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These Garments Are Warn at All Season.
Their Variety lit Endless Some Are Com
fortable and Simple In Effect j Other Are
Elaborato Affairs.
Is thore a period when a tea gown does
tot offer itself persuusively as a garment
to bo included in one's wardrobe? The
answer appears to bo that whether it is
(spring, summer, autnmu or winter a
new toa gown is a desirable addition.
The wor tea gown nowadays aro of
wide significance. They cover all sorts of
Indoor dresses, from a simplo morning
tobo to the elaborato garment in which
one may receive formal callers in one's
drawing room.
Morning robes aro trimmed so beau
tifully with laco and ribbon flummery
that one scarcely knows then from tea
gowns. Some of the models aro charm
ing. One of pale yellow delaine, flow
ered with carnations, with pretty puffed
sleeves, was trimmed about tho neck
most becomingly with laco and had yel
low ribbon tied in a bow nt tho bust.
Another that was simpler, but quite as
taking, was of cream delaine, with a
design of mauve orchids. This was more-
a FKK.vil Mukmno ROBE
ly trimmed Wittl a sailor's oollar edged
with lace. A charming Frenc h rube is
made of a woolen material, in pink ami
White, with a neat check. The sl.wes,
vest and nth are of plain white woolen
stuff, and the nifties at the wrists. M
also Uie collar, aro trimmed with puilr.
bebe ribbon.
Tea gowns this season aro fashionably
Bnde of on p n and silk. Tor Lnttanuo,
one made in black crepon falls full from
a shaptNl yoke of nee pink bengaline,
ilriped with jit, the large atoeree bt Ing
;tin;ly made of bengaline, with deep ,
lis of black laco over the tup and at '
te wrist. Another pretty gown WH in
yellow erepon, with a white silk yuke,
outlined with a vandyki d band of Mack"
watered ribbon, covered with cream col- j
and guipure. A dainty arrangement
was of cream colored crepoa, daoked
with slc ves, and zouave of buttercup
yellow velveteen, and an ideal Uilroom
drebbing gown wiv. made of silk of pale
blue, with rvers from niik to hem. out-
Unadwtth white thibei The luxuri
ous invalid might indulge hi this 1 i-t
with oomfott ami elegance, f r, in truth,
there is not a garment so comf ortable to
wear as the dossing gown, while the
pale blue and thlbet'vi mid make a plan'
Woman look Well A tea (own worn by
a pretty young matron was attractive in
its simplicity. Draperies of white cash-
mere, edged with silver braid, cut 1 m
at the neck, sack back, fronts era m
loosely and held in place at wahrl I y I
silver plaited girdle.
Less elaborate affairs aro tho tea
gowns in cropon of uny detiruble color,
more simply fashioned and lew extrava
gantly trimmed. A very pretty slvle is
furnished when silk is antftloyed f t the
fronts, e'pecially when it is amookod or
gathered at neck and waist. A dreatj
effect may bf gained by the addition of
lace shoulder capos and rovers. Another
attractive erepon tea gown is one trim
med with rows of insertion or embroid
ery and made with triple shoulder oapea,
These last two models are equally pri Ily
made in cashmere, or, when for midsum
mer wear, of French ohallle, which is
one of tho coolest of all wool fabrics.
It also wears welL
I.Tonnulnr Potatoes.
For lyonnaise potatxies chop an oniou
flno, fry it brown in a tabli'spoonful of
butter, add another tabletpoonful to the
iron spider after tin- frying und let tho
butter become very hot. Then ent 0
whole boiled potatoes into seven slice
and lay them in tho spider, which
should be amplo enough to hold them
without lapping over one another. Let
them fry brown on both sides, tossing
them occasionally to provont them burn
ing. Sprinkle a tablespoonful of parsley
over them and servo at once. They
should be very hot when brought on the
Utllltlng Cold CliW.o.
Make chicken patties. Chop tho meat
of the cold chicken line, season with
salt, make a largo cupful of rich drawn
bntter, and while ou the fire add two
hard boiled eggs minced fine, a little
chopped parsley aud tho meat of a
chicken. Let this mixture boil. Have
ready some pate pans of good rich paste.
Remove the covers with edge of knife,
All in with the mixture and arrange on
a hot platter. In baking tho crust it is
a good plan to fill in with a square of
stale bread, which is easily removed as
soon as it comes from tho oven. This
i i ; - . - . ..
keeps the crust from falling flat, as it
would otherwise do without tho chicken
Bow to Serve With the Hlmple French
Dreeing A New Salad.
Many housewives aro deterred from
having salads often from tho impression
that a mayonnaise is indispensable. In
fact, preference is generally given to a
simplo French dressing, which any ouo
can learn to make with a little practiou.
Tho usual proportion for this is throe
parts oil to one of vinegar. Asido from
lettuce, there aro many salad herbs,
such as water cress and peppergrass,
escarolle, endive and dandelion leaves.
Dandelion, however, is only lit for a
salad when its leaves are tender. All of
these herbs mr t bo washed carefully,
leaf by leaf, ajd allowed to stand in
cold water until firm and crisp.
At the table dress the salad by pour
ing over it first three or four tablespoon
fuls of good oil and toss well, turning
it over and over until each leaf is well
coated with oil. Now put into the salad
spoon a saltapoonfol of salt, a liberal
allowance of pepper and fUl the spoon
with vinegar, mixing the suit and pep
per well with the fork before iwnriiig
over the salad. Toss ai before and eerve.
In the absence of other green vege
tables cabbage makes an excellent salad,
but it must be cut in very line shreds
and crisped in cold water and dried
thoroughly, ('so plenty of oil and four
tableapoonfnlaof vinegar and serve with
crackers and cheese, advises Harper'B
Bazar, which also furnishes the follow
ing: To make a new salad select large ripe
tomatoea, cut a circle from the stem end
of each one and take out the pulp with
a sharp knife, in ring oarefo! Dot to break
the skin. Chop np the pulp together
with a fresh i nonmber peeled and a slice
of onion. Beaton with pepper, salt and
a little nice oil and eat in the loebot
With the --kiiis to p t quite cold. Make
at the saint time a thick mayonnaise
and set that also In a cold place. Just
before erring tirne fill the skins with
the chopped mixture, draining off all
luperflnons liquid, and put a large
spoonful of tho mayonnaise on tup of
each one. Arrange some crisp lettuce
ll avi in a circle on a low platter, set
the Stuffed tomatoes in the center and
servo as 0 separate course at lunch" on
or dinner, peering With it delicate
crackers ar.d cheet-e.
An Fntlrrly Orlgtaa Plan Fat Marking
Lmirhrun Cl.itln and Napkin.
A new and vi it beautiful way of linen wua recently shown
by a lady who had hal a lunch cloth
and set of napkini to match marked in
Lond in and illustrated and described
in The Household: Draw with a lead
ptncil ou th" a square im-ovar-
ing from -' to H inches, according to the
size j r. f mil for the initials or mono
gram; lii n mark with .ucil uny num
ber of s from 12 to IS, according
to the amount of open squares upofuuod
outside the h tier, taking care that the
oppoi-ite siib-i ounvsponil exactly.
Then draw the squares with h ad pen
cil and outline the letter or monogram
in the center. The work is now ready
for tho threads of the squares to la
drawn i ;tt. and it will l- found n.u a
sary to cut arum- I the initial. Lmbruid
or entirely around the nlge of the In
itial wirh white embroldary silk In a
cluso over and over stitch in order to
form a linn edge fur it.
Several threads must ! left at tin
pern ihil linen tu form tho Nuares, and
each group Of strands thus left is cov
ered with white silk, put round and
round it, so that when finished the
whole forms a square network of white
ti Ik, leaving the lutters in damask, with
a silk lge in tb nt- r.
The outside edge of the
finished iii the same way.
tr a
this novel marking is very beautiful, and
it is us durable an the damask, but it is
Somewhat difficult to space the wuares
evenly, and it would Is- well for a be
ginner to try the work on ft piece of cot
ton cloth first.
A I ntaj rim Hellion.
A pincushion of peculiar ami pleasing
appee ranee is thus daeenbed In Tin De
lineator, which also illustrates it:
The foundation on which thli pin-
cushion r -:ts is a silver piated leaf, the
upturned cdees of which are bronzed,
While the stein is graeefnlly curled to
form a handle. In the center of the leaf
a KOTO, riNCivsino.N.
rosts a cufliion, tho lowr imrtiuti of
which OOOliata of a blue silk bag with
a circular bottom Cardboard aimed to
fit the upper portion of tho bag is nvt-r-
wl with erlmped paper, and ritlng from
this is tho bluo satin covered cushion,
into which pins arc thrust, Silk cord is
firmly scwud over tho meeting of tho
hilk mid cardboard, and tin: result is a
novel and useful article for the toilet
tabic. Tho focudation leaf or similar
fimiil 1 trays are on sale at most fancy
stored aud are inexpensive.
An Kcoantrlo II. n
Aii eccentric Dominick hon U owned by
a Philudelplila bliickmnlth. Every day
about 10 o'clock the hen walks into the
shop, mounts the forge aad scratches a
bollotv plHcu In the soft coal nix inches
from the lire. No matter how hard lie
blows the fire the hen will not move until
ahe hiw laid her ejtg. Several limes her
feathers were scorched, but the held her
place Yuukeo likdu.
. :::::
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 114-1
Koyal Teacher,
Many stork's am told of the Emperor
Frederick ot Uermany, known to (be peo
ple while lie was crown prince us Uuuer
Fritz, which show why ho was so loved,
almost adored, by his subjects, over whom
his reign was so short.
He was always kind to tho poor, the sick
and the helpless, and reading of his many
deeds of charity oue can easily understand
DOW, during the war of 1870, the terrified
French peasants so quickly learned to feel
confidence In the commander of tho itivad
lug army.
One day, while he was crown priuce,
Unser Fritz was paying his accustomed
visit to the school at Horustedt, and talk
ing to the children, when a telejrrani was
handed to the school master, informing
him of the Severe illness of his mother.
"Go ut ouce," said tha priuce, "and leave
tho school to mcl"
Though tho poor schoolmaster at first
demurred, he was at last persuaded to
hurry oil, and Uuser Fritz continued his
iuRtruction of the astonished but delighted
scholars until 11 o'clock, when the clergy
man arrived ami relieved him from his du
ties us schoolmaster. Youth's Couipuuiou.
An emulsion consisting of water, soap
and kerosene in suitable proportions is the
most effective remedy yet found to destroy
the chinch bug. A furrow la made about
a Held, some fresh cornstalks added, and
when the bug! collect they aro sprayed
with the emulxion.
WEAK MEN Y0lJR attention
Uioat I'.ngllsh Remedy,
Gray's Specific Medicine
llatflM.A UIH TUN,
Joi i Li-a. mill Itmioteiii y. aud all ilia.-asos thai
win" from 'iv-.r iinlnltfoii-" ami self uljuw. m
Longer Ueiiinry and l'uwur, DUB8M w YB
ion, Premature Old An and muriy other dkr
Mail thai Ii-mJ to Inutility or I '.l.uiuoi .....
ami naarlr jrara, wntofor a uanihlilut
A.UlrtwliKAV MHDKINK to. HuSalo.
N. V. The Spiclflo Mt-dlrlnn la sold by all
diuiik.':l ,.t j it iiaekanu, or a,t .1 U..
tor JS.or aunt by mall on rcvi-lpt of money.aud
with ovary S.MH nrdr Wr (tUARATf r
r montj rafaadod wm
tOn acrount of BOaaUrftttl wo liava
aiiopted toe ilinw Wrap Mr, tat oaly giau-
lM selit In Si rantun hv Matthowa Hroi
0. B.
Burdock Blood Bitters
U a purlv vegetable rompouDil,piaiilng
perfect rignlatiag powimovar all the or
lu of tM tratata, and eentreliiaa their
aecretlona It also puiiQea the bluol that
1 1
All blood huuoriand d.araaea fr.m a eonv
' p plmpls tu th worn aen fuloui lora,
aed tale eoiahtaed with in unriraiiad rv
k-n!litia rlesuaing and pur:t,,ug Infla-
iice on tb ,vreiion of tb llvir, klduays
t-owili and akin, rauder it unaqualled aa a
core for all diaaaae of the
.i n. nn to two buttlM will cur bolla,
piuup:.. hletcliaa. nattlu raali.ioruf.Uttar,
II d all th aiaipln formi ,,f Hk i o dlieaaa.
fnm tiro la fuar txittlaa will cor salt
I ftim i r errona. al.iaglaa. eryalpalaa, ul
etnk abaraaaaa, raonltig aor a-id all iklu
nuiitiuov It U noticeable that lufferert
f rem aklu
art atarly .ilwaji afra:d byiulolar
tehlug. but thl iiuk klr mibaldaa oa tk
i val ef th dateaaa br H R 11. I'aaa
''gun ., graver ret pievaleat duoaaaa.
uch as tcrotnlo ji swallloga, huamrs aud
W havn undoubitst Mol that from thraa
la il bottlaa uaed ml -rua .y and by iW
vaid applloatioa (dilated if tbk!a It
' to tat aftttttd parta, will tf tet a
art raepaal i- - ut 11 it u to
aalaM ih. iiv-r, kMacfa, i-iwaisaai
llood. laearrtct ald.ty and wrong
r the -t'lmacb, aud to opn Um aiaioe
art tf tlieaysitm to '.carry off all i loggad
id impure secretions, allowing nature
Bus to aid recovery aud rvtn rvo with jat
Bad Blood
iver coinplaitt, bilioamtaa. drapepala,
ilak headache, dropiy, i h.uusltain, and
'f ry spo. In, (,f dl.eaw atliogfrom di-
"rdllrer, kidnevi :on,ach, bwslt
ted btoofl Wl gaaraiil very buttle of
i) le 11. iu l anv par. en b diiaatls
Btd attir nsicg tl.e ftrit Ik.: 1 1. ws will re
fund I In, money on aupliratlnn personally
I br Ii-ttrr. We will alM be glail to send
telluii)ulala and InfonaatsM proTingtha
'ITaCtl uf li B, n. In tLe above namsd dl
" .. -.n Splillra'l . t
roeTka miLbubh i y. iiuiraiaif.T.
ast JTEAB he had
1 He luillllt n hOQM
worth 11850
-pnid 800 down, tfuvp it nmrt
gtgt fof 11,500 Today he esli
mate.s it- follow;
rti iit isve.l
Inti roat ob nortaitt.,
Taxes and rvp.irs
Net anviiif; 08 rent
lavae mi uiurv
Ttappll on morls-ago.
$'.'K) )l
...Mi oi
... M U d
150 IA)
17l .i
HI I I I ION --"In MM It yaatl
bouts Will ttiae Irom ilabl mill I i
llJVi- M In. UK. ot Hi V tilth."
OSBBM MOO! i ih" paraalai
aoatas i inn a laas i, . .. ractatly
iiiri n btaatlful viiia. arhtah Utaj .
on en paymeiita, at ;h.-o
( nil ui thtlr oiiir... batwaan Waahingtu
aud Adauia on Ollvvalraot.
llttiiufi.rtu: -oil nt Ihn Wapwnllinn Mlfls, Ln-
arat my I'n.. and nt Wll-
miniitou, Delaware.
General Agent for the Wyoming District.
ii8 WyommgAvt., Scranton Fa
Ihlrd National Bank Building.
THOH. FORI), nktotoo. Pa.
JOHNB SMITH & HON; Plymouth. Pa.
B. W. MULLIOAN, Wllkes-liarra, Pa.
Agenta for the Hpauno UhoiuldaU Com
pany's High ExploelYM.
come from healthy
mothers, and moth
ers will certainly be
boaltby if they'll take
ur. rierce's Favorite
Prescription. Noth
ing can equal it in
buildiug up a wo
man's strength, in
regulating and aesLst
ing all her natural
functions, and in put
tin in perfect order
ovory part of tho fe
male system.
"Favorite Prescription " is indeed the
"Mothers' Friend" for it assists nature,
thereby shortening " labor."
Timk, Cottle Counfu, Texaa.
Dn. It. V. Pierce: Ikar Str-I took your
" Favorite Prescription " previous to connue
ment and never did so well in my life. It ll
only two weeks slnco my conQuement and
I am able to do my work. 1 feel stronger
than I ever did in six weeks before.
and vli?or qalckly
lronl, ..I
'jrly cirr.1 bf IMAIVI. ttw trreuit
lUTtUiwi BBOI , Druggist
Hlnifin, Hci-.-.U
.v ait irruta PttrtfMMiaagam. auurl i.t
, Scranton.Pa.
Ladies Who Value
AreflDcd conipleiion must use Pozzoni'a Pow
der. It produces n soft nnd beautiful -kin.
a. . A
V() oca.. C? -tYS
i'i.tivn v-y .'
IV -.VM1'N
1 be a U, to brnmla of flour ran be had at any of the following merehantt.
r.o will sce.-yt fltr Tllilil sr. KI.uUii IXJL'l-uN u( ij on each u ia buniral r ,,.i- '.
f fl
ur or ,'u on each barrel of flour.
i rn:. n F V I'r .
In. d Mla limn I
Vatataatn avnu- i
DunlD.H -f f Prtaa, Oold ktndal llrand
baaoMtw-1 t Manlar nupaiuUv llran t
liyil fark ( arson a Laiav Wahuurn at
( Id Madal Ural. I J Mph A kliura. Mam
. IfMM MnparlatlM. Krand
Qraao Rkla-a A UHpiaiariUtSil Uxlal Hrai.J.
J. I M II ,, Su.; atira
ru, ,lrnr... Kei.n.r (niaie,nU N Main ara
uua. rtaoarlalira iirand.''. J W
Mark.,i alraat uo.l M-Ui llrauj
olrihant J.itdaa. tapttiaUet raad
l. krilla-shaff-r a K la-r huparlatlr.
Jarrnyn c. i Wn uri a To M.tpara aura
Arehliald-J.oaa M io.n i ' . DoM Ml. II s. i lark. Oold Madal ltrn-.d.
H..,islal I N f'.atar a Co (iol 1 Mol
M.nooka M 11. I.iralla.
T D D p
at LJ ..!..
g: Hakes
Sr Marvelous Cures
grin Blood Poison
sEand Scrofula
P. P. p puttettoMoodaMMtn
tb weMk i. 'I ilettiUlttttexl, fTej
trtnKli t. . fo.-.i orii, oii't-ia
. 1 1 i airknwift, tcl"
Hi... r
liin; i a lit i U aftltU )v nrt
eaastaatataati bbb u tan iBssssaaasaaa asaitMatBsastst
P'-r 1'rlu.a.rr .a- o..,.Ury nnd tt-rtury
vphlll. furl'lootl i-oianlnK unrttt
riiiiH'le- n. ntJavU dvar"-i., and
In nil Mot ttol ttttln iilB,fMi, Hko
biotriiot, pimpUt., old rhronk ulrvrs,
tf.tir, hOftil, hoiln, rjrpriit,
ocsriM wtuia; uv, withuut (t-r tf
c -ur - M-tl m , thnt V. V. P. Uthntalit
Mo. ; i r' f' r I i itit r -l.1,n l niaat4
Vf' tl . . .
t ifttMt and ,'cro.itit'ut t urus
LsaiJ1Mi whoe 7ailtiiti r prlftonjd
nd n 1 i 1 is In an Itapurv m
tlin, diif to ni' iirttrim: t.-rrguJarlt ua,
ari iipjiiarly teLrHt d tb won
dffful toil0 and Mt." prop
frtlrid f, V Prlokly A.b, Kik
HoMt utid ( ui aaiiium
tiWTtf Wl i, Mo., Auk- Hth. MS.
1 cin 't'onk In Ihf Ml fft t-rru uf
vour nttiiciue frtTiuiy uwn ptraoaJ
VrmwIwdKO. 1 waaudtT. 1 with lu-irt aa l rhouniatioi lor
tMatfli tri'atfd I the cr I "t
fiby-lcLiaa ami apriit hundr-da d d-l-nra.
trtod evr known rt mtly with
out r-dlf. I mm only tnkn
onu (KtUli- f your P. P. p.. and .tu
(ditfurftilly any It ha don. il Mora
food than nnythlt.K 1 ha va o r takun.
oaa rtvomrnand yOVf mtxllclao to all
auffarvr ot th ahov dlaoaaaa,
M fti X. at YKAHY.
Apr jUvld, QMN County. Mo.
A B a U l-T- .
A KAh 1 i p r
-W 'iHCMffTl
bofotv uid Alt tl Lu.g.
twniMUos 'H inaai ll
Foraaio by JUUN ll
Srr.Miii-n, Pa.
..ctnac iai arvte iirmr 1ST. "."7V ,.Vi,..M:,..l,l."I.'"":-..r',,,u J'.' "" arinwna. roru. iaia
"arwrtbaaaar auuruia aektis sleii i , , Heiotnc leniple, I hicaijo. li.J-
ForSale in Scranton, Pa., by H. C. SANDERSON, Druireist, enr Wauhineton
WM Soruco utro(5. 6
rzM TliUl AL
a Auk for DB. MpTT'O PENMTKOTlL FILM and takt no other.
ftar Band air olroiilarPrico 91.00 smi box, 6 boxra ror as.oo.
iMV. juu i 1 b UHKM1CAL CO.. - "Uloveialiii. tJI.I,.
For Salt ByO. M. HABRU, Druggta
E. Robinson's Sons'
MaDuractureri ot the Celebrated
100,000 Bbls. Per Annum.
Iroai (A; Y. Tribune, Aor.l. ti.'J
The Flour
"Chicago, Oct 81. Fha first ofrkiti
tnnonnceraent of World'! Fair di
pl itnas on tb u r has been made. A
medal been avrardtd by th
World's Fair judge to the flour manu
feetwed by tho Washburn, Crosby Co,
... the TMt Wtshlnrn Fluur Mills
Minticapolla The c inmittee reports
the tie or itronff and pun1, ttid entitles
it to rank aa flrst-clau patent flour for
Umily und lakrrs' ut.'
V ROUtl l l .l HI -
Taylor-Judf a C. Oold Madali AtherioB
a Co , hooarlatlra
I uroa Lawrrie a Mora Co . Hold MadaL
Hooalr-Jobn MrCrlndlo. (laid Madal.
Ptttal :. m w CVBoTia, OoM MMai
( iai (iran r'ra.a A- i'arkar, Saporlatlva
lark a ViiininiT K M Youni.K Id Mad a!
1'sllon S E T'nn a Hon. Oold Mada B.-aa 1
Ni.boNon J t Hardias.
v a.rlj M v Unit Sat Ih.'.iI MikM
Fa. t irjrTllia Charlaa Oa'duar. Oold Heda'.
llo.i.uiv.n, ' M I ,:.i. 'd Mda
Tubyhansa-T ilvbai.a a U-h.r Luiutr
to Oold Madal Hi and H A Adunt '..V.I,.:
Mna- uar -Oaiga a (1ant 0 1.1 Maatal
' a Xamaa A H. i -: I '.:',.
Kur.-atOly J I. Morgsu a Cu. (loid Ma.l
Pimples, Blotches
anri niH Cnroo
Catarrh, Malaria 3
a"d Kidney Troubles
Arr i 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' , . tti.. ,i by I I.
-Prickly Aab. Poka Rot and Pntaa
aluoi, lL grt-atatat blood purlOur oa
Allans. O . July 'Jl,
M"aa. 1 irrHaN P i . aTaniiata.
Oa. . -n . I I uarhf aUit't..f
y ur P V P. ai Hot -, . f . .ami
It baa d no ma !nre a'-.! ; ban ffcro
month' trttattnant at tha Hot dprioga.
Maud thrt-f btHtlaa G 0 IX
KrvaptM'tfii!. yuura.
ja. m. mrrw.
AhrMiHtp, Hr ib Couaty, O.
Crnpt. J. D. Jotinataa.
TV a aiari if m p ri, trn: hartv
by ttaatlfy to tha w.uidfrful pripariitta)
a ft I' P Tor etrui'tlona . f tha akin. I
offT' l for tf .raJ aara with an un
lgh:ly and ditrtxHab!a rmptloa afj
my the. I trie. 1 vrory known r. mr
d but In Taln.uutll P. P. P. waa ud.
and am now Di'-rly araal
4lnml b J- ! JfHKHTOK,
14 fan nab, Ua.
Kkln Cancer I urcei.
TuMmonp from He Ma or, , t Kir..7kx. '
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191 l'tnn Avtnut.
Art Students' Series of
Contains four incomparable paintings.
By Paul De Longpie.
The Ottman Lithographing Company
in reproducing these paintings from the
originals, has achieved a marked success,
and produced four pictures that will eas
ily hold first place in either home or
studio, not only for their artistic merit,
but as fine examples of the work of thia
renowned artist
Remember, one coupon with one dime
secures four pictures. This is the coupon.
I Scranton Tribune, Scranton, Pa., May 17, 1894. I
Send this coupon, with 10 cents 1
in cash, and get four of the marvelous 1
t.ta,ak4-.4AV4aU3 t. XI I - U J ictr lllC g
I greatest offer of all. Mail orders k extra,
nik'tiiriiiniiBin iiiiiiiiiii!isiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiHiiiiiC !i:iiniiiifigiiiiiiii.l
fr-lt-11 ci
Locomotives and Stationary Engines, Boilers,
General Office. SCRANTON, PA.