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ffnii 'l'Kiuuaii ri-iuiMiiNo CompAnt.
Nfw York Office: Tribune Building,
Frank s. Uhat. Manaoeil
Anlerni at the Pottofllce at Feranlon, Pa,
Second-Class Mail Matter.
SOB ANTON". MAY iff, IS!) I.
ONI THING may b taken for granted
The people who voted for two new
bridges didn't mean that tbey Bhould
tie hniit In tbe twentieth century. It
is time to (ret down to the bed rock
fact that the bridges are needed now.
A Blistering Disgrace.
The lucid and convincing: narration
In the Philadelphia 1'ress yesterday of
the anccecsive details of the colossal
jobbery whereby the giernntio Sugar
trnst. controlled by the llnvemoyera of
New York, coral tad the president and
senate of the United States in further
ance of their scheme of monopolistic
enrichment through fnvor.ible tarilT
schedule inserted to order In tho hem
stitched Wilson bill in exchange for
cash f qnivtltnta forms a story of pol
itical spoliation without precedent in
the literature of great scandal. The
spectacles of n (jreat party deliberately
selling itself, in return for n
$500,0(10 campaign contribution not
to apeak of individual irrstriitie." ;
of n highly moral chif OXeotltiVO en
meshing himself step by step ia tli
web of deceit Htid wrong-doing through
selfish friendship forced on him by
oily ag'Tits of tne trust; of the secre
tary of the treasury ojunly admitting
the deal befor a committee of Demo
cratic politicians; and, finally, of a
cabal of Democratic Mnatora working
in secret behind barrel doors npon
larilf schedules which war framed to
the dictation of the trust's ehief man
sgrs, forms in its shameful aggregate
a record that can ex"it.' nf other feel
ing tiian utter indignation.
There have ben rumor that this ex
poanr would come. Mints and frv,--mnts
of this odious trail) in the c:i-
Ddenca of the people have rarionsly
cropt into pnblioity dsiit extraordi
nary elTirts to hash, the matter up. I
1 even onrrent talk that retolntions
looking toan Impeachment of the pr
ident nnder whoee mtagnlded vision
this ihnmefal eoaodel bad bn plotted
and fashioned were at mie tim qnietly
circulateil in inner congressional cir
cles, with a view to ascertain! ng the
drift of party sentiment Finally, in
the open sen.ito of tho nation, reputable
orctors of the minority bold!
charged that a gigintic deal had
lieen connmma'el which dmnnl I
n thorough invesligation Itnt no:
r.ntn tin tin has the real duwloiare
been made public, or the re il efidtBM
marshalled with a forte that cannot
now be laughed down. The narration
of the Tress is oredlble first bacan" it
supplies its own proof; and MOOOdly
because it is the only hypothesis tint
throw any iclantifio light "n the other
wise incomprehensible iocoherencv
and chaos of th Democratic senate'
IT rts at tariff nvision. Tae to
iler judgment of the pople will
not only readJv credit this rx
posnre, but it will btootforth
demand, with nn emphasis that cannot
be ctille d, the lifting of tho whole yeil
en l tho merciless chastisement of thoa
wh'i have ttns sold oat the taxpayers
of our country for pelf end personal
profit. A pttbllo sentiment which can
rsvoit at Tammanyiau) In ;otham will
not fail to mete out scrupulous punish
ment to the larger Tammanyitm thai
htl coiled itsIf in the chief place of
national lefialattou.
Not the least interesting portion of
this exposnre i th fat I that much of
the Corruption fund contributed by
Wall street lobbyists to tho osuiptign
which elfOttd Mr Clevdand went to
ward the cemeoting of Populist fusion
in the west. Thus we hart the curious
anomaly of Populitt acting as
unconscious est paws for the very
monopolis that formed the incesant
theme of their bitterest denunciations,
it is oltimtd by the I'ress' correspon
dent, who has exceptional facilities for
getting uecunte information, that at
loast Colorado and Illinois wjri
directly carried for the Democracy
by aid of money thus supplied;
end what wiu true of these
atntea may with reason on 1 logic be
assumed to lie tnw of other states sim
ilarly manipulated. We trust that our
Western fellow citizsnn will perciiV"
the peculiar irony t their present ait
nation. It may have n tendoncy, if
properly understood, to abate in the
future their habitually mad ardor to
right exaggerated wrong by blindly
playing into the hands of their greatest
For the rial, this revelation can only
mphnsizo tho earnestnes of tho na
tion' coining repudiation of the rotten
thing today called Democracy ; and ad 1
rest to the tntnmary retribution which
was already fully decided upou
It is no doubt purely nn oversight
which caused the esteemed Washing
ton Star, usually so careful in matters
of this kind, to copy from 'I'm. TRIBUHI
without the accustomed credit a recent
editorial in whieh this journal defined
a ball umpire's qualifications. With
this minor correction, we bow acknowl
edgment for tho compliment
Mr. Stranahan's Setback.
Ono cannot feign surprise at the
very natnral information that the few
remaining Demoerats of prominence in
Pennsylvania nre not specially eager to
come forward with subscriptions to
thi year's campaign fund. Letting
nlone the fact that the Democratic
party, financially as well aa politically,
Ij bankrupt and mortgaged for more
than it is worth, partly dne, in a state
sense, to J, Marsli Wright, who taft
the central committee with a $1,500 de
limit (taring it in the face, this ia
clearly not a Democratic yoar. Even
Populist Joe Sibley, who ia one of tho
men that hold a mortgage on the Itonr
b,n machine, recognizss this and is
careful, exceedingly careful, not to got
caught in the oxpenaive toils of n
Democratic gubernatorial nomination.
We repeat it is not precisely surpris
ing, therefore, that the thrifty new Hold
marshal, Jamea A Stranahan, with
uch a condition of Impeounioilty con
fronting him, should take him In hot
haste to Washington, there to murmur
into Grover's ear that unleBB there was
a moro vigorous shake-down of minor
federal plums iuto the aprous of the
impatient faithful, it would bo literally
impossible to make a pretense of sus
taining tho Democratic organization
built up, with much travail, by his
friend Harrity. Indeed, the fact that the
obdnrnte executive is currently rumored
to have finally vouchsafed au affirmn
tivo response is proof that the high
opinion wo havo always entertained of
Brother .Stranahan's oleaginous proper
tie were not in the least misplaced.
The plum tree will be shaken, with a
good and lusty shake, if James Adelbert
Stranahan line any fuir chance In the
piny. What is more, the plums will
fall, not at haphazard as heretofore;
but with unerring precision whero
they will do the moat good; that is to
say, where they will sooueat yield
needed revenue for parlisau lubrica
tion. Notwithstanding all this, however,
and much moro which could be said In
tulogy of the unctuous Jamea, it is a
cold and cheerl-ss fact that Democratic
investments, through the medium of
state campaign assessments, are not
held at present in very high favor,
l'.ven Miose congressmen of Democratic
faith who misrepresent Pennsylvania
at Washington ate currently reported
to have uiveu Stranahan the snub His
artfully worded calls for $" checks fell
on ears that might as well have been
chiseled out of stone. His eloquent
I ei son. u appeal for contributions "for
the good of the cause" met with silence,
irowns or derision. These discourag
ing Incidents, we Hre particular to
make clear, are not an I must not be
interpreted as refleotioni upon Stran
ahan'a skill; but rather hs usufructs of
miscellaneous Democratic demoralizs
tion which has spread so far au l so
firmly that even Democratic office
hinders are ashamed to squander more
money in the interests of their obaotic
TAjatANYini in politic Will survive
Croktr'l retirement; but it will not
survive an intelligent and determined
spirit of honeitv among the people,
lii enro for po' tiiievery is in the
public's own hands.
Build tho Brides At Once.
On feature of tbe Whs; Si I blidge
He diecuttioti that ha not recetn I
tbe attention it dtttrvti is the proc
ibillty that to change from tbe loca
tion agreed upon won! 1 postpone the
dual work of bridge building it kratl
me year, w onl I inffl ilenl adranttgee
ie gained by the Change to Warrant
each additional delay!
It will be remembetel that cue d
the most cromlntnl argamtnti nl
Vaooed In favor of the bridges, prior to
their final ratification at the pollt, wai
t.iat if the itmetUret wer put in ,l,ice
daring the present busine .tringeticy,
t would g'.ve worl: to many Btn wbc
art idle, and that it would also entble
: Me city to luiy mat tmIs iuu-i In !,.
their normal eott, The deprettloo is
now Dtarlot its tod, and the strain
upon organited oharity.ineldtnt to t ti at
depression, i Increttlog In proportion
If the actnsl work of btidgt building
could ty any posailolity bo begun yet
this summer, it wool I lie in the nature
f a redemption of earnest promlect a
i -.fell aa a material benefit to onr c ity s
The sngKton elsewhere advance. I
by Mr Jed win that a compromise
l ri lg"o i.l 1 be advantagoouslv located
midway between Llldtfl an HslbWfy,
n 1 1 h approaches making it qntlly ac
cessible from both streets, u at least a
novtl contribution to this dUMBteiOO ;
and one that will attract much atten
tion. The argument of Mr. Jadwin
tbtt nth site would require no new
appeal to the peoplu and could be oc
cupied almost, if not quit, a soon a
either of th other, i plenelhle and
original. It I singular that this in
uen.ous solution to tti problem w
not previously advanced. The greet
point i to jtet at the hard work of ac
tual bridge building in time to ben flit
the citizens of today
In presenting, from day to dav, var
ied opinions as to sites 1 hi; Turin si
oaa oheved simply the duty of a news
paper which recognizes popular intr
st in ponding qnesti ns and s. ek- to
appease it. Hither site would be fairly
attepttblt to the reat mas of citicmia,
nrovided the coming of the hri Ige be
not delayed beyond reason there
is decided objection to having this
nee oisary improvement (hoved ahead
nnn-cessaril v The bridges should bo
I built at once -the sooner the belter.
That was coiumu Bouament whleb
the aciire worktn la joaraalUn
tbrOUfhOUt the United State-t, trctHil
in honor of Kranic DtttoO WheD, each
111 hipecial tielil, iiiiull.tncniitly nii.l
without prior lUKtfaitmn other thin
1 that great editor' truly lnmenteil
I !cath. p-uinvd trihute of nirectiou
which, a collecteil in lint Bpoday'l
I Waahlnaton Poet, filled atxtoen col
I umn of solid axate type. No un
worthy career could win nucli a meed
of kindly mention.
Cameron for President.
General Warner, the Wn..niri x-
I cotigrmBi.ian, was at one time a MofQl
land experienced leuilator; but the'
! free-coinage tliftne anem nlmont to
1 linye clouded hi tirnin. Aa jireeident
of the t'i metallic league, evir ready
to occupy apace and lime with extreme
opinion detriuinntal to the country's
1 busineta intercte,ho i beginning to be '
I just a trill monotonous, not to say
actually tiresome. General Warner th
I other day availed himself of a Pittsburg
I journal's kindness to detail at length ;
I his wearisome views, and would have
I deacended into ahsolute romiiMii place :
hud ho not accidentally delivered him
self of thi entertniuintf bit of prop'j
ecy: There bus heen a mighty chniiRe In '
sentiment lately about silver. The Ite
puhlicnii leaders realize that silver will
tin the issue, not ti e tariff. Cameron Is
amoiiK the first to fbt that protection and
tlte ROlO standard do not insure high
prices. The western Ptatos, from the
Mississippi to the coaet, will stand by tbe
party that is willing to give them a chance.
I predict that neither McKtnlejr nr et
Speaker iteed will be the Republican
candidate for president. It would not
surprise me if Senator Cameron is the
man. The people will insist once mid for
alien a settlement of tho financial ques
tion. If Pennsylvania took ration stock in
the cut yonr-noao olT-tn-spite-yonr-face
theory of politic, we should be inclined
to say that nnything which should
give to the citizens of this common
wealth another senator who would
adequately represent their roonomlc
beliefs would be acceptable, oven
though it should translate Mr. Camer
on from the senate to the white house.
Hut that would b too cru4 to the
United Statea, The ui03t that we can
wish for, In this direction, is that in the
atato senatorial districts where the
Cameron i;isue can bo honestly raised,
tbe people may indicate thoir desires
so plainly that, when tho time com -s,
the Pennsylvania legislature will do its
After announcing that (!. 1,. Magen
WOttld present Walter 1, yen's name before
next week's convection, the Philadelphia
Tunes, In the tame urticle, reported a
rumor that Mr. Hagee hud made a deal
whereby hta strength would be thrown to
Robinson. Colonel MaGinrt'a young men
are evidently again afflicted with political
This is what Harry Hall telegraphed to
the Ejittaburg Times last Saturday "P resi
dent Cleveland is getting to have more re
peet for I'einocratli' congressmen. He has
Informed Bepreaentative w. h. nines, of
Wilkes-Barre, that the nomination of H.
M. McDonald, whom .Mr. Hisseii appointed
potmater at Kingston, w ithout even con
sulting Mr. Ellnee, will be withdrawn,
and Henry Van Bcoy, Whom Mr, limes tins
recommended, given the place.''
The foregoing Information, following
Democratic S'ate Chairman Jamei Adel
bert Stranahan's visit to the national
' capital and interview with QrOTtT, is thus
I aigniflcantly aupplenentedi "Tho ad
miniatratton seem to be diapoeed to look
I ahead to the congressional elections in
I PennsylTaoia, The heads of the several
' Federal departments in the state have re
ceived an intimation from Wi.logtoo
that in making aabordlnate appolauwnt
tbey mnet. as far as twsib, regard til-'
wiabea and recomnwnuationi of the Dmo
crane rongrosmeii. A sly dog is thai
Dlnce Captain w, Y Beynolde, of Tonk
bannock, withdrew from the geld uiy
i Lndus Uegers of M 'Keen stands bttwee i
lien, .nil l.atta, of Pblladelpbla, and a
01 i llmoni nomination for the secretary
ablp F internal affaire Mr Rogers, it la
; believed, cm l removed bv the proffer "f
aaultable appoiafnent and another po
Mill,- alement ol riralry be thus smoothed
i away.
That veteran legislator and economist,
' Jerome B. Nils, of Tioga, won Ust Satur-
day's prieaariee wltlioni oppoeluoa an 1
I will be trtarophently retnrned, alongside
Walter T, Merrick, to ibtOeldof hieoun
picn ois usefulness nt llatrieb'irg. I -
Henator Horace ii Packer, -f Wtllaboro,
ne t with strong factional OpBOtttlOO, but
will probably represeal the sutesntu dis
t net in the next congr -s
Accotdirg to a reie r: which emanates
tiion I'euiecra'ic aeorces at Il.trrmtiurg
s er "i ine sta-e n a oi reprwnta
t . ward it EUbH is q i t ae vm,
I that If Jack Robinson is beaten be (bit
I will immediately teter the ario. as .
; i andidate for speaker againel Hurry Wal
ton, . f PbUadetpfela Other apeaberebli
I candl tee already ante aactd are K lakel
lot Daaphin; Sayftrt, i t leanoaater. am
LOCI OI Arin-T t g
: Me that John K i'.irr. if
: enter the l,itilo ground.
I ; 14 a,. pi- ;-
raolected, in
v. Hi a i'.ri'i.i;
sum rt.
Tbe WHhee Bafte Retard, while rfu
all agthe nertte of the other etalneal Be
I plblicaa whose names have twn RMtt
I ttooed a possible aaadldetee agelart Rert-
r. - i,' ii 1 lllei-., 1. M';rhlv i,.nl t,,
01 Hvoal r Vnran II Militant. Woo, ly
lb" way. u puttma forth a spirited CM
VI.M, it y of bun . "No aaoiltdale eoald
I lnore popular Willi III" wor.l glMO,
tur hi whole iif bss heen in the doeeet
STtninll v Willi tlirln. If nonilnnted ho
willie 1 sxperlaeenti to nnknowe Quan
tity, Be li" been before the people le the
past siei io heea en loreed b then w mi
ororwhetaeini m.inir. 1 h la-meu
Mi li :1ml wily Individual was
tronger tnsn ha te tonay, nod If pitted
agaiii.t liiiu thu tall will nnnihiUte him
beyond pered rea tare." That la what m
wnutiMi. if M. WIUIaflM i -me he caa
do will lw a strong point in bia
favor. Heanwhlin it 1 grnwylatte know
Ihntatohn 1-tsenrlng la procoodlng on a
vlniuar beet Tim. niii will n iid
for a trouncing, wblnhtvw wma.
i n ad of Jndge Herry Whiles el Indi
ana and tie y are tuny, all on r th tate
mil be '!' nej t Irani at la.: Sat-
nrday'a prisarita he wenl la against four
strong opponent! and ra m out with rly
lugcoli r. I.yoii driegittes wrre rhosou
. a
Repreooutatlv BatTey, of tbe Second
Usaerne dletriet, will not, it i hellevod,
have any oppoaiiion tot renomlneihin.
. r
The randlda of Oeorge & 1'erru it
Weal Plltotou, for orpbaaa oowt Jndge of
l.urrrne la mr : -ing Hie 1 M liinna M i
Farrta' friends, are literally iwropiag u...
Bold iii pro nt tee to iw aocnlnated nn
delegntte to throw nwy.
Danphln'l f' lir delegates will not b la
atrnoted at today county convcotl ni bnl
will probably divide sTenly between Boh
inanti and Lyon, Matrlot Attorney Dai
weib r. Whoa nil In mI I'.lka know, will, if
possible, pilot tb layman I), tlillwrt boom
through tile hidden rocks of iippoaiug far
tions and ainh.'i aja
According to tho latest scrounts bellig
erent Bowntd Motchltr h asalnon thr
warpath aninat the BairityfInoel com
hinr; and thn atettl to Dghl It until olio or
the other is a di ad feci r 111 the ring .Mr.
Mutcbler should restrain hi gorydeelgttl
until after the xv.pUt ban bad their say
next Kovenber, Maybe it will 11. en not
be neces-.ii v for bun lo hold an lOij iat i n
that partlcnlar eleineol in tbe l'euusiva
ma rJemoonny.
s s s
This fail s tate political battle, an well
a tho county one, win be an Important
one. Bcetdoea ravernor, llenlooentgor-
nraor. anditotceneral and votary oi la
tern a) affalra thirty coagresnmea two el
lame), twentv-live senators, two hundred
and four members of th h inse of rtpTf
seutatires, IblrtassB indiea of common
plenannd tlneo orphana' court jodfao are
to be chosen, The tern ofofflceof tbe
Utenu jadgeewbo ireta be luoceeded
ni pxplre in January, ItlNk Oftheconi-
Don pleas ittdffee whose OummbNiOU ter
minate at that time, Bowsrd J, Reader, of
Nortbampioui Robert N. Wilaou. l'niin
adelpbla; Wllbor f, Sadler, Uomberland;
A'iron L Banen, Lawrsaeej Thomas .1.
lay ton, Delaware; John '. Wlckham,
lieaver; Hurry White, Indiana; Robert W.
Art hbald, taMkawanna, A. O. Pont Cen-
troHuntiodott, are Bepublloani and
Simile! S. Mehard. Mercer; '! heodore I'.
Jenkiaa. Phtladelpblai Witltam htoOleau,
Adama-Fulton, aaaJpht a. Mtwer, kwUi
reB-Wyomlng Denonrnta, The judges of
orpbanr oonrta wh aa iBooeeeora are to be
cboaen tin year are Wllllan Braatley
llatiiia, of I'liiladelphis, and VY. U. Haw
kins, Allegheny, Bepublicana, and Daniel
U Rhone, Luaernr, Democrat.
Nw Copy beck Hliyms.
'jv and nt It every time,
If you're down today,
Oatbw np your lolu and Btnrt
In to win the frny.
ITi 11 may Bad your second wind
Then the foe will fly,
(iet up smiling everv time,
Do, or uo'uly die
WUku-Bam Times.
Appllcsbls Also to tba Sotantons.
Home day, dear heart, the sun will shine
Some Jay the hitter weariness of taBN
Will vanish like tho mist; the burdoned
Of grief, despair, and mi-ery, nnd tears
Will' fade like stubbli ia the sweeping
In Othef words, the lloosiers yet may win
a game. Indianapolis Journal.
Senator Laniel.
Fnmilion, Rhe nations, may have their
devices, and it may be worthy of nolo thst
that of the Washington family furnished
the pattern from which the Stars and
Stripes of our national ling are tnken.
The insignia of a noble name nandod down
from generation to generation, and held
lip as the luoentlve of integrity and valor,
mny well be cherished. But all glories of
ancestral aetntooeon are so overshadowed
by the dee Is of Washington that they
fnde into insignificance. Proud and just
democracy, scornful of honors not self
WOU, pays its tributes solely to the man,
the woman, und the deed. ( leorgo Wash
ington was great because he stood for the
freedom of his people. Mary Washington
was great because aba implanted m his
youthful breast rightaoui indignation
against wrong which must ever bo tbe in
spiration of the lioro.
Mill &
131 and 133
li Washington Ave.
Lnv- ' 3 r" es 1
a JT tic Uwww..
C3a 1 (saass. r3vi-ao
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& Co
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1 amo Slid hi. k iiinmnK i xuiulni il ami i.n
SCI rned for frea of chaw evt-ry Monday from
I lOtP M.
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The Hand of Fat
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nrnmbUnr, jsfaoking or breaklBi of the
Briok. It eriit oBtlaal Itpntnn ot nay klad by
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tain Pen, resrular
price $1.50, for
98 Cents
Reynolds Bros.
Str.tloners r.nd Enrrivor.
Dr. Hill Son
PatteetBt SMA; best sst, M: for cold rnpa
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A very good Bhoni&gST L'prlght Piano.. Ku
a Mason a Bandln.nearlrnew.b4gb top,
douhle reed t X
An A. I. til le, ncui ly nuw, high loji,
double reoil
A ("hlciigo Cottage, nearly new, high top,
double reed
A woresstar. nenrlv new. hiifli tou.
nonbie reed ni
und Orgnns at Wholesale :ud Retail, on Installments.
224 Sprnw St., Op. Tribune Office. , WJSSS'ao
W1: '"'r"' - ' v' !e-ela of
sold Purchaser tiu-bt t.. rid
JU81 MARRIEDI Qolog to housekeeping; of course. Hou't make
n mistake at tbe beginning and fail to jjetau
We have them and man)- otlirr thing! yon want.
a S
The best is none too
good. Ours are 18-k.
All sizes and weights.
423 Lackawanna Ave.
The Greet tfarvel of Dental Boieooti
A recent diSOOTWy Slid the foIo
property of
Houv:c:i k Wardell,
316 Lackawanna Avo.
nn. ntNwooo a waudbixi
After lulling alevaa tooth latraeted at
oae tlttlna iy thapatalee method! 1 pro
noano it oatlealy sattafaoioev in cvorr
part tool ar .1. u. sdamons
A IStniidsril, nearly new.high top.doublo
A SthonfnMr. ncnrlv new. hum ton.
doubl reed .13
And abOBt 30 Other good second hiind Or-
t' , , '. ... LCJI
Tl" .-ollectloii of Second-hand Intern
. lueiits arc .-ill in gOOd order, fully gii'iriui
mantaaraaii IB good oraori ratij rasren-
teed, tho greatest tnrgnlns ever Offered ill
this city, ('nil iiml see Ilium, liistuliuients
or discount f r cash.
grs.les nnd Barents everv machine
free ol ehari, Call for catalouo.
Globe Shoe Store I
Evans & Powell
A limited number of the above
bonds are lor sale at pur anil ao
crned interest liy the followini
partieS bom whom oopies of tim
mortgage and full Information can
be obtained:
B.W. Sfnlligan, Cashier Second
N'ational Hank, Wilkes-Bane. Pa.
W. L. Watson, Cashier First Na
tional Hank, PittstOn, Pa,
J, L, Polen, Oasbier People's
Savings Bank, I'ittstou, Pa.
A. A. Bryden,President Miuera'
Savings Bank, Pittstou, Pa.
And by the Boranton Savings
Hank and Trust Company, Trustee
onder, the Mortgage.
T. H, Atherton, Counsel,
Inserted In THE TRIBUNE at the
rate of ONE CENT A WORD.