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11 AhU Musical
- j
134 Wyoming Ave.
MU.I I l 1 I w I '1 -
See the Shaw Piano from
the World's Fair in our
A Foe to Dyspepsia
- And always have
Good Bread.
KAHtnrAcrtrRiD and fob sale to
The Weston Mill Co
HE pF""VF FfiPllL'R
Punch Cigars
G.. B. & Co,
Imn:''-, -n E-ch C'tjar
Garney, Brown & Co. Mfr's.
ma wm-lg?:
Par yoar gas bills today and lav the
.nrs ueorjfe ignore vising oroos
lyn. Mr. avl Mrs. John Lohman are tn New
Mrs 0, H. Welles, is viaiting Wayne
county relatives.
Dcputv Prothonotary Kaon spent San
day In Susquehanna county.
General Manager Archer, of the Scran
ton Traction company, and family, are at
Ocean Orove.
Mi Lavinia Diinmlclc, and Mhe Mary
Freeley, of Green P.idjje, are visiting at
Patrick Joyce, of Minooka, opon
rhom the charge rented of tampering
with naper money, nod who" caie was
heretofore rf-rrd toiothia column,
was acquitted bv the gran I jury in the
Unit'd S'ates c nrt at Pittsburg ttiii
vk. The result of t i caie give
atiifactlnn to all who are acquainted
with J(,)C : He wa h.;v.;.b regarded
as an upright, law-abiding yonnir MO,
and tiie trouble he go: into did not de
tract from his respect. It was aimmed
that he was more binned agai.-nt than
Annual Meilnif of T W. C. A
The annua! me"ting of the Young
Women's Christian association of tiie
South Side will this evening
The work or this orgar ization since Its
inception ha been bifhly satisfactory,
and u promising report from it .,,,.
tary, Mill Florence TotopkiotOQ, is
expected. Mrs. E EL Hippie will ore
tide this evening and men and women
nro cordially invited to attend.
To Abandon the Turnpike.
That part of tho Pittetori turnpiko
road on the Meadow brook hill be
tween the narrow gunge track run-
1 . .1. HT . I 1 111 J '
11111K to tue iiuMuom uoiuery uuu Dan
der Street, although it virtually ua
been abandoned for threo y-ar or
more, will be closed and condemned.
Since th new roud on which tbe street
car tracks are lul l w .a opened, there
hal not been any Imfl!-: whatever on
Hi T.url Irt liu '. . .. ....... 1 ... 1 1 'I 1 11 nil 1: til. ii rji iin in rnn i. 1..1
council last Thurid.iy night and will
come before the lower branch at its
next meeting. It is only because there
was no other thoioughfare connecting
Scranton and Minooka that th roud
was used at all Beside now it will
give the property owners a part of
their land of which they have been de
prived sinoe the new road was built.
Shorter Paragraph.
Miss Sarah Brown, of Minooka. is 111 01 11 o lino 1 1 'i
1 in . t ......... i-
Philip Haeder, of Mnuob (Jbunk. is
ii" KUUl mnjuu'.i iini n 1. u .i
lner si rcpr
WillUm II. Malta, Honesilnle corre-
nnniiniir. n ifiu i ruin v h run r.isi nap.
The IMootric Social clnD will picnic
... r . , n 1. t . . 1 . l
favorable the picnic deserve to be
The James Connell lodge of Odd
lions win lu.uiii vwo cauumaies in
he first degree Wednesday night.
The injury sustained by Kev. Father
t..... .. ntlill. I, lillflll AA nn r. warrant
I... fwAm. aV.vfii.ini, hi. ai'y ln.i mil ,. i, I
unctions yesterday. He read mass as
Orders Relative to Rifle Fractlco Sea
Governor Paftison an Admirer of the
Thirteenth Regiment, which in Re
cent Years Has Qualified Every
Member This Year's Encampment
Will be at Gettysburg Several
Small Items.
Oinernl orders N.i. 5 tad 8, issued by
Governor Pattison, coimuundor in
hiof. and rug i mo nt ul order No. IT)
issued by Colonel Hippie which appear
in this column, are of particular inter
est to every member of tho regiment,
They prtain to the rill season just
opened and to the comm.; division on
Adjutant Qmxhal's office,
Ucticrnl tlrder No. 5.
flu' current season for rille practice
opened May l uud closes Oatobsr ui.
1 rnctiiie will be rcqulruil or every oltlcer
ai d enlisted man, mid no commutation for
rifle range Will be allowed any company
that dots not qualify Its entire liiuinli 'r-
All off! can ate requested to impress
upon their men the importance of rifle
practice and to urge them to stnvo for ex
cellence in marksmausiiip.
Kvery soldier of Pennsylvania must be
come a mai skm.iu, for no soldier is effect
ive unless he t able to Quality, If anv
company in the infantry or caviilry.'arms of
tiie mtvico tail to quality as marksmen its
entire membership, unless satisfactory
reiuoni are shown for such failure, it shall
be considered so larking In discipline as to
warrant its distinihloutuent
Requisition for gold mod all will there
fore only be made where the ten qualifica
tions were made in ten siicces.ive years.
and it is to be noted that peudauts will
abo be issued for qualiflcutioussubscquout
to the ninth.
Purine the year I will be allowed. BJ
heretofore, to eiicb OOBpM) for ritlo
range, provided there are quaiitled the
number herein require.!.
By order of
Koiikrt E. PArTisos-,
Governor sud Command! m Chief.
Adjutaut QeaoraX
APJrTaNT Oknekm.'s Omrt,
BaUUICBO, Pa., May ID, ISM. )
General Ur.iers No. 6:
L I'nder the provisions of the act of a
seniblv approved April 18, lss7, there will
be held a Jim-i ii eucauiptnent of the Na
donal Guard of l ennsylvai ia at liettvs-
burg from August 11 to the 1Mb inclusiv.'.
The UUpeettoB required will be made by
the adjutant general, the dates and o.gan
izationi to b designated by the divi.iou
romnandaTi The qtuHrtarmMttr and com-
misiary .lepartments will f unu-n necessary
transportation, ouarfertnaiter stores.
camp and gartlsou equipage and subsist
ence. It. Orders for transportation will be fur
nished by the brigade commanders, hav
ing due regard to economy, and to that
end company OOfflXOasdaTI will reduce
their comp my baggage to only what is
necessary Uequmtions, to be forwarded
through the regular m.htury cbaunel, will
be made on th- adjutant genrial by the
quartermaster! of brigades, regiments and
the commanders of anailasrhed companies
for cam: equipage H -q'l .lition for medi
cal blanks and supplies wul be made to
the inrgeou general by the nirgeon of
r.-giments and tbe assntsnt surgeons of
Civalry and artillery cum pan let.
III. Inspection rolls, pay-rolls, abstracts
of daily roll-call, property returns, reports
of annual allowance and armory rent, with
v lUchers and bxiks, will be required to be
presented as heretofore. The inspection
rolls will show tbe enlistments and dis
charges since tbe date of the last inspec
tion, under proper headings. Companies
and bandi will make financial reports of
a'l moneys on band at hut encampment,
and amounts since then recitvedand ex
pended. IV. N ' enlistments, excepting re-enllst-meTHe,
will be made for thirty days previ
ous to the close of the ncatnpin mt, and
all enlistment papers of BUB who have
been eniisted mice the tt,t en-impment
will be forwarJed to lab) oillce on or be
fore tbe time above mentioned.
By order of
Governor and Commander in Chief.
V. V, liRKKttl.AMD.
Adjutant Oeneral.
IIead.' arters 13th BttmiBT. ,
Tninn BniriADE, N. G. P.
Scraxto, Pa, May Is, 1 KH. )
Itejlmental Onttf No. ISl
Kegimental order No. 81. dnted Scranton,
Pa., April U. ls'tt, will be in force during
the coining season for rille practice, x
ept so far as the same is Inconsistent
Tbe several ranges will b- opened for
practice from May 17. 11M. to Nov. I, ls'j.
Squad lists, as required In said oritur
No. 21, mnit be forwarded to these head
quarters not later than May '."J. ISM,
'1 .,e f .11 1-lug days will bo nil apnrt ill
which tbe severs) companies will have
ipeclal targeta assigned: M nda-,a, B and
II; Weiluesdays, A and D Trhlays, 0
and F.
The Thompson mutch, tbe All Comers
match and the Boles Champion Shot
match wnl b) discontinued.
The John Jermyu match for second prize
will be shot on tho following day..
Thursday, May Platl Thunduv, June
llth; Thursday, July I'iih: Thiiisl.iy, Au
gust 30th; Tnuisdiy, Septcmb:.-, Oth;
Thursday, OetODtl lltb.
An allcomers' semi-weekly mntcu will b
shot each '1 uesday ami Saturday during
the season under the in inn rales and regu
lations ns tn nil OOmaTa' weekly match
contained in said order No. 81. The prize
fund and the prizes therein menu uied
will be abandoned. Should the receipts
from till match warrant, two suitable
priz.-s will he awarded to the winner.
By order of
Couml Buu ii. btvnii
W S., Adjutant.
Tbe Tbirtaeuth regiment was the
first regiment to qutlify its entire
membership, and has continued to do
so for many years. It ni. the example
for the other regiments, several of
whlch'have in recent years qtullfltd
very man. Governor I'attiaon, in
pirel by tbe skill nnd enterprise of
the Thirteenth, makos it obligatory lu
bis general ordtr No. f, for avnry mem
ber of every regiment to qualify as
marksmen this year. A failure to do
so upon the part of any company, will
be considered cutlie lor disbandmetit.
It is Governor Paulson's ambition to
retire us commander. in. chii'f with
every man In the division of N. G. P.
qnuliuVd hi a marksman. Tbe Thir
teenth will do its share.
Tha encampment, this year upon the
fatuous: and bistoriu battle field of Get
tysburg will be of unuiual interest to
the National guard. lSrery member of
the Thirteenth mast be present at this
encampment. No excuse for absence
except sickness will be acoepted. No
employor should lu auy way hinder
employes from going to cutnp. It It a
drm ind of the state and should be
cbeerfullv acquiesced Id.
The rifle range is now opsn. Have
you qualified? Wny not qualify every
member of tbe regiment before going
to camp next August? It oan be done.
Lst every officer and man make it bis
personal business to qualify at once.
Privata Hughes, of Company H. was
oourt mnrtialed last Monday evening
for non-attendnnoe at drill.
Tbe regiment presented a flue ap
peuranoe on parade at Honesdale last
Wednesday. The aaveral companies
turned out with full ranks. Tbe
mounts of Colonel Rippla and big staff,
which were generously loaned by
Major Whitney, did not at first appre
ciate tbe music or the drum corps and
were naru to discipline, out tney
finally gave in and conducted them
selves like old military boraei, Tim
regimental parade in tb evening,
mounted, was vary lucOtiaful and
was of great Interest to tb more than
l.UUu spectators.
Tbe kirmais of Company E ivus like
wise lntsresting to the members of the
Thirteenth who visited tbe armory lu
tbe evening. The citizens of Hones-
dale received the regiment with that
courteous and generous hospitality for
which tbey are noted, i he supper fur
nished by the Methodist ehurch was
one of the best the regiment has ever
partaken of. We congratulate Miis
Stewart and Company E ou tbe splen
did tin uncial and other wise success of
the kirmeas.
Colonel Boies and his estimable wife
honored tho regiment by accomDnny
ing it to Honeadalo last Wednesday.
The oolonel is very dear to the hearts
of his old command, and his gsuiitl
presence among them is an inspiration.
Company commander should give
considerable attention from now to th
close of encampment to guard duty
and Hkirmish drill.
When tho members of Company
are through admiring thoso photo
graphs, they had better return them,
else it would bo bettor for them that
they had it "silver stone" tied around
their DSOks ami thrown to the bottom
of the canal.
We misssu Company Q lu our jaunt
to Honesdale.
Tho Thirteenth have the finest
arinoiy in the state (to get).
Dan I. liar.'. New Play fur the Tr
ClUD'l Oanrflt,
Bcrantoniani will tonight have an
opportunity of witnessing Dsn L.
Hart's new play. "A Daughter of
Dixie," which will be presented at tiie
Prolbingham theater and! the nu--pices
of the Scranton Press club. Mr.
Hart's play was presented for the first
lime at Wilkei Bsrrt Inst Friday veil
ing, and it UlSd tho biggest kind of a
hit. It is undoubtedly the greatest ef
fort of Mr. Hart In the lino of dramatic
literature. An lOjoysblS treat is prom
ise 1 all who attend "A Daughter of
Dixie'' at the Frothiugham this and to
morrow evenings
The ic-nery used in "A Daughter of
Dixie" is said to be the most elaborate
of any production that has vislled
Ssranton this section Tbe gold and
white parlor scene lu the sec. mil net Is
particularly benutifu'. The company
has been selected from Charles Froh
mun's forces, Hnd is first clasi.
Tne death of Henry Feel, which took
place on Friday at the Moses Taylor
iioipital by reason of wound received
in the Cayuga mine of the Delaware,
Liick.twauna and Weatsrti company,
has occasioned u thorough invniig
tion. Mine Inspector Dlewitt, in whose
district the accident occurred, notified
Coroner Kelly to come and view the
body. The coroner came according to
initrnctions and viewed Peels remains
y. sterday. A jury will be empaneled
today, who with Coroner Kelly and
Mine Inspector Dlewitt will go down
into the mine and view the rceu of tho
"ccurrence. Thsre are different the
ones ui to how deceused OSOM by his
1 .tii It is stated that Peel miitook
the noiie of a ihot fired tn lbs
next ch i'mher fcr that of hit own
and advanced to the face to proceed
with loading the coal. When close to
the face he dino.v. red the fa'.ii error
be had mad. Too late to retreat, he
tealiz-d tbe terriblo situition and
turned to flee, and j net nt
that moment the shot, went off
and he received the wound
that earned hi deatb a few
hours later. The suspicions circum
stances attending bl death are suffic
ient to necessitate the holding of an in
vestigation. Tb" funeral of deceased
took place from here yesterday. Intel -ment
in' Hyde park Catholic oemeter).
Tbe North End Republican club hell
itiniiial weekly meeting at Fenuor
and Ch appel's hall ou Saturday even
ing. The attendence of member Was
extremely large, owing to the factjthat
a gentleman, whose eloquence and ora
torical powers are of no mean order,
was present. The gentleman referred
to was A. J. Culbiirn , who was the
speaker of the evening. Good fellow
ship and euthuiiaim was manifest
thr.iilghntit the Df 0 sdiOgS.
Thomas McG iwaii aod Johnny
Weill, two sbamplon alley ball plajrsrs,
challenge M. J Horan and Mike Uoaly
to a gnmo of ball for flu a sMt,
Mlm.le I.... is atid Company Extend
Their Kiiiigamnt.
Mis Minnie L-sler, with her own
company, band and orchestra, com
pleted a week' snffsgtmcnt at the
Academy of Music Saturday evening
before an audience that filled the thea
ter in iptte of the warm weutinr and
threatening itOfB.
Mis leister ins extended her engage
ment and will bo a. en q several new
plays thli wefk
Matinee will he given dnlly except
ing today and tomorrow. Thee special
in itlnoes have become very popular
with the ladies, who turn out nn m,
and they would dotintlua like to have
Mis Lester all summer judging from
the way they enjoy tbe performance.
It Will B Given bv Division N . 19,
A 0. H B Of A
Division No IK. Ancient Order of
Hibernian! Board of AViric. of this
city, will hold its first annual ball to
night at Music Hall.
Mlas Nellie Currau has boon engaged
to furnish tho music.
Christian Endeavor Convention.
Preparation! for receiving and enter
taining the delegates to the tri-County
Christian Kudeavor convention, which is
to be held In tbe Plymouth Congregational
church on Friday next, have been nearly
The general committee in charge roports
that fully 400 delegate may be expected
from all the towua lu I.nzerue, Lacka
wanna and Wyoming counties. Promin
ent speakem have been secured and the
music will be furnisLcd by tho church
, sv
Mualo Brxt Exclusively.
Best msde. Play any desired number of
tunes. Gautschl Ht Sons., manufacturers,
1030 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Won
derful orcheatrial organs only and flu.
Specialty: Old music boxes carefully re
paired and Improved with new tuaos.
SUnoa-rapher Furnished
We are prepared to furnish business mon
W)th first-class stenographers by tbe day
or honr. Expert bookkeeping n specialty.
Scranton Commercial Association, Lim
ited, 4t!5 Spruce street.
Or. Gibbon,
of New York city, will bo in his Scranton
office, 441 Wyoming nvenue, every Mon
day from 8 in tho morning until 8 in f
Events of Interest to Tribune Readers Across
tbe Lackawanna.
Mrs. Mary Morgan Was a Victim of
Consumption Exciting Runaway
on North Main Avenue Rebecca
Avenue Properly Owners to Bo Re
lieved of Stagnant Water Many
Interesting Personal nd News
The West Side office of the Scranton
Till mi NIC 1 locatod at 1040 Jackson street,
where subscription, advertisements and
communications will roceivo prompt at
tention. At an early hour on Saturday morn
ing, Mrs. Sadie Morgan, wife of
llonry Morgan, died at her home, 807
I'airview venue, after an lllneie of
about two years. Mrs. Morgan was a
victim of consumption, which malady
had boen gradually proitrating her
for a n limber of jars. She was born
in Fnctoryville nnd had resided on this
aide for about ten years, kibe waa 10
yeurs of age, an earnest nud devout
Christian woman, a church worker
from oblldboo I, an 1 at hef death an
esteemed membar of Simpson Method
ist Kpiicopal ghurch. The funeral will
tabs place today. Undertakers Neville
& TsgOS will convey the remains to
lbs Delaware, LaokHwiiuna and West
ern railroad depot, wuere tho 1 2. U7
tram will be taken for Fnctoryville.
Key. L C. Floyd, D. D., will conduct
services at the above place. Interment
in the Fnctoryville cemetery.
An Exciting Runaway.
A horse attached to a light buggy
and owned by William Squire, of
Tenth strest, took fright on Batnrday
afternoon on North Main avenue and
ran away, The buggy 0 dlided with a
telegraph pole near the Mutbodilt
Fq.licopal church nud wss completely
demolished The hone was capture!
on South Main arena and wui uiiiu-
Jnrsd Fortunately no one Was in tho
buggy at tho time of the accident.
F.U a Long Felt Want.
Two sewer basins have been con-
etruoted on North Kutucra avenue to
relieve the drnliii from the hill, l'eo
pie have bron complaining of a pool of
awiktnaiii water no louoij iuui mo sort
hnd to be done.
Mia. r Mantlon.
The Rjrvicei of the Washburn Street
Presbyterian church were conducted in
David's hall yesterday. Hiving to
the inclemency of tho weather the at
tendance was small Servicea wer I
couducte I at 10 JO and 7 Jo o'cb ck.
Sunday school was held at 19 o'clock.
Uev. D C. Huglns lectured to the
young psopls of the Jackson Street
Baptist church la-t evening
The Welsh Philosophic T society will
clogs tt si siioni for th summer ou
Saturday evening next
John Keid, Adam Wheeler and Henry
Walker, delegates from tbe Pa&OObs,
Bald Eagle and Navajo Tribe of Kd
Men, who attended a convention of the
order at Dethlehem last wesk, have re
turned. Alfred Twining has nearly completed
the improvement on hi property at
Waverly, which b will occupy for tho
summer, beginning about June 1.
A stated meeting of Hyde Park
lodge, Free and Accoptol Masons, will
bo held tbii evening S.-vernl peti
tion are pending and work in the F
and t degree.
Lieutenant Williams, nf the W nl
Bid. precinct, made a call on Pit IS ton
frlendl Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs John O .ffnoy, of West
Lickawatina avenue, returned last
veiling from a visit with friends in
N-w York.
Tho funeral of Margiret, wife of
Patrick Gallagher, of 80S Sefunton
street, who died on Friday evening,
wiil occur tomorrow morning. Ser
vices will be held at St, Patrick's
(hurch. Inteinvnt will bo made at
the Hyde Park Catholic cemetery.
Mr. 1' A. Riosland, of North Main
avenue, spent Sunday at tho home of
Mrs Alexander Herbert!, at Carbon
diile. Mrs Sminel J, Porter, of Wiat
Lickawanna avenne, is visiting frieuds
at Philadelphia.
Scranton' Bustn Interests.
Tiik Triiicni will soon publish a care. complied and classified list of t4ie
leading wholesale, banking, manufactur
ing an. I professional Interests of Scranton
and vicinity. The edition will be bound
In bowk form, beautifully Illustrated with
I Ii t.igruvure. Views of our pnbbc build
ings, business blucka. streets, etc., together
wnii portrait of loadiug cititm. No
similar work has ever given an qual rep
resentation of Hcranton'i many Indui
tilea. It will bean Invaluable exposition
of our business resources. bent to
persons outside th city, copies of
tin handsome Work will attract
new comeri and be an unequalled
advertisement of tho city. The circu
lation Is on a plan that cannot fall of good
reult to those concerned a well a the city
lit large. Iloprosetilattvea of THS TnlBVIfl
will call upon Tiioac wiiosk nauk
a KSUUTO tu this edition and explain
Its nature more fully.
Those desiring views of their residence
In tnls edition will please h avo notice at
tho office.
I'm Air Polar Refrlg-eritor.
The above refrigerator I sold only In
this city by Thorns K. Leonard, Mi J Lack
wiiuna avenue. A a preeorver of food It
lini no superior, and for economy of la It
has no sqna), it Is charcoal filled aud zlna
lined. 1 he refrigerator! are built In hard
wood, finished lu nnliiiH,and pine, gralntd
In i nk ami walnut uolur. We alio have
a large line of lldeboard refrigerator.
The) are all made lu a thorough manner,
constructed so that they are lelf ventilat
ing dry air, froe from anv taint or odor.
( 01110 and see our ilock before you buy.
We are uro Wo will please you.
Kcthnnl Mothiril! Hothiritll
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup ha been
nsed for over llty years by millions of
mothers for their children while teething,
with perfect success. It soothes the child,
softens the gufhi, allay all pain; cures
wind colic, anil li the best remedy for di
gttbosa, Hold by .liuggi'-ts in every part
of tbe world. Lie aure and ask for "Airs.
Winslow's Soothing Sj ruii," aud take no
no other kind. Twenty-five cents a bot
tle Foil rheum, it mm, lumbago, nouralgla,
cramp and colio thero is no ronindy su
porlor to the genuine Dr.Thofnas' Ecloctr ic
UAVIOAN-Lnoy A , daughter of Mrs.
Thomas Qavlgnn, Friday, Mny 18, at her
lt residence, 9H) Providence Hond.
Now ha has charge of tho KEYSTONE HO
TEL, formerly called tho i:ros Keys, corner
Ilrumley ave. and Swetlnnd. A full line of
I.liiuora, Deer, Ale and Flue Cigars will be
kept in tock. Mr. Phillips will lie pleoscdt o
greet hlao.unny Iriendi who will favor hltn
wun a o-'u.
Don't lose sight of the
fact that we will sell you
a good
for less money than you
can buy it elsewhere.
We have made many ad
ditions to our
They are choice and
make a beautiful present
with a Silk or Lace
We NEVER allow our
stock of
Tea or Toilet Sets
to run low. You know
the quality. Come in
and wc will give you the
116 Wyoming Avenue.
"One Coat Makes
Them Look Like New"
W1' 1!E,',',t t . Campbell', Varnish Stains.
" the vary best thfni In thi nurltut for
teaching up arid fliiislilns rnfnlture, (lanlen
or l on h Chairs, Baby OarriaMa uto., etc.
W Itfc nn application Stain aul Varnish and
transform th -in Int . b.ajttful imiUtuns of
Cherry, Mahogany,
Oak, Rosewood, Walnut,
Vermillien and Ebony
)u up in Pint ami Half Pint Can,
Bwto get Campbell! an 1 yon will not he
To Obtain Satisfactory Results
with Ready-Mixed Pa;nts
-VSE Tilt
This Taint ha. bN in constant ! for or. r
flfu-en Vaal anil we NOuasxaaad it as U iug, convenient and durable, aud
made from lb Ux; inat.-r. til
1 he satisfaction in ress.-d bv our cast ):n-
ers accounts for our luircasol trade la these
good! each season.
Call or send for I sampl r.-.r.l sho-rlng col
ors and with full lnstractlous a t estimating
colt of boautifyicg your bom.- and surround-
Matthews Bros,
320 Lackawanna Ave.
1,50 per dos. 13 Dsns,
Full Weichtd.
W keep no BIoddv (Jooiis. ,ior-
sey Homo Creamery Batter in ?
and D lb, pulls, 25c por lb.
Eggl inrivcU tluilj Lrnni Qm
llunu! Poultry farm.
427 Lackawanna kit
Victor, (lemlren, K.-llpse, Lovell, Diamond
su.i uuier t i.e.. ,e
Aniitlii'r Advoi'iito of
nits HIM WOOD j m kiii ii
1.1NII1 n I it Kflurdi me great
pleamre to itatv that ymir ns proees
of extraotlna teeth whs a grand snreels In
my case, ami 1 lieartl ly reoommeml It tn
all. I sincerely hope that ether Will
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four reipretfnlly,
t'Al'T. 8. V. IIHYANT. Scranton, I' 1
Henwood k Wardell,
316 Lackawanna Ave.
Will on and after Mav "I make a great reduc
tlon In the prleei of plates. All work gunf
antee.1 flrat-class tn every particular,
Eureka Laundry Go.
Cor. Linden St. and Adams Avo.
I-oubt Bocan Sqdahi.
All kinds of Laundry work guaranteed
tb belt,
Hindoo Handkerchief Puzzle
Now on sale for 25c. orgiven
away with purchase of every suit.
Handsome line of Spring Overcoats
and the Nobby "Bell" Cutaway Soits
Martin &. Delany
Custom Tailors and Clothiers,
Wyoming Avenue.
giimiiiiiiimiiigiiiiiiiiiciiiiiiiiiiHiiiiHiiiniiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinimiiiu
at exes
At 308 Lackawanna Ave.
g 200 Ladies' Trimmed Hats,
worth $5l for $2.98.
S lodoz. Sjirays of Flowers,
for 15c.
g 45 doz. Sprays of Flowers, assorted colors, worth $1,
r for 39c.
5 20 doz. extra long, full regular made Hermsdorf Dye
Ladies rlose, worth 39c, for 25c.
I 36 doz. Ladies' Mitts, worth lot, for 25c.
g 118 pair Lace Curtains, worth $2.75, for $1.75.
m no naif .nrei Cnrt.iin; wnrrh 9 r,o fnr 9 flf)
- 1 ---
a 96 pair Lace Curtains, worth 4.75, for 2.75.
S 18 pair Irish Point, worth 10.00, for 5.00.
18 pair Irish Point, worth 15.00, for 8.50.
3 10 pair Prussels, worth 35-O0. for 15.00.
It's a Great Shock
To the folki who are claiminu t hey nn.tereU
all otbeNtO flml that wtth.'Ut tbe leist fuss
or bluster wV are gtvtag onsSoOiefl th ben
efit of RMb oVi'ortunities as these.
a Slrleili lini. Qrads I iiibi-eight
Wheal, mm aaura rnrtlLOeash.
last aatsera, Wheal, for til
ihu4 piiiiern, loo Wheel toi mScs.N
Those pricvi make the business at our store.
Bicycle Riders,
Take Notice!
CAPS Invented
by a rider
Something New
Has the Agency
for thein
st rresent the KaM Popular and Prv
tcrnd by
leasing Afusis
Warorooms . Opposite Columbus hunument,
205 Washington Av. Scranton, Pa.
in all the regular shades,
assorted colors, worth 50c, S
A Fine
Worsted Suit
for Men,
in colors black
and blue, for
Only $9.90
Clathitrs, IMaaMoDBfm
For Women
Sell, Sell, Soil, is the order
of the day.
Imported dy Jackets. Out,
Style and Work tho best of
the tailor's art A reduction
of 50 PM Cent. See this offer
inj; of High-olasa Jackets.
Your size is here.
in cioth, Morj$ Silk, Covet
Cloth and Lace. Many styles
and prices that will please you.
Printed Duck and Serges,
Stripsd and Spot Patterns.
You oup;ht to have one. Tho
Price, $3.50 to $7.50.
G. W. Owens & Co.
Clonk ind Suit Makers,
Court House Square.
m. 'i . . a . ii. . m -n AAWr