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All the Fashionable Shapes
Trimmed tor uit tho most fastidious,
Tha most delicate fabric prop
erly clenneJ t
Lackawanna Laundry
308 Penn Ave.
Norrman& Moore
120 Wyoming Avenue
China, f SILKS
415 Lacka. Avenue.
We Will Offer for a Few Ojyi
Fine Woqustte Ru,', at ts oo.
These Rugs Have Never Been
So!d for less Than $3.03.
Tim joint auditing committee of councils
anK last evening.
Today is ladii-s' Jar at thi baseball park.
Ladies will he admitted fre'.
St. drinrph's society will meat at tlM
r'otindlmg Home at ,i o'clock this after
noon. Thn str- eta and bridges committee of
select council will meet at 7 o clock this
Tlin annual inspection of pulice will be
conducted bv Captain Kdwnrda at the
municipal building at 'J o'clock tbis after
noon. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Montgomery, bO
were arreited Katuidny for irun k'n m -
aud disorderly conduct, were yesterday
comniitled to' jail in default of bail to
await trial at court for BSSjlSCtlBg tlilt'
The Isdv and gentleman fri."itts of the
Young Women's Christian as.ociation are
requested to reniemlwr the exhibition to
be given Friday Svenini at Iht v nti!."
Men's Christian Association ball by tha
I afltoa' gymnatlno tlaasss, showing the
jingien wnicti Ins ben male in thn de
partment tlit, past year.
On Friday are ling, May 11, the Jeffer
son aud Marges' "Jo.hua lutcotnb" com
pany will present this sterling American
drama at Music hall. The cast i said to
be a strong one, including a double iiar
tette. of established excellence. Many
popular melodies will bo sung The dm
gram will open tomorrow at Hulbert'.
The prices will bo 25, 3o and to n uts.
Nina Lawrence Foster, formerly of "1 he
Trip to Chinatown," will appear in the
role of Tot.
Anheussr Eunch Bear.
Louis Lehman's, tt bnrucit oL
Returns from Atlantlo City Vnlmprovsd.
Mar Oo to Calif jrnla.
General Manager Archer, of the
Serantou Traction couiptuy, arrived
home Monday night af tar a throe
weeks' absence, ilia physicial condi
tion, which was much initial red whan
be left, has not Improved and his phy
sieian yesterday enjoined perfect rest,
free from all exciument, as the only
Mr. Archer Is suffering from a col
lapse due to overwork, und is a very
sick man. He was reclining in an easy
chair when a TUBUMI reporter called
on him yesterday. In reply to an in
quiry he stated precisely what is
printed in the foregoing paragraph.
Ho refnsed to be interviewed on the
condition of the street railways In this
city. He stated that hu had been given
a much needed rest by hie employers
mid would probably seek a restoration
of Health by a visit to California.
It Was so Dscldsd by th Stockholders
of tha Scranlon Club Last Night.
The stockholders of the Scranton
Base Ball club met last night und took
summary notion on the wretched qual
ity of ball famished by the club.
It was decided to give the walking
papers to ut least three players and
possibly more. The manager was not 1 -tied
to get down to business, or his res
iguatinn will be looked for.
Ex-President Alex Dnnn, Direotors
Betts, Hobb and Martin said nt the
meeting that a winning team mnst be
bud, if it required the release of every
nan in the olnb.
Several new players will arrive in a
few days and be given a trial.
Williams & McAnulty
87 Wyoming Ava
Druggist McGarrsh's Trade Last Sunday Cost
Him Four Dollars.
The Well Known Druggist Makes No
Defense, but Claims That Soda Is
Jusl as Much of a Necessity as
Drugs Testimony of E. J. Mac
Donald is rid L. F. Hiorns, Two of
Mr. Dony's Assistants.
William H. McGarrah, of the well
known firm of McGarrah & Thomas, of
Lackawanna avenue, Introduced him
self to Rev. F. A Dony iu Alderman
Post's office last evening.
Mr. McGarrah bad boen bronght be
fore the alderman's court on a charge
preferred by Mr. Dony of selling soda
water at bis store on Sunday.
"There is no malice in this," Mr. Ma
Oarrali," said the secretary of the
American Sabbath nnion. "It is purely
a loviaf.frlendly nclbti for the better
ment of the people of BoMMttOn, he
Both gentlemen shook hands in a
very friendly manner and began a
quits niiiniHted discussion about the
Sunday observance movement Every
body In the. courtroom joined in the
talk and Mr. Dony was knt busy an
swering the arguments put forth by the
Alderman Tost read the charge
against Mr. UcGarrah, wnereiu lie
was charged with selling soda water
and keeping his s'oro 1 pan for business
on Sunday, May 0, contrary to the act
of 1794
assistant mac DOMALD'l ITOST
Mr. McGarrah termed El J. Mnc
Donald, tha iirat witness of Mr. Dotiv,
a detective, but this was objected to
1 v .Mr. Donv. who claimed that Hie
il) Bald was merely ona o( bis assist
ants In the work and not a djteotiv ,
by any means
McDonald g.tve his testimony after
this fashion :
"About half-past I! o'olock last Stin
dav evening I was in tho store of Mc
tf'irrsh & Thomas on Lickawatina
a vaunt ami I saw them selling soda
water and receiving puv for the same.
"Did you see thvm selling anything
thai '
"N , Mr; nothing but soda water.
Tl ey would not sail cigars."
' Were you flier- at any other time
during the day .'"
"No, sir. only about half pajt six
" Was the store open?"
"Y s, sir: thsre were a good many
peraou passing in and ont. There
w. r. all th facilities for selling soda
wattr There were a numhw of glasses
npon the counter an 1 a cleric was be
hind the OOUQttt
"Did you try to buy a cigar?"
"Yet, sir "
"W'ero you advisd to try and buy a
"No, sir."
"Wen you advise 1 t try and buy
soda wat. r?"
"No, sir; not that 1 know of."
"Von certainly know, don't yon?"
"1 w..s not instrncte l to by any of
tli-' committee "
"Did yon do all this work rolon
tarils '. "
"I wns iletailed by the Sunday nnion
to flnd out who was violating ttis law "
"W. ip you paid by that union?"
"Yes. sir "
' What w s yonr oonps&tationT"
Kev. Mr Dony objsct-d lo the wit
ness being asked sncti a question and
his ol jertion was ttUtainM."
L. V. Hiorns, of Qoinov av-nti", wis
tbt next wltutaj csllad bv Mr. Dany
His testimony was as follows-
"Did yon see Mr. Mcliarrah s plec
opn on last Sun lay?"
"I did, yes sir."
"Mate the condition of the corner
where Iht so la w iter wa sold. "
"The place o .ked as if lot helin
tended to do bntlnati. Tnar ws a
large bowl of i:8 0:1 the c ni cer, and
glasses and tods wtr glass ho: 1 rs
were also there. I didn't ae anvon
drinking. I saw the clerk there In that
portion of the store where sola water
is usually sol 1 "
"Did the elerk trv and psrausde any
body 10 buy soda watet?"
' No, sir."
"Did you attsrrpt to buy a cigar?"
' No, nr. I wasn't even in the store."
"Ar. yon employe I by fie Hinbath
'! rtfntt to answer that question. "
"D;d yon voluntarily offsr to do the
work for the union'
"I won't answer that questi m. "
"Well, yon expcte I son c nunen
eation for your work, didn't yon?"
"That I won't a.isw. r."
"You are a ton of Kev. KicturJ
"Yes, sir."
Mr. Md iarrah said to the witness
that bt was very sorry to see him in
the alderman's office at a witness,
whereupon Hioras replied with much
"1 consider It no worse for me to jp
around anil see these things nail
than it is for your clerks to htvo to
stnnd there in yonr stores and tall
goods on Sunday, for fear of being dis
charged, if they refusal to do so; and
1 know what I am talking about, for I
was in the drug business for some
Mr. MrOarrah offered no defense and
admitted that he had sold soda on Sun
day, but claimed that soda was a neres
sity. just as muoh ut dings. Upon this
point Mr. Dony disagreed with him.
Alderman Pott lined Mr Mcliarrah
$1 and costs, as provided for in the act
of 17111.
Mr. MoGtnah announced that h
would appeal from tho decision of thn
Fully a dottn prominent druggists
and cigar dealen will be brought be
fore Alderman Post this afternoon, and
the chances are that each will receive
the usual fine of 4 and eostt.
Collar-Bonn Broken by Being Hurled
fiora His Carrisa.
While being driven from his office to
his home yesterday, the pole at
tached to n buggy containing B P.
Kingnbtiry and driver became disen
gaged and the vehicle wat over
turned. Mr. Kingtbnry't collar-bone
was broken by the fall and be was gen
erally bruised ; the driver escaped un
injured. The runaway occurred on Mudison
avenue below Olive street, where the
fastening which held the pole to the
axle broke. The pole remained at
tached to the csrriugo by straps, but
boBt about the frightened animals'
hvela. They only ran a short distance
before the carriago was overturned.
The horses were caught near Pine
street by a boy and were not badly
Tbev Bavs Gone Down
That is prices at Guernsey Brothers.
Noble Plan of Ladies Revealed at Last
Colonel E. H. Ripple Will Presitlo at
Meeting of Ladies Friday at Y. W.
C. A. Rooms Last Hundred Dol
lars in Associated Charities' Treas
ury Was Appropriated Last Night.
Demands for Relief and Work.
The meeting of thn board of asso
ciated charities held last night
in the poor board rooms was nn
important one in that it revealed
almost a completo deficit of
fnnils. However, it came out at the
meeting that the ladies of the city
would coin 9 to the retcne nod the plan
for Inflnzing tho treasury is presented
Iu the absence of Colonel K. II Hip
pie the chair wat occupied by V. T.
Smith. Other members present were
Lutlior K H-r. John Gibbons, W. J.
Thomas, T. J. K"lly, T. J, Moore aud
Kev. Rogers Israel.
The relief committee report showed
that the nombtr of tpplioationt for
work are many, nnd that thirty
one men have bean given employment
during the week,
SUPPORT this movement.
The plan whereby the treasury it to
be supplied with fundi, much needed
ut present, was revealed by the viita-
ti n committee, which reported that a
Dumber ol well known led let had mat
Tuesday of last week an I formulated a
plan foi raising funds
They propose holding a general
meeting, at whioh Oolooel P. II Kippu
will preside, Friday afternoon at 4
o'oli ck iu the rooms of the Young
Women's Christian Astooletlon 11 is
proposed at this meeting to organ i za
a general canvas of the oily
for the sale of tickets entitling
the bolder to membership in the
taeociated nhawtttei The fee of
annual membership is $1. and for
life membership $S0 The board ex
tends an urgent inritatiou to everv
lsdy who ha the city's welfare at hearl
10 l,'Ivm th movement encouragement
by attendance.
list of life and annual m-mbrt
and donors waa submit t--l and a;
proved The list appears belOW
T ue report of the hoard's agnt,Mrs
DuggtD, s;;ows the number oS n; ;oi
caiions for relief and erorh t be as
great ts ever, tad on motion 100, ai-
most the CUtlM In the treas
ury, was appropriated for giving wort
a:. I p,v t- to d-s"rving nneuinloyed deinauda ot destitute men who
are willing lo work out cannot lint
employment maka it a veritable nr
ceselty for all women to be present at
the Friday meeting which is mentioned
Tat list of members and contributors
is aa follows:
John .lerniyn, WillUtm F. BsJlttSSd,
Wnliam II. Tavlor. Cruel a V Scranton,
Mr- BoeaneaO, Tripp. A frel Hand, J.
llet jaiiiln Dimmirk. A II Vandlmg. Mr a
Kobi-ison, William T. Santh. It. II
Tbroop, T. II. Watkiii", B. 11 sturges,
William Connell.
ASM At. URUHI I.- IV. N .Its
J u. Ammsn, Janet R. tHeksoa, Emm
L. fuller, B J Fiihinisti, John W. Kow.
,'T. .!!. :, I f. nt... .-. ! '.11 la.htuant . f
McFsd.en. M .1 liealv, II I! -ivellv. C
11 Uodsay, lr. nMllev, J. V.
. Bid. fan - i"ri .. Ili rnanl I , M
J. Mnha. Hi. ma M J. u, Kev. L I'.
IMoyd, Mrs ir i; lrae.. Btv I: gers
I-rai I, Hot Ottlager, Mr. H -itntir, Mrs.
It. Satnter. Mr BolQ Idsntltb. Mr.Ar 11
0 ildtnltb, 11 Lets gt eld, Mr. It Levy, t,
V,ei", Usvi I am H s , Mrs Ms
Itn e, Mrs. M. Simmon", Oearn M
iiai trail, M Brown, victor Koeb,
A 11. ..irtnan, Hptaeer CDteksOB,U
Rdgar I'ean, David Kuhrmsn. Iir 0 B
ii iMneen, 0 M, Hsjtsj. a Marti. J, M.
Kellsy, L A. Wat res, WilllOSH anl Mr-
Annlfy.Jolia It Jone. ijMd s Ryan, Depp n, J hu Owbont, jr., Ceai m
1 . M .1 Dens pee y, it m OoMsnutb,
it W. Tbomss, Alice P. Oraban, Mrs, .1
I. Cohen, Mr I. MarkN Mrs. J. Klein.
Mr. Jeff Freeman, Samo-I Kiaiu -r, W .11.
I vane. J. 11. LlS4wig, Mis II. OoksSS, -I.
Wannnk, Mi-s Clara Issuer, Mrs. II.
WeiL J. Krank Hegel, K Morris,
F. .1. Kiizsimmous. A. Kuileu-e,
a. w. Uckson Oara s. Ditksoa, a k
Uould, lleV. liiistave llallsner. Dr. 't I:
Root, W. II. Jai kw.n, h. J N. vioe, A .1
llealv, Colonel P. L HltCBO k. David J,
liavln. Wllltatn P. R Isn l. Q A Millar,
Mr A. P. I'etligrew, .i rv 11 llra. .'a lies
L Don Mil Alexander Moj1v, 1 P
Megargel, Tle tna- II Israel, Abrsiii I.
Urbsn. .lolin P. Kidly. Mr. Mm TroUl
felt, Mr. T II Steiu, Mr. B, L 'llin,
J, Krotosky, Wllttan P. Oeusll, Mr.
Mo ri- Qokltmitb, A, iieorge S.
Kiiigxbiiry, Krentt Bros, Uts. P. I..
Wornttr, Ibumas llnshnell, Jotepb
lvy, C. J. Weichel. W. McClave,
Rev, P. J, M -Msnu. itev. J. L Dun,
Davis A- Mount, J, I.. FordhSA, .1. W.
Dasenbury, It. C Shfr, c. W l'reeinn,
J. A. Pausing, llenrge L DIOKSOB, W.
Haniev, w. Weteker, D, w. Vangbs, A.
). Dsan, Nlas Carlowna, K. H. Ripple,
llltteiileuidnr A- Co.. (Irare .sp rrs WeM1.11,
A. II. Uilllams, Owen Cusick, p. P. Plait,
C. H. WsttOtt, Economy Purniture r 111
pany, J. J. llurke. Iletity Helm, jr., II. .1.
Anderton, C I.. Prey, .lames J. .Senlis, c
I.. Mercereau, .bilin J. Davies, Hebrew
I. lilies (ielleral Uehef K,cletv, John! lei
nud, B. w. Kiiig-burv. Stephen B Bpraks,
John Hchuer, J.ihn (iilibous, T. J. Kelly,
MrK. J, It. Parr, Mrs. AgnsS sloylSS, John
P. Scrsgg, A. H. Kant), c nrk ' llruthers,
kev. J. ii. O'BeUly, P, P, smith.
Others have coiitributol to ths
board't work bnt did not wish their
nainet published. Several of the mer
chants have also contributed various
articles of merchandise which have
been used by Mrs. Dnggan in her work,
He Fell Between Two Movie Trains
and Escaped Unlnjursd.
Kirliard Watso D, I ltd from tho West
Side, had a mi reculous escape from
death yesterday noon.
II jumped from a llloomsbnrg coal
train at the Scranton street crossing
au I was struck by a passenger train
coming from tho opposite direction,
lie was stnnned and knocked between
the two tracks.
After the passage of the two trains
lie was picked up and brought, seem
ingly half dsad, to the Lackawanna
avenue station, where he revived and
said he was uot much hurt.
Died In New Mexico While in Starch of
A dispatch was received yesterday
from New Mexico that M. C. Drinker,
of this city, who went to San Jnan
county two months ago is dead
Mr. Drinker, who had a large circle
of friends here, was !t! years old nnd a
member of Oraoe Reformed chnrch.
He was an employe of tbo Scranton
Oas and Water company, und a mem
ber of Company D, Tuirteentb regl
ment and the Elks.
The rtmains will be brought to this
Wllkes-Birre Husband Locates Bis Wile and
Two Babies.
Williams, tho Third Party to the
Story, Committed Crime in Car
bondale and Is in the County Jail.
Mrs. Stcingler Imposed Upon the
Associated Charities Fruitless
Search of the Distracted Father.
A romance in low life came to light
yesterday in this city when Jama,
Steiugler, of 311 Haskins street, Wilkes
Hai re, found his two little children
nd the wito who had eloped from a
comfortable home two month ago
wth David Williams, a disreputable
character. Williauie it in jail here
awaiting triil for heinous crime com
mitted at L'arbondslo a few weeks ago;
the tblldren, two boys aged '2 and 4
years, are iu the Bt Joseph'! Found
ling home, und the erring wife has ben
thriving to a great extent upon the tt
.sistauce extended her by Mrs. Dng
gan, ngent of the associated charities.
Mr. aud Mrs. Stetnglsr wore married
six years ago by Ut-v. Father Nagle al
Wilkee-Darro and lived happily until
several mouths ago when William'
admittance to the family circle caused
suspicions to arise iu the husbiimlV
mind. He return 1 home from work
one evening and found neither wife
nor children to treat him. Williams,
loo, wat missing nnd the concinsion
was that he had taken Mrt. Stringier
Way with hit. 1.
Htelngler, as we ks patted bv with
out news of hit children (be did not
care to regtin tun wifei. became al
most distracted. Besrch for theci iiple
proved frmlleM until it was learned
that Williams Had been engaged in a
disreputable piece of work al Carbon
dale. The e it wat found that lie was
111 jiil here awaiting trial, and Stein
glor cam here yestarday
Williams bad beti followed to this
city by Mrs Btelngltr, who msds him
fr q-ieiit vi-nts at ih jui The keepers
supposed the couple to be wedded, as
did Mr- Dnggan, the Charitits agtnt,
trbotitended every posilole relief to
the SBppossd true wife and nnfortn
nate mother.
'I I e children wore secured admission
to the foundling home and Mr Btsinff
ir wa Saturday givu a railroad
ticket to WUkee-Berro, wii- reeu said
she bt 1 an sntit Who would cars for
her ooteadol leafing the city the
visited Williams at (be Jail
lodty sxlien Stolnglsf founl his
8 II ten stfe tod well at tht foundling
bsHD he cUsp d Cirtn to hltn ami w. pt
l uterly Ills home is tittered. to ne
n Is arrangemtntt f r the sheltering
of the little, ones al St JOSSpb'a
Mrs Bteloglef left during the day
fur l'ron
L0c.1l Company for the Manufacture
of Builders' to Locate
s Plant al Priceburg.
S'ranton rapltsl, sjwan ting in
vestment that : profllttil" to t o' Ii 1 I
er and bsjneflrial to tr.e BOfBflSMIty, I
attont to tal llsh an in Inslrv thai STill
uieaa inucu t, this eltf an t m irs to
tbt Iwnugn ot Pnc' ur. wh-te a new
: sotory is toot to be tabllhe I
.' 1 nip. my ha Un forai- I in thm
cit. snii persssnenl orgaoiaatioo will
be effrotod ibU stornoon, forth pur
po of innnufacluriug builder' bard
war Tb tnptiv t is in cpul -ISJtsd
at !") 000 and IS 1,000 will b de
voted to 1 e erection of Hi ntSsSSSfJ
bntldloga. Work on tb same will be
gin at once
The new plant will lie r-ct 1 In
l'r.i eburg an I it will aleio- itBS 1 ir e.p
Foot dry win, h d es a ge ie .1 business,
Locks. 1 itiges. window an 1 blind fst
nrs, keys, window weights, every
thing necessary in th coisiructlou of
I nlldlngl will be lurried out
'lh factory wi!l probably be in
i barg of D II. FitigsraM. of tins
city. Mr Fltlgareld has ln pri
lent of a similar n Ml, the Manhattan
Hardware eompaay, in lUading It
will employ at-otil .'iSl men and bovs
mil the llrm will erect 1 1 tionsea to
tooomsdste it help. Th gentlemsn
who are interest,.! arn very relicenl
and thT will say nothing lor publica
tion. It Is known that Dr. 11 II
I'hroop will )e president of the new
Bra end Mr. Kverhsrt, of the brisn
foundry, will be treaSUTSf
Rv. isssc stewton Bat le, of r litis J;
phla, to In Till Cltr
Kev. Isaac Newton, of Phila
delphia, will spend the remain I-r of
this mouth in this vicinity, and will
deliver lectures in various churchss
and Sunday schools.
Mr. I'.irle will appear at the Oreen
hMdgo Presbyterian ohorsh tins even
lag and at the Second I'resbytsrinu
church tomorrow veiilng The titles
are "A Hint's Lye 'i"W of the liible"
and "A Dird's Byt Yiew of the Life of
Christ, "
Thn Srrsntin Dslagatss Ttearb Fslr
Havsn and Busln.
Sprriut to Iht FcrantOH . r
Faik Havf.n. Yt, May 8 Ths
Scranton delegates to the National
Orand lodgeof American True lv,. rites
arrived nt Fair Haven al I o'olock this
afternoon The first session was called
to order at 7 80 p. m. by Orand Master
W. W. Oe.irge, of Utic. Committees
were appointed aud considerable of
the routine work was disposed of whon
the session was adjourned until 8
o'clock tomorrow morning.
Scranton' Bustnss Interest.
TBI TMBOms Wtfl soon publish a csre.
fully compiled and clnssitled list of the
leading wholesale, banking, manufactur
ing and professional interests of Scranton
and vicinity. Tho edition will bo bound
In book form, beautifully Illustrated with
photogravure views of our pnbllc build
ings, business blocks, streets, etc., together
with portraits of leading clliztns. No
similar work line ever given au equal rep
resentation of Scranton's msuy indus
tries. It will be nu invaluablo exposition
of our business resources. pent to
persons outside the city, copies of
tbis handsome work will attract
new comera and be an unequalled
advertisement of the city. The circu
lation is on a plan that cannot fail of good
results to thoe concerned as well as the city
at. largo. Itopreientatlves of Tub Triminic
will call upon thosr whose nauis
are nEsmcn in this edition and explain
Its nature more fully.
Those desiring views of their residences
in tnie edition will please l ave notice at
the oQloe.
Fifty-acre Tract to Be Converted Into Building
Lackawanna Iron and Coal Company
Sells Its Tract Lying Between Me
ridian and Twelfth Streets to a
Company of Well Known Scranton
Business Men Money for Purchase
Was Raised in Five Hours.
That Scranton capital is neither
chary nor unavailable is evidenced by
the purchase yestnr lav lor $100,000
cash the tract of laud contuiniug fifty
acres situated between Meridian aud
Twslfth streets, one side facing Rouud
Woods aud the other facing Hyde
The purchase was made from the
Lackawanna Iron aud Coal company by
a number of mon representing the pro
gressive business element of the city.
An option for the plot was secured
Monday by John T. Richard and John
A. .Moms. In five hours time during
Monday afternoon and Tuesday morn
ing Mr. Hichards secured subscriptions
to tbe project to th rztent of the pur
chase priot montlotied above.
Application was made yesterday for
a charter of the Fairviow Park Land
company with tbe following officers:
John A. Moure, president; Benjamin
Hughes, vice president; John T,
Kiclurds.tecrettry and tressnrer; John
A. Mears, John T. Richards, Benjamin
Hughe, II A Kna) p, Oarret Roger!
and J. Alton Davis, liotrd of direclois.
Among tbe other stockholders sre
Ihoinss D. Dsvis, Judge II M KI
wards.l 'ounty Tressnrer D W. Powell.
John T Williams, John If. Williams,
lohn Hale, Conrad Scbroeder, Franklin
Howell, SnerllT Faher, (' O. Roland,
Jam R Mears. A K Ranb, E I,
Taylor, F. H. House, Thomas Carson,
William Davl. Martin Maloney, Phila
In tract will be ditldsd Into :iW
building lot. It is claimed that usg
tlallnns have beti pending for several
dayt with everl parties for th locst
mg of msiiuf icturi't nti the lower pot.
lion of the plot.
Pefor the deal wa consnmated th
gentlemen who originated th enter
prise Inrsetlgatsd the possibility of
converting R :;ud Woods into a psrk
Th result is that this piece nf wool
lend will be created into an attractive
nreathing spot.
At present the Itnd pnrchesel : cm
peratirelj uulmiroved. Maps pr
pared b- th comjisny, however, show
that Sixth and Ninth streets below
Main avenne an I othsr street above
th latter thnronghfar will be extsn I
d and ths prop-rty generally im
prove!. The locitlnn of what will be named
Fairvlew Park is sighilv and healthful
Krcellent facilities f..r lrin ige r 0
ferod, and it It prop.ed to make the
location similar to that of th hill of
tne r-ntral city
KtwnAfKm v''ir.Ti.v cwsDCcrgo,
I r evrl y-nrt rl estate pprs
tl rt haTS had th tract in view with a
ro, of tecnrlng 11 for speculstlv pnr
posot Ti e progress of the operation
St I ichrsu'.l! In yesierdav's pnrctias
wat known only to th parties inter
ested. Th tul nUnstloa of th di
wa a general topic of discussion
I realty men lata, in tb after
1. o, and tb ro!itnsn of opmb n is
thst tb project will be hnef!ciat lo
t th city nd a source of reveunt to
the lend company
Washloateo Avna Flrt rrsbvt-r!sn
harrb Fnpsrtv Not Boll
1 r soBso tisns it sad beo reported
that fv irable nstjotltUoos wr pen l
Ing for tb tale of th tight of tb
Firt Pre ytrtn chnrch a..d the old
pa:ontg lot 01 W s. Ingtos sfonha,
til that the bar I ,,' chnrch trustee.
c tu. t in pi a td the parohnae of the lot
,t the c ora-r o' M , lis in avnu an I
1 lltfS trt for t3 0 ' 1 from the Scran
to - "iss and W,.ter company. Nsitber
of tb repirtt tre ijuitt true
A BemhSI of tbo board of trosts
still yettr lav that the old parsonage
I 'I was for sale and that many pertoua
had Intimated a d'r to psirobasax I it
that no favorable offer bad been mtde
Tne board hat ronaidtred many
sites on which lo erect a nw church,
int whthr the present property
e.tild ba used or not Is a matter which
hss not bOOa definitely settled.
Th board wa offered tbe Madisou
svsnoe corner lot mentioned above for
115,000, bnl th ciTer was rojeottd;
Whether becsuse th pric wa ticti
cious or becante tbe board wan tt a
cheaper property, does not appear.
COCCITBU avenue h u are la-lug sold
rapidly to borne seekers bv
" A. Piumiixuiun.
II It A N DT- B k K 1'. N H 1 1 1 k K M ay T. IMU,
by the Her. A. F. Cha(Te at tho Melho
lit parsonage in (irn kidge, Mr. An
ils's (. llramlt to Miss I Jeunle Itrok
aaabire, both of this city.
KAI'TIKIM, .lowclry to H
loot from.
VEHYTlllNi; new.
I n 18 iii now itj les.
,UN in and sea our new store,
OV arc welcome.
'TEE LING sihor Novelties in
gnat variety.
417 Lackawanna Aye.
Best Sets of Teeth,$8.00
Irelndlntt tb pslnlps extracting
of t'-nii by uu cutireiy new yro
S. C. Snjder, D.D.S.
f tstel! Social
J. Frank Siegelsocial Thursday eveni ng,
May 10. Oenerl invitation extended to
frienda and former patron.
Spsolal Sal
of Ladies', Misses and children's shoes,
Factory Shoe Store, 411 Lack'a ave.
I The Melancholy Days
JJ Of honsecleanlng have como.
1 The Saddest of the Year i
a m , S
J 1 o th married man, becuuao his
mm home Is all broken up.
1 The Time of Misery 8
Would b of shorter duration If 5
5 tho linii-ehold eomprlsod mune of B
S Isbor savors which BaTTIN B
m A-C(i. Imvaiiu spt-cial salu at this g
ur. HUS80U.
Kits, btbp ladders, cbaib i
3 M ions.
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g and GARDEN TOOL of alikinds S
m ut prices within reach.
RKFRIOERATORS. In fact, a com- S
j pl-tn line oi ub. IiiI ami nocie-sai y J
mi ju-n.'l-... mi
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