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Hard Wood Mantel. nnilTlleil Front- When
Money is Plentiful Homanutdc t'oulrlv-anci-4
Where Keoiioiny Ilules How to
Muko uu Ornamental Overmantel.
Fireplaces exercise the bruins of the
honso mistress all tlto year round. In
Bittumer one is puzzled to know how to
adorn them in some way that shall be
povel as will as pretty, and in winter
one thinks of hangings that will take off
the chilly effect of the grayish white
warble to which we seem doomed in OUT
drawing rooms. For those who havo
plenty of money the adornment of the
fireplace is very simple, for they have
only to pet a casing of carved wood,
which solves tin- whole problem. But
there are many, on the other hand, who
havo to study economy in ornamentini;
their homes. For this class The House
wife describes and illustrates a method
of decorating the fireplace and contriv
hit; an overmantel all in one. The ex-
pense is small, especially to those who
are skillful with their needle, in which
case the brocade may lie substituted for
plain satin embroidered by hand. The
idea is particularly adapted to low
In the tirst place, B mantel board
fixed onto the sin If. and this is of a nov
el shape, tho center Wing the same (Use
tii tho shelf beneath, but tho sides jut
ting out iu semioctagonal fashion. This
is plainly corered with a pin f bro
cade, and, for example, we will Im fine
it to ! of buttercup yellow, with i lace
ih sign upon it in white. In the middle
it hangs down to n depth of four undies
and is edged with ball fnngo to match.
I? wants painting, and for such a tire
place as desrrilied ivory white enamel,
with a liberal tonchingupof gold, would
bo appropriate. A Tery thin bnwi rod
mut lie tiX' d jnsr under the thelf, and
from this hangs a curtain of whiu cloth
witli a conventional border etnbroi lert I
on it in yellows, browns and poll thread.
The ornaments for this tnantelph
may he piecMof bronaeandc pp r ware,
and if any china wan wanted m m r
foreign glass jars or vases will - .im
propriate. Where ltss exp:isive mat- rial is re-qniri-d.
wasliing linens can lie tmr, i 1:1
vari"i -o'.ers. and t ina,.- .
MANTi.i. ami caanra hf oaktu wood.
haujins. Thy ni.iy 1' BITangad in urip
piece, aa ju.-t !. -.i riU-d, ami 111 t.liin c.uv
eome pr"ttv liordfr niny hi-wcirl;il nttiK
them a trail r.f brown Imunblas on tbc
linpn, for iriHtani-'-. I'nt in Bianj rooms
r plain Flip togonpoo tba ahalf , with a
fall iii front, of IS Incoat, il all that
in Wanted, and here any dcaign miijiit
be Workel that one's fancy ilictated.
For a gaotlaman'i roo;n a group of
black impa might chaie eacB otin . ow
a pieco of flail red linen. Fur tin
dainty bedchamber of a jronng lady
there could lie an arrangement of rows
and imttfrtlies on a pala Una linen.
VatfbnMMa hi CeMsrta leleettea it
Meeei AArUm la DebalaNtoi
Theri' comes a time to nearly erery
atudent of the pianoforte whose play in
in at all altovo the average when li"
aekeil to perform in public.
It may be at a concert on behalf of
charitable institution or for the benefit
of aoma member of the mnsical profaa
eion, but whatever tho object let not
the earneet itttdent ra.lily rafueto SI ail
himself of ho raluable ameani of mnaio-
al advancement as such an opportunity
affords, advisi s a writer in I.e Kiude,
Who ailds: Even if the request bo for
him to act merely as accompanist, the
task is well worth pi rforming, and worth
Iierfonning well. Copies of tho lOttgSto
be sung should be jirocured beforehand,
and the iiceonipaiiimeiits diligently
It may be, however, that the young
pianist will be asked to contribute one
or two pianoforte solos, nnd hen much
discrimination and judgment will bo re- j
quired. The style and culture of tho au
dience must lie taken into account rath
er than the special proclivities of the per
former. To play a long sonata or a se-'
lection of fugues at a popular entertain
ment would bo to offer a premium to dis
satisfaction and failure.
Until a pianist has quite gained the
good opinion of the public, it is highly
desirable that his pieces should be short
and "taking." Avery good plan is to
play two short pieces of contrasted ityle
nt 0110 sitting say, for example, the fol
lowing: Pianoforte solos (a) nocturne
in F minor, Chopin; (b) valse in A flat,
A slight pause should be made between
the two pieces, and if the applause is
long continued the performer should rise
and bow before proceeding with the sec
ond pieco. To ignore applauso is the
surest method of causing its diminution
on subsequont occasions; therefore the
player should always acknowledge it
With some appearance of gratification.
After tho performance of the second
piece the pianist should at once grace
fully retire, returning to bow if the ap
plaUM is considerable. Should an en
core be inevitable it is a good plan to
select something still shorter and brighter
than tho piece previously played. This
will be sure to please tho audience, and
such a plan may be of material use in
buil ling up the reputation of the per
former. The debutant must not be disconcert
ed should some of his audience com
mence to talk while ho is playing, Nei
ther must he fall into the mistake of at
tempting to drown the conversation by
loud playing. Such an endeavor to as
sort one's self li worse than useless, for
the louder the playing the louder will be
the talking. As a rule, tho very oppo
site method will 1 . found to prove more
effectual in securing silence. Nearly
every performer has nt times to go
through the very painful ordeal of af
fording a mere accompaniment to con
versation, it may be of soma comfort
to tho novice to remember that not even
B Beethoven or a Mendelssohn was ex
empt from the trial.
A Drop or Two of 1)11.
Many housekeepdri know how hard
door latches often work and sometimes
even "with impetuous recoil and jarring
sound." A drop or two of sweet oil 011
the tip of the forefinger touched to the
face of the latch will Immediately and
effectually cure it. It is a good practice
to pass around once B week to all the
doors and oil tin- latches. no drop will
completely oil half a dozen doors. Small
machines, such as sewing machine! in
doors and gran nod sowers out of doors,
are greatly benefited by a single touch of
oil on the fast running pans.
The Bamboo Loans,
A bamboo lounge in winter gives one
COld chills, but it can be transformed in
to a thing of beauty with small expense.
Get golden brown or dark red corduroy
and make tliick tufted cushioni for the
seat and back. They can Ik- made in
sections and tied to the lounge; then havo
three or four big downy pillows cov
en d witli India silk to scatter over it.
need have Consumption, it
is not Inherited. Tito Inher
ited tendencies toward ii are
overcome by
tho Cream of Cod-liver on,
which makes children ro
bust and healthy, and stim
ulate 1 ho development of
the lungs In old and young
alike. Physicians, the world
over, endorse it.
ta'l he Mtd by Substitutes!
I'rep- : by
R. R. R.
mm mm
cuaaa amd 1 butamts
Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat,
Inflammation, Bronchitis,
Pneumonia, Asthma,
Difficult Breathing,
Rhinflutitrn, Nanralgl i.ciAtlcs, Lu-r
bago, Swlliog of tli Joints. Pains
in iwk, Obaal or Liaba
The spplioatloa at tk SHADY KSLICy to
tli prt r rt. whnro tho dlflli-ulty or pin
exists will (TrU and romfort.
It wm th first auil If ih. eelf i s r rcm'iT
that InsUMlv .t"s tho me.t rirriirlki.1111
pa.iin, sll.jrs Iiiflsme tt : 1 tad
Onpestinti, whetter ol tbaLaaia Htmnifh,
BoweU or other irlsnds or omaro.
Iir. hsilway Co . OmUi n I h.irn iil
yeiir lifdy UV.Ie.' f r ir.ore thn turelity n
rssrs with mach llsfsrtlon-har nwj It
for i.h OrlMe, naaacsla fmuitj nd n
s. rt of -h'-s ticl .ains si:. I hsv.. fowl 1 It M
Isilinif cv. ry umi: BswpMtftlllr.
;n cr-srint .St., MlddJctowo, Oooa
Jnn;iry is. Isai
Asm vii 1 B, N 0
This l ti rtifv t tint in retrraarr, ISSO I
had s.TiTe nttufV of QrlDpe," snd rvr-' l
myself in tw. i.ty foii l.o.irK liv i!,.. u-. of
Bad way U. dy Ki-ltof snd It tin) I'll h
ihsd alio r utile of tin. ssmo
dl. so in Hereb, l"l.snd nl Um ntii" ram
edy. witu tho win" r.rutt I do not ktio.v
Ksdwsy A Qo., tne j.nrtl w who miiuf. tnr"
tlo so tui'diriiies. an I I hv , ,.1 o-v
little faith In "Almana (VrttBoataa, " bal if
these few llDaa will only in In s Soma snfT.-rl ,u
am t u.o th atniro re n uly I will few .moly
repaid lor writing nhut I have.
Ii.-. rlf dly. K I . Il OWN.
J. W, BRKWKB, aAhborn, Pfki Oo,, Uo.
"Om bottle of Baady RaUal ami boa of
Sadarajr'l Pilln cured ftvo in my lamily of that
torriul n .milaiiit. "I.a drlppiv" or Infill mxa.
HADWAVH R1ADT MLIir, aldod by
ItAllWAi 'H I'lI.I.S, I, th ' qm.-kont :,nd mual
tHuRltl.'ll Clll-e for
Price, 000. par bottle Sold by t)nniits.
D UiSBtkllW,
Purely Veuotable, mil. I and valuable. -use
ParMat llire.tton, 1 omi.leto abaorption snd
healthful raftuanty, far ax bm of uiidia
01 dors of the Htniuoeh, I, Ivor, Bowala,Kid
lieya, Itladaler, Nervoun Dlaeiuei, Laai of
Appetite, BsailMhl, onMlpatlon. o-
IIVelli KK, 1 o.: I;e.l 100 Illinois:,.... Fevri'
Influiiiniatloii ..I the BoWall, PIIsh nnd
all ftiTHiiicomenl. of Die Internal Tl.cer:i.
Perfect DlfMtlon will lie aw ipllslied
by tnktiitf Radway'l Pills. Hy an tlolng
Slrk lleaknrlie, 1 mil Stninarli, lllllons
to .. will he avoided, and the food that Is
sjalan contribute it Bcmrlshtng properties
lor the support ol Ihr natural waxto of the
ft7nbsnrvo the folio winff symptoms fot
lowlnir from dlaeane o the diirostive oraraus:
1 1. ion ii.. it ..ii. Inward pila, fulness of the
i blood in the head, scidlty of the toraarh nsu
sea. heartburn, dlaaTUat of food, fulness or
weight in tho Htomnch. sour ernctntlon slnk
ltu or flutterlnk of tha heart, ohoklng or auf
fooatlnR aensationa when in a lylne povtarA,
dlmtiesa of visiOD, dota or welia neforo tho
ailthl, fever and dull pain In the head, defle
lency of perspiration, yellowness of tlw sklu.
and eyes, pain in tho side, chest, limbs, nnd
I Iiidd.-n flushes of heat, burnlnu In th flesh.
A few doses of RADWAVSPII.LH will frae
the system of the abovo-nainad dUord -rs.
Price 5c. a Box. sold by Druselsta.
Heed to Mi BtnU'V CO.. No 112 War-
Wan 8c. Mew York, for Uook of Advice.
r Great
I Ship
I Builder,
lived wholly for two months
on Bovinine.
His son Stephen says, " As
solid food was totally precluded,
we feared my father's strength
would fail rapidly, but, to our
supplied every need of the
system, it being in a palatable,
highly condensed form, and
easily digested alone il was
enabled to sustain my father's
strength for two months."
As a food lor the sick, inva
lids, and infants, Bovinine is
25,000 physicians endorse it.
Sold by all tlruiigists.
Tin: Bovwms co., nsw rosae.
waae a wen
Man of
trlall tl.l. all'. ,rrp.,Ukii., IIL, IBrafSBtk
SOI. I t Matihr. In s . Wh laul Retail
DrnniMI, SCRAN TUN, PA., ainl MhM U-J
lag i iuuiiIi.
taiaim ar tt h amr M.or.i
S Mirn7f 01 1 M HnLFR
. ry-j iirinin.ipNPimaiAUl
710 11
I SUA I UK t'l mm . 1 1 i
woeatrfvl tocje i.i suit, rvn
ff IT) t olll., Snr. Ttir..l,
ln.l.,M. . I,
i -1! s 1 KB. A
In twirl nsr to on Oi't liMiraii. o vt r. (
I Anllmif4 t'.r. I'.T.-ni lr rm n n r it t ( nrr.
I Sstlfs.-tl.inmirr.nt".tf rmrTrrton-ls1 Trlrm.
r.H rim. 'Irv.l i Kniii.n KsaWOTl '
I 00 etuis, X. J. (CSitil. Ii.,rim tmv LU, C I. 1
cttsiitt vrr-
n'ENTHOL ' ,
f ' f.r'l-II.I . I - 1 r . rto .t t A I v '
- 4 - - it , ,, . -
t : . .
For sa.e by Matttinws Brav.Morna Bra and
tloraau A to
:r D D P
an IT i
and potassium
gr Makes
IEE Marvelous Cures
in Blood Poison
EE Rheumatism
grand Scrofula
P. P. P.
1 1 nr..
ptrrnirtli 10
I -.-Urn- St.
Im tb Hoadi hnll'lsnp
id leltllUl6, KiTus
. H i'i; I I t'f .'t, r i'ii'Ii
z th.. pfttlval hsslth snl
.re wlikursji, g."my
studio ant pntstlM.
1" r lirii-.ary
Isry sivt trrt i iry
jituIiII!., I irt.l mI
rial I
il, , ,.p,
In alt til" 'I umi sktn iti.nfs. Ii':a
blotcDat, tjimi', .. hronv iiiimts.
trtti'f, scshl hunil, ImiIIs, t'rjf.lpi-lss.
rcrmi wo tr.ajf ssv, without frsr nf
c.nitrsrllrimn,ihst P. p. p. Inthntii-st
blood iiarlllrr In Ihi. worlil.siiil rnHS.-s
ty sii'l lu'riastiunt i'urrs
Ijntlna ryslrins sri MlMBtd
atiil wliiin l.looa is In uu lui;.iir. r.'ii.M
notti tni tn mi'tiKtrasI lrrrKulsrltl..,
urn iirriillsny MIMBtM by tti" wmi-
dlTIUl tunic blmul I'li'siinllltr r '
ertlrsi.f P. 1'. P. Prlikiy Auli, P..ko
Itorit and l'ntnsiltiiii.
Hl'MN'.KIK LIi, Mn. , A UK. Mtb, IMS '.
I can siinsk In ttn hlKln at tonus nf
Tour inoilii'lmi ffotn toy nwn iiiTHntiAl
Knoti)d:r. I Wlisiinrl'ti'd with hniirt
liUnaso, ilarlsy snd rhruniatlstn fur
UOyoars, wns IrMtM bf Km Tory awk
i h v . I ii aim spi-nt liuliilrrdN ol did
Isrs, MM I'Vory Icnovn roranly w Ith
out hndinu ridkf. I huvi. only tiikrn
one iMit tie of ynur p. p. p., snd ran
OnMrfQUf say It hss aoaa to
v.iod tluu su IhlnK I liavn over lakun.
loan roi'iironinnd your medicine to all
eufliTcrof ttir BboVa diBliML
6lr jilOuld. Urouu Couuty, Mo.
jj The Original Raw Food j FITTSTON, PA.
I 0stnC
III -I I I" l'U. V '''
, Ilirvtl.M M "" "
n rill. niinr.nlr.-ln,i.rr up m.rj h fl.Jril. Dl n '
I. t t' n I n.i.t lt h. tllir I ft H t'fl BOHrMBaf III
"7' 'Hrf r
ti i 0 - Mnzio Hmndy
DH ; I'Nf Kj"' . ti-ar. til
t There are hundreds of young men ami young women in this
country who have splendid ability, bnt they havo never boea
wakened up.
Wood's College of Business and Shorthand
lias been an inspiration to huntlreds of yottn' people. If yOQ
are tired of Inactivity ami want to do something tangible,
oouic to tho College.
hhouthami couhsr. f E -rjfooD, Proprietor.
We have placed on sale
our line of Ginghams for the
coming spring and summer.
Finer Goods, More Tasteful
Colorings and Lower Price
than ever before, are what
will recommend them to oui
Seeds and
Largo Medium and
White, Clover,
Choice Timothy and
Lawn Grass Seeds
Guano, Bone Dust
and Phosphates for
Farms, Lawns and
City Music Store
l i i Ki ll IIROTH tfl4 An
r.UAMt II .. I1A( la
HI I l.i .V IIAI I .It
Ml, l it,. I.IU
Fimples, Bloictiss
and Old Sores
r " , .
Catarrh. Malaria
and Kidney Troubles
Arr i nllr. Ij r. i"rrt I" T V.
-Prickly Ah. Pot BjeOt snd Potss
slum, It frssieat LioimI tiutDiir oo
AsFsnrt. o. . July tt.lMl.
Mwv. In, ..v H "-si.
Oa : ti. as in i : uacai s boi i of
s. urp P 1'. si ,1 .i pi trki nd
It Us. (MM BM TS h- . IBM lliroe
mncttis' trrsimcnt si ili- U t Hpnaga.
HeuJ thr.- i. .Mi. i . ii. li.
"'' ' v' m'.'s K WTOV,
Alrieru, HMsfn Cunly, 0.
npl. J. I. Joliosion.
Tn nil vh,m U mat rimftrn: 1 hre
br testify t" the w. nderful ppertlea
of P. P. P lor enptloai ..f tns kin. I
ptifttirn l 'or .ovi-ral ' i .r win .u. un
sikliuy snd dtekcrei'uh. ithi-ii -n on
pir lce. I tried STerJ known r.'tne
dj ton in Tain. until P P. P. w uaed,
a i ! im I... . iMillri .; ir- -I
(oUued byj J. I. JDllNHTOK.
rtarsnnaU, tlo.
Mkln Cnarrr OwaaV
JViffsini: y n si Hit il ifor of Sfjuln. Ttl.
HniriM, Tss., Jsnuary 14, 1- l.
V , Kim I. ii i - . o ih,
Us. : Untlmnl hne irlrd your P.
p 1'. fur a fnttlT of tliKKkin, umiaily
known as skin eMOWi thirty v. ars'
elanilinir. ami found ureat rellnf; It
pariMUM bKMd and reninTea all If
rllstli.n fivilu Hie sent of the di-rasa
and prevents any anrnsdinir of t tie
sores. I haTO taken Dibit sll bottles
and feel confident that aD'dher eonrso
will effect a cure. It li.ii .1I1.0 rell"i d
ni.' from lnH?i'tlon nnd stomach
troubles. Tooxb truly,
CAPT. W. M. ni'BT.
Attorney at law.
Book on M Diseases Mil Free,
all DBoaoian sell it.
LipiimBn'a Ulock.Natnnaah.Uai
. .
T I ult ichromes
contains four incomparable paintings by the world-famous
Medairy, which surpass all of his previous efforts for faithful
ness to nature and unparalleled beauty.
They comprise every phase of Nature's changes, as de
lineated in the four seasons, and will prove a revelation tc
most persons, of her peculiar moods. Lowell has well said:
"Our seasons have no fixed returns;
Without our will they come and go;
At noon our sudden summer burns,
Ere sunset nil i; snow."
The Ottman Lithographing Company in reproducing these
paintings from the originals, has achieved a marked success,
md produced lour pictures that will easily hold first place in
either home or studio, not only for their artistic merit, but as
line examples ol the work of this renowned artist.
This delightful picture is one of Medairy's four water colors. "The Seasons," whic
are all found in portfolio No. 2 of this Scries.
"Spring" is a bright-colored work of singular merit The drooping apple trees,
burdened with their pink and white bloom, contrast effectively with the rich green back
ground of trees and the llag-fringed pool in front.
The light and shades are superlative, and the whole effect is wondrously pleasing
as a picture, or when critically considered as a study.
OF . .
Art Students'
Series of
i i j: m f 1
a. '
Scranton Tribune, Scranton, Pa., May 9, 1894.
2 ;
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1 in cash, and get four of the marvelous
Multkhrome Art Gems by far the
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'I II ljli'ha
X F if 1