The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, May 08, 1894, Page 8, Image 8

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Ato among t!io prsttrlt Attrac
tions Rt our establishment
Anions tlie more pfOUitWDt
fetuiVi nro
All-Wool French
The designs ar exceedingly t
tractive and wore printed ts
liccially for thil season's trad ,
Tailor-made Costumas
The very MWtst styles anil every
pnimble Utttrial, Worsted Storm
Serifn nnd Covert Cloth in oboios mix
tures btTfl perhaps tb( first hoi 1 on
popular favor.
A Superb Display of Spring
and Summer
Comprising magnificent linen of lat
ported an.l Domes tid Goods in the
vorv I Mt shapes. trtlStloalljT trimmed
ml tiniihud In the uig!ist ityle of the
Trimmed and Untrimmed
Eats and Eonnets
fat Leghorns, Laces. Fu Of Straw, iV.'.
Daseribes ami oontatnl the leading
f iabioim, latest lrees material, it r .
anecilotf", bntnoroni flltutrstions, vni
nabls infortnation, tle?atlng and pitas
lag reading for the home. GIVEN
AWAY to those who call for it at onr
OtrPrlAnl r Sit WS NOTIS.
A li vely ftornugh i'icured bv an En-tar'alnlna-
Cr rrpjndnt
. -iu tn the Aciviafos Trl'maa,
Oltfravt, Pa., May 7 -MlaaAnnU
Carrol, o( Oarboadals,ls rial ting friends
in 'own.
B B simr-'r and family moved to
S'ron dtbarg Batnrday wbtrt h will
link1 it his fti'nre home.
Michael Ifesslt, of Blaghaalon, is
home on n vacation.
I H. flooser. and family, of Hy.le
Park, were ststtors In town yssterday,
Waltar Van Kirk, of llazletoo, u
visitintt in town
A HOW ilrug ator will b ripened nett
week in the building recmitly vscated
by th prstofllee by W. L. .Sculager, of
I), f. (iibbons, of the Wait Side.
Scrsntoii, was I caller in town yester
Mrs. I, Kelly, of Gren Bldft, wm
th glWlt Ol Mrs J. 1 1 Uuyls on Satur-
tlaV. pnplls of the Bt, Patrick's I'aro
chi n in-. demy re milking preparation
for commeneampnt exerciees Whlth
will tnkti place in dune.
0 B Carey's circtie will bain town
on Wednesday.
Miss Mama Fry, of Scranton, is vis
iting relstiv If in town.
Mr. and Mrs. U L B-rry and Miss
Eva Williams spent yesterday at Car -
P. J. Homo, of S'-ranton, was call
ing on friends in town yesterday.
Miss J-nnis Ferguson made a busi
ness trip to the citv yesterday.
Mrs. Kllen Murphy, Mrs Ko-an,
Mrs. M. W. Cntnmlngl and Miss Nellie
Faddao, of this place, attended the
funeral of James U'Malley at Scranton
Misa Magpie Dogging, of Baraoton,
spent Sunday with her mother on Up
per liiinmnre street.
The Ladles' Aid sor.iety of the Pres
byterian church will meat on Wtdnet
day afternoon at Miss Huttm Mathews'
on Hustpicbunim street.
fltrsy Hits of Local Onaalp Rpirtad for
Hurried Rending
ftpecinl In the Srrunton Tribune.
Piukvillk. I'a., May 7 Mr. and
Mrs. Melvin Whiten, of Cnrbondale,
sp ut Suuday uitb friends in town
Airs. Cuarlei Broni h Vilitlng friends
lit dermyn.
Profesaor II. K. Iiarnes called on
friends at Hydo Park last Sunday.
W. W. Prandow, of Scranton, was
ailing on friends here in town yester
day. Mrs. Jacob Depew, who has been
very sick for the Iubc fuw days, is im
proving slowly.
Albert Frisbea movod into his new
house at Plain K yesterday.
Don't forget the bnnking social nntl
frsu autartBinment undwr the anspioes
of the Ladies' Aid society in the Meth
odist Episcopal church next Wednes
day evening. Ica cream and enke will
he served after the entertainment.
Pp'Oimm Cases.
B. U. Clifford, New QaMtL Wis., was
troubled with neuralgia and rheumatism,
his atotnaob was disordered, hisiiver was
affected to an alarming degiee, appetite
lell away, and he was terribly reduced in
llesh and strength. Three bottles of Eleo
tric Uitters cured him.
Edward Shephord, Ilarrisbnrg, 111., had
n running i-ore on his leg of eight years'
Handlog. Used three txiltles of Electric
Jlltters and siiVon boxes of Uncle leu's
Arnica Salve and lift leg is sound and
well. John Speaker, Catawba, o., had
live largo fever soree on his leg, doctors
said he was incurable. One bottle Electric
liitters and ono box Iiucklon's Arnica
Salve enred him entirely. Hold by Mat
thews itroa.
Hurried Views Caught Kera and There
With a Hep-irtur's Kodak.
frxriVi tn the fi-mnfoa IWOWM
JlRinfN, Pa., May 7. Barnabas
Carter, sr., who has boon suffering
from an attack of rheumatism, is once
mom sen upon the street.
Williim Hunter Post, Grand Army
Republic, and the Song of Veterans,
have issued invitations to the different
societies of tho borough, to take part
In tho Memorial Day parade.
Owing to the absouce of tho oper
ator, It. A. WlUtnan, the Postal tele
graph oflleu is closed for the present.
The council has taken a much needed
slop in deciding that a surveyor be
engaged to grade the side walks on
Second and Main itrocte and that the
property hollars must build their
p.ivouients to grade.
At tho locil teachers Institute held
at Arobbald lust Saturday, it Wai de
cided that the noxt institute bi held at
Mayfleld atiome titan next term date
to be iUp, by tho committee.
Friday night a l:trge number were
present at the business session of the
Epworth Itlgns, orta from the
various committees were beard mid
plaus made for future work. That the
league is in a 1! urishing condition is
shown by the constant addition to its
numbers and the good work they are
Profeaior 1 1. J. Ilockenberry, of Cir
bondala wns ia town on Saturday,
Mrs. Bnrton Downing and little
dangbtti are rlilttng nt the home of .
S. Davis.
Mr. Bert Warner, who hai been the
guest of bll psrents, has returned to Ins
home at Nicholson.
C. D, Yintr bus returned from Now
Presiding Elder Thorpe will be here
Wednesday evening and conduct ijnar
terly lonftrtnoi aft-r tha regular
prayer meeting at tho Methodist
Another victim hr.s been added to
those who have infferad from the death
trap if the railroad bridge of Beat
Mr and Mrs William Maynard, of
UorgantOWn, are visiting at the home
of his mothr.
Mrs. Shields, sr., is visiting at Cir
bon dale.
Preparations for a Hi me Missionary
lOOtal ara being made. 'I lie aocial will
take place at an early data,
Mrs. Carolina Uayoard, of South
llain street, Is qnito aariouW ill.
Mrs. Jenkins mid son, of Parsons, are
the guests of ilis Waltai Murrav
Miss Mary Jones, of North rOUrtb
street is visiting frn-tulsiu olyphant
.Misses Marv Bioberts and Bartna Utl
Will be tha delegat" s-nt to the Sun
day school convention uf the Ooogreg t
tional obnrObSS that will be hl I a'.
Proridanos May 18 and 18.
N'wa rf Or.a Dsy OtlUad and OarefaUl
EDi'rm a d
.';irfii In thr BCMMfea fWaSMa
AlOBBAUt, Pa., May 7. GafdS are
out announcing tha martiige of Al
bar! E Niobol, "f Main slrewt, to Miss
Xliiabath P. Phillips, ol Oarbondsls
Tho ceremony will Use plscfcSl Trin
ity ebnrob at s o'clock on tue sTonJng
of May 1(1
lUv iir Lucas was In Scranton tlr.s
Mr H-nry Mavars. of Bl nth M tin
street, cailxJ on friends in .N-raiitou to
Mr and Mrs. (ienr ie BsBBStantb, of
(ol t BnttOO, ara mourning the loss of
an infant. WOO died t'.is morning aft"r
S Short UlOeaSi 1 he funeral will tak
place tomorrow nftera 100,
i iistmaster 'K' utKe is improving
the appearance of th post ofliea
V si Ilia Buishiag tOMhOS are on tire
offlOS will Imi una of tha neatest In the
Tha teachers Institute in the graile 1
school building on Siturd.iv wss weil
attend d. A programma of articuiar
interest SO ttia instructors w is obSSrVSd
nml was well m .reflated '1 U debate
tiatween Profaasor Wblta, of this
place, and PfOfMSdf BaTard, of Jar
myn, aa tn the BSfitS Of OsBSrsls
(irant and MoCtollaa, did not take
place owing to tha in lis;ioiti n of
ProfsOSOT Harar !.
The forty hours devotion will begin
in St. Thomas' church on Sun lav next
at 111 !10 a. m. The evening sermons
during it continuum- will hspras sd
by some of tlie most b 'jilent priests in
the diocese.
A large delegation of base ball an
thminsts want to sea King Kellv, of
Allentown, today, and were disap
pointed because tnev were not downed
by Mart Bwtft's bra res.
i B Caray's circus will bo here on
Thursday. Tha tents will ba pitched
on the vscaiit lot at Movies' bridge
The Onr bondala Traction cotupsny i
not going to run tho risk of losing its
franchise in this borough. Under the
terms of thsordlnsnos by whiob it was
giv n the rigtit ol way ovar thes'reeia,
tlie track must be completed lsfore t'l"
middle of this month. At first it was
thonght that the company wonld not
reei lve the rails in time to hinsii tha
road within the required period, but
this will hardly OS the anse. Tne rails
are hern and have bean laid purl way
up the hill toward tha Pdakoty line. If
the work is pushed right on ths track
may be In opentlon within a week.
It has been suggested that a penny
collection be taken upon the schools
for tne purpose Of defraying the ex
piUSSS of decorating the soldiers'
g avesoi Memorial Dsy. It has boon
a practiR') in many of tlie schools of the
large cities, and only a few duys ago
Lieutenant .Isinos li. Stephens, P.
(ir ind Army of H -public, called the
nttentiou of Professor 1 Litis to the
matter. The school hpard is expected
to consider It at this evening meet
Misses Meckman, Unttls
Meyers, Annie Proof and Annie Hall
spent Sunday with friends in Scranton.
HOT, J. Q Rudolph was in Scranton
Orltlelslng a Toung Ldv.
"She would bo a pretty girl for but one
"What's that" asked Charley.
lieon;e Her face Is nlways covered with
purple and red blotches.
Charley -(Hi, that's easily enough dis
posed of. Used to be the same wav mv-
elf, but I caught on to the trouble one
day, and got rid of it in no tune,
(leorgu What was it?
( barley Simply blood eruptions. Took
a short course or r. r. r. l tell yon, it's
the lews blood corrector. The governor
had rheumatism so bad that you could
hear him holler clear across the country
every time lie moved. He tried it, and
yon know what an athletic old gent he is-
uow. is somebody would gi TS Jtiss uaisj
a pointer, she would tunuk them SftSff
ward. All the drug stores sell iL
WTien Ttaliy was lick, we pave her fn-itnr!,
Wlien slie was a Child, she cried fur Cast oris.
Vi'heii stio lnvame Mine, se clang to Castor!.
When alio had Cbildren, she garotbcui Castoi'ta,
All ths Nsws from a Llvaiv Borough
Brl'flv Heportsd.
Fjircial to 1'ie AntMafoa Tn'hane.
Tayi.ok, Ph., May 7. Weber's new
pnrk will be open on May 10.
The season ol lectures and entertain
ments has closed at the Price library,
but the rooms will be open every even
ing tho s'imo as usnal. Next Thurs
day night a spelling boa will be held.
Misses Edith Price, Annie Walsh
and Maria Thomas visited Peckville on
Benjamin Harris, of Moosie, was in
town today.
J. B. Winslow and W. S. Decker
wre fishing on Saturday.
lleiijiiiinu J, K 'obp, of the Fifth
wnrd, announced himself a candidate
for delegate to tho Republican county
James BL WStkinS and John D
Atherlon announce themselves ns
candidates for delei-ntes to the Third
legislative Republican convention.
The reception committer of the Price
library meet tonight to arrange for a
lavs outing to Mountain Lake on
Memorial Diy
Ihe teachers of the l'orge township
hel l a local Institute on Saturday,
Hattia Miller, of New Jersey, is visit
Ing her cousin, E litli Deckor.
Qai rge N inatosl is home from a visi t
to Mauch Chunk.
The railroad ball club of Scranton
defeated the hom team on Saturday by
a score of SI to 2d.
Gteorgs Winter burn is isrlonsly ill
with pnsnmonis.
1 he cantata Uonevia will be given
on ths 18th.
A brilliant entertninmsnt will ba
givn on Tnesdsjr, May 8,161M at Drnkss
hall, Old Forgo, Pa., by Lady Wash
ington lodge No '.". Amsrioan Protes
tant Ladles' sssooiatlon, Tbs follow
Ing programms has boon sslsotsdi
Selection Urake Town Orchestra
Bsdtation Oeorge Bafford
Solo Morgan li. Iloigan
Belectlon Mr. Johns ami Party
Lecltatton Willis Llewellyn
Dostl David Pickerall and Hiater
Si iKtton Minstrel Trouie
liii nation ltaclnd Steveus
Belectlon Mr. John Crocker and Lads
solo Margrstta Williams
Recitation Nellie i barton
Sdertion Inake Town Orchestra
sin Robert Thomas
Selection." Mr. Ji hnsand I'alty
I sb san Rook of Ages
Reoltatloa Lissis Harm
Kslection Mr. John Crocker and Party
RedUtloa .Mr Llasta Pbilttps
Selection Miii-tn-l Troops
'labaau BtStsnof l.'Uaiity
Ths Maws sf One bj i tha rioneer
City Carefully SVOoTJed.
fiftiitto the flmtaloa ?Weaae
CiUOIDAU, Pa.. May 7. At the
Baptlsl 1 sbernacl i Bnn lay sobool R n
D .1. Williams, of lilaksiy, preached an
Interesting sermon, 11" took for bis
ten Key 19, r,;s.
i in Wednesdsy evening of this weak
the Epworth League of the Metho !;
church will hold thair regular monthly
businoss masting. Instosd nf ths tag'
gular sntsrtainmsnt, as Is nsnslly sn
joysd,a social will bs gltron an I all who
KltOOfl are rsqUOStsd to bring lea I
pencil A pleasant tlmo is nutlet wttod
Miss Lena lil oa ts, of ll:rick Can
tar. is visiting friends tn this city.
1 bis nftorUOOU a slight tue took
plsce at ths residence of James Faulk
liar on Dundair street A SOSall por
tion of tha roof was t urned The ;.r"
doObtlsSS originate I from a spark from
a passing angina.
Edward Dimook, of Osmstory street,
this city, smploysd ss a brake man on
C sd no tor Uuurtrlgbt's Delssrars and
Hudson train, met wnh an acci lent on
Sunday afierno.ii at reen Ridge
which might have proved fatal. Ha
was stsn ling 00 S box csr while the
tram was cr OSing the slastHc road at
that pi ico and tha OYStbOOd WilS
caught bim nndsr tbs chin, throwing
bun to the grounfL He was brought
to hie home in tMacity, where bis in
j hi i s Wi re SttSUds 1 to.
Bsldofl Oathorools an I family, of
Scranton, I pool tha BabbStb iu this
Miss Mxtl Jadwin.of North ' BNk
str tbs guest of friends in Blooms
burg, R v. W 1 Illsir is In this city.
called by the OsrioM IllttSSS of bis
mother, Mi-. Is it illair, of Ears
Mrs Barry W. Harrison will enter
tain tha L 'lea' CI .ok ing club at tea
on rtday SVOttlUg Of this week at her
home on Canaan street
R Psttersoo, of Bornntou, span I
Sunday in tins city as the guest Of bis
parents on Onrflsld v.-ini
IN iHJ Ae 01) N D AVUCA.
Tha Lightnlra's II. v c -OmaralNawa
of In torts; to Ail.
Aiennle rSe Srrnn'nn TVlSnae.
A " . Mav 7 Mr John McQnSOO,
a mno-r In I'i old PoTgS mine, was
killed on Bat OT lay by a fall of coal,
nml Andrew Hssley w.'s SSTonlf in
juri'd TttO Bon were working f .ur
hsndtd two minors and two laborsrs,
but the two LabOTSrS escaped unhurt
Mr Met' i"i-n w is a much rsspscted
man, and n 7lll ta grieved U larn
of his death, ts is inrrired by a wife
anil four ohlidfi n, Tne funeral will
occur tiiis msrnine with a high nasi
t st. m.i. s oburoh, ntsrmont will
bt made in St. Mary's Catholic
cemetery. Mr. lUaley hut bis leg
broken in two places mi l his liip die -located
The storm which passl over this
town last evening was very severe an I
did considerable damage. Lightning
struck 111" house of Mrs. John Hous
ton oil School street It killed a dog
that w is tying on IhO porch an I
ent'Ted tlie bouse an I pass 1 1 ali
around the room breaking looking
glasses, pictures and tearing the plat
ter from tbs wall,
W. B. BolliStSt who purchased the
lioso honsj will remove it to his own
property on Maiu etrout and will divide
it in ofiic.'s.
The trustees or tho Presbyterian
church bell a meeting on Mouilsy and
decided to run their excursion to Moun
tain Park on or about July 23.
Barab, ths 12 year-old daughter of
Charles Koran, of Lampman street,
died of fright yesterday nlteruodn dur
ing the thunder storm Bbs bus been
trmilil d with Saint V it us dance for a
Beecham'a pills are foi
biliousness, bilious headache,
dyspepsia, heartburn, torpid
liver, dizziness, sick head
aclic, bad taste in the month,
coated tongue, loss of appe
tite, sallow skin, w hen caused
by constipation ; and consti
pation is the most frequent
cause of all of them.
Hook free; pills' 25c. At
drugstores,or write B.F.Allen
Co.,3'15 Canal St., New York.
short time. And that combined with
the severe lighting killed her. The
funeral will occur oi Wednesday
afternoon, intorment in Saint Mary's
Catholic cemetery.
Hugh Jennings, of this place, who is
playing short stop for IUltimoro, is do
ing groat work this season, and his
many frienda aro glad to bear of his
A great many p"ord from hero went
to Scranton to see King Kelly yester
day. Clair Ilollistor Is confined to his
home with a severe attack of mumps.
Rev. J. J. MsOabs is attending fortv
huure devotion in Duumoro this week.
Springtime Waifs of News from a De
lightful Raaort.
ttyertai to the flbrsafoa IWsnas.
CLAU'a Summit, Pa., 5Iay 7. Ow
ing to tho warm weather in March the
SOUSOU C nt least two weeks in advance.
The fruit blossoms which nave been
not in gre it numb rs ara fast falling
to the ground. The prospect for tn
abundance of fruit was never better.
Irass and winter grain look fine and
all natnre has put on h-r gayest attire
An unusually large number of early
cabbage have been ael which look line.
Ttio producing oapacity of tho soil in
Abington hss hoen nearly doubled in
tbs past twenty years owing to better
motbo Is of farming.
A severe thunder storm passed over
this plans yesterday and tho much
needed rain came down in torrents.
During the storm lightning StTUOk a
tree near Mr. Atlierton's residence and
shattered it badly
The new Masonic II ill will ba opened
with a bouquet tomorrow evsoing, ,l'
Our Sunday school nnra'ir nearly
one thousand in regular attendance
We ar making progress spiritually as
well as morally an 1 Bnenoially.
Tbe meeting in the church lat even
ing to organits an Epworth Leaf us
was largely attended, and we were well
pud by llstOUing to tlie touching an I
el qUSOl ad Iress delivered by Kv
Psrntns, of the Bingbsmton bar, who
in 1 1 tho nudtenoo spoil bound for over
an hour Ofli ra w -re elected and
ov.-r iiorty accepted msmbersbin
Edward Avers, of (ieneva, N V . a
forui.'r resident of KsWtOU, is visiting
Mr. K".rus
David smith has moved into Ids new
bOUSS and his UiO lumbSf on tue
ground for SUOtbsr. .
Ed. WlotSS h is a cdl ,r to dig and
will aooii erect a bOUSS on tlie A'.llertoa
The Heple cty In BpTiestlSM as Viawed
bv a I.lee K"P rtar.
A',n in iSe flfevvralsa 1'inv.
BoRBSOAU; i'a. Ma) 7 A severe
ram storm arc impouisd by lightning
and had swept i VeT tins section shortly
alter J p m Sunday afternoon. Itarns
owned ly Nelson Meiutyre at BsSSk
Pond wre etruc by lightning and
w.-re lot illy d. siroyel by tire Ths
Wool and rain did a gleal deal ol dam
age to buildings, sto.
I rank Ogden, an employe of the
D.iawereai.d Budaou Csihal ootnpauy,
die 1 suddenly at bis bOSM i0 Lwt
(reel suiulay SVSOiog ol apoplrxr, aged
14 yearn Mr Ogden had always sss
j ya.t good houlih nnttl within tits Inst
tow days, wbeu be oomplsinaJ of fail
Ing unwell, bnt still kopt at bis work
Sunday in imlng nflOl arising b- went
back lohed again. Wban in wife
went to Ball blm tor dinner she sOUld
n t aroose bun Bo WtBsluett WOOU
IdonS n ii 11 1 7 p in.. When l.e f.ataed
away Mr O.den is Survival b) a
wile and two chit Iron. Funeral will
ba announce I later.
"ThS) Light on the Point," which
las te..n pta Ing at the I per i H use.
wis pf QOOunOed dOOf leliy po.r.
A Small boy who had lieeu fad and
sl itbod by Isaac Msyuard, a boatman,
dining tbS psst winter, dttOTtsd bll
mployof Ibis afternoon, alleging cruel
treatment ns ths oanas, Mr. Mnvnard
tt . I to t it- f r.'i I..- p .session of I he
boy. but only since d d In gotling
s .reds of his ClOtbeO 1 M stl sir caused
tnnub sxsi toment
lei CIO A f MlNOOKA.
A I.lee Crrreap .rdoii's I)lly Dudr't of
lataeiet ag n
saeeSsf Is flte SVesMfea f.uaa
MlXOOKa, Pa., May 7 Joe M x, a
polish miner omnloyod tn tha No i
alt of tne I IfSOO WlSM 0 1 d MMBfMnf,
Snstalnod a SSVsrs lojury lodny by hav
ing a miner's needle i mi into histoot
M si M gts C tyl , "f By Is I'ark.
sisltsd Mist Bomb Kelly on Bundty,
P it Mangau, of Uilmora svnns,wns
committed to Ihecouni) jail Saturday
ulgbt in default of ball to await the
noil term of court. Tne charge
that of trep ssing. intent to kill and
using dofnmnl y language.
Tn- BlttSS Hssii Ball SlUb cliallenge
the I! lardsrs to a gams on May Id of
this month on tut Bios grounds, wn
h a iu irmtlly, manager.
A big row oeoaffed last nizht In
Polanderville at lireeuwood, b-tieeen
ths P lish r 1 1 Isnlt nf t:iat pltoe, who
made th mgnt hideous y the aid of
BVS kegs of t eer
Willi mi Qormally, of Oroonwood,
WM taken ill last night from the of
frcta ol nramni
There's no on
cr any BtSd Of
aring i luinST.
(fating TriiSMS.
wMeh lre mil) partial relief
ni l t. in vi r can., tint niton
hole i great lujury, in. In -ing
Inflame stlou, strangulaiiou
and death,
mn'ter .d how long slan ling,
or of what sire, la rrnmMlv
Sad permnnerKly oUTCd without tho kuife
mid wiiliout pain. Another
Triumph In Conservative Surgnry
Is the cure, of
TTTVnPH Ovarian, Fibrnld nnd other
A U iaViVO, sarletics, without tho perils
Of cutllnc otierntl ms.
Clsearcs or Ihe lower bowel, promptly cured
Wlliiotii pain or n.,rt In the Kline.
without psln o
In the Bladder, no matter how
llllue. Is Cl III hed. lailveri.eiL
Slid washed out. Ilius avoi.liin; cutting.
SsT'bi TfiTT'ftJl? '" urliiarv pes n-e ,
V I IVAtJ I UlUkahn r red without
cutting. Abnndsnl Keferences, and rainph
lets, on ntsive diacuses, sent si ule l, In plain en
velope, 1(1 eta. (stamps). wonip'S Dmi'EN
8AKV Mkuical ASSOi lanoN, BuBalo, N. Y.
Eureka Laundry Co.
Cor. Linden St. and Adams Ave.
cotter Boon iftQOstRa
All kinds of Laundry work guarantee,
in "II tn lil .le .a ha I
- mhw rsc--ii
I trlM. Inlrrrnsnnl. Iu.ea.1 l.s. t.., . .1
",..,,,, I-. ("i:r piw, in istrntari trvjni I
.esse viiuijim, nor mlfc,IC KOnit'fjy Will
pur-itivejiy cutt IVP Hkunm xir iRtr-utrn, Ml.j
..i 1
fttifS 't'j-A j.wnBlk&'i ', ft
lr. A. AT. C. IHlwoith
Bttnorton, i'a.
That Tired Feeling
All Run Down - Blood Poison
Hood's Sarsnpnrllla Permanently
Cured AH Trouhlos.
"('. L Hood & Co., Lowell, Ma.-a
" I have l.een taking Hood's Sarsaparilla for
level M more years as S spring; tonic. I as so
ran down "itli hard work and female weakness
that 1 Would go to bed thinking that I would
sol be sole to get op In tho morning. 1 have
sufli rcd severely with
My Bnck and Limbs.
I hare Just Inlshcd taking five bOtllSS and am
fpeling w ell. I do DOt have that tired feeling
and feel better In every way, I have an en-el-lent
appetite snd slstp weii at night i have
also (ilven It to my nineteen jeir-old sun with
an 'cets. Last (all lie cut his It III I w 1 1 It a
BOfTl tickle. It healed up tn ahimt two weeks,
bttt In I short time after he was
Selzocl With Chills,
and Ihe limli swelled to tstiss Its natural sirs.
He was not able to move and was obliged to
tsks Ms bed. The swellings and swrea went up
Into Ins body and I b STSd that bl.anl poison had
set In. Alter taking Rood's Btfltptllllt be
Improved steadily and was soon able to be
Shoot again. I have NSSSSSSSndsd Hood's
Sarsaparllla to scleral and shall always have
Ms if prSlSS l i It" Mas A bt C Dike
w. itrii. Btraorton, I'a.
Hood's PHIS e1 easily. y.-t promptly I .ll). on Uio liver and bowels. 28c.
A Victim of Ovor-Sensitive-nes3
Joins the Great Un
sean Majority.
Thee were tittinr a' a tabic (n one of eran
i s ro I-. i. ui t restaaraats the at ie r a .v,
arhlmes an .'I r -dinner oigtr.while th- eUer'a It
smS of yo-ing
I any m.irt "
a wecS ..r ten
I' Hi.
lbs lt man I
l!..w did It
a ilenf"
Barl the old
over airaln. At
v Boeeltivo, and
lis anlfai nfi
frtal BlHiold
saa tort
nag psaa a life
tt Me eleventh
Dr. PC. Grower
fa EiM fhiladelpliia Specialist,
I'osiu.iy (tsraateas ss -ur ail larsss f
.rttv.r mi run 1 1 1 mm ,
MaajataM tetaa! gets he ears hat all
is .- is faeaves teisiireil
th sveteva, rsjtnplete health and u..r r
s'ur.Hl an-l tee o.lj terms of Ir ntmetil are
N' i I'Rg, Vn TaY (r Qfaarss Is a
radoaU of the I'alvesett a IVnnsiIianla.
i ' in-, m. ii . t inrur
steel i ..p. PalladalBale, h was
llenienatnitfa' of I'I. ye.!.. 1 and Kurerr
ii ae facts i ih- foctar la passssaiaa
er the hirfh.sit rr ..I. titlals ae a phrslrlari i.f
the rank and should ci runfldenco to
ntSea Haa i k. M i v ' M. Dallr,
StiM.lai. li n tit. I.. I in.
I Oaaaaltstlea sad ssasnbMtiea
' tlr r.vst.-.
Third National
Bank of Scranton.
CAPITAL, - $200,000
SURPLUS, - $250,000
This l.nnk O ITerS In il.-p...ltrs eeery
larllllv nurraiili it l.y I li.-lr bnUn. es, btiil.
Hess ami 1 e. p., I It . .
Special atteattoa ieen to aasleeee aa
eonela iBteraet paMlaa Unie depoelis.
wn i mi i President
UKU, li i LIN, t Ice-President,
v. ILUAM H, l i i K, aatale
viiiiiaiii Cooaall, Qaorsre H, t'aiiin,
Alfred I. unci .liimea Arelibnld, Henry
lieloi. Jr., William X. Smith, Lutlsee
Icientific Eye Testing Free
By Dr. Shimberg,
The Specialist on the F.yo. Headaches r.nd
Nervotmnoss rellovet. Latest and Improved
Stylo of Eyo Ulassos and BpSShWlsS at tho
Lowest Prices. Host Artlllcial Kyes lusortod
for SO.
SOS SPRUCE ST., op. Old Post Office-
Everything for Everybody
400402 Lacka. Ave.
"Always the Cheapest"
Dry Goods, Ladies' and
Gents' Furnishing Goods,
Notions, Fancy Goods,
Infants' Wear, Cloaks,
Curtains, Boys' Clothing,
Boots and Shoes, etc.
New Millinery Department
MAY 4, 5 and 7
Japanese Rugs
Hand-woven Carpets and Rugs
30xG0 inches, $1.75
Sinyrna Rugs All Sizes
406 and 408 Lackawanna Ave.
With an Eye
To secure 111 oro patronage, in addition to
our already extensive trade, we have de
cided to inaugurate the following Gift
Distribution to all purchasers of -
dj J C Worth of Goods I A I)inn(,r
P B J or over.
fcfZfa Worth of Goods I gift of an Eleganl Amerioan
ayay v or over. Onys Finish Clock,
A c 1 : a fine fruil Bubjeci in Antique
bidcDOfiErd j 0ak and (ioia Erame-
Parlor Suit
This advertisement must be presented
in order to secure the above gifts. This
GIFT DISTRIBUTION hold good for cash or credit
sales. Goods delivered free everywhere.
9x12 feet, $15.00.
Coat Hooks
Towel Racks
Card Tables
Bras3 Tables
Music Racks
Umbrella Stands
Rogers' Groups
Curtain Poles
Picture Iiook3
Brass Tacks
Stair Button3
Bead Portieres
Eamboo Curtains
Step Chairs
Blacking Boxes
1 A Pastel in Ivory nml (iolil, Km
i piro Frami'; sometliing new.
; A heavy pair of Chenille Portierei
in all culorR.