month to a high constable, for
what? M.rely to draw his breath.
Qi insy troubled me for twenty vears.
Since I started using Dr. Thomas' Ejlec
trie Oil, have not had an attack. Tho oil
cures sore throat at once. Mr. Lotta Con-
aid, Stimdisb, Mien., Oct. -1, 'S3. '
Another class of scholars, numbering
eleven, has passed out of the Hone
lido Graded school. Many scholars
enter in at the lower grades, but the
iiumb-r that pauses out with a iliplom
is comparatively fow. A remarkahl
leatureor tuis class was its number n;
young men, one ot whom was salnta -
tonan.tho other valedictorian honors
quite often the lot of young ladies. Th
exorcises wen ivldat the Opera hoose,
which was cfitiipleteiy lillo i with in
terested spectators. The stage wa
handsomely decorated; tho clnsa motto.
"Row, Not Dint, suspended from
crossed bats had a promin nt plac
over the heads of tho graduates. Al ter
the invocation by Rev. C. A. Benjsmin,
l'red O lmnnell d'.'livered tho saiutato
rlan oration entitled, "A Man Without
a Country," referring to Lonis Kos
suth, brilliant, his sad ca
reer. An
of Bells,"
sleigh bell,
t.sniy, "lho Linguagi
liberty bell, school bell
alarm bell, church bell
wedding bell, funeral bell In fact all
kind of bells, but belles, were men
tionod in Miss Ella Hharpteen's essav
who told of t heir various voices "The
Dignity of Labor" was the oration by
Joseph F. Spdlman, who toll of th
hcaoties and ne.-.essities of labor in all
ages. Miss Alice Croghiui gave an in
teresliug account of the life und doings
of Joan of Arc, her brilliant victories
and final sad and untimely death on
the witche's stake. "Ancient and Mod
ern Festivals" was the subject of Thus
E. Finnerty's oration. The differences
between Greek und Roman festivals
and their meaning nnp the great testi
vale of '70 and '93 in the United States
were brightly illustrated. Miss Alice
Blokenntl essay "Sketching" traced
the true lines of character build
ing and dwelt noon the will
power of man. "Tne Worth of
Dead Man," by William L. ClarAf who
brought the lasting qualities dismayed
In great mill from Detnrs'hana to
Franklin and 10 Lincoln, was one ol
bright orations of the eveniutt, Joseph
Crandal read a paper on "Bugs," which
was exceedingly interesting, showing
evidence of his own work and study,
Harry C. Marcy, ou "Doubts" brought
forth the development of knowledge
from its origin in "Donbi." Miss
Grace Wilder'a esay, "My Predica
ment," reviewed tho preceding papers
in a humorous line, canting much
laughter Charles T. McEennu closed
the programe with an oration ou tho
"Career of Napoleon." Charles was
greeted with prolonged applause, fro
leBRor Twltmyh presented tho diplomas
and Rev. Benjumtn gave the bunedic-
The Face of Roienfel" ii one of the
most interesting und artistic, narratives
of crime, mystery, occult m ntal
powers love, lutrigne and adventure
that we have ever read. TBH TBIOUNB
will print it in serial chapters, begin
ning next Monday morning,
Alb'Tt Coiin-lly is home from the
University of Pennsylvania.
Muh llencii l,-ivi s for her home in
southern Pennsylvania Siturday
Mips Bell let! for her home m Illi
nois Frl lay.
(1. 11 Wl'itrier, P. H. Brown, Ben
imln Fitch, W. M. Gardner and B
V. Ham presented Tri -State Bote oom-
piny, lJort ,)e:v!s,with an onyx mantel
lock irom Protection Eogine company,
No. 3, of Iloin I'ort Jervis Fri-
lay evening,
On Tuesday evening of n"xt week
the Baptist Christian Endeavor society
will gfvoaeocial to the chapel of the
tabernacle. An invitation will bj ex
tended to tin- Pr-'Stiyterian society of
fds city and the Endeavor society of
It rinyu. The social is called a crayon and undoubtedly will be aome-
Uung novel.
William II. Breee? is sick at his
home oa Lincoln avenne.
Mrs. W. J. Mesie, of Forest City.
called on Caroondalo frlonds vestorday.
Ti:o momberaof the dilf-rent Sab
bath schools are now busy preparing
r ohildrana' dav,
The Faoe of Boieflfel" is one of the
most interesting and artistic narratives
of crime, mystery, occult mental
powers, love, intrigue and adventure
that we have over read. Tut; TBISDtiE
will print it in serial chapters, begin
ning next Monday morning.
At the meeting bel l by the members
of tho Lyceum Opira eotnpany on
Thursday evening it was dec! led to re
pent the op-ra "Pirates of Penzance."
which was ncently givon with success
in this place, on Wednesday evening,
June 20, .and perform the onera at
Pitt-ton on June ',"3.
Itev. W. M. lliller, of Tnnkhannock,
visiting relatives in this city.
Intelligence has been received to the
elf 'Ct that tile party conwiating of John
Simpson, of this city; El. Jermvn
tnd Frederick Godfrey, ot Scranton,
baa arrived safely in England.
.irs. Joan hau-r, ot Wilk": -Llarro, in
visiting Carbondale relatives.
lames M. Stewart, of Garlicld ave-
nne, died last evening nt 0 o clock, of
heart disease. He is survived by two
sous, Walter, of this place, and George,
of Lme8boro. Deceased is a member
f the Olive Leaf lolgo of Odd Fellows
md William H. Davis post, (inuid
Army of the Republic. Mr. Stewart
was a member of Schooley's battery.
in which he served in the rebellion.
J, M. Alexander is now the otily one
maining f the squad that loft this
city. T:io timo for tne funeral has not
been definitely settled, but probably
Will occur Sunday.
Tomorrow tho Kev. Mr. Howell will
preach his first sermon as rec;or of St,
James' Episcopal church.
the commoiiceineiit. xorcises in tin
graded school will take place Tuesday.
(.. L. Ball was a Scranton visitor yes
31. L. Miller, of Montdale; W. C
Day, of Philadelphia, and G. W.
Cramer, ol lonikuisville, called ou
friends here yestorday.
"The Fi.ce ol Hosenfel" is one of th
most Interesting and artistic narralivi s
of crini", myatsrv, occult mental
powers, love, intrigue ami advent ur
tiiat we have over read, illi: IB1DUNE
will print it in serial chapters, begin
nlog next Monday morning.
Mrs. J. 1). Sti cker is sermuiilv ill.
A serious accident occurred yenler-
U 9
Man's Experience -
of KheumatiBm.
7 r
4 fflStHBtoft
i . iy, '.w . . i
Air. r. if, feme,
K woU known business nnu Iu Pittsburgh, Pa.,
b rib s the latter ::ivon below. Mr. Itatui is gen
, ?. agent for the Alulae gnuilla quarries and
ooutraotor foreenetorynnd bull ling work, hav
ing an ofileo at No, "n Penn A enuo.
"0. 1. Hood & Co., Lowell, MaSS.I
"Gentlemen We linvoa very Itlgii ophilon ef
both Hood's BarsaparllU ami Mocd's puis at
i air house anil w ith good reason. 1 have taken id
moit every rsoedy kuown for rbounaUsn, and
feel luittfled In saying that Hood's Bariaparllli
Is the only one that dees ne any good, I must
admit I have not taken It steadily, hut onl)
when ie pains of rlicuniati: in (0BM on.
Rood'i SarsapBrllln bai
Always Civon Me Rc'lcf,
and like nmny Others, as soon lis I am well 1
never think of BMKllOlne Bgaln until tlio MSt at-
tack. Wo are never without Rcod'l SarSfipa
rilla anil Hoed's PUIS la our bOUJO, anil bave
Noosunended both to ilojcns of frlcmR When
Miy of my family are taken sick, no matter with
what disease, the first thing wo do kj to give
A Dose of Hood's Pills
and follow It up vvltli Hood's SarsapariUa.
might Writ! several panes In praise of this ex
fcllent medicine, hut think I have said enough
to convince." T. W. lUrs, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Hood's Pills are prompt and ofllclcut, JOl
easy In action. Bold by all druggists. 2Se.
i .'ji.-m j
BBP9. k'-f-y k
lay mornlno nt tie air shaft of i;
iMIanle Co.l i 1 1 Iron company's
v arks' tho Mavli Id line. A nam-
btr of iniuiT:! were preparing to de
eend the ladder when a spark dropped
from the lamp of one into a keg ol
powder carried by one or tho others.
The explosion which followed sorionsly
burned Michael Roberts, El win SM-
sar, James Thompson, illlam J.
Jones, Anlhonv Lrous and Thomas
Casey. Doctors Manley, Davis. Graves
and Shields Wore nnivkly at the scene
of the accident, and everything possi
nle is being dou" to r.lievo the pain of
tho sufferers Casov came here from
Carbondale a few weeks ago. To
others are all well known residents.
Jones and Cssev are the most seriously
burned, the others not being consid
ered dangerous.
Dr, F. L. Grander was professionally
engaged In the Carbondale Emergency
Hospital yostorlav.
Forest City sidewalks nri beiug
greatly Improved this year. Anumbsr
of energetic oitizsna have replaoed their
wooden w.uks Willi good substantial
itouea. Alisons have been busily at
work for the past few days laying
stone walks in front of the postoffice.
Dr. Taylor's drug store and H irtung &
Well brook's llqnor store.
iuu I'loAll 'ii has retnrnod from an
zteoded visit with Borauton friends.
11. D. Mitchell, the hustling mor-
cliant (rom Vanliing, was doing busi-
ss in Scranton yeiterday.
R-v. J. C BoBan and A C. Ptirnle.
of Forest City, ure delegates to the
state oonvention of urobibitionisti to
be hehl In Wllllomiport next Wednos-
lay. it v, ifogan was also el a:ted one
of the three congressional and senator
ial couferene
Mrs. Bciij min Mox v. of this nlace.
aud Mr. William Mazey, of South
Gibson, who bus been visituiL' here this
week, aro visitinir in S -rautonfor afw
Howard Johna paid a business visit
to Carbon dale yesterday.
J. O. Howard visited friends in
Bcrantoo on Friday,
A. (i. LUie.the popular confectioner
saw that part of the terrestrial creation
known as tho PI neer City, Antbraoite
City and, also, Carbondale.
itev. u. I, Lippcii3, who has sd ac
ptably fiiid the oaatorata of the
Firt Baptist church in this place for a
period ol over two years, has tendered
bis resiunalion as partor of the same,
to take elf.'ct July 1, Mr. Lanoeu's
many friends here will learn with re
gret of this change. It is not known
at what place be will become p istor.
ut. v. uwyer. ot Carboiiu ilc. was
seen on Forest city's midway pUisance
yesterday afternoon,
Professor John H. Raoe who so
successfully filled the professorship iu
tne atp ntuieiit or rhetoric nt Wyom
ing m-miiiary, and who has been
detailed as a special agent of the semi
centennial fund, in the interest of that
institution, will preach from the pulpit
of the M. E. church, Sunday evening.
Prolessor Race raised 163,424 3U iu aid
of tho seminary J'unu. Forest Citv
"The Face of Rosenfel" is one of the
most interesting and urtistic narratives
of crime, mystery, occult mental
powers, love, intrigue and adventure
that We have ever read. THB TRIBUNE
will print it iu serial chapters, begin
ning next Monday morning.
The eonl trallis on tho Ji ffersou
branch is very brisk tnese days.
There will bo no services in the
Mothodist Episcopal chut oh Sunday
morning, the pastor, Rev. J. C. Hogan,
being absent.
G. A. Patterson, of Carbondale, was
looking alter his trade iuterests iu
this place yesterday.
A well attended ice cream social was
held by the Ladies' Aid society of the
Methodist Espiscopal ohurch last even
ing in the paraonaga ball.
Miss Lizzie Hoar, who recently
passed the teacher's examination held
m this place, will start a Bi-lcct school
at her home on Conterstroet next Mon
Frank Kelly, of Main street, baa
been idle for tho p st month with an
attack of rheumatism.
l.sterday being the lest day of
school, the ohildren of No. 1, of Green
wood, were treated to a picnic by the
ti ncher.
The Symphony orchrntra, under the
leadership of M. Philbln, will hold
their sociah at Fasnhold's hali lor the
remainder of the saHon.
iho loungMeiiH lonrist club, of
fhis place, of which M. F. Judge if.
president, will journey to Harvey's
lake in the near future.
There is to be a championship game
ofqnlta nest Monday evening on the
Corner, between Anthony Burke and
John Plilblin vs. joseph Lydou aud
John Flynn, for 93 a side.
Mr. Mnnsy, of the Oonnell Coal com
nany, and a party of gentlemen from
Scantou visile. 1 tins place yesterday
with a view to Investigating the cave
and its surroundings in widen Mirtin
Coyne's chil l was drowned list sum
m or,
There nre prospects for brighter
t in s in tneconi-nes an n d this place
for the coming months.
The Tonng M 'ii's institute, No. 18-1
of ibis place, i i rg-tnlzlng a dramatic
company among its members, They
intend to play a piece entitled "Anion:
th.- Breaker..."
The Qreeiiwpod Reg fund will pic
nic at the Ml nook a grove July 'Si
Mrs. II Sayrea relurnod vesterdaj
after Visiting for a few dnys will,
fib nds at Wilkes-B irro,
Mr. and Mrs. William Dlkemnti
started house kteplnxin the new house
recently built by John English ou Hie
kory street.
Jtrs. George Cool and daughter. Myr
tie, wan visiting with relatives at Car
l ondalo last Wednesday.
John GMiiedal is suffering from I
sprained hack.
"The Pate o' Resents," is one of the
most interesting and artistic uarrative.;
of orim.", mystery, occult mental
powers, love, intrigue und adventure
I hat We have ever rend. TlIR T RIB OWE
will print it i:i serial chapters, begin
ning ii' xi Monday morning,
Mrs. William Kesiill, of Hickory
street is ill.
A. Kiuback, jr., has movod Into his
new house adjoing hU furniture store
across the river.
Mrs. E. E Williams, of Depot street,
is very sick with a severe attack of
iVTii'rt 0 iby was sloe, we pavn hor Ointorta.
When she was a Child, silo cried for Cantorla,
When Rlie heeamo Miss, sho clung to Castorls
When oho had Children, she gave them Custody
What is Eczema?
It is an agony of agonies.
A torture of tortures.
It is an itching and burning of the
skin almost beyond endurance.
It is thousands of pin-headed ves
icles filled with an acrid fluid, ever
forming, ever bursting, ever flowing
upon the raw excoriated skin.
No part of the human skin is
It tortures, disfigures and humil
iates more than all other skin diseases
Tender babies are among its most
numerous victims.
They are often born with it.
Sleep and rest are out of the
Most remedies and the best phy
sicians generally fail, even to relieve.
If CUTICURA did no more than
cure Eczema, it would be entitled to
the gratitude of mankind.
It not only cures but
A single application is often suffi
cient to afford instant relief, permit
rest and sleep, and point to a speedy
Cuticura works wonders because
it is the most wonderful skin cure of
modern times.
Rni.i thrangbont tho world. Price, CimcuaA,
80c;'. llSci KSBOLVMT, $1, t'OTTCE UBOSJ
mi Cue Corp., nolo 1'rops., bimiou. "All
about the Hkln uiul Blood " w illed I'm:.
W S. Fence, T. S. Porker end Bvron
Lambcl ore have tl:oa a fbhing exenr-
ion to Bomo private pond in Wayne
county, not far distant from Like
Tho Methodist Episcopal church has
had the weather van replaced and pres
ents a little more finished appearance.
1 hero seems to be nothing but rain
to speak of hero at the present time
and even that topic is beginning to be n
littlo stale. It is doing serious damage
to farmers.
"The Face of Rosenfel" is onn of the
most interesting and artistic narratives
of crime, mystery, occnlt menial
powers. 1 ivj, intrigue and advent urs
that wo bave over read. The Tribune
will print it in serial chapters, begin
ning next Monday morning.
Harry Austin has accepted apostion
in the telegraph office in Montclnlr, N.
J., and loft hereon Tuesday last, a. m ,
for destination.
J. A. Wilson has had serious re
lapse, but is now somewhat recovered.
O. R. Pease is reported as having
malarial feV'T.
Edith Decker, of Honesdale, is visit
Ing friends hero.
Eoworth le;igui held a special roll
call and elected delegates to district
convention to be held at Wilkes-Barre
June 0 and 6
Uuckleu'a Arnica. Salvo.
The best salvo in the world for Cut
Bruises, Soros, Ulcers, Salt Kheuni, Fever
Sores, Tetter, (. happed Hands, Chilblains,
Corns mid all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles, or no pay required. It
ii-gunrsuteed to givo perfect tutistactioa
or uiouey refunded. IJrice 25 cents per
box. l'or ude by Matthews Bros.
Mr. George Dewey, of Hinghamton,
is visiting her sister, Mrs. George
L imb, of this place.
Ex-Secretary Curry and family, of
the Railroad Young Men's Christian
auiociation of this place, left here last
night on train 11 for Pitlston, where
rhey will reside in the future.
"The Face of Bos nfel" ia ono "of tie
most Interesting and artistic nsrrativ s
of crime, mystery, occult mental
powers, love, intrigue und adventure
that wo have over read. Tun TBIBUNE
will print it In serial chapters, begin
ning next Monday morning,
Colonel Wood, of Washington, D.
C, is in town for tho summer.
James F. Dubois and family, o
Washington, U. C. arrived here this
evening to spad the summer.
The funeral of Siratijl Brown, wbo
died Thursday, will be bold at the
church at 2 o'clock.
V ;i ill t !! mmu.lmiH for
For President :
NEWT T WITTY, ot Ueorgia.
For Vice President:
Xcw York Sun.
An Explanation.
'Why do you sleep instead of work?"
I nsked the tramp, he seamed so healthy.
He answered With a pleasant smirk,
"Rec.iUfO 1 niters dreams I'm wealthy."
Htirptr'l liazar.
The GENUINE New naven
"Mathushei" Pianos
New York Warerooms No. SO
Fifth Avenue.
; E. C. BICKER & CO.,
Sole dealers in this section.
OFFICK-121 Adams Avo., Toleiihono BTd'c
Atlantic Refining Co.
Manufacturers and Dealers ill
Illuminating and Lubricating
Linsnod Oil, Nnpthas and Gaso
lines of nil grades. Axle Greaso,
Pinion Greaso and Colliory Com
pound ; also, a largo line of Par
raftine Wnx Candle
Wo nlso haudlothe Famous CROWd
ACME OIL, the only family safety
burning oil in the market.
Office: Coal Exchange, Wyomlu Av
Works at l'iuu brook.
Ladies' KM Gloves
5 and 7 Hooks,
Remember, The Fair
Wholesalers and
Largest Retailers of
from China and Japan.
One entire room
devoted to
Oriental and Domestic
Rugs and Art Squares.
To.'rtor-acnrKO, whnt'nn dollar?
George An exclusivo bubble very easily
Teacher Wrens. Cbarlef, wbat'r. adoDarf
Charles A Porous Plaster to heal all wonuda
Tcachor No! Richard, what's a dollar?
Klchard A tiny thing which somo pcoplo
tiriiiB so closo to tholr eyes that it obmnircs
nil heav-in and hell.
Teacher-Not quito; William, what's a dol
lar? William-God I
Teacher Harold, Vhnt'n a dollar?
Harold It's ono hundred cents, locanno I
lii'ard my mother fay sho always got one hun
dred cents' worth for ovory dollar's worth
pi' buys at the Eeonon7 Farnltnra Co.'.
Wyoming avenue, and that Is why my big
sister got married and got hor hous far
lurnishod comib teat tho Economy on tholr
Liberal Crodlt System.
Teacher Correct ; ro to t ho had. You aro
smart enough to got marrlod nt once. 'lh
fcaatiomy Vnrnltnrs Company is a blessing
to all. Tholr liberality knows no bounds.
f5Wlth purchases or over yon get
an Onyx Finished Clock, and with ;." or
ovor a 100-ploco Dinner Sot.
0 o-
Oil Cloths, Linoleums,
Lace Curtains
and Upholstery Goods.
CsilAWIt all
-o s
We make a specialty of
Window Shades,
Awnings and
s $-
408 and 408
n if ca
MM a AVM.1P.