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rrm.iiinr.n nAn.v in BfilUa ton, Pl BT
, lut li.iiiL'.NK PususBiirg coui'Axr.
Nnw Tom Oitfioe: TittnuNS Builmno,
tnterecl at the Fostntfce at SgrMfaUt P- 01
Second-Cick .1 ii ' .).:: c
r-CRANTON. MAY 14. 1801
SKNATOB Qu ay's effort to avert til9
oaUmitlei ot WiUoniim muted into
law is, In tho opinion of Colonel Mc
Clare, part of "thu deliberate con
spiracy enton d into at the beginning
of tbi session to ssorlfica the prosperity
r th country for partisan adranttg. "
Yes; it's the npi sition part.
Charity's Ccst Appeal.
The appeal which hurt been, variomiy
nude in behalf of the AsAociated Clur
itiee, and vhie)i will this week be
practically smplMtsllsd in a personal
MDVutS under the auspices of uianv
generous women of our city, should re
ceive liberal consideration. We be
lieve, too, that it will. The warm itu-
pnlses or our ohaxiteble citizens have
nevei tailed yet. They will net begin
to Inn or (altar now. Became tb win
ter hae giren plaoe to apringi beeanM
the kindly inaiiaet'i uu i freely j,''"
Ing fortb warmth that bad a few weeks
ago to be secured by costly artificial
meant, became it it a neiwon of tra
ditional relaxation are, when properly
Interpreted, (be most convincing of
reasons why li.o fjootl worn of jiracti
eally directed charity otuut now to bo
everywhere reinforced
Those wboreoeired aaaitbanoe in the
ritfurons winter time had no reserve
in i ins. Ibey have not yet acquired
any. Tiny have yet to bo can-it for
until tao Indmtrial cloal is lifted,
rboae who, having iu:ill savings
stored awaj , last winter made no call
npou the public for aid, expended their,
little resource in "weathering tho
winter" in the bop' that with ipring'l
iawoing wonld cum renewed work
aii'l Wagea 1 I tills hope, alas, many
have been di.uppointed. While busi
ness has tOfflOwhat iulir-.v. J in certnin
dlreotiom, there has not bet-a iitcu a
qoickealng of activities in our staple
industries as conl.l yet aufTio to mak
the bulk of cnr needy people letftap'
porting, Here Ibey are, anuug at,
with tiifi: small savings tpenl in
breasting iue idle winter, with ere til
at the aturec deuled litem in iheer uer
pantile self-deXeuoa, and with amiimg
ua'ure throwing into their earewora
faces an nocomoioui netaage almoat el
tsreastn. It is to provide, as beet may
be, for iLete L.Jiuat, yet helpless re
jruns, as well a to snitain, until
belter tim's dsnn, me regular men
bers of ttie local army of the Mem
ployed, that this new apin'-il is made at
this time to the well-to-do citizenship
of Wealth J Scrantou.
Ani'Hiir our exp irieuood an i far-eee
inn bmlneal Mi-ii mere ire increasing
predictions of brighter Jays an to
come. We are Uttdoabtedly in what
may tie called tho home strtcl of our
affliction. Alter one whole year of
impended production, the neoeeeitiei
of the nation bare eaten up the Sttr
phis stociis of preceding year of plenty
and mnit eoon call once uior Upon the
mills and (aetotiea and focr-a tu ru
suuie their interriiptod whir, ltdfore
us agiia stretches the proms of but
t r times. To reach that border Ian !,
to cet lafely to tbat ineplrittg path il
the problem which now confront each
and til of ua The call of (be Assocl
ateu Charities is a call of exceptional
mercy, for it is a call that hopea to ini
tain many hundred of worthy but in-
dividnally helpless fellow cttltent, to
that, when tut) revival does c .me tni'j
crii get a fair start an I pull forward
with tho rest of ua in the happy har
ness of rem wed Indmtrial endeavor.
I'.Md.K Tin-: terms of a law which
has jut rrceived gubernatori il ap
proval an v person in NOW Voik stale
who "wilfuilv status, delivers or trans
mits by any means wbateTir to any
manaer, editor, pnbiishr, rnporter or
other employe Of a publisher of any
newspaper, magaiioe, nblteotion,
periodical or serial any ta lament coo
cernlnir any person or corporati n
whirl), if published therein, would be
a libel, ia Kiulty of a misdemeanor."
The nka maker mmt k
. -
The Career of Richard Croker.
It ia nnfortnnat'dv possible that
Kichard (Jroker'a -retirement, wliethur
real or deceit! nl, may, to far as rt Intra
to iiia own personality, nvart the vn
(,'eance which sooner or latr overtakes
deliant perverters of tno proper fnne
tioiifl of political leadership. BeCttreln
the possnasioii of riches whose acquisi
tion would not bear investigation, he
may also find security In the Ameri
can public' lenient ii.ilill -nirj in
those who ro or aro thrown out of of
lie . nuder oitonmttanoee of jjravo hus
piclon. In strict equity, be should be
Itrippvd of every ill-u'ottan penny and
put back to tho level of a common
felon, in the parti of which many of bis
hPtieiimen now serve behind barred
doort. Nothing abort of this would
fnliill tho traditional requirements of
atern moral jnmicu; aud even then a
ureat part of his ptrnicions work
would remain uncorrected notably
the false idea to whioti hit example hns
somed to jiivo an appearance of vority
tbat the theory of an uoucHt democracy,
ratiiiK fairly on its merita, is impossi
ble of realization in practical form.
The fact that he haa been able,
through a decade of cunning control of
the wornt forces in our political life, to
rule with almost absoln'e sway the
largest, wealthiest and foremost rltyon
tho wfstern hemisphere, decr.ieing not
only what lawn thai city should be
governed by aud whatofflcial it should
pay tribute to, but defluing with ansr
ii:ig cupidity and precision the exact
measure of the tribute and af
terward regulating the method
of ita distribution, ia a compli
ment to hi anrewdnosa no less
than n boning reproach to the quality
of our civic courage. If he shall now
in Mfety get away with his booty, it
will be another incident at whicti his
tory will eoino day blush. But it is
not against Mr. Croker personally tbat
anger should be most earnestly direct
ed. Ciuilty as he ia and harmful as
liaro beeu the inilueuuea of bis work
and example, he nevertheless became
a political possibility by the grace of
the community at largo; and to those
who slept while thieves were plotting,
mid who advanced selfish excuses while
great conspiracies of municipal plan
Jer were being pefeoted through aid of
their negligence must finally com"
bome the odium of Croker's sway und
the intense nhamo of tho eyitein of
which ho ia merely a transient type and
There are persons who berate CroUer
bocauae of bis raco; othura, because of
hia religion and party nntecodents.
They aro wrong aud also nnjust. Whilo
the men who form the mainstay of our
hneineta and social progres fail to
exert as citizens the same careful inter
ctt In public allairi that they exhibit
In mattert pertaining to tueir private
welfare, CrokeM will arise in all par
ties; aud will lie possibilities anion;;
every class aud race and creed. U it
th misfortune of the DtmoOratiO party
that Op to this time it has exneriened
almost a monopoly of the robber mu
nicipal barom ot which C'rolcer is the
most familiar contemporary exemplar;
jiut us it has experienced almost a
monopoly of Popnliit enthmiaitl and
other crack-brained preachers of im
possible economics. Ye! the cure of such
condition! as that which Ins
for many years laid the people of Man
hattan island inbjeot to th unoh toked
spoliation and blackmail of tbat mer
cilott I'-gniiinui of perfected crruii
known s Tamuiauy is to bo tooght
rather along lines of concerted action
by honest citizens of all parties thau
..lou dues which divido cur repotal le
clttsentbipi as well 111 our political
gnerlllaa, into oppotlng camps. Tao
appeal must be Ineettantly made to the
o intclenot and (he character in our
citlsenehip; these mmt be quickened
until Crokeritn i"comui leas common;
and public indifference under the ux
actiom of botstsm'e tyranny and onpld
Ity a f ct of the past
That suc'.i a consummation is not un
Iridescent dream Croker's own (light
vividly empblsista As Charles Em
ory Bmitb very aptly say.-., "if Mr.
Croker's despotic r ia m irks the do
cility of the people, bis abdication sng
getts the possibilities of their venge
ance. '
4 tm
The ukiai warfare between the
'(r.into-i md Carbondale Traction
companies whlcnwill tomorrow coma
for final adjudication bforo Jodge
Archbald i an interesting one. iiiv
install) d to complete its Hue to the
southern boundary of Archbald bor
ough within the time limit ipei ill -.1 In
ton ordinance granting It tha franc law,
Its Carbondale company now seeks to
prevent by Injunction lb enterprleing
Bcranton compititr from uett.:. in,
eithtr. The point of interest to the
Bcranton public it that if the local
company wins it Kill givtns direct cm
munleatlon with an enterprising near
ty oommooity and aid to Bcr an ton's
trade; whereas, if tbi battls bedeold I
the other way, Carbondale will pi II
nat, ad. ::. r .n' c.i ins. of cnrie, like
Carbondale; foi it is u thrifty city tnat
:.. king maii.ificeut progrett. Out
Bcranton! am are .mo jost a trifle sei-
tish. Tby WOttld naturally prefer a
victory to n, especlnlly if it
could afterward b S&loably adjusted
sritbool leaving laeting arena is.
Dr. Talmage't III Luck.
The ciuza of Bcranton, remember -
Ing lh .r iwn baptism of fire as twn e
exemplified In the snd'l,i detlmctio-i
of the magnificent and fondly bnilt
new Blm Park church, will know how
tosympatttlst wit i the Brooklyn pas
lor a'.d congregation whossj Utttt af
fllotlon seems almoit llks a duplicate of
their own. There is, bowevar, an ee
perial heavineti in the Brooklyn mu -lortune
that under the itin.-r.iry rnle
Methodist cangr 'gstion tn ty not know
Within the past w.k. Ilsr I)r. Til
mag bad colebrat-d the silvr annl
rerear) of bis pis' irate or-r this p i
pie, and ws about to bring t'l i happv
occasl a to a climax of mutual thank
fnlntss wl ea the commem -ration wn
radtly and almost Irrevereatly tutor-,
rapt l by ilf.'t lying fl irnet
Tberohai been no lack of criticism
f( r Mr TalmagS, both at a pr.'iichnr
an 1 as a mm. The trstiino-iy on many
points of minor conduct is. to say the
least, conflicting. Bttl these aro tri
VialttlM 'cirolv worthy of evnn pis
i:.- ; Mi nti ci oinpnt'-d with t!o yr.-at
Intel -t wi'.ii-h his life-work has in -
; red, compared with the millions of
V'tues to which he hat brought initrn--tion,
-ntertalnmint nn.1 cheer, com
psred with the grat impet'is flit hit
v.vid r ownrs of crstorv have imparted
to the practical evangelisation of our
lay. The verdict of history upon such
a career as bis will .leal charitably
with faults or thortcomi'iga if the B IB
and expend Its richest unlotrut upon
the perlepB energy and effectiveness
pf bis completed work.
In proportion, therefore, bis proich
ing has been spread afar will toere be
sorrow felt at this, his present trial,
and at the disappointment and loss of
those who bare bnri th immediate
partners of bis pastorate. It cannot be
denied tbat of all the ministers now
eminent in on: land Dr. Tilraage In his
inany-.lded character and personalitv,
represents a p"or!ess fore for good.
Like a painting whose nnnjfn painter
ni".y bo whatsoever be may, or a song
whose tingor is to tho majority of ita
auditors an entity unknown, the preach
ing and teachings of Talmage are a
great factor in nur modern life, wholly
Independent of the defects of the
teacher. It will be the general prayer,
among those given to praying, that
this good work may not be long inter
rupted even by a third obstacle of Ore,
- - mm
The ISTIUIS'l'tXa iiss'rlion is nude
that the Mary Washington memorial
monument recently dsdlosted In Fred
ericksburg was the lirst instance m
history of women thus uniting to honor
one of their sex, If this bo true it is a
happy sign of present progress; but
true or false, the deed itself is a gra
cious one, which honors ail who had
any share in it.
More Fountains Arc Needed.
A conscientious subscriber, moved
thereto by the popular Intorest exhib
ited in the local agitation for Sunday
cloainc, favors The TUBURI with a
communication which Bsks, in tub
stance, why tho taxpayera of Soranton
ihonld expend 40,000 to $80,000 ench
your on a police force that poriults tho
Brooks law to be violated without en
tering a protest. This disposition to
bluine the police for derelictions of
which they nre not guilty doubtless
arises from the habit of confusing city
with county and cotumonwealtli of
ficials. It i3 the duty of the city police
of Bcranton to ta'.; oognisauoe of anch
offences against life and property ai
wonld first bo brought for trial bofo.-o
a city magistrate. Inf raclioiia of tho
liceuso law aro not tried by the mayo r.
They belong within the jurisdiction of
the quarter sessions court and mud,
therefore, ho reported by the constables
of that court; or by oltlstns Who may
volunteer to giv information.
Onr correspondent, therefore, u in
error in c'.ir.rifing h'nud.iy violations of
the liquor law to the inadequacy of the
police. Iu another part of his letter,
however, be makes a suggestion
worthy of consideration, it is that if
a few more public fountains woro dis
tributed about tho city, wh-re thirs y
persons could get kooJ. cold wet'T,
there WOUld be I It need than at pre
sent for drog stores to remain open for
the pnrpo-9 of retailing soda water
There i an unfortunate disposition
jmt now to pursue the Sunday obssr
vance movement to nnntoessary is
trems It oan. In the eyes of a groat
majority of persons, do little harm for
a man to sell a glass of retreshin sod i
water on Sunday; and it may dogood.
Hut on any and all days, thero ought
to be u abundance of convenient
places where the public coul l get cold water for drinking
purposes, without cost Wo oertalnly
need more public fountains
Tub pkath of General McCartney
cm. almost without warning, liken
flash of his own brilliant reparteo, or
o:e of thoat elctricl touch' of
I rln s with which tin gleaming or a
u.rv w.n so wont to bo studded. It is
llffleult at this dlstsnoe for Bcranton
lana yet to realise tbat tho spesker who
a id h in my tun s casrmd them wit !i
ids emaglng versatility ond mental
breadt., , the attorney whosj arts of
thrust and parry Wi re not surpustud in
this section and th'- man whoso maiiv
t i led character nboun led In gifts that
won unvarying admiration and in
traitt that invite) friendships ol
adamant has, in the very vigor of hit
virile powers, been abruptly cslU l to
I t. 1 i Ji... ., h. ;. of I : i .1 1
S s"!siilioli of tear and Shock, We
pome and marvel nr.fw at the mystery
which me.- c il! I ,'
aoa ivj
Among tha Soraotonlant who list
(Bad list Friday nig t to Uaui.UI't oralurio, ".I id s Ktoeabatw
as anng by tn Wiik- Btrrt Oratotio
Society, tlir. are SCVStnl Who think
that, notwit'-.stindini; me sonoront
bam vt Mr Ml It, haard to h-s: sdvan-
tage perhaps la "Be Comforted.' aul
the smooth an I tlu'nt senor of n,a
Davis, whose ringing ot "Sonu.i an
inn'' w. s w .... ing ;.,u. lo bear,
tno real honor u( the vniiig w,rr
, dttpita ir moiietty and bocom-
intr Mrvomneea, by ICw Kanr. uf
v, likes Berre When It la r.ui imheired
that I in was '!'.- I,:.', appttr.tnr as a
soloist m a pvodaollon of msgnltndt
sn I that ber msodlatSS were a-liats f
Inter astloBel renosrn her r nre. il
I tie and cxqulsiU aopian., v-oi
be psrdoaea for sesss ttmMlty, Or
MsBoii't tribute, however, will tin -
pre msny peveom at r wing close in
thelrut i BaidtW: 'lh-re it s"
prano for ton that amb di s cos f the
gtuat pottllilltits ot Auv ricau music
i le of t!i illustration of th Ingrat
ituinof mistical peonle Itglveu in
t m saner of prettr l-H Pox tii
oinic ..p.-r i '. ir I) ',!i i ai l,
owe btrsnooeas almeel entirely to
Mis Eiiiuia Btelner, tha wii known
orcbestral oostdocl atlas Bteiuof di
aovei l Delia and brought btr out, and
in the cUys when th- former on Inct-d
the performanoee f the Bennett .v
V Hilton opera troupe an I l)-lla Fo
played the leading role, Use twj wer--rett
friends I i time tha talents of
the young singer vr reeognlctd by
metropolitan in .n..girs and fani- ad
fortune smiled opou ber. Did the
then take ber Old benefactor by the
i and sad repay the favors of the pastl
!in' ur.u'i .'.;.- :-iinr is. in . Iliilon
i to btiait an eie-ll.-nt coadnclor, a 0 BV
! ; or of oonsldernbls in.nt. Mis.
8iner. It it aid. rompoiad eu opera
which the desired to b IVC brought out
by 1 Wolf Hopper. 8he atked
1-. i to Intercede tor htr, but the latter
positively relnsol and WOttld 0 It allow
H'ppar to even look at tne opera It
isi;d that sine-' lh opra episode
Delia P sbm turned tbo coldehonlder
upon b.-r beai fSjotOf and will have
nothing whatever to do with the
woman who w it iuttr.iineuttl in plac
i iyt her upon the bottom rungs of the
ladder o! fern i
a e
Trofeisor Pr .theroe liavlne resigned
as musical oooduol W at the Blm l'ark
Methodist Kpi-c qui chorcb,th rhorut
choir will I", dispensed With after June
1 and the ia will b-i r-ndr! bv a
quartette under direction of Professor
i arter.
Mr. Prsd Wbittimere hssschleved
great success as a conductor of music
iu I nndsy school j. Mr. Wbmiiuoro
has charge of the music at Trinity
Church Sunday SObool, which con
venes nt U o'clock, and also lead the
Mimical service in the Blm Park sn
day school at I o'elo lb
Mr. Radollffe, -f Bingham too, the
director in charge of Him presentation
of the "Pirates of Pensanm" at Oar-
bondlUO. was tn th ) city yotterday and
rendered colot at tho Second i'retby-
terian ohurob. Ur, Hadcliffe has a
magnificent voice and his efforts were
greatly admit 1 1.
a t
Tt ii D.ivi', lie lenowned Welsh
tenor, has accepted a dedication of
Professor Proth-roe's latest composi
tion, "Good Night. Beloved," and will
render tho song on his return to Eng
land. - e
Come, clem up ynnr .-yes, my little one,
Ami on: to the land of dreams
Where ever shines t tit: beautiful sun,
And tm farics piny
The whole long day,
And never nra Weary With all their fun,
In the woiuloi'lnl land of dreams.
Before you may reach this land so fair
You pats through the realms of nod,
A gloomy land, for King Nigbtreigna tbere
And all seems drear;
liut have no fear,
A lullaby nwift my sweet shall biar
'llireiiuli those mystical realms of nod.
So close up your eves and start on your way
To the beautiful land of dreams,
And join With the fairies In their play,
In that land bright
Where comes uo night,
But ever and aye dwells the ehintng day.
In the plorlous land of dreams.
John 11. Lwit, in lloiton Ulubt.
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A IfaiOn A Hiunllii, nearly iK.n-.liipth tup,
I (loulilu reeil
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9 224 Spruce St, Cp. Tribune Office. IU1W O
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Foote & Sliear Co.
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The ber.t is none too
good. Ours are 18-k.
All sizes and weights.
423 Lackawanna Ave.
The Great Marvel of Dental Science
A recent discovery ami tho sole
property of
Henwood & Wardell,
i i:tists,
316 Lackawanna Ave.
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WERE 118.00
Globe Shoa Store I
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Evans & Powell S
OF Tin:
A limited number of tli aiiovo
loiuls are for sale at par anil ac
crnod interest by the following
parties, from whom copies of tho
mortgage and fall Information can
be obtained)
B.W. Mulligan, Cashier Second
National Bank, Wilkes-Harre, Pa.
W. I, Watson. Cashier First Xa
Uonal Bank, Pittston, Fa,
J. L. Polen, Cashier People's
Savings Bank, Pittston, Pit.
A. A. Bryden,President Minors'
Savings Hank, Pittston, Pa.
Anil by the Soranton Savings
I lank and Trust Comp any, Trustee
(tnder tho Mortgage.
T. B, Atherton, Counsel,
Inserted in THE TRIBUNE at the
inta of ONE CENT A WORO.