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A Portioro That Adds Height and Dignity
to tho Mooru An EflVrtivo Window Dra
pery Potsltilo of Inexpensive Adoption.
Fabrics For Interior DtCWltWi
Of tho m.-Jtinrr. of pretty draperies
there, is no end. The tasteful furnishing
of doors mid windows us an essent ial
part of deeorativo huuso furnishing has
novor before reaohtd moh a pitch of
perfection as at tlie pTBSOllI time. It is
tho possibility of good taste in almost
tho meanest home that marks the great
advance in doniestio art during tho pros-
a Qcinn fOKtmuL
MMntion. Nowadays pifterns
equally ohanatBg with the old time
beautiful but expensive lumping may
bo bought at a modetl prices w hile the
same rieh colorings and patterns have
been repnxluet'd in the cheapest1 mate
rial for the OOUieilieOOes of the humbler
classes. With tiies.1 ple;isiu;j fabrics
Women of taite daringly drape thtir
doors, windows and KhI canopies tftcs
models iu sumptuous upholstery, mak
ing such moduications as th.e case i:i
hand demands. For then MnbMotM
IttMfWiftJ aro hew MfVodMed fr Dm
The Deo rater ind Furnisher two unique
Tlie first is a qr.aint parti er It i
tniusna'iy tall, and in this respect it
added dignity tn th room for which it
was desigiu tl It was, however, so con
trived that th door was marVe to appeal
higher by means at tho porticro being
carrii-d some distance, np above the
spring. This harmless deceit miht
well be practiced over low Wind
Tfhere there is an abundance of uninter
esting dead light above. In fact, it fre
quently appears that v.y lot H rs hang
their valances too luw, and thus exclude
a simpli: err F.nFTTnvF. dfion.
hpht and air from th apartment, i
Tho ff-rml model in simple, bnt eff(t
ivc, and U prajblo of lirtHfT"flTT udop- ,
Latt fabrics for interior dee-orations ,
aro oxford np, rilk thot ting, filk bolt- ,
ln;, gobelin tapestry, hollywood dra- !
I-ry, Mexican ait cloths, mai!"!oth, lin
en satin and art UneSi Maileloth m I
fignml t-rry and silk AnMog hold the
lead. Gobelin cloth sella for 1 and up
ward per yard and is ot in boa wide.
It error in errft shades snA drapes well.
What is kn' as art mvi makes ef
fective dnpstisn iJenim is tho dMMBOil
tnaterial fftr rxrtitr'.
Advlr. Ui I i urn I'rrfiirmert.
On beginning a new picti and partio
larly a study tho play r isreeoouie nd
ed: 1. To play tho piooe slowly and
with great cure and pay striot-t atten
tion Mtto omit a linglaoote or oooideo
tnl. 2. Whenvr tho ling' rin' is mark
ed, not In deviate from 11 Tigiv
enr-h noto In tho division of a measure
Its propel value and moke 0DS hand
coms-pond strictly with the other. L
To prar:tiry) septuat'-ly a '.iin and again,
and alwayn with a distinct totuh, sneh
passagifl, ne amrcs and even single
notes as present tuiy diffionltius of exe
cution. 5. To phry the plow oter tOf-
oral times for lio SBpTCOS punKSi" of
fully anderstaadiog ami i ncnting all
ho marks which relate to character, cx
presaitin and stylo.
1 tenia tot I'lano
Let tho fingiTa and thninb bo placotl
over the keys, always ready to itrikOi
bonding them mtiro or less, in propor
tion to their length, tmd o: omTiiodating
thtim to tho exigenoios of the black aud
Whlto keys.
Koep tho keys down tint fall length of
Bvory rxaU for when tho contrary is re
quired it is indicated by a particular
sign. All nnnecossary motiou must bo
Thooxtromitiosof tho fingers, but not
tho nails, must striko tho keys. Their
motion should bo so smooth as not to be
TJnbocomiug habits should bo care
fully avoided, as holding tho face too
closo to tho book, biting tho lips, nod
ding tho koad to mark tho time, opening
or distorting tho mouth, oto.
The player lnnst poawsa such control
ever bis fingers as enables him by tho
wight and profenro of thoix extremities
to produce ovcryBkado and gradation of
toi in from the most delicate to tho most
i Some persons piny stiokily, as if they
,had glue between their fingers. Their
ifcrach may bo called too loan, f or.thoy
let the notos last beyond their time.
Others play too shortly, as if tho keys
wero rcdhot. That is also bad. Tho mo
dinm is better. All sorts of touch aro
good when in the right place.
IIiw tJ Clean Wool Vpholsterles and Pro
tert From the Injurious Moth.
One of the most important factors in
tho future comfort of the household is
that as little as possible of wool mate
rial should bo ose4 in Upholstery. Thcro
avo always raw silk tapestries or petit
points for ordinary use, while silk goods
aro not so expensive but that they mo
within reach of most persons fur peat
Upholsteries composed largely of wool
are always a 80UTOG of anxiety. Do what
one will, there is no certainty that sonio
moth may not select it for a home, and
then, even though the room may be in
constant use, BOUtO line day my lady
may discover, to her dismay, that, her
beautiful furniture is sill out to ptoOM
by this misohiOTOOB insect. If there is
danger in this direction, Modern Prls
cilia advises as follows:
forest in a few gallons of naphtha
and give each wool upholstered article
a good shower bath. For this purpose
a small Wittering pot with the finest
sprinkler is QOOSSSOXy, PlaCO the urliclo
out of doors in a locality where there is
a strong current of air and shower it
thoroughly villi the naphtha, One rea
son why people fail in cleaning furni
ture is tint they are too ooouomioal in
the use of naphtha. It must be literally
poured on t .. effective. Standing in
the breeze, it will evaporate very quick
ly and will destroy every ve-tigo of
moths, if the articles aro to be left in
the house, they mnj bo wrapped iu cot
ton cloth": old sheen 1 1 similar cloths
are suitable and those mar bo very
tightly pinned around them. This keeps
a certain amount of the odor in the fur
niture for a long time and renders it
doul tr safe
It cannot DO too St OUgfr t mphusi zctl
that no light of any kind iaut be taken
iu tho rouuis while the uaplitlia cleaned
artieies nviiiily luiislntl mv there. It
is therefore well to store the furuitnrc
la some portion of the house which is
not likely to ho used. The inflammable
nature of naphtha vapor makes it ex
ceedinglr dangerous when brought near
Oosaiensi eorpets and woe) draperiet
may safely be cleaned In this way, and
u bum liatt Ir wrapped and packed ft i
tlie Summi r will ahUOSt infallibly ceme .
out right at tho end of tho season.
When again required for use, all that
Is necessary is to threw all draperies '
over a line in tbe yam, open tiio win
.'. W remore the wrappings from the
furniture and let the breeze have a full
stu ep through the rooms for n day or
two. Then tho furniture may bo re
moved to the parlor and nsrd with per
feet safety, and then is much less har.l
work about this way of managing than
one would imagine.
Care of a Sickroom.
A siokriKim that needs cleaning ran bo
maoVfTi -h on 1 sweet trithont sweeping
and without du.-t by wiping everything
in it with t cloth wtwsj out uf warm
vrat.-r iu which th ro aro a flSW drops ot
ammonia. T'.ie rngs aid draperieSi
tho'igh then sbtmU BOt bo any in the
room, tho doctors tell rx, may bo put
njKiti tho lin" for a thorough airint; and
wiped in tho sarao way. Tho feather
dn.-ti r, which should lx tsttrlshod l;o
cauo it docs no real gond anywhtro ox
cpt to tir up and refflstribntethedost,
U espriiii!y 'nt of j bico in tho hick
room, where th'To may bo and doul.t
l(s often are germs of disexso in the
innocent lolring dnnt. If apaflont is in
a Hereof tru. , a KM may be placed
in front of the b) d while tho fronhcning
go on. If tho room can only bo heated
by a store, th noise of trotting in coal
can be dt Mb nt'l by wrapping tho coal
in a pup?r before putting n tho fire.
Walklnc OsttMasa
Onr 's Street dn.'sw may bo u
tailor gown, or it may lwi a more dressy
affair, each as is tuned out by the
women dremarers. I!ot!i are fashion
able, and it is a nuTe matte-r jf tostl
whiofa is sriootsd.
A stylish d.-etnaker's gown in blar'k
crepijn ha tho Skirt slightly drapitl ovei
pi ttiei at of black moire antjima Cre-
prm sb ev-, with moirO Onffsj Ixidico en
tir' ly of moire, wiMi full biutqnus find
drajad with bow and parte buckle over
a rest of guipure; littlo gplpttw
cravat, rit bneklo. Eowrityifylish is
a tailor Snit In diagonal, with n long,
full skirted coat, with raven and don
bio brea.'ted revered vt-.t; jilain skirt;
ffi;.',t i'-vvi. The waisteoat has two
rows of buttons.
when nursinfr babies, nood a
noarlshment that win pivo
horn stronpth and make
their milk rich.
the Cream of Cod-liver Oil,
nourishes mothers and makes
babies fat and healthy. Gives
strength to growing children.
Physicians, the world over, on
dorso it.
Don't be deceived by Sttbstitates!
Prepared by Soott A Don no, N. Y. All Drusi Itta
She Didn't Like Handbaga,
A pretty girl mnffled in n long traveling
floak sat on the deck of a Hudson river
iteamer, where an Impatient brother had
lupositod her, her Batchel, shawl strap and
paraaol while ho looked up the reBt of the
party. Another girl who hod just come
aboard with her father and a detachment
of younger brothers stopped to speak with
her. The second girl woro a sailor hat and
a trim, close fitting traveling gown. She
snrried a neat Itttlu jacket over uernrm.
The muffled girl Inspected her new com
panion rather curiously, and after greet
Ings asked, "Wliero aro your things?"
"If yon mean luggage it's bolow," said
the trim girl, "and If you mean handbags
I haven't any."
Thu llrst girl Nat up among her belong
ings and said, "Why, how can you travel
all night without oner'
"Oh, a chatelaine curries some of tho
nereH.sit.ies of lite," said number two, dls-
sntunfrilag her bMbountersi "Do you re
ally want to knew how 1 do M Just look
in here. " She opened her oblong pocket
book and handed It to her friend. Tho
change OOmpsrtmsnt held hiiiriinn, a
glove buttoner and s tiny bottle of violet
SXtraeti The neighboring compartment
curried a little sliver comb, diminutive
pair of srlsHont and a knife.
"My dressmaker never puts In ux-kets,"
n;iid i heir owner, "hut shn can't help my
having ens In thlsront." (It was I Mushed,
double brasstsd affair, with revsrs turned
back from the collar.) "In here," touc h
Ing I he turned ever corner, "1 huve a bond
glftsa, n tooth brush, a handkerchief and
my watch. It Is all a neuter of taste, hut
1 don't caro for handlings." New York
Her Mr. I Ilium i-.
Young Husband- Bay, darling, what a
peculiar Baror this stewed steak has!
Young W'ifu (diffidently) I really cannot
aceouul for it. Indeed in order to take
awai It"' bad taste of tho onions I m ulil
theia nyi
It In eau lie cologne. Neikar
I write that yon may tiw I
the .1 1 have re. . ! from
E. II 11 I wai all out of
health ami milti-rlng wrltheon ,
Itrpattok ami blllOUSDMSL I i
triej ethos nodieins hut ,
til. )' fllili il t"i lie IMV u'e "I
At ' l I lviiiht h .til., of II I
11 II ami MSI I hail uth-a it
all I unl to work aa w ell an
ev.. Qn HSUOSi
box W.Irlnet..u.Wrrea.-ur :
On the
ist ,. x .
(Vi-ide a wll
TI1K i. A L 1 1
I t Till
,TJ l.i c BWI.
Cnrii all
..llliir Mtuiery,
f , -.ll.. M.rht!v Kml
.1 in, .1,. .r.'.u-i ,1 ty'.., itivr tlir.'r
. Mniiy
I IlltflitO
to 'iiian .iriiiii., a. 'jul.-lily em .tm-iy r,-i..r.
LwtMeehM-S in old or young. l.llcnnie,tin .t
. i,-. i m L,,.i-i. i.u i .i a.oewiu
iT.-oi.-a cauinal;.,. o , uf .ir ri-fui j,-il. I'-. i
l.t .ny wniirlnripl.Hi Jrugalgl . ll V'u eef Hu -j
.. i l-i-i t mi 1. ii u.j IMiAI'o Hon it
h hat nut o;it. wewtlTAM It bv m ill neon Ip
ofpricw. I'aniphli t III i-hIihI ..iv. li.,. rr,',-. A.)ln
OtliielMitful fti fiiQi ifttrii lit, wttrtiMla
SOLD by Mtih-j Rroa,, Whnliitala and Retail
pragjrmt, SCltASION, PA., and oihut Lead
uiK Lhu(ittt.
Eiraoto rr tHI Hiwnf Minimi ftemoeirnti
lNnAir.u will cure reii.'rful iMKin ti HulT.-i.rf
fl'im Cohl., More TI, runt,
InOnrnr.i, II. on i hi I Ii,
01 UA FtTVKR. ,
t1frt1f. Anenlrli'tit
invrnlriit t. rnrr
io peetet. reany to n ..n ont Imllraann .f
t onllaurd t le I T 'i. rrrm.nrnl film.'infiiamnti-eilor ruenr j rrfnnil,-1 rrlr e,
tio rtm. Trlnl fro m Iin.ifl.M. llet-1 'trml rnntl.
00 ceuti. 1. 1. CB3S1H, Sfr., tkrm RiT-n, Sick, C. S. 4.
crtr ps m as a. rr
MPMTUfll The .urr.t anl mreit roinodr for
mininUL ailikiniihe.irij?i-i.m. u. h n:t fl'.m, linn: i. I -e. W.,nrirrul r.-n
Mr for PII.EH. I'rlro. r tl. at ilrna
giyi it i.y penprepai i. aonrieeiwi
1 r n;.i I iv M.if.
iwi Ilriia.. Mi.rsan hrui and
ran A t o.
Manufactni ed nt the
Watiw.illoe"ii Mdia L.U.
zi'in nitty ru., (ino ui wie
1 1 (iiinty
mlni:U n, lieUwnr.v
Oneral Auent for tbt Wyoming Dlntrlet,
118 Wyoming Ave , terantan Pa.
Iblrd h'atkmtl flank Unildlu
Tlicm Ffi:t 1. I ittrft.n. Pa,
JOHN B BMrTH80N;Plynvmth t'a.
B W. Mt:U,l(IA Wilkm-llarro. Pa.
Ayenta tat Urn linpituiio 1 1 1; ill (inn.
lany'a High EsploelYM
Seeds and
Large Medium and
White Clover,
Choice Timothy and
Lawn Grass Seeds
Guano, Bone Dust
and Phosphates for
Farms, Lawns and
What is More Attractive
Than a pretty face with a freth, bright
complexion? For It, uto Pxzonl'i Povrder.
" . fa1
What is
. . - ' - ' - - - -
jmv i i hiiiwiimhi ii n n
yw im. nsr on .
VI RHOWra m K2kw WH Bfll
w i m m
Castoria Is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance. It Is a harmless substitute
for Paregoric, Drops, Boothing Syrups, and Castor OH.
It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years' uso by
Millions of Mothers. Castorlu destroys Worms and allays
feverlHhness. Castorlu prevents vomiting Sour Curd,
cures Diarrhooa and Wind Colic. Castorla relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency.
Cnstorhi tho food, regulates tho stomach
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas
toria Is the Cbildreu'u Panacea tho Mother's Friend.
"Ca-torlfi Ii an exoellont modldM fnr ohtb
dreii. Ilothwsbave repeatedly told eqo ot iw
limnl clteut Upii their elnl.lren."
Da, u. c. Qatooo,
Ixiwell, MllHB.
"CanlnrlalitholHt reinMy furehildreo of
which I inn aniiiiliitl. 1 hope the iluy in not
fur illnlHiit, WhMOWiawi willeomiiler the null
Inten ut of llirlr chlMren, ami uw Cuslena iu-
i id ot ihersrloBSflttssI BestransvaMi srs
ilestrovhiK their lnve. oiiei, hy frcln;-nil iin,
mm liliiiie, tux .1 IniiK syrup ami otlier Inirtfiil
uenU down their IhieStSi Uuiruhy m udln
tliuui to nTMSMM urnviw."
Lla. J. V, KlKl MKLOE,
Conway, Ark.
The Centanr Company, TI
I r i I
' .,1 pi.iii ua... -
. I '."! II
v. . ,'-i.r-ri. .-
. .
r-- i
1 i'lDTTJl1'-
- ;ir,-.! c
SI V,. -'J
The ahove brands of flonr con he hod at any of ihe follewing merchant'.
who will accept Till! '1 itini ne Fuu i: cofl'ON of '.'5 ou each oao hunlroJ poamU
of flour cr .10 on each burrel of flour.
icranten -T. P. I'r.oo. Wanliin'toa I
uoiii jiimi, iiranil
Dunmere F. P Trie,., (l.ild Modal llrand
Piastora P. D Mauley Kniierlatlve liran I.
Hyde fork Carton parta Wsohban st.
ield ILlal llrand; J. weh A. MearaMam
trenun, Snperlatlv.i lirniel
(ireeu BMn a UHpoooar.Q il l Haiti Broad,
J. 'I . Mi Halo, SuK"rlalivo
irovwli-ni-e Keiinar A Chapied. N Main are
boo, taporlatirt BraadiCT J Qillotpla w.
Market .trout, 'lo'.d M -dil llrand
Oljrphaal JasMo Jordaa. taper UMrt llrand
PtckvllW ShaltQ A U li r Munurlotlv.
Jtrmyn 0, U WlntortliQo iMMralative
ArotnaM' ' Jooot, h mpoon - ',. . ii iM
fail. iidale-R H flark. Hold Medal llrand.
lli.lieadsl I N K.eler tin Hold M,.,
M . I M It. UvSli
Ni'W (Hnrftfr-ry
a It AN 1 KK to ur
lOtttottiri ItmlMloo,
it J.. i. auU Aim Uliaji
...-iim.imiii ni iiinainij,
1.1.1. 1 m tin a orltun
1 ). I Mi t I INI. 00..
of- AX
m V, . 0o v
T . yv .4
ir ' t ais a
&1 il .
Fortolo by JOHN U. l'HKU'd, 1'htrmocUU cor. Wyoming Ato. nml PprucoSt,
.siinii'tioti nr InnaiiUy.
by mull pronntrt. With
t'ur rrrtintllhi money,
bE.rOREANOAFTtRUSING."')otUor. .vnu- nbiivk hi i ix o.. Manoniu Toiupie, cuicaqo.1lj.
For Salo in Soranton, Pa., by H. C. SANDK11SON, Drilst, c Washlngtou
n Snruo Btroot-e.
3ho treBllvmmlr
Fur Sale byC. M. HAltlUS, DiuL'gUW
- -. - - - -. -
it ii tinmiiii ran
ar -wh rum
tun B f MB n
vi n i i M i
" Tnntorla In ru mil sdapD '1 10 hlMrnn thai
I n-eiuii ml il.u8imjerlorUittiiypr(crlptloii
known to mo."
It. A. A. ' iii'.ii, M. D ,
ltl Bo. Oifonl St., Itriwklyn, N. Y.
" Our pliynlelanM in IhS ShOdwrli tl'part
ment hum n.Len highly of their eiKrl
eneo In tlii ir outaule practice with CoftOfiSi
H4 SKhonth we only lino among 001
iiiedli ul Mipplles nhul In known an rsgalSI
priliicl.,, yet we are fn-o to confewi that tl
in. i ith of CimUirla Iiuh won us to look with
favor uHn lt.M
Uo-jton, Matt
AttoM 0. tUtrra, .,
Murray Sti-eot, New York City.
) icni tlieX f, Tr.bunr, f.oi: I. IPl
The Flour
"CmCAOO, Oct. 31. Fho fimt offlcitl
rnnoniictment of World's Fair (Ji
plutinia on Hour has been made. A
nieiinl ban been awarded by the
World's Fair juJet to the flmir nia:m
fsctnred by lbs Weshbnrn, OrospyCo,
in the treat Wathlurn Flour Mill-.
Hlnneapolla Ths eomnittes reperts
lbs tl' iir strong and pure, and ea titles
it to tank an Brst-elotS patent Hour fjr
lonily aud bukera' una."
V lll'l KS.41.1 At. 1 M .
Taylor .ludre A Cn , Gold Medal; Athortoii
A Co., Suierlat Iva
I'urvoa lltaijt !liro QOh tlold MedtL
Uiki-I,. -J, dm Mei'rludlu. Oi.ld Me ll.
I'lttaten M. W O'iloyle, (M l Medal.
Cltrk'a tlre-n A I'm ker. Snperlttlre.
flark'a uimnit - P. M. Yeunu, lleld Medal,
lialton S K. Finn A S..n, ((,,!, M0.I0I llraul.
Bli h .1 e Bardlor,
Wav.rly-M. I. Iks a S.m. He'd
Faetory vllle t'harle rjardnar, Quid Medal.
Hopbottoa N. M l inn A Ooa, Held Medal
'riihyhanna T livhauiei A l.hi-.i l.umliir
CO Hold Medal llrand
gtxaldtbora I A. A.I inn O dd IfoUl Hr.ind.
Lake Ariel Xaimw A linrtri e, Uold Miilal
nessioltr J L M..rk-an a Ooh Hold m .
W.ll fc I I M - I- m. Hula
flrtMim D.Vihtv, nf Noxual Fowtf in ttlhei mi,
So'dwilh WBITTK'!
ftiimiijcu... If Ufiilirlid, aurb tronhti a l,.;i.l 1
yi.inpr Mm n? 111:111, ft I Ini Willi ev. t f
auniauiri. t.. tart 01 tuluad tl uiit. a.', d
Minnll.nt 1 if. with . 1, -
tMo.t l.-iJT.I rtmoslr f
til os (I Io rtirr nil tin tr tit 4
iitisfv, w At Weak Moumrv. Losniif nrntn ronpr.TIinilni-tio,Vr,kfulnrfi, iWtiibntwl, NkyiMly KDilHlnti:t, Norrnu;iPn,R.Mrnitmuin1 uf power
linif.r.-iiif ivcoruHfiMi' nttluM "i PBunt'ilb) ovoroiortlfii. uulhi'iil error,
OXCPwiTo lino of toliiioco, opium or Iltmilnnt. whlrli trml t- Intlrmlty, GOB
(an bopurrli'ii n vewt nor art. hi prr imi, ir
ft ft ot- - i Tf irt v . 11 m 1 I" i-i urn ii tn it lea to hi
("irrnlur fivi. rfoirt bv nil dniiiirtMn. for it, U.ip
dr. mm
for n(TTiini linirtrnttnn nml nlliinrvnt!ii!lRi'.iMfl nf
tliiifiiiii'milvi' tiriiana of oltotrMl lui b u Norrottltrot tfttttfij '"til"
Iriit or I.imi Mnnlinoil. tniMHoniir, Ninl.Hy Kmlii.liimi.Yi.nthlui Krmrt,
Mcntnl norrv.rxrcMlvo um nf Tnbm i m i.r (i.nm, a I.i. Ii 1,-utl tut'im
Mlllintlun Ullli InsivnllV. Mllll VITV M. nnli.r wh l-Ivi-i: written mt
SOMO Joooif orrttUDd jbajoonor, sotii nt vi.on in'rh-ix. Huia
fnrSUS.tM. iiH. MU'iii'l.Hni'Al,i u., t k vcl.ii.a, Olilj.
1S7 l'OBH Avunuo.
Good Men
Good Clothes
. so .
ANK of the strong
v points of The Trib
une's equipment as a
first-class printing es
tablishment is the fact
that it has a superb
Bindery, thoroughly
supplied with up-to-date
machinery and
managed by skilled
I workmen. l;or neat
work promptly done
and at prices that are
fair and square, it has
no superior in North
eastern Pennsylvania.
Preserve Those Pic
tures Don't Spoil Those 111
tichromes Have
The Tribune will
promptly preserve any
oi the art series pur
chased by its readers
at prices especially
moderate. It will make
special rates on the
binding ot any or all
parts of the
World's Fair Series
Multichrome Series
Or Any Otlier Series
And do the work so
thoroughly that you
will simply be de
lighted. FOR ALL KINDS
A Well-Known Physician,Who,
Among Other Things, Is
Noted for His Frankness.
No ono ever honrd Dr. E. Grower use
tho phrase "I think" In hit practico, Tho
tloctorlBono of thoso frank, fonrletti.bon
cRt, potitive men who never hcBitnte to
tny yes or no, as the case may require.
"1 can euro you" or "I cannot cure you,"
In bis Invariable decision nf tor examina
tion, and to this fact fact is attributable
hi'i rcmarknblo record without failures,
liut It would be strange indeed if the doc
tor wero not u more than usually success
ful praclitionor. Ho has been surgeon-ln-chiuf
In tnoro than oao ot the largest hos
pitals of thl country, was lately Demon
strator of Physiology and Surgery at the
Mfdlco-Chirurifical OolltfS in Philadel
phia, ban been elected an honorary mem
ber of the MedlcO-OblrnrfftesI Association,
is a graduate of tne University of Penn
sylvania, etc., and is still a clote student.
A oil with such a record could not fail
to bo a successful physician under any
clrcumstanc-s, but when backed by
cautious, cousorvatltm iu expression, or,
to use a morn popular phrsse, the "be-sure-you're-ri,'bt-theri.o-nheal"
it would ho more than strong it failure
overlook nun.
You ran corsolt Dr. Grower any flay at
Itooms & and 0,
Temple Court Building
fit 1 RPItVCR ST..
fromfin.nt. tlll9p.m. ("oniiultotlons free.
Thoie suffering Irom KtkrVOtt DfeMMSS
ore gnSTSOtted a cure. For tuch there It
the -1.. . nt,:; v.or 1 "Yn," at failure It un
known iu the doctor's treatment.
Third National
Bank of Scranton
CAPITAL, - $200,000
SURPLUS, $250,000
Thl bank offrra to i ; rvrry
brfllt wsrrsi l.4tit th, Ir bslst.crt, bo.l-
D.M I.rt li p'.ill,llltl.
BpMlal m,t' 'ti :. mt X ! . .inn
cnui u. liiUrett : ld on time drpvilts,
vi ili.iam roNM t U riooHosil II ( A1I.IV Viff-l if.ldrH
II 1 I M II l i t K, (.utalet.
DUUH luns.
Willlm (oBnell. (,orce IT. Cttlla,
Alfred Haul Junttt Archbkld. Ilrnry
Itillo, Jr.. Willi. ... I buitlk. Lothtr
National Bank of Saaotoa
CAPITAL $250,000,
SURPLUS $25,000.
SAjrrKL !i'iM--.rri.,.t.
W W ATS N. V-rrt.leat
A & WlUJUJCS, Ltb:er
iKVto A FlXiTT. PlERrTR Ft!UT.
.lusrrit 1 Jitan. IK B Kevi mic
OSUS, 4'. MAVTnrwt. JoBN f. HoaiE
TI . t tnk inritw th" pttroate of buMDMt
met: ttnl firms sucn,ly.
r APT YEAR holtnd savtvl 1900.
li Ho boughl a home wortli $1850
patd IS0O dovn, pivo mort
pip for ILS50. TodMy ho ostt
malt's tvt t'olltiws:
Knit khxih) 11
ltilcro.t oti RMHfUO M 10
Tnxm tiitl rep lire XX IBM
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lioiiffi. will lie frfi. from ilobt .ml 1 nlmll
tinvo h hutiii' of my own."
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lionio.. I'lnn S BMM hnv" r,'Cfntl.v flat
lotetd lii'imtlfnl villiv wlili li tlioy ofTi-r,
on ,' I-. intynicntx. nt 1NA(1.
ill at tlii-lr olllro. Iiotnoon WniililnEtnn
mill AtlaiiiH on OlltrS ttSOOS
Scientific Eya Testing Free
By Dr. Shimberg,
rtin BpooftltlSI on thw Kyt. IIondHnhtw and
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Htylo nf Hyu OlnMiM find SiioitUolivi at tho
Iownst PrtOSS Host Artitlolul Eye intortod
lor i.
3b SPRUCE ST., op. Old Pool Offlao.
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