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Bcecharr.'s pills are for
biliousness, bilious headache,
dyspepsia, heartburn, torpid
liver, dizziness, sick head
ache, bad taste In the mouth,
coated tongue, loss of appe
tite, sallow skin, when caused
by constipation ; and consti
pation is the most frequent
cause of all of them.
Book free : pills - 25c. At
drugatores,or write B.F. Allen
Co.,365 Canal St., New York.
The beautiful weather suggests
your necessities; your necessities
Suggest our speeial ollcriugs to
day: Gloves, Laces and
Dress Trimmings,
Hosiery and
Wc also offer a lar;;o lot of
Trimmed and Untrimmed
For women and children, In
all the lu'st and latest shapes.
Sailor Hats and English Walk
log Hat;
From 50 cants to $5.
A beautiful assortment of Fine
French and Domestic Flowers.
Tailor-Made Costumes
Handsome Tu'lor Made Ok
tomes in Bine and Black
Berge, Cover) Cloths, etc., etc ,
with full sleeves and per
fectly hanging skirt, most
Carefully made in every de
tail. Among our iM'st style
of suits m e the Derby, Amn
ion and Fenwiok,
Ladies' N'csts
$1.50 and $2 Each.
Choice Styles Ladies' Duck
Buttings in Light and Dark
t allots,
Price 12' - c. Per Yard.
Doings of Day Kirr. rrd In Bright
LttttS Lreal.
Fitrial to the IfenMfM Tribune
Olypihnt. Pb., Hay Is, Dr. F, W.
McixhII Titi tod liis iiareuti in Wilkis
Bnrro on Saturday,
TboOHl Jorilau and wife, of Scrsn
ton, ealUd on their many friends liare
Arthur Atherton ind Frank Kuik'ht,
of the North End, ware in town faa
Mrs. Frank Orchard, who has been
Tiiiting her raothor, Mrs. Jennie
Vogle for the pait three weeks, re
turnod to Carbon, lale Nutiirdny
Mr. William Kobertsmi did at her
home on .Scott street SitnnUy. D
ceuind waa 2', years of a,;-' nnd leaves
many friends to mourn her losa Tbe
funeral will tie tomorrow afternoon at
2 an o'clock, Internviit in Uiilou cem
etery. Dr. Mnrphy and wife, of Dunmore,
risited frienda on L .cluw.t:iua itrec-t
A. M. Atherton and M. A. Buiujrard
rier went fiahinit last Saturday evening,
The Ladies' Aid Society of th Free
byterian clmreh will have a buBiums
meeting next Wednesday afternoon at
the home of Mr. M. Grippal), All
members are rumested to be p,-uiont.
Patrick Hughi'9, of Carbonaall,Spsnl
Saturday In towu.
T. F. Foley, of Bora at on, spent the
Sabbath witli friends nere.
Jamea Jordon visitud Iriendi down
th" valley last evening.
Editor Schnbinoul, of the Gazetto,
whs a caller in Daemon yesterday,
The Biakely danciutr class sxptot to
give a eocial at Keystone hnll May HO
John Kearn, of Pittatoa, was a caller
in town today.
Rev. O. U. Sanford, of Prioeburg,
preached two very interesting sermons
tit the Presbyterian aburah yesterday.
He is a student from Princeton univer
sity and haa been enguied to preaoh at
the Preebyteriau church during his
r.umtner vacation.
Gutb's baud, from Scranton, paraded
through our streets this morning and
discoursed aome very sweet muaio.
A Well Known R?sl(lut of Otafk'a
Qroen Passes Away.
n ' to the bcranton Mb I
Clark's Green, Pa , May 14 E. S.
Tlnkham died Moudny ut 18.80 n, in.
The funeral will take plana on Wed
nesday nt his late residence at 1
o'clock. Interment at Dalton.
Mr. Tinkham bus been sick for the
paat two months, being unable to at
tend to hie duties as toll gate keeper.
He will be burled by tho Masonio fra
t. rnlty.
Dr. Norwood's Norway Pine Syrup was
used for years as a prescription by H snc
cessfnl physician. It is in all respects tho
best coguh medicine made today. Sold by
all dealers on a guarantee of satisfaction.
HATS lis)
The tfeWI of u Buy Bailed DiW:i to
C. i. p Pi.'afrrijph.
Sjipritii to IA Nvrnnton Tribune.
Fouest City, Pa., Muv 14. "Jepth
thu ami His Daug'ntor" at the Operu
House Mav 30.
Tho Hillside collieriea in this place
are btciug p lid today.
Messrs C S. Alexander, H. ii Like
ly and Georgo J. Uentou, of C.-irbon-dnle,
spent Suuday with friends in this
T. W. Palmer, nssistaut bookkeeper
In the Jermyn Coal company's offloa at
Priceburg, and John J. Altkon, fore
man of Jarmyn's No. 3 culliery at tho
samo place, enjoyed a spin on their
"bikes" yesterday to this place and
passed tho day pleasantly with friends.
Mr. and Mrs, A. S. Lewsloy, of Car
bonditle, were guests ut tho homo of
Monroe Tyler yesterday.
Professor L Klagslsy, of Paiatet
Iluu, Tioga county, a member of the
class of '98 at the uanafield state Nor
mal school, apont last evanlug with Ins
clasr-matr, Benjamin V. Maxay, in this
place. Professor Kingsloy is making
liis trip witli n bicycle, having ridden
about 400 miles in the paat two week?.
Hi started this morning on his return
heme for Montrose.
Mill Pearl Westgate stiont the Sib
hath in this place with hor sistor, Mrs.
G E, Emuay.
The baccalaureate sermon at the
Pleasant Mount Academy will be given
iu tho Presbyterian church at that
place, May 90, by Hev. E Campbell, of
this pilot, at 10.150 u. in.
1 ho stone wall in trout of th Prjs
bytcrian ohuroh has bsun pl icdl into
position, and the ground about the
church (trailed, making a very decidid
improveuiuQi In the appearaoot of the
II. K. Vaughn, the Truth representa
tive ftt i'arboiidale, passed the Sibbatli
at his homo in this borough.
A few days ag. Alfred U.iyle, of
llerrick, left his team standing in the
road near Ararat with his littlj 1-yieir-old
boy in Ihl Wagon. Suddenly the
team started at 2 40 uirait for llerrick,
with the little boy as the driver. The
team started down the steep hill by tbe
llerrick Otnttr House and were about
hair-way down the hill when
tbey rame in cont.ct with tbe
hind end of a wagon loaded
with appiee and belonging to a farm r
by the name o' Divis. In u inoment
wagon and the ooepsats of the i ima
with tho apples were in an elevated
p sltioo. The Hula boy aniojorod
laa le i oo th-t aide of the road anil after
a little cry. went end gathered some t
the bruised apples and begin rating
them with a relish. Mrs. i .r;. wlm
was with h r husband di I not ttoape
so luckily, receiving some savers cut
and injuries. Daril' team soon parted
eoinpany with tb,ir wagon and ran
dow n the railroad track toward 1 ll -d
il". passing four trains Doming n rtli
They kti caught near tho milk sta
tion at rjnioodele, This tram aec iped
witbont any Injariaa winie oaa 1 1
Doyle's horses WU spoilrd Davis was
also uninjured .
Mrs. Grace Weiser DlTll, tiie ev m
geiiit, held very lattreatiog aa I profl -utile
nwettaajaln tiie MethodUt Bplaao
pal obaroh yesterday. At theniorntn
service a large Congregation wer." pres
nl During tbe meeting she laog a
choice mIMhOS in a ct.armitig in ami r
At 90 meeting waa held f r men
only t y Mra Davis. Tbe church was
nearly tilled. In the evening thechurc i
wi.s crowded TbS meetings will con
tinue nntil next Thonday evening.
I M timy. of limg lamtoo, N Y.,
was looking after ins buiiooei iotarMU
in this plaos today
SI. Lavene, of Carboudall, was ii
business vislt r to tt.e hustling borough
of Forest City today.
Miss Martha L : tilling, of BojQM
baaoa, is occupying the noeition of
teacher in the graded tobool while her
sister, Mi's Calia, it ill.
VortSl hrs ere iestr ying ti'.e beau
tiful milsido o' green a little ebon the
east side of the roaring and Blgbty
Lackaw'atiti i nv-r
M;-s M.atie B S,ttigtie, wbo hui
been apaaalagsomi tlmi lo tbti plaoe,
left today (or Carhmdaie where lie
will spend tue summer.
4 -
Notre Cauorriuritf the K t m 0: her
f'-hort I'-rmt.
Fl trial tn tU Scr it ntti 7ieei
BOXtapAUt, May II All day long
c images an I wagons liav.. tie-'ii ruuili
ling to and from Company Bl new ar
mory, men and WODMO have been la
boring to complete the decorati mi and
let the booms in reedines . and lenigut
the kirmes ll fairly on its way J bo
armory prelenti a boanuful upp 'ar
eiice. The first thing that meets your
gaz ns yon enter is the lare stac -,
nude to hold its 200 d incera It is a
fine pi r lure. Tonight tbe dancers
lunke thrir fir -t npp ar. lies before I no
public, but they can alrealr foal highly
POmplimintl 1 on the perfection to
Whieb Hiey have attained iu daaclng.
Gf tho various dances we shall aay
more later.
() i tbe right of the eight of the o
trance ia th Spauish booth, wb ra
Cigarettes, cigars, candy, etc., are full.
Next, in tho corner, stands the G"'iu in
bakery, whore tue hungry can obuin
their rva bread, etc. Tne French booth,
prrienting tbe uppe iraaos of a m 'dne
val castle, is next ; here fancy aNloleS
will be sold. The Venetian booth, from
which Yeiiitiau articles and waie wiil
be sold, is at the right hand of th
stage and the gypsy booth, with Its
queer fortune-telling people, at the
left. The Jap in-ae rooth stands against
iho left wall lu tbe left bund corner
you can bay fine potted and bedding
plants. The (lower booth, from whic:i
roles and tarnations will be disposed
of, is at the left of th" entrance.
A great deal of confusion has arisen
over tho use of reason tickets. TIihsj
tbkotr, costing $2, ire good foreleven
p- rformnnces. Eicii nolftt has tan
coupons attaclieil, not over three of
whi.'h can be niea at nny one iTenlog,
Tho children's diirc;s, "Tliu Little
Japs nml Flowers nnd Dies, " will not
be given iu the evening except Satur
day night. Thav dune at the tnati
nes, -1 p. in Diagram for reserved
seats at G. T. Chambera.
Ray Greely, of Scranton, rode over
to Honesdalu this afternoon on bis
Homsdale has upward of eeventy
five eyaliitl. We noed a good club and
Th .(Tulri of n Lively Borough Con
scUrittously U ;. t !.
tcial to the Scianton Tribune.
Tayi.ok, Pa . May 14. Dr. Hauler
left today for Media
The McKtnloy eloh gave u fraa en
tertainment to tliu Republic ins,
Llewellyn Kelly, of Minersville, wiio
has beon nttendlog the funeral of
Georgo Wiuterburn, returned home
this morning.
MiiiOB Millie and Ella WerthruKr.
of Scranton, nro visiting Aunio Wtibel,
of Main itroit.
Hanry Weibel and Barbara Kiglay,
will bu married on Wednesday at tho
Evangelical church.
Weber's park will ba open "I on
Weduesdny night.
The Epworth league of the Stewart
Memorial ebnmb oelebrata.1 tbe fifth
t-mivrsnrv of tho league on Sunday
: y a programme of special mnaic Hev.
Cochrane also gave an able address.
E. Y, Evaaa and Lillio Jonea were
miirried on TnursJuy night by Bat, P.
A. King.
David Adam Williams spant today
iu Ciirboudale and registered at tho
Harrison Houso.
The clerks ure getting on their met
tle to defeat Qdorge Nnnstpjl's aggre
gation of bull toners, the railroad
The largest funeral procession ever
seen in Taylor was the one that gath
ered together ou Sunday afternoon to
pay its lust respects to the late Guorgo
E. Wintsrburn.
Tomorrow (Tuesday) night the can
tata, "Geuovievo," will be produced at
Calvary church. Tho parts will be
taken as follows: G-navieve, Mrs. 11.
G. Jonl; Isadora, Mrs. H. H. Harris;
First Maid, Edith Wutkins; Second
Maid, May Morris; Roxauo, Mrs. J. W.
Kdosb; Grace, Mrs, W. J. Hoskius; As
sistants, Aim J. Phillips. Mrs. John
Steete, Mr, llavard, Annie Wutkini
An orchestra eonsiatlug of Profaaaor T.
J. Davies aie! others will take part.
Tbe procehsiou on Sunday was com
posed of the II N. Dunoell dirliion;
William Bromley Williams division,
and Borantoni diTllion of Scranton, and
W. A. Connell division, of Taylor;
CTaiform Hanks of Knights of Pythias.
J'he lust named division the deceased
wai u member of, Tha Taylorvllle
lodge, No. 402, Knights of Pythias;
delegation iivm t i mi. Glister, LHon
wood, Comet, Carbondale, Patagonia,
Bailroad, Hyde i'ark and Scranton
lodges; Lily lodi?, No 980, aud Tay-
lorvill lodg, N ). liBH, Independent
Gider (Md FlllOWSj the Pyne K g
t mill, and the Sunday school of toe
Walsh llaptist church Service were
in the Congregational obnrcb, Bita
11 il. Barn, William Thomas aud
tor Thomas officiating. The remains
were removed to the Forest Home
oemetery where rsareista were con
ducted by tho lo t OS,
Niw rf ill- Upim Vail v PeaetUtd by
Live Beporter,
Fjwctni to the Sense f on
ASOiUALB, Mae 11 In tins issue of
Tin: TbISOMB spp ars an --r linanoi de
signed (or tne preservation of lbs pab
ll.: beslth and th" prevaBtl n ot th
spread of oommnoioable dlssaaaa, It
wai passe I at a meeting of tle'b ir
ougb eon;icil hell last Tuesday aa D
ing. It u framed on the pita of a
model ordlll t.i' d -igrn',1 ! y lie. S'
board id health witn such eh mgos SI
Wr-ir deel.i-' I Il"e"n iry bv t'ie i, t i i
of the bm-ougli board. Hot eidii: .ne
shonil lie ri a I car fully and Its i ro
Visions should be strictly c m lied
with, for severe p-nalti IS ar1 lo
lor their violation VrrangeinenW
tiave been BSads by wlilcu the Ofdia
anea will re circulate! in all parts of
tba borough
The forty hours ilevotl IB began in
St.Thomaa' obnrcb y iy m iraiag
At 10 10 o'clock a sdeion hlh man
waa sang, Hv Dr Laces having bean
celebrant, Kev J. M Bm olfa r. Olj
phaat, dsaooo, Kv. T. J. Corner
ford, nub-leaeoa, In the evrelog
Father Bmooltar preaoh 1 highly la
traotlve and very ImpraMivi airta n
taking -is bis test, tba cry of ti" blind
man Oy the fosdstdl "Jeut, Boa ol
David, have mirry om mi." Tbeaer
vicei ciote t with Pea 1 OttOO.
TbS "solitary reip r" hit lti
sta ltly : ivorh "r iftthin t IS pn:
two days, no Isss than font bavtag f - 1 1
en bsfcrs ft il tickle. Two of thess
wars 4d and rsspooted residaots al
tuts borough, winie tii i others war
children of tsadar fears Y-t rii,
morning lalob ia! Ma i"T. ot tba Bui
Bide, psaaad away after a brief Illness
wns known as a qait and lodttS
trious gutio:ntn. endowed with m my
sdmiratd traits II cam to tula
boroagb about twenty Bvs years go
il- was tha father ol sConocllniaa
K F. Mnnley, i' J. Mui.l v, M. It.
Manley, Thomas F Ma lav, hi .
Miehaal Laae, Mrs John U'Uoro an I
Mrs Thomas rarrell, nil living In tins
Aagttsl i mi leek, of Boolb Ainu
street, also die-l ystr ! iy morotog,
He haa been sick only a short time,
Mr i:indeek wis n-no ig th - old-si of
the German resldsate of this boroagb,
bsviug lived her Mao he cam I to
America, forty rears ago Ha is sur
vivd 'iy a i irgi family, am tig Wt l a
rj Mrs H mry Hsckiu.ii, Mis. Jotia
otio an l Mis-, Ann;.- lUndeek,
Hichard, n bright six yar-nld cnil.l
of JanVa C ugl lin, ( Ui.lro.i I tre t,
died on Batnrdsy and was barted yes
torday afternoon An Infant t Mr
and Mrs Frank Betfoing, ot Balim
street, also di-d mi Saturday. Uin
children were tiie j iy of their ..r ! t.
and they are ds ply utfei tot over their
St. 1 bonis' church was lighted Iy
electricity f r th li-st time last sight
It never looked t-.igiiter. Tbera are
ab mt ilxty lights in the mala edldoe,
Tue li-w light Is a vast Improvemaat
ov. r the g IS,
A Q'jsilrr Cen'ury Te it
For a quarter of a oantnry ir Bug's
N.-w DuMOVorf bm ieeu tasted, and tne
millions who have Kiceived be:., .ll Iroin
its ue testiftr to us wonderful curative
powers in all nf 'lliiont.i Itest 'id
Lungs. A remedy thai li.vs stoo l t!i t.-.t
so long smt that lias glVOU so ntiiversal
satisfaction Is no experiment. Bach t 1 1
Is positively goaraataed to give relief, or
the money Mil eertf ended It is a lmilted
to be the most reliable (er Ooughs and
Cold' Trial huttb sl'ree at Mntth 'W llm's.
drugstore. Large ill Mo, aadtLOO,
Th Ilupio-ii . I th Div Tt-p r
tberi L ca' .
.s).efirtt fe tlu gjwaalea IWevua,
Di hvi A. Pa . May U - l b A.dgi id i
Lltsrary and Boelal society will hold
a special meeting thil evening. All
meuitiers are requested (0 e piesent.
Mrs. J. J. Bempson, v.ln has been
visit bsf parents at Arch-bald the past
few days, has rsturnsd home,
F. P. Dills has lately mads Improve
meuts to u.s ulrtady well tqtrlpped liv
ery. Mrs A, H. Bvsland Is boil ling an
addition to her raeiJenos,
Mrs. Poyer end little daughter, ol
11 ingor, wre the guet-ts of tbe family
or F 1J. DUIl las; week.
Miss Dorsey and Miss Walsh, of
BcrSSton, spent Band y with friends
Miss Olive Pearl, of Mooslc, nailed
on friinde here Saturday afternoon,
Tba Hotel Anthracite is rec iving a
new coat of paint.
The management of the Adgonda
Literary and S otal society are pre
paring m excellent programme for ii
grand entertaiomrnt and eocial to be
held May 'J5. which will be autiouuc id
later iu these items.
Wnep. r.i'.iy to rick, we pare her Pastor!
When riM was u t hild, the cried for Cotorta.
When sli" beoSUM Miss, SBS otu&g to Castoria,
Vhi.u the huu C'hUur.'a,siiu gatutheiu Caulorla,
irjunal PMnti O inornln BattdentS of
a Lively Town.
fjMciai to Vu Scranton rVttuaa
PSCXVllLK, P.i.. May 11 Mis. Z P.
Traviss is visiting at Carbondale, the
uests of her daughter, Mrs. William
Mrs. P Snedicor spent Sunday with
friends at Greou HiJge.
Henry Llovd, of Kingston, called on
his aunt, Mis. William Warner, ladt
Siguier communication of Oriental
Star Lodge Froe und Accepted Masons,
will bo held this evening,
Miss Etta Calletidur was a visitor iu
Scranton yesterday.
H v. and Mrs J. B. Sweet and
daughter Marguerite, of Ashley, was
calling on friends here last Batnrdsy.
Contractor barber is getting ready
to erect anotiior new house on the
Unmdage estate on Hickory streut.
s .
All thj Meweof Oir Northern Suburb Written U.i
tyrrint to the Sci-antan ZWbeaU
PmOIBUBQ, P.s May It -Albert
Mourn for.), who for the past year ra
Hided in New York, has returned to his
home iu 'bis place During his absuueo
Mr. Monntford has been smployed by
some of the leading barbers of York
state, und returns to ns atonsorisl art.
ut of no mean al lllty.
J. Ii Fell, ot Astoria, L L, was a
visitor hers il inim the past Weak.
Constable C V Lowrywas iu town
on business yenterd iy.
Buoalan's Amici Satvs.
The beet salve In the World forfaits
liruises, Bone, Ulcers, Salt Itbeurn, Fever
!. ns, 'letter , bapped Hands, chilblains,
UOVUSaud nil Skiu Erupnun, and posi
tively rures Piles, or no pay required. It
ii guaranteed t.i niv.. perfect stisfrtion
or nionev refunded, Price ceoti per
hox fnr set., hv U" ll-
Oriviiig Park
2,tMio worth of Diamonds i l'
Ifiven away us prises.
Ail the iet known racing man
in the country will oompato.
Grand Parade of Wheelmen in
the morning,
Excursion rat as on all roads.
Scientific Ej Testing Fm
By Dr. Sh'.mberi?,
Tl. .-nl ..-i t Y 11,-4. Litiei sn-1
N.-rv .'i'nM irlh'T-) Latent kihI linpr-.v.-J
tyli of K)ra IUm sml sii..U-1'inl th
LowmiPHoss. Seas AisaaeSkl t,ei bsMNsd
fur j
o iPRUCl ST.. op Cld Pot Office
Hotel Yavcrl7
I I I l n I Flrt t'-nr HShM
t. r Ii- O 1.1. . 1 l,:.U . ,T
I Sf
I L h 15(1 M FHaYt it mih
V- l V "ia.l t ft r rrt..lintg) ut N K IVnri
Ifhkt.ia U mtlaMM lf tr-iaifj
t Bt! . ffafl BfOuVd SteTMl '' ' .nl'.J. i
'. - f ll lad MuriM -trr.-t atAt.oi. Sm
IttativfiaT V taut U Of scrfttitoiiUtu cOaJ pmm
I.' -1. Ii.t' A'.th: Ht'ltaB .'tcjiul..
t. j v.ctory,
F..0i RltTM
TH- BUT Qf prlrs ami
trit th" lurniu'ii nml m ron
vinril A (nil lin or 1IKAT
Bfittj A; icIId ami iau. iKx.r
Eureka Laundry Co.
tor. I inden St. end Adnms Avj.
en ii. lien isa savaaa
All kituls of Laundry work
til !'(.
$10 SEE $10
Ten Dollars buys a Hand
soint:, Host Triple-plate, five
piece Tea' Service at Free
man's Did you ever hear of
a vaUic to equal this before?
This merely serves as an il
lustration of the immense
saving which may be effected
by buying for spot cash from
a firm that sells for cash
only. No other firm in the
city can offer you anything
like this in value.
j i f J
$ I OjOO
Gmh Dsalar i
Scranton, Pa.
tTames J.Wclah
Crslfhton, Fa,
After Typhoid
and Malaria
Noo'J's Sar3aparl!la Puri?lod and
Built Up tho System,
"C. I, Hood & Co., Lowell, Muss.:
"(IsuUamen Two years sge I was tiken
wltb n very severe illness, begbuuug with cry
ilpelas, sad then bad typhoid and malaria lever
After l ot up and outol bed l tbought i n
oured, liut was mistaken. In a short time a
humor tiniki. out on my fuec. at iir-it eausuii Um
iKlq i" be rougb and Itchy mid gradually davit
ping Into sores, which spread until
My Head Vaa Covered
. :ili t!iein. No ,,n ran Imagine liow I suffered
' ith the i:r -at licldiiK and hurnliiK. Preserl
il ins bad no sfl tet A Mend advised me to tiki
Mood's"; Cures
.! knI'i BanapariUa, so i coneluded u try a bet
tie, mid 1 soon oui.d a great change in my con
dillon. Tile ,s..res In gun to ai.d I vvius
MMin eaUrell cured. My Keiicrul health lias tn
irim .1 .ii.t 1 S I like new man alt vether. I
sleep wi !' al night aud havo no trace ol that itch
Ins and burning iintton." Ja.mi.s J. wi lsu,
i relghtou, l'. unsylvanla.
Mood's Pills euro all l.iv.-r UN. tUUouiue i
Jauudtce, lielig. le u, ,sca 11, u.Uche. c.
A We l-Known Physlcian,Who,
Among Other Things, Is
Noted for His Frankness,
No oaa ever beard Dr. e. Qreweru
the .iirs-. "1 (blab ' lu M practice, Th
doctor U one ol those freak, fMrieeVaoa
eat, potltive ssen b never hesitate to
my e orno, ss the case may require,
"i oaa rare you r " eaauol cure you,"
is hi Invatluld efter exainlns-
UOU, uil to this fuel fict Is nttrilmtsbie
1 1- r insrksbi.' record without faltursa,
I But it would te. streugs ludei d if ttio doo-
i.i v..-f ii i: i ,ei i.-uully success-
I ful practitioner. Ut basbeso sorgeoa-ta-i
ablet ia more tbaa W t ibe larcet h..s-
itlef lllH C ,11 ItV, W.1 IfHlv I tfllli-ll
strator of Pbraloi ij an ! Bargnyst tho
Maioo-s.ttinirgteai I ...leg,. g Pbiladeb
phia, h- btsia elected aa bom rry nsem
berof the Mdico-('birnrglcal Aswx-utiou.
lee graduate of the fJomrsHjr of Pauu
rlvauta, etc., and u iilll a ebe itodeut
A in.m vM.usncba record not fail
to be a surceeiful physii inn i.nder any
rireitmstaM s but when baofcad by
cnull .in. c. nxrv.iti. in in ,-v;. . i . r.
10 Use more j i plir. th "be
sure-yoo'ra-rtgbl then-go-ahead" trfui.
It would N- n.ore then strange If failure
overtook him.
You Ma r ii sail lr ,ieivr any day at
lb ems .', and 0,
Temple Court Building
ni i SPRVI K 1
from o k m till 0 p n Coaeultatlou tree.
T..,. luffering tii in Nervoin l'
- t i ii : ,- i i. rtir.. I' i .; I, hr Is
the cheering word 'Ye," tallara is un-
knowu 111 th il. I'.r's !letluIll.
Third Rational
Bank of Scranton.
, - $200,000
SURPLUS, - $200,000
Tfcll Lank .iffri, in SafMltMl rrrry
I, nit) rarrit4 In 1 1 . . ir Mtaaasa bait.
... ...l ISNM)MlbltlS'.
N.. . I..I mi.-hll.m vitrrn (. Iiiislnro o
Colllit I. .1.11. 1 ..,.,,,, Um,. Ui'lMxIU.
U II I I AMI ON I I I Ii, ,,. ;
(.1 0 II I I I I V V l...-1'i . .l.ll.iit.
11 1 1 111 11 i t k. asStos
mill 1 rutia
Wllllitn I .iiiii.-II, l,.rc II. r.illln.
At(t..l IIhii.I .1 ... A , . I, I, ut, I. Ilanr
II. 1. Jr. Win,, 11, T s 1, 1 ,,n,..
Kill. 1
Muiuifuctiiipii nt itio Wapwapapsa Utlla La
sun comity Pjk, sadatWll
uiintitou, 11, Ilawara
R.-nornl Atcnt for tliu Wynmlnn District.
118 Wyoming Ave. Scranton Pa
llilnl Natlcimt IHnk lluildiu
inns. FOHli. fittst-Mi. fa
JOHN 11 SMITH 4 SliNil'lyitiouth. Pa.
E. W. Ml'I.I.KIAN, Wllk.'H-liarro, Ta.
ARiiitn for tho itcpaiino Clioiulcal Com
1 in. , 1 lllvh ! ; . -ivoa.
Art for the masses.
One Dime and
One Coupon.
EverythingFOR Everybody
The Fair
400402 Lacka. Ave.
Sole Agents in Scranton for the
Our New Millinery
Dej)t. Now Open.
Wholesalers and
Largest Retailers oi
Straw Mattings
from China and Japan.
Lowest Prices.
One entire room
devoted to
Oriental and Domestic
Hugs and Art Squares,
Was Not
Built in aDay
. But little by littlo the jjratul
ast empire ot the old World
ua reared.
DON' T tlo without because
ou bavenM the ready monej
to bay the Farttitire,Oarpats.
Draperies, Stoves, eto., your
needs und inoliaations tie
maud, a hen out
stands ready to assume the
Indebtedness and accept your
small Weekly and monthly
payments in liquidation.
50 Cents
75 Cents
iirniiiiEut.ii - giiiisiiiii iiisuigiiigigiiitrs
Leading House for
Oil Cloths, Linoleums,
Lace Curtains
and Upholstery Goods.
40O and 408
Lacka. Avenue.
We mike a specialty of
Window Shades,
Awnings and
If you have not
seen !
You heard
of our stock of
Baby Carriages,
Porch Chairs,
Lawn Settees and
Leads in Summer
Cioods as
in Kvcrything.