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    THE SCRAlON TRlBTOE-FtttbAT MOftttlttG, MAT 23, 1894.
The Complexion Veil Startling Shapes In
Millinery Sunburned Ktrnws Populari
ty of Checked Silks and Moire Antique.
Rome of the Smart Summer Wraps.
Tho comnlexion veil ia a novelty you
Wtiy not have head unont. It is of pale
J)iuk Russian net, sprinkled with bluek
epots and very becoming to a pule com
plexion. There menu to be a groat f iincy
for white' spots and hico borders just
now, but all black veils are much pret
tier. For wearing with largo hats the
double width Froneh nets, which are
gathered under tho chin, aro very
Smart Some of the new bonnets have
immensely wide st rings cd;id with laep,
which, when tied, form the fashionable
ecarf. A new model hail brood green
moiro strings and black ros' S under the
On nearly everything everything in
tho shape of a bonnet, that is docs ono
Bee tho glint and sparkle of spangles. A
charming totrae was of black net
epangled in given, trimmed at ono side
with a saucy bow to match and a cou
ple of pink roses. Roses aro shown in
very odd shades this time, some of them
having that dull faded look which the
natural ones have after standing in wa
ter for several days. Another pretty
toque was of gold embroidery trimmed
vith two upstanding loops of pale, blue
Spangled moire ribbon and a clump of
faded roses. Tho arrangement of the
flowers this spring is scarcely so pretty
ns ono could Wish. Tho small tranches
of black violets, wired to stand upright,
look like miniature trees. "Sunburned
straw" seoais to bo popular, in spite of
tho fact that it is decidedly trying to
tho average complexion. Borne of the
shapes aro positively startling.
A particularly stylish new hnt is a
modification of tho Duchess of Devon
Shire shape, trimmed with four black
plumes and a black moiro antiquo bow.
Tho flowers Underneath the brim aro
violets and pink roses.
Coming to gowns, tho latest fancy is
for checked silks, taffetas or slightly
heavier grosgroins, which an some
times watered nnd aro always glaco.
The ground may bo shirt in two colors, as
pale green and white, with lino lino
crossbars of two colors, usually black
and WbitefOI else it has small blocks a
third of an inch square of several col
ors. Tiieso silks aro made into carriage
costumes for spring, completed by a lit
tle bolero of cloth when In the street,
while for the house they aro charming
ly trimmed with a collarette or fichu of
embroidered mull.
Mirror moiro antiquo is perhaps tho
most beautiful of tho many novelties in
silks for evening wear, Its coloring is
so delicate, and it has such a rich sheen.
An example of this material is in pale
green, shot With heliotrope. Shot Bilks
nro every bit ns popular as they were
this timo hist year and much prettier.
Tho new colors aro very soft a'Td attract
ive. Satin is fashionable, of course, and
brocade too. Tho new brocades show
no very striking effects.
A novel feature about a now evening
dress is tho sleeve which droops on tiro
shoulder, thus disclosing tho prettiest
part of tho arm. Tho bodico is of whito
satin, with Jet trimmings and shoulder
straps of tho same. Tho black satin skirt
is striped With jet.
Moiro antiquo or moiro and com
fTro tho materials of which everything
smart in tho shapo of a wrap seems to
bo mado this spring. Laco with deep
Vandyke points is tho newest of tho new
trimmings. Charming littlo moiro an-
tiqne mantles are trimmed with it. It
borders tho little full shouldered capo
and also edges the bafiquo, Tho prettiest
mantle is a sort of sleeveless Jacket,
close fitting and with a foil basque and
ehort capo. Another becoming model is
a triple capo, with long ends in front,
reaching nearly to the edge of the dress.
Each capo is borderad with narrow
cream lace. Many of the dressy little
6ilk coata have lapels or rovers of laco
land a long lftco edged silk scarf. These
Iscarfs appear on many of tho now cloaks
and blouBos. They aro immeusdy pepa
l;ir at tho moment.
In Commemoration of tho First Annlre7
aory of Wedded Life.
Tho invitations aro simple announce
ments, which may read as follows:
"Mr. and Mrs. Henry Burroughs do
eire tho pleasure of your company at tlio
first anniversary of tieir marriage, Wed
nesday ovoning, March twenty-eighth,
Thoso announcements may bo either
engrnvod or written and sent by mail.
If tho hostess has but oven a moderate
amount of tasto and ingonnity, it will
bo possibio for her to prepare surprises
for her priests in tho way of decorations
which will bo unique, and give an add
ed charm to the entertainment. For her
assistance are lu re reproduced somo sug
gestions from Tho Household:
In tho parlors, halls, dining room
and dressing rooms decorate as far as
possible with paper. Bureau scarfs, ta
ble covers, lambrequins, window drapor
ies and portieres can bo easily fashioned
from this material. Each gentleman is
presented in tho dressing room with a
buttonhole bouquet of paper flowers, and
each lady with a tiny basket, made by
crocheting narrow rolled strips of white
tissue paper. Then aro filled with small
flowers, either violets, buttercups, pink
or white daisies, and aro dainty little
souvenirs of tho occasion.
The supper table may bo spread with
white damask doth, ovor winch is laid
another cover of white crape tissue, the
seams of which uro neatly joined and
covered with a trailing vino of paper
Bmilax Candles, with paper shades, aro
used for lighting tho table. The plates
maybe made of white pasteboard cut in
circular shape and decorated around tho
edge with tissue paper fringe. Hmall
memorandum pads, with covers of
heavy water eolor paper, painted with
landscapes or (lowers, or whero this is
Hot possible lettered in gilt, with a
motto and date of tho occasion, make
pretty favors when tho number of
gnests is limited so that they may be
seated at the table.
Tho following is a list of pretty and
inexpensive gilts suited to the occasion;
Paixr candle shades, bonbon D0X6B, pa
per frames, photograph stands, engage
ment tablet, bookmarks, memorandum
books in sets of three, including ad
dresses, engagements and letter regis
ters; Blotters, visiting cards, stationery,
pAper baskets, fans, lamp screens, sub
scriptions to papers and magazines, and
many useful kitchen nrticles such as
Water pails, bdWU, etc., which are made
from paper.
For the nearer friends and relatives
there is no hick of expensive gifts which
would give happiness to tho youthful
coup'o if economy need not bo consid
eredchecks, bankbills, pictures, books,
and many costly tilings in which paper
figures largely.
Coffee ns a Deodorizer.
One of the best of deodorizers is burn
ing coffee. Throw a teaspoon of ground
coffee upon the oookstovo to do away
with any disagreeable odor in thekitch-
m mA put mmll quantity m fow
ooala upon a uro shovel to carry to any
distant part ' of tho house. It will re
movo any mnsty odors from closets or
closed rooms.
Cui Mm, Cover.
A tasteful cover for a sofa cushion il
lustrated in Tho Delineator is com
posed of crocheted feather edge braid.
The wheels that compete the center of
the cushion aro artistically joined, and
between them is a nniqueofoobetwork,
while the lacelike attachment to tho
border is very effective. Tho border is
simply crocheted iuil serves as a foil to
tho more elaborate center.
Wearing Apparel.
All garments should bo thoroughly
aired after wearing. Under no circvim
Stances should they bo hung up in clos
ets or folded away in drawers until they
have had every opportunity of drying
and purifying by exposuro to tho open
Window if nothing more. Even a bon
net or a pair of gloves should not bo set
away at once, after the fashion of tho
overfastidious, who cannot boar to sec
an article out of place for a moment
How to Mateo Nut liars.
Peanuts, almonds, English walnuts
or pecans may bo used for this candy.
Prepare the nuts by removing the inner
covering nnd chopping them. GteaM tho
bottom and sides of a broad shallow tin
pan with fresh butter and put tho nnts
into it, spreading them evenly. Put a
pound of granulated sugar, with half
a teacup of water and a pinch of cqcani
Of tartar, into a kettle and boil until
thick, but not too brittle. Pour tho simp
over tho nuts and 6ft aside to cool.
When dightly stiff, mark off into wido
bars with n sharp knife, and let stand
several days, when it will become soft
and delicious.
Selection of Colors.
Oar apparol may bo either kind or
Cruel, according (is we choose nnd eom
bino its colors, those in headgear being
most important. If ono has a polo com
plexion, the most trying tints are tho
light grays and tans, which impart a
sallow, yellow tingo to tho faca If,
however, ono of these shades must be
chosen in tho hat to match a coat or
gown, the brim should be lined with
velvet In somo becoming dark eolor.
Household Hints.
When milk is used in tumblers, wash
them first in cold water; afterward rinso
in hot water.
A littlo flow dredged over a cako be
fore icing it will keep tho icing from
spreading and running off.
Onions, turnips and carrots should bo
cut across the fiber, as it makes thorn
moro tender when cooked.
A eonplo of wintergroeu creams or
dove oandies eaten before leaving tho
table will removo tho taste of food from
tho mouth nnd neutralize tho smell of
Hut few trials will bo needed to con
vince, you that an ottoman mado of a
covered wooden box upholstered with
denim or somo other strong, washable
fabric is an indispensable ki.'c.hen com
fort you family loso their nppetito
for potatoes occ.isionally omit them
from dinner atod .servo hot boilod rico
with tho roast Tho rico will bo better
still if it is cooked nearly tender and
then put in tli" pan with tho r, 'astro
brown in tho juices of tho moat
It Is a Safety Pin Holder of Cheap but
Pleasing Construction.
Thero aro all styles and shapes of pin
cushions, from tho practical, old fash
ioned square design to tho latter day bit
of giddiness frills and ruftlcs and rib
bons. Horseshoes, tambourines, cres
cents, four leaf clovers, triple bolsters
and a dozen different fancies aro to be
een In gowns of satin, overlaid with
foamy frills of lace.
With such a varied choice, is it any
wonder that tho most elegant conceit
in silver pintrays fails to banish tin
cushion from my lady's dressing table?
A nursery belonging most attractive
in its way is tho safety pin holder. This
consists of several circular layers of
bright tinted flannel, pinked at the
edges and topped by a circular piece of
celluloid, the whole ln ing fastened to
(ether in tho middle bv a few strong
stitches. In letters of gold you read
upon the celluloid cover tho hint to
Tho decapitated head of a Chineso
doll is fastened in the center of tho cel
Another homo for safety pins is of
fered in the hanging lengths of ribbon,
half a dozen strips of satin ribbon about
1 1., inches wido and a quarter of a yard
long, joined together at tho top, whero
they aro tipped with a doll baby's hend
set m a clown frill of laco or gauze.
This pinholder is snspended by several
loops of bebo ribbon. Tho foregoing
suggestions were mado by a contributor
to Golden Davs.
Short Circular Capes.
Fascinating littlo capes of black vel
vet or moire reach only to the dhow,
yet nro so full that When spread out
flatly they are found to lie in a perfect
circle. Those, says Harper's Bazar, nro
un trimmed along the outer edge and
have light linings of rich brocade of pale
yellow or pink of becoming shade. Their
trimming is all nt the top, in spangles
or sequins, describing a yoke deeply
curved twico in front and in tho back,
and once on each shoulder. To outline
this yoke and give fullness about the
neck aro fluffy ruffles of black chiffon
doubled and fluted diagonally, tho whole
producing u charming effect
This circular cape is a good model for
a wrap to givo slight protection about
tho shoulders to those dressing in mourn
ing. It should be made of black crepe
do chine lined with silk, the edges un
trimmed, but tho shoulders covered with
English Cjipo and bordered at neck and
below with a thick ruclio of the English
crape doubled.
Sachet For Gloves.
For thoso who can afford to pay the
prico there are elaborate gloveboxes of
various makes and materials in all the
stores devoted to fancy goods. Thoso
boxes furnish n convenient receptado
for gloves new and old, provided they
aro lung enough to accommodato the
gloves without folding. It is this point
that favoro tho glove sachot mado at
homo and therefore of oxactly tho pro
portions desired.
Tho folding sachet is a popnlnr style,
and it may bo mado of plush or velvet.
Tho lining is of wadded silk well per
fumed, and a finish is given by silk or
silk and tinsel cord set on in loons nt
the comers. Tho upper side is beauti
fully decorated with a panel of ivory
satin painted with watteau figures in
delicate tints. If ono cannot paint, ono
of Prang's sat in art prints may bo used.
Tho Baohet is tied shut with ribbon.
Previous to placing gloves in either
box or sachet pull them into shapo and
let lie for a littlo timo exposed to tho
air. This advice refers, of course, to
gloves that aro being worn. Quite new
gloves ought to bo wrapped in white
tissue paper, each pair being wrapped
Worth Knowing.
Nothing is better for cleaning dusty
nnd greasy garments than soap bark.
However, it cannot bo used for light
lined garments, ns it possesses just
enougn coloring to darken delicato tints.
It, is quite inexpensive and may bo pur
chased at any drug storo.
A carpet with small figures not only
wears nctter man ono with large, but
makes a small room seem larger than it
When tho end of a seam is reached in
stitching by machine, tho easiest and
neatest way of fastening tho threads is
to turn tho work around and restitch for
a short distance.
A drop of oil and a feather will do
away with tho creaking in a door or a
creaking chair.
Pillowslips should bo ironed length
wise instead of crosswiso if one wishes
to iron wrinkles out instead of in.
Burns frum steam aim scams snould
bo fronted tho same as thoso causod by
dry heat. For a slight burn that simply
reddens tho surface apply a thick layer
of cooking soda wet to a paste. Cover
with a bandage mado of old cloth and
keep it wet with cold vater. When the
pain subsides, removo t"ho soda dressing,
and if anything moro is required use
In Brittany if tho wife hopes to runs sue
must take euro that tho ring, when placed
upou her finger, .shall slip ut ouco to its
pilot without stopping at tho large second
Tlfo marriage license clerii Bl Washing
ton reports that seldom is he asked to Issue
a licenso un Friday. He attributes this to
a vory generally respected superstition as
to ill luck that attends any enterprise be
gun on Friday.
Diamonds aro found along the eastern
slope of tho Allegheuies It 001 Virginia to
Georgia and ulso in northern California
nnd in southern Oregon, but there ure not
enough of them of sizo to puy for mining.
For simple hoarseness tako a fresh egg,
beat it and thicken with pulverized sugar.
Eat freely of it and the hoarseness will
soon be relieved.
is depleted blood. Tho blood
lacks richness and tho cheeks
lack' color. Tho wholo sys
tem lacks tho nourishment
the Cream of Cod-liver Oil.
This nourishing, palatable
food restores a healthy color,
enriches tho blood and tones
up the wholo system. Phy
sicians, the world over, en
dorse it.
Dsn't Se deceit by Substitutes!
Pmoarod t Boot! A noma, H v. All draaiiti
;i wo! I
Man of
llll. UUKAT
rrtOlH'CKrlTIIE AltcVK
ItKsl'LTS hi 110 ItWA. t'nrti ttllVsk
perroiu uiHawi, railing unon,
I'lirual, Hli'fili'ftt.u''t . Nintlv Kmh-
llOtU. ttOnOtatod I))- ptit-t utmwri, fpTfl vigor unit fzc
nfthrankolorflnuMCutl quickly tmt mi rely ronton'
I, tint MuHhomi in 'ii or voting. KitHilvcfin lid hi v i,t
pocket. PrlM$l.O0 npackAfe. six for $M6 with a
n rid t ii giiiim litre to cure or mmny rrfuniU'il. 1 1 u'l
let niiv QlprlnclploiJ ilnitriri-t MI you any ktml oj
'iri'on. Innl it on h im IMIAPO - none other. ll
ho mi not got it, ire ill Homi It bv mail upon nMetpl
ofpriot rSmpbioj tu mmUm onrelopi freoi Aaarvi
Oriental Medh-nl Co , l'rtnM Uilrt.'O, II,, orotic agmti.
SOLD ly Ilros., Wholesale nnd Utt;.il
Drnists, SCKANTuN, PA., and other Lead
ing J ):..,',! ,
CoffipiGn fressrved
m i
Romoye.i Frsclda, Plmp!;i,
Liver Moles ClacHoidt,
Stinhun and Ten, and rc
6toics tht) ctln to lis oh'tI
nal mnntn producing o
cienr nun mania corn-19
Inn KiiYu.rlrtP ,.- oil f I -n W
jiropfiratlomi cml penectn linrmlcsa. At nil
G'tuiajisu.ormalk'a for SOcta. Buid lor Clrculur.
VIOUV 8KIN SOAP I' flmply InnmiiiirtMo u n
skin purlMtiK 3op, uarquti.vt hr ttio I'M and without a
rival luf tlio MilMI. MM lad delicaW Dwdl
riiM. At MMh Prico 2i C-:it.
C. C. BITTNER 4, CO., Toledo, O.
For bhIo by Mittthows Broa.,MorgauKro9.ttntl
Moi'ifittt & Co.
Every Womai
Somctimi's needs a reli
nblo monthly regulatin,
Aro prompt, safe nnd certain In result. Tho iron :
" i 'Dr. Peal's) never disappoint. Sent anywheu
"0. Pool Medicine do . PI 'TSlaod.Oi
PoM by JOHN n. PHULPS Pharmacist
corner yomini; avenuo unit Spruco btroot
Bcranton. I'a.
!1 -v i! --A
The above brand? of flour can be had at any of the followlni? merchants
who will accept Thk TmnuNit flour, covpon of 25 on eaoh one hundred nouud,'
of flour or 50 on each barrel of flour.
Srranton-F P. Frico. Washington avouu.l
Gold Medal Drand.
Duninoro-F. P. Price, Gold Modal Brand.
Dunmors-F. D. Manisy, Buperlativo Urnnd.
Ilyde l,rk-Cnrw)it& Uavis, Washburn St.
Gold Medal llraud; J. soph A. Moars.Maiu
avenuo, Huporlatlvo llraud.
Green HMge--A.I,.Spoiicor.Ui,ld Medal Brand.
J. T. Me Hale, Suporlntivo.
Irovldenco-Fennor & ChappollN' Main avo-
nuo, Superlative lirand;C. J Glllesplo, W.
Mai kot street, Hold Medal llrnnd.
Olyphant-Jaraes Jordan, Suporlatlvo Tlrand
PeoivlUs shatfiT A Kifcw Huperlatlvs
Jermyn-C, O. Winters tiCo. buporalativo
ArcliliaM Jooes, H ntpson . Bold Modal
Qtrbondale B, S. Clark, Gold Medal Brand
llonesdalo -I. .V. Fostor & Oo. Gold Medal
Minoiika M. H. Lavelle.
. .-,l,.m T.
,liy ranll prepaid. With
?iinc (Ijin sctiouciVTi' ,, ?'' ""'""f- Ireular tree. Hold hy all ilruclsts. Ask for It, toko
Uric Aril) AFTER US utlior. AiMn-n ruvk irriwn ,.,., !, ......;.,.".
waauuiu 1VWVH, vail.UV.IU)
tor SalelaSoranton i, Pa.,byH.C. SANPERSON, PrOCgtA cnr. Washington
in i m7; , , Tr,
,. u , . , . ......
lor Halo hjV. M. ll.Mt;.l -., ljn,BBi,t,
Bad Blood.
Bad Blood.
Bad Blood.
I havo been iifTarlng ten
yenr with Erysiiatiui. Hava
tnlion doctors medicines and
patent ruodlclnos of most all
Kinds, hut nono siicmod to dc
mo any frucd. I Dually mad
up my mind to try Burdook
Illond Hittiirs. Havo used four
bottle of 11. 1). R, and thin
mysolf nntiroly cured.
Mks. N. J. McOATLT.
Sorvico, Beaver Co., Pr.
E. Robinson's Sods'
Jtannfactnrors of tho Celebrated
100,000 Bbls. Por Annum.
Maloney Oil and Manufac
turing Company
Have removed their office to their
141, 143,145, 147, 149, 151
Hotel Waverly
Knropean Plan. FirKt-clnsi Par attnohM.
liepot for Bergnor & lingers Tannhiouaer
IE Cor, 15th and Filbert to,, Philadi
Jlost dcHiraiil ) for resident! of N.E. renn'
rylvanla. All conreiiiencos lor travelers
to mill from Eroad Street station and tho
1 v. elf th i nnd Varkot BtNet ftatlou. Do,
lirablo for visititiR iSorantoniaua and duo
lluintbuAnthracito Uegion.
Dr. Shimberg's New
Rimless Bifocal
(lives the greatest comfort to the woaror, ns
It combines distant nnd near glasses in ono
lalr, as lopros, ntod in this cut. Furnished
in all Styles of Spoctacloi and Eyo Glasses
Lyes examined froa
' ' o ' A". 1'. IWotms, Aou. , ISOi
The Flour
"CniCAGO, Oct. 81. Fhs first oCkwl
annonncement of World's Fair di
plomas on floor has been made. A
medal has been awarded by the
World's Fair juileos to the flour manii
factured by the Washburn, Crosby Co ,
in tho groat Washburn Flour Mills,
Minneapolis. The committee reports
tbe flour strong nnd pure, and entitles
It to rank as flret-clasa patsnt flour for
family and bakers' use."
Taylor-Judgo & Co., Gold Modal; Athorton
iV Co., buperlativo.
rjuryoa-bawronce storo Co., Gold ModaL
Mooslc John Mct'rindle, Geld Modal
l'ittston-M. W. O'Boylo, Gold Modal.
C ark s Groon-Frace & Parker, Suporlatlvo.
Clark s Summit -P. M. Young, Gold Modal.
Dalton-a. h. l inn & Son, Gold Modal Brand.
NlihoNon-J. li. Harding.
Wavcrly-M. W, Bliss St Son, Hold ModaL
I'm turyville-Charlos Gardner, Gold Modal.
Hopholtom -N. M. Finn & Son, Gold Medal
Tobylmiina-T.ibyhanna ft Lshlgh Lumbjr
Co , Gold Modal Brnnd.
Gouldsboro-8 A. Adams. Gold Modal Brand
01 "w-Gaigo & Clements, Gold Modal.
Lako Ariel-James A. Bortroo, Gold Modal.
Forest Oity-J. U Morgan & Co., Gold Moda
Thl, B.ilnl huh).
, " J!? "
v."'v' i'iour, ..ess hi urnin rowsr usaaaone, VYakerulneil
i.itMnnhood.Nlglitly BmlulniiB, Korvouone.w.alldralnaand loss nf power
in t,ou, ratt vo Orfiati. of either hot caused by over exertion, youllif ill error..
O.YOOtilVO use of t'lbltceo. Onlllin or .tlnmlnnftf. wlilrh IimiH to t,,tr.tti.
Can lie carrlod I n vest pooiiet. HI perboi, for S,
a SO ordor we s-lve a written triiiirontee to euro
i?a0mIiJSS.0Ll2?!S??i l,r"klntlt,n and all nervousdlseases of
mL ' ,V ' ".''Y".' r:l"!',l,f "''her sex. such as Nervous I'rostriitli ti. Knll-
i ,,, . " '" ""Piueiii 'T, wtKiitiy Hiiilsslons.Vontliftil Hrrors.
) !S ,' w"r7ioxee"loiuw.of Tt.boet oertim.wi,i,. ufiSXl
'.'.t: U" ev'r orii"r wo ,v "Itlen guar-
'--Mwaiiwii viovoiuau, onto.
1X1 1'cuii Avenuo.
Good Men
Good Clothes
. so .
ONE of the strong
points of The Trib
une's equipment as a
iirst-class printing es
tablishment is the fact
that it has a superb
Bindery, thoroughly
supplied with up-to-date
machinery and
managed by skilled
workmen. For neat
work promptly done
and at prices that are
fair and square, it has
no superior in North
eastern Pennsylvania.
Preserve Those Pic
tures Don't Spoil Those Hnl
ticflromes Have
The Trirune will
promptly preserve any
oi the art series pur
chased by its readers
at prices especially
moderate. I twill make
special rates on the
binding of any or all
parts of the
World's Fair Series
America Illustrated
Moltichrome Series
Or Any Other Series
And do the work so
thoroughly that you
will simply be de
A We!l-Known Physician.Who,
Among Other Things, Is
Noted for His Frankness.
No one ever heard Dr. R Grower use
the phrase "I think" In his practice. The
doctor Is one of those frank, fenrlesB,bon
est, positive meu who never hositnte to
fay yes or no, as the case may require.
'1 can onre you" or "I cannot euro you "
is his invariable decision after examina
tion, and to this foot fact is attributable
his remarkable record without failures.
But it would be strange indeed if the doc
tor wero not u more than usually success
ful prsctitionor. He has boen surgeon-in-chief
in moro than ono of the largest hos
pitals of this country, was lately Demon
strator of Physiolosy and Surgary at the
Medico-ChirurBk'al Collego in Philadel
phia, has boon electod an honorary mem
ber of the Medico-Chirurgical Association,
is a graduate of the University of Penn
sylvania, etc., aud Ib still a close student.
A man with such a rocord could not fall
to bo a successful physician under any
circumstances, but whon backed by
cautious, conservatism in expression, or,
to use a more popular phrase, the "bo-eure-you're-rigbt-tlion-go-nhoad"
It would bo more than straucs if failure
overtook him.
You can consult Dr. Grower any day at
Rooms 5 and 8,
Temple Court Building
from 9 a. m. till 9 p. in. Consultations free.
Those suffering from Nervous Diseases
aro guaranteed a cure. Por such there is
the choering word "Ye."," as failure is un
known in the doctor's treatment.
Third National
Bank of Scranton.
CAPITAL, $200,000
SURPLUS, - $250,000
This tmnlc offers to depositor rTerv
facility warranted by their balances, brui-iii-s.
and respoiiKllillity.
Hpecial attention i.-ivcn to business ac
counts. Interest paid on time deposits.
WILLIAM OOmnttL rrcsldrnt.
UVO. II. t'ATMN, Vice-President
William romietl, QeorVfl If. Catlln,
Alfred Hand. Juttict Areltbiild, Henry
Ilelln, Jr., Wlllliini T. Smith, Lntlter
National Baak of Scranton
CAPITAL $250,000,
SURPLUS $25,000.
FA MI.T I. niNKS.IPresMnnt
W. W. WATSON. Vice President
A. a WILLIAMS, Cashier.
BAMrr.r, niNns, jamhs M- rvr.nit.nT,
InriKO A. Fincti, PiEnrn K Finutr,
Joseph J. Jkhiiyn, si. h. Kkvi ur.iu.
Cuas,P. Matthews, John T. Pouted.
W. W. Watson.
This bank invites the patronage of business
men and Arms gcnurally.
Seeds and
Large Medium and
White Clover,
Choice Timothy and
Lawn Grass Seeds
Guano, Bone Dust
and Phosphates for
Farms, Lawns and
DKITKR RQOK CO., Ino'p. Capital. 81,000,000.
rkst sun:: in tug wokli.
UA Aoilar attved i a dollar earned." ,
ThlsI.ndloH'Hnlid French Don,rola Kid nut-to-:
I toot delivered frco itnynhore In tho U.S., Oa
nonptoit. iiBn, Munoy uraer,
or rotul Noto (or fl.."ui.
lCqtmls ovory wny tho boots
cold In nil retail (lores for
(-2.S0. Wo mneo this boot
otirselx-cs, thereforo wo guar'
antee tlio jit, style and wear,
aud If any ono Is not natlslleit
we will rctuno tno money
orseuiinnotlierpalr. opera
,100 or Lnmmon nenpe,
wlilths (', II. K, K r.K,
1 to 8 and halt
. SendytmrtUe;
u'tll fit you.
logue FREE
Dexter Shoe TON. SLASS.
apetfit term ie i'taier.
What Is More Attractive
Than a pretty face with a fresh, bright
complexion? For it, uso Pozzoni's Powder.