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All Things Musical
134 Wyoming Ave.
men OKA L)1C
all riiicn
Seo the Shaw Piano from
the World's Fair in our
-USE Till'-
And always liave
Good Bread.
The Weston ill Co.
Punch Cigars
G- B. & Co.,
fam-lnterf in F-eh Cigar.
Garney, Brown & Co. Mfr's.
loll. 1 MuLik BSJUAJUt
tPtU I At . 1ST.
Anti.or.y McLace U.v cone to Sacramen
to, OBI
W. W. Drinker, of Plymouth, was here
A. J. Henry, of Allentown, is at the Val
ley t. ... .
Andrew Bedford Is at tne Girard Home,
Joseph A. Welch, of Uonesdale, is at he
R Haslaehor, of New York, U visiting
Sol Goldsmith.
W. J. Itwis, of Klugiton, was In the
city yesterday.
Henry Illin, jr., is engaged on business
in Philadelphia.
Rev. B, H. Iiriscoll, of Nicholson, was in
this city yesterday.
William McUinooch, of Carbondale, via
lUd thin city yesterday.
Major Kverett Warren has been several
days in New York and will return today.
D. B. Atherton and Will ( arr made a
flyinK bicycle trip t . Wilkes-IJarre yester
day afternoon and returned In the eyeu
ln. Mrs. Snsan B. Pierce and aorlfcharlie.
of Jermyn, aro visiting at the resliltjice f
Mrs. Pierce's daughter, Mrs. C. B. Wor
don, of West Lackawanna avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. X. K. Weeks, Boston: Mr.
ami Mrs. J. C. Anderaun, Bnflawood. M
J.; Mr. and iirs. J. W. Buidu-k and Miss
liurdirk, Albany, and (J. K. Uaimlle, ( r
b oidule, who Imve lieeu in tbn city xinee
Tuesday, left for Csrliondale luat uight.
Ths Fam'.ui Rsolter tn Be Heard at tin
Elm Park Church.
A rare treat will be offered those in
terested in travel and art, by the illus
trations of Philip Phillips' pilgrimage
by Joseph Morrow tonight tad Friday
and Saturday evenings at tho Kim
Park church. Mr. Morrow ni
taioed a world-wide rstiutatinn as an
impersonator and reeiter, and with the
aid of a lime liijht and powornl photo
npticon, nothing will be lacking to
make the entertainment extremely in
teresting and instructive.
It is said that thousands of these en
tertainment! have bsen given iu all
parts of the world.
Tonight will be lllnetratad and d
scribed scenes on the American conti
nent, Haodwicb Islands, Australian col
onies, Ceylon and India. The Koiz
canal. I'aleetine, Egypt. Italy, Europe,
Great Britain and Ireland mid a trip
ncross the Atlantio will be discussed
Friday night. Tne American conti
nent, particularly, will be treated of
Saturday night.
Tickets for the course will be sol 1
for 75 cents for adults and 50 centa for
children; S3 cents will be oliargod for
tingle admission.
All Free.
Those who hnve used Dr. King's New
Discovery know its value, and those who
have not. havo now the opportunity to try
It Free Call on the advertised Druggist
and got a Trial Bottle, Free. Kpnd your
name and address to E E. Bucklou & Co
Chicago, and get a samplo boi of Dr
King's New Life Pills, Free, as well as a
copy of Guide to Health and Household
Instructor, Free. All of which is guaran
teed to do you good and cost you nothing.
Matthews Bros. Drugstore.
Don't Miss It.
Shoes at manufacturer's pricos today,
Factory 8hoe Store, 411 Lack'a ave.
Brware of Fratiis. Be sure you get
the genuine Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil. It
cures Colds, Croup, Asthma, Deafness and
A Foe io Dyspepsia
i o
Events of Interest to Tribune Roadcrs Across
the Lackawanna.
An Interesting Stereopticon Lecture
About the Loss of Life and Proper
ty in the Concm.iugh Valley Star of
Hope Lodp;e Entertains Its Friends
with a Musical and Literary Pro
gramme Olde Folkes' Concert.
The West Side office of the BOBAKTOB
1 eiBCifi ia located at 1040 Jsckson street,
where subscriptions, adverttsstneats ami
communications will receive prompt at
tention. A largo andisnoi was present at the
stereopticon lecture given lail oveuing
by II. K. Keese, of Johnstown, in tiie
Tabernacle Congregational church
The snbjtet of Mr. Uecse'e lecture whs
"Johnstown, Before and After the
Flood," and was list- tied to with
interest. Be presented many locnea of
the beautiful Coneraaagh valley, and
its appearance during the dlasster. Mr
Reese is an eloquent speaker, and his
talk was iiuitu successful.
A Fieaiing Entertainment.
A nioHt pleasing entertainment was
given list evening lr Stir of Hope
lolge, 109, American Protestant asso
ciation. In its rooms on South nfein
avenue, Uev. I. i'. Jones offlelated,
During the evening many vocal selec
tions w.r rendered by Lewis VYatklni
and party. Solos were rendered by
William J. Devise, Miss Lizzie Jen
kins, Thomas D, Jamea hhJ Uev. I).
Joins Miss Lizzie Jones recited and
an excellent ilu-'t was rendered by
William Evens and Thonus A brain
The otllcers fur (he ensuing term were
i:istall--d, alter which a social of a
most pleasing nature was hoi 1.
Concirt TUls Kvenlng.
'Ye Olde Koikes Oonoerte" will be
llyen thU evening at the Simpson
M"tholist Episcopal church. The af
fair promises to be v.ry inooetafnl,
Only the beat local talent will partici
pate. A maple sugar feast will follow
IbS entertainment.
Phort Itsros i f Now i.
The young 1 ulies of the Washburn
S'reet Presbyt-rian chnrch will give
an entertalnm-nt and eooikl in the
I chnrch this evening.
The Wnshburn Street Presbyterian
church p'iltlce will le sol 1 at an itloO
on Tueaday next to the bighi it M i b-r
The parsonage will be rm 'Vil to a
lot purchased f ri .rn William Prink, end
a new place of Ivorehipwill b erected
on the present ground with the addi
tiou of tna laud up m which h i parson
age now stand
Tho funeral of Mrs DaTiea, wife of
Daniel E lHvies, ol D-ck-r's court,
will occur this afternoon at J 9 I o'clock
Services will t- c "i In I by U v I)
Jones, (if the First Welsh Cougreg
lional church. Interment will be in
ti." Washburn Street o.-inetry.
Fred N-ville, of ( ':ietuut street, has
returned from Little M-a lows.
I) W. Thorn is, of Oheatnnl street,
left last evening (or Evantville, Ind ,
to iitteud the convention of the
Bwitehmen'l llntual Aid assoriition
.is 111 representative of lodge l. ot
this city H-i win be aoooapeuled by
John ilohan, wiio will act as alternate
Kev. William w.i lama, of New
Brunswick, th guest of bit brother,
Evan J. Williams, of Hampton street,
Hubert Morris lodge, Order of Ivor
ItOS, Will have a tueetiog this evening
In Clark's hall BpeciaJ business will
be transected, but llMfO will be Uo
initiation of eaodi late on sOOOunt of
the absence of John II. Phillips from
the city.
Carbosdsle Traettea Compmy Falls to
Ccmciet its Bzteattea la Tims
The Scranton Traction company nny
gain entrance to Aichball aft-r all
At last evening's meeting of the bor
ough couneil of that place a resolution
extending the time Within which the
( 'arbund ile Traction company might
complete its truces ns lust by a lie
The ordinance under which the I'ar
bcmdale company was giVafl power to
lay its tracks and operate Ita road
passed the. bOTOUgb council Ofl October
jW, 1891 It contained a promise to the
sffsol mat unless the road be com
pleted within eighteen months there
after tne pnvileg-s given would be re
voked. The compmy laid its track as
far as Coylee' hotel befoie winter and
about ti.rje weeks SgO t'".'a'i work for
the extension to the lllakely borough
line ThO ties have been laid over tne
entire route, but the rails have not
been laid in ire than HO) y irils above
tiie point where Work stopped last
The ordinance having expired yes
terday it is probable that the Carbon
dale company Will not bu allowed to
do any further work on tiie trick. Tnis
being the case It is pretty OSTtsifl th it
the Scranton Traction company will be
given permission to sitohd its lines
Irom I'lakely borough to the present
terminus of tho Carbondale line, u dis
tance of a mile and a half.
It is likely that decisive action will
be taken iu a day or two. The matter
is one of considerable Interest lo the
people iu the upper end of tho valley
- m
A First Class Bspsrtolre Company to bo
Hera Nsxt Week.
Mi nnie Lester and her well known
repertoire company will be at the
iicaaemy ol Music nil next week, and
will produce popular pi lys at p IDUlsT
prices. Monday night the attraction
will be "A Little Busy Body."
Frank E McNigh, the originator of
the "Sileuco and Fun" specialty will
appoar nt each performance in Ids
newaof, "the Daneerau Fait." Prices
will be 10, 20, II). The sale opeus to
morrow morning.
Slenoirrnphsrs Furnih4
We are prepared to furnish business men
With flrSt-class stenographers by the day
or hour. Etpert bookkeeping a specialty.
Scranton Commercial Association, Lim
ited, 4'J5 Spruce street.
Muslo Bcxs Fxclusivsljr.
Ist made. Play any desired number of
tunes. Gautschi Ai Sous., uinuufactuiers,
1(130 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Won
derful orchestrial organs, only 5 and $lu.
Specialty: Old music boxes carefully re
paired and improved with new tunes, ss
How Is It
Everyone goes or inquires Tor tho Factory
Shoebtore, 411 Lack'a avef
O'BP.IEN Ma-gnrot. daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph O'Brien, ou May I), 1SU4,
aged (i month. Funeral this afternoon
at 3 o'clock. Private.
Eddie Bartman's Skull Fractured by Falling
from a Lumber Pile.
Tho Doctors Trephined His Skull
Yesterday and Ho Rested Easier
Afterward Richard Walsh in Love
at Seventy Dr. Kolb's Birthday
Serenade A Correction Other
News in Shorter Paragraphs.
During the morning recess Tussday
Eddie Hartman, 11 years old, a pupil
at No. II school, and son of Casmer
Hartman, of BOO Pittstou avenue, was
seriously hurt by falling from a lum
ber pile OD the Orchard grounds, Tne
boy climbed tn tile top of oue of the
large heaps of lumber storsd there and
fell oil while plaving ou top of it.
His skull was fractured by coming in
contact with the ragged edge of the
pile iu falling. Dr. Anna. m w is sum
moned and c died Dr W. O, Knltou.
Together they trephined tho boy's
skull and Iiik condition lias greatly
improved since the operation. Unloss
brain fevir sets in there is hops of sav
ing the boy's life.
D- A J. K Ssrenadd.
Dr A J Kolb, of Cedar avenue, was
U years old on Tuesday, and the 0000'
ston passed without incideut iu tne
drotor'l family until nearly 0 o'clock
in the evening. The doctor casually
tol.l some of hie frio ids that time, was
stealing upon him unawares and that
he was about to pass another milestone
on life's journey At the above named
hour he was Surprised to bear a ball I
of music u-fors his resi lence, and it
took blm a little time to recall what
the meaning of it was. Professor
,1 io b Ontb, learning that it was the
d dor's birth-lav arri-isl to seroiiiie.
mm. The m-mbera of the baud were
invited inside and a v-rv happy even
ing passed by. Dr, Kolb, although yet
a young iniii stands high in his pro
fession, and during Ins busy life has
found time to become i letitifi.d with
many publlo Spirited movements.
A Coirectloa.
At the In'tance of the family physi
cian of Benjamin Blden, Tiik Tbibdki
wishes to correct the account of toe
mishap of Mr Bldoo's l-rar-old child.
This piper contain d nothing at all
about the matter, and doss not charge
it to anybody else's account. The im
pression prsyailsthat tbeebild fell Into
a boiler of hot water mil was badly
s eal lad, It was Into the cistern near
Hi-- kitchen that the chil l fell, an I lie
wi el i have drowned but f"r the pres.
COOS of his sut-r, who sw him fsll arid
jump'd in aftr him O itside of the
.lucking the boy gut, no material harm
A Victim of Cur d's Dsrt.
Riebard Walsh, of i :.' Cherry street,
will t married at 8 o'clock this after
noon iu St John's church He has
withered tae blasts of nearly SCfCnty
winters, an 1 will lead to hymen s altar
a dashing, vivacio us y. nog widow.
Mrs. Tbouus K. Mcllule, who his lived
in Ins ttOUeS as a tenant for the past few
years, Her husbaul died very sud
denly about a year ago an! left her
docolato with o weak family, Wales
wuo Is iitn'.e alone iu the orl !, owns
two raiusbls properties uo Oberry
iroet end his heart went out to Mrs
Mi II th. in her tribulation, They will
spend their honeym o:i in It li -vu-
Bhcrt.r fararrepbt
Mrs Pre I Milter had daughter Min
nie win stsrt this moruleg tor a three
weeks' visit to friends In Now York
Til Tbtbuki is dellvsred to mors
places of business o:i the South Sole
than any oth.r morning paper.
Dr E D. Donlittle, of Baetoa, grand
regent of the H 'al Arcanum who will
deliver an address at toe c nmng SHtei
lalnment of Electric City couutii of
that order, M expected to reach this
city at 5 1 1 -n ni x: Tbm lay aflerno m
via ii.e Delaware, Lackawanna ani
Western taliro id.
( uuuclluiau P.J link y. o' the Nine
tcenlh Ward, s'.erte I a few men io
won. reeterdsy repairing l ittstmsv -nue.
The gutters got a long needed
eooaring Msmbers from other wards
t ike no tics
The Qermsnls Building and Loan
asaoclattoo will meet tomorrow mght
fiW the election of (fV.c-rs. N ini ia
tious were Made at the last regnlat
meeting of the association for every
Dice sXeept treasurer. All the m -m
I rs are r. quested to attend and flce
in nomination a candidate for treaa
urer. OolnmbUI Council. No I'll Young
Men's institute w ill bold a social set-
ilon for m-miers only at Pharmacy
ballon Friday May 18, An sdnileslon
fee of 'i't cents Will 1 e charged 0 defray
expenses of the oVelilng.
Pleasure Trip Ov.r i lie I) and H,
t )
Caib.ouUl. a d llrn.dale.
A m-etlng of m inv ofllciah of the
railroads centering in this citv wis
held i esti-iinv morning at tho wyom
ing Home when summer excursion
ratet were dlscnsssd and soms unim
portant bustnecs iranaaotod.
After the lueeiing the party, which
included a number of ladies, accepted
the invitation to enjoy a ri la over the
Delawsre and Hudson rol toCarbou
dale. and from this point to II mesial-.'
on the gravity road.
The following oomprlsed the pirty:
II. P. Baldwin, of New York, general
paesenget agent of tu J rsey Oentral
road, his wife an 1 daughter; W. F,
BolWill, of Now Y irk, general pass-in
ger BlOUtof Hie Delaware. L tokaW Him
end Western company, and ladies; J.
W. Iluriiick, of Albany, general p,issn
ger agent of the Delaware and Hudson
Canal company, his wife snd daughter;
J, O Anderson, of New fork, general
passenger agent of the. O.iiario and
Western railroad, and his wife; W. F.
W eks, ol Boston, cii iiriu in of ths New
England passenger committee, and his
wife j Boward J. Ball, nf Buffalo, gnu
sral western agent of the Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western company;
C. E Durkee,of Albany, of the general
passenger il parlment of the Delaware
and Hudson Canal company ; A. Lee,
of Philadelphia, general pnssenger
agent, and A. W. Nonnsmaobsr, gen
eral ticket agent for the Lihtgh Valley
company; O It flianville, of Carbon
dale, superintendent for the Delaware
and Hudson Cunal company. In addi
tion, the division paesenger agents of
the city were present, among them be
ing Thomas Fiitcroft, of tne'Ootario
uud Western; J. S. Swisher, of the Jer
sey Central M. L. Smith, of the Dela
ware, Lackawanna and Western; W.
L. Pryor. of the Lehigh Valley; U. E
Whito, of the Dolnwrire and Hudson
Canal company.
Nkw And stylish trimmed hats at New
man's, 3U3 Spruce street.
The Jury Says That Fick Is Not Guilty of
the Crimo.
Peculiar Testimony Introduced by Mr.
and Mrs. Wood, of Vandling Four
Hungarians Plead Guilty and Take
Their Medicine Heroically Sen
tences Imposed and Verdicts Ren
deredMiscellaneous Business.
Tho jure in th ense against Michael
Fick, of Maytield, charged with taking
the life of John Page lsst Christmas
night, after remaining out all night,
returned a verdict of not guilly. They,
however, recommended that Fick bo
indicted for assault and battery,
Judge Albright tried the case against
Ui-orge Markus, of Carboinlale.ebnrgo 1
with breaking a window iu the house
of Mark Septenski. Markus and Ins
boarder, Ghsorge Kulig, went ont lust
Washington's birthday and began to
oelehrale. Markus told Kulig to bre ik
a window in Septenski's hous just lor
a joke. Knlig, by direction of Markus,
took up a broom-nick from off Septens
ki's porch and drove it through the
The jury at noon found M irkm guil
ty of malicious mischief and .Iu Igo Al
bright sentenced him tn f ' fine, and
thirty days in the county jail.
In the case against John Lokon, iu -
dicta 1 for selling whisky without li
cense, the jury decided that Lukon's
beverage wms too weak to be harmful,
and returned a vsrdiut of not guilty,
dividing the eo.ts between the dsfen i
ant ami A. J PisVlsCb, the BrOSSOUtOt
John Toben was vestsr-lay found
guilty of nssaiilt an 1 battery as ehsrgS 1
by Mrs. S. K ECoehlsr, of Procedure;
Ferdinando Lettergo.ebarged by otto
.Voir with larceny, confess-I his guilt
and was sentenced by JodgeMoClurc
to IS tine, coils, to make rCCtitntioO
an I lerve six moots in the county j nl.
Otto Miller did not wish to prosecute
Pulver English mss anl John K-lly
for disturbing a rsllgioUl meeting an 1
his wui in regsrd wn sntsrsd on
tie- r. cord. Ths same notion was taken
In the cue against Jain s Kelly,
charged with'. anl bilt-ry
All yesterday morning tho trial of
i i M Poller, C II P.,tter an I W M
Miller for in ti taming a nuls inoe, w is
oondoeted before Judge McOtare io
court room N'o .'. Attorneys O'Neill
an I Zimmerman prosecute I the three
men and Ward snd Horn defended
them. E E Swart a charges ths men
with keeping a slsug'-t l( hi BSS near
tue corners at DonmOfc WblOb was a
filthy nuisance. The defendants claim
tbat this place was clean and Wbols
some. Tue jurv retired at u 0
a VAJDUSOj Bra ipK
The csie of oommonwealth vs Ban
nsh Wood, larceny by bailee, in Which
K. Am s White e; p-are I si prosecutor,
was ens nf ths interesting caaoo hesrd
t-efore Julge Albright Mrs. Wood
wis defeo led by B, Q iSswc rab and
Attorney Beynokla, of F -ret City
The prnaicitlna was repreientel liy
Attorneys Wndsmau, Fnmramons and
Toe pulifs resile ill the little min
n iisiuisi near i :-st r.r Kn .wu as
Vandling, Ths Wo ds are 1. i ib
people of a thrifty tnm anl Mts
W 1 1, a plump, goo I bhjiliig woman
of the blonde type, keeps boarders to
assist In SWOlBog the household ex-I-ense
Amorg the hoarders was 11 A B) IS
Wiite, a respert.iila linking sol red
man who wears 11 rimmed h'oi
end has a clerical ir Vfhlie alleges
that ..-i Bsp iBSbei II 8M Mr. W , I
wished lo goto town ant asked Mi
White's p rmleslon t sur 1 1 gold
watch Be, like a fentleman, gave bis
permission fre.-ie. Mr Mr. Wood has
since f.irg -tteli to rO'ttrn the lim p tee.
TheWatCb was world d"i
Ti e evi leu-'e prodncad by the defense
was to the iffeQt that OCe evening In
July previous, while Mrs, Wool', bus
ban I wea at work on the night shift ol
t .i" mines, alio awoke and saw ths sab i
counteoaooc and gdd-rlwmed g
of Amos peering 0V r In. foothoai I of
er 11. .Tie Kresued and aroaesJ
Miry Wilsons woman who slept with
her daring the ntei-uce ol iir busbauii
Am v intebod.
The next m irnlog Mrs Wood alleg s
so. Informs i her bush . , 1 of tue n -tarn
ii o ill of Am s r .-1 utei dropp i
on Ins knees .tint b ged f,.r n i v.
He said thai (he devil bail Umpted kitu
and that he w s or, - n I asked them
not to expos htm 11- off 'red to give
the women 30 to s t. I ti,. ,- tae 1 ..
Woods nrree i mi l Am i gave irs
Wool i.1 In cah nil ton lered I at bl
w.i'c i . se, in . y lor t i b ils-.o .
Mn Wowl was oirrotmrat d In j.rt
of h.-r testimony In Mr Wood i . .
brothers, s puunn Wool sad Kou rt
Wo 1 1 .i i William Hiiiy, a board r,
ami alary Wiis-
An smnsing sceo oconrrod tn t'-.e
eoun room during t is hearing o, leetl
uiouv Iu rebnttil When M s ,0
was asked If she did dot try tn inline
M try Wilson to testify that Amos bad
endeavored to pun on., or ner pe ls ex
treraltlee upon his midnight visit
' I nev r snxgesled such a thing I '
decl ire I Mr. Wool
"You dldl you dill "spoke up the
other woman quickly,
Mrs, Wilson mid hsr linsban 1 were
then called to IhcSMnd and both stated
In ff 'ct that the Wools hut eudeav
ored to get them to assist in pulling
up a j d) on W lute. Mrs. Wilson would
not testify that she hsd t-r Seen
White in Mrs. W wd's room Boo only
had the letter's word that lie wis
thereon the night reforrel lo
'Van members ol tho jury appeared to
be the most Interested peoi itors in th
room as the rncy details of the case
were brought out. S-veral of the panel
laughed aloud at s um of
moil)', and the faces of the in ij irity all
through the trial bore SXprsOStOM of
hilarious SXpeotanoy siuiilar to those
seen on the "bleaching boards" wh-n
Scranton has three men on bases and
"no one is out." Tile cas - was submit
ted to the jury just belcrs the uiosc
of ;he afternoon session.
John Dobaekr, Joe , tiicj-, JoUn Oa
iion ami (ieorge H m irlh. of F,.i town
ship, were tried beforo Judge Met line
iu court room No 2, on ohsrgO of hav
ing partictpsted in a riot on Dee, 0
last. Joe oiiok appeared as prosecutor.
AITor Hip evidence for the common
wealth was all in the prisoners con
cluded to plead guilty, and receive
their sentence at once. Judge McOlure
prescribed msdloinsss follows: Z r
noy, Mmontbsln tho county jail i o,
don,Jtfl month: Doback, '.'i mouth';
mid Bemarib, 1H m mths.
Lucv M. Van Buskirk was plaintiff
in a suit lnaiiiutod yesterday against
W. It Baker, administrator of the
estate of James Kneale deceased. In
her declaration Mrs. Van Buskiik
states that she became housekeeper for
Knealo iu October 1ST? uud lived with
him until the tima of bis death with
out compensation npoa the under
standing that Kneale would at the time
of his death will her the house iu which
they resided and property surround
ing. Kneale died without having made
a will. Mrs. Van Buskirk now pre
sents a claim for wagas amounting to
$2. 1516.
llobert S. Harlan yesterday through
bis attorney, Charles L. Hnwley, In
stituted a suit in tresspass against the
People's Street Railroad company of
Lnz-rne, claiming damages in the sum
of $10,000, for injuries received soma
time ago by falling under u car.
Tleadleston ft V.'oerz's and Ballantlne'a
Alee are the best. E. J. WaXuu, agent, US
Lackawanna avenue.
Have You
Seen the Latest
Neapolitan Ware? It
is flie Most Artistic
ever made.
If you want a good car
riage you should see
D::::2r, To:
dilU 1 U-eJ
Best Assortment.
11C Wyoming Avenue.
One Coat Makes
to Look Like New"
W- ' ' ' ' "' Varnish Stales.
I i. - i . t e BUI i, f,.r
t nr ntn aid fl-o.hi: Paralttffe, (tardea
r I ir h t heir. Habv usrrtacsie el-- ita.
wlthooeaiyli it: n nun, and Vara to h sad
traasfurin ih- iu Into h-aatlful lm tatuiii uf
Cherry, MahoRsny,
Oak, Rosewjod, Wjlnut,
Vtrmllbon and Ebony
Tut up 'n Mat snd Half Iint fans.
Besss ctosj tOsasphsti's a I foe w-U aoti
dls.-iiiiiinlr 1.
To Obtain Satisfactory Results
with Ready-Mixed Pa'nts
tl Till'
Tin- Petal hs I 'n '- itaat BSS ? r . t. r
Bl s rears ad -.. re nuaeod it . being
" i !.- t s.l durst 1.-, auj
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eoooa each season.
Osll m mat tor ssasapts eard shewing eat
eve end vita f all tnitra tlonsaal ittnisiing
ews Bros.
32'd Lickdwaniu Ave.
Print Butier
?M, a lb.
42? Lackawanna Ave.
Why run all over theelty look Ins forKoi.i
dollars with one honitrrdaa I ten rents' worts
i.: sold in Hi -in : Hut y,,a w, ,., vry
CMOS to It it it y ni will -all i Ilia rlizlit plaee.
BriM your delisrs lold, silver ami greea
backs to
43.-. RPnCOB BTCKIT, and set full value
for rear money 1 1
ri lTit i;v, lu; COLLARS
Tin- vn 'nil; WHEHi lesada
BicyoM t'.re urns, ito., repaired at short
nonoe. gersnlaj s nsotaltr. dive me a esu.
And nil kinds QABDBN
8EED8 iu bulk uud iu puck
a'res. Pierce's Market
Hindoo Handkerchief Puzzle
Now on sale for 25c. or given
away with purchase of every suit.
Handsome line of Spring Overcoats
and the Nobby "Bell" Cutaway Suits
Martin 6c Delany
Custom Tailors and Clothiers,
Wyoming Avenue.
biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiciiiiiiiji iiaiiiiiiniiii iiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiie
aeea pasjmms I
j the Fflghinnj
308 Lackawanna Ave,
i Millinery
I Department.
Just opened a new line of Siilors
wbicu will be sold below prices.
Worth SS ya for i .-,
Worth ft 60 for 1 75,
Worth i mi for N 28,
Worth $U uo for $S 78,
The Urges! and beat assorted line
in the Stat from the cheapest to
li e best
II styes, worth i "1 for 1 :i",
lo style, wcrtn p Ol for 78
SO sir lee real Bl usseli, f rum $11.50
to 180 00 a pair,
BO styles Irish l'oint from (100
to f.'" 00
Now ( )l'EX
' i " 1 1 1 1
i nr.
Look In
Thai reus is eomtng to Sowa W (Ikes-Bar re
li.ii. ln-e-i In-ri.; VK hive be- n beie: we are
ie r.: v.. w.ll le here. Atfaiu we say, hmk
i'. Ofl us, and if ire eannol sliow you the flueet
line u( Hlivi I I AMi SPOBTINQ
CKNIII, SB I n r or.l f mere tilcyele sales
i f other Ssas la the ettg, we eill take
yuti to IBs sliow.
Y. M. t-. A nriLDINd.
Bicycle Riders,
Take Notice!
CAPS Invented
by a rider
Something New
Has the Agency
for them
Arc at rTtMBi Hip Most Popnlar rniJ PftfMIti by
I I'.i'H' Artists.
Warerooms : Opposite Columbus Monument,
::oi Washington Av. Scranton. Pa.
i ' . tf
Ladiss' Capes in Blue, Navy
and Brown,
Worth l&OO for $1.39
Worth u.08 for L98
Worth 10.00 for 8 S8
Worth 18 00 for 8 75
Worth 83 00 for U 00
Lalies' and Misses' Jackets
Mut be sold. Now is your
Jackets worth $0 06 for $1.9S
Jsckets wonii '. 50 for '-' Ui
Jackot worth 1J.00 for 4 25
Wor'l $10 VI for $5 00
Worth 0,80 for 5 75
Worth U.iiO for 8.25
A Fine
Worsted Suit
for .Men,
in colors black
and blue, for
Only $9.90
For Women
Sell, Sell, Sell, is the ordei
of the day.
import oil Clay Jackets. Caf,
Stylo nud 'Work the best of
tln tailor's art. A reduction
ol 50 Per Cent . Seo tins offer'
ing of Hitrh-clasa Jackets.
Your size is here.
in cloth, Morie Silk, Covet
Cloth and Lace. Mwy styles
and prices that will please yon,
Printed Duck and Serges,
Striked and Spot Patterns,
You ought to havo one. Tha
price, $3.50 to $7.50.
G. W. Owens & Co.
Cloak ami Suits Makers,
Court House Square,
r 1 1 n 1 1 ' -
mm, nroerawurnish