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All Things Musical
134 Vvyoming Ave.
AM. I'ltIf:E
See tho Shaw Piano from
the World's Fair in our
And ahvavs have
Good Bread.
The Weston Mill Co,
THE r.wvr. rorin ',n
Punch Cigars
G.( B. & Co,
lOrBHeiM rn Frh Cuar
Carney, Brown & Co. MIT's.
I. 1 II. 'I I -IJ VI
SIM ( I IT.ItfT.
.iohn Ktihlbach anil JoMpfe N. Welch,
of Ilotiein!e, arc in the city.
.lodge Albrijhr, of Lehigh rounty, will
hold court in tl in city in xt WeOJL
William O'Malley, a Wfllhea Dam OOO
tractor, was in the en y yesterday on baa;
MM. Profeeeor J. ('. Lange, who has been in
Philadelphia for a few days, ii expected
home today.
Mr. noil Mm. T. C. Hoover and family
have returned from Lake Helen, Kla.,
Whan 'hey spout the wiuter.
(iencrnl Manager Archer, of the Scran
ton Trio" 101, rornpitnv, i expected to re
turn tho Bret of iii.xt week.
Attorney M. B. ("Irr.atend of Herrlshtire,
Wns hi the citvyctiTi'av. lie taotia of the
IilirK litrhta .1 the elate capital.
B. I). I'ettit, of New York, in vliittnif re
laiive on the Vet SiiIii prior to hi do.
partnre for Yorinouth, Nova S:otia.
Profoesor B. K. Southwortb haa Iseuod
in citations for a reorpUon Which will bi
Bivon to a limited number of hi friend
nnd former Mud. tits at hi new . in
Powell's building on Monday evening.
Appointed b7 Mayor Conaall and Con
firm id by Council.
Brief sketf nea of the threw polirptnan
appointed by Mayor Connell an 1 con
firmed by select council Thursday niht
lira given below. They will assume
their new duties the l itter part of tbe
Week in the central city.
Reese O. Jones is from tb Firat
ward, Second district, lie la HOyenrs
of aire, la 5 feat 0 inches in li.ight
and welphs 1C7 pniinda lie ha boar)
employed as a timber man In the mines
of tha Delaware and Hudson company.
Joseph A. Mears, W. T. Smith and Dr.
W. A. Paine wero umong those who
urged hi appointment
Samuel K bloat is from the Thir
teenth ward, atanda 5 feat 11 inches
l.ixli. weighs S10 pounds and ia :!i yur
old. He is a member of Company U
and haa rmi led in the above ward oight
years. William Connell, U. K Chit
tendon, Captain James Moir, F. H.
Wood. Colonl K. H. Hippie, Claude
B. Pratt, and other prominent men
urged tho appointment.
Charles A. Perry lives In tha First
ward at m West Parker street, and la
judge of eloction in the Third district,
wh re he has resided for ten years. Ha
is 114 yaara old, weighs 100 pounda aud
is C feat 9 inches tali. lie was recom
mended by Finley R0s George H.
Shlves, Uaorgo Griffin, J. A Atliarton,
Andrew Smith and other residents of
the First ward.
The Vale of Mlnneknhta
Is the title of a beautifully illustrated
booklet recently issued. descriptive of tho
Hot Springs, Booth Dakota aud the efll
cacy of their water for tho cure of rheu
matism, neuralgia nnd kindred nlseaaes.
Copy of this pamphlet will be mailed free
by W. A. Thrall, general pnssengor agent
I IhlCMTO and Northwestern railway, Chi
cago, Id., upon receipt of request, encloH
ug ' 1 'ii stamp. e
Muslo Boxes Exclusively.
Best made. Play nny desired number of
times. Onutsohi & Sons., manufacturers,
1080 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Won
derful orchestrial organs, only gfi and $10.
Specialty I Old music boxes carefully re
paired and improved with new tunes.
Stenographers Furnished.
We aro prepared to fnrnish business men
with first-class stenographers by tha day
or hour. Kxpert, bookkeeping a epeoialty.
bcrauton Commercial Association, Lim
ited, 425 Spruce street.
e .
I A Foe to Dyspepsia
t 0
Lot for a Parsonage Purchased by Washburn
Street Presbyterian Congregation.
Held at Mears" Hall Last Night and
Proved a Very Enjoyable Affair.
Members of the Club Remains of
Thomas L Williams Taken to Tom
qua for Interment Other Items of
News in Short Paragraphs.
The Watt Side office of the Kpuanton
lBDtWl l located at 1040 Jackson street,
where subscriptions, advertisements nnd
communications will ruceivo prompt at
tention. A lot owned by William H. Freeman,
situated on Washburn street has been
purchased by the congregation of the
Washburn Street PreHOyterian church
to be used us a site for the parsonage.
The old church building will be offered
for sule at auction on Tuesday and be
sold to the highest bidder. It was
erected in the sprinir of 186L Some
time Bgo the building was badly
ortoktd through a mine cave-in, and
was condemned. Members do not re
main within its walls without, more or
less timidity.
The new structure will be a beanty.
More modern hamtiwork will be dis
played, and it will contain all the im
provements in cliureli building. The
erection will start just as soou as the
old building ia removed from the lot.
Tenth Annual Ball.
Gayety and splendor pre vailed last
evening at the tenth annual ball giveu
iu Mears' hall by the West Side Liter
ary and Social club. The, room was
tastefully drape 1 with bunting, while
II igs adorned the wall. At U.ltO
o'clock the granJ tasrcii was begun,
and ibortl afterward the room wai
thronged with a crowd of merry danc
ers. Frank McLnin was prompter.
The personnel of tha club is a follows:
P P, Qrlfflo, P J. McAndrews, Jatii"s
Bgan. atorrli Bmbery, James liurnett.
Frank Oooper, John Hatf!ieyi H )
Jennings, John Durkin, (ieorge Limey,
Willi tin liurrell, 1' rank (irady, James
o.Mslley and Joseph DonntUy,
Taknn lo TamiKj la.
The many friends of Thomas L Wil
liauis, of Butte "i ; y. whose remain
arrived in the city on Thursday uiurrt
nig, congregated at the home of the
deceased's mother, Mrs. Mary Wil
liam, of I.I i Aeademy street, at an
early hour yesterday moruing. when
the lutieral occurred. Brief services
were conducted by Kev D,vi l Jones,
pastor of the First Welsh t'ongrege
lional church, after whicn I'mlertaker
Will Price conveyed the remains, fol
lowed by a large concourse of frien Is,
to the ( etitral Htilroad of New Jereer
depot, where the - 0 train was taken
for Tamaiitia, where interment was
made. The p11 bearers were Measr
John K)ger. John H. Bey 09 kU, I'ryco
Thomas and Liu lee Deokaf.
Mr and Mrs Wil ltro Axon ftiirptteed
A plea. ant snrj r:e party was tendered
Mr. and Mrs. Win Axon at their home
Thursday evening. 1 here was music,
recitations and gaasai until a aaaaon
able hotir. Tloee preeent were Mr
hu I lira, J C. Moyer. Mr. anj Mr". A
J liile, Mr. Ciara lisker. Mlaa Aernes
(intuitu, (iussie Morgan, (trace Qood
neb, Miriam Owens, Bathe Parry,
Annie Bavis. Martha and Llfflta Fink.
( ese Hawkins, ( Jcrii" Wataoo, Caaala
Tlmmss. Mtiiaie Jotiee, Bertha Wi -liam
.'iwennie and M.irtha inftiihs. of
Portal ''itv; Uaotga Trimby, I) W
Phillips, Alf Huberts, J. W end Bert
(iritmaii, Jacob Bistj.r, J Stewart
Hardy, Jam L wis, rtiornfould (in'
tiths, and Tommy Jenkins of K-ys r
Brief I'eme of Nri
Miss Fannie Madden, of Plymouth,
is the guest or Her brother. William
Madden, of South Hyde Park avenue.
Those who Intend to witness ths
grand oratorio, "Judas Marcabaen , "
to be held in Wilk-s Barre on May 11,
will please leave their names and bow
many in party at either Stslle ,V See.
ley 's music store or J. J, navies' drug
store, on Ninth Main avenue, so that
arrangements can bo mads for a spe
cial train at tho elm 'of the perform
On Saturday we will Bice a book to
every customer bnying goods to the
amount ol ! 00. IfCAU d BaOEB
Mies Mand Burnett, of Shamukiu, ia
tSe guest of friends on thi side.
Mis. W Chatnberlin and daughter,
lira, Bam oe Able, of (Boson, Soaqoa-
hannn county, are visitini: at the home
of llsrid J. F.rans, of South Main ave
nue Tho members of the Welsh Calvlnle.
tic Metboditl church will run an ex
cursion to Lake Ariel on June 'i
Miss Sarah Morris, of North Hebecca
aveune,lirst soprano so.oist of the Jack,
son Street Baptist church, has gone to
Mount Pocono to reside.
Jerome Wade, of Washburn street,
haa removed to the Baat Btda, wbere
ho will reside ia the future.
Batorday morning we will open a
new stock of China and faney silks;
also dress goods, novelties, foreign and
domestic. Mkaks dt Haobn.
Mrs. Henry Thomas, of Hampton
street, is confined to her home with
Miss Louise Wiemer, of Washington
avenue, and Misa Mamie Hamma. of
North Hyde Park tivetiue, will spend
the Sabbath with friends In Wilkes
liarro The child of Mr. and Mr. I) W.
Jones, of North Fillmore aveune, was
buried yesterday afternoon in the
n. . t . , . . .
ivasiiDorn nireet cemetery, tierrlces
wero conducted nt the home by Kev.
B. C. Iluglies, pastor of the Jackson
Street Biptist ennrch.
Hotel opening and elegant free lunch
at F. Warnke's hotel Monday after
noon and evening, US North Main
Mr. Eablemao, of Philadelphia, is
spending a few days with his brother,
B M. Kdileman. of Mnllien atreet.
Miss J. Karoher, of Adams avenne,
who has been seriously ill for aome
time, is slowly recovering.
Miss Jersie Lynott and Kveline
Bircner, of Pottsville, who have been
visiting friends on this aide for aome
time past, have returned home.
Attend the opening and free lunch at
Fred Warnke's Monday afternoon and
evening, 115 North Main avenne.
5-Bros. fibre Store Today.
12.1 pairs ladios' line shoes for 11,00; reg
ular price 11.50.
Don't Mies It.
Bboes at manufacturer's prices today,
Factory Shoe Store, 411 LacVn ave.
Thev Havs Gone Down
That Is prices at Guernsey Brothers,
The Annual Meeting' of the Dunmore
Cemetery Association.
The Cemetery association of Dnn
more held its annual meeting in the
trustees office on the grounds yester
day afternoon and concluded business
for tbe year ending May 1, 1893, elect
ed officers nnd considered improve
ments, etc., for the ensuing year.
Despite the inclement weather there
was a fair attendance und the interest
of the association was discussed in de
tail. The report of Heoretary Beyer
shows that the association is iu a flour
ishing condition. During tha past year
considerable expense in improvements
was entailed and the grounds are now
in a splendid condition. Notwithstand
ing these outlays tho aooretary and
troasnrer's report shows a balance of
$2,718 10 on hand May 1, 1803. During
the year tbe reoeipts amounted to
HO 17. (13 aud disbursements $1,398.01,
leaving a balance in the treasurer's
hands of $8,283 2L This balance In
cludes $500 of a reserve fund for tho
maintenance and improvemeut of the
The treasurer was also instrnoted to
reserve $500 for the same purpose dur
ing the following year. The assets at
the present time amount to $0,810 19
Auioni: the proposed improvements is
an ornamental fuuutain to be located
near the gate house, for the purchase
of which John B. Smith and Henry
Beyea were appoiuted a committee. The
grounds purchased from the Pennsyl
vania Coal company a few years ago
aud which extend aloug the (Myphant
road aro to be laid ont in burial lots at
an early dato.
The supply for the new fountain will
ba supplied from the Dunmore (iasaud
Water company mains.
The present officers of the associa
tion are John B. Smith, W. H. Storrs ,
Ambrose Mulley, Col, H. M. Boies,
Handolph Crippeu nnd Henry B -rea
Col, Boies and Mr. Orlppen were mere
ly elected to fill the vacancies caused
by tho decease of EL C. Fuller aud teo
Ambrose Mulley wa elected presi
dent for ths ensiling year and.Mr Beyea
as secretary and treasurer
A vote of thanks was also extended
to the officers by the trustees for the
faithful ami efficient labors they have
performed during the put Md former
years in tha interests of the associa
tion. Col. Boies and Mr. Crlppcn were
elected trustees for ttiree years
R Hres ' Shoe Store.
110 pair ladiee' fine band sewed ehoes,
button or lace, up or plain, for fj ,V' t,.,lny
Splendid Company That Will Produce It
al Academy of Music.
The succes achieved in other cities
by lieWolf Hopper and hie j dly crew
o( comedians and singers, in 'Panjan
drum, has been tnc theme of OOBfOI M
tlofl among i ur theater-goers since the
announcement was made that the
ItnUl comedian and bll cl-ver aesocl
at-s would appear at the Academy ol
Mnsic on next Tuesday evening
"Pat j tndrum " is daacrlbaa as a
spritfhuy, picture. p aid tuc.ful
at line opera It will be interpreted by
sucn Weil kiionu foolliirht favoritee as
Delia Fox, (irace Golden, Marion
Mtiger. Nellie li.iigla. 1. .me llilliarl,
Helen Bereefori, Samuel Heed. Ed
BOnd Stanley. Alfrd Klein, Louis
r-.irader. Harry Par.
due of the prominent features of
"Paajandrant" i a storm at ee. which
H sud lo ba the most realistic ever
eeii on the American stage Another
featura of the production will I the
apjearaiice of Mim I la i uller, tbe
noted serientlne and Ibulteiily dt.Cer.
lO a series of her wonderful dance cre'
atiuns. accompanied by brilliant rain
bow aid electric light tffeota. Mim
Ida is the si-ler and OBpil of La
Lola'' Fuller, and is the dancer wim
created such a furore In London. Pari
Berlit, Brussels aud otiier Fuiopean
e i.l n in h-r insrveloua dances
F r $J 00
LavHaa alayaat cloth up, Ueoad sine,ai
uii.ei given away, at tUe . Hriw.' today.
e 1
The Manufacture C mmlttae Holds a
The manufacturing c mmittee of the
board of trade teet last evening for the
purpose of considering several matters
that came before them in the natural
order of bnlnees
Letti L Boatmin, ol the Clay Limp
ick company. ss pre.ent and a.l
draai ad them in behalf of tbe organiz i
tion which he repre.ente The coiiipeny
Ima never manufactured the article,
but thinks it a good thing and woiil l
like to locate in cranton.
The committee is also considering
propositions from a silk mill company,
plush manufacturing company, an
onyx table company, banquet lamp
end other articles, and other ennceras,
all of which are anxious to locate Iti
BoraotOO on . i of the facilltUa
All this shows that tbe board of
trsde ia alert and active, and that
Scranton is still in the line of progrve
sion se
Some of Those Who Will Attead from
This Bed of tbe State
Arrangeri'.uts are being perfected for
the transportation of the delegation
tana thts end of the state that will at
tend the Hepublisan state convention
at llairisburg on May 21
The intention Is to have tha delega
tions from Bradford, Wyoming, Sus
qoananna, Pike, Wayne, Lackawanna
and Lnzerue meet at Wilkes Bsrre and
proceed together to the state capital.
T hose who have already Imeti selected
as delegates from this county are: Sec
ond district, Major Lverett Warren ;
alternate, Dr. A. J. Kolb. Third du
triot, P M Pranell, Dalton; alternate,
J. Willis Heeso, Taylor, Fourth (lis
triot, W J. Bobnbtnehl, Olypbaat;
alternate, Thomas Cosgrove, Archbald.
The dnlogatea and alternates of the
First district will beeb eted on May 15
Among those from this connty who
will go to Harrisbnrg to be present at
the convention are Lieuteuant-Uov-ernor
Waters, Judge It. W. Archbald,
County Chairman D, W. Powell, Hep
resentativel John It Farr nnd H. K,
Beck, Prothonotary C. L Pryor and
Attorney F. W. Plaitl
The Pastors' Union.
The .MaV meet 111'' of the IWnrV tinimi
of this city and vicinity will bo hold at
l onng aieu s v urisuan associatlou room.
Wvnminir avenue, on Aliuuhiv euuelee
next, at 10.30. Colonel H. M. Boles will
nililruD. file tneetillir ill, thannilnB .liwlaa
movement. The Moody meetluga will also
no coasiuereu,
All the Popular Authorc.
On Saturilav We will irive e himlr i,.
ery customer Duy lug goods to the amouut
of $1.00. Mbahh & Hiuitw
Dr. Gibbons,
of Now York city, will be in bis Scranton
office, 441 Wyoming avenue, every Mon
day from o iu the morutug until U iu the
Citizens of the Twentieth Favor Public Im
provements of Various Kinds.
Think, However, That They STiould
Not Attempt Too Much at Once
Veterans Will Decorate the Graves
on Memorial Day Changes of the
Schedule on the Street Car Line
Other Items of News.
Tbe calling together of tha citizens
of the Twentieth ward to aonnd them
on the newer question panned ont well
enough to aee that the projeot met with
favor from them. They are even will
ing to go further and uudurtake tbe
bottermeut of their avenues und streets.
But, while nono of them are objecting
to the resolution introdueed by Select
Councilman Connell at Thursday
uight's meeting with reforencu to tha
paving, guttering and llaggiugof I'm
ton avenue from Brook to Brock streets,
they have raised the point that to be
gin such operations Immediately would
be mi unwise step for this reason: Sup
pose Piltstou avenue or any other
street of the ward be improved within
the next year. When work is started
On the sewers the streets will be ripped
up. The proposition then is to build
the sewers first and it will bo possible
to struggle along for a few years yet
with the present condition of the
streets. This, from circulating among
many ttttiMMOf the Twentieth ward,
appears to be their sentiments.
V, 111 Decorate Graves.
The members of F.zra (irlffin post,
No. 139, (irand Army ot the Hepu bite,
ot tbe South Side, as is their regular
annual custom, will visit the cemeter
ies on this side where any of their
comrades lie bnrled, and hold Memo
rial I iy scrvu-. s over tbe graves of
their depart. I OOmrsdan All of the
Binmbora ol the pool living on Ibis side
will assemble at the PlttOtOO AVOBOA
oemaMry at 0.80 on tbo morning of
Memorial Day md have cervices there.
'I hey will then proceed to the Herman
Catholic cemetery near No 5 and bold
services there also The religious ex
ercises at Pitt n Aveiiui cemetery
will be led likely by Hev Augtiit
Lattfe, of the llica rv street Prsebyte
nan church, and at the Herman Cath
olio cemetery by OOO of tbe clergymen
0( SI Mary s Herman Catholic church
Street Car .
The change on the South Si le line In
the leaving time of the care requires
that a lillle information be given.
1 here has 0O been auv materi tl cbauu
la too aobodota eiaepl tbnl three c .r.
run every In nr. one every twenty min
utes, in place ot four cars. The cars
for Minookt Isave every forty inmates,
instead of eaeu half hour. Fka OK nd
last car f' r Mtnuoka at night lettrs
Lackawanna afOOM at 'J J" After this
no other car teavea the last at
10.43 The last car for the Sooth H la
leaves the avenue al 11 " i
Coodeneed Toplee
'1 he regular Sabbath ex-rrieea at the
men a i nr.stian AoaaotMion
n (Ba Will occur tomorrow afternoon
at I I". D'OlOOk,
I lie fai eral of stanislana Klnowski,
who was killed In the Bodge abaft, was
Isrgely attended jeelerday from the
i i me of bis mother, at o; r..m eirc-t.
Intarmanl was made In Mi ii .Mike Pol
ish Oatbollc rem i tar
Aid. Till POfCLAI At TlloRa
i hi Satnr lay we will give a book to
every Bnatomsi buying gooda to the
amount of $1 (SI Mkaii II.,is
Ihe fntieral of Mrs lUvid N'enls, of
t 'eJsr avenue, will Im bald tOOMTOl
afternoon Kelativss from ton west
are alpaabad M arrive this morning.
Morning and evening eervics wi,l be
hld tomorrow at tbe Hickory etreet
Proa by tar Ian church. At both .err .
the potior, Hv. August I.ange, will
Miss Jcsde Smith, nf Suith Wash
ington avenne. is visiting friends in
W ay mart
Charba Hnester, of (Vilar avenue, is
making an active campaign throughout
the county securing b legatee
Sl. l nr.vs u.i.ii'S
Saturday morning we will open a
new stork of t 'hina and fancy aiika,
also .Ires goods, In. Celtics, foreign Slid
domestic Mi i. A II tin s
City Bntlneer IMUtpe Hae Completed
Ihe Survev fef IBs Heme
City Bnginaoi Phillips ha oomjplotod
the survey fof the Linden street bridge
and in accord nice witn previou under
standing haa sent for ( hief ; igmeer
Thompson, of the BOnatf UOtlOO depart -incut
of the ( entral Hal I road of New
Jersey, and also for Chief Engineer
Swift, of the Delaware aud Hudson
company. These gentlemen desire to
go on the grounds and look them otai
before building operation ere begun.
Notwithstanding the echeme that
has developed in favor of changing the
location of the Linden atreet bridge to
ilulherry street, those having too mat
ter most in charge do not look upon the
movemcut as DMOg of serious conse
quence. They state that the bridge
will be built on the Linden street cite.
The Attraction They OfTtr the Pabllo Is
the Past hi.:..
Tonight "The Fast Mail" will be
glvon at the Aoademy of Music for the
benefit of the Crystal Hoae company
and will unquestionably draw a crowd
id houe
The scene of Nisgara falls. In tho
last act of "Tbe Feat Mall," la the
grandest piece of really mechanical
Ingenuity ever presented npon the
stage of any theater. The actual soeue
was so impressive that Lincolu J, Car
ter Immediately determined to pro
duce in his pieee, "Tho Fsst Mail,"
and with such gratifying results aa to
be pronounced perfect by the thousand
who have seen and compared it to
America's wonderful natural waterfall
Little by Little.
Little by little is it that mankind has
learned winlum. Little by little that he
has learned to understand bunsc lr a nn
individual. Little by little that ho has
lea nn d to recognize tho common brother
hood of mnu, and that it Ih education aud
environments that makes possible the
heights and depths of man's mental nud
moral being, which exists In such stnrt
i in. contrast everywhere around us. Yea,
the above is history, but tbe rate Scrauton
people learn of Hamlin's science iu shoe,
mg aud veterinary deutintry and the
treatmuut ot laincuess of huiees, beats his
tory, aa it wore, out of sight.
71 Pelre Men'e Celf Bkln Shoee
For 11.00 at tho 5 Uros.' shoe store today.
Beadleaton ft Woent's and. Ballantine'a
Alee are tbe best. K J. Wavuu, agent, W
Lackawanna avenne. e
It Will Take Plaoe on Sunday After
noon at 2 30
The body of Jamea O'Malley, tbe
young machinist who wai killed near
tbe Jermvn atation of the Delaware
nnd Hndson Canal company Thursday
night, was taken to the home of bis
mother, Mrs, Honora O'Malley, at 818
Washington avenne, yesterday morn
ing. Coroner Kelley empaneled the fol
lowing jury which viewed the body:
George Schlager, P. E. Timlin, Martin
Bird, J. H. Bonner, M. J. O'Toole and
R. J. Bnrko. The jnry will meet nt
Jermyn Monday night to hear testi
mony. It ia supposed that O'Malley
was struck by an engine while crossing
n bridge near the Jermyn station and
thrown to the turnpike below where
he was found. The cause of death was
a fractured skull.
O' Mai ley was 22 years of age and a
very highly respected young man. He
was a machinist by trade aud went to
Mayfield Thursday moruing in search
of employment. He was a brother of
M K. O'Malley, of tbe United States
Express company. Hia funeral will
take place at 2 30 Sunday afternoon.
Services will be conducted at St Paul's
church, Oreen Bldge, aud interment
made in Hyde Park Catholio eemetery.
Mls Grace Thnmaa Surprised.
A surprise party was given in honor of
Miss Grace Thomas at her home on Provi
dence road, Tuesday evening, May 1.
Those who attended were Miss Delia
House, Maggie Powell, Katie Mulbery,
Anna Place, Anna and Lizzie Pescock,
Mary Kills, Anna and Laura Helihng, ( nr
rie Miher, l'.dith Miller, (irace Mattuln,
Tillie 1) einpensy, ( arriu I tweus, J, (J. Con
nor., Will Anderson, (ieorge Lorlmer,
(ieoino Mlllott, ('. Lattrop, Fred Lorlmer,
R, Ward, 1( Vale, r steward, Mr Hill.
V. Melbery, Mr lieWitt. Mr, (infferty,
.1. Miller, L. ltutr.,C. Thomas, Mr. Oloytln,
0. Place, Fred Bright, a. Bright, George
llnght, I'red Moore.
Raw I Tt
Everyone goes or Inqntrea for the Factory
Si Store. Ii ', l.ack'a aye ee
lid a u 1 UU
JUG - J u
Neapolitan Ware? It
is the Most Artistic
ever made.
If you want a good car
riage you should sec
. M MM M
-e-J T-"
kilwl 1 .... br . J
Best Assortment.
i 1 1
116 Wyoming Avenua.
nn MSI FLOCK M m i
Hucceaaor to A Odrman,
Why run all over the rlty looking fnr nol.l
(lnllara With one llUU'tredan 1 ten 'elite Worth
of a"ld in them' Hut roil wtll mine very
deaa to it it ir v m will call at tha rutu place,
BrtM your dollars - rfold, .liver and tjreeii
latcks to
Ml PI i I aTRBBT, ami net full value
for your money In
PI 8 H IN Q I ICKLE, I im;
The VIOTOH WtlKF.t. Leads
lllcyctee. Ilru arm., ete., repaired at short
nottWi Key BtMni a .nnelalty. tlivn me a call
Bock .". Beer
Magic, Mirth and
Hindoo Handkerchief Puzzle
Wo have engaged PROF. VERUELO, the Celebrated
Hindoo Musician. Exhibitions daily in our large center
window from 30 to (J.30 P. M. and from 8 to 9.30 P.M.
The Puzzle Given Away with purchase of every
Suit of Clothes or sold at TWENTY-FIVE CENTS.
niiiiiimiiimiiiiiiiiii iiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigiiiiimniiiiiiinniiic
IU! Fashion
308 Laclciwanna Ave.
! Millinery
i Department.
Just opens I a new lino of Sailors
S which will be cold below prices.
:: Worth f.' Tl for It 21
Worth S. SO for 1175
Worth .; no fnr -,
:J W( rth U 00 .'or 5 75.
5 The largest and best assorted line
g la the Siats from the oheapest to
8 tha best
B ityea, worth $9 Mforfl
S to stylee, arortb f ; V for 78
Z 1 i vie. real Iti uncls, from $1L50
8 to a pair.
S ' 1 ln.h Point from 1 00
S toT"i."
t. all and sr.r. TIIP.M
Look In
The t trees kt eecanrg I itosrai WUkea iiarr..
haa beea here; WK have lewn here: we are
here, we n 'I be here. Atrain we say. look
tn mi ua ami If we rann t b"W vou the tlne.t
ii 1 1 ii 1 1 in o aroki IM.
OOOteO, Bad a recce J of mere hie pole sales
than anyothcr nrm la Use elty, we wni lake
ill to the .he.
All the Rage.
Will buy a
very good one
Ar at Pp'Mtit th M-vt Pfycnlir ind I'refrrrfd by
Lt AllHg Af I lata
Wrroo.m: Opposil Columbus Monument,
200 Wnshinyton Av. Scranton, Pa.
-V-I lACK'AVLvOqi(
& Delany
Department. I
Ladies' Capes in Bine, Navy
nnd Erown,
Worth 18,00 for 1.89
Worth o.08 for l.SW
Worth Id 00 for 5 96
Worth is 00 for 8
W orth 83 00 for 12 00
Lni;es' and Misses' Jackets
Must be sold. Now is your
Jackets worth .f 00 for tl M
Jackets worth B M for I 08
Jackets worth I J OOfor 4 25
WorttflO N for 0
Worth '.(. "si for B T8
Worth II. 'i for VJ
Frill FREE!
A Novel Exhibition.
Papal King;" will rive a marvelous
exhibitiouof FANCY PAPER WORK
In tha show windows of CliLLINH 6H
BACKET r from :i to 5 and 7 to o P.U
I'rof Gold Eagle will produce from
inoota ot paper wonderful deaigaa in ..
1 rets. Loi ters, Sbadea, Birds,
Oaatlea en 1 articles beyoud mention,
cutting the paper with his finders; no
nlferr h. ars need. An original pxhl'
b.ticn fcr jour rnlf rlainaicnt. i enJ
.... sui carry away a souvenir made
by tbe profeasor aud alio a suit ot)
rlcthce from onr store which will'
please you
Clothiers, Hdters,&Jumishera'
For Women
Sell, Sell, Sell, is the order
of the day.
Imported Clay Jackets. Cut,
Style and Work tho bost of
the tailor's art. A reduction
of 50 Per Cent. See tliis oiler,
in" of High-olaM Jackots
Your size is here.
in Cloth, Morie Silk, Covet'
Clofh and Lace. Ji'my styles,
and prices that will please yovA.
Printed Duck and Serges
Striped and Spot Patterns
You ought to have one. Tho
Price, $3.50 to $7.50.
6.W. Owens & Co
Cloak ami Suits Makers,
Court House Square,