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    The Third
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ze.'s. kw swivflf order
immediately. nf Miiltir.hrnmpx I
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G PffEfS
His Commonweal Army Prepared to Leave
Washington Tomorrow,
The Hero of the Grass Episode Will
Lead His Warriors to Sunny Mary
land and Pitch Camp Near the His
toric Duelling Ground at Bladens
burgh The Terrors of the Work
house Induced to Move.
Washinotpv, May 11.
ACOD OOXEY'S commonwealers
will quit the District of Coluin-
n) bia early tomorrow mnminjt.
v-' The new camp will be at the fa-
tnotM Spa Spring rnvir tbe historic
dni'lliiiK ground at Wndcnsbnrit, juat
over th Marylaml line. Toll decision
was reached by th general of the army
today, when lie found that his follow
ers could not bfconiH depandunt upon
the locnl city government, but miaht be
punished by terms in the workoous.
The terrors of the workluuise were
more t huii the common wealern had cat.
ciliated npon. Tney wore willing to tie
fed in jail if it cmne to that, bat work
ing ditoonoerted the whole army, ofll
cer as Will us privates.
Ri'porta to the contrary notwlt'i
ttanding rtiere had heu no BOdi&Oa
tion in the health officer's order for
Coxey to break np 'Camp Tyranny"
this afternoon at 4 o'clock, and th Dis
trict officials were determined to en
force to order to abate the numanee at
that hour. Coxey, while making the
effort yeaterduy 10 secure an extension
of time, bad alio learned that the law
of the District provided other penalties
than simple imprisonment, and that
vagrants Blignt, aud probably would
be given plenty of work to do in ease
they wer arm tod.
The intimation wasonveyed tn him
o directly tiiat be oecame eatWti-d
that any further relations with the po
lice would result la the utter demoli
tion of the army ; and he determined
to avoid tt.e contingency. Over a
wek ago Attorney J. H. Rogers had
cflrred Coxey the use for an indefinite
term of a large tract of land at the Spa
Spring, but Coxey did not consider it
worth examining, as it wns outside of
the district, and he had no idea of
abandoning Ml frequently reiterated
declaration thut hu wonld stay id
Washington all summer, or nntil con
gress aceeded to his demands. When
the alternative of workhouse or evacua
tion of Washington whs definitely pre
sented, uowever, he concluded to ac
cept Mr. Rogers' offer.
Coxey drove six miles oat to the
spring this morning- aud expreteed him
self delighted with the location. It is
on high ground with gravel foundation
anil is well adapted to a health resort
on aceonnt of the fine water and drain
age and a wide stream, in which the
comnionwealers anil the horses may be
nude clean. Coxev burned hack to
the district commissioners, and at noou
appeared before them with the an
nouncement tint ne had found the
ideBl camping plact and would like
permission s move to it
When he mentioned the location the
commissioners told him tney had noth
ing to do with it, aa it was out of their
jurisdiction. Their only interest was
in his abating his present nuisance by 4
o'clock this afternoon. Coxey replied
that be had determined to move, but
asked that he be given nntil tomorrow
morning, piouiieing to begin the march
not later than 10 o'clock. After fully
emphasizing tins promise, the commis
sioners agreed to postpoue the execu
tion of the order nntil the time, aud
Coxey withdrew.
At "Camp Tyranny," as lute as I
o'clock this afternoon, Carl lirowne and
the rest of the army we'e utterly ig
norant of the turn affairs had taken,
lirowne was sure that the camp would
never be moved. He declared that ev
ery man In the army might be arrosted
and sent to jail, but the cainn won! I
.emiiiti, and as soon as any of the
jnen got ont of jsil they would re
turn, bam Fremer, who had been em
ployed by Coxey to take charge of the
horses, could not be disturbed becanse
he was no vagrant, being paid a good
salary, and he would maintain the camp
ni long as nessary, that it might be
available for the other armies that
were on the way aa well as the Coxey
its already here. Drown said.
"Our polioy is fnlly settled npon, It
is one of passive resistance to the un
warranted persecution of the district
authorities. We are not at all captions.
It is simply a case of being driven to
the wall. We havo made this camp the
most sanitary spot in this part of
Washington, aud if we are put out in
the street the city will have to take
care of us where the sanitary arrange
ments are not as good as our own. I
suppose they'll arrest na one at a time.
Coxey will go first and wo'll step into
the breach. When I am arrested some
one will take my place In command,
and so on nntil the 500 men have suc
cessively been arrested. We have pre
pared for it. I have cautioned all the
men to be careful and strike no blow.
"No one will forcibly resist. By the
time they have depopulated this camp
the reinforcements from the west will
be arriving and the game can coatinne
indefinitely. There is no doubt about
the other armies reaching here. I know
all the leaders, Frye, Kelly, (jalviu,
and all of them were in San Francisco
with me, and I know that I can count
on them. Wo have the whole west
with ns in this movement. The farmers
from Ohio and beyond will see that we
are fed as long as we stay here.
"We shall not want food. I got the
shipping receipt today for the carload
of provisions that is now on the way
from Springfield, Mo. That car is hav
ing a triumphal career to Washington.
It is drcorated with Ugs and a bigsign
showing its contents nnd destination,
and all along the road people are tack
ing cards to it. It will inspire tho for
mation of new armies, and thousands
of men will be following it in tho coarse
of the month. You can say that this
movement has suroly begun. No one
can doubt thut its ultimate end will be
successful. "
The matrimonial Speculators Held Upon
a New Charge.
PHILaDKLPHU, May 11. J. Ross
Landers and W. 1 Brown, who were
recently committed to jail to await tho
action of the grand jury on tho charge
of conspiracy to defraud Mr. Cathe
rine M. Shaoklett, of Alexandria, Va.,
an elderly Udy, out of her fortune of
$10,001) were arraigned before Judge
Krogy today on a writ of Habeas cor
pus. Landers murriod the woman
while she was on a sick bed in the Ho
tel Hanover, in this city, and then, it
is said, induced her to make a will bo
jinoatliing to him all of her possessions.
Too will hiurbeen revoked.
Jndge Bregy discharged the accused
b oaQMol the non-nppesrance of the
alleged victim and also b oame
there was no application for
a continuance in order that
she might be produced.
ever, was held to answer an indict
ment charging him with the larcenv of
Mrs. Shackletts' diamonds. Mia.
Snacklett is in the hospital sufT ring
from pneumonia
Wockly Report of R. G. Dun & Com
pany An Encouraging
Nnv YOBH, May 14. R. f. Dun ft
Company's weekly review of trade to
morrow prill say ;
The strikes begin to have a serious,
though, it is assumed, only a tempor
ary effect. The number of works d
pending neon supplies of bituminous
coal or coke for fuel is large, end quite
a considerable proportion of them lias
already been compelled to stop opera
tions Some railroads at the w, at an
etnbartSUsi and textile works of some
I tn porta tte)l nimt close soon unless the
strike ceases.
Toe movement nf so-cslled armies of
unemployed on Washington has cause 1
little excitement, aad it is leas import
ant nr significant than the outward
movement of specie, whieh show
shrinking foreign demand for product
and further withdrawal of foreign
capital. Hut neither strikes nor foreign
distrust, long retard th progruss ..f
tbia country. Thr has b.-eu a de
crease in production of iron since April
1 of nne-third.
The fact that prices of some
grades of Iron, especially of fnnndrv,
show weiikuee, notwithstanding there
nas been no increase in reported stocks
unsold, seems to Indicate that about as
iargn a proportion of the woras using
pig iron M material ha also bee',
pelled to stop, and It is Itatad tnat in
l'lttebnrg region many are ci .e to the
end of their supplies of fuel l'nees of
fiuished products are fully maintained
aud many kinds have advai,. I a little,
but it is noticed that the demand is not
aa large as was expected
The speculation iu grain has again
broken records with the lowest price
ever made for wheat Exports' ar
smaller by more than a quarter. The
prevailing belief ii that tne yield will,
as in other years, far exceed govern
ment indications, which are again
pointing to a short crop. Nothing has
occurred to strengthen railroad itoekl
f r the earnings of railroads continue
about ae much behind last vear's na
they were In April or May Rates are
cut in a most destructive fashion.
The average price of railroad kto dca
Is nevertheleas only U cents lower for
the week. Large exports of gold
which are ao far ex;.-, ted to reach
y!.iH)i) no i this week have checked hope
fulness in stock market an 1 tli de
cline of the treasury gold btfore $01.
000.000 suggests the possibility that
continued exports of the precious
metal may cause not a little trouble
before the season is over.
But at present the banks are only
gratified as the accumulation of money
from the interior has not Oiaild, while
the demand for commercial loans does
not yet enlarge. The ntimhor an 1 the
gtntral average of liabilities of failures
are still encouragingly shrinking. Tne
failures for the past weok nave be-n
MM in the United States against IS7
last year and 42 in Canada against 23
last year.
Told weather did Illinois wheat good in-st'-ad
of harm.
Indiana msy quarantine against smallpox-ridden
Tho end of the new Atlantic cable was
United at (,'anso, N. S.
Married on April Miles .Mnys and his
young wife died at Vandalla, III., Monday,
wilhln a few ImurB of each other
Ohouls stole the body of John 1 lager
from n cemetery in Logansport, Ind., and
other gruvu robberies nro feared.
As the result of playing the races, (lus
Weiabrodt. city treasurer of Middlotown,
O., is short tSn.ODO In his accouuts.
With $10,000 of Uer husband's money,
Mtb. Ah I'hong.of Sau Francisco, decamped
for China with a Chinese Lothario.
When discovered drawing twj pensions,
slick Peter Qllleapta, of LeaVKiiHwortli, said
be fought iu the war under two nam- s.
Charging alienation of his wife's nffec
tions, J. J. McDonoogb, of Bab. Claire,
Wis., sues H. Q I'ntruan, a rich lninbor
man, for (25,000 damages.
Left in n hot bath at a Paris hospital, a
Swiss lunatic named Tabotlier was liter
ally boiled to death.
English temperance womon said farewell
to Miss Frances K. V illard, who is about
to return toAmorica.
For (0,500,000 annually, an English syn
dicate has bought the alcoholic monopoly
from tho Italian government.
Bishop Newman presided at the opening
ceremonies of the new American Institute
for Womeu at Rome yesterday.
Methodists of the Hasting) (Eug.) dis
trict havo chosen Miss Dawson delegate to
tho Wesleyan conference. She is tho first
woman over chosen to such a body, aud is
not likely to gain admittance.
1'horn are in the vicinity of the Palo
Alto car i hops about six miles of Philadel
phia and Reading cars awaiting repairs.
School Director Frezeman, of Reading,
who was asked to resigu becauso ho is un
naturalized, has compiled with the demand.
It Precipitates a Silver Debate on the Wilson.
Tariff Bill.
Populist Wind-Bags Not Allowed an
Opportunity To Air Their Opinions
Amos Cummings Makes Faces at
Ex-Speaker Reed General Politics
Infuse Lifo and Interest in Many of
the Debates.
Wa-iiishton, D. C, May 11.
N the senate today, after a good ileal
of nlmportant morning bnsinesa,
Mr. tuay introduced a bill to ea-tnbli-n
a municiniil oode for the
District and ctlled for the first reading
of the bill at length.
The clerk began tha rending of the
bill which contains 1120 printed pages,
but had only read n couple of sentences
when he was intjrrupted by Mr Har
ris (Tenn.l who asked whether he un
derstood tim senator from Pennavivs
nia to ask that the toll lie read at
length on its first reading
"Thai was thnreqn-st of the senator
from Pennsylvania," Mr. Ouay re
plled, Mr. Harris objected to the introduc
tion of the bi'l and the vice-president
ruled, that objection being made, the
fill went over under the rule.
A resolution was offered by Mr Pef
far, Sanaa, for a joint e.-lect-cimmit-tee
to invetigate all the facts and cir
cumstances connected with the alleged
maon'acttire and delivery of defeOttVt
and inferior armor plates, nn 1 r con
tract, bv Andrw Carnegie and others,
and it went over until tomorrow.
AI.LKN's Kl sou-Tins OIUFcrt H To.
Mr. Allen, Nebraka, asked nnani
mouaconaeiit for ttie eonaiderstlon of
his Coxey reaolntiou but objection was
Tne resolution heretofore oli'ered by
Mr. Peffer for a select coinmi ttee on
the present condition of the country
with aecial reference to the prevailing
baaiaaes depressing n,i td Hr DHU1.
DM of Dnampiopad people and as to the
bgislaiion MoatMry to afford relief
was laid before the th senate, and. af
ter brief remark by Mr. PrfT.'r.was re
ierreil to th committee on rule.
lhe tariff iju -stlon wee taken np -the
pending tineetion being on the
amendments OBtnt yesterday to the
item of boraotc sold In the chemical
Jh.dnie, on the first page of t'i bill.
There was no allusion to the ou
tion of lorrlo acid In the speecn
which Mr. Stewart proceeded to nuk,
or in Mr Dolph's reply to it both
speeches being on the demonetisation
of stiver, to which Mr S-.ewarl
acriU-il the bn-ine.i depr.-sai oi, wiaie
Mr Dolph took tiie contrary view
The controversy between the senators
w a closed with the empnatic declara
tion by Mr. Stewart that the country
wonld never have prosperity until it
burst the chains of contraction that
were binding the limb of enterprise.
A vigorous arraignment of RopabH
'an administration of the navv verds
by Mr Cummings, iDem, N Y l. in
cluding a reference to employment of
an extra force nt the Portsmouth yard
for the benefit of ex -Speaker iteed. and
tne sarcastic rej .in.-r of Mr Keed, was
the principal featutes of the debate 00
tb naval appropriation bill, which oc
enpied all of today's era. ion of the
Mr. Boot Hi (Hep , Me ) closed tin
general dabato for the Republicans and
wis followed by Mr Maker (Pop .Kan. i
who spoke of the niHQTial aaonmnlatloii
of wealth iu the decade from M I to
1-01 by the manufacturing and agri
cultural states, this afternoon Mr
Crain I Tex who ep ike In support of
the bill to change the day of the a
ambling Of congress from the fir.t
Monday in December to the -tin of
March, and by Messrs Meyer. (Detn..
La.), Qeisseubainer, (Hem . N. J.),
Talbort, (Dm., lid.) Md by Mr. Cum
mings. General politics and the tariff more
or less crept Into nearly all the apeeeb
s and the debate was enlivening and
interesting. Two pages of the bill
were read for amendments. The houao
then took a recees until 8 o'clock, the
evening soeaion being for tbo consider
ation of private pension bill
Kentucky Matron. Tak I Hand Id the
Breckinridge Cruaade.
LEXlsiTON,Ky.,May 11. The women
of thia city intend to demonstrate their
protest against the reiiominatlon of
Colonel Breckinridge by arranging for
a big reception in honor of William C.
Owens, the principal opponent of the
colonel, when he comes here to address
the electors some day next week
Eight boxes in the opera house will
be filled with representative women of
the Hluegrass region, who seldom take
any pnrt in politics. A large delega
tion of the same eex will ocenpy the
main part of !no house. A petition is
being numerously signed by the women
of this city, who pledge themselves to
attend the meeting.
Already the feminine opponents of
Colonel Breckiuridgo are boycotting
the merchants who Htipport his candi
dacy and others are dismissing their
family physicians for the snme reason.
Captain Slropicn'a Nnrrow Eeoape from
Hazi.eton, Pa., May 11. While
looking for an escaped convict in the
wood near Jeanesvillo today, Captain
Simpson, of tho coal nnd iron polics,
ran tiuoxpectiidly into the den of Ulke
llangwer.who murdered Paul Granger
at Honey Brook two weeks ago.
Simpson, while picking hli way
through the foroot, suddenly found
himself in the door of what appeared
to he a cave. He was about to part the
shrubbery which partly hid the open
ing when a revolver was thurst against
his face and a mau jumped iuto the
oponing. It wna Hnngwer. Not a
word had been Fpokeh when the re
volver went off ho close to Simpson's
head that it singed his hair.
His would be asEiiHsin then ran for
the swamp, Simpson fired repeatedly
at the fleeing man. Cue bullet broke
the fellow's arm and his revolver foil
from lus grasp. The second shot
canned him to yell with pain but did
not utop him. The firing aroused the
villagers who joined tho chas-, but the
fugitive reached the swamp safely.
Sixty-Four Counts Are Promptly
Returned Apninst Her by the
United States Grand Jury.
.c; rial row a Slnff Cinrnitmilrnt.
PlTTSDUKO, .May 11. Jennie Hue ar
rived iu this city this morning to ap
pear for trial before the United States
district court. Tnis afternoon she was
indicted by the graud jury on sixty
four founts for sendiun obscene letttrs
i Mias Jennie Ifottj Detective An
thony Boanloo, J. W. flonld, United
States DUtrlot Atbrney Harry A Hol
land and United Steles Commissioner
A. J. Colborn, jr. She will bt tried
Monday and will be defended by Hon.
W. W. Watson
Michael Flaherty, nllas Webb, of
Corry, Pa , was c .nvicted today on
five accounts for pacing bogus silver
dollars in th Providence section of
Scranton on Jan '2' last. Kugene M.
Govern, alias Brooka, is now on trial,
charged with panting counterfeit $2
notes at Scrantoii last Friday. About
tit teen BorantOOianl acted as witnesaea
iu these cases
'lie section nf the bOOkaWMnt con
tingent started for home tonight, after
a pleasant soj' urn iu the city of sternal
smoke. J. r. M
Or. J. Lym.-.n fJulklcy'a Encounter
With a Lunatic Who Was Armed
to the Teeth.
WATUTOWR, N. Y . Mar 11. -While
alone in his pltawl home a: Band
( reek abonl BO lt aronlng. Dr J.
I.vman Bulkley. ex-sheriff of OtWtgO
Comity, aud one of the mo.t prominent
citixen of the plnr was vi.itel by a
iuu itic named Gaylor l Williams, who
was laboring under the ball urination
that the pkyatalan nal maltreated him.
and almost without a moment's uotii-e.
the rrary man ha I j tilled a revolver
ai d ftr.d two abota to kill th doctor.
One t k effect In the arm. the oli.-r
law wld of Its mark and found lodge
infnt In the well. Williams then put
awayau itrrolfaf aad proceeded to
a in a inur torow assault on Dr. I'm -ley
with a knife.
The doctor had realized hia predba
meat aad knew tuat he was at t..e
mercy of a mad man. He Mgagad
in n struggle with Williams for all llfO,
an I th two BMB final I v reached the
lawn in frout of the phy.icisn's home
During the deerale struggle Williams
plunged the blade of a large knife into
the phyaieian'a groin an 1 stabbed him
la tan back and ont agl g- la hia
head In attempting t wr at t he knife
frota tba mad man's graap Dr Balh
ley cut his hand badly and was almost
exhausted from tltttloa and lOM Of
Ml 0 I when WlUlaiM ran away.
Dr. BulKluv now li.a la a critical
eoniiitlon. and Williams, the
madintn, is a corps and suicide,
having ended his existence by sr tidtng
a i.ullet through bla brain His life
lean body w .a .oim 1 in the !" I in the
rear of Dr llnlkiey'. house Una morn
ing. It is iid Williams (ral released
from tba Ogdensbnrg insano asylum
The rjl.tlntulahtd Attorn. r Ixplree
Rndi.nly nf Heart TJneaae
WrXXBa-BaJUUt, Pa., May 11 Gen-
oral William B aloOartnaf, president
of tho city Coiineils and one of the mot
pmminanl lawyers at tbe Luz'rtie
county bar, died suddenly this evening
of heart diaeaae at his country home at
North mountain, ten miloa from here
ID was born iu Hoeton, tlaas , on
July 11 M4 He entered the nrmy ou
April IB, 1861, and went with lieneral
Butler's expedition from Now York to
Annapolis. During hie three years'
service he took part in no lets than
twenty engagements.
In lN'iO he slumped Massachusetts
for Stephen A. Douglass. In 1 -17 he
stumped New York lor John A. Grie
well f .r governor, and in ls7 ho went
on the slump for Horace Greeiy.and in
H08 for the late General Grant for
During lifo he enjoved a lucrative
practice iu all the courts and was a
man honored by all who knew him
He was a member of the Grand Army
of the Republic, the Loyal Le gion end
of tho New Kugland society of Phila
delphia. CROKlR'b SUCCCSSOA.
John KoWsde Appointed to Succe.d the
Lute ( huirmaii of Fluance.
RlW YORK, May 11 The action of
the executive committeo of Tammany
Hall in accepting the resignation of
Hicherd Croker as leader, was ratified
at the meeting of the general committee
held this evening in Tammany hall.
Hon. John Mctuade wns appointed
by Chairman A. W. Peters to succeed
Mr. Croker as chairman of the finance
committee, but no appointment has
yet been made to till the viicunt place
of leader.
Tho bills to codify and arrange the lawB
relating to portions have now been re
ported favorably by committees from both
houses of congress.
Paul Du Chnillu. the noted African
traveler, will loduy give bis recnllectious
of African travel twenty-live years ago,
before the National geographical soclty.
The Military Affairs committee has
agreed upon a bill to remove the military
post knowu as Port Mcintosh from Its
present site to a more desirable and largor
one near the city of Laredo.
Representative Price, of Louisiana is
back after two weeks at. home, during
which he accompanied Chnirman W ilson
of the ways and meaiiB committee over
the southern part of his state.
General News or Current Happenings Across
the Waters.
Serious Aspect of tho Austrian
Miner' Riots The Strike Spreading
and Troops Stationed at tbo Threat
ened Pits Terrible Execution Done
by Mannliclnjr Rifles The Samoan
Yii sna, Mav 11.
TIIF. strike nt Oatran, Moravia, has
spread to th BttgM bit. The
victims of the Troppan riot, on
May P, nine in nuinb-r, were
b'irieil today at daybreak without any
Later dispatches received from -trail
today say that there is ex
citement in that district. A strong
force of cavalry and infantry has been
sent to the ecene of the di-turbances
and the nddiers are guarding all tne
pit. The country is stud lad with mil
itary out; usts, and orders has been is
sued to close ul! the taverns at sunset.
The strike has spread to the Roth
schilds' and Count L trriach'a pita .
During the funeral ( the victims of
the 1 Mpan riot this morning the cenie
l-rr was iBITOQadtd by a cordon of
soldiers, and the ten victims were
barlod m a t mmoa rave.
L HI s, May 11. -The correspondent
of tne Ftnita at Vienna save -tnat the
polict at i I'trau who fired upon the
striking Balaam used Haaeliabet rifle.
The terrible efiVcte produced by them,
be say, may be judged by tbe fact that
although only t e:.ty. three shots WON
Brad at tt,e striker, lorty-thtoo per
.on. were wound L
LlTIIPOOtsj My 11 To Irish Nat
io ,e i;u of ( r a. llril dn ill h ! 1 a
convention her- tomorrow. There
win to dam aitratioa of the laagna
n Sunday and a dinner ou Monlay.
Justin McCarthy, M.P. nliobaal
Davitt, John Dillon. HP., an I other
leaders mil attend aud will endeavor
to heal the breach existing between
them aud the lleatyitea.
is expected th.t T. P. O'Connor,
M.P. who has been president of tne
OTBb Netlonel L-agne uf ilreat Britain 1hS, but who lately ha Wen at
lacked in tun Kealvtte otgan, the Irish
Catholic, will tie re-elected, and tnat
the pulley of tba majority will b re
sfllriund or an overwhelming majority
Tiir KM'v MOMM kt,
Br.HI.lN, May II. -lh Vueaiaah ',ei
tnng. couimei.uug non Secretary
Omaaam'l statement to cot:Kra ou
tne Baal MB situ itnm says that it points
to the probability of a dual control of
Samoa as a result of fulnre negotia
tions. Boebai Itsne would le recret
able Mr lireeham haa eald of
America i equilly npplieabla to Qar
many, wuicn can gam no honor nor
advantag" in Snuo.
Bi lATBBB, May 11. The gov
eminent has eerved n nice upon all
banks an) tinaticial coinpaniea .that it
Intan la to exaiuiuo all their B0OKB,
The companies strongiy protest agaiutt
thl action.
Telegram from CbiH svs that bnsi
na lu that con .try la paralysed owing
tothe heavy fall in xchange.
Caixttta, May 11. The opinion is
growing that the smeaitng of tre.a
with mud in the Province of Behar bag
i. o p -illcal siirtiiltrauoi'. but was .im
ply done to attract pilgrims to the sa
cra i lempla at Jaaakpor, iu
way of protest against th Interference
of the sanitary authorities with the
town of Hurdwar. The gathering at
Janakpnr may give trouble unle.a
close watch is kept upon it by the au
thorities. SHUT DOWN IS IXr'LftlNtO.
Pall River Operatcu Olve th Cause for
Fai l Rivku. Maaa., Mav It. -The
following notice posted in tho Darnaby
(iingliain nulla today, is tuesut ject of
much c minent among the operators in
lhe eaat'Tti section ol the city
To i inr Bmploymi
OwiiiK la the imbeciie rjosition taken by
the tireaent adniiliialration at Washington
aed the idiotic legislation now going ouiu
rongreaa, lhe re-ult of which you are per
fectly familiar itli, theao works will shut
down ou May l'J, IBM.
iMgneili S, H. Asm.xy.
K B. Ashley, the treasurer of tbe
rorporation, is a member of the Repub
lican state central committee, aud a
prominent factor in politic. The mills
nave 16,000 iplndlaa. a capital of $iod,
000, operate BOO looms, employ 400
hands and has a weekly pay-roll of
ft, 000. The eoncern has been a suc
cesslul business vontnre.
They Will Pe Given Free Reserved
Eeote for Minnie Lester
Next Monday evening at the begin
ning of Minnie Lester's engigement at
the Academy of Music there will be
special inducements i (To red to mako
the occasion n ladies' night. To this
end, every person presenting a lady's
ticket at the box office aud purchasing
one reserved seat will be entitled to a
second reserved seat free of charge,
the only condition being that the free
seat be occupied by a lady.
This sterling organization of twenty
two people is supplemented by the ap
pearance of Frank E. McNieli, the pro
uder minstrel of this country, who
will appear at every performance.
The prices have been placed at 10, 20
and 30 cente, thns bringing un even
ing of complete enjoyment within the
reach of everybody. Seats sdiould be
secured early ns the sale opened very
lively yesterday morning.
e .
Three Thousand Workmen Are Idle In
the Vavloua Cepartmonte.
PCLLM jn. III.. May 11. Botween 2,000
and 8 000 workmen In the various de
partments of the Pullman works at
Pullman went on strike at 1) o'clock
this morning. Their action took Pull
man and his active manager by sur
prise, ns it was understood that the
men were satisfied with tho result of
tlio recent conference.
The men belong to the American
Railroad union but were not called out
by the organization. They demand u
restoration of wages to last year's scale
and the redress of numerous grievances.
No violoncii is epeotod.bnt as a precau
tion a largo force of police has been
ordered to the scono.
L'llian Turnar Tur'na on tho Gas and Is
A.phy slated.
PHILADELPHIA, May 11. Lillian M.
Turner, aged 10 years, of Huberly, N.
Y.. who was attending a female acad
emy In this city, committed suicide
last night at tho home of her grand
father, Adam Wartman. After dis
robing, the girl closed up all the craeks
In thn doors and windows with ber
clothing and then turned on the gas.
The body was dlsroverod st S o'clock
this morning, Too close application to
her ttndltl is supposed to havo uffected
tho girl's mind.
Exciting Scene at tho Central Park
Menagerie Bungling Attempts
at Poisoning
Ktw York. If ay IL Tip. the bis
elephant in tbo Central park menag
erie, died this afternoon at 1 19 o'clock
after many hours of agony. Such n
botched piece of work bus never been
anOOtnplUked by any set of men who
have proftaaad to have the slightest
akili in killing wild animals or to snve
an animal from unnecessary cruelty
aud laffertn; Prom 6 a, m until i p
BL, the great king of the forest went
sbnddaring from one convulsion into
another, under th influence of the
cyanide of potassium wnicu hae been
given hun.
T in tirat dose of the poison wns not
sufficient to put a piiet and painless
an I to his life Alter many consulta
tion between Bnporintondant smith,
of the menagerie, and Superintendent
Hankinson, of tiie -.oji-ty for tbe pre
vention of cruelty to animals, and Sec
retary Burua, it wns resolved at 3
o'clock tu administer another dose of
1 The second doso finally prove I
ell -cure.
. a 'Nming incapacity of those mn
to perform tuednty amigaed to them
without unnecessary crn-lty appears
to be. fully demonstrated by the tinv
it took to kill tbe poor benst.
At I cj'olorlc this afternoon, Dr. Al
len, one of the experts, said he liellered
ha" what little p OM Tip git into his
system in the m Tiling wia taking ef
fect Matters at ." 1 o'clock tnis afternoon
seemed to be reaching a climax. At
that hour fifteen OapaBtm of rynnido of
pot issiuui were Ritaa to Tip in a dish,
of bran, the greet beset w. nt into con-
i i ia aad tnraaaad about at tre-
in a lOOi rate
In ids v. ild itragglm ha broke the
chaiua which confined him, and
napped hi martdngala The attend
ants aeeiiwd to lie p imc stricken. Tip
was loose in his j.en nnd their lives
were in dnger. It wa fred that
Tip would break out of his pen, but
the huge benst'e atrti(glea iiuickly en.l
ed. and aa tin poison began to work he
fell to the ground dead.
Alrenchcf the National Orean satlon
to Be aT8mi d Here.
Rabid IVuerllcht list erening an
nounced t the Ltndaa street syna
rotroatbatoa next rnaaday a branch
of tbe National Ooenotl of Jewish
Women would be form I
Tb Tder is the outcome of the Jew
ish Women's religio as .congress at the
World's fair last September.
The plan of ttie order Is to pines the
Jewish women on a par with tho
womeu of other denominations and in
struct them in their own religion in a
broader and deep, r nenae nud to pro
mote lbm through ;their abUdraa to
apply the most advanced thought and
methods te plnlanturopio work and to
c ' prejudices and prevent or in
terfere iu cases of persecution when
ever and bowtver these may oocur.
1 e
Your.g Woman of the City Ccidially
Invited to Visit the Rooms.
Young women can spend a pleasant
afternoon tomorrow from .'! to B o'clock
in the rooms of the Young Women's
Christ inn Association, 80S Washington
avenue. From d to l o'clock the read
ing room will be open for any who
wish to rest or read. From 4 to 5
o'clock a song and testimony service
will be conducted by Miss Lena
Minnich, to whieh every young woman
should feel herself personally invited.
On Tuesday afternoon the invitation
committee will entertain the members
aud their young women friends by a
"Looking Backward'' entertainment.
To this social gathering all who como
will be Cordially welcome. There is
uo admission fee.
The Y. X. G. A. and Hustler Teams at
Hog-an Park.
The Young Men's Chriitian Associa
tion team, who are touted to be the
best amateur ball tossers iu this vicin
ity, will cross bats with the Hustlers,
the crack West Side organization, at
Hogan park tiiis afternoon at I o'clock.
A fifteen-cent admission will be
Bittenbender and Hoffman, pitohers,
and Allen and (tillerau, catchers, will
bo tho donl.Io battery occupying the
points for tho Young Men's Christian
association. Both teams aspire to head
the umatcur lis' at the close of the
season and a baU royal will probably
result In the effort to start the season
with a clean record.
WaSHUUVOR Mar 1 Lfbraaosi
I CLEAR Saturday: for SatUm Finn
j tyminta, gmtally fair, iHgkt
II 1 hi warmer, rait to 'south winds.
For Wrsti rn i'ennsylvania, fair,
KXmheT iou(i wiiuls.
The Greit Popularity of Cur
Ladles' Siirt Waists
Proven limi they are rorreot in
Style mid Qnality. They com
prise Plain nnd Fhflcy Silks, Lin
ens, Cheviots, Lawns, Percalat,eto.
on: stock of
Are of tho beat, in Style and
Workmanship, and Include "Tho
Kiuc Waist," in Faontteroy,
Plain White, Ginghams, Percale,
The "Mote's Friend"
Y;i;t and our Special Ulcus
:it at 50e., the greatest for the
510 aad 512 Lackawanna Ave.
Maltese Cress
An J Oak tonnoil leather Belling,
H. A. Kingsbury
513 Spruce St., Scranton, Pi
Lewis, Reiily & Davies
114 Wyoming Avo.
We Examine Ejes
Free of eliargo. If a doctor
is needed you arc promptly
told so. Wo also guarantee
a perfect fit.
All SILVERWARE and Damaged Goods
at Arcade Fire will be sold at
50 Per Cent. Below Cost.
The Jeweler,
408 Spruce Street.
I . IE