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The Oil Drillers Are Rewarded by Encourag
ing Indications.
The New York Operators Strike Gas
at the Depth of 1,300 Feet It Flows
at High Pressure--Indications Sim
ilar tOjThoso of the Bradford Oil
Renpn Stock in the Enterprise
Cannot Bo Purchased The Scran
ton Syndicate Will Begin Work at
Am-fat to thr BevmtVt Tribune.
BROOKLYN, Pa., May 8.
NTELLIGBNI K tnat tne petroleum
drillera had atruck natural ks
npon the .luRi-in Wright tarn lias
created mat psoiteuient in tbll
Vicinity, The pas biran to flow on
Saturday afternoon and the preeaure
w:iko great tnat it has baan neatasary
to pine welgntt to tha extent of about
three font npon tba 18lnob ping that
lias been driven in tha pipa in order to
keep the gun from tecaplng.
Tba hole bad been driven to the
depth of nbodt 1,800 fe.'t when tna
hnmt of K is sent the water tn th hoi
living to the top of the derrick. The
"'rilleri were Obliged to cease op-ra
tioni at onaa nut tbe superintendent of
the worK repaired at once to New
l-aveu to aecure apparatus for con
trolllng'tha II v of ir.
'1 he oil excitement first l.epan I Ml
October, wbeh tndiaatto ia wre dia
cr.eered on ttie farm of .Mr. Nan. wtio
reiidei nhont mile from this tillage
A syndicate of Soraotoniaaa, Inolud
ivft Messrs. K. M. Tewkaburv, Charlee
A. Van Yonur, S W K'llniu ami
John n, leaeert the Nash farm and
nhont fc.JO acres of land in that vicinity
and prepared to begin opration wit i
a derrick. Other partiea toon arrived
on tba field and aftetn Fletebor and
Krwer, of New York, laaaad the
W right place and alio made prepara
tion! fnr linking a bole.
The Scran ton men concln la ! to await
tl e developmeutt following tba opera
tiona of the New York p.irti'i wlneh
have more than fnlliiled the expecta
tion of the lansnine.
The Latter syndicate he cm boring
tbottt four week ago ami ttieir open
tiona hare deuionttrat-'d that the gao
logical litaatiofl Ht tin place is tinnlar
to that of tl e Bradford region. The
finding ,f ma on Sitnrdav baa u-raatlv
H' urnsred the p-opU baring intert
in the prcapecting and at .ek line ad
vanced to a mnrked extent eince the
news leaked out that gaa had been di.
oo Tared.
Tba gaa will not tw utilized at pre.
But. I ut the wed will be ploggad and
the boring for nil will be COO tin Sad.
Tba prtettirt is so gr-it at the well
that when the gaa which rornes throin:h
the 6 inch pipe is lighted the ttamt
burns abont two feat awy from ttie
lOd of tbe pipe. Since the gaa has ben
(lurnVered tin Walla have beau visited
by hnn Irtde of itght-seers from -Mont
roie, liinghsmton, Tnnknannock and
the iirrounding country.
Tba rVranton lyndioata will prob
ably begin work atone, and with the
Various wells in operation this aertion
will, without doubt, be one of tbe
booming ml region in the c tirie of a
few mouth.
He One- T.Tore, Single Hand'd, Holds
Up a Cattformta stn.
Knroil, Oil, May H Tbe down from Angela to Milton was held
up yeiterday morning by a lone high
wayman. He demanded th Wells-
Fargo rxpraaa box, wbiob was given
lii iji 1 ban he banded n letter and a
p ickag to the driver to tw aont to
BonOra, laying they eontAine.l article
ba took from the Bonora Maga lent
Ha then directed the driver to go on
An explosion w heard shortly atttr,
Indicating that the highwayman luni
blown open the box, wnica is believed
to have contained a Urge mm of
Sugar B fining; Company's Ooode Fx
eluded from Illinois,
Chicago, May H. Attorney Central
Maloney, of Iliinoia, has notified the
representative r if Mha American Sugar
Kenning company not to bring any
more of tbe company' good Into tide
He also eays that he will Immedi
ately commence quo warranto pro
ceeding to prevent it doing busineKs
In lllinola.
One Man Fatally Injured ar.d Othere
Seriously Hurt.
Lima, O., May H -While carpenters
were ut work repairing the Chicago
and Krie bridge west of here, the ecaf
fold broke, precipitating the workmen
twenty live feet.
F. H. Kitleaton, of Huntington, Ind ,
win fatally injured uml cannot live
until morning. Others escaped with
1. 88 serious injuries.
Keg-rce Take the Plnoe of BtrlklnR
Mlnsrs at fine Crank.
Nariivim.k, May 8 At Hlne Creek
mines at 7 o'clock this morning over
100 negroes were put to work and evic
tions of striking miner, begun.
The strikers are very much irritated
in conafquenc and meetings nre being
held ut nil tho mining camps in that
region and trouble is ntmreheuded.
Discharge Mllltla for Responding to a
Call and WUI Re Prosucuted.
Cleveland, May 8. Colonel C. L
Kentiao. of tho Fifth regiment, Ohio
National gnard, haH been notified that
three members of Company B have
been discharged by tbeirjeinployer for
responding to Mayor lilees dull for
militia to anppraaa tha riots on Wed
nesday last.
Mayor Blee lias taken the matter np
and will force a settlement with the
employers. The Ohio law imposes a
flue of si. mill and six months' impris
onment for j'tat such attempts to pre
vent a soldier from responding to a
call, ami it is altogether probable that
the indiscretion of th employers will
result uncomfortably for tbeui.
I,rgst Qsth.rlng Bvar Held Now In
Sssaioa at Omsha.
Omaha, Neb, May s. Tha national
convention of the Ancient Order of
Hibernians convened this morning
with the largest attendance ever hel l.
Tl a dab gates attended mass at ,1 !it.'s
Collegiate church, where Bit hop Bonn
nail welcomed them In an addreei upon
Cstholic cltlMnship, in tlr course of
which ho emphasized the fact that they
owed their solo and only allegiance to
tii Uolfted State.
However they might venerate the
p:ist they should not conider nation
ality or religion in dlaobnrgtng tlitir
duty us citiz-ns.
The Connellivilla Coke Workers Who
Co to Work Arc Threatened
with Death.
OONNKLLaTOXB, Pa,, May 8 The
sttiKe m tne coice region has degen-
er.ited Into secret attempt by tim oper
ators to start an open warfare by the
tnkr tor a continuous shut down,
aba tinkers have scored the most
polota today. LnM than half the men
at work yesterday are at Work today.
The striken noatad notiaei on all the
company b onset in the vicinity of tiui
Farm tbla morning The no: ices were
headed with sku.I an I er.jn-hours,
written In red ink, ami read: "Death I
All uieu who go to work at the Hill
Farm plant, prepare to meet your
Uol "
:ilyten mn went to work this
morning, Tbe oompaay aerved notice
tins morning that m-y WOOld kerp the
fnrnacs in tdast at all baasrda, and
thai if tne m "( did not go to work by
tomorrow morning new man will ba
Imported. Tbe ettnatloo atHUIFarm
Ih fat beOOming crlticsl Tile Frirk
company are tasking strenuou. :. ,r:
to ;srt few !sut. in full With I hi
end iu vi -w tuey are Oul lea ting uien
who are willing to work from all tli ir
plants, seu lmg tbwm t- Valley, B mtb-
waat, Ni Sand 4 and I'mtrd No.
As soon as tbeta Work are f,rel up
otbi r i will be itarta i on tiiemui- plan.
iiy tin plan tbe fitch couipauy broke
tho last strike tin) they expect It to be
eoeceesful now. A mas meeting of
strikers will be beld ai Vund.rbiit tie
a .v
I'.'iited Stat- Marshsl Scanlon ar
rived at Moyer yeaterlay and nerved
tba Doited Stetee Covrt injonetioo en
aUmt a dom "' the hi- .1 leaders of
the M yer in ii. Marihsl soanlon want
to Vanderbtlt this morning to serve in
j met ton paper on the Men at ii uiiey's
works, Tha Deputise at Mover threw
a number of lh strikers ,ut of liinr
h iiues today 1 here i a general com
plaint about the OfttOltyttf the Depu
ties, which bus W "i the sinkers unt-
vereal eympatby, h is given onttbli
morning that a nniuh-r of tlm op. rat
ors have otfered the Striken their seal-,
but til latter are now fighting for a
recognition of their organ, z ttlon B)
this they may ION all, a It l not b
iieveil the operator Mii ever again
recognir.j the ktlneri' Union.
A Wllkaa Barreeti Fires Thre Rhote at
Ht. Wife,
WnJtaW-BAMB, May 8 Marry Rog
er, a night wntobman, well known,
went to Ills home at II IIU o clock to
r.isht and tired three eh it at hi wife,
she managed to eroape from the honse
uninjured, and came to this city for tbe
police, leaving two little children in
the house. She was ace lupini-d to
nor residence, which Ii iw,. miles a Way
from ti is city, by twooffloan wnoar
ratted him and brought him to prison
at i o'clock tola morning,
No examination has baan made a
vet of tlie house by the oflicere and it is
not known whether the children were
hurt or not. Shots were heard injne
lioiiae dnnug hi wife' tbeeooe and it
I. feared that they were directed at
the children
l!i rlts ronnty farmers ssy t6e hot sun
shine kills the clover worm.
A rannl boat loaded with coal broke
sipiarely in halve at I'uieulxville,
Hail on Similar smashed QQ0 window
panes in MhiIkoii Urns'. grmiihousue at
By a pertnatare explosion in a colliery
mar Baaleton, Martin Bkdmowni kiikil
and ,i(-iiti Wargo injur, d.
Members of the State Teachers' Associa
tion, which will meet nt Media in .July,
will be taken over the llraudywimi battle
Held. The only woman applicant in the Stato
before the I'harnmceiiiieal Hoard at
BarrilbnrE wa Misa M. K. Cain, bf Lan
caster, and lb iaa,-d the examination.
The grand court of I'eniisy Ivaula An
cient Order of Foresters of America met
iu annual aseeion in comniou oooncll
chamber at Independence had, ITilladid-
A. Wilson Norris, of Harrisbdrg, has
been indorsed as the taudldateOf tho clubs
of the Fourteenth oougrastional district
for vice president of tbe lii publicun State
There were "at BBS new Bilvcr dollars
Coined last Wi e'l.
After rejection by bis swuethoart at
('Hrlyle, III., voung Ijauo BOffnUO killed
A fewer gas explosion fatnily burned
Char let v. Peck and l.ouls Work nt Cin
cinnati. Indiana has begun state tax suitH for
nearly 8900, (XXI against palace car, tile
phone, express and telegraph companies.
l.yni hers are hunting for a tramp ylio
made Mias rSeraon swallow a poison pill
at a pistol's point near Saltpetre (lap, Va.
The bookkeeper, Alfred W. Seymour,
who defraudo I Hlun'oapoUl lumber deal
ers nnd lied, had forged for a total of fi't,.
000, hi. i was a member of uu organised
baad ut v.i.,d i .
Coxey and Browne Arc Found Guilty and
The Hobo Leaders Are Tried on Ac
count of Having; Trampled the
(jrass on tho Capitol Grounds.
Christopher Columbus Jones Es
capes - Coxey Moot Move On Do-
inps of the Anpels of Peace at
Other Points Galvin Has Had
Washiitoti in, May s
n T twenty minutee pan 3 o'clock
A the jury iu the C ,xy case n ut a
j" reqneat to the court to be al
UU lowed to have the wiitten in
"ructions of the court sent into the
jury room, tint lo I bit Asiistaut Die
nit Attorney Milllownev oij-cted
'1 he jni v then filed out of their room,
and Judge Mnller read tba untrue
tioua to tbom again. It took them oiuv
ten minutes afterward! to agree, and
at 8 4 1 o'clock they announced their
Tba finding of the jury was that
Coxey, Browne and Joooc. are guilty
on Ih- lirat r unt, WhlOO charges them
with Carrying banners design! to
bring tha Coxey army into pr iminettOt
in IhtOapltol grounds. Ua the MC D I
count, of nn lawfully tramping on tba
grass of tho capitol grounds, ' cay
and Browne are found guilty, v,,uie
the charge against Jones was dismiss !.
Mr. Llpeoomb giv notioe ol a motion
for a DOW trial, and al; d for nu arrest
ol judgment, i ur was no demon
str.i ioU When the fill Itng was an
noonoed, as .In igu Uuller ha I nan
Honed tba ballSl to arrest any mm
who act 1 in Ii not isly.
At the instance of the district stt, r
ne tie ball of the dofOOdatttC Wai re
newed in the mm of 1300 foraaeh,
after erblab th-court adjourned. T
pel alty 1 1 a pose 1 by the itatut for o'
fa i a of thU kind it "fine or ImprUo -
iunt or loth at tbe discretion of tl
Judge of th polioe oanrt tha floe not
to exceed $100, the imprisonment net
to exceed aixiy ilars."
OOSSt Ml T M I Tl us
The Commonweal army ws vial ted
lata yeUr lay aftrr.o hi by a cmiinit
tee of phvclrlan in tn smr, aiitl or
is U by llflleei Hainuioti to in
vfetigate tbe eamp and report upon ita
sanitary con Ittioii. Tb rOpOH Wat
ut nutted tuts morning tn Dr. Ham
mott, and ttie concimioo of tn com
mittee are In part that the snir, or
lag. of ttii eqnare, moiading tbe prem
is,- i-iside ot me fsnce, are of g rm-
breeding obaraetei likely locaneeall
forma of contagious and InfMtiOttt dit
ea. Cot)' Is advise I to gat , ut at
lpreantative Hudson, of K msa.
who wa I'ni .y'a c -n-is-l bef. rs the
pot 0t conrt. aOtborltrt the stst-m.nt
that Coxey prop, .- t 1 ar Wi slnng
ton with hi follower ni on a he
secures a hearing from one of the tw
ii. Bl of congrasi
HI. IS KNowa. WaTM V grir.
IIOKlF-IMHT. I'a, May t'olonal
Tin. una tialviu' army of the aommos
Weal UIW ' I last night III the r - nil I Oft-
leM oolltenm building, ami at I o'oloeh
tbia morning, on Invitation of Jamaa
Bvana, prealdent of the Beaoud Na
tiooal bank. mOVa 1 unt to hi farm ad
j -i mig Hie cny. Tfea ermy WtlJ r
main iu this ('snip until tomorrow.
Tl x ermy now ha provitiOM on hand
nfnoitnt to tuppiv iti in lor a week.
I olOOel UolvlO Uenir that he has any
Intention to t ike potaeet on ' a Hslti
moro ud Ohio train, Heaetd; "tinea
was enough for me,"
Laronn, Ind., May B. Tba two
faolioM of tha Kan lull aimr of in lus
trials met witn treiitmut hero this
morning that thy dl 1 not reJlth 1 be
city aiitboritie met them Ot the city
llmlla and torbnde them to enter tne
city and GHHMnl llaudall, l is son and
two of hi lieutenants w.-ro arrested
and placed In jsil. It it believed Uml
ttie army will oretk up her uml go no
I urther.
niAT, kii.l.v, PLOAT,
In Monti v Is., May B -It i the
intention of fJtnernl Kelly to start the
Bolillaof Hit boat bearing nil army,
uow (welled to 1,400 men, down
the lies Moines river to ma time tomor
row afternoon. Ample provision have
been furnished th army for one day,
and reports from point along the river
indicate tuat the men will he cared
K II y made a iptaofa this afternoon
in which be declared that hid men had
a grander duty to perform than to look
for work. Tuey were going to Wash
ington to compel Urover to listeu to
thein and unite with Congress in giv
ing the ptOpla better laws.
An Indiana Man S tabbed at HI Enemy
and Kill.d H matlfi
ETAKSVILLK, Ind., May 8. Sunday
evening a tight occurred at (iabtown,
about six nilb-a from here, which will
probably rusult iu two death. s
Charb s Miller stubbed Joseph Stnrm
fourteen times about the head mid
body. Stnnu allnobad, and In trying
to stab Sturm again Miller miiilo a
miss stroke and completely disembow
eled himself, dying ibortly afterward.
The physioiau I'oiwh thai .Sturm oanuot
Negroo Attmpt to Ovtrrldt th Ban I
tary R-sulatloni. at Fulton, Ark.
Fin.ToN. May 8 The n- groel at this
place are attempting lo override the
inall-pox regulation, and serious
trouble is feared. Stindav night at 10
''clock squads of negroes collected with
sguus in band near the railroad depot.
Fifteen guards went to tbe scene armed
with Winchester iitls and double
barrelled shotguns.
The BitiMM living near the depot
were reqneated to remain in doon and
place their lumps in such a position as
not to draw the fire of tba negroes if
nn assault was mad', which wis im
mediately complied with. Fifteen ex
tra men, well armed, Ware then sta
tioned a short distance spurt from thu
railroad bridge to a point one mile
north of the city.
The nenroet were given to under-
hIbihI tltuf an utt.,ni',t to eross Hi., 1
lino at that time, or until the regula
tion! ware removed, would meet with a
volley ofbuckahor. Afttroontldenblt
pulleying tho negr vs cmsented to dis
perse. , .
must not covy mfoals.
Chicago Firms Wblth Counterfeit Kfd
nl Tlnv Betllved to He Prosscntal.
CntOAOO, Mar 8 - Captain I'orter nf
the (Jolted States Btorot service, has
been ordered to make an investigation
and to seize all cuts ami othr imita
tions of tba Worl I's fair dtptomaa and
medals of award, wtiion are twi-ig
by business housei as advertisements.
Thefirmawbtoh are publishing cuts
ill circulars and catalogues of the
medals ilwir goods received,'' said Cap
tain Porter, "are viMitiug the law, and
the department horter 1 that the
practice be stopped. The law which
wj passed in relation to tha Colombian
diploma and in lal is H at nut a the
law ugaiutt counterfeiting. "
Th Il.utr T l-grupli Cnropar.y of Lon
don Aft.r New business.
LogDOM Mav 8 -A new Boaucjal
and commercial eompaoy called Ben-
t-r's Internati oial .:e is being
formed to ai ijuira the advtrtitlng I mi
nes. i,f Benter Telegram aompany.
Tbe latter retalna th (ntelllgenot and
telegraph bntlnata intaot. Sir Charles
Tnpper nnd George do Renter will be
dim r an i Berber! do Renter man
igtng directors.
Hundreds ot G.itlinr, and Other Cum
Are V ttroyed Narrow Es
cape From Explosion.
Hatli vx, N. S. Mav N ll-rmnda
advic-s by tcror Alpha, wnih ar
rived Hi mor-.ln-'. give the foil awing
particulars of th Bffe at th dockyard
tba r- Th- st r te .i;;-ing to th- or
dnance department to tne north of tha
yard oo Ireland l.isniwss dlaoovered
on tir about 8 p. m Wedoeaday, A r l
.' 'i 1 h pr, xiinitT of the fir to Hi
liingtzlue, where a large qntnlltyof
pOwdr Ws stored, caused the tit -inot
pprehnsioii and there was gr-at
xritemeiit, especially when it waa r
ported that an ordet ha 1 I en given
f r the people to f .. for ttieir lie-
w mn p.rtialiy dad, with bnbet
wrapped m blankalt and hii irrn ciing
i g to their pnrentt In tbe ntm st ttr
r r !l d to It .! an t B tnr-t. but
in- i-ti ,rt' of lot Ire men and the forlu
nste dim tl in ol tha wi-.d aV'te l I --
ildy on of tho direst calamities of the
S illor and marine from the ltlak
lid Other wir:uiai In irt fongbl
iirav .iv until midnight Thy removed
silt' powder an 1 nlls thy could
'r n th- ntagaglne to the pond nearbv
Hundred of gatling, botchkisi and
anrdenSeld gone were deetroyed, '
I, W0 maga clue rlfUa, B,000 iwordi BOO
baj M ! ari l hnnlred ot ca.ei if
shrapnel tbOlla Th massiv ttOOO
wa'ls of tba armory did not stn 1 ti
lerrlbla btt and they fell emldet tna
ruin of cannon, .hot and shell. Th
loM will be 0V r 6100 00 '.
Thirsty 8 u'h ( a i !la an Can N w O.t
Na 1. 14 irr at All.
"ii iiti L, 8 C , M y -nth C.r
ollna i nndei ; rol I Mtion i h supreme
court t dav dec-b d Itie Klori uce. S
( '.. rsa, and therebv ettles th - qilss
Uon that has uetjn T 'Xi ag the tate.
In ita doelalon, 'he COUrt sir that
under th law as it now atamls. th T
It no aotborlty In th state Invented
witli to powr to grant lican for
the aala of llqnor iu Booth Carolina,
nnd that ben CO the a-t of the city
OOUUOll In greeting such licenses Is
Thr. Tatsons Woueded near a Ta'.acs
In R in.
A bomb exploded at x o'clock last
evening to front of Prince OJelteato-
hl'l Jialac in Bofflt Three persons
were WOSOded,
... a -
Earverat more Oarmati wanblpi trlUba
sent ta Samoa.
The majority of tba twenty -out riders
on trial at Heme were coiivicieil.
Qerman steamship oompanlat have cut
steerage rate from Italian ports to New
York lo f MX
The famous Qblteh DUItUm, at Cairo, is
to be replaced with a government build
ing to cost f 7'J5,(KKJ.
Amtricans took a prominent part in the
high honors paid to the memory of .K an
ol Arc at Urleans yesterday.
In a renewal of the battles at Lacetane,
Philippine Islands, several BpMfatrdl and
ten hostile natives were killed.
Don Carlos has informed the Pope (hat
be Won't rollnonioh hit claims to Spain's
throne, and he is ttrongly supported by
Bpanhui priests.
The Henry Clay Republican lcngne
whicn was originated In Potttvillt is
growing. Itranches have been formed in
several towns.
Thomas J. Ol borne, of Jleilia, has been
recommended to the teoretery of the
treasury for appointment as a special aip-nt
i f the treasury.
Politicians in the northern tier! were con
siderably surprised nt. the turning down of
Representative William B, Burdick, of
MoKean county. He wai defeated ih the
Republican pritnartet last weak,
'1 he withdrawal f Mtijor J, I!. Morris
of Greene bounty, simpliDet the Republi
can oongreeslonal litu in the Twenty
fourth district. It i conceded that Editor
Brneat F. Acheeon, of Washington, will
Win the nomination.
A Republican revolt, has begun in Alleg
heny county. Q Ii. Krtat and William
McKlroy are candidates for the legislature
against Representatives M. Ii. Lemon and
rch Muckrell, of the Third district. The
latter are tho machine tut-n.
Scteraa Tint Will Arouse EfltBltf of Ita
Louisiana Senators.
Democrats Who Do Not Wish to Tax
the Poor Man's Breakfast Tabic
Will Be Given a Nut to Crack -Sixth
Installment of Senator Quay's
Speech Delivered Appropriation
V7 LI H1KOTON, May 8
n CONDITION almost unpreoedeot
A d In the history of the senate ia
" found today in the Bnanoa t-
Uu mittoe of that body. Owing to
t lealh of Mr. Vance, the political
oornplexioo of that oommittee is
equally divided, and It would laim
poaaibfa to make a report npon any
poli'icsl question snch ,-s ti e t irilf bill
l- undoubtedly conaldamd to b. Under
the Clrcuiust mrs, thref.ire, the
amondmenla to the tariff bill reported
yeiterday by Mr. Jonet trill :i"t be re
ferred to the oommittee on Bnanoa.
N iw that tin-! amendmentt have 1 1 n
r. portd ami tii Dtmocratt belitve
they bave united their party, what the
order of procedure will be become an
interesting query
It is an Open secret that the Repnb
lican will vote as a unit to pit lUgat
on tba free list, ml in to voting they
hop tO hv tne satiatAUOt of a in. nf
th- ltllocrat who have dtJOlaNd llielr
Opposition to taxing "tin- pOOl Hill
breakfast tali. Should this t done,
t i- said that th Lsonls an tenators
will absolutely Vole agalOtt tile tall
I lieu. too. If th- snat UUd lions
agre to tne propotitioo now advanood
in th s.ispe of a ridei to the legisla
tive bill, r--ialing In bounty on tngar,
t!,.. lltuatloa will b male 00 v t
mure conip.icat-1 Sams li-moerata
claim tier liave .nfii int rote, to carry
the bill through without the aid of the
votes from Lonttiane. an! a a nil
I I i.i mil Were ungnin tin moru
mg nf ipee ly r.-suiis,
ranm talk in rat s'
Tli delnte nn the larilf bill was
taken np In the .-iate early and con-
ilnned throng noul tn dv s.uior i
Aliu' reeolotten as to the police a I
aanlt titam CoSOf and Ms two Ijutants
baving r 'ti" over with ut dtaowtaion or
a. -lion ti.l tomorrow N-nat ir Hoar '
poke for two an t a half le.ura It op '
poaitlon lo bonsriS bill, and Mr Quay
delivered Iboaiitti iustilimnt ni in'
p-ech against it. Mr H 'i'a prh
was Up largely of InVOOtlVOI
agsln.l tat chairmati of the MM It
hnance r anniitU and against "th-
thr- dostort who ha I prepared In
tettetta t ill senator Milk, Vaal u i
He told an aneedota of Blr
Bnotl Who one, travailing near the i
f tmona battlene) I of t"i l required
Ih servo-es f a Musician, an,'. i-,o(
lux-l In bin n Bootok tiiurssmitn of i
hi n laintanc. ltns oi l I, oris .1 s
tog told klm nst h treated his pi
'ienti with two ipolflce,lttdannm and
calomel, and that altbOUgh "whilal
th-y died, and Whlk) not. it WOO d bt a
long tint before thsy ma la ui fof
1 'I I ' -n." Making an tpplloUtlOU Of
the aueodote, Mr Hoar laid that "the
ihree dootora" of the flaanoa oommit
tee bad atao two tptciflat free trad
n -id ad vlortu and liiat although
'whilst'' American Industrie would
Alt nn Isr thi regime, and "win it"
not. It WOUld be lot . tlm rwf.iro they
would tuak- up foi ' p naettox
Mr II 'ar auo lo-ld np to ridinni t' e
poaition of the leoatot from Tenneaeet
i N r. lUrrin. wno nul g-d bi ni let
lion foi Tenneaaee msrhi. a duty of 10
Centt pir ruble foot in th rmub ami
7a ceiiti per onblc fool when and
dreaaad, an i vt favored "a tamf foi
revenue only. Ait-rotiir debate the
senate adj lUmed.
v. nitK in Ttir noont
The bill to pnrohaaa a site for the
gi veiniuetit pi luting Vlvi -e was reenn-
mltted lo th tommltua on pubtie
botldlngt and gronndi today with ln-
structi ns to r port a bill provi bag fi r
the erection ol' a printing llice on
ground already in the pOOtaatlon of th
(Jutted Statoa, Thit win agreed toby
a vole of 1 10 to '' after a long dttCUt
ion of the policy which it forcshad
ovn I, or ereotlng buildings upon the
public retervatlona of the oty.
The naval appropriation (nil forth
year en ling June II I, 1803, wa taken
up in committee ot the wholo and made
the unflnlthed butinrM n tbaoaleu
dir. As reported the bill carrl-s a
total approptlatlon 01 B3-1 S K),9M .'r, on
eatimateabv the navy departmini of
37,03i,370 7Q, The appropriation! for
tli current year amounted to 133,104,
Ml 89 At "i 10 tne bottaa adjonrued
until tomorrow.
Two Pottinkeentle Cad .tl Fir Ujnn
Purglar and Wound Him.
PofditKKui'si;! May 8. Charlat K.
Davidson, a (ei man tailor, broke into
River View Military aotdemy early this
morning and went tbrOOgh the cadets'
Two cadet, Hugh BullOOK and Har
old It. Lwis,ou of prominent el tiitni
of Atlanta, (ia , Waited for the marau
der with loaded revolvers and as he was
c imiii down stairs fired four shots ut
Two of the bullet entered hi body,
but bo taoaped from the building. He
was arrested two hours later at the
Central Hudson station uui uow live
at polloe headqusrtera
John Mosor ROU to 815,000.000 Dls at
Ih Almhouae.
llAZt.r.Tos, Hay & John Moser, nn
insane m ui of (il years old, one of tbt
heirs to Vust Moser i stales which oat i -mated
to bo worth 118,000,000 died in
tiie county nlmeboneo at Lanrytown
today. What lit tin money John had
be spent trying to establish Ilia claim.
A few years ngo he btOaxnt so jiour
thut be was obliged to pick slate iu the
breaker here to earn a livelihood. Ill preyed upon bis mind and
three mouths ngo lie was pronounced
insane and scut to tbe county alms
Arrival of tha Naval Board at Home
etend, Hrnrtv for laveattgatloa,
Pittsburg, May 8, Captain Samp
eon, Lieutenant Aokermau and Pro
fessor Alger, the board appoiutod to
investigate too charg-s of armor plate
frauds at tbt Carnegie works, are now
at Qomettead.Tbt teetiontof the board
will be ttotat
Captain Bampaon expecta tbe board
will remain In Pitttburg and Borne
ttead for a wek or ten day.
UKtar Stesmslilp Comimnt Will T'egln
flervic from Kentreal J ina 15
Ii, lil. IN, May 8. The Irish Tun- an
nooneea that tbe Blatet Btoamabip
oompany ta abont to commence direct
st. aiusnlp Conimnnioation between
Canada and Dublin.
The firat Iteamiblp in this tra3e will
ieuvii klontreal on June IS nxt. She
is the Tealin Bead, of 1,01 ton regis
Sberifl's Posse OhatO a Number of
Members ot Sander's Army Oft
the Missouri Pactic.
Pueblo, Hay 8. Genera J. 8. An
dare and bit army of commonwealen
wno ii tve i u encamped on tie ''va
cant lot" l.-r- f. r sevaral days, departed
tor Waablagton tonight in a niu'hlv
ia latlonal manner At 8.80 they aieied
as.vitcti engine aim backed down on
the empty c l ers Mending on a Mis
souri Pacific tide track and ttarted
ei st.
A warrant wi sw rn OUt for th
leader tonight and a potee of fifty
ni'-n a'ar' d for 1 -a -y. wh-r the I
tl in ii delayed by an iic'.irm nf the
Mi."nrl Pacific In dumping an engine
and freight oar off tha track it is la
lloved tnat tha oommonwoalera stop
ped thsir ttain between hra and
1 I n and tore np the trsc't to prevent
pursuit. A hand-ear hss been sent
iUiad of the poaee to prevent accident.
Attorney Welder fur the road, will
tomorrow bring applioatioo for an In
jnnetion in tbe United Statu oonria
at l)-oy-r an I l .ni plaot th road
within th" J irl diction of tii I'ntted
s:a:e. K ar ar bi-ing entertatnel
that w'l-ti th punt it retched tlny
there Wlii Is- 1 I . dahe- BS Sill 1-rs I, IS
la hi army .. ma of the ust dtr-
mtood me i In th tt.
Ts'-r.t 't th. l'..r 1 Isas'.r at .Irahllov
Nat Tal KiiW- Du lo Nr:igsnc.
LORPOH, Mar S -A dupitch to th
s an lai i from Brabllov, Ronmanta.
say: ' Toe diaaatei at th landing
t ige on Apni whan a larg number
of aoltday mkrt wr thrown Into
tbe water t ; tba giving war of th
pir. ws uu t-i the mott ctilpab'.e
negllgeuee on tbe part of theauttun
ttet t taring to the un trtaloty a to who
-r un tba landing. tbe aaxietv among
t .- .- i wboaa fritndt r. miming
has Inareaaad ten fold, C'tly twenty
tssii-s nav to far iai n recovered. Tub
known vu-iitu were lo'ar.y a. I wotn.-n
and ohll Iron '
Drontht to an End by th 1 Itnder'e Rt
turn tn Wash ngton.
LtOCIMOTOR, Kv.( Itaj 9 The short
but sharp caint.nigri Oonducttd by
Colonel Hieckmri Ige In hi own bebaif
tor r nomination by t Dam erata of
li.e s.ll itld .1. , , (-,, , .. ,,..
to an and lodaj by t it lepartora ui to
ooionel an VV . . . i 1 g t m
at mud no sp -cii today, bat t h-r
was a iara aaaembly of n mpp irters
at the raiiw.iy a;a'io tn bid htm gool
bye and with t.un inooeat In in tUorts
to relualu III lb-) house nl represuula
On Hundrd ami X alb Oa. hiring at
Philadelphia, May h -Tho ltoth
Convention of me 1 lotest.rr
church ta the ilm-iie of PtUUtylvtula
was opened tbil morning by hishop
Whitiuker who ndmlniatered the rite
Ol holy OOmmntoa to tbt asseuibled
delegates Ihree hundred clerical and
lay delegate were in attend ilea
The diocese n IW has M0 priestt and
liititeu deacons. Nun entireties Wert
dedicated during tn year nnd 1,834
peraeoi were ooonrmed,
Uneni flimd Rsport at Ano;hr TJpiii
Ing in ilia Argsnttns It- public
Lomo a Mav s -Tho Argentine con
nl general said today that ba had
learned from a trustworthy source that
a revolution had broken out in Htienos
Ayrot, tbt capital of the Argentine
InqnirlM at the Argentine legation,
the Barrings' banking ho iseand at tha
River Platte bank were fruition,
vi x Car Q.ish Up ia Sra- k.
The aliirui rung from bax 44 at 2 n'clcck
this momlng Waa caused by the burning
of a box car on Un. iiioonishurg road near
the sri iintoii ttn at crotttag, Tut car was
tending on a lldc track and caught tire in
an UncCOUUtabla manner. It was totally
.v .
"1'ncle" John llni.'ood M'lynard, need
90, a great null builuer Slid one Of the pio
neers of .'watn liesler, N. II.
Qeorge W, Crots, 6i years old. of uiiis
dale, N. J., one of tbe moat extensive. iiij-
tillers iu Burlington county.
Actreu Nellie Donald Lefflngwell, ngeii
tl in New Tork, heroine ot the dramas
'iilue tir.-is-," "A Bummer u.rr' and
"Tho Hand of Pate."
Wi.'.1I.ER FOftlCAST.
II 1 WABHtKOTOS, tday t Fnrrnitl
FcUEArt! f"r "''"'"'"'".'' '" Stutern
i reaatylennfu, iin,emiii fair,
L 1 daHtifl WedaaNfoy; iett uandt,
txeonttai; eariabln Fnr Harttsrt
Bmnavtwafo, oeneruUu nfr, nainier (a
hvi'IiiU'h jairliuM, curiudlc it iiui.
MS 1
The Great Popnlariiy of Cm
Ladies' Shirt Waists
: Proves that thej arc oorreol ia.
style and Qnality. Tiny com
prise Plain and Fancy Bilks, Lin
cm, Cheviots, Lawns, Percaies,eto
An- of the best, in Style and
V7 rkmanship, and include "'yic
Kin' Waist," in Futintleroy,
Plain White, Ginghams, I'.rcale,
The "Mother's Friend"
W aisi and out Bpecial BlouM
Waist at BOo., the gruatesl :or tiiu
510 ami 612 Lackawanna At?,
iie BiTii tvmk w&i m ai
Maltose Cross
Ol.aji A. 8CHIEREN ,t- ro'-t
And i uk 1 I.calliuf Ucl.ui,
II. -V Kingsbury
sqki c
S13 Sprues St.. Senitoi Pi
Lewis, Rellly k Mm
a dr v :
In RutBset Shoos,
114 Wyoming Avo.
We Examine Eyes
Free of charge. If :i lortor
is needed yott arts promptly!
told bo. We also guarantee
;i perfect lit.
All SILV RWARE and Dam. gcd Groda
at Arcade Fire will be told at
50 Per Cent. Be lew Coat.
The Jeweler,
408 Spruca Street.
s ' l
yu if f i f
lark X-;