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. XA Tibiii
Mr. find Uric TbomM WoodbrMge,
nf Daltoo, oelebriltefl Hip fiftieth itnni
Verssry of tbelr marrlnge by i golden
wadding on Wednesday, T,ie spacious
moms wore decorated with tiit for
the occasion, iiml tho exterior waf neatly
drnped with fhjts and bnntlnj, Tho
reception of tbe nneati took jiliifn dur
ing tho morning, nnd t. 12 o'clock
tl dm present partook of an exoellent
repaiit In the lnr;,'i dining room. Mr.
and Mn. Woodbridge reoeiverl many
besntifnl soldeu preeenti from their nn
merona friends. After dinner spsstbss
were made nnd (ho heartiest oongratu
lationa offered, The guests departs I
Woodbridge. Tho unfits departed
nbiu' ) o'clock wishing their venerable
host nnd hostess innny years of poc-
nml hnppiaess. Among those present
besides tho lnn number from Dnlton
were: Mr-,. T. Kellow, of nfesboppeii;
Mrs, M. ft Bunnell, of Vosburg and
Mrs. Qeorge Browning, of Toledo;
danghtere of Mr. nnd Mrs Wooil
bridge, of Fulls; Mrs. Clara Webster,
of Rochester; Protlionotory nnd lira
Clarence E l'ryor, of Scran ton; Mr.
ninl Mra. Thotnai Derabimer, nf Dun
more; Mr. and Mis. Carter, of Wilkes
Barre;John Sils'y, of Bingbamton;
Mr. Hummot, of Hammet'a Ferry ;Ieaao
Den and three daughters of Soranton;
Mr. and Mrs E O. Dsrshimer, Mrs.
K. Deisbimer, and A. Dershimvr, of
Falls; A. M D 'riiliimer, of Scranton;
Mr. and Mis. P, W. Dra!iini.r, of
Pittston; Jerome Lillibrid'.'e, of Blake
ly;Rev. J. It Angel, of Daltoo i H, W.
Northupand Mra. A. Miller, of Glen
burn. This afternoon in tbe Sunday school
rocm of tho First Presbyterian ohttroh
in Pittston, will be held the first of the
anniversary e:; reisoi planned to com
memorate the fiftieth year of Kiv Dr.
K. ft Parke's active services as a
Christian minister. The oooaslo i will
be n reception to be tendered by Rov.
Dr. and Mrs. Parke to tho yout'ifr
members of the Bnnday school To
morrow tho annual anniversary ser
mon vill bo preached by Dr, Parke.
In the ufternocii snecinl exercises in
commemoration of the event will be
observed by the Sunday school. In the
evening a union meoting of nil the
Presbyterian churches which have
been connected with tbe First church,
Yrst Pittston, Av ca, Moosio, Duryoa,
Taylor and I- kennan congregations,
At this service there will lie nddresses
by n number of visiting ministers ami
friends of the congregation, On Mon
day morning the Presbytery of Liclta
wannn will meet in the church, which
bp 1y will also congratulate tbe doctor
nnd consider the resignation of Dr.
Parka as pastor which ha will have
presented at that time as has been be
fore stated. Dr. Parke desires to bo
relieved of pastoral duties. In the nf
ternoon n reception will be tendered
tli members of tbe Presbvtery ut tin
munse on tie West Side, a the even
ill:.' II reception Will 1" given the mem
bers of the Firat church and friends ol
Dr. Parko at the cbureh on Broad
street. An elaborate mnsical pro
gramme of both vocal and instru
mental muslo is bei.ig prepared. The
church will be fittingly decorated.
Invitations have been received In this
city fortha annual commencement exer
cises of the Pennsylvania Stato college
in Center connty.whloh will be held on
June 10, 11. 12 and 13. Oa Juno 10 the
Buccnlaurente sermon will be delivered
by Rov. Qeorge T. Puma, D. D., ol
Princeton Theological seminary. June
11 will be devoted to the annual inter
el iss athletic contest and tho junior
orntoricil conlost.
The programme for Jnns 12 is: An
mi ii mooting of tho Alnmni associa
tion, nrtilery salute, annual meeting
of the board of trustees, Alumni dinner,
meeting of delegates and Alumni to
elect trustees, exhibition drill of Stat
College cadets, annual address before
the Alumni by Congressman Morriott
Broil us, of Lancaster, reception by tbe
faculty, On June lit tii graduation
exercises of the class '0-1 will be hel l.
The commencement address will b-.
delivered by Dr. William Peppr. pro
vost of the University of Pennsylvania
Tho innny frienda of Mrs. R. (4
Tripp nud family will be glm
to hear of tbe safe return o
Mr. Tripp accompanied by Mr.
and Mr.-. Walter Tripp after a
Rejourn of seven months in California,
the groat r portion of tho time beinu
Spent nt Sin Diego. Mrs Tripp na
bi-eu mnch benefited in health by btsi
residence in tbe Golden mute. The
party spent some time in Sin Fran
cisco anil visited other cities en rout,
esnt. Mr. Tripp, as a result of his ob
servations, is convinced that from s
business point of view, Scranton Is de
cidedly ahead of any of the citie
thiough which he passed, and that the
general commercial outlook in thf
Electric City is much brighter than in
ciiiea of tho west.
Scranton will have n kinness. Jin.
II. M. Boies and Mrs. L. S Oikforl
havo secured Miss LIU Stewart, wbo
managed tho Honeadale kirtntSS, to coti-
duct a similar entertainment h ire early
in October for one week in the Froth
ingham. The proceeds of the
are to he given the Laokawmna hospi
tal. Miss Stewart was io the olty last
week and considered tbe matt or with
Mrs. Boies and Mrs, Oikford. Shu will
return tho first of September and begin
the nrrangemonts and drilling, Mi-i
Stewart tintl also been approached P.
other parties who wanted a kirmesi
given for the Associated Onarttls or to
ward a fund for tho new Thirteen tti
regiment armory.
Harry C. Haak, of Powers dmt
store, is in n cdpt of a letter from Hti
old schoolmate Inviting him to act nr
croomunan tor him, The mmaivi
(Htne from Harry II. Darr, of Phlladel
ji da, assistant supervisor or the Boon I
Brook division of tho Philadelphia and
Rending railroad, nephew of I. A
Swtigert. gem ral manager of the same
road. !r. Barr will wed at high noo::
on June 21 Miss Carrie Kanfinuc,
daniihtor of ex-Congressman Benjamin
Kaufman, of Tremont, Bohuylkill
county. Mr. Huak tins ooniented to
attend tho occasion at his schoolmate's
A re -ent homo wedding was that of
Miss Anna M. Stuart, of Pontnore, to
11 ii. John T. Craves, of Alexandria,
South Dakota. Tbe eeremouy was per
formed Tuesday at the homo of Mra,
Alexander Stuirt by Rev, Rogers Iarnel,
rector of St. Lnke'o Episcopal church.
There were present only the immediate
relatives of the bride and Dr. and Mra.
F S. Graven. Frank and William
Graves, of Jerinyn, and Profeanor W.
EC Craven, of this oily. Mr. aud Mrs,
Oraves started for Sooth Dakota soon
after the ceremony, via the Lacka
wanna road. The groom, a former
Serantonian, is now a South Dakota
state attorney,
Tho lawn tea of the Scranton Lawn
club, which was postponed from Satur
day of last week on account of the
tain, will be given this afternoon on
i ho Plutt place jrrounds at 1 i!J o'clock.
During the summer the cluu proposes
toenj .ytheso delightful outdoor af
fairs nearly every Saturday afternoon.
Last seanon the elements prevented
the partien on nearly every proposed
occnaion, not more than fix being held
tnou'h many times that number were
The excursion of tho Home for the
Friending will go to Bingbamton next
Thursday, June 7. The train will leave
the Delaware, Lnokawannn and West
ern station at !) o'clock, returning nt C
p. ill. The great musical festival will
be thero at its height in the Parlor
City. Many of the celebrities of the
affair will he in the city at tho time.
Mr and Mra. N. G Robertson gave
a dinner ami theater parly Wednea lay
eight for Miss Alice Bella, who leaves
here June 13 on an European tour.
Misa Belin will be accompanied by Mis
Harris, of Philadelphia, daughter of
ex-Vioe-Presldeut Harris of the Phila
delphia and Reading Railroad com
pany. Pottsvillo and other Philadel
phia p;ople will also by of tho party.
Miss Welles gave n dinner last
evening to a small p rty for her guest,
Miss Lois Swan, of Utic.i.
Tho wedding of Miss Kittle B Spen
cer, daughter of Mr and Mra. A. D.
Spencer, to E, Clair Van Attn, of Wav
erly, N. Y will occur Wednesday
ntxt at 8 o'clock in tlte evening at
440 Madison avenue.
Tno Ladies' Whist club of Scranton
were entertained yesterday afternoon
by Mra. W. L. Brown, at her noma in
Dal ton.
The children of Jnde and Mra. F,
W. Uunster gave a party Tuuraday
Movements or Pboplh,
Dr. and Mrs. T. v. Kay, of Providence,
are now on tlieir way across tbe traekless
Atlantic returning from their Kiropean
trip. Dr. Kuy's visit to the old wend was
for tho purpose of taking a special course
In gynecology in the Broca hospital, Paris
which he lias completed, lie will be in
this city on Wednesday, Rev. nnd .Mrs.
at, 1). Fuller, Mrs. Kay's parents, nre now
ill New Yoi k to greet iliu voyn-era on their
Rev. J. P. B. Pendleton, Mra. Pendle
ton nnd clr.klr n are the cuestB of Attor
ney E. N. Willard. The Rev. Mr. Pendle
ton, the former rector of St. Luke's Epis
copal chinch of this city, now of Boheuec
tady, K. Y., is recovering from n very se
vere illness and Las been accorded a re
spite from work until the early fall.
Mrs. Watres nnd son Reybuiu were the
Siiests of Captain and Mrs. .loh n C. De
laney at Cottage Ridge, sear llanisbur,
subsequent to tbe state convention, in
which tbe lieutenant governor and captain
Delaney were intimately concerned.
Mi6s Florence Temltinson, secretarv of
tho South Si :o Innnch of tho Young Wo
men's Christian association, will leave this
afternoon for her homo in Knlamnzoo,
Mien., on n three months' vacation.
Ex-Councilman 1'at.ick Golden, of the
Sixth wind, will start, on a Voyage next
summer to tile birthplace in England He
Will visit Ireland before he returns.
Dr. and Mrs. L. s. Barnes, of Monroe
avenue, will entertain nnumuer of friends
oa Wednesday evening nest, the occasion
of their lost wedding anniversary.
A. L. Swing, jr., of Elmira, n commer
cial traveler Wet known here, who has
been sick at the Westminster for nearly a
week, is well njjniu.
Miss Beth Archbnld returned yesterday
from Lakowood, N. J.. Where she has been
spending B few days. Sho loaves on Mou
day for PottSViUo.
The marriage of H. rt. Reynolds, of the
bar of this county, to Miss jones.of Brook
lyn, N. Y., is announced to take place on
June 20.
J. E. Pi ire, of Lnfnyettn atreet, and
Harry Edwards, of Price Street, wero vis
iting friends at Forest City on Thursday.
tenken E. Thomas has returned from
Colorado, nnd is now staying nt tbe home
'.f Bce;0 E. Powell on EyUOO street.
linn. Joseph A. Scranton and wife are
spending the month with their daughter,
Mrs. Tate, nt Fort Riley, Kan.
Thomas Turner Thomas, of Hampton
street, is home for tun summer trom the
University of Pennsylvania.
Mr. aud Mrs. Everett Warron ontom
plate a trip across tbe water for a few
ween or u,o summer,
Mr. nnd Mrs. H. W. K UBSDUry spent
last Sunday at Halcyon Hall, Dutchess
county, New Vork,
Miss Qwendolen Edwards, of Kiupsion,
Is visiting Mrs. E. B. Evaus on North Hyde
i'.irit avenue,
Joseph Aub ry, of Yonnstov.n, Ohio,
s the guost of John T. lUlsms on Eynon
Miss Jessie EvsOS, of Pdlston, wan a
guest of friends on tho West Hide Vaster
day. Ex-Re pre sen tativa s. D. Bterigere) of
Rradfora county, was iu ihe city yester
day. T. II. Jones, of South Mnin avenue, was
in Blatington yesterday on a bnsiaess trip.
Miss Mary Webster, of Nineveh, is
among relatives on Jackson street.
T.J. Reynolds, of Hampton ntreet, will
spend t day nt Tunkhnnnock.
Rev. W. 8. Jones spent jestorday with
Rev. Br. Harris at Taylor.
otto Conrad, of Qreen Ridge, called on
I'ittston fiiends yesterday.
Qeorge E. May, ofBlnghsmton, ts m the
By n new antagement Thi Tbxb-
t'NK is enabled to rffer Its renders
Bny one of tho twenty parts or tbe
"America" portfolio for ten conts.
All parts nie now ready. This is the
linest collection of popular photogra
phic views in prints. Send stamps
or cash. No coupon is necessary
"The Pack ok Rosenki-i"
Tho fire upon the hearth Is low.
And there is stillness everywhere;
Elite troubled spirits here and there
Tho firelight shadows Buttering go,
Aud ns the shadows round me creep,
A cbildisb trouble breaks tl.o gloom,
And softly from the farther room
Comes: "Now I lay mo down to sleep."
And, somehow with that little prayer
lad that sweet treble ill my ear,"
My thought goes back to distant years
And lingers with a dear oue there;
And, ns I hear the cnild's amen,
My mother's fnce comes bncu to me,
Crouched nt her side 1 seem to be,
Aud mother holds my bunds ngnin.
Oh! for an hour in that donr place!
Oh! lor the peace of that dear time!
Oh! for thnt. childiBh trust, sublime!
Obi for n glimpso of mother's fare!
Yet, as tl.o shadows round mo creep,
1 do not seem to bo alone
Sweet mneic. of thnt tretdetone
And "now I lay me down In sleep."
Kuycnc FUU, IS) Chicago Ntmt,
1 1 Lobby Talk.
The Hotel Register, probably the
most generally eirenlated and anthori
tive hotel publication of this part of
the United States, pays u tribute to the
prominenoo of Scranton busiuosa men
by presenting in it- last issue a half
tone portrait of Frederick R. White, of
this city, proprietor of the Wyoming
House. Accompanying tho portrait is
a sketch of Mr. White's cifresr aud bis
opinion of political matters of interest
to hotel man, oa follows: "He is in favor
of n graded license tor hotela accord
ing to tho population of tho city or
town in which they are situated II)
also fi.vora the repeal of the United
States internal revenue exeise tux.
'The war,' says Mr. White, 'is over,
and I think tbe government get? reve
nue enough from liquors without thi
tax. I also believe tliat the hotel buni
uess should be protected by Interstate
laws and legislation compelled to be
uniform in eaob at ite.' "
Tbe Glen Summit hot, owned by
the Lehigh Valley railroad, will be
managed this season by W. H. Croatiy,
who conducted the house last year.
Ever since tho building of the new
Anthracite hotel at Oarbondale, specu
lation baa been rife particularly
among commercial men and boni
fsees as to whether this modern boa
telry with its up to date equipments
and citified tout on seinble could be
made to psy. Anv doubt of tho hotel's
success bus been dispelled by tho an
nouncement that tho honse wil be con
ducted ny Frank M. Fox, one of the best
known and most successful hotel men
iu the east. Mr. Fox has form rly
boon connected with toe B'ckel House
nud Hotel Cooper, at Dayton, O ; the
Chautauqua House, Grand Hotel nnd
Kent House, at Chautauqua lake. Of
late he has conducted tho Niagara at
Buffalo, from wuich has been
brought the chef, bartenders and va
rious other members of tbe Hotel's
retinue. Those who have seen the An
thracito say it is perfect in nil its ap
pointments and bespeak for it a good
share of patronage. Tho homo opens
next Tuesday,
During the absence of Proprietor
Fred S Godfrey in Europe, his business
at tno Valley House is being managed
by C. J. Carter. Joe, as he is familiar
ly called, hns greeted the Valley's
patrons at tbe desk for seveu years, nn I
the patrons of the house feel that in
the absence of Mr. Gndirev their com
fort will be properly looked nfter by
ids representative.
Since tho announcement of the pro
posed building of the new Hotel Jer
inyn, a report has been in circulation
to the effect that Mr. Jerinyn would
model his Westminster into a store and
office building. But for the fact that
Bonifaco Truman of the latter eatab
lishment ia known to have no inten
tion of relinquishing a good thing, tbe
false report uibjiit, in a measure, have
worked an injustice. Mr. Truman has
a aevon year lease on tho Westmins
ter property aud nays bis business ia so
good that he would liko to have, tbe
house large enongn to abettor twice its
pro3ont capacity.
Landlord Smith, late of the Frantz
house, Plymouth, ia now conducting
the Exchange hotel nt Wilks-Barro
Ex-Sheriff Whittaker, who has been
conducting the latter hostelry, 's now
proprietor of A cafe next door.
Mrs. M. Mnir, of North Rebecca
avenue, has been eugaged to net s
honsekeeper nt tho Tiirbell hous;,
fipectol ODrreapontfeaesi
London, .May )K Great preparations
are In Ing mud in North Wales to organize
a popular reception for tno Prince of
Wates,upon tbe occasion of his visit to tho
Carnarvon eisteddfod ibis summer. Prob
ably $10,000 will be spent for tho purpose
of giving a royal welcome for one man of
affluence whilst thousands of men through
out Wales are at present Buffering mutely
from depression In trade The outcome
will be that two or tiire- prom iters of the
festivities will be knighted whilst two or
three dosen will suiVor tbe keen pangs of
"Atypical Welshman" is the description
given by tne Cor lit inn Commonwealth to
the most eminent welsh cbnrchman of
the day, Arobdeovon II. .well. The arch
deacon was born at I Jan .an, South Wa'e,
in l-'.i! nud Is therefore 63 years of age, and
ins venerable appearance always attracts
attention and In tens of all he may meet,
lie lu.B ministered nt Neath nnd I nrdlff,
and whilst vicar of Wexbam for W years
the sum of IS 0,000 was laised for church
work in the pariah. He is a most power
tul preacher of the striking Welsh ciiarac
ler, and us showing tho influence he pos
sesses over his COOgregiltlOU it is upon
record I hat on oue occasion when preach
in Wi dsh he so wrought on tho sensibilities
of his audience that ni he reached tho
climax of bis appeal t he whole assembly
leap d to then- leet nud ns with (he hesrt
aud voice of one diUU burst lorth With ore
orth.-ir beart-sttrrtng Welsh hymns which
happened to exactly to interpret senti
ment of tho moment Truly, the arch
deacon is a typical ns well as a true nud
noble Welshman.
, he bill for the Disestablishment of tho
t jui c!i in Wales is at present before tbe
tfngllsh parliament, and intense inter
est is sboWU throughout Wales by nil
classes in the discussion. Tho result bow
ever, does not seem to be I'l-ophesled with
any feeling of certainty, BS llio house of
lords seems to DO the "Hope of one party
ana tne "oosiasie" oi tne-utner.
sir Watkln Williams Wynn, well known
to!Welsbmen as'the "Prince in Wnler," nud
whoso Income is currently reported to be
$5,000 a week, Was recently fined for
illtreatingone of his hunting horses.
The royal commission to inquire into tho
relations between landlords nnd tenants
in WalSS is ftill pursuing inquirios lu
s inth Wales, nnd the result of itieir Inves
tigations is awaited with hupreme in ten St
as their report will, in all probability,
form the basis of new Welsh laud laws.
Welshmen have always been renowned
for their liberality in contributing to
religions objects and their is no danger of
the fact being exaggerated, when m one
Sunday school in wades the sum uf $4,000
wns collected in one afternoon and tills
where miners forme 1 practically all the'
congregation, two or tureo grocers con
stituting the "wealthier" port. Od various
Bandar afternoons collections ranging up
to H,0(X1 nave been raised in the same
school as well as in otbei Bnnday schools
in this district. The district referred to
RhosllanerohrUgOg is quite near tho heme
of the Rev. Abel J. Parry, who is nt pres.
out enjoying a visit to America.
The station muster of Oswcotty (Oroes
oswnli) was recently placed In a humor
ous dilemmn: AmOSgSt other freight he
received a box containing a tine heulthy
baby with nn anonymous letter n-kiug
him to adept the child. Unwilling to un
dertake the responsibility he trsnsferre.1
the "live freight1 to a sigunlinnn Who,
upon his arrival home, found $l,uuo in the
linen toward the "oxpeDse of rearluu
Lord Bmlyn has undertaken tho ex
pense of maintaining William Morgan, ol
Dowlsls, in the Royal college; the fortu
nate young Welshman beiug the success-
Paine's Celery Compound Now Bet
ter Than a Vacation Later.
1 .
"1 simply can't stop," says tho tired busi
ness man and the worn-out toother.
"But nervous prostiatiou stares you in
the face."
"I dure not think of being sick. My
children and babies nnd husband depend
on me every hour in the dav," reply those
women on tho verge of breaking down.
"A month's absence wruld ruin my busi
ness," says tho luird worked business man.
When tho nerves and organs of the body
are soundly nourished nnd the wnsto pro
ducts quickly got rid of a tremendous
amount of hard work can he done with
out injury. It is wheu the nervous tissues
nre us, d up faster then they nro repaired
that brain, nerves, nnd vital organs suffer,
cry out witii neuralgia, rheumatism, heart
trouble, nervous dyspepsia, and finally
break down. Paine's celery compound is
doing a world of good for such weak, ner
vous people, whose brain aud body nre
overtaxed, but who may yet be saved from
nervous prostration and disoasos of the
iver, kidney nnd stomach by this great
strength-giver and blood nnd nerve invig
The first bottle of Paine's celerv com
pound begins at once to clear tho tm pure
blood, to supply material for growth to
worn-out nerves ami to the minions of tiny
cells of nervous substance through the
brain and spinal column. The marvelous
blood nnd nerve remedy lavs the founda
tion of health deeply and pormanenth-,
thin, pale, careworn persons giow Steadi
ly heavier, and stronger, and their faces
heo the signs rf sickness and despon
dency. To COUteraCt tho effect of protracted
bodily and mental strnin. Paine's celery
compound was first prepared hv tho emi
nent Dartmouth professor, Edward E
Phelps, M, l). LL. U. Physicians of the
highest standing use nud prescribe it to
ful competitor out of thrffo thousand for
the pianotorte BCnolarsulp,
Upon hearing tunt the Aberftterd Build
Iny society (Mountain Ah) was in danger
of financial dlfficaiilt-s, Lord Aberdaro
placed the sum ol j:o,UUU ut their disposal
ireo of Interest. OwilN.
Science stands abashed before tho
mnrvelous (nudities Hint aro bcin
discovered of I lie human mind. Some
hnsns of these wonderful capabili
ties nre strikingly delineated as inci
dents to tho unfoldini; of the absorb
iiif- p!nt in the new serin'. Story, Which
WO shall begin Monday.
Foil Colds Croup, Asthma, Bronchitis
and Son. Throat use Dr, Thonias' Bolsotric
oil, aud get tbe genuine,
Gun; nntccd Curo.
We authorize our advertised druggist to
sell iJr. Kiuy's New Discovery for Con
sumption, Coughs nnd Colds, upon this
condition. If you nro afflicted with a
COUgll, Cold, or any Lung; Throat or Chest
trouble, and will use this remedy as di
rected, uivim; it a fair trial, and experience
no benefit, you may return the bottle'and
have your money refunded, We could not
make this offei did we not know that Dr.
Kind's New Discovery could bo roliod on.
It. never disappoints. Trial bottles free at
Matthew liros'. drug store. Large sizo
60c. anil II,
WEAK MEN your attentisn
Gray's Specific Medicine
,,;u !).-
bility, Weakness of Body and Mind, Sperma
torrhea, anil imnotency, and alt diseases that
nrls" from ovor-lndulgonoe and self -abuse, as
Loss of Memory and Power, Dimness of Vis
ion, Prematura out Ass and many other die
oases thai lead to insanity or Consumption
und on early irrav . write I'm- a pamphlet.
Address GRAY MKDIC1NB CO., Buffalo.
N. Y. Tho Speoiflo Uedicina is sold by all
druaoists at s per packagei or six packages
lor S.'ieir sent liy mail en receipt ot money.and
with every (0.0(1 older yf ('UARA'lTF.F
n cin e or money refunded.
UT On account of counterfeits we have
soopted the Yellow Wrapper, the only irumi
ine. Hold in Koran ton hv Matthews I ros
Maloney Oil and Manufac
turing Company
Have removed their oflico to their
141, 143,145,147,149, 15J
ROOF tinninc snd solderlnc nil dono nvrny
with by tho use ol HAKTMAN H i AT
ENT PAINT, which consists of uiKredi nts
Well-known to all. it can bo applied to tin,
galvanized tin, shoot iron roofs, also to brick
dwellings, which will prevent absolutely any
ornmblinv, oraoktng or breaking of tho
brick. It will outlast tlnuitiR ot any kind by
many yenrs.aud it's cOHt docs not excood one
t'flh 'thnt of ihe cost of tlnnlnp. Is sold by
the job or pound. Contracts taken by
A.VMMii HAltl'MANN, M7 Birch St
.t Sum Yiw.t r'
- Wmf
give strength to weak mothers nnd to Blip
ply abundant nutrition to the rapidly
growing nerves and tissues of children.
New, highly vitalized blood, pure and
tich lu dements of growth is sent throngh
the entire substnuco of the liver, kidneys,
and Stomach, and rouses them to briskor
action, removes biliousness, jaundico, and
indigestion, and thoroughly purifies the
system of harmful, poisonous matters that
cause disease. Tho nerves aro rapidly
built up and work again without confu
sion, thus brinaing all tho important or
gans into harmony and h-nlth. Paine's
cilery compound offers years or happy,
healthy, hearty existence to thousands of
men and women wlnm poverty of blood
and nerves is tho sole cause of despondency
and despair of ever being strong aud well
Nathan W. Kennedy, editor of the woll
kuown Putmun, Conu., Standard, and
president of the Connecticut editorial as
sociation, writes:
"On this, my Had birthday, it becomes n
pleasure to speak of tho merits of Paiue's
celery compound, for on several preceding
anniversaries tho pang of dyspepsia have
nrevented what would otherwise have
been a most felicitous occasion. Today,
ev rything u cheerful and bright, nnd this
excellent mediciue receives its just share
of praise
"After trying various 'panaceas' I took
l aiuo's celery compound, and In due time
discover thnt I was being greatly benefited
B eep grew refreshing, my nervous system
more normal, my appetite sharper, and
general make-up bolter prepared for the
cures of business and tho enjoyment of
Not only nlono have I found the c em
pound effective In tbetrentmen of esses of
dyspepsia, but also nervousness; thereby
making it unexcelled lu tho treatment of
nervous dyspepsia.
"Several aged persons to my personal
knowledge have been materially benefited
by Paine's celery compound, It creates
appetite and strength, and soothes tbe
weary, overworked body into natural, re
freshing sleep.
City Music Store,
Jk UAUiJi;
SIh leirirs took of first-eltq
Mt sK i, mi:kch.niisu
UUblU, HXOh Kl'U
A WeJ-Known Physician.Who,
Among Other Things, Is
Noted for His Frankness.
No one ever heard Dr. E. Grower use
the phrase "I think'' in his prnctice. The
doctor is one of those frank, feSrles,hon
est, positive men who never hesitate to
ay yes or no, as the case may require.
"1 can cure yon" or "1 cannot curo you,"
is his invariable decision aftor examina
tion, nnd to this fact fsct is attributable
his rcmnrksblo record without failures,
lint it would bo strange indeed if the doc
tor were not a more than usually success
lul practitioner. He has been surgeon-in-chief
in inoro than ono ot tho largest hos
pitals of this country, was latoly Demon
strator of Physiology and Surgery at the
Medico-Chirurgicnl Collego in Philadel
phia, has been elected an honorary mem
ber of the Medico-Chirurgical Association,
is a graduate of tne Unlveroity of Penn
sylvania, etc, and Is still a close student.
A man with such n record could not fail
to bo a succossfnl physician undor any
circumstances, but whon backed by
cautious, conservatism in expression, or,
to use n more popular phr6e, the "be-sure-you're-rigbt-thon-go-nhead"
it would bo mote than strange if failure
overtook him.
You enn consult Dr. Grower any day at
Rooms fi nnd 0,
Temple Court Building
81 1 srrtucK st
from 0 n.m. till I) p.m. Cousultntions free.
Those suffering from Nervous Diseases
iro gunrHntred a cure. For suoh there is
tbe cheering word "Yes," ns failure is un
known in the doctor's treatment.
fjjyj Mslv Jft Fid' 'V
bbbVbbbbbbbbbbV HsaWMSjSBjsjsjssBajBjsasjsj gafjajsjsajsj sjaysj -J
The abovo brands of flour can be had at any of the following merchants,
who will accept Tim Tuibunh flour coupon of 25 on each one hundred ponndi
of flour or 50 on each barrel of flour.
Bcriinton-F. r. Prlca Washington avonuo I
Gout .Medai Brand.
Dnnmore-F. P. Price, Gold Modal Brand
UUUmore-P. D, Manluy. Superlittivo brand.
Uy.le Park-Carson Davit, Washbnrn St.
Hold Medal Brand; Joseph A. Mcars,Miim
ttvenuo, superlative Brand.
Green Rtiljto-A.Ii.tlponcor.Qold Medal Brtnd.
J. T. McUslo, Superlative.
Providence Feunor & Chappoll.N- Main avo-
nue, BuporUtlva Brand;!.'. J. Uilhupij, VV.
Market street, Gold Modal Brand.
OlynliHUt-Juines Jordan. Snpurlativo Brand,
l'i'c kvillo Shager ii K ls.'r Kuporlatlvj.
Jomyn O, O. Winters Co superiilntlvo
Arehtiald Jones, S-mpson (Jo., Gold Medal.
Carhondnlo-B. !S. Clark, Gold Medal Brand.
lIoncBdale-I. N. Foster & (Jo. Hold Modal.
feUnooko M. II. Lavolls
"No star was ever lost we onca have seen,
We always may be what we might have been,"
Scranton, Pa.
22 and 23 Commonwealth Building.
That we will GIVE you baautiful new pat
terns of Sterling SILVSS SPOONS and
FORKS for an equal weight, ounce for ounce,
of your silver dollars. All elegantly en
graved free. A large variety of new pat
terns to select from at
' . lUflh HS WYuk
Vy nifill nreimld. With
crVti-TTff!?rur"'r""J(,',nnn'y' Clrrulnr fnp. Sold hv nil itrui'pUtfl. Ack for It, tnm
'tFUrtc AND AFTc-R other. Addrct EKVi: MFKIM'U.. MatODlO Tumplc, CHICAGO. IU.
For Salo in Scranton, Pa., by H. C. SANDERSON, Drqffffist, cor. Washington
and Snriioe streets.
YRDYAL f .is
- ; x Ank for EH. IIOTT'S PrtTITTEOYAI, PIT,X.fl and tuko no othor.
i.ji li7 Send for circular. Price 11.00 per box, fl boios for 16.00s
sow jjjh. raxj-:'-m uhbimioaii :.. - sjieveiand. s3Ki.
uraitiv uyv. m. loil,l(l i :h.'li-i
.i AUAo ,l-,K tot ure
IntolDDUrr BmlMotii
""""I-"' luoo'
njLji HEIllCUfS CO..
: i . iliU Alivl i .. .
ForKide by JOHN 11. 1'IIELPs, Pharmacist, cor. Wyoming Ave. nnd Spruce St
Srr.mtnu, Pa.
WM.WSSIO tuns,
, .Tv al 1;.. PI MlflflS. etc .
WIS -XV7' alia." ereclUc.j, etc., whon 1 will i.cml FlUUi thorrcsorlptloa of a
N, A. new nnd positivo remedy for thapiompt iasUai euro oi
?. UK1- l'i"diood, Nightly Kmissionn, KcrVoua WoakneM b
, .. "1 ! iT stiini:r.ien. A ancocclo. IiTinnl;'nrv. nnil fr cnlnrTo wonir.
fr,-'.'''iintedorKiirii. Cores In Two Weeks. 1 send thlj rrescrip-
Etufoim. acTsii tion i rco oich;;o, nndthcrolai.o bnmbos er advert:. i;iR can 'i
Sbonilt. Anyroodilrurelstnrtihyticiancanputlt npforyou,a9CTCi7thi2(-i.'rl.',-l:iandrinplo. All
Ioiklnroinrn la that you will buy nam.-ill quantity of tbo remedy from mo director miviso yor
frlontls to iloai after you receive tho roclpc tied noothu, there ianohnmburt nordoceptlon. Dai yon
Ciindou, plootu about this. Corresxindonwatrtctlycor.!Mcn!r.l. nnclrJl loiters sent in plain
I aoalcd gnyojopo. Bndosestsmp if
Third National
Bank of Scranton.
CAPITAL, $200,000
SURPLUS, $250,000
Tlili bank offer to denonllor wry
farlllty wnrrnntrd by their bnlancei, buiii
iim and rvittoniilbilltt.
Special attention t ivrn to bualnoM ao
coudU, lntereit paid an tiiuo depoilta.
JKO. II. CATLIN, Vleo-rretldent.
WILLIAM JH. l i t K. CubleK
William t ,,1111. II, Oonree H. Cntlln,
Alfred llnnd. James Aridibald, Henry
Belln, Jr.. AVUIUiu kuiHb Luther
Ftom the K T. Tribune, XCov.l, 2S93.
The Flour
"Chicago, Oct 31. Fhe first official
announcement of World's Fair di
plomas on flour has been made. A
medal has been awarded by the
World's Fair judce to tho flour manu
factured by the Washburn, Crosby Co,
in the great Washburn Flour Mills,
Minneapolis. The committee reports
Ihe flour strong nnd pure, and entitles
it to rank as first-class patent flour for
family and Lakers' use."
Taylor-.Tudgo & Co., Gold Medal; Athortoj
Co., Superlative.
Puryea- Lawrence Storo Co., Gold ModsL
Moosic-Jcdin MeCrind'.e, GeldMe.tal.
Pittston -M. W. O'Boyli), Gold Modal.
Clark's Green Fraco B Parkor, Suporlatlvo.
Clark's summit- F, M. Youhk, Gold Medal.
Dalton-S. E. Finn Son, Gold Modal Brani
Nlcholton-J. E. Hurding.
Wuvirly-M. V. Bliss ,te Son, Gold MednL
Factnryvlllo Charles Gardner, Gold Modal.
Hopliottom- N. M. Finn Son, Gold Medal
Tobyhauna Tobyhanna Loblh Lumbjf
Co.. Gold Medal Brand.
Oouldsb ,ro-9 A. Adams. Gold Molnl Brand
Mchi'uw Gaiiro & Clements, Gold Modal.
Lako Aric l-Jamos A. Bortrce, Gold Modal.
Forest City-J. L. Morgan & Co., Gold Muds
& Coinsieil
This wondrrftil rriat dv cutl
an uf il t ii fur. all nt-rtuu i'.Is-
Mpinurr. I.imn nf nrnin liTvrr. HiMidnchP. WiikPtnliif .
Ltt.MBnhool,Nli;htly I . NerTou3nps,allclr:ilii'nndlniof power
UiUcuoratlvoOriiiinAof cither hox can ted by ('vert'ii'rtli'ri.youllH'uIiTi'orc,
czl'onpIvo usn of tobnoco, opium or Btiniulfinta, which lomt to lnttnnltr. fn
(. nn iniofrno:i m vost porict. 01 por pox, o tot i.
n f5 onlt-r wt irive a wt-ltlxn cnnroiiti' to cur
. Z roliablo Femnln PTT.T.
ever offered to Lndlea,
eopocially recommend-
111 rWn AVflDIM,
'""n yon nr In work Sold with Wr.ITTE::
NorToiisDfliiliiy, I.ois of Sciual l'nwcr in llhri isi,
from nny cnum-. If nsslsotad, nb trouble,! Ipad t.
iij, ii. roper noi nt m ill, s tn.irr fnr s. with cv.
njunctniul hcr.ithir
Tji,n I trl 1 1 ........ K-I?I.'I.
3B TSSPrv-gf'
National Bank of Scranton.
CAPITAL $250,000,
SURPLUS $25,000:
FAMt'EIj niNES.irresHont.
W. V. WATSON. Vice President,
A 11. WILLIAMS, Cashier.
BASttm nrnrs, .iamks M' Evrnnsni,
InviNo A. FiNcrf, PiKitrER Finlbv,
JOBEPII J. .Il in: VV, M. S. KEMEltin.,
t UAH. P. Matthews, Joiin T. Poutku.
W. W. Watson.
This bank Invites the patronage of buslne
men and Arms generally.
0 tit.
mm mi yourself
aaaaasBj m BTCU TOEERSt I
onovand hnaHliwui l,T,irt,,r.eir.-i,;.-!.f;i