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New and Stylish TRIMMED
PRICES. Come and see ibein at
TJavo your COI.I.AKS starehed In the old
way, when yon can have thorn dune with port,
pliable Buttonholes for TWO CENTS EACH.
NorrmanA Moore
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We are showing
new designs in printed
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We Will Offer for a Few Days
Fine Moquette Rugs at $2 00.
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Williams k IMnult;
127 Wyoming Ave.
A aturaerv Rhvme n&rhv wan iriron hv
the Yonng Woman's Christian association
last evening to members and guests.
Chairman Dickie, of the Nationnl Pro
hibition committee, will deliver an ad
dress at the Frothingham theatre Friday
The May party of the pupils of flt. Ce
cilia's academy has been postponed until
May 29 on account of the inclement
weather. It jvas to have takon place to
day. John Coyne, of Minooka, has made a
standing offer;to shoot a pigeon match
with any men in Lackawanna county,
barring Clem Marsh, for any amount of
The amusement season at the Acndomy
of Music will close on May 30. Mrs. John
Drew and her company has been billed as
the olosiug attraction. Thoy will be at
the house on May 29 and 30.
"Annetta, the Dancing Girl," was given
at the Academy of Musio lant night by the
Minnie Lester company to a delighted
audience. It will be repeated this after
noon as a matinee. Tonight "Roso of Kil
larney" will bo given.
Marriago lioonses were granted by the
clerk of the courts yesto day to Ezra H.
Wiggins, of Plymouth, aud Mabsln Neg
hart, of Factoryville; Geqrge Hmolok and
Kuzlns Wulya, of Blnghamton; Michael
Bcohill and Annio Rainey, city.
On account of the small attendance of
members of the councils commltin. 1.,
rules those present at last night's meeting
"n.mru m nujuiu u vo meet rriuay evon
Ing without taking defiuito action on any
of the proposed changes in rules.
Court yosterday made an order to show
cause wny tno capnis should not be otiatod
In the case of Julius F.etzuoM, whom Mrs.
jjenia Peck had arrested on Monday for
-1 1 r 1 . . 1 , ...
wiiuiior. jnr. J-.ciz.lloiu noma tlllit 1IH ar
rest was most unjust. The matter will be
hoard at argument court.
Daniel L. Hart's play, ' A Daughter of
Dixie," was repeated at the Frothingham
meatre last night oetore a good sized audi
ence and made another pronouncod hit
The beautiful sconery, sparkling dialogue
nna nnisnea acting of the company quite
wiyuvmeu me nuaionce.
An Enthusiastic Audienoa Witnesses
Seoond Performance.
The second production of Daniel L.
Hart'e new play. "A Daughter of
Diile," at the Frothingham last even
log waa attended by a gond-iized and
enthnsiastio audience. The many ex
cellent features of the piece were lib
erally applauded and the presentation
of the play was better than on Monday
evening. Mr. Hart waa called upon
foraepsechat the end of the second
aot and responded in a happy and
graceful manner.
One of tho homelike features of tbo
first act was the Appearance of Duke,
the splendid St. Bernard belonging to
Editor Sam W. Boyd, of tho Wilkei
Barre News Dealer. Dnke attracted
considerable attention upon the streets
during the day, and there waa hardly
a dog fancier of the city who did not
admire the beautiful animal.
Tonight "A Daughter of Dixio" will
be presented at Carbondale under the
auspices of the Mozart Band,
Open All Night
at Lohman'e Spruce street.
They "lavs Gone Down
That is prieea at Guernsey Brothers,
Providence Presbyterian Cburch Does Some
Great Financiering.
Year Afro the Church Was $10,000
in Debt But Now It Doesn't Owe a
Doilar A Trustee's Impractical
Plan Proves to Be Practical Mort
gage Burned With Pleasuro Prop
erty Is Worth $60,000.
Tbo annual meotin-; held last night
of the congregation nnd offhera of the
ProviJenca Prosbytorian church was
interrsting in that it revealed the suc
cessful culmination f u roally groat
Qnanoial ohnroh work.
Ouo year ago yesterday the church
was $10,000 in debt. Daring the your
the amount was raised and also a snm
BUffloient to pay the running expenses
of ihe church. On Monday Ilia last
dollar of the mortgage was paid to
.Samuel S Ciilburt. of Gilhertsvillo. N.
Y., and as a fitting culmination of the
cancelling ot tha obligation the mort
gage was burnod last night in too
pretence of the congregation.
D. 15. Atberton, president; Charles
Von Storch, troasurer. and II. II Mc-
Keeban were re-aleeted to oontinna ou
the board cf trustees. W. J Lewis and
B D. Athertoti continue to servo on the
It is lntiTostititr to know how the
feat of clearing the church from debt
11 feat Becond cnly perhaps to t!io grat
bin t ark church work was accoui
plUhed. The fact of a debt whs 1
irouoiegomo n:ct 10 tile trustees, iniiiiy
oi wnom aro wen Known DtMinefi men
President D. B. Athrrion oama forth
with n icbame, utiiuuo in iia wuv,
which at the start was looked upon by
tuo ooartl as itntiractical.
ihe plan of Mr. Atherion was to as
sess eacu member of th ) congregatiou
ono-tenth of his iuoomo. At the start
11 whs 11 on kuowh wiiut Bsiariei or iu-
comes belonged to the members, nor
was it known how many would con
sent to tho Scriptural authority to give
tliutr tithes, however, 111 a few days
lollowlng the announcement of the
idea, the various resources of the indi
viduals of the congregation were very
accurately ascertainud uud nil agreed
10 luriusn the amonut assessed thorn.
Ihe mouey was all paid 111 May l,tha
mortgage paia later, and, very prop
erly, this iitinouuueinent was made
formally at last night's meeting.
Remark wero mado by Rsv. George
E. Guild, W. J. Lewis, D. D. Athertou
and F. M. Vandiing. The sentiments
expressed were a source of gratification
to those present, who knew that during
a few years, with comparatively little
to commence with, the church has
now a property valued at $03,000, in
cluliug the parsonage adjoining tha
church on North Main avouue.
Thseo fficts ore presented in detail
for the reason that many residents
who are wrapped up in cnurch work of
the central city have lost sight of tha
fact that a church giant has arisen in
Mr. Guild, the pastor, in his remarks
was disposed to placo the credit of the
great work upon the trustees, and thoy
in turn very modestly were disposed to
nttriboto much of the great success to
tiie pastor; but the fact remains that
the feat has been accomplished and
the church is willing that the world
should know it.
Announcemont a Painful Surprise to His
Kany Friend?.
The announcement in The Tribune
yesterday morning of the death of D.
P. Thomas, of Church avenue, Provi
dence, created a profound sonaktion
throughout the city. He whs a gonial,
whole-aouied man and had hundreds of
warm personal friends throughout the
Mr. Thomas was a master painter
and hud been until about a year ago
the owner of the Blade, a paper de
voted to tho interest of the Cymric
race in this region. He was apparently
aa well na usual Monday night until
nn hour before his death, when ho was
stricken with apoplexy.
Mr. Thomas was u member of the
True American Ivoritea and Independ
ent Order of Odd Fellows. II was one
of the organizsra of the Cambro-Ainer-ican
choir and a member of tho Scran
ton Press club. In politics Mr. Thomas
was a Republican and did much activo
service for the party.
ihe luneral will take nlaco on Thurs
day afternoon at 2 o'clock from his
late residence. The remains at 2 30
will bo eonveyed to the Providence
Presbyterian church, where services
will ho conducted by the Rev. G. E
Guild. Interraont will be made at
Forest Hill cemetery.
Common Conncilraan P. II. Golden
has been appointed chairman of a com
mittee of Irish American citizens of
this city who desire to express the es
teem in which the late D. P. Thomas
of Providonce was held by them.
As the representative of that com
mittee Mr. Golden yesterday gave an
order for a floral offering to be placed
on Mr. Thomaa' casket It will bo a
broken column five feet in height and
contain this inscription: "A man who
knew no distinction of race."
Work Will Begin at Nlnlh Street
Main Avonue Today.
This morning the Scranton Traction
company will begin the work of con
necting lines at Ninth street and
Main avenno with the rails that run
up Lackawanna avenuo bill,
As soon as the. work ia completed
and the road ready for operation, ears
will be rnn from Eynon atreet to the
end of the South Side line, paaaing
through the center of the city on
Lackawanna avenue. Cars will alao
run from the end of tho Taylor line to
the end of the Greenwood line for a
single trip.
Board of Aesrctated Charities Decides to
Grant Them.
The Board of Associated Charitlea
held n meeting nt tho city hall last
night nt which n report from Treasurer
W. T. binith was road, showing that
on May 15 there was a balance ou hand
of f3S3 40 Since then Ijl was received
for membership tickets, making the
amount on hand last night frlSfi.4tt
Mr. Smltn reported that in addition to
tho above ho had received $311. SO from
tho ladiea' auxiliary of tho board rep
resenting the aale of 250 membership
Mr. Moore, of the relief oommittoe.
reported that thoro continues to be a
ilein md for work, nn l on motion of
Mr. Cohen it wnB decided to uive em
ployment to twenty men.
At tho suggestion of the members,
Jacob Cohen waa lnstrnoted 10 com
municate with Mayor Stuart, of Pnila
delphia, and ask him to recommend a
goutleinan from that oity who would
consent to come to Scrauton and de
liver au address on the subject of
The addreso, if Mayor Stuart pro
cures a speaker, will be delivered at a
puhlio meeting in this city, the date of
which will be deoidod upon later.
Min. Dugcan reported that she mado
twanty-fonr visits and found out of
that nombet seven unworthy appeals.
She also dwelt on a condition of de
pravity existing In the slums of the
city, where children aro being reared
amid a baneful atmosphere. Tho mut
ter was referred to the child saving
Little Daisy
Attainder feuirars a
ful I'jury.
Little Daisy Alexander, daughter of
George S, Alexander, fell off a bicycle
on Washington a Venae yesterday uoou
ami sustained serious injuries.
At first it was thought that ono of
her legs was broken. Slie was carried
into the office of Dr. W. W. Ives and
an examination revealed that no bones
wero broken, bnt that the caild had
Buffered a very bad sprain. She was
mado as comfortable as possible before
being removed to hor home.
Body of Josjp Newikawijs,
Polander, Found Hanging
to a Tree.
Patrick O'Neill, of the North End
wont hunting yesterday and in th
woods a few hundred yards west of
keyaer nvetiua ho found the body of
man whose aupoarauoe indicated him
to be either a Polauder or a Bohemian
hanging to a tree.
1110 sulci. is was a muscular man
over six feet tall and apnarentlv abou
25 yean old. In his pocke ts wore found
a lew articles ot trivial value.
J. ne name josep iNewikawiis was
found 011 some newspapers in tho
Lieutenant Speilraan met tho man
suiiuay nigni on wortn Main avenuo
wnuOeriug around in nn aimless
Alderman Aoon, of the Third ward
ordered the body taken down yoster
day. Coroner Kelly will view the body to
day and empanel a jnry.
Tha Northwest Republicans Desire Eim
for District Attorney.
The people or the northwestern por
tion of the touuty are asking for repre
sentafion upon the Republican ticke
and have united upon Alton A.Vosburg.
esq, aa their candidate for district
attorney. In tbia request they are
heartily joined by hia many frionda in
the North ii.nd, where he now residoa
Mr. Vosburg can well be said to repre
sent this section of the county, as he
was born in Scotl township in 1803. and
resided there for many years. He at
tended Keystone Academv at Factory
ville aud the National University at
Lebanon, Ohio, at whteh latter nlaco
he also studied law in tha law depart
ment connected with that institution
He then entered the office of Gunster
& Wells, and after tha usual courae of
tudy waa admitted to the bar at the
age of twenty one. Sincj that time ho
ma ooan engaged in the practico of his
profession in this city and with what
success Is shown by tho following quo
tation irom tne scranton TimeB:
A young mnn who is achieving fame and
inciueutiiiiy accumulating wealth 1 Mr.
osburg, of the firm of Ilulslunder & Vus
burg, the lawyers. There are few young
men who nuvo iorge i uneau so admirably
in the law as he. He is an imnressivo
pleader, a porsisteat worker und withal a
most modest young man. lit uover in
ilulges in agouy, uovor rants over trille.-i.
iiu i euoi, conuct.'u ami ievel-he:Kled 111
all his work, ilo aud Mr. Halalander
make tin admirable team, and while nei
thor of thoin Book admiration, their
clever work is winning it for them overv
Mr. Vosburg has not yat consented
to become a candidate, but it is be
11 .l 1 . . ,,,;. ,. ..
tieveu mat no win yield to tho wishes
of his friends.
Coronoi's Jury Will Go Into the Mines
Coroner Kelly yesterday emmnellol
a jury to hold an inquest on the deatb
of Patrick McNamnru, the young man
who was killed in the Mnnville inino
Monday. The coroner will conduot
the inquest at the rraaeitof Mine Is
sp.jctor Blewitt.
Ihu jury which will aro into the mine
today to examino the acsno of tho acci-
lent are Anthonv Loftus. Patrick Me-
Nish, Domonick Evans, Thorn ia Mau-
ev, Thomas C. Barrett and A. T.
.)'Boyle. Thy will hoar evidence on
is case Friday night la the arbitration
cm at the court houte.
McNainsra waa killed while driving
r, itiulo attached to a trip of cars up an
incline when a loaded trip came crush
ing down and In the collision McNaui
nra and tho mule were both killed iu
Official Announcement of the Line of
Tho parade on Memorial day will
start from the intersection of Adam's
avenue and Spruce street at 2 p. m. ;
an invitation is extended to all societies
of tho city and vicinity to participate.
Acceptances should "bo addressed to
E. W. Pearce, secretary of Memorial
day committee of Lioutenaut Ezra S.
Grlfila Post, Grand Army Republic
Formation nnd lino of march will be
nnnnnnced later.
Wilkes-Barre Boholara and Prlnolpal
Viilt Eeranton.
Principal McConuough and a party
of pupils from tho Wilkes-Btrro
cock Street school, mado a pleasure
jaunt about thia city yesterday.
The party visited the municipal
Inn! Img, court honse and other pnblio
buildings, ro le about the auburbs ou
the electric cars and generally enjoyed
themselves until late in the day, when
they returned home.
Balls Entered Yesterday.
Tho following defendants entered bail
before Judge Arcbbald yesterday for their
appearnnre at court: Adam Pesco, charged
with aggravated assault and battory, 3U0
bail, William Morrison, surety; Paul
Jndkvoitb and others, tobbery, 11,000 bail,
Bolomnn Fineberg, surety; Theodore Ales
Dovltob, robbery, 11,000 bail, Dr. G. E.
Koos, surety.
Going to tha Penitentiary.
Sheriff Fahey and a number of doputiis
will take the following prisoners 10 the
Lantern penitentiary this morning: An
tonio Ferro. convicted of felonious wound
ing, live years; Ganges Blackmore, bur
glary, two years; Ira Fox, rape, three
years; Clomatiua Scott, felonl .u wouud-
ng, one year: Jotepn Judge.uiaiislnuuliier.
six ycarif.
It Will Occupy tbo Hot at Washington Ave
nue and Spruce Street.
Price Paid for the Land and Buildings
Purchased from Harvey and Dean
Eighty Thousand Dollars Thoy
Made a Handsomo Profit by tho
Salo Different Haads Through
Which It Has Passed.
The purchuB) from Harvey & D -an
by John A. M-ars Monday of the J)r.
Gates property on Washington avenne
adjoining the Spruce street corner, also
thw row on Sprue atrest facing tho
square by -Mr. Mean and U'v. J. B.
Whelan, ox outer of the John Fly on
estate, is the iutent I ig realty deal
which will develop Into the tuilding
of 0:10 o.' tee finest and largest 0 fit OS
buildings In tho state
The price paid was 80,000 for tho
two properties. However, Air. Mean
would not discuss the financial part of
the sale yesterday. He said it was a
private matter and seemed indignant
when qqettioned about it.
Harvey and D'an made $9,000 'mm
the two deals They receive 5 000
for the Spruce street prop-rty an , (3 ),-
000 for the Gates lot. c. Parker
Davidson comes in for $1,030 for nego
tiating the I ile. He seemed the option
for live days last Wednesday and con
Humiliated the sale on the. fifth lay,
who ouiniNAi. owners wjmi,
Originally the four (ectiini9 of the
Spruce street buildings running from
the alloy toward Washington avenue
wero owned by C Parker Davidson,
Arthur D an, II. N. Patrick and An
drew Pi Bedford 08 the names appear.
Alfred iiar voy, tim oiik manufacturer,
purehased the Patrick and Bedford se
Hons lor 28, ouu, Arthur Djan pur
cnasou Ilia uaviiisou section, tho row
costing thorn UBS than $10,000.
When John A. Hears plans for
erecting an nilice building at the. 01-
nor of Spruce street und Wnshinuto
uvenuo were known, Harvey & D inn
secure I the (iates property waich ran
alongside of the southern portion of
Mr. Mears lot. They paid $33,030 for
it which made the two properties cost
thm ST4.000.
Tho now Mears property has an 80-
toot frontage on Washington avonue
and extends 150 feet back to Loe court.
Ihe original idea to build a ton-itory
effua structure has not been changed
except to conform to the new and
larger dimensions of the plot. Tue
tiuuaing win exteuu io teoc uacit trom
Washington avouue, which ineludes
15 feet iu tha rear of the Spruce street
On the plot of land he hns secured
Mr. Mears intends to erjct the fiuost
office building in thia part of the state
It will bd ten stories in height end wil
be constructed of atone, brick and steel
It will have seventy-two sets of offijoj,
which will be reached by two elevators
The total cost of the building will he
A company consisting of J. W. Peek
J. A. Mears, Attorney J. Alton Davis
and C. P. Davidsou have purchased the
home of Justice Hand on Washington
avenno for $74,000. Business buildings
will be orocted on it.
tin Barnum Cz iluiloy Show This
Have tho children by all moans see
the grand Ethnological Congress o
strange and savage tribes when Bar
num oc uaneys ureateei Blow on
Earth cornea here Thursday
it is just possible that no bosks in
the world will convey one hundred!!
as much actual information nbiuttlie
curiona raoea of human bdings Inhab
iting this earth as an hour sp nt in
viewing them in the circus. Here, too.
may be soon tbo wives, daughters and
sobs of these people, together with
their curious huUnud touts, o ld weap
ons of war aud the clmse bark an 1
akin cu noes, bow und arrows, lauei s
assagais, poiionol darts, crud-j agri
cultural implements and ancient tools.
queer nnd outlandish costumes some
almost nude quaint musloal iustrti
ments, oud all the isvsge paraph -r-
nslla belonging to barbarous and semi-
vir.Z9d races. Here are asqalmanx,
Hindus, Todas, Singhulose, Amazons,
Algerinn, Burmese, Nubians. Austral
ians, Papuans. New Z inlanders, Can
nibals, Javanese, Klings, Nepmlese,
Malays, Moors, Arabs, Hon lanese, Jap
anese and many other amazing group 1.
In tho same tout Qmay he seen also
Chiko oud Johanna, those two remark-
ahlo giant male and female gorillas,
which have beootue fatuous from being
loaned to the loologloel garden at Con
tral Park, New York, by Mr. Bailey,
and where thoy tba wonder 0
thousands daily. These aro the only
live gorillas at prosent in captivity in
the worl.l, und tho only male nn I fe
male ever seen together at anytime.
nnd atill more wonderful. Ihey area
pair of giant 1.
A veritable mid-way will b found
n the double menagerie tent, where
there are fifty cages of tho rarest and
costliest specimens of wild beasts from
all over tbo world. The new free street
parade also ia a w-nd-rf:il nffiiir, in
which the military uniforms of all n 1-
10ns are shown, as wjII as r.-nrotent
utives of tho pre tout rulers of the
world, civilizid and barbsroai,
Rev. Dir. Dony Ew.-are Out Warrant
for Three Persons.
Rsv. Mr. Dony appeared yosterday
betorn Alderman Post and swore out
warrants (accusing Druggist John 11.
Pbelpf, W. II McGirrali and Cigar
Dealer Moata with violating the pro
visions of the Sunday regulating act of
1704 The warrants are made return
ahlvat 3 p. m. Thursday,
Mr. Dony insists that persons who
persist in defying the law by keeping
heir places of business op m ou Sun lav-
will find It very expensive, as there is
no intention of letting up in the fight
for a proper observation of the day of
rest in Scranton.
It is said Ithat several central city
lruugista went before Aldermnn Fitz-
sunuious Monday morning, complain d
of themselves mid paid the flue which
the law imposes. It remains to be seen
whether this action will constitute a
bar to proaeeution. Further arrests, i t
is aaid, will follow.
Eighth Watd Alderman Uoi'eo a Loving
Alderman John Fitziimmona per
formed his firs; marriage ceremony
yosterday and did it gracefully too.
At about 10 o'clock in the moruiug a
couple past th prim? or life entered
Mr. Fitsiuimons' office They were too
old to be bashful, and as both had been
married before, it did not take them
long to inform tho bachelor alderman
of their desire to be united in matri
mony. The ceromony waa thereupon
I erformed With all tho aolemuity neces
sary. The conplo nnitad were Esra Wig
gins, of Plymouth, and Mrs. Martha
Newhart, of Fuctoryville. It is Mr.
Wigfin'l third matrimonial adventure.
His first wife died S- pt. 20, 1854, and
his second Dec. 1, 1880. He is a one
armed man and follows the occupation
of a watchman. His wife had been
married but once previously. Her hus
band died 011 Feb. 12, 1803. The man
ia 05 years of age nnd tho woman 00.
Th .y Take Flash L glit Ticturas of
Several OfS:s.
The various officials about the city
hell were thrown into a llutter of ox
otteraent yesterday by the appearance
ot a conple of traveling amsts who
desired to take fl tab light pioturei of
tim vnriouj department!. Of conrsa
there was no objeotioa, but a good
deal of polling down of collars uud
brushing ot hair Wi.h indulged In pre
paratory to too lightning stroke that
was to enable the artists to portray tho
surroundings as well as the features of
ihn varlom ocoapante of tne diffirent
When the curtains wore pulled down
and the various rooms properly dark
ened overyemnloyo assumed a strained
audeerlona look, aud thou in an Instaut
a Hash of Unlit Illuminated the sur
rouudiotfa and all wee over. In only
on - department was there
and that was Oauaed by the inability of
one of the ladies to keep hor lace
hlrnicht. liui Tin; TBtBOSH will not di
vnlge the secret, The pictures, when
linishtd, will reveal it all.
Circucman Caroy Hiard That tho
Gerryitcs Were Alter Him and
Jumped to This City.
O. S Ciroy & Co.'s. now all-foature
show, museum, and trained animal ex
hibition and circus of novel tiet, opona
this afternoon on Linden street oppo
site the court house nnd will give af
ternoon and evening performances nil
of the w-'ek '
Today's matinee performance) will be
attended by the inmates of the Home
of tho Friendless and St. Patrick's
Orphan asylum. The invitation has
been tendered thom free of charge by
Mr. Carey.
Tho circus was exhibilod here from
May 1 to May 5 and the general large
Attendance during those days testify to
the merit of the entertainment. The
show returns ucr from New York
slate owing t threatened prosecntlon
against Mr. Carey by the Mohawk Val
loy Humane society for allowing the
bicycle riding exhibition of Master
Livingston, a tot of 0 yeurs.
After the show had exhibited four
days in New York state, tho manage
ment made iuols liablo to a 500 fine
undor tho provisions of the Gerry aot
for e'ich peformsnoe of Master Liv
ingston. Mr. Carey was to have been
arrested Monday morning at Albauy,
where tbo show was being given, but
the plan of the prosecuting society was
known nnd Sunday the show waa
transported from Albany by a special
train 10 this city.
Young Livingston is really a rrodigy
In his line, ami his acrobatic feats on a
bicycle have ustouishcd the spectators
here in Scran tou and wherever else the
s'.iow has been seen. Hin mother and
father an also irick bicycle riders und
appear wilh tho little follow. The child
is well eared for uud is in the custody
of his purents.
The clergy of all denominations are
invited to attend the show free of
charge tu witness nny performance.
'Ihbd Lrpl.lutive Dlst.-lot.
In m-ordance with n resolution of the
Republican htunding committee of the
Third legislative district of Lackawanna
connty, notice la hereby civen of a con
vention to bo held on Tuesday, June 8,
1804. In the arbitration room of the court
house. BcrantOU, nt 2 o'clock p. m. for tho
pnrpi se 01 nominating one candidate for
lepl-ihiuve distinction and for tho imi-.
formance of ineb other business as may
properly nnd legally como before it.
Hie base-, oi vepiv entntion .
hall be for every llltv votosoast .
for tho highest office at the last precoding
general election." Extraocfrom rule V of
Code of Boles.
The primaries for tho election of d,.ln-
gatea will bo held nt the 'evernl pollintr
places on tsaturday, Janet; 1801, between
the hours ot 1 and 7 p. 111. Tho rosnertlr,.
election districts are entitled to ropresen-
11011 in the convoutiou as follows, to wit;
itoa " 1 Lob tali
Clifton 1 Madison "
l oVIi.Jton 1 Newton...
8 enburn 1 1 North AUortan,
Ghinldebaro 1 Old Corse Two
Hreonflelil. 1 Rtistldli
LaoLuwiiuna I'wp Second dls . ""
Nor'h di-) 4 Third din ...
B into M 1 Poarthdls.., ...
test ale 1 Bai s no
west din 2 tScott "
Northeast dls i ttbAblagton.',','!
Hoathwetl dtS 1 1 Mnrina Rhms
La Plume 1 WuVeilv
vigilance coiniuit 1 008 will take pmim.w.
n ........ ...1 ..... I .. ,
ue . .i.,m nu 111 ii' i-iior'ni'i1 ueiewi 11
3. E V Ai-Kixa. Chairman.
B J. Honuvp, ttecretarr,
Scranton, I'a., May HI, 1884,
Have You S.en Them.
Fancy stripe and figured taffeta uiii...
worth tl.36 and S1.60: or.r mice 10 nan. .,
long as they la , t. Mkaius St Uaqen.
Are the works of a wheelbar
row. It should bo oiled onoc
It is a much finer pieoo of
mechanism nnd should bo
cleaned and oiled every year,
lo keep it in good order.
Have it done by
W. W. Berrv
The Jeweler
Who has had
years' experience,
find him at
twenty -five
You will
417 Lacka.
Best SetsofTeeth,$s.oo
JnclndltiR th rmhilPiw extracting
cl leeth by an intireljr new pro
asaa S. C. Snyder, D.D.S.
Attention! Ladlee.
The remaindor of my trimmed pattern
hats and bonnets will bo sold ut a grout re
duction. Ladies wishing to purchase a
stylish hat made of tho lluest materials
will save money by calling at
Opp. Court House. 6! 4 Spruce street.
i Plumbing
tno rjSHH AVKNl.K,
Aa ordered by Board of Health.
9 """""""""mw B
"A hit of o
From a llsli
ry thing und"r tho sun,
liook to a Uatllnir un. "
128 Wyoming Ave.
Wc aro now displaying
a lino line of
Decoration Day draws near, and we are ready
with the clothing needed to fit you for the inter
esting occasion. Full GRAND ARMY SUITS at
$6.50 and upwards. Single and Double Ereast
ed, Square and Round Cornered Coat3. The
Coats and vests are made with eyelets and two
sets of Buttons go with each Suit. Full Suits or
Single Garments as may be desired.
OUR WHITE VEST STOCK is a large and
complete one and we can supply you for from
65c. up.
Every purchaser of $1 worth or over receives a chance on
tho Ecautiful PARLOR SUIT.
Complete Outfitters, SCRANTON, PA.
The Busy Little Bee
Is all tht time saving something for a rainy day.
Tho proprietor of BROWN'S BEE HIVE is always saving
something for every one that gives him a chanco.
It will be money in your pocket to give him a chance.
His stock of
Are tho finest you ever saw for the money.
Agency for Dr. Jaeger's Sanitary Woolen Goods.
A $1.50 Leghorn
Hat for 79c.
Como and get ono before thoy are
all gone.
$4 Cape for
in all shades.
Ladies' Tailor
made Suit for
They are beauties.
During tho Summer.
138 Wyoming Ave.
next dime: bank.
Is Our Children's Shoes
yE CAN truly say that no
0110 can show you CHIL
DREN'S shoes that look and
wear as well as ours. Why? Be
cause wo inako CHILDREN'S
shoes a special study aud are al
ways trying to get something bet
ter than we already have. We can
save you money on CHILDREN'S
shoes. Wouldn't it be wise for
you to try us.
Cor. Lackawanna and Wvomlns Inn or