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Tins Tauovi PObuibihq Company.
New Ton. Omen: TittnrjNB Buii.dino,
kntered at the Pontofflce at Scran (on. Pa., at
Becond-Clast Mail Matter.
Coxky cannot be
Ho is merely an ass.
made a martyr.
Scientific Brigandage.
Tho battle, of envy and hate which
those who fail in life invariably wago
au iinst those who sncceed has enlisted
the snpriort of another truckling poli
tician who sees in it a new chance to
become notorious and incidentally to
"make hay" of his own. This partic
ular law-maker lives in Nnw Jersey
and is a member of the state assembly,
lie hns introduced a bill which "makes
it unlawful for nny person to transmit,
by will or othorwise, property worth
$1,000,000, All property above thnt
VUltM is to escheat to th state, and the
attorney eneral is requosted to see
that the state gets its sliaro of all such
estates. The moneys thus received by
tho stato mm to be distributed by the
treasurer among tho counties, accord
ing to population, to bo ussd for pnblio
school purposes, maintenance of roads
nnd the support of the poor and insnne.
The penalty for cone 'iiliuir the exist
ence of such an estate is S,000 line,
rive years' imprisonment, or both."
'Ibis bill, it will bo seen, puts into
cold typetlia mlstellaneoui loniriniM of
those less courageous rcformora who
politely dabble in socialism tad bewail
growing accumulations of wealth, but
who draw back in sensitive iiorror
when asked to fans the logic of their
discontent as it is practically e.mpli
fieil in bomb-ti'.rowing anarchists or
cu'-!hroat burglars. The denial of the
right of property at tho million dollar
point in the ascending ncil- is as t:i:i-h
a denial of all rights of property as if
there should bo u deer 'o that no man
should k"e: what ho earns or saves.
Undoubtedly there was a time in tee
history of civilization when $1 . iO0,i:
represented a sum utterly beyond the
brightest dream of individual avurica
Yet evsn tlie.'i it . w .s never seriously
propcs" 1 to prohibit by stttute tbe ef
forts of ui-u to reach tiie highest alti
tude of their financial hope. At ve
and beyond any question of expedi
ency, it was r -c igi, 1 that the rig:it
of ownership to kineatly acipirml
wealth rested fundamentally in moruis,
and con Id not b negatived without en
daggering the outire stmctur of civ
Ullatl n
I' is high 'im the minds of men got
dliillntionixsd of th? deceitful fancy
that thrift an 1 prosprity may at cer
tain limits pass mto the realm of prop
erly pnnlshabts crimes. The I'etno
cratic party, in its advocacy of tho in
conn tax. tins done much to anchor
this vain belief in the favor of tae un
thinking. The Jerssy proposition in
validating the rigbt of inheritance be
yond the million-dollar limit is a: ofT
shoot of this pernicious deuiagogism,
nnd will eventually pi-risj with it. Jiut
there is danger while the fallacy lasts
danger lest seme inn should be ile
lu led into fancying ths.t moral law is ar
bitrary in its bounds or that the schema
which, under tho cover of law, would
literally rob the rich man of inucli of
his wealth, might not be, successful y
turned, by the sams snvioM au I ulnft
lc(s promoters, to the spoliation of
the mm who is only ordinarily tvell-to-do.
Iiicomo taxes and inheritance limits
ore nothing more nor less than clever
artifices of scientific brigafl lses
- -
It is Nor a pleasant spectacle to seo
It respecting Republicans la 1U
WSTS county f ired either to abstain
from voting or else to support tho
Democratic candidate for ju Ige. lint
Clayton itm is luckily not a general
Republican disease.
4 MM
Again, Shall Women Vote?
Thanks to the Hitting New York con
vention for thu revision of the Kintiiro
slate convention, which will, among
other things, pass up n a proposition
to extend tho suffrage to women, we
lire having just now learned discn
Mons of this problem in the forum and
the press. As pastime it is interesting
to nolo tho wide divergence of views
(ipressed. One colnmn of quoted
opinions, representing ton different
authors, lies before us. The Nw Fork
Evening I'ost, ultra rcfinad, thinks
that "no more terriblo mistake cuuld
be mado in politics than giving tho
suffrage to people who do not want it"
and classes most women under this
head. The New York World, without
saying much, is favorable to the exp iri
ment; tho St. Lonis i'ost-Iiispatcli con
tends that it is tho logical outcoms of
attempted universal suffrage; tho Al
bany Journal is cynical, the Philadel
phia Ledger facetious: the Milwaukee
Wisconsin antagonistic; the Brooklyn
Kaglejbitterly liostilo;Chauncoy Uopew
conciliatory, William lioan Jlowolla
aflii-mativo aud tho 1'altimore Bun
conservatively on the fenco.
Another interostiug contribntion to
tho literature of this subject is made
by the csteomod Syracuse Journal, in
its report of the deliberations of tho
Salino City Political Equality club
recently held ut the Woman's Union
hall under the provocation ot tsn ob
jections to woman snlfnige previously
advanced by a Brooklyn society of
"antis." Miss Carrie ,S. Huntington,
who led the speech making, claimsd it
was a violation of equity to tax women
without representation; declared wo
man's influence in politics would be
salutary aud denied that such a parti
cipation in public affairs would curtail
her nsefnlneBs or lornablonesa In the
homo circle. Miss (loodysar averrod
that it was "simply disgraceful" that
so many women should refrain from
informing theuisolves as to vital ques
tions of tho day; and claimed that
woman herself needed the ballot for
purposes of self-elevation. Mrs. Dris
coll drew distinctions betwoon the legal
condition of woman in preceding gov
ernments and their condition nndar the
present laws of Now York state, where
by she can sue and be sned and should,
in self defense, have the power to vote;
nnd finally Mrs, Bagg, who went ovsr
the ground very thoroughly, conoluded
Whatever may bo tho hard earned priv
ileges of women, they havo no political
freedom here; they cannot clionse their law
makers nor their assessors, consequently
women who own property, as well as wo
men who have no property, are equal
sufferers. Women nro uon only taxed with
out representation, but when u man dies
tho valuation of tho real property left to
tho widow nnd children is nt onco ruii-od.
All lawyers know this to ho a fact, and tho
widow has no ridreis; she has no personal
ropret-ontation, as she would havo in case
stio owned railway stock. Also, all else
except the fact of sex being equal, in In
dustrial nctivios her work is not. in tho or
dinary occupations, paid for as well or in tho
same rations man's work. In the gi eat num
ber of church societies that woman makes
possible, her voice is not hoard; in educa
tional and nnd sanitary matters connected
with public scheols, women are not con
sulted as they should bo; in the state re
formatories occupied by both sexes, wo
men bnvo no recognized power to onforco
needed chnngos, m.r to remedy abuses; in
tho legislature, the many groat petitions
of women to raise the "ago of consent"
for young girls fall on deal ears; the plain
riguts of women nnd children the homo in
fact aro not granted when the question
of tempsrance arises at Albany, and wo
men accused of crime are often tried be
fore juries of Ignorant men Instead of by
their pcors, as would be just. Vet in
si it of these crying evils undor which
women suller. then- remains a few women
of the small sheltered cla who are willing
to ling their gilded chains and protest
gainst nny extension of privileges ami
duties aud progress. It is a deplorable
sight to witness.
The nmnzing thing about this whole
discussion, though, is not tho fact that
thero should bo a divergence of wishes
among women themselves, ns to the use
of tho ballot, but that there should any
where be dissent to tho imposition
of a fair educational test, whose provi
sions should apply to either sex and to
all classes alike, The course of the
New York constitutional convention
with rfcrenco to this most important
of current political problomn will it is
almost unnecessary to add, bo watched
with n profound Interest,
LORD BosiBBBY'fl government has
emerged triumphant nun another cri
sis that was confidently predicted
would moan its dissolution. The
truth probably is that common sense
is stronger in England than most per
sona give England credit for.
Is A PDBUO letter Mr. Powlorlv
oilers good advice to tho reformers of
the COXty stamp Although, bo says.
From a personal acquaintance with Mr
t'oxey extending through sevente-n
years that he believes him tub In
earnest, he ad Is v 'ry sensibly that
"the proper thing for tlios who are
opposed to existing conditions to do Is
n t to tnmp to Washington, but t
, stay at home and vote these into office
who will mitn qnire the material re-
I minder now offered to Tiew bv tbe
marching of the army of the com in m-w-al.
The veterans wiio hav.i m ire i 1
with Coxey should return home ami
determins t-iat home is the best dace
for the great n. ij ority of those who ne
onpy seats in congress, " Mr. Powder
ly does not mention ptrtisan politics In
this Utter, but it i.i easy to observe
1 that his words apply with rare aptness
to the tsritl-tinkeriug lJamocratie i
flustry-wrecJnn who nr In the ssddls
ami riding roUghsbod to ruin.
Open Air Concerts.
It is a Subject for gnoral rocrst,
tiiese pleasant spring evenings, that
BersntOB lacks centrally located facili
tu-s for fr-e out do .r hand concert. If
ti.ere srsrs a pnblio square, this omis
i would doubtless soni be supplied.
At least twn local band organisations
stanJ ready to Volunteer their services
for a reasonable s -ries of summer even
ing programmes whenevsr a suitable
baud stand shall le erected near to a
, vacant space where an audience 0 mid
catber with comfort. Nothing but the
I lack of sueii a ; lace presents an Suj n
able addition to our Isrga list of popu
lar antnmer entertalnuents.
The only public location nt all suit
able in the Central city would be in
tbe court bonae yard. It is not ktiosrn
bow this suggestion w uld plwa the
county Commissioners ; but a proffer by
them of the privileges of ttia lawn say
OUaS each week, Would, it is believed,
be much approcisted by the public.
There sre also one or two p rivals
estates with lawns snfli.'ieut to a - - m
modste many hundreds of auditors to
a public concert, and while it would
be too much to ask the uis of these
lawns for such s miscellaneous assem
blage, a voluntary invitation, experi
mentally, might not provo an ungrac
ious deed.
It is intersstiag. in thin connection,
to not that on bext Monday evening
ilkes Parreans are invited to dslight
themselves in melody discoursed regu
larly throughout tho summer by the
Ninth Regiment band. These pleasur
sble convocations BOaembhf OU the river
front, which s prescient pioneer de
craed should be preserved inviolate for
just such occasions The pioneers of
Scrauton were good an I true men,
wbcHa shades wo' would not disquiet
by invidious comparisons. It is Igf
ficisnt to remark in conclusion that if
the present generation bad the laying
out of BorantOB to do over again, thore
would not be experienced the present
long-felt want for a central park.
' w
Till? iT.oi'i.K of tho Lexington district
in Kentucky my prcferc en sdulteren
blasphemer and bypoorite to an boncsl
man; but it remains to ba demon
strated. citoKi.u'K tamuaaan would ba a bet
ter penance for past misdeeds if accom
panied by restitution of the spoils.
- -Woman's
At the dedication Thurday of the
Mary Washington monument at Kred
ricksburg, Vs., Senator Daniol deliv
ered an oration that ahnuld be commit
ted to memory by every American.
Especially happy was this paragraph:
I.ovo of country is only a figure of
IpOSOh, Wo rnnnot lovo the insensate
earth, which can nivo hack no responsive
speech or llanos of sympathy, Love must
go to and from tho living. Our country
men lire our country. The nation is the
aggregate, tho homes are tho units, roan
i- tho bulldea woman is the inspiration.
Discuss constitutions, administrations and
policies as wo may, the outcome must de
pend upon tho subsoil they spring from
A'akn the home all rigbt and tho rest will,
Another portion of this oration
strongly commends itself to the reader.
We quota once more:
You have reared this beautiful obelisk
to one who was "the light of tbe dwell
ing" in a plain, runil, colonial home. Her
history hovers around It Hho whs wife,
mother nnd widow. Sho nursed a bero nt
her bronst. At her knee she trained to tho
love and fear of Qod nnd to the kingly vir
tues, honor, truth nud valor, the Hon of
tho tribe that gave to Araorica liberty aud
independence This is her title to renown.
It is enough. Eternal dignity and heaven
ly grace dwell upon tho brow of tho bless
ed mother, nor burnished gold nor sculp
tured stone nor rhythmic praise could add
ono jot or tittle to her chaste glory. She
was simply a private citizen. No sover
eign's crown rested on hor brow. Sho did
not lend an army, liko Joan of Arc, or slay
a tyrant, like Charlotte Corday. Sho wns
not versed in letters or in arts. She was
not au angel of mercy.liko Floreqco Night
ingale, nor tho consort of a hero, like tho
mother of Napoleon. Yet thoro were 10,
000 Ituy Wellingtons amoug tho mothers
of tho Kovolution, and in honoring her wo
honor tho motherhood of hor heroic days.
It is possible to derive from these
two extracts a wholesomo answer to the
question: "What is woman's mission?"
It is snid thnt Walter Lyon counts upon
getting tin-support of tho Dauphin dele
gation, hut this does not coincide with
tbe representations mads by tho Harris
burg papers, which have contended nil
along that Bepublican sentiment thera Is
overwhelmingly for Etoblnsoni In order not
prejudice the chances of Lyman D, Oil
can's oandidaoy for a place in Governor
Basting's cabinet, it is said no tight will
ho made on either side: hut Kohinson. it
is believed, will nevertheless poll the Dau
phin votes.
Among yesterday's visitors to Scrauton
Was Kditor McCarthy, of the Hssloton
(Sentinel, who, maddiiion to editing agood
daily paper, supervises a ready plate plant,
runs a lithographing establishment, con
ducts several information bureaus and
acts, upon occasions, as a general iliponser
id peace and good will. Mr. McCarthy is
enthusiastic, just at present, over the pel
it leal outlook in l.uzernu and in confident,
emong other things, that w hen William
II. Hints is retired to private life the name
of his successor will bo stalwart John
lieaver county H-publiratis have re
nominated Jndge Wiekhem, which was
manifestly the proper thing to do; and
there is talk of tho Democrats indorsing
htm, upon the ground of non-partisanship.
V inferior jurist in the state ranks higher
than bs In the estimation of his fellow
jurists and of the discerning attorneys of
the commonwealth. Tho citizens of
Beaver county would confer honor upon
themselves by re-electing him without
A clever thrust is scored by the I'hlla
do, i. Ina Press when in iliscu-siug the Ke-p-itnicau
i-ocgn ssional oiitlo k in -riie
it letnarks Hint among those mentioned it"
candidates for the nomination, notably
John It. Leissnriusi Dauiel Coxe ami A!
vm Markle, "there is not one who would
talk one way on a taritf bill and vote
another " The workmen whom Mr.
Him suave duplicity has thrown out of
empl lymeni erIU readily perceive tbe
p out.
!,. coriositv has 'ix-n expressed
among friends of .Senator Clarence W.
h i -, ! IlaIeton, Hint tie slioulil liavi'
' ma ! i.o llort to achieve a congressional
Domination sgslast Bines, Tins was in-
! created by the knowledge that at one
i t.t .'i th" pielituiu.iry rat. ass it w.-u'..l
t a'.e ' :: i c .ttqiaratively easy thing for
' Mr. Kline to have HCiuirot a formidable
; followtBSj nud that he was n psOSibiUty of
whom tho pn jeut memlx-r fr- i.i IBS
i weifih In uui.sual fear. This bei
laney now ssputined on the ground that
N'nat 'r Kline toil oliliged to continue, in
the slete nate, the effort to secare the
1 1 .it hi of the imw county of Bsxle, f'-r
vht-ii urj-oHM, in re than a-iy otner, be
was origiaally slsnisd Ijomdss, bis con
gressi, unl buoro will kep
The I'lulsdelphia Inquirer makes injn
AiCtOUS OSS Of Its editorial nduiune when
it Intimates that Judge Clayton i victory
in DeieWefS wu a petfood tri.impb for
Jack RohtSCOtt, As a friend of tdS latter
it ought to perceive that such a coloring of
the situation Is calculated to prejudice
I Mr RobittSOO's candidacy for the beaten
' ant governorship. Mr, Itdunson's attt
I ide dnriag the laytoa-Johaeoe fight'
M as one -t strict neutrality, 'i he methr Is
bT which the former won will tnak- tro i
ide at the sii, and to meddle Ut them
mid be the 1s t thing which tno shrewd
Ms-lia congressman would think of doing
' at this time,
s a e
'. i v ; . nittr.e:it of iie.,ri- l.nbrerht to
' the Basletoo tmatership w a happy
laolutloii to an einbariasung tangle.
I Among the balf-duxen umre exixK-tanU It
w as re iiied that otm woulil hare 10 bs-
eh too 1 t else all would loo; bsuss tewy
direw i lis, in effeol nnd luck favored
l.ubrerbt. Itiasit.nch as be la an islltor
and an h .lar. the oitconie ought to Is,
BOCepted with SSt IsfSCtiOO, llitit-s bad
nothing tO dC with It, but that ie brcauee
Mil., '.as lost iesi" with the dls'lier vt
postal pie.
leather the biet comment on the Clay
ton vtetory that WS have seen is mad" by
the Novristown Herald, it sa "Wmi
out pasaing any judgment upon the merits
6r demerits of Judge Clayton, it may not
ls out ot place to nbeeive that it is to be
reenttCd that a judge Should feel himself
at i 01 r:y to MtM UltO a dtsereditnble COW.
test of tins kind for a renomlOSttOC, Had
his c M-.- Hi on thu U-nch tH-en what the
public BaVea right to eloct, digmtled,
hotiorablu and fair, ho should have h -en
renominated -without any such uea-
perato contest as the one just
closed. 1'ailing to produce surh an
Impression anon the public he ought to
have retired nnd allowed SOttM one MSC I"
lis e been sell i ted A olite-l of this Char
lie ti r must necessarily have tbOSffOOtOl
Impairing the respect that should be felt
for a man in that saitloti. Cither ho
should have been i In sen by conum n c. i -SSI
t. n fusing to descend to the methods
of ordinary politicians, or he should have
abaodoaea the held, trusting to thu fu tun
to vindicate I honor and to show that he
had bcoa uujustly couileiniied."
Not a Ysar for Bnreheads.
PlWerfsfPsw fVrat.
Considorablo attention is still given to
the nomination ot a western candidate for
ooogressmsn-st-largs, butOeorge l . Huh,
of Westmoreland, can i- regarded as isfeiy
out of the woo ls. The conduct of the can
vas has been altogether creditable, and
no one can oomplaln of snfatr treatment.
Tho StOritS that iisrCSt county Uepubli
cutis were to lead n not it Major McDowell
were not re-iioiinnutcd do not turn out to
havo nny substance In them. Tho fact
is. the Mercti county Republicans gen
erally are not excited over the matter ami
havo nothing to complain of. They are
n presented in the very important appoint
ment of cashier of the elate treasury, and
expect next year to have the nominee for
Oot Away Refolv with th Swag.
VlitliuUliihin I'rtu.
Menard Croket It resigning between
plunder and prosecution. Ho has the
plunder. Ho seeks to avoid prosecution.
Ho wns tho "devil" that boy, Jim;
Couldn't do anything good with him.
Rough and ragged, for miscluof ripe.
Running errand-, distributing type;
I'elting the neighbors on their heads
With brand-new "furniture," "slugs" and
From early morning to evening dim;
lie was the "devil " -that boy, Jinil
Editor whaled him all no goodl
Head as hard as a stick of wood:
.lust burst out in a loud "Hooray I"
And went right on in his don't care way.
Bel once when the train was passing by,
Aud the editoi's child on tho track Ou,
my I
.lim he rushed with tho samn don't caro
Right in front ot tho eugitio there I ,
Child was saved, hut where was dim?
With .'aiiiing lnutorns they looked for
While the people tremblod and hold their
"Under the engine, crushed to death P
Thore, in the dust nnd grime, ho lay
Jim! . . . be had given his life away !
Not much need for their tears for bimf
"Ho was an nngel that boy Jim!"
.' .. MeSKM in Atlanta Constitution.
are hundreds of brands of
White Lead (so called) on the
market that are not White Lead,
composed largely of Darytes and
other cheap materials. But the
number of brands of genuine
Strictly Pure
White Lead
is limited. The following brands
are standard "Old Dutch" process,
and just as good as tliey were when
you or your father were boys :
"Atlantic," "Bcymer-Btiuman."
" Jewett." " Darls-Ohanibers,"
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For Colors, National Lead Co.'s run
White Lead Tinting Colors, n one pound can to
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paints, Bares tune and snnojnncs in match lag
shades, and Insures the best paint that it is
kmMc ti. put on weod.
Send us u postal card nnd ,-ct our bonk on
paints and nler-t.ird, Bet ; it WiO piubaUy
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m v O -
Bottom Prices
8c Co
Meat Market
The Ft nES t in the City
Tint latest iinrirovril fur
nlHliini(s sml Hpi'irstiH for
lteitiK mat. bQttet Sttd sgtfH.
i !:l W mining
Qualified Veterinary Surgeon,
Practical Shoeing
Uratluuto r tlu Ani.'rii-un V.'l'-rliiary
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pvvry riiTiiiHin.
I.iiiiin ninl Ki. k anim:iU , un i in . I ami pre
rril'.l for fr f t-li.-ii-;, .- .--y M.. inlay fmin
I lolP.sL
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BNT PAINT. wliii:h oonsNtu ot iDgTedi nt-i
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oroinbllns, cracking or breekiag of the
brink. It will outlast Mental ol sny klml b
many fssrs,snd ItSi oosl dose not eseeed one
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A Mason Haiiilin.nearly new.hlgh tup,
An A. ft OtlSSB, nearly new, blfh top,
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Goods. Oh! Such a Variety
Pongees, Sateens, Swivel
5Pf.UL9.1? s'Po4 Car tllee Toilet 8:i, 9a. per box ot three calces, n
5Jpri c(Jir2,"'EwHh O- ,nd Ww Claeps; uiusl price, 50c. Special
224 Spruce SL, Op. Tribune Office. : , H,;";.,;:t:, 4
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All sizes and weights.
423 Lackawanna Ave.
The Great Marvel of Dental Science
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316 Lackawanna Ave.
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Silks, Dotted Swisses,
Dimities, etc., etc.
and cheapness.
Globe Shoe Store
Evans & Powell
A limited Dumber of the sbove
bonds are for s;ilo at par nml ac
craed intcrtvHt by the following
parties, from whom copii'.s of lln
mortgage ami full information oan
lie obtained:
B.W. Mulligaa, Cashier Second
National Hank, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
W. L. WatBOU, Cashier First Na
tional Hank, Pit tston, Pa,
J. L Polen, Cashier lVople'a
Saving! Bank, Pittaton, Pa.
A. A. Bry den, President Uiners'
Bavings Hank, Pittston, Pa.
Ami by the Bcranton Bavings
Bank ami Trust Comp any, Trustee
under tlio Mortgage.
T, H, Atlierton, Conosel,
Inscrtpil in THE TKIUUNE at th
rate of ONE CENT A WORD.