The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, May 17, 1894, Page 5, Image 5

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We will sell our entire stock of
New and Stylish TRIMMED
PRICES. Come and see them at
WE have special facilities for
808 Penn Ave.
Norrman& Moore
120 Wyoming Avenue
We are showing
new designs in printed
415 Lacka. Avenue.
We Will Offer for a Few Days
Fine Moquette Rugs at $2 00.
Theae Ruga Have Never Been
Sold for tcai Than I3.00.
Williams & Mm
'27 Wyoming A va.
The Meadow Drunk and National col
lieries uf William Council & Cu. will be
paid out Saturday.
Tbe city companies of the Thirteenth
rglrai.t were iu Honeadale -.-t.-r.j. at
tindn k the ktrioeee of Curupany 1.
TN fuceral of th lot) A. .1. Maliuo, of
)llivue. will m bold at St. Peter', catbe
t.ieJ u ttor.ow uoruinx at V o'clock.
Tw.i aet.i f came, atolen from tbe
lrn of tbe Mowers' Parking company
wars found by the police yeaierdajr uo the
ner bank.
The King's Daughter of Kirn Park
church will aerv- nipir till veiling
(rule 0 to S o'clock, wblcb will bo uuuau
a.iy elaborate.
The Ladie' Aid aociety of the (Jrwn
Hid.- I'rrobyterian church will hold a
upper OB lliuraday evening at the chnrch
parlore; prlcettconti.
The North ai.d South w irks of tha
lsckawanna Iron & Steel companv will
be i.aid Hue week. The former ou Friday
and tho latter on Saturday.
Traction romp .v,y officials have taken
ao action following Mayor Connell's an
nullment of tb company a rlgt to extend
Hnea ou certain airueU.
Tbe Ladle 8-irial union of the I'enn
Areone Ilaptlat church will nerve supper
lute evening from 6 to S o'clock. A cordial
in'itat. .u 11 eslecded to Ml.
The aaoead c rerle of gtmm between
"uod's college and High acliool takes
place at Scran ton ball park today at 4 p.m.
No admlaaon wiV. be charged.
Tbe Seraiilnu Haae Ball park ! uudergo
lag a geod rolling down and will be in
flr.t class coudlti.-u for uoxt Saturday'
gem 'j.-twoeu Cornell aud '.- h 11.
New Wonfii'rJarjd thi alre CMS be reuted
ay tbe right or week during tiie summer
mouth for ennevrtx, convent I :, loctures,
beaellta, etc. Mauager Davis reside on
'ike funeral of the late Thoinaa Mullen
aa beid yesterday from St. Peter's catbe
Aral where a solemn bigb mna of rwiuiom
vil celebrated by Kev. J. A. McHugb,
assisted by Kev. -T. J. Maugnn and ltev.
M.3. Mlilane. Interment was made in
the Hyde Park Catholic cemetery. The
liall beareri were: Thome Cutnminga,
Anthony Kelly, Jatnes Unvigan, Patrick
r.emiug, James Kelly and Tbomaa O'Mal
ley. Open All Night
at Lehman's Spruce street
Bar Life Epaied That She Hay See tba
Error of Her Way.
Jennie Jcuee, tbe unfortunate woman
woo fctteinpted her destruction by
allowing two ounces of laudanum
ltetiUy afternoon in a Center street
xiaort, li pronounoed ont of danger by
'he poysfcians at tbe Lackawanna
Th j patient is very lame and sore as
result of tbe artificial respiratloa
sad tbe manipulations employed for
liven hour j to arouse ber from stupor.
botft 13r. McAndrowa and Dr. Hilda
s' II bare been commended by their
professional brethren for their traat
neut of the case by permanganate of
pwasstnm, digitalis and strychnia.
Treatment was not commenced until
nearly an hour after tbe poison had
been taken, and the suocess of the doo
ton and muses was a prominent topio
of discussion in msdloal cirolea yes
terday. For fine shoes and latest patterne try
tbe Commonwealth Shoe Store, Washing
ton avenue. '
Finest plnee oheap at Conrsen's.
Democratic Leaders Selecting Their Candidates
For This Fall.
Several Persons Selected for Each
Office So That When Declinations
Begin to Come in There Will Be
Some One Left to Uphold the Ban
ner of the Party of Monumental
Political Foolhardiness.
There has been considerable hobnob
bing and whispering of late among the
recognized Democratic connty leaders
relative to making up a slate to be rail
roaded through the coming nominating
The elating has been attempted with
efforts to hold it as seeret as possible
until a short time before the conven
tion The leaders thus hope to guard
against iuterfsrenoe ou tbe part of un
desirable candidates who already ehow
Igne or a political bee buzzing about
their ears.
Three so-called seeret meetings have
been held; two of the meetings were
held at Zlegler's, and Tim TnniUNK is
enabled to present for the benefit of all
political creeds the contemplated ticket.
Here it is, and where more than one
name appears for an office the mott
likely candidate is presented first.
Judgo P. P. Smith.
Congress Lemuel Amsrman, ex-Sheriff
RoblnBon, C. o. Boland, S. B. Price.
Sheriff James U. Itsiley.
Treasurer Charles II. Schadt, John Gib
bons. Clerk of the I'-mrts John J. Fabev. J
J. O'Boyle. John Durkin.
Prothonotory -James 0. Bailey, John J.
I nhoy, Frank O. Megargce.
Hecorcler James fiealsy, of Dunmora.
I'.egistor of Wills-Uenry T. Koehler,
Frank Deckert.
Senator-M. E. McDonald, M. T. Burke.
Jury Coniminaloner M. J. Moran. Arch
bald. District Attorney John P. Kelly.
While R I. Smith was last fall de
feated for the judiciary, it is thought
that tne party owes him another try for
th office; at least that is what the
slatemakers would say, but the real
reason La that he is tbe only available
timber willing to be sacrili - I
The leaders olaim that ua Lemuel .Moated Mr. Serantou 111
18111 he stands ua good a chauen aa ever
for another election. ili-Siienff Kob
loiOll would have been willing to make
I he fight, hut presents a proaetire ol
business aud a prospective trip as au
excuse for declining Those on the In
tide My that Mr Robinson would have
boon the most likclr candidate oB the
I ioke1 (, Boland and 8. B. Pno
r rsienrs forces, and iu the event of
Mr Aniermau withdrawing for bml
:i s reasons Mr. Bolan.l will no doubt
U tbe Joiulcce, nuleas. ludeeil, it be
t'10 nltimate defilsicej not to iiuinlnate
a "andidale at nil. for foar his free
trade proclivities inigUl injure what
little etiauce there is .'or the eounty
'1. t'l it Is known that such an oinls
1 . '-I la ear. 1 RsljT under cjiisiileratloa
Th shrievaitv it leslly tht lone of
contention, or rsthr dii-ennlentton, of
the whole iist of - B t Tht J'arty Is
willing that Mr bailey should have It,
bnt Mr. Hallsy thluka the more elite
rfflee of proll.onutary is nearer his
b.ightb an 1 breadth, lie was defeated
by only 169 voles by Mr. Pryor, the
present ir.cumbenr, slid will not have
tube urged to take tbe responsibility
again, i'rauk 0 Megargee the well
known paper limn, la unwillingly put
i.-iward by Ida friends for the protbo
Dotuyinlp.1 The slaters feel that if this
1 ua:iii-s rrpresentati'ni is urged, Mr.
Megarg'-e will be tbe candidatu and
Mr. Itailey will have to be content
wiih the shrievalty or iiuistly disap
Councilman 1 hnrles H Schsdt, who
defeated Mr Browning, of poll tut
fsm, In the Sixteenth ward, la choaen
as tbe treasury candidal' and thu Oer
1:1 ni corner of the ticket.
PrSMenl Sheriff F.i!iey has to he p.ii 1
ii snme way for rfToris in beh.ilf Of the
party, unl he was given llie choice of
the protbonntsrysbip or court clerk
,p It la reported from the meetings
that the rlerkshipis more to his liking
John Dnrklu is also spoken of for the
The other offices slated, except tbe
senatorial, appear rady to dr.ip in the
lap of the convention without auy die
sension, 'though if biskoriogs ensue
among rnndidiites slated for better
piying office, some of the am iller fry
down tne ticket may t thrown over
tionrd to 111 ike room for the dissenter
The slnte makers don't propose to have
any bolting by the shining lights.
Iu making tbe ticket the leaders are
reported to be highly pleased with the
districts raprcsouted. Th-j ssntiotis In
clude three Bcrauton wards, besbles
Hyde Park, W'avrly, Djnmori-, Cur
bo:iduie end Arclib.ild.
V. 1 . of tbe friends of H T. iiurke.
the present Fourth district representa
tive at the legislature, will b surprised
at the announcement of Mr Burks's
candidacy for the souat rt!,ip , in fact
it is understood at Carboudale that
Mr. Uurke will light for a renotuina
tlnn against Miles J. McAndrew and
James F. Healey, of Arclibald The
trnth of the matter is however, that
Mr. Burke wishes to climb up the poli
tical ladder, and may interfere with
.Senator McDonald's aspirations for a
It is understood that nu emiessry of
Mr. Burke recently conferred with
some of tho leadors here and urged his
patron's candidacy. The Inside men
are on the fence in rhe matter.
There is 11 possibility that If Mr.
Burke is turned down as a senatorial
nominee he will cause the bosses
much uneasiness.
8c Says Field Marshal James Mahon
tvii . Ehould Know.
"I think it is safe to assert that At
torney A. A. Chase will again be a can
didate for .lodge this fall" said Field
Marshal James Mahon last evening ss
he gracefully leaned on his cane at
Wyoming avenue and Spruce street
and thoughtfully rubbed tbe snow
white stubnle on bis chin.
1 'I have not heard Mr. Chase express
any desire to rnn but from the way af
fairs and sentiments throughout the
eounty are shaping I do not sse how
he oan refuse -to become a candidate.
These who advocated his oandidaey be
fore will do so again but with renewed
As to whether or not Mr. Chase
would accept a nomination from the
People's party if served to him with
appetising trimmings Mr. Mahon re
fused to say.
Pineapples for canning. Coursen. 4tMA n 1 1 . . i.b la.n.l n.llM.. trtr
the Commonwealth Shoe Store, Washing
ton avenue.
Judgo Qunster Hands Down an Opinion
In Davis-Jirmyn Case.
Judgo Qunster yesterday handed
down an opinion in the injunction
oase of Leah Jones-Davis agaiust John
Jermyn and Contractor Conrad Senroe
der. A portion of it ie ae follows:
The evidence shows that the premises
included are part of a double buildnig aud
that tbe plaintiff has constructed and
erected extensions and additions to it;
and that since she wont into possession,
she had used an outhouse, situate on tho
easterly half of tho whole lot in connec
tion therewith fir. Jermyn Is engaged in
the erection of a hotel building which Is
desigued or planned eventually to cover
the whole lot. At present bis intention is
to completo tbe strvcture to the inside
line of the double building, of
which the plaintiff occupies the
westerly half, To do this it
will be necessary for him to tear dowu tho
easterly half of the building. The evi
dence shows that this can be dono without
injuring or destroying tbe westerly half or
tbe extensions or additions thereto. But
Iu excavatiug for the hotel bulKling Mr.
Jermyn encroached in tho rear and it also
became necessary for bim to remove the
outhouse which the plaintiff had UAed mid
which she claims tbe right to use. This
structure however was not on the prem
ises described in tbe lease that Is whs not
on the westerly half of the lot,
aud while tho plaintiff may have been
permitted to ue it, nor right to do so is
not clear. As the present plans of Mr.
Jermyn do not contemplate any encroach
ment upon or injury to the rights ot the
plaintiff, the injunction might t dis
solved, but as It will work him no harm
and will seen re nn observance of the rights
of tbe plalutiff, I think it best that It
should be couttuued.
Tbo rule la madu absolute and tbe in
junction heretofore grunted is continued
until otherwise ordered.
Scranton Officials Examine the Hend
ler Quarry at Maxwell Those
Who Were in the Party.
rpon invitation of Joseph Hendler.
of Wilkei-Barre, n prty of Scranton
ians, including councilman, school
controllers, city officials and contract
or a, boarded the U o'clock train on the
Delaware and Hudson yestarday morn
log for Maxwell, to inspect the exten
sive stone quarries owned by Mr.
Hendler, on tus line of the Lehigh
Vallay short branch railroad, between
Ulen Summit uud i'ittaton.
Tbe excursion party was in charge
of Cltt F.uginaer and Freight Agent
1). T Yost, of the Lehigh Valley road
At Avoca the Serantou people were
joined by a number of promiuent
Wilkes-Barreana, among whom were
Mr. Hendler, ex -Mayor Hubert He
Kuue, Peter Shepherd, William Neu
er. Dave Oallon, Totn Peteri, Mr Jost
calk, and City Pssaanger Ag'nt S S
CtlM, of the Lehigh Valley railroad
The stone ijtiarriva. which sre about
aeveii milea from Avoca, are near the
locality made famona bv tba murder of
McClnre and Flanugban, bv U.l Nose
Mike several years ago Tbo exeiir
sloniats readied th ijuarrv about 1" HO
a m , and spent uu enjoyable .
viewing the worklugs and partaking of
refreshments served by their BMl
Au excellent quality of genuine con
glomerate rock is found there, which,
according lo Mayor McKuue, contains
UT per cent, silica, capable of making
the lincit ot glaaa for opticians. Fifty
men are working at th main ledge at
present, but it is probable that th
force will be increased In tbe uar
The goeata of Mr Haulier were
taken to Wilkes-llarr via (ilen Sum
mit, and after spending several hour
In viewing the quai nt stghta of the city
returned boiue delighted with their
Th councils were represented In the
oertv by Mes'ra Began. William S
Ibomas kotatban, V TboshOJ. 1
dsn. Norton, Sweeney, Coonell. ''lark,
Moon, Borne, Wei sel RoMnoon. Roono ,
Hlrker. Boas The school controller
worn Secretary Kiiow. Messrs, Will
iams. Coir, Devauney. O'Boyle. Among
th- other excursionists were Building
I nop IS OT Nelson, Street OoBsnlwiOOOf
Klraf, M T, Lsrollo, cltv clerk, City
Assessor Yo, Assistant City Lt.giue-r
Sbvrwood, Aisistont Clerk of tbe ( loSM
cila McLean M4 Contractors S Ores.
Kmil btliiiiid', Max 1 .1 ; -, D J.
Rochl aud W K Knit
OPeNlNG OF IfluKll Hill PARK
This Heaalna; Boser, Ilacanllr K
ocvatad, Wl I Opn Mai 30.
Laurel Hill park will be opened to
th public on Ivcoratlon Day, May SO
The park having twice been visited by
fire and the principal buildings having
te n dretroyed. necessitate. 1 the build
ing of tbe s .me, which has been done
in n moat complete manner. Tbns It
will open this season with much btt-r
accommodations aud privileges than
ever before.
The psrk will stall times h guard-1
by police officer nnd the strictest or
der will be observed,
Thu car eervice from all tarts of the
city to the park will be better thM last
year, uud p tsoiis rUltlog that pi tee
may rest nssurd that there will be 110
unneoesssry crowding of cars
The new dancing hall l.aa a floor area
of nearly 4,'Q square feet, or about
1,000 more than the one of Ust yrar.
(iood music will bo engaged for several
nights each week, and those fond of
this enjoyment will find uo other place
presenting as many advantage.
Kvery Wdnsaday afternoon fr- in
,N until 6 30 the park will tie
exclusively to ladies nnd cbillr.n.
Such ae may wish to puss au sojoyable
afternoon, where they may feel pur
fectly at home and free from petty nu
noyances, will find this place fully ns
eoioyabloOtO private park A bind
will make tbe time pass pleasantly by
remitting popular muslo during those
The admission to the psrk will
free ut all limes eioupting wuuii reuted
by societies or orgsnizutlons of s like
The psrk will be furnished with eeats,
and swings of all kinds. A sods-fonn-tain,
ice cream stand, morry-go-aroun !,
jumbo roller, sbsdud pnvilioim, etc,
etc., will also add to the comfort un l
pleasure of those mukiug use of this
beautiful resort,
Ona Dollar Par Barrel Savad
By using tho noted Royal Blend Flour,
the highest grade and best family flonr
manutactured. Used by thouiands. Ask
your grocer for it.
H. Montgomery Co.. Agents,
720 W. Lsckawanna avenue,
An Evening- of Pleasare.
Tonight the children of Mrs. Swan's de
partment ot the Sunday School of film
Park will give an entertainment in the
lecture room of the church. It will be a
happy event.
They Have Oone Down
That Is prices at Guernsey Brothers,
For fine shoes and latest patterns try
the Commonwealth Shoe Store, Washing
ton avenue.
If it is a bouse or a lot yon want to turn
into money, call at office of
e Wood's College.
D.'Lddb AcqjittaJ tt ObUilLog DUgi!
Daniel Mahon and William Reese, of
the Ridse, on Trial for Robbing;
John Flock A Half Dozen Young
Men from Legget's Creek Answer
ing for Robbing John Early of a
Jug; of Mountain Dew.
Ths DoLong ouse was placed in the
hands of the jury yesterday morning
snd before noon a verdict of not guilty
nnd the costs of the c urt put up ju the
couuty was returned
There aro several other indictments
pending against DdLongof substan
tially luo saai4 character, lint tne dis
trict attorney informed a Tumi ni: re
porter that nomi of them will be called
up this term of quarter sessions' court
And it is possible that tin result of
yosterday'H cuss uiiV onuie u nolle
prosequi to bo entered
Daniel Mahon and William Rse e,
were arraigned before Julg" Sittsei
yeetcrday afternoon, charged with hav
ing taken it sum Of money front John
Flocl; of Arclibcl t on tho evening of
the 'Jlst of last DtOMubor. They were
defeuded by Attorney John li. Jones,
ex Ju-.lgn Stauton eesUtod District At
tornoy Kelly iu the prcaaootlon,
Flock alleges that the defendants as
ssnlted him aud stolo his pay unount
iugto4') His story ia that he met
the young Ben in a saloon on the
'Bilge" in Archtald borough aud
tre.itrd them OOTi ral tlm s Hi
ihowtd sev.ral bills In paying for his
LieaLl ami theae. be sae, the detond
ants took from bin as bo was irolng
DRNY noCS I 11 m 1 -.
The accused deny all of Flack's
charges and any th")' know nothing
whatever about his DUMMY. Flack and
a man named William Bidridg tuati
fied for the commonwealth. The do
feudauls and Wiiliam Duffy, who was
with them on the night in question,
gave evi leiice for the aOOMod and there
was 110 material different' t in their
statements Squire tiildaa. Warden
Walah, Tipstaff 1 J. Walsh and Thoai.ia
Mnnley bore testimony to tne good
character of the accusa l. Th evi
dence was all in Wuen court a Ij mrned,
snd will be tiiilbh.'. tomorrow uioroing.
Stephen Setnati tral found guilty of
cruelty to atuuula He was 1 unit -diately
aetitnrsd hyjutge Sillier to
pay a lino of S and coots "f prowen
linu and will serve twutity djje in tue
county jill
Andrew Mehahk waa foun 1 not
guilty of discharging hrearmi and tli
county will pay thu coals uf the pro
ceeding against hliu
Charies Wool was foiinJ not gull : y
of the first c iui.l m lb indlcimeu'.
agaiLst him, OsdOOHon, bnt was de
tlerod guilty of the aecuni c urge, for
Mil ton.
Iu court room No '.' ths tirat ease
yesterday afternoon was that uf John
Bsrly sgaiust Edward Paddea, John
Biylan, Patrick Walati. Michael Wnlol
and Aulbouy Doucy
The charwe Was .aaauit and battery
Cntof.of'rolloe W i Simpson was
prdHMntor for Mr Early,
AJD.T'1 t'aisr. or 0 4MA1M
The indlrlweut against these yonrig
men arose fross their SCtlOO lower I
larlv on tbe morning ot July ID.
Between 'J nl 'I 0?cl I ll thav Mreo
add his residence Willi stone! and to
inito cam. breaking the ! iri and win
do Wf
nas of tbe stone bit Early on the
arm and cut It vrely
Ileal Jo lull, the miraul-ra brjk
Into the cellar. whr B r!y kpt a
"drop of th craibur, aud Uuy cirried
sway with tham to s nrlgliborlug
hedg a jug of "potneen "
Two other y mug mn, P .trick
Naarr an I William QnOT. nf tteiptl
cited ou tbn en trgd of malicious mis
The evidence uf the proiecutor was
not Uiiisbad when court aalj mrned
It will bi Ole.o at th Aabury M. k
Churoh T -Nlcht.
The fulluwing program will te ren
dered nt the concert giv.-n at the Aa
bury M. E church. Ureen Kidge. to
night PART I
Contralto Solo,. .
Violin Solo
Baritone Solo
Mia Powell
.ii Cor Oriftlu
W. b. Ceujamiu
Pr eor 1'rotberoe. Jlus. Bac
t)net, S. pranu and Alto MUsea Powell
Part 11.
(Ivetlure. "liolden Sceptei," . Iirchestra
s pranoHolo Mra. I) T. Jayno
PiauoSlo Professor 1 A. BvatlS
Mediation Miss Cora Urifhn
Duet, Soprano and Baritone
Airs. Joyce and I'rofeasor rrolln-rue
The committee lias propared a treat
for the luvers uf go.-d music and sa the
sdmisslon lias been placed at the luW
price of lo cents it will be uerosonry to
be prompt to saeure good sants Doors
will open at 7JU p. m snl concort be
gin at B o'clock
Mai. villa Braakir Boy Rfui to Con
UnM at Work
A fow of the breiksr boys stopped
work at the Manville breaker, Ur
Iti lk', yesterday The mine is oper
ated alternat'ly each mo 1 1 h by the
Delaware. Lackawanna and Western
aud the Delawsre and Hudson cum
pint 's
Tbe Delaw ire and Hudson company
is working the mine thi" ruouth. Coal
Supei intendent A. II. Vandling ssid
laBt night tbut the stopping ot work by
the boys did not in any way interfere
with operations yesterday and most of
them would probably rsport for duty
Iliuilo Mcx-a Exclusively.
Beat made. Play auy desired number of
tunes. Oautschi A Sous., manufacturers,
1030 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Won
derful on he-u ml orgaus, ouly $A and flu.
Specialty: Old music boxes carefully re
paired and improved with new tunas.
Dr. Q (X Laubacr, dentist, Qas aud
Water company building, Wyoming ave
nue. Latest improvements. Eight years in
Hcrauton. ee
Ik you have a mortgage, a lot, a house
or a business property to tell I efanll be
pleased to confer with you.
F. E. Wood, Wood's College.
Stenographer Furniahad.
We are prepared to furnish business men
with firet-olass stenographers by the day
or hour. Expert bookkeeping a specialty.
Serantou Commercial Association, Lim
ited, 425 Spruce street.
Cure roR Croup. Use Dr. Thomas'
Eclectrlo UU according to directions. It is
tbe best Betnedy tor all ludden uttaoki of
colds, pain and lDfismmation,aml injuries.
Thay Can Stoure Low Bate b Calllns;
on D. W. Powsll.
Delegates to the Republican state
convention at Harrisburj; ou May 28,
or others who muy desire to attend tue
proceedings, can cull on County Treas
urer D. W. Powell, who, in the capacity
of chairman of ths Republican county
committee, has received from the chair
man of tho stute committee u package
of orders.
These orders are issued by the Penn
sylvania Railroad company, and by
getting ono from Trensursr Powell tho
holder is entitled to a hulf-fure ticket
from Wilkes-B.irro to Harrisburg and
The order must be nresentsd to tho
company's ticket sgsnt ut Wilkes-Barre,
and hs will issuj n speeial return tick
et, the cost of which will be the regu
lar fare one way.
Tickets nre good on any train going
from May 1!) to 'lo, inclusive, and must
be used in returning not later than
May 20
Tbe order does not include passage
between Wilkoa-Barre and Soranton,
unless f'it'ir arrangements are mado.
Arrangements Mado for Those Who
Will Attend from This Part
of the State.
The delegates to the state Republican
convention, which will be held iu Har
risburg on Tuesday next, will lssvs
this city on Monday afternoon. Thsy the Delaware and Hudson train at
Bridge street ut 188 aud go to Wllkss
Birre and then proceed to Harrisburg
over the Pennsylvania railroad, arriv
ing tlmre nt 8 o'clock 00 Monduy even
ing. The delegates from the districts in
the vicinity of this city who will com
pose the party nre Alexander Aikmau,
trom the First district, Major Everett
Warren, from the Second; V, M Fran
cis, from the Third, and W J. Scbu
bmobl, editor of the Olypbant Gazette,
rroin the Fourth district. Mr. Lsncss
ter, a delegate from Wayne, aud the
eutlre delegation from Susquehanna
county are expected to leave the city
ou the lame train.
Besides the delegates a large number
of well known Republics-, a or thla city
and vicinity will go to tbe convention.
Among those already listed srs Protb
onatorv Pryor, Attorneys F. W. Flellr,
John M. 11 irrit, M W. Lowry and It.
H. Hulgate; W. S Millar and N C
Mackey, of Waverly, luomas P Cos
grov, of Arcbbald, J. A. Northup,
of Dallon. Klward Hardenbergb. of
Hones 1 . and Representative W. K.
Peek uf Moscow. At Bellfoote they
expect to meet the epecuil car contain
ing ex liovern r Beaver and party
and thry will theref.-re bo present to
psrtlclpst in the ovation wMch will
undoubie lly be tendered to the veteran
At tbe convention on Tueidiy a can
didate for governor, lleuteuaut gov
onor, auditor general and secretary of
Interns) affairs and two cougresmeu at
large will be nominated.
There will be nu candidates from
Lsckawanna or Luterns counties be
fore the cjuventlou and no one from
sny quarter nearer than Mr Grow, and
there seems no doubt whatever but
thst he will be renominated without
of position
i her is a general feeling tnat Uon
ernl B sating! is the most available
candidate lot g veruor and II la pre
dicted tost lie will be nominated ua
tho Oral ballet
Funeral bt M C. Drl k.r U Id ToelOr
dar Morcluc
The fncsral of M. C Drlokar, uf tula
city, whu died iu New Mexico where
be 1 ad gone for hla besllb. occurred
ytiierdiv uiorniug at the sc.- R
formed Issooofjnl chorea. K-v. Al
fre l K Bates and Rev Bicbard Hiorua
officiated, 'lb arrangements were iu
charge of Arjt Williams
Th- pall bearers were Jot n D. Ward,
A 0 Banshaw, W L Pry .r. U. D
Buck, I t. m. Evans aud (ieorg Mott.
Tne Vu. il mualc was rendered by a
quialrtle compeed by J Wetkins
ii M. DeWlit, L J. Siebocker, Ljuu
Conrad aud Tbomaa Bmuu
Many reprreent itivei of (,' mpany D
and the Foki alien Jed the eer vices In
ttrmenl ws made ui Forest Hill cemt
lery 1 .i.
They Will Bt Seen With lb l A
BalUy Show.
Th bigh-j-iinplog boracs Iu ths Bar
num & Bailey greatest sbow on earth
tbll jeer are unapproachable in style
nnd merit Some of tneiu have WM
first prises at the annuil horss sbow in
Madison Square garden. New York,
nd one, a notable beast, lortuerly tbe
property of ex Mayor (Irani, of that
city, his a record of jumping seTen feet,
two incr es high wub a rl lor weighing
170 pounds
Tne long distance leaping, too, is
MDjOtblnfJ iqually great and record
bieakiug. These equestrian exhibitions
will ail le seen wneu th show comts
here on lbursday, May 24
D Beok, Tailor,
I arms a tun line uf ssmples, foreign and
aewaaii, iura-rmg anu euaiuier suiting
and irouaerlnga. Hive biin a call at .131
Linden street.
Are tlie w.irki of wheelbur
row. It should bo oiled ouoe
It is a much liner piece of
mechanism and - h uld be
cleaned aud oiled every year,
to keep it in good order.
Have it done by
W. W. Berry
The Jeweler
Who has had twonty-fivo
years' experience. You will
find him at
417 Lacka.
Best Sets of Teeth,$8.oo
Inoludtag the painless extracting
ot teeth by au entirely new pro-Cess,
S. O. Snyder, d.d.s.
Thlrty-(wj Set Positions.
We offer rpe.-ial advantages during thia
summer in busiuess. Shorthand and Eng
lish departments. The fact that thirty
two secured good positions during April
is the best evidence of the practical nature
of our work. Wood's College of Buslnewi
and Shorthand.
S Takes a new looso of lite tho minute S
S 3'on bring It into our store. To con- B
J vinceyou of tho trinhof oureta'.emeat g
we name a lew priues.
5 Tea or Coffee Pots 55c.up
a ''Marion Herland" ' Cofee Tots 85c .up f
A touch and there's the full
blaze; another touch, gone: Clean,
slm tile, safe. 75c. up. Many
SUMS and kinds.
CO-, np Dout build large m
i-oal Hi.- till warm weather; it B
makes thu whole houo uncom- I
foitutj'.- B
We Im . H
.oinuthlns entlruly new
, ......... p m"-- MM
very latest wonder. (Jlad to show you S
tllH Tl. IlltU. I '. . ITl nf.i ii i 1 1 tin, 1. B
ooKing naago tea
the points. Come In and eoe.
ii is not B
i' uuy aiwaye
128 Wyoming Ave.
We are now displaying
a line Hue of
ARMY ulil I 0
The month of May always brings
these to the fore. It is the month in
which the GRAND ARMY in all
parts ot the Union sees to its uniform
and fits itself, to properly decorate
the graves of fallen comrades.
Full Grand Army Suits
from $6.50 up, single and double
breasted, each coat and vest being
made with eyelets and furnished with
two sets of buttons.
Every pun hswer of
the lioautiful PABLOR
Complete Outfitters, SCRANTON, PA.
We Don't Want
The Drum
Your Ear
Straw : Hats
None Cheaper
Styles Correct
This Week
A $1.50 Leghorn Hat for
79 cents.
Flowers, worth 50c. a Spray.
For 15 cents.
Our Trimmed Hats marked down
to half price.
Cloak Dept.
A find Clay Worsted Coat,
linedwith Moire Silk, worth
$14. for $6.
A Black Moire Silk Cape for
$9, worth $20.
Your choice of 100 Capes
and Coats, in all shades,
for $2.98, worth from $7
to $15.
Also, a Tailor-made Suit for
$4.98, worth $7.
138 Wyoming Ave.
next dime bank.
worth or over receives a chance on
But we want to impress
upon you the fact that we
are offering better values in
footwear than any other
Shoe House in Scranton.
Call and we will prove it to
you. The benefit will not be
one-sided, We'll get a new
customer, that's true, but
you'll save money by trading
with us.
Cof- SUlJW" km
None Better
Prices Right