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3d LM
HE Til
Certain Good Senators Have Refused Offers
of Bad Lobbyists.
Agricultural Deliberations in tho
House An Increase of 530,000 Is
Made for the Purpose of Furthering
the Distribution of Free Seeds
Opium Is Placd on the Free List.
Other Business Transacted.
Washington, D. C May 10
N THE senate today Mr. Lodge
(Massachusetts.) offered a resolution
melting statement lu Ibt Baw
York Pun tbn t bribe bad been of
fered to lenuton to induce tban
to votn against tbe pending tariff WH,
anil u Bitrned article in h Philadelphia
pup-r statins timt tbe auger achedala
had been made np as it now itaoda in
consideration of a large sum of money
twiil for c.:inpaic,:i purposes of the
Democratic party, and providing for
the appointment of a committee of tive
senators to investietae these charges.
The vice president asked Mr Lodj;
What action l'.e desired. Mr Lodge r.
plied that he aalcod for the present con
fidaratina rl the resolution.
Mr. Cockr-U, Missouri Let it be
printed and lie on the table
Ai d nn ler the rule the resolution
went over until tomorrow.
The resolution offered yesterday by
Mr. Alien, Nebraska, calling upon the
seer' tarv of the treasury for certain in
formation, was laid hefore the senate,
and after remarks by Mr. Allen, eiilng
precedent for the naolutloo, it was
(ragweed bv Mr Chandler. New Bantp
sbire, as requiring information which
it eras impoeelbie, for the treasury da
part ment to supply. The resolution
Went over without action
When. the senate adjourned y- stur-
lay twenty igbt item of tlie tariff
i iii, nil comprised wit .in the obemieal
seb'duls A. hid been considered mi l
Lbjpnwd of, Ivavtag forty- . Ten it m
on tn tcbtdul alill to be soted oa
The pregreos m uie on the bill led a
was nut s-o Satisfactory as that made ye
if rdny, I nt thnt was oaring largely to
the fact that nearly two aonra1 time
was consumed ill the d 'lirery of a
speech bv Mr. Qallinger, (few H..iud
hire, which he desenhd at "ai ac
curate historical analysis of American
legislation on the snbj -ct, sine' the
day wbtn the pilgrim pat tli-ir feet
n Plymouth II u k."
Be hid onlv got so far as tho Polk
lection in 1844, when he yielded the
floor with tl.e purpose of continuing
i he suij.ct hereafter. Mr. Dubois.
Idaho, followed in a ibonj speech, in
which he upreeaed his preference to
bays the bill pssd promptly, rather
than have too tariff :ion left nn
decided, and declared ibat ttut highest
Bnd mt fit stable protp.rity would
at me only whan protection was united
with bi-tnetalliara
rotnmnoi items qomukbe&
Tne result ot today's ucliou Was to
d .osh of fourteen items in the chemi
cal schedule, were Bu
seed or linseed null poppy aecd oil, ')
cents per gallon. On hemp seed oil.
ttd rape send oil pi cents per gallon
On olive oil fit for salt. I rurpos.s. 'Mi
cents per gallon, On aqaaOM, extract
of opium, for medleinal note, and on
tincture of opium, und laudanum ' )
per e nt, ad valorem
On opium prepared for smoking, $t
per pound NOAM opium being s.rueR
out of tho dutiable list, to be traced
en, the fre lit On hone black and
lamp black, M per cent, ad Valorem
On chrome yellow nnd other cbrnrnium
colors,!) cents p r ponnd f"r the load
contained in them
The senate nt 0 lo o'clock adjourned
until tomorrow
Ten pities of the agricultural appro
priation bill disposed of in committee
if the whole was tho net remh of
nearly five hours semiou of ins house
lo lay. The feature of the proo ding
m i s an attack npon th monthly crop
bnlletir.s issued by tbe department ol
agrii ultnral by Representative M ush,
ol Illinois, lie denooncad them a a
fraud upon thirty millions of people of
the Uniud States, and said that tbey
were issued only in the interests of
apt culator in farm products. He sup
plemented his 'paeon with a notion to
strike mi: the appropriation for the
K.iti.ering of the information contained
In ibeas report and their publication,
but this lulled of adoption.
A luriie purl of the afternoon was
devoted to the discussion of thi dis
tribution of ssedu by the department
of agriculture ami after a eigoroni
fight, led by Mr. ficltler. of South
Dakota, Riley, of Now York, and
Wilson, of Washington, an increase of
$3'J.0(;0 was made lu the appropriation
lor the purpose over the amount reo
ointuended by the committee in the
bill. Adjourned until to-morrow.
Alanaon Hyait Btabl Ills Wire aod Thsn
Elmiha, N. Y., May IB Alansou
Hyatt, a well known citizen of Wav
Mfly, went bcm at i! o'clock this after
noon, stabbed his wife aud then hiin
aelf. He died almost immediately, md
liie wife cannot live.
Hyatt bad been drinking consider.
ably of lata, and about ten days agl he
went homo and nssaulted a boarder
who had him arrested and placed
under bonds to keep the peace.
Ths Numbi. cf Drunka Are Increasing
DaiU- at Iiladensburir.
Washington d. C, May 16. The
ItUllt and the foreuoou pasted at iho
Cogey cuuip nt Hladetisburg without
incident except tho diminishing uum
li r of corralled tramps, tho incroase in
number of "drunks," and the contin
ued absence of paying gute receipt. A
brick oven hut been constructed to
bake into bread tho carload of flour re
ceived from Missouri yesterday.
The absence of President Cleveland
from the oity on his fiibiUUi trip aud
the consequent impossibility of re
commissioning Judge Miller till hi, re
turn, will probably causo a delay of
some days in passing sentences on the
three oouvicted leaden, Coxev, Drown
and Joues, or determining what course
shall he taken on their counsel's motion
jor a supersedeas.
The Flam.s Wipe Out Worth
of Property.
Pawtitkkt, R. Li May 10 Fire
which brok- out late this afternoon in
Bewail' coal yard spread up quickly
and aid was a.iked an I responded from
Providence aud Lincoln. The electric
stall jn aud (fas works were ou lire ut
one time but were saved.
Four coal and lumber yar is, with
barns and eighteen bone and four
dwelling boost wore burned. Con
idenbla damage was alto done to ves
(sl and Other property. Lois $jOi), DUO
to 78O,0O0,
Proceedings of the Great Pow-Wow
at Bethlehem Officers for
Another Year Ejected.
! ETHi.Eiir.M, P.j.. May It!. Tho great
of the Pannsylvauia Improved Order of
lted Men spent the greater part of the
day in considering appeal The
eleotion of oQoara resulted at follow i
Baohrm, Harrison Xetbitt, of Ltm
villet senior sagamore, John E. Poor,
of Philadelphia ; junior sagamore,
Walter Wbite.ol York; prophet, David
Conn, of Philadelphia; chief of re
cords, T. K Dunnallhy, of Philadel
phia; keeper of wampum. Qtorg W.
Kriam-r, Philadelphia. Kepr-enta-tives
to tno great council of tfi United
States, J J Noupnsr. of Mr Joy;
James U. George, of Wuke-BrT,and
Cbarlti H Newell nnd Ciemuut U.
smith, of Philadelphia.
Ths n:-xt meetiqg plfoa will bt Phil-
Hde!ihi. i'he state ebleftni .-..fcti ,
the uniform r ink of the ordey. hel l its
annua) meeting today and ateoMd th
.'..ii.iwmg oOoarai Superior chieftain,
Morris Sullivan, ol Wllkot-B irrj , lir-t
vice Chieftain, John Manning, of Baa
lou; second vice chieftain. J. nil Duke,
of Philadelphia; reroi ler, James H
(ieorge, of 'iV'i.kes-Uarre , IraMOTer,
lUinson Naabitt, of Lk sville.
GKANO 1.1. U I O. O. f
tcsns at thi Qtoalag of the Altoooa
tVucewA, Pit, Kay ig At ths aftor
KM) 'Ion of In- Grand lodge. III Is
pendent Order Odd FjIIoiy. by a na
anitnons votn Pnilad-lpalt wa etisen
s th neit plac of meeting of the
Grand lodg At tonight's sasion the
unwritten work was egemplifled
The seciud sesl n uf too Haughtvr
of Uebekuh as-embly wa held lUl
morning witli Diueiy-lbraa delegate
present, i'he report of the tair held in
I Philadelphia to replenlih the omlding
fund or tne u-ii-kiii noine ror
of Old Pellow ebowed that fcl.Sn had
boeu reallEid Toe follow!:, g uffloer
wrn elected at lh- m rning and m-stall-d
at the v tort;'. n : n
l'reideut, s strr Annie M. Lntz. of i
Kither lodge No. I of lieiding, vice
pr- siient, Si.t -r M M. Hii.ea. of Eia.i
Off lodg N" II of thi oily ; secie-
tarr. Sister M irv M ioalyo, of Thar
eaa lodge of i'ntl lelphia. tressuror,
Sister Jane M. Lyon, of Ann i llirri
son lodge No SI of Maboooy City
Tne assemtdy tuea adjourned to
meet next year.
Chuicb and : ..i.i Dwellings Batned
Ln $70,000
Mt N. J., May 10 -The vil
lage of Pemoerlnn about five miles
from here, wa visited by a deitructiee
tire today tliat OaBM near wiping out
Uie town. Nearly all the housis are of
wood and the flumes spread rapidly.
'Ibe fire department, at P. ml erton bnd
nothing but an old band engine, with
which tbey c uld do nothing, and tele
grams were sent to Mt Holly and Pur
iingtOO for assistance.
The departm mts from both th-H '
towns respon led promptly aod thtuiig.i
their eflorts the town Was saved. The
Methodist Eotsi opal church and par
sonage, eight dwellings and one store
were burned oil which the lots will
exceed 70,000 Thaaggragat Intur
ance will i.ot exceed fM,000. Tlie or
igin of the tire i not Known.
Heavy frost badlv damaged iruitiu cen
tral and southern New York.
uosish Quincy will probably be nomi
nated for mayor of Boston, by the Demo
crats. lleci Ivors of the Equitable League of
America, at Baltimore, now bold X7,31H
of the league's funds.
Ilavinc accldentallv shot hii- 1h. year-old
niece, Herman Pet r-, of Keuisen, 1
killed himself In remorse,
Wouuds from haul; robbers' guns, st
Southwest City, Mo., ended the life of ox
State Senator J. C. Siiabnru.
Million of grssshoppors have been
plowed up by Ontario far (tt eft, who expect
a worse plngue than last year.
In the delirium of illness, Charles hner
ish, of 8t. Paul, betrnvnd himself as the
murderer of William Lindboff.
Whllo curling her hair, BoM Bergar,
aged 17,a New York domestic, tipped over
a lamp and was fatally burned.
Prominent neorgians appeared beforo
tho house committee on appropriations in
behalf of government aid to tho propose I
Cotton Stales and International n posi
tion at Atlanta iu 1895.
The excess of government expenditures
over the receipts for the t"n months and a
hulf to date is i7U,000,OUO, the round flg-
n res standing: Receipts, i."7,ouo,uuo; ex
psudikuies, f 127,0110,1100.
Mr. ZeballoH, the Argentine minister to
the United States, lias satisfied himself
that tho recent reports of a threatened
political and financial crisis in the Argeu
ti no republic, were a pure stock jobbing
O'h-M- EasterD League Oimes.
Springfield, 14; Blughainton, 13.
I! i. halo, 14; Syracuse 7.
K:ie ys. Troy, postponed; rain.
Reports of Trouble ffltH the Tramps Come
from All Siatious.
A n Attempt Made by Drunken Tramps
to Wreck the Chicago Expross.
Surrender of tho Coxeyites at Green
River Movements of the Troops.
Deputy Sheriffs Resisted.
Qbbin Rites, Wyo., May 10
THK CoXVitM Who took a train
from United States Marsh il
Rankin In Montpeller day before
yesterday arrived here lust
night, and made request to be t l ioed
Under nrrett, but United States Mar
siuil Rankin at firtt refused to comply.
A sand storm was rawing, and later
uow and hail fell, m iking the hungry
men desperate They were ahou:
to ae is a trdn when Marslal Rankin,
acting under information from Unite I
Slates Marshal I'iukhnm. of Idaho, ai
rested tliem. They were then Booted
and fe I.
Colonel Pollard and ISM men of the
Eighteenth infantry ranched here at 8
o'clock this morning They will ai i
Marshal Rankin in the work of taking
the arretted tramps lurk to Mali '.
Marshal Pinkh iiii, of Idaho, will reach
here this evening with warrants Col
onel Copeland, with 200 soldiers, in on
the way here from Cheyenil",
BLDOR, la , May 10. One hundred
boat loads of IC--llv'a band of Cogeylto
oamped laat ulbt half a mile below
tnis city, the rest taing scattered 0
shoals, rocks an I sand bir ten mi Us
ubove. Tl.e Rock Uland to '. ran all
Its engines out of the city, (I pn
rantlou against au attempt to
steal trains. Deputy aberlflk have
orders lo allow no Kelly men
to land abov the oamn, One
toat-load dd so, and w.ien a deputy
order.! the niu oir th y threw Iffja
at the officer, whtreup n tbey ware
elnbbad. Two war arreated and gave
bond for ippvaranoe In court There
was anotbei outbraah last evening, in
which several m-n were hjrt
Winona, Minn. May 10 An at
tempt waa made by tbra drunker.
tramps to wreck the Cht.-a.-o rxpres
on the Miiwiiik-e r oil.nur Minnesota
City, six miles from here, Isst night.
The tramps got on the tuggige car nt
Mlnniska and roboe 1 tile i hm lox ou
the end of the tm)r of link and pins,
winch they dr ppel to try to throw the
train off IbC track st Minnesota city.
The train crew tried to capture lo.
tram's. A flg it ensued, and aftr a
deeper 'te struggle two of th tramp
eere t ij tur- I. not thirl, tn leader,
paned Kelly, Well known us a despera
do, got away. Liter he also vrasc-
tnr i and It p iw la jail bare,
Fi'NH lit" LAf, W ., May 10 Five
tramps WM Dumped arjun '. a g of
beat near the cuy iimiU ynturlay
poiici man Pontana ordered tbem t"
more and they OBeBOd bra Ml loin, itt
Dletlng a painful wound. A party of
eltlten panned them ontfi dark.
John McKstai, a farmer, joined th
party Bnd was niHtaken in the dark
for one of the tramp and was ordsu-1
to (top, but refuse I, and W8 M ri U 1
wonn led py a vol b y of bullet from
tlie p isS v
QklBR BOgO, I s., May 10 The
klfin army broke camp at Latrobe
this moriiiii,'. and at 10 o clock started
up the railroad witu Derry as IBelf ob
jective point, C lOUal UaUm went
abend in lb main llnaagprvaata
cure quarters for thitn. 1'bey Were
U'all supplied with piov.aious.
Willlsms Hlrrd IWB to flury
Body of the 'uid-id Woman.
Dallas Msv 10 L B, William',
an uj bobtanr, lived witu Ins wife M
tba second II ior over his bn-nies
house List Wedi. esday the Dvlgbfa hi
baoam itttptciont, an I inlormd in
slier, tf. who arrested Williams and
Dirk Johnson, a negro emp ye.
The mattress and bed Olotblng in
William' boon were inlunttd with
blood, and an ax was fouud Inotngted
with gore. Near the aidevvn k earth
WBB removed, and I WO feet below tba
surface was loiiud the holy of Mr.
Willi im. with the skull nrub i
Dick Johnson has BMfMd tlin
ill: .01 kil.e 1 lo wife an I ,n 1 hun
and another BBgro to conceal the holy.
1 a
The Dls pasarai.ce of Annie M lousy In
18S3 at Last Cleared Un.
San PraMOUOO, May 10 Tno mys
tery snrroiinduig the I ieBlltV of a
young woman calling banal f Tidily J.
Freeman has been cleared up. mil it
trauspires that she is Annie Hoonay,
who was lost at a picnic In llelinout,
Sin Miinteo county, Cal , in 13.
Her disappearance at that time cre
ated a great surprise. Her father was
James Mooney, a carpouter, and
thongh ho whs curtain the child had
been kidnapped, he was absolutely un
able to fasten reasonable suspicion
upon any person.
! ! I!
Will be the First Psrnn Hangsd Under
a New Lew.
Nkw Haven, May 10. The snpruine
court of this statolius refused a new
trial to James OrontU, now sentenced
to bo hanged on August 21
He will bo the first criminal to bn
axecutod under the new state law re
quiring private execution, at tho state
prison, beforo sunrise, and be will be
hanged on a new automatic gallows,'
operated by water powor.
Thsy March fiom Fithklll and Intimi
date Workmen with Threats.
PoOOBKgKMU, N. Y., May 10 A
strike in the brick yards near Fishkill
Landing and Duchess Junction, affect
ing about 1,500 men, Is on.
The strikers, armed with clubs nnd
stones, marched down tho Central
Hudson railroad tracks to Duciosr
Junction, five miles, stopping at six or
seven ynrds and forcing all the men to
stop work.
The mob, compotrd of Arabs nnd
Huns, led by neveral Irishmen, at
tacked the foreman nt Timotiv' yard
and ran him into the woods. The yard
owners have culled ou Bborlff Uirtlett
for protection.
Four Alabiimx Diepsrs tool Arrestal for
Dturdtrleir a Farmer
BlltMlstiilAM, May 10 Three nights
ago White Caps oalltd BpeBOM Atkins,
a prominent farmer, frmn his botioe
and shot him to death. On Monday,
Deal Nee! and was arrested mid placed
in jail at Vernon.
Yesterday he confessed to the sheriff
that he WBB a member of the party of
Whits Oapa who murdtrad Atkins.
N'-eland's pals tailed t r-scil him ou
.Monday night, and out of revenge he
gave tlie alien If the nam 's of the mem
bers of tlie gang Alexander and Allen
Jordan and Henry Hawkini were ar
rested. All nre desperate char, icier.
Open threats have Win mad" by
friends of the prisoners to resc i them,
and Governor J. nes has urderod a com
pany of state troop to guard tba j .11.
Congressman Grow Says Literature
Is Not His Strong,
V7ARMKOTOH, Mv Ifl Representa
tive Gulusiia A. Grow, nt Pennsyl
vania, laughed heartily to day when
taki ! if it wa true that be purposed
writing a book of reminleoeuoea oover
tog the legislate- hi'tory of the
United State fr in ISM down to the
preBtBt tune.
"Hss that story been started Bgalfl i"
ha aaked.
"No," b eontinnad "I bav nev r
thooght of doing aneh work My fnen'.s
thing that when 1 bavan'l Bnythlng
else to do I ou.-ht to write a BOOB.
Itook-writing," said Mr. (imw r- Ilec-t-t
vely, 'is an urt, nn I It can't be sc
qui red la a day, I might b able to
n .irate ttU faott of history fairly
BOUgb, but pei pie don't want c ! 1
facta alone; they w mt accessor
ies the flue Imaginative) an I d
tori pile w rk wblob t-rve to
malt the fats attraottvai I'm
not capable of doing th.t Bot
cau anv on do it laota ifn ly except .
man of dtot'led literary ability or a
iiewsp.p-r writer, to wn m lh narra
tion of rv-ul b c an a itl'.i of sec iid
nature I never brepaTOd but tWO
speeches in my 1 ife y work na
Ineatnmp bet always ben impromptu,
and I wnnl 1 do faint jaittc to any
ubjrct if 1 (B dOWB an .'trie I car a
rally to work It out "
Th I'.nnsylv.iai R publlOBBI will
meet in convention st aarrttburg ou
Wednesday, the "i'A mat , to nominate
a g rtrnor, Hantenant g 'tmu .r, aon
gresimeii-it large and other offieert, It
le nndsratood mat Mr (iriwwui is
re-norainated lo congress without op-
Altenhin(r R-coan S'd by Newspaper
Deeertprl m K. i-Burp Dad
TJtICA, N Y.. May 6 -Herndardl
AltOB ' tg. r. ibe would t murd-rer,
who left Katie Rum for deal la the
wood at Saake ilm, N. J , was er
reeled on I he Chicago Limited train
kOTB at 10 ) last Blgbt Bl capture is
due to the newspaper description of
WheB the North Shore limited on
the New Y. ,k Central left Albany las
evening two dtll ns ot Rome went
aboard. In the uawtpapert tbaybad
bOUght tbey reel an eOCOOBl of the
murderous ass mil on Kan- Repp, und
as ths yi tmg woman was from their
city they became Interest, d The men
anJayCapron, a prominent R)publi
can bOtltlciaa and a former depnty
shrrifT, mi I t iiaunrey Hiull urt. They
bad hardly finished re.. Ir g ine article
when they noticed in B e at oppoattB to
th m a voting man, stylishly dressed,
wl n seni"d to answer the description
of Altenlierger.
Tbeyatadled bis lotiona and dee id d
to can. e 'is air. st when the train
reachel U o-a. When 1 tie train arrived
here at 10.88 Mnrltmrt followed the
suspect wblla Capron oalled for a po
lic 'inm. T" young man went into
cafe at the depot ami purchased a glasr
of beer. Just after he drank it Police
men Cheney und JflBN arrested him.
A rep .rter of a local pap-rsliow. d
Altrnberger bl own nbotngraph, an t
then he admitted hi Identity H wis
taken to a polio ItatlOO nnd scire ha I.
lie had a grip, and in it wore found
several articles used by tailors, a bn -tOOhbl
PUnob, nnd a pair of scissors.
He had som" thing he bad parobaaed
In New Y uk, including a striw hat,
which, however, he did not wear, Hill
nslng the one bo had ou wb -n the ..
anil was committed.
Upon bis tv non were found tho
photograph of Mi Unpp and himsll,
as well as In r gold WBtOb and $00 in
cash. Ho said lie had shot Mis Unpp
twic. He said that he shot bor because
she was a Catholic and he Protestant
and that this difference in faith made
it impoeaibl tor bim to marry her,
though be tayi he still lovs her
Jggagv CiTt, May 10 Rati Rnpp
who was ahot at S inake bill by Allen
btrger, died at 11 19 toaUbt.
The impending s'nk" of fjOOdon "abbies
wi'l withdraw 7, iMKI cab from servlco.
Cholem is oftlciallv declared to exist in
seven governments of Southern Itiissla.
prance will onnex Tunis and Madagas
car, over both ot which she now has a pro
tectorate, soys tho Pari Matin.
UflUhil reports to the Austrian govern
ment show that Manullcher rilla wounds
are more deadly that those of the old
lrgo-boro weapons.
Bicycle riding has greatly improved tho
health of Mis Frances Wlllard, president
of the Woman's Christian Temperance
Union in the United States, who is visiting
Lady Somerset in England.
Premier Hosebery, Sir Chsrltn Dilke end
Hi an L,cckey will take part in tbe
London banquet in honor of the oftkera of
the United States cruiser Chicago. Ad
miral Erben and otberB visited Ambassador
Bayard yesterday.
Diocesan Convention Decides That
Whitty Society Won It.
Action on the First Plan Formulated
Indefinitely Postponed Another
Will Bo Brought Forward - Address
of Rev. E. J. Mtllcy He Advises
Delegate to Get B ck to First
Principles President Devinc's An
nual Address a Thoughtful Effort.
WiLKn-BABBg, Mav 10.
TBERE was ,i large and reproaent
BtiVS gathering of earnest, sin
cere ti mji Tancr men in St.Aloy
sins hall on Boftbampton street
tod iy. Tbey were tba delegate of the
l ather llatBBW s cleties that coiuuriio
the Catholic Total AbttiuM union of
tbe dlooeee of Borantoo, and tbey mat
in twelfth annual OOUVention 10 c di
al Ir plan for extending tbe influence
of the union aiong temperance iun-s
nd it n inor valuable initita
lion to society.
The present oAOBM of lh Unina are:
Spiritual director, R . K J Melley,
Booth Bcrantoo; president, John 11.
Davlne, Watt Soranton ; first vtc
presideut, Cbarlei Livin, Willi s
Uarre; second vire-presidrnt. Mm
Marv 11 May. KlBgtO0 treasurer,
John A Collier, Pltttlon; general sec
retary, Joba M Msck. Lastroa All
of the ofliceri Were BfaOtnl CXC ipt Ml."
Bay, who it in M ntsna, and Treas
urer Collier, of Pulsion.
rbe eoavoBtloa waaotlled tn or'.er
at 1" J by Praaldtot Joba H D viae,
and afier th" ojiening pr aver, Rev. E
J. Melley, spiritual lire.", .r. x k latro
dttoed an 1 iddfreaad the delegate
I iTltet: Mi l.l.LV a sah;: i: .m -
il" brlefli rafarrad loth lottetof n
apirttusl direotor, ramarkina that, at
tun . they tvan of such a nature as to
arouse oppoaltlon, for ad vie and au
gaetlona are no' alwayt kindly taken,
' intlnBing h atld
1h gaud that bn ta-en sec.iinphshed bv saieties in the past, but
Ibere It atvrlhslsas, na denying that Ine
evil of intemperance has no. Baea . ra n-
BatedtoBBv aoaatdanbla tent It t a
terr.b'.e evn and In it tba church Bods a
frce that peralyz bereff .rta. ihet Ul
ehsttnetire mov.inenl originally sprang
I irot'J a l til l-tian ueire to lhake IB 1 1 ri 1
I - tu r, n 1 w .w a I. .r f tlie church in
: the w.,rk ct social and religion reform
There l no true re'i rr.1 wi h ut tbe grace
of 1 1 '. and a de :r" for a lr.:ii"r ar: '. ' 1 1 1 r
life, and this fact you ttroald kaapCOB
tnnily befere you. Man should not de
pend on bimewt but oa Hod. It 1
clear then that tbit li a rrliu
l.ius work in wl.nh you sr.. e'ign..-d
Therefore gel baoB to old principlee t laj
get back to where year weveateut orlgt
nally stood. It is not bi raawry t iy bit
tcr ihlnga III order to prove lh tt you are
in earned lu this gruud BMVomeat. Ton
are no more eai n.-i in yi iu di-sirj to ave
souls tban your prnt wiiu have ilevcted
tin ir UVM lo that work. OBBM cheer to
the aaorcbi let there b no Mere oontea
lion or wrangli. g; devote your eurrgle
liicereiy to the in v iueut ja u are en
gaged in and you will Qad ibat the total
HtMl.ueiice mo ateni Will increaw in
Strength each year.
I IM OF Hi t Hi 1TH P.BAD.
James J O'Ban, of Parsons, nnd
Jsmes V.. Dwyer, of Barlalgb, were
eeleclad aaaiatanl "cretarts. and Pre
ident D vino nam' I Frank McCffrey.
ofafevmye: M. J. K ighron, of Ashley.
and T P Kadgrtt, ofScranton, as a
. mm i tee on credential. Afi.r ire
area of Bttaoo m nut. . tbe report of tba
committee sn pnaeatad. i ne appear
anoaof tbe co iveiilion was brignleued
liy the presence of a lies who represenl
the ladiea' wing of the movamant The
report of the cummittee showed that
the following d-d-gat ware present :
Aahley St, Alo)ms, M. J. Klghroa,
A. J Boooay.
AvocM- St. At .ysio. Edward Iteilly.
William I'onsherty.
Archbeld- KnightB of lather Mnthew,
M. J. MoABitrew. Jaine-i K. McAndrew.
Barn toe Si. Patricks, Jaiu.-s K. Uidi
gan, J. Donovan,
l arb Uidale i'loneer Father Mnthew,
t. T. l'.nrke, ,Ia:ne PtdgO0 Kuichts of
Father Slathew, P. Klaaiiel v, Elward
Dougherty, RdWard K.lley. s-.. ft nan, J,
J, Muilray, Patrick UcDounellt St. Pat"
rick, John OoeteAo, Nni. tea Mnrtaoah,
Uiiflou St. Aun isidets, J. J. McXiiis.
Bcklvy st. Mary, Edward Gallagher.
1 reaieud - .--t. An 1 1 ioi r corp.. P, Be.
Boatal, Pal tick Clark: Yoaag M n, Jo
n.'i.b D. lien, n, Edward Baalon.
Frmichtow u - si. Patrick, Heery Terry.
Foiest City St. Joseph John McDon
aid, M J. Baly,
Urnnd Taunl St. Vincent, J. f, Mc
Carthy, John Le.
Baatatoa -St. (Muriel, Arthur J. liwius,
Patrick Honer,
iiari. lgb-si. Aloyilni, Edward Can
Hon, James I Dwyar,
Jeraup St. Jam, Joba J, MeAadnw,
J ante Coonom st Janes cadets, James
F. Loftus, Tin inns P Walsh,
,i. i in vii st. Aioytloa, F. McCafferty,
John Heehan,
Kingston St, Aloytint, w. f. Barry,
W. J. Oabaleni Bt, Aloyalai Ladiea, Annie
McCabe. Badts Allabach; st. gnattna
guardi Patrick Ballagbw.
UinOOka St. Joseph, Jatues F. Jndge,
P Caaiek.
Baatlcoki st. Praaeit, Patriok Baalay,
P. J. Fisher Ir ; St. Franci cail-ts, Pat
rick Fisher, Joaapb Smith.
Parsons St. Aloytins, M. P. Finn,
Thomas li win; St. lHiuinick cadets, J.J.
plymonth-St. Vincent, Sf.U Money,
J, McBlwee, St. Vincent cadets, J. W,
Scully, Baal Sweeney.
Plttston- Father .Mathcw, M. W, Morri",
John II. Fey; St. JoMpli cadets, F. ilack
in, M. F. Uiileapie; St. John', V. line .Men,
M. J. Tigue, IM. Doughert st. John' ca
dets, Thomas J. Murphy, Joseph Moruu.
Bo rah ton St, Leo's battalion, James
BoBnmara, James B, buruett) Father
Whitty Young Men, John II. Duggan, P,
V. May; Father Matbnw, West Side, J. i '.
(Inllsgher, John 11. McNuliy; Cadets, M.
T, Walsh, John D. Oroatn; St. Paul's,
llreeu Uidgo, T. V. Early, M. J. Mellody;
Cad, ilartin Ferguson P, I). Muhou;
St. John's, South Side, John J. BcUnlre,
James P. Ouvan; Cadets, J. J. Wlilte, J.
J, Cullen; 8t. Pntrick, C. (1. Holand; Ca
dets, James P. Luvelle; St. Paul's Pioneer
corps, J. J. Sweeney, William J. McUee;
Cadets, P. F. McCoy, T. A. McCoy; St.
John's, Pine Brook, D. J. Campbell, Timo
thy Bnrke; St. Cecilia's, West Side, Mar
garet Burnett, Mary Hennigan.
Sugar Notch St. Aloysiur, ThomaR Mc
Ci'une, T F. Uiley.
Simpson St. Micbaal, JameB Boyle,
John J. 1 urns.
Wilkx-Barre- st. Aloyalut, J. J. Galla
gher, II. C. Gallagher. Andrew Fi-ldman,
.John H. Gorman, P, J. Bnrke: St. Mary's,
William Moiri, John MhsIpbod, Joseph
Collin.-; cadets, Patriok Toole, Tbouius
While Haven St. Alovsins, T. J, De
vnney. Daniel J. McCarthy; radebi, Mi
chael Brlffin, Edwar l T. Dcmpsoy.
Then are seventeen loolatiei on the
roll of tb i anion which are not repre
sented. After tbe reading ol the min
ute of tba l ist oonvantion President
Devlne named these committees:
ReeoloHons 3 B Foy, Ptttatont P. J.
Burke, Wilkee-Barrei Joan McDonald,
Forest City; Jehu I), llerron, Kr. eland;
John D. Cronin, Scran ton; T. F. r7alb,
Jess ii p.
Constitutional Amendment M. T.
Bure, Carbondalei D J. Campbell,
Bcranton; W, J. Oaalea, Klngttoa; P. T.
N. rtoa, Pitt.ton; Jama F. McAadraw,
Arcbbald; James McBlwee, Plymouth
Continued on Paf;o 0.
Participants in the GravescnJ Races
Aro Hauled Up Right and Left
and Placed Under Bail.
Bsw York, May 18, Tbn was
contldrrabl (uppreatad -xritement at
tba Qraveaend rsc tr ick to lsy owing
to the stand IV. r D-LauHV has taken
against the Brook!) u J ckov club.
AI l- r the sixth race, TLoma- L Egaii,
who has charge ol tho betting ring,
and three bookm liters were placed un
der arrest and tak li i . 1 r- Judge
Voorbees, who admitted tbem to ball
in tbe turn of $1,000. Sheriff Bottling
anil a sous I ul deputies appeared on
lbs track at i lid ..'clock and immedl
ately went to the jn Ige.i'a s'.and, where
they informed Colonel Simmons,
Clareaaa McDowell und Viciur Smith
that tbey were uu ler arrest for siding
and abetting a lottery.
Mr. Banter, chairmen of tie stew
ard . sra also plaoad under arrest, a
warrant bad also b-eu laBBod for Presi
dent Lawrano of tu0 Coney bland
J. ck iy clan, who is alanona of the Bet
ing st wards of tn Brooklyn Joekay
duo's meatiag, but be wita not at the
track today. C .rrisgee were procureo
nuteide the tra ik and ihe . r t v prc
natdad to tn Iowa ball, wn-r Justice
Vo irhs held .' ten iii S.O u ball Jus
toe Voorbaaa, npon admitting ibe men
to hall, staled Ul it if tile men Were
broaght before bim again bu wouil
bold ihem In 0U0 tiouds.
i Prealdent Pnlllp Dwyor. when In-
' i io 1 ot tlie arrests of tne jnjgea au 1
teward. did nut appear to beat all
:il'.r'e ! !! ud lliat the arr. iu
WOO d give Uie i oey cltib a chance to
adopt a c irtain liae of ncttou, but what '
aotioa wiii be taken be would not :
stl '. Be further stated that the asao '
elation would atend by the bookmaker
and others woo have been placid utnl. i
arrest; taut eminent couns d w mid b
. mptoyad, and that la ail probahtlit)
li i.-r.l 11 mij iiuui F. Iracv would di
rect II. e all ur ol tne turfwea.
Tbey Thn Make a K qiat Thai lh-y
1 a.'-, t
On in Kiv: k, Wyo , May 10 The
Common Weals n who took a truin fron.
Ul lted states Manh il R mkin in Mont
pi li. r hive arrived her and made a re
qa 'it 10 b put and r arrest, but Mar
sna Rankin rfiit to comply, a
sandstorm waaragtag ami later snow
and bail fall, making tbe hungry man
deeper it They wer.- about to sen a
ir il . i : l .: h tl ll:i ;m, u-i mi ui-
i formation from Mnrhnl Pink, had
them arrested then. Tbe Were then
I boused an 1 fed.
i i Oopelasd, with 900 aoldlert lit
i Cheyenne for tbta place yesieidsv. and
i Col. Pollard and V$ men of tbe Cight-
taantn Infantry, reached her. it :;
j o'clock thi morning lo aid Msrehnl
Rankin lathe Work of taking the com
mon wralers back to Idaho. Marshal
Pltikhain, of llaho, will reach bore
this evening with warrants tor the
...iniuoii wealers who erenow impris
oned in tbe army.
Fleict Ooiflettattea Hsttlna In Tike
I'oun'y, Near Port Jivl
IVht JBBVIS, N Y., May 10 For
three days a ti ice l.i has been burn
ing ill the mountain just bo rots the
Delawnra r;vcr, iu Penntylvanla, and
b itween than tn i MUfor I, a tammer
i...r'. The lire hns heen Untied by a
farloai Wiad an i b is burned over an
ii r - a ot ah mt seven nil, d. tloyiug a
l uge amount ol timber aud two or
ihrco farm In uses.
The peoj I wno lira In t!i w W Is are
ail "in endeworlag tn save their homes,
I difficult t .sk, owing to ba vohx'ity
of the wmd.
Mon-TJolon Ken ai Hm Grove
1 r-
huaded tt J la StrUsr.
WHESUNO, W. Ya May 10. Tile
stnki. ig uu iers sc ired a mat viatarv i
hen thi morning by pnnnting the
Bim Grove mine from resumiug. a
hundred non-union nin were ready tn
;:o iii but were Bually persuaded to
quit and join the ..ion.
This was the last mine of any size
WOrklOg in tins section.
Bevanty-atath regiment survivors Bald
then- reunion ai Lancaster yesterday.
Tin mas Wall fell from his wagon at
Oraninion, naarDnbou, and waa ran over
and killed.
laac Palmer .vu almost killed and one
of bi horu Wa fatally bnrt iu collision
with a Lancaster electric car.
Thieves broke into K. lyat's pest ofTlce,
near llntletou, stole f'.ll in cash, fM ill
pottage ami destroyed a pouob of Utter,
T lire at the Lehigh Valley OoBl com
pany' COlHenr. Packer No. 5, at Colorado,
near Girardville, is still raging fiercely.
I 1 " ABHIKOtOBj May '(1,-Foreci.sf
BCLEAR r''''"'" Rrnnfloao, for
B lattrjoag; UntttUad teaatMn
I ' but proOaNg fait during (Ae
gtairparl ofThurMtay; wrarmer;
Mrfndt Mowty south. Por nVstern ivnn
sytvaafa, fbir, exetpi tkoteer in norMern
Dortion.' lenmwr. rami aearlu v,i.'..,..
in norfnern joriou; south u iVds.
stye mors KA.sF.and
COMFOHT than any
other C ill s I', r made
In the World.
HliiAK ovor tht
..r liKSTKOY tba
I niiUKK.
Bald by the LEADING MODISTES to be
the ONI. V COBSET over which a Dre
Waist can be PERFECTLY and PROP.
ER than the SIZE of yonr Waitt wher
measured tightly over v. ur dress. If se
ordered, r.o ( ( iRSET MAKER can mak
one to order that wiil fit as well or with
as mocn ease and comfort, or give tnch
Magnificent Form.
FIDENT that thev will be DELIGHTED
with their EXQUISITE FORM, FIT and
510 and fii2 Lackawanna A?e.
Maltese Cross
And Ouk tannad Leather Belting,
H. A. Kingsbury
513 Spracs St., Scraoton, Pi
Lewis, Reilly & Davies
lit Russet Shoes.
114 Wyoming Ave.
We Examine Eyes
Free of cbarp;o. If a dorter
is needed you aro promptly
told so. We also guarantee
,-t perfect fit.
AH SILVERWARE and Damaged Goode
at Arcade Fire will be aold at
SO Per Cent, Below Coat
The Jeweler,
408 Spruce Street.
ii. W