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Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, In
every disease caused by torpid liver or im
pure blood. For Dyspepsia, Liver mid Bowel
tlerungoments, and kindred ailments, noth
ing npin ouches it as a remedy.
Mrs. Aciieua Vaw
BU, of Hamilton, Ind.,
writes: "My friends
said I would never bo
biiv hr-ttor. fnp T hod
ulceration of the bow-
5 eis. ny me una i nuu
.: taken h bottlo nnd a
v half of Dootor IMeree'g
'.' n..A.. U...11 i i.i
ery, the bleedlnir liad
almost stopped. My aiv
Ufc petite was (food, noth
- V- JWT fecmed to hurt me
' , ,,T I U .. I
...... 1 11 1 . 111! 'lull-
rnnnt n... , ...,l.,..f ..I
ApheluVailb. p,.v,,rBi ypar9 hRVo
passed and my euro le pi rmanent."
Are among tlio pra ent iittrnc
t limn at our . itublishiiitmt
Ainoiif? the more promintnt
stufTi are
All-Wool French
The ilosij;n nri tZONdloffly at
trnctire aud were printed es
pecially for tliii it-aeon's trade.
Tailor-made Costumes
The very DtWMl styles aud every
suitable material. Worsted Storm
Serge and Covert Cloths in choice mix
turcshavu perhaps tho first lioll on
popnlar favor.
A Superb Display of Spring
and Summer
Comprising migniticent linos of Im
ported and Domestic Qoodl in the
verv lest abapc. artistically trimmed
kud finished in the higlnst style of the
Trimmed and Untrimmed
Hats and Bonnets
In Leghorns, Laces, Fancy Strew, Av.
Oar Fashion Monthly,
D eribes and contains the leading
fashions, latt dress material, stories,
anecdotes, bum irons illiistratinii, val
uable information, elevating and pleat
ing reading for the borne. OIVLW
AWAY to those who call for it at oar
Kesri Wsife from Irving- CUM Waftad
Upon Spin.' BriiEea
ftvrial li rir srrantnn Trtbnn:
Honks I) a IX, May On Thnrsday.
M iv 17, at noon. Miss Smile E lull
will be marri't to Mr. Andrew IS.
Dntussore, of Mansfield, Pa. The cere
mony will take place at the home of
Miss Pall's mother on Halt street
While coming down stairs at his
home yesterday. W. F. Snydam stepped
on a spool and fell, spraining his ankle.
A horse owned by Henry Freund be
came frightened this noon tod ran
down Main street to Durlan I A Thomp
ton's, where it turned. It was bronght
to a atop by rnnnlng into an abutment
of the (Jratity railroad. No harm was
1. E Tibbetts, wife and daughter,
Miss Rena, left for Philadelphia this
afternoon, where they will make their
T. J. Ham has just completed paint
ing an artistic poster opposite the Del
aware and Hudson depot, nnuonucing
the Kirmess for week commencing
May I I.
Brief Notes of Naws for the Edification
of Saturday Readers.
Special to the ikrnnton Tritmna.
J turrit, Pa., May 4 J. D. Stocker
is in iew York on business connected
with tho electric railroad.
Mrs. Peter Simmers left yesterday
for her new home in Houghton, Mioli
Editor Kennedy, of Olyphaut, was a
Termyn visitor yestsr.lay.
The small boy is pleased with the
bills displayed by O. 8. Carey & Co..
nnd there it no doubt that a crowd
will greet the show npon their arrival
here May 11.
All the public school teachers from
here will attend the institute in Arch
bald today. Prof. E. D. Bovard will
take part in the programme.
The ttook in Wood Mancey't livery
stable was sold yesterday uftemoon by
Auctioneer .Stevens, of Clifford. The
prices realized were low.
Miss Nettie Griffiths, formerly of
this place, died Tuesday of consump
tion. The Interment was at Montrose.
Dyspepsia and Indigestion
In their worst forms are cured by the
nse of P. P. P. If you sre debilitated and
run down, or If you need a tonio to regain
lleshand lost Hppetite, strength ami vigor
take P. P. P., and you will be strong and
healthy, ior shattered constitutions aud
lost manhood P. P. P. (Prickly Ash. Poke
Iioot nnd Potassium) is the king of all
medicines. P. P. P. is the greatest blood
purifier in the world. For sale by all
New Nowspapar Comas to Town Per
itonei and Other Notes.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Arciihai.d, May 1. The funeral of
tho late Mrs. Jacob Warner, of Sonth
Main itreet took placo this afternoon.
At 2 o'clock the remains were tak -n to
the Evangelioal Lutheran chnrch
where the pastor, Rev, J. C. Rudolph
preaebed an impressive sermon from
the tut: John xvi, 22, ''Your hearts
are full of iiorrow, but I shall see you
again, and your joy nImII no oue take
away from you. " He referred in well
chosen terms to the ekcullent qualities
that graced the life of the deceased,
and lie spoke words of comfort to the
sorrowing relatives. The remains were
laid to rest in the Protestaut cemetery.
The pall benrers were George Lorenz,
Anthony Bnbst, Henry and George
Simon, Henry lllofsammer nnd Frank
Vernon. The Daughters of UebeKah
and the Ladies' Aid socioty of the Uer
mau chuioli attended the funeral and
lent beantifnl floral emblems. The
family and other relatives also sent
baantifnl llowers.
This afternoon Drs. Kelly and Vsn
Doren, of this plnce, and liurnett, of
Srrantnn. amputated the right arm of
Michael Dunn, which was wounded at
Petersburg, Va , twenty-five years ago
The doctors are confident that he will
recover health from the operation.
The first issue of the Arokbald Citi
zen appeared this nftemoon. It is a
four-page, twenty-eight-colnmn paper
tilled with matter of interest to the
people of this and the surrounding
Mr. Roth was one of a party that
went snake hunting on the Moosic
mountains last Sunday. They suc
ceeded in enpturing three large snakes,
one a monster rattler nearly six feet
long. This one Mr K itli will disp ute
of lo an institution in llarrisburg. The
snake is said to tie oue of the largest
ever seen in this vieiuity.
Little Locsls ' .l.y Compiled
Rspid Rsadtna
fllstetaJ ttthe Scranton Ttitntne.
Fount city, Pa., May 4 Pottmu
ter P. Cunningham, jr , spent last
evening with Harrick and Pleasant
Mount friends and report an enjoyable
Mls Ymnie Tucker, of C.irbondsle,
spant Itst evening in this place at the
guest of Miss L-n.i Reynolds and Miss
Louise Wi stfcate
The funeral of Dsvid Goodrich will
be held tomorrow morning ! 11 o'clock
at the Baptist church Bar, D P.
Lappens. offleUtiog, InttraMnt at
t ireen field.
Attorney L P. Wedeman wis legnliv
engaged in Curoondale today
The Hillside collieries will be Idle to
morrow. 1 be stone walks in front of the Ifetb
olist si, d PrMDjUriM churuhet are
progressing rapidly.
Lewis Bevtn is luving a nest picket
fenc- built in front of his property on
Hudson street. M. .1. Haley is having
built a substantial stone wall and tti
erwise improving his property I n Had
sou street. May the gxJ work tou
tlnns The Rockcliffe Water compsny in
tends extending their line on Delaware
su tin Ison streets to a distance f 191
yards. L H Msy, the superintendent
f the ruiupany, will receive Wdl for
the work nntil tcniornw. This work
will give employment to some of the
nn 'inployed in this place.
The company of singers that still
produce ".I'ptliB and His DMghtw" in
this ploce May A', are prsctinng faltb
fully three tunes wetk aud are in t .
ingrai il progftM uud-r the skillful
direction of Profess'T J. Lnther Mm
g 111
About 1.-0 t'"lsv as the team o
llstet A Dilph was standing in the
yard back of their store unhitched,
they took little liberty and ! shs I
up Main street at a fast rate of speed
I h"y sontiniied this speed until Mill
water, a distance of three miles from
here wss rea hd then Stl'lwater wa
left in the distane nnd they wre
rapidly nesring I'mondsle wnen
caught by a party. Luckily no injury
was dote to the boiMt and onlv a
Whipple tree of the wagon ws hr"k-vi
To ths People of Forest t'ity-I
sir to rail attention to the fact that
tiext Sunday. M ay il. the em. i oil ev tn
gelist, Mrs (irsce Weiser Davis, will
begin a series of special meetings, to
be held eyerv evening for seyeral weeks
in the Methodist oburch.
We hsve not asksd cither churches to
unite in this movement, BMMM ther
is no church large enough to 00 nn
raodnte two or three congregsti NM s:
one time ; yet since it is Very likely
that all Oennot attend the ssni" ovau
ing, at the ssine tlni" we d-slre to ex
tend every cordial invitati hi to the
pastors and people of the othr
churches to come to these meetings
We invite Heptiste, Presbyterians, Con
gregationaliste. Catholics and hpiso.
palians, and those of n church at all.
We want all to feel at horn" and we
trust onr town will lie greatly benefited
anil the cause cit religion .:vano i ny
reason of these revival efforts We ask
the prayers and symptthynf all pray
ing pSjople an I nrge von to come ami
bring yonr friends. Sinserelv,
J. I . li' (IAN.
Psslor Msthollst Chorott.
Cure for Hesdsche.
As s remedy for all forms of Headache
Electric Hitlers has proved to be the very
best. It e fleets a permanent cure and the
most dreaded habitual sick headaches
yield tn its influence. We urge all who are
allhrted to procure n lmltln and give this
remedy a fair trial. Incases of habitual
constipation Electric Hitters cures by giv
ing the needed tone to the lwels,aud few
cases lung resist, the use of this medicine.
Trv It once. Large bottles only Fifty ceuts
at Matthews Urns', drug store.
Intereitloat Paragrapha from a Locality
of Buds and blossoms
Special to the Scranttm Tritmne.
CutU'S GRMkN, Pa., May 4. Frank
Phillips will occupy tbe bouse recently
vacated by George W. Docker.
The fnueral of the late Mrs. Susan
Vosburg was attended by a large andi
ence in tho Methodist Episcopal
church, after which interment was
made in Clark's Green oemetery
Interment of An Infant child of
George Sisoo, of Providence, was also
made yesterday in Clark's Green oeme
tery. The annnal eleotion of trustees of the
Clark's Green Cemetery association
will take place in the election room in
rear of Frnoe & Parker's store at
Clark's Green on Monday evening, May
7. All plot owners ire voters.
Miss Fanny II, Sherman visited her
nncle, A. A. Davis, here on Thnrsday
Mrs. William II. Swallow and Mrs.
A. A Dsvis attended the reception
tendered by Mrs. D. K. Freeman by
her many friends of the Washburn
Street Presbyterian church, of West
Side, on Tuesday evening last at the
residence of Mr. William Frink,
Mrs. titlles Tinkbam is reported as
much worse.
Mrs. J. N. Bennett left yesterday for
Bound Brook where she will reside.
Walter Mathews and famiiy moved
into their Maple Croft residence on
Friday last for the season.
H. C. Perkins, of Binghamtou, will
speak in the Methodist Episcopal
chapel at Clark's Summit on Sunday
evening next in tho interest of the Lp-
worth League.
Breezy Goislp from One of Scranton's
Prospective Suburbs.
Special to the Scranton IVOSMSl
Or.YPllANT, Pa,, Mav 4. Attorney
William Lathrope, of Scranton, was in
town today on bnsinejs.
Miss Jennio Kennedy, of the West
Side, visitsd her sister, Mrs. A. W.
Bensooter, at Curtondale yesterday.
Frank Orchard, of Carboudnle, was a
caller in town last eveninir
Mos'pel services will be hold at the
Young Men's Christian Union rooms
notwithstanding the announcement
made last Sunday. The committeo have
arranged for meeting last Sunday, and
the meeting Sunday will be conducted
by M. J. Stone at 4 o'cloak, subject,
"The Word of God."
"Novada, or the Lost Mine" will he
produced fit Father Matliew Opera
house on Monday night.
Rev. .1. R Ellis will preach nt the
Blakely Bsptist church Sunday at 10.80
a m . on "The Memorial Fesst," and
at 7..I0 p. m , sul jeer, "'Mene, Mene 'IV
ktl Unharsin, or Lessons from Belshsz
zar's Banquet 1 lull."
A public debate will be held at the
Young Mon's Christian Colon hall to
morrow night (Saturday) Th ques
tion is, Resolved, "That newspapers
sre better educators than books," No
admission fee will ho charged After
the debate ice cream will bo served.
Mr. and Mrs M ,1 Burke, of Park
Place, were visitor in town today.
' Bellbllisr'l Feast" will lie per
formed on Tuesday evening by the
Welsh Baptist Chnreh choir of sixty
voices, accompanied by s full orches
tra. The following is tho cast of char
acters. Belshtmr, King of Babylon
.lames II. Williams
Nitocrls Miss XI A Evans
Daniel BbtMnr Price
I.S'lv of the Court MisM. A I'.vsns
Lord of the Court Joseph L liavis
Jew ish .Mslileus
.Mrs. .1. It. Urnwn, Mrs IV It. Hushes,
Mis .1. Jones, Mins Maggie 1 .at s.
Rananioh. High Priest... Thornas Brown
An gel Miss Annie Brown
Full Chorus of Jews, I haldlans aud Si I
Nsws of the Dey Erl-flir Chrnnlcltd
Our Live Importer
gSJSCfCi IC flsS .V-fiinfua IVsMlf, Pa., May 4 -Mr. and
Mrs, Frank L. Taylor returned home
laal night after vuitlug with friends
for a couple of weks at VS'uverly.
Lieutenant Jfttnef Gh Stevens' Post
MM will attend DiftM services In a
bo ly at the Baptist church on May 17.
Sermon will bo pretched by the pastor.
Key W J. I to it
p.iskley Oonaell MO, Tmlot vder
of 1 .1-1 Aiuerlcsn Michauici. re
ceived thirteen new propositions for
membership last Wedti' s lay evening
The employes of tn (irassy Island,
Delaware an I Un ison, will be pal 1 to
1 o 'lnai rrehansn the boy who wsi
o badly hurt at the QrtMf shaft Isst
Wclnesd iv. was taken to Lackawanna
hospital y iter ley
R. J. Taylor, who his been "pen ling
the put wk with frieri la at Hones
dale and vicinity, returned home yes
terday Mrs. Cnarlei Miller, of Park place
p nt yesterday wilh her parents, Mr
an I lift S. F. White.
II irpM lo Ue. I. 1 1 F , initialed
two can !l lates last night
Joseph ti and (isorge A Best sre
beautifying their homs on Main street
with a new soil of nslnt
All the Nwi t a Day Fp. ionised
Q klOb Feruael
Mi in' I" tKe .Vriian TWSmts.
OaOOVDAUi Pa.. Msy I Misi Not
lie OonnboU, Of Hones dale. Is visiting
friends In this city
Mrs K. .1 Italaley and little onlgbtOf
returned lust evening from a visit with
the forinrs mother in Frsoklyn,
Tbe CorboO dnlo teachers will go to
Arcbbaid Mmorrow fBnMirdnyj to st-
ten.l the Im Itllte being held at that
place l.y tile teachers of Jnimvu, May
field, Arrliluld and Scott
After a three weeka visit in Srranton,
Miss Merrltta Donovan retnr .ed to this
city this m irnlng
Mr ami Mrs. I'.. J Mi-Hale are
mourning tUe dea'h of their I - year- lid
baby. Leo, who died this morning at I
o'clock Funeral will be held Saturday
Toe first quarterly conference for
this year was held this evrniug in lb"
Methodist church. Kv W. Thorpe,
preii lmg elder, waa present.
-as--- ii
Joseph Nae'e Fatally Injared U.idar an
O. W. Lio mvttve
AWrnii It the Scranton Tribune.
CaUOsTDAU, Ft., May 4 An acci
dent happeue I 11.1 aftetnoun athint I
o'clock, Iti tbl OolWto and Western
company's yjrd at M n , ' 1 which
proved fattl. The victim was Joseph
Negle a res. dent of this city nnd em -ployed
as operator fur tho above eom
pauy at that place. H came out of
the office aud was crossing the trsr'i.
when no engine backed down upon
Mm, knocking him down. The whoils
passed over bis right leg near the hip
and over his right arm near the elbow.
Moth members were nearly severed
from his body.
Doctor Jenkins, of this city, was
taken on an engine to the scone of the
accident and attended Nugle'a Injuriot
Tbe Injured msn wss brought to the
hospital in this city, where he diod
shortly after 7 o'clock this eveuiug.
v1ien Pithy was slek, we gave her Cartnrle.
When she was a Child, she crii-d for ('listeria.
When she Isvame MIm, she clung to Cantoris,
When she had Children, she gavolheui Cantoris,
Beecham's pills arc foe
biliousness, bilious headache,
dyspepsia, heartburn, torpid
liver, dizziness, sick head
ache, bad taste in the mouth,
coated tongue, loss of appe
tite, sallow skin, when caused
by constipation; and consti
pation is the most frequent
cause of all of them.
15ook free; pills 25c. At
drustores.or write B.F.Allen
Co.,365 Canal St., New York.
Put T.i in Rgady Reading Matter by a
Bright Correspondent.
Fpeeial to the Scranton Trthun'.
MtNOtiKA, May 4 Martin Coyne, of
(Jilmore avenue, who is employed s a
driver in the Greenwood mines, got
his finger cut off, Thursday, while
sprigging oars.
The remnants of Thursday s sina.-ump
of Albert Smith's frnit wagon were
gathered up this morning nnd taken to
The much needed repairs on Main
street culvert has begun, which wrll
greatly add to the safety of vehicles
and their otcunants. The previous con
dition of that part of the road was a
menace to teamsters snouiu iuir
horsss become frightened by the street
Tho Big Six. under the management
of Tom Coyne, is a good club and is
awaiting the answer of the layior
The Old Blues Rise Ball clnb of
Corny Hollow have been re-organizsd
and are making preparation! for a game
with the Stars. William Gormaly is
Brief Paragraph Concerning Suiqua
henna County People.
Abccfol to tin ociwtfon IWonnc.
Hai.i.stkai, Pa., May 4 -The Pro
hibitionists of Siuipiehanua county will
meet In convention at the court house
in Montrose May 19, to nominate can
didates for the following offices: Con
gressman, prothonotary, jury commis
sinners, etc.
At a meeting of the Susquehanna
County Medical society held at Mont
rose. May 1 The following officers
were elected for the ensuing year
President, Dr G. M. Hillateud; Vice
preiident, Dr. A S. Ainey; secretary,
Dr lUlsey.
Miss Mande t'radall, of Susquehanna,
has Is'eu visiting friends in town.
Mias Sadie Harris, who has been
pending the past week here, has re
turned to her home in Biughamton.
Mrs. Lucy Wtlmot In visiting friends
in New HUford
as -
Prrsntnr.'i ptiaiaaei Internite.
Tits Tiiiiu nk will soon publish a care
fully Complied nnd i las-lll-sl list of the
hading wholesale, banking, manufaetiir
tug and proles. mi, a: interest of N-ranion
and vicinity. The edition will be bound
in bnb form, la-autif ully tllustrate.1 with
I le togravure views of our public bull I
lugs, buaitiisas bloeks, streets, etc., together
with portraits id leading ritir.ans. Ho
- work has ever given an equal rap
nnntnnVon of Bernntonn nwnji tedna.
trie. It win is- an tavolnablc otposftion
of our business res ilirree. t-s-i.l to
persons outsid (BO rilr, Copies of
this lianUni. work will ailfACf
new nimers and tn an nnequallel
dveriiaement of the rily. TTie rircn
lot ioO l-1 ii a plan that rat,n t fall of good
results to IkOaaf OOnOtf SOd a well as ih - nt v
at large. BnprocontoilTso of Ton Tuntnti
will call upon TnOOO ItM sun
are nrsiasn in this sdlltOO sud riplaiu
Its nature more fully.
Tbnoe dmlrtng vtewe of their reaideorea
in no-edition wid pieiss. 1 avn notice at
th . ftlre.
What Causes Pimples?
CV)gfftC of fJxf w.r- r MMtfcl ti tbMte
t- - , mU itb m hum or oil) luatli-r.
I ! 1 m! ( 11, tfl rntrf f tin- Mtitpla
la rx. a I'la. klirail. fVih, nr rontfmr.
Nzturr will i...t m UctUn of thr pnrr
In ttifitHiur loof , Wot,
Im1 11 i. t' I'll, 1 1 11, willtrc rr-lnrM,
lairr in or rtiMtt-r lortini, lrt aki or 1 oitxtl.
tlir lui; MM 1 mi l ami ihr .r i oiiir UMira
Tlif rr xrr ihmnM of ,hrm ptr in th far
lltMs any OLM r lnh i luli lo Uoua
1 1 tc f,;-J Ly iH ln l -t uir.
What Cures Pimples?
The otily rrlLvM 'rrinitlv ami cutt, hro
Is. I Jui lo . .1jt1lulnu1.1l hiiiuof, Is
It ronuins 1 mill .Msirtlnn f rt nn'lt i,
tha jrral gkli Mk, slm li nial ksi it M .li.lia
lltr I- us M it) Uiallrr as u lorviia at ItM
PMSMIM nt Itir .itrS.
ll atiiuiibtra Hi, .lntf rlamls mil Kits to
health? srthllv, rwliu-ra inrliiiiiiaii..n. .s.Uir
anil tirala ItrliiNsI ai l Mgkl Wtt niiliminil
IFslnrra Ihr akin to Its original 'irllr.
Tin, is ttu-sr. n t ol lis noiiih'rfnlsiH'orst.
Kof liad lonijilrSHitia, rnl, rnugb baiula anil
sbairksis nails, li . iliin ainl lalting hair, -alv
ai.'l nut i'"l . .1 , - 11 1 . 1 m ; v I il I .111. .lira
It la wonilrrfiil.
II Is MM mg, nnrlftlnt; ami lsntlfvlnc lo
A cfir hitlirrlo 111, Inn-amniig n inrtlira (or
thr skin aiul MHplU NWi
Mir gmM 11 ai. tlM MMMm4 salrs ol all
Otlirr skill Slut i iilii1rlloti svla.
holil tlin itlin t t'i- .irl.l.
IH'firu Inn i. tap 1 ma. (our, Silo I"?
inrtors, lloston.
Women full of piins ache
nn J wcakni'sscs ftnJ lomfort,
sln-ntli nnj nnrwcj itnllty in
Cut ii. urn I'laMor, the first anil only
pahl'ltllffn. nirM'-slri'nKlhcning
pii 1. r ulun all cKc fail.
City Music Store,
- 'l Ml Ml a. n l.t.i.'.
ii hi 11 iimvniERi
hi '.AMI II ,v II Mk
hi I Ll. a UAUUH
J 1 a larva stock of flrit-olasi
alt sum, hi iti 11 wnisii
mukic, 1:10, i;iu
Eureka Laundry Co.
Cor. Linden St. anc Adams Ava.
Couui House Uuuaiib.
All kinds of Laundry work guaranteo 1
tUa belt,
Mr. W. U. Hcffner
Alvira, Pa.
After Typhoid Fever
A Running Abscess Discharges
Pieces of Bone.
AIIHopoClven Up -But Hood's Bar
saparilla Civos Perfect Health.
"C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.:
" Hear Sirs : I hail la-en a luffsrcT for nearly
threo years ami had doctored during that time,
l ut without avail. I had given up all hopo ol
ever reentering my health. At tlmos I would
rather have died than lived, hut now I urn
thankful that I began taking Hood's Sarsap.v
rilla (or 1 am now as sound as a dollar. I was
Afflicted With Typhoid Fever,
andanahseess formed nil my right side above
the fourth rib. The ItrangS part about this was
the I iet that it did not open for sii mouths after
I: appeared, although It pained me continually.
Alter II broke it fsfamt a riiuiilng lore and 1
was compelled to wear a bandage all the time.
'I he do fori told DS that tlM only way It could
be SUM was to have an operation performed
and have the rlh taken out. elainJng Uiat I had
hoi.e disease, Inssriiui-li as four pleees of bone
had t.een ills' harmed (nun the sore. Before sjlv
Ing myell up lo th" iloi-tors I dei'ldeil to give
Hood's Sarsaparilla a trial, although I had Imt
little faith thin It would do me any good, t
used It stili-tlt sccordlng t directions, and be
fore I had uvsi thres botUM I
B"i; .n to Fool a Choose,
sed hr tlie time 1 had SSCd the fourth fmttle the
s- re on ni l le had healed. It Is now neaily
Uiree iiuuths slii'-e the eruption closed and I
baVC DOt ttC least fear Of ll etrr bothvrlng me
sy ,ia ll.sst'a harsaistrllla Is rertalnlv a gem
among It' di Ims. 1 1 DM cured BSC and II will
cure ottWa." W. II. IlKrKNm. Alvira, Pa. .
HOOd't PHIS WW livrr Ills. i-.nisii, ,n..n,
Mlinin!iri. Jaundice, sick lirnlai'lic. Iinlljrstiiia
Dr. EX Grower
Ibe PbllidMpliU Specialist,
Ant M swui.-i .tail ,f TnclUh anl 'l
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Temple Court Building
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Third National
Bank of Scranton.
CAPITAL, - $200,000
SURPLUS, - $250,000
Tills 1 nil. oflVra to ilrpoaltori rvrrjr
larlllly uarraul. il l, tli.-tr Inilaiu'rs, boal
llraa an l,llty,
hpi rlal allrnllun Klvrn to bualnraa ae
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I.I l). II ( ATI, IN, Vlre-I'rralilrnt
wnii vi 11. I'txK, Caaklaa
'William Cannall, QaatM .
Alfrrd iiuu.i Jaiuea Arolilmld, Hrsry
llrlln, Jr., Wllllaiu T. kuiltli. Lutbir
Scientific Eye Testing Free
By Dr. Shimberg,
Tlin Spooiallst on tin Eye. Hondsches snd
Nervousness relieve!. Latest nnd Improved
Btylo of Eye Ulassus and Uieutaclus nt the
Lowest Prlcoa, Best Arttflolal Eyas Inserted
tor fj.
305 SPRUCE ST., op. Old Poet Offlca.
EverythingpoR Everybody
The Fair
4.00402 Lacka. Ave.
"Always the Cheapest''
Dry Goods, Ladies' and
Gents' Furnishing Goods,
Notions, Fancy Goods,
Infants' Wear, Cloaks,
Curtains, Boys' Clothing,
Boots and Shoes, etc.
New Millinery Department
MAY 4, 5 and 7
Hand-woven Carpets and Rugs
30x60 inches, $1.75.
Smyrna Rugs All Sizes
406 and 408 Lackawanna Ave.
With an Eye
To secure more patronage, in addition to
our already extensive trade, we have de
cided to inaugurate the following Gift
Distribution to all purchasers of
Worth of Goods
u j or over.
J? Worth of Goods
S I4V W Of OVer.
ai I
Parlor Suit
This advertisement must be presented
in order to secure the above gilts. This
GIFT DISTRIBUTION hold good for cash or credit
sales. Goods delivered free everywhere.
9x12 feet, $15.00.
Coat Hooks
Towel Racks
Card Tables
Brass Tables
Music Racks
Umbrella Stand3
Rogers' Groups
Curtain Poles
Picture Hooks
Brass Tacks
Stair Buttons
Bead Portieres
Eamboo Curtains
Step Chairs
Blacking Boxes
A (iift of a 100 piece Pinner Sot.
a of nn Elegant American
Onyx Finish Clock.
', A line fruit subject in J.ntiiUO
i and IVame-
1 A Pastel iu Ivory and Cold. Env
I pire Frame; sometLiii"; new.
1 A henvy pair of Chenille Portieres
I in all colors.