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All Things Musical
134 Wyoming Ave.
(1 111:;; MAKES
See the Shaw Piano from
che World's Fair in our
ft Foe to Dyspepsia
And always have
Good Bread.
The Weston Mill Co
Punch Cigars
G.. B. & Co ,
(irnrinf i on Ea"h Cl?;n'.
Garney, Brown & Co. Mfr's.
Bfm HOURS : "lUnH!k
W. H. Hultlt Explains Why He Favors the
Mulberry Street Site.
There Are, He Says, as Many Inter
esled Property Owners on One
Street as on the Other, Hence the
Subject Shonld Be Considered
from tho Standpoint of the Greatest
Good to the Groatest Number.
Mnch interest still attar-has to the
brides question. Tint TMBWB'l nnrien
of Interview hare beu read vfitli
ividity mid Imvs eliriUtl varied com
ment. Ons of tb tnojt concise presen
tations of the claims of Mnllerry street
whb supplied yesterday by W. II. llttz
lett. He said:
"I would define the advantages of a
new bfidgt at Mulberry ntroet, as
contrasted with tha proposed Linden
atreet site. In this way; It would mean
BftViiiR of $ lO.DuO; there would be one
third less distance to span and lighter
damages to pay for riyht of way. It
wonld reach Main avenue by a uniform
grado of 3J per cent ; and open up
noa(h nuimproved proportv on the
West Side, for nso as building lots,
within a few years to repav the cost of
tho bridgo in the increased tax reve
nues. It would give tho people of the
North End easy and safe access to tho
Central City. It would give to Hyde
J ' rk n.'road over wbieh a heavy load of
merchandise could bo hanlod with ease
during the ontire year. It would mean
no heavy grades and uo muddy streets.
It would be a boon to hack driven and
horses bound for Hyde Park cemetery.
It would give pleasure seekers a direct
and convnient route to Nay Aug park,
and a fine drivo over tho boulevard to
Elmhurst. It wonld open up direot
communication between both the West
Bide and North End and the Municipal
building and Hcranton Public library.
The route would not be blocked with
can standing ou tho street. Finally it
would mako tho longest and finest con
tinuous stretch of roadway for driving
purposes in tho city.
"The argument Is made that we
favor Mnl berry street became we own
property on that stroot. Well, are
there no property owners on Linden
street? To claim that ours is a selfish
interest is to admit a similar claim for
those who favor the Lindon street sito.
Iialanco these two considerations and I
contend that tucro is yot a largo pre
ponderance of unselfish arguments in
favor of Mulberry street. If the rule
of 'the greatest good to the greatest
number' be applicable to this question,
I claim it should be solved by the erec
tion of the bridge on Mulberry Btreet."
Stenographers Furnished.
We are prepared to furnish bnsinoss mon
with first-class stenographers by tho day
or hour. Expert bookkeeping a specialty,
ficranton Commercial Association, Lim
ited, 425 Spruce Btreot.
Muslo Boxes Euclusiv&ly.
Best made. Play nny desired numBor of
tunes. Qautscbi & Sons., manufacturers,
1030 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Won
derful orchestrial organs, only t5 and 110,
Specialty: Old music boxes carefully re.
paired and improved with new tunes.
Events of Interest to Tribune Readers Across
the Lackawanna.
John Lewis' Knao Crushed at tho
Briggs Mine Son of Policeman
Lowry Injured Subjects for Dis
cussion at tho Welsh Philosophical
Society Meeting News, Notes and
Interesting Personals.
The West Fide offlco of the ScnANTON
iHIBUNI In located nt 1040 Jackson street,
where subscriptions, advertisements ami
communications will receive prompt at
tention. A serious accident occurred yeater
day morning in Iirigg's wines, John
Lewis, who resides at 18115 Price
street, was painfully injured while at
tempting to plnce near on the carriage.
Mr. Lewis is employed as a footman,
whose duty it is to place tho cars for
hoisting, and while moving one of the
cars another backed on him and his leg
whs caught between tbem, crushing it
badly rbuvs au.l below tho knee. Tho
unfortunate man was conveyed to his
home, wlioro Dr. (leorge 11 Reynolds
dressed the injury,
Irjured Whils at Play.
A young son of 1'olico Officer Lowry
received a painful injury yesterday
afternoon while playing in the streets.
Young Lowry wss wrestling witn one
of hi playuiate.s an 1 received Seep
gush over bis eye. The little fellow
was picked u end tnksn to his home
on !-outh Sumner avenue, wnere lr.
George B. Reynolds stitched tuo
Will Adjjurn fir ths Snramir.
The subject for tho Welsh Philosoph
ical society this evening will bo the
question, "Is Titers Such a Thing as
Latent Light, by David W. Morgan,
William K. brans will speak ou the
subject, " KiTect lias Darkness
on Vegetation:' Professor William W
Kraut will conduct the singing On
tlie last Saturday evening of this
month tlio society will adjourn for lbs
tiuuimr, and a special programme Will
be prepared.
News N.-.tss In Brief.
A quartette consisting of youni mn
on tins side rilled upon Miss Ida T.
Brown by special rtiiutst lust eTsnlng.
Solos and glees wsre rendered, after
which refrfs.iracnts were served.
Kev. William DaVIS, of Fishguard,
Wale-1, will occupy the pulpit of ths
Plymouth ( ioagfsjssionai cuurcb to
rn rrow morning and ST Itting,
Margaret Hoop, a yomm child, die 1
at tbo home of her parents, Mr and
Mrs. Hoop.of AYSOUS H, Keisrr Valley,
Tho funeral will occur on Sunday after
noon. Rsv. P. L BraUS, of South Main
avenue, left today for Howling Hill
Mill, near Wilket-llarrt , to officiate at
the Congregational church tomorrow
At the ipiarterly eonferonct of the
Welsh M-thodlst entireties ot north,
eastern Pennsylvania to bo held in the
Welsh t'alviuistie Methodist chnrcli,
Hellevue, many prominent speakers
will be present.
Common: . services will be hel 1 to
morrow morning st 10 o'clock in the
First Welh iisptist chnrcli
Mrs. Simon lthod-s, of Like Ariel,
was tho guest of her friends ou this
side yesterday.
The twenty-fifth number of the hand-
some atlas, aooonpanying (the offleial
records of the civil war, was received
by S-cretary I). C. I'owsll for the
Welsh Philosophical society yesterday.
Tiok'-ta are out announcing the can
tata, "Esther, the Beautiful (umii,"
which will beglvsn in Music nail on
June It, by the Juvenile choir of the
Sumnrfr Avenue Presbyterian chuich
Mrs Martha Williams, of Kingston,
has returned heme nf t-r a visit witii
D. C. Powell and wife, of North Liu
coin avenn.
Kobort Morris Lolge, Order of Ivor
ilea, will run an excursion to Lake
Ariel OB Jnue 5,
J. J. Davies, the drnggist on South
Main avenue, attended the uraturia in
Wiikes-liarre yesterday.
The members of Lirkawanna coun
cil, Royal Arcanum, anil their ladies,
will att'-nd the entertainment of a
sister lodgS on tha Suth Side on Tues
day evening next. A special car will
leave the eorner of Main avenue and
Jackson atreet at 7 BO o'clock, making
a through trip, returning at the close
of the concert,
Injunction Served Restraining Car
bondalo Traction Company Ex
tending Lino at Archbald.
Sheriff Faluy yesterday served an
injunction on the workmen of the Car
bondalo Traction company ut (Vrnhbald
restraining thorn from continuing tho
work in Archbald until May 15, when
the injunction is returnable.
The action is a result of a recent
meeting of the Archbald borough coun
cil, when throe voted to apply fur the
injunction and thrno vol-, against it.
Biirgtss P. J. Burke broke the dead
lock and applied for the injunction
with Cmncilraeti W. J. Swift, Thomas
Padden and Edward Lane.
The nstltinn alleges that the fran
chise for exteudiug the line expired
April 29.
An official of the Carbondalo Trac
tion company stated yesterday that
they had been unable to continue the
work through Archbald until now, nnd
that the company is utitl"d to an ex
tention of lime. The official stated
further that there would be no trouble
in having the injunction Bot nside.
Attornoy John H. Jones represents
the petitioners, who, with Owen Cusick
and D. W. Vuughan as additional se
curities, filed an indemnifying bond in
tho sum of $500.
ALL member of Company II, Thirteenth
regiment, National Uua-ds of Pennsylva
nia, are requested to report at the Scrati
ton City Guard Armory on Sunday nt 1
o'clock p. tn., to attend the funeral of our
late comrade, Michael Salerno. Hy order
of Captain William Klli.ow.
W. E. Kaftkii, First Sergeant.
Tim 5-Bros. are constant students of tho
shoo buBiness. Wo do not know it all,
"novor did" or "never will," but feel ns
tlionab w learn something every day.
rtAVE JTOU seen the Instant Freezer now
on exhibition at 4i!7 Lackawanna avenue.
It nvtlree cream iu ono second.
BOTJLBY-Mr. Mary Bonlby, at her
home, 818 Franklin avenue. Funeral D
o'clock, Saturday morning,
DRINKER In Ohio. New Mexico, Mary
land Cathbert Drinker, eldest, son of tho
late Alfred C. and Fnnnio S. Drinker,
aged 20 years. Notice of funeral later.
HOSE ffil
They Bring an Action in Court Against A.
E. Newhart.
Amus'ng Cases Heard at Court Yes
terdayAn Episode of the Bad Boy
and a Gun Bert Hartman Found
Guilty of an Aggravated Assault
The Gun was Loaded But He
Did Not Know It Would Shoot.
A. E. Newhart, of Hyde Park, was
today tried before Judge Albright on
the charge of obtaining money under
false pretenses from K E Ackerly, a
merchant of Olyphant. Ho was do
lended by Ueorgo L.Taylor.and the Dis
trict Attorney appeared for tbo proso
cution. The bad feeling all arises out nf somo
had eggR that it is said Mr. Newhart
sold to Mr. Ackerly. The lntter is a
store keeper at Olynhnnt ami one day
Newhart In the guise of s countryman
palmed off four crates ot ancient eggs
upon Ackerly at a price of 1H cents per
dozen. Newhart said that tho eggs
were strickly fresh nnd Ackorly gave
up f8 01 in order to get possession of
Upon the departure of N'ewlnrt, Mr.
Ackerly'a clerk examined the eggs and
found that they bore traces of having
been tho remnants of tue vintage of
1895, In every sense of th word they
were eggs of experience and bad
seen tho world.
The dsfsndant held that hn pur
chased the eggs from n uerson who
guaranteed them and not knowing th ir
real state sold them with tbo guaran
tee whic'i he got nud without any in
tention to deceive.
Tlie jury found Newhart guilty of
fnlst pretences iu selling tbo cxscrablo
The next esse called was tlist of
Julia Oobalia, who charged Henry and
Sarah Newman with beating ner. The
NeWinana were represented l)V 11. L
Taylor, e-q , and tlr Kelley represent
ed the oonntonwealtb.
Tho prosecutrix elaim that one ilay
sho went to the pr-iulses ot tlie df"il 1
ants in South Scranton, an 1 seeing a
tied r.; r iii of h rs on n clotuesliue, she
went to take it, and while doing so was
BSMUltsd bj Mr. Newman, who in the
undertaking was assisted by tier hus
band 1 : e defen lant claims that thn pros.)
cutr:x is agypsjr, and that OOS day she
went to steel a bedspread from Mr.
Newman's line. Mr. and Mrs. New
man prevented her.
Judge MoClure presided nt the trial
of the case against Toung Bert Bart
man charg"! wit'i feloniously wound
ing little Martha Etwards, of Hvrt"
Perk Attorneys War ! and II iran
represented tho prosecution and G
Ootnegys, esq ths dsfense,
B th prosecutrix and defen lant are
about 1 1 years of se. They were play
ing been of Hyde i'rk last 'hritmas
day and were throwing sticks at each
other. Young llartiinn ha 1 a shot
gun and tol l the little girl h wool I
shoot her if she would not atop. She
did not stop, and he carried out bis
threat H" raised the gnu an I lire 1
The shot lodged in her fase, and today
bandages an vet necetsaiv. The d
fence is that the
dental Not that
was loaded, but
wonld shoot, and
shooting wss ner.
be didn't know it
he didn't
he illdu't
think it
pull t'U'
The jury found young Hartman
guilty of aggravated assault and bat
lery and acquitted blttl of the felony.
lsriu-1 rector,
inouion, H
s i in SCS iter, lingers
Whitsunday Huly Com
l in. Huly Communion
sermon. gtgO a. m. ,
service ami
Sunday school m.d Bible class.
in.; evening prayer and serin .
p. m. Nursery open at bio. tn. at.
Washington avenue, where children will
lie kindly cared for while, parents atteud
saivt i. fur's DtnraoM Kienoa -Ber,
A. L. Crtmu in sharga Honday sonool s p.
m.; evening i rayer n . 1 serin .n, 4 p. m.
S::ruM PR4SnTTnniA Ciukcii Rev.
Charles E. Robinson. I. P. pastor, vr
viosS 1" M a. in. end T.80 p. ill, Tbo pSSSOT
will preach In the evening en the Iktrd
lecture mi tho "Women of MS IfOWTsstss
meat." Subject- "Mary .Ma.'dalene " All
teats free iu tbo uveniug. All welcome at
all services.
Pmmm ATntrs Bamti Cncaon liter.
Warren H I'.ar' rnlgi-. paitor S.-I vi. i s nt
10 3) a. m. and 7 do p. in Subject in tbe
morning. Tie BaaiBpie Of dtrisft.'' InthJ
evening, "Ilesvi u as Stat", ' the second
In the series ou 'He. iVc ii. A 1 are wi-1
Fiii-t PUnUrTUXaJ Curii'ii Rev.
.lames MclaKKl, li 1)., pastor. Dlv no" ser
vice, 10.110 a. m.. and T.N p. m. The pas
tor will preach in the m iming nnd even
ing. Iu view of th" pr"snt agitation In
our city on ths Sunday question, !'r. ile
Leod will preach in WOOTOatng on this
topic, and thus pus'p ne Ins discourse un
'John Knox.'' Minlav sehmd at noon.
Young People's Christian BttdoaVOT at fi.UO
p, m. Church prayer meeting, Wednes
day, 7.4.' p. m.
a-nuM Riimik Uaitist OsunOB. Bar.
w. J. Ford, istnr. Bervioes nt 10,80a, m.
mid 7.;fi p. in. Subj-ct In the morning,
"Baptists in ti.-rmany and England." In
tli" ev oiling, "I I..- Sympathy of Jesus."
Church or Ciiiust, Scientist -Spencer
bmlning. .Mil Adams avenue. Bible lesson
at 10:.t0 a. m. and church m'rvice at 7:110 p.
m. D. N. McKon, speaker. All are wel
come. S'ats free.
llllKFN RllMiK F.VAMirl.lCAt, ClICRCH
Caponso avenue, i v. (I. L. Mnico, psatOT,
Sunday school at 11.31 a. in., K. L C. li. nt
8,80 p, ni. : preaching nt 10 'M) a. in , sub
ject, "The Christian Babbath," and In tha
evening at 7.4.V F.verybody welcome
F.l.M I'AKK MKTHiiDIST El'lHlcll'Al.
Cm licit R"V. W. B. 1'earce. pastor.
Preaching at 10.80 a m. and 7.4.1 p, in.
Morning aubject, "A Willing jietanor in
the Desert.1' F.venlni: subject, "Out of
Work Only," a sermon for the unemployed.
Cai.vaky Keformkii Clli itcii -Corner of
Monroe avenue, and Oib.on stroet ,
Kov. W. II. Stubblebine, pastor, ltoss
F. Wicks, tho "Boy Lecturer," will preach
both morning and evening, oven lug sub
ject, "tiod's Ureat Love." Strangers wel
come. Simpson Methodist BmoopaL Clinton
rteeonlng In tks morning by Rev. John
H. Race, A. M. F.vening sermon by the
pastor, Kov. L C. Floyd. All Boats are
free. Straugers Welcome.
All BOUM Chiiikui Pine stroet near
Adams avenue Servieo at 10.:iil n. m. to
morrow morning will be conducted by
Mrs. Powell. Rev. Oeorgo W. Powell,
pastor, will return to the city for tho even
ing serylco st 7.80 nud will speak on "This
Life and World a -Mirror of the Life to
Come." Strangers welcome.
Fiust Baitiht Church Pastor T. J.
Collins will preach Sabbath at lo.HOa. m.
and 7.80nm. Morning theme, "The All
Bufftolont Remedy for Sin." In the even
ing tho sermon will be another in the
series of Pilgrim's Progress.
Oiiack ciii'i'.cii (Reformed Eimscopal)
Church services at 10.30 n. in. andT.w
p. m. Subject of the morning sermon,
"Tbo Four Pillars of the Church, First
Doctrine," Acts 11, 42. In the evening the
pastor will preach on "Tho Love of the
Kiiirit," Romans xv, 80, Seats free.
Strangers welcome. Sunday school at 1"
o'clock, noon, Young People's Socioty of
Christian Endeavor at 0.30 p. m.
Ibe Croaker Using His Energy in Twentieth
Ward Against Proposed Sewer.
Ho is Unable to Explain the Manner in
Which the Alarm Was Sent in from
Box 48 Last Night Five Surgeons
Operate on Mrs. B, F. Moore.
Another Case of Foot Crushed,
Notes and Shorter Paragraphs.
The Twentieth ward sower business
rervea at least one good purpose, it
Rives tho eitissns a rsasonabla excuse
to assemble in groups on the street cor
ners theso balmy (lays, and, while they
disenss eveiy detail of tho subject, as
sist the telegraph poles in maintaining
a perpendicular position. It cannot lie
said that tho majority of tbe people is
educated to a proper understanding: of
this question. Not that it is not a
topio to which U of tbem nre famil
iar; but the practical, concrete grasp
of It does not seem to Inrsds
their minds with a proper r'lli. i
tion. Two thirds of the propertf
holders have little else than Undefined,
abstract conception. In this condition
of mind ths OsmagOgOS finds a rich
field to work upon. He can circulate
among those who regard tna sewer as
un expensive bug-bear, and tell thorn
that tho construction of se'.vrs will
impoverish them for the res', of their
natural lives. Tho human mind is
more ready to accept a pessimistic view
Of nny case, and to undo tbo adverse
sentiment osussd .'q aires an energy
persistent and aggressive. No milter
what tbo opponents may toll of tbe ex
iravaguiit outlay reunited inbuilt a
sower, whether backed up by plausible
iiru'iinietits or not, the average oitiieo,
who is prS-SUppOSSd to bo able to com
prehend the question, should acquaint
bins if with tbs facts furnished by
the city engineer, who is cup able of
supplying all necessary Information.
Fr.lss Almm fiom Tex 40.
The gongs sounded No IB nt 0
o'clock Inst timht ami when the fire
oom ponies responded thev were at a
loss to locate tbe lire. Station 48 is at
the corner of Btons avenue and Bern
look, but there was no Indication
when the box was visited that it bad
t i touobsd or tampered with, It
was A false alarm and how ic was sent
in is n piece of information that t Intel
Ferbr is ni a los to acc tint for. and
One that he would give a g od deal to
learn something about Late las, night
no Word was rsoslVSd by IhS oblol t'lat
any ether bOI had sent in an alarm,
w:,ic!i Hi's'..' 'ei recorded wro-.g ns was
the rase not long ago OO Lie South Bide,
win n box 17 was touch I L it all goes
to show that there is a ornate soine
Wbere In th lire niartn telegraph tbat
cannot 1 :..' 't I. oCu rwi-- It 111 ,v
be that tbe system shall get OepsriSO
some tinM When a big fire breass I nt
in a thickly settled district and reault
disastronaly it may te doponded thnt
Chief Ferber WlU not let th matter
im-s his strict a'tetitloti to duty and
carefulness in preserving the tir - p
paratns in fist cla.s style will not per
il I .iu to rsttt tili there la a return to
working order that will pcoolndo ai.y
I i ole accidents.
Annthsr Kan Ot'.i His Fait froth!
Frank (isvin, of the Twentieth ward,
a hrakeman on rne of the small lo
comotives at the South works, had his
fool saoosiofl between th- bumpers ol
two cats while at work yesterday
morning He was ri.ling betwoen the
cars an.l Ids legs were dangling earn
less'.y wl tn tbe accident lisppened to
bim. He wss taken BOUM and a phy
sician sent for, wi:o examine. i the In
jury anil found it not very SSTloUS, H
innv be idlo fur over a month, bow
Flvs D.ct-rs Perform an Op.rstlnn.
Mrs. it F. Moore, nf'tSMI Sloeutn
street, who lias been sorlonsly ill for
sum time, underwent an operation
Thursday in which live doctors wore
sng pad Hr. A J. Koib is the family
nbysll ian and be bat b en treating her,
i.nt recogniring the seriousness of the
ase called upo i Drs Burnett, Web tan,
i muster and (iatea A consult itiOB
was held an I it was daci led to perforin
an operation. In medical science the
teehulcil name of the case is loDOTOt
oniv. Tha result proved satisfactory
and the physicians incline to think t hat
the uoiusii s health will now recuper
ate. Missionary Msetlig
Missionary meeting will bn held
at the South Side Young Woman's
I'hnstlnn sssociation tomorrow after
noon at 3.45 o'clock. A number of the
younir la lies will tako part, an I an ad
ilress will by giv- n by Miss McCanl, of
New York The special lnnslc will be
in charge of Mrs S F. Stewart. All
young ladies are invite. i. The .Musical
uiven Mon lay evening by the rOOOPtion
committee will bo free to all young wo
men, and will be a very plenums! occa
sion. 4hrr:r IVrasrnphi.
The fnnfral of Charles Boehl of
Alder Street, will he held at I o'clock
o'clock tills afternoon and promises to
be as lnrge as has been seen on this
side. Interment will b" mad in Pitts
ton avenue cemetery.
Daniel P. BsttleundO. T. Bolanl re
turned Inst night from Now York,
wh-re they spent tho past week as
delegate! to the national convention of
thn Moatd of Eiin, Ancient Order of
The members nf Division 4, Ancient
Or ler of Hibernians, Hoar I of Krin, of
htlnooka, aro requested to be at their
usual place of inseting tomorrow at 7
a.m. to go Ito holy communion in a
body in St. Joseph's church.
Harry Haak. tbo gentlemanly man
ager of L D. Power's drag business, is
an accomplished mandolin musician.
He retires qniutly to the laboratory,
where he enjoy hie exercises each
evening after supper.
All Free.
Thoso who have used Dr. King's Now
Discovery know its value, and thoso who
bave not. have now tbe opportunity to trv
it Free. Coll on the advertised Druggist
and get a Trial Bottle, Free. Mend your
linuio and address to li. K. Backleii i Co.,
Chicago, and get a samplu box of Dr.
King's New Life Pills. Free, as well ns a
copy of (luido to Health nnd Household
Instructor, Free. All of which is guaran
teed to do you good and cost you nothing.
Matthews Bros. Drugstore.
Fink shoes, tho latest nil sprine; styles,
at tbo Commonwealth Shoe store.
Bow haa hasehsras of tha KBYSTONE no
'J'BL, formerly oaped the Oross KeyjkoOVner
Ilromloy ace. nnd swotlond. A full lino of
l.iquorH, lloer, Ale una Fine Clears viil lie
keiitln stock. Si r. Phillips will !o nloaaodt q
peathls many trionds who win favor bun
with a c .11.
Will Ecjey a Ten-Kilo Jaunt Today
with E. S. Jackson.
The Young Men's Christian Associa
tion Pedestrian club will walk to Haz
ard pond this afternoon, a distance of
ten miles. All members aro cordially
invited to join the party. The pedes
trians will assemble at the Young Men's
Christian Association building at 1.30
and start 'promptly at 2 o'clock.
Mr. E. S. Jaokson of the First Na
tional bank one of tho best known pe
destrians in the city will load tbe
trumping party.
Beware of Frauds. Iln euro you get
thi' genuine Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil. It
cures Colds, Croup, Asthma, Doafness and
HaYG You
Seen the Latest
Neapolitan Ware? It
is tlie Most Ariislic
ever made.
If you want a good car
riage you should see
. . . - -
s, IS, mi
OuvJl 1 Jllc j u . j
Best Assortment
11G Wyoming Avenue.
"One Coat Makes
Them Look Like New"
'lirr. KRKKR t . Oarapbelfs Varn'sh Btalns,
the csry bsat tafai is the eaarkat i r
toaeh as SB anil llue!..n- KurnlCure, Oaldea
orforcn i festra, Baby irni. ate,, ste,
Wuh . it., i, !. ,ti ,11 -j ;i ni.l Vftrnsh sn-1
transform tbem iu!o bi-aatiful iniitstioiit uf
Cherry, Kahogany,
Oak, Rosewood, Walnut,
Vermillion and Ebony
Put up in Tint an.l Half Tint fans,
fl son-to got Campbsat! an I you w.ll not le
To Obtain Satisfactory Results
with Ready-Mixed Pa;nts
Th's has t "i n "' 'itn i ne f r r.T.-r
flfii-vn V"3f-s an.l w- r.-.-.'tnmn'l it as b iti
ileal, DonrsaWal sad lnrail au4
i. Kile tti ni th- bass atstlala
The satlsfaetinn rxpr 'il br inr rnstena
ers ai-"iul t fot eir in Teaseil trsile In tht"e
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Matthews Bros,
320 Lackawanna Avo.
Print Butter
25c. a lb.
427 Lackawanna Ave.
Wbjrrns sUwrer tbs pttj looking fercot.!
dcill.'iis with mi" hun Iri.l :m 1 ten centa' worth
n Kulil In th -m Hut v ii will eeiue very
i-lnsn to it It if y it will rail at Iho ri;hi pl.tee.
I'.rliiir your dollars -irohl, silver aud creeu-
baeks to
IBS IPBCOI NTISF.DT, and iret full Talue
for your money In
The YICTOB WHXBti tstaos,
I'.ieyeii'S, lire arms, ele., repaired at short
notiee. Key llttlu.' a specialty. Uivo mo a call,
Anil all kinds GARDEN
SEEDS in bulk ami in pack
ages. Pierce's Market
Hindoo Handkerchief Puzzle
Now on sale for 25c. orgiven
away with purchase of every suit.
Handsome line of Spring Overcoats
and the Nobby "Bell" Cutaway Snits
iVIartin & IDelany
Custom Tailors and Clothiers,
Wyoming Avenue.
At3()S Lackawanna Ave.
I 500 Ladies' Lace Trimmed Hats in all tha
k popular shades, regular price $5.00; for
I 50 dor, Sprays of Flowers
H ej s- a M
r. ors, regular pneo ouc;
5 45 doz Sprays of Flowers, assorted coloi'3, QQn I
I regular price $1.00; for - - - 03j. z
50 doz. Extra Long, Fall Regular Eerms- "
S dorf Dye, Ladies' Hcse, regular price 39c.; Qg
I em
LOO Pair NotLingham Lace Curtains, our (TO S
5 regular $5.00 Curtain; for - - - IU
.:.cts.Msiini;'t:i'fiii;.::!r3f4i!iiiiiiri;iiii;i!iiii!isiiiiii i;issi:xiiiii!it:Jiatl
Now Open
Theelrens lseomlntr to town: Wllkns-Harre
has been heret WS aaee boon heie; wa are
hero; VPS will 1st h'-re. Aua'.n we say, hsik
iu en us, and if we cannot show you tho fln.'Sf
un i i i s An spoBi ma
ouods, an : i rseerd ot saors bioyets sales
thsn any OtOSt firm In tho city, us wnl take
you to the show.
Y. It, O A. 11U1LDING.
Bicycle Riders,
Take Notice
CAPS Invented
by a rider
Something New
Has the Agency
for them
re it Present the Mot Popnnr ami Preferred by
LeudiiiK ArtiHis.
Wnrrrooms : Opposite Columbus Monument,
205 Washington Av. Scranton,Pa.
Look In
$2.98 1
15c. i
in assorted col-
ior ...
A Fine
Worsted Suit
for Men,
in colors black
and blue, for
Only $9.90
Clothiers, HBtlsr&.fijmisficra
For Women
Sell, Sell, Sell, is the order
of the day.
Imported (Hay Jackets, Cut,
Style ami AYork tho best of
the tailor's art. A reduction
of 50 Por Cent. Soo this oiler
ing of Ilijih -class Jackets.
Your size is here.
in cioth, Moric Silk, Covet
Cloth and Lace. Many styles
and prices that will please yon,
Printed Duck and Serges,
Striped and Spot Patterns.
Yon ouht to havo one. Till
prioe, $3.50 to $1.50.
G. W. Owens & Co.
Cloak nnd Snits Makers,
Court House Square,