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and cheapest.
Many Well Known Anarchists Prowling About
Aro Among the Visitors Chief of
Police Moore Denies the Story, but
Says All Suspicious Characters Are
Being Closely Walched Scenes
at the Commonwealcrs' Camp.
Among the Various Contingents.
Miss Coxey Dispenses Medicine to
the Troops.
Washington, May :i
THE Post says: A minor that
Chicago, New York and Pitta
burtf anarchists wer In Wnsh
lnjjton was current yesterday,
and was pretty generally sprend
hoot th city. Laojr Parsooi was re
ported to he hrr andHerr Mi t was, said
to have ruu down Ir tn New Yuri: joat to
hnva a hand in the (an. A IfiioagOnSWte
paper man. who came i.ero with the
lirnir, i quoted an laying that lie had
fteognllSd several members of the In
terimtional COSHBUOt in the cipiiol
grounds i!nriii(i tbfl parada It w.ia
f urthf-r said that Mijot Moore's prinei
ril object in baring detectives here
Irom other oltiea wai that these anar
oblatl might bo ploktd out, and that
Rcter O'Mara, chi-f of the Pittshnr,,'
policy came here lo looati boui led
dair followers f rum that city.
Major Moore, chief of police, settled
ill ot the rumor in a lamp by saying
"Nothing In them, DttSOtlVei wr-.-ironuht
here from other cities." bt
lontinned, 'for t!ie purpose of detect
ing thterot and ftcioni persons, which
wonld include anarchists, of course
At Luango rations an l otner hix gather
Ingi I have requested ontside cities to
end dtteotlrtf iiere tor the sauio r.-a-on.
"Hare toii been informed that sev
eral t-riicnyo intrratiotials were here?"
"If they are here, I haven't beard of
It "
"Did Chief gfr M ira tell yon
that fonr or five I'lttsliurc rioters aud
in :trc liiats were in Washington? "
Mr. U .Mara nil nothing of the kind
tome. He was tiere with Ids 1
Ikey left for 1'ittsburg last night The
Galvin rrigsde of tne C ovey army is
line in hi city, and ha deemed it his
dntv to be there "
"It issaid, Major. that Lucy Parsons
is in Washington'"
'.Inst so, just eo, ' and the rhiaf drew
up nun ryv in , i - KiiunniK way I
law In a Chicago prr several diva
auo mat che was limping lo ora'tni
Coxeyitea there, and that she would
loon start for Wasuiuston. Now
that's excuse tOOOgb for the news
p.iuers to have her here
'Nirionslv, though, there isn t the
sligUtest cause for alurui The parade
has teen made. Kv. ry tiling is quiet,
if anything happpeiis, it can't tei oelp
ed, lilt nothing mil happen, They say
that my men clubbed persons unnecea
mrily and unmercifully Tu tdav. The
commissioners nave raceived just one
coiuplsint from a slabbed man. We
had to keep down all lonndatioua for a
riot. A tew vlicetnen may have
drawn tbeit clubs, bat none drew their
rrvolvt-rt. Just say that, and tell the
people not to worry abont Lucr Par
sons, John ltott,OI any of that crowd. "
The Ooxeyite worked indiiMlrionsI v
yesterday cleaning up the debris about
tbe camp grounds, piling the rubbish
np in place to tie carried away, and
some of the mure artistic Coiuinon
wealers endeavored to make their
surrounding more artistic with
naini. lpmdiis inir enoria m irivi.
the placo a presentable appearance
and make It comfortable the men
. . il, ,.l.l- ...... I
hfitnea have becninn tirml .nd mm.
A ......, . .(., FA .......... I 4 I. .-1.1
--- -- --
mil IU . ' ' UJ'u nionimi. inn llie.irieHI
P' rformer, and thny made arrange
ments to give an exhibition today.
They style themselves the Common
weal .Star Specialty company. They
will i.ivit n l.i.v tmrlv ti t I ... re.... I
en is who nccompauied them during
.1 ......... ... ur... ui
.11. M hiwiiiir '..ii. ti.'u
Miss ( oxer visited the camn. hrini?-
n.r inn'iii iiim unii noma n n i n Ii.hki.u
ciarea cis intention 10 may nereaalong
as be receive the support of the
Amatican tion e. and oarrv on II. hut
tie. Ho said he was awaiting rem-
lll UU. fllljli'in UlflV 119 lil'ITIUU Ull LU
Washington. The men here now, ho
n. niH I'm m iiaiuiiiii to wnai ue win
UHve wnn toe exr ei'ieo arr ve
Chief Marshal Urowne has issued hi
r i ..... i . i t .
wuiiitiiunQniiio,unt 1T .USUI UlOllHUV
In ciimn ttiev hail flhi.irn (n lh. !..
"hobos, us they hail been branded by
luo ittnnuiiinii. lit) iKii'M ..(! nil it.
r i ...i :.i in i in imiinii r in i n n n.
a i were oiiubu not to meruit imv
iniirH Tilt il i u.'ih 1 1 T 1 1 1 1 liirnmr npniro
I he ratlin todav mri llm umI.p
viii u. niiuvvii b i w 1 1 ) nrigga-
cviig who are taxau vitnout retreien-
BLioii in leu Nmiii'ii. cuinrarv in r n.
. . .1 ITli.l r..
KviuiT-ii ui u.r inuvi ,nw in tviiwm uear-
ins thn ahnvA names of the caiim i.nmu
mi nniu n unii ui.ii nnii L' w
"Roy Kirk Mahon, private seoretarv
"'i.""( (V nil UUUIH M L
Frostburg, Md., on account of the seri
ous illness of bis father. Browne has
fiiens Taken to Preserv the Biatorle. 1
Ground from Trollnv Invasion.
PiiliiADElii'iiu, May Tne govern-
lieut took definite Bteps today to pre-
...... i:...,..v...,., i, 1 1 1 i; i .1 ..i..,..
iiiniin. auw iici jiiiuiiiiiii iiiTinuru u
leiiuon ro iiauxii ii.ioaB in me uuitea
. T . . .1 I, 1 i L - TT-I..J
lilies oircuil c nr. nauig lor mo con-
nutation of u strip of land in Cum-
berland township.Adama county. which
is now in the possession of the Gettys
burg electric railroad company.
The petition stntes that the company
is engaged in buildinj a trolley Iroad,
which if not interfered with will in
vade the historic battle gronnd. The
defendants are required to file an an
wor by the rth inst, when the matter
will again come np.
" i
A Missing Vetsran Is Prepired to Do the
Enoch Ardsn Ac.
WlUJAIUPORT, May ;: Afttr re
maining silent for over thirty years,
during which time he was supposed to
he dead, Jeremiah Bookman has writ
ten to his wife in this city. Hockmau
enlisted at the breaking out of the war
and when his letters suddenly stopped
coming it was supposed tlint be had
been killed.
His wife mourned for year and fin
ally married agaiu and U living now
with her second husband. Hockman's
four children are now men and women
married. They have written to their
fath-r for an explanation of his mys
terious conduct for the past thirtv
The Playwright Desires $05,000 for
Service in Coaching the Titian
Haired Divorcee.
Nlw YORK, May 3. David Belnsro
places tne vain- of his services for
(niching Mrs Leellt Carter for the
stage and arrangnu' her first produc
tion at the extraordinary figure of 63 -fi'M)
K ir this claim he seeks to obi. .in
payment from A K. Falrbank, one of
Hie best known of 1'nic.igo's inillion
lires, lie hns brought suit in the New
V. rk conrts against Mr. l'airhank and
Mrs. Carter Jointly, but in the event
that he ineoseded in obtaining a ju lg
ment tliere wonld be far less difficulty
in collecting the money from the great
pork packer than from the Titian haired
Mr. Helssco certainly worked hsrd to
nui.a Mi Carter' dbnt a an aotrtM
a success. !! rewrote an 1 arranged to
suit her the play in which She first sp
Beared at the Bmsdway tli-ater In
November, 188 I, "Tne L'gly Ducaline "
He had not only given .her InatmoliOfl
in elocution, but also iu caleiMnics,
believing thai it was DeOSOeOry to
strengthen the muscles In order to be
graceful Just latfote openinr as a star.
Mrs. Carter said sli hail beep devoting
herself from '.' in the morning notll U at
night to her prepsrstlons. Stm whs
learning bar part and taking lessons in
I'ticlng, ilamiug, sinking ana gym
She snd her Instructor liecams insp
erable and the gossip conpled their
name in very way Vnn Mrs. Car
ter closed her first season several weeks
earlier than had been intended vi d left
suddenly for Knrop with Mr Balaam
the story was published that they had
elnpe'l They indignantly denied this
allegation on their return.
Mr Carter's next appearanee was in
"Mis Hellyett," one of An Iran's oomic
operas. Wbieh had also passed through
Mr. Itelasco's baodl Bet tour was un
profitable, and Mrs Carter bas since
then drifted out of the hats of attrac
tions St tn leading theaters of New
The suit iudicatea that the ; hitherto
friendly relations between Mr Helssco
and Mr. Carter have bt-en wholly mp
turel. I be large amount of tnonev
claimed by Mr. bolaeoo recalls the fsct
that one of the SlaiOU made by Leslie
Csrter In hut sensttionsl suit (or di
vorce was that Mrs Car ter had re
ceiv.d laige sums limn some Improper
enures. SUe had spent ftVl.nnj In
iiiiropssn trip, nlthougn she start,.,
with QUI? 000, Her explanation on
the witness stand wss that a Wealthy
New York Lady, Mr. William Con
stable, had taken a great fancy to her
and had given ber the money.
There were many co respondent
named by Mr Cirter, lnolodfa Kvrie
Bellew, State Senator J lines t Pierre,
Dr. Gilbert. H. H Nsthsn, an I D. 8.
Gregor. Mrs Carter had been con
Itaatly in Mr llellew's society atone
time, and her explanation was that h
was giving bur lessons for the stage
She positively dei.led th charges of
infidelity, but she was found guilty,
and a decree of divorc wa granted
agaiust heron May '.'J, l'J. ;
Female Coxy flvmpathlxsrs at Denver
F.)i m a Relief Corps.
Iisvi.r, Col , May 8. The female
(.'oxy sympathizers in this city tiave
orginizel the "Coxey Annv Koserve
Corps, No. 1." They will work in con
nection with the Ooxcy home reserve,
soliciting contributions for tho com
monwealers at Waihington and en
A second regiment of the reserves,
consisting of I 106 men, is now being
T .
Canada will inatttntS qnarantine against
United States citii mtected with .mall
pox. 1'rednrickaburg, Va., hai invited the
Annv of the Potomac, to hold its I next
meeting there.
The total membership of the National
heague of MusiriaiiH, now in session at
Baltimore, is 18,108,
An increase of 1(1 per cent. In waijes has
been given the operatives at the Uelleville
Woolen mill in North Kingstown.
Chairman W. U Wilson Is at llatnn
Rouge, I. a., ai (iovernnr Foster's guest,
and will reach Washington in a week.
Father O'Urndy, who murdered Miss Oil
martin at Cincinnati because she discarded
him, refuse to plead and will bo tried for
murder next Monday.
Erio Jorgansen, of Norway, co-inventor
of the gun adopted by Uncle Sam, is in
specting the manufacture of tho new arm
at the Spriugfluld (Mass.) armory.
George Blow, aged 81, at Norfolk, Va.,
ex-jndge and cx-cougrennnan.
Captsin William Iteod, for forty-nine
yours a pollcomau, at Pittsburg, Pa.
At Cleveland, O., Oacar Townsend, gen
ernl manager of the Cleveland, Loraiu and
Wheeling railroad.
Captain William Tucker, aged 77, a pio
neer Gloucester, Mas., fisherman, who had
circled the globe many times.
Warlike Measures Are Necessary to Quell the
Cleveland Disturbance
State Troops Ordered Out to Aid the
Police in Preserving. Order Minne
sota Militia Guarding Workinrmen
from Strikers in the Mesaba Mining
Range Soldiers in Blue Everywhere
Make Ready for a Conflict The
Crowds Are Kept Moving.
Ci.rvEi.ANp. o. Msy 3.
Irf 1TY BALL looked more like a
u military barracks this morning
Ml than a municipal building There
' were soldiers ill blue evory where,
an I on every ban. I preparation! were
making for a conllict Few believed
that there would b fnrther trouble,
but all wsro of the opinion that
it was the very essence of common
sense to bo prepared for it, and that
accounted for the military.
Colonel Kennan, Major Whitnev and
several offisora wars stationed m Dir
ector afcKlnnia'l oflica on the second
floor, while the mayor had been on
hsud ready for business since daylight
Colonel Kennsn said that four com
panics ol the Fifth regiment had been
called out. The men belonging to the
battery and two other eompsuies of
infantry were where ihev OOOld be
reached readily.
Chief of Police Hoebn had a military
etttap of hU OWn, tAO. Stationed In his
i t'.ice were st Last forty special police
men, and it was proposed to use them
the same as the regulars. Chief iioehn
said; "1 do not anticipate anv trouble
today I am ready fur It if it comes
If we do hnve trouble. It will be big
Y'sterdsv the rioters did not know
what lo expect, bnt today if ihev start
out. they will go prepsred for s fight ,"
Electric trsinswsre held In readiness
in the pnblic square to rush soldiers
and police to anv point whsre trouble
should break out Chief Ilh i nl
thirty policemen 10 Neivburg, and sail
that he propos.d to place his men
where they woul I tie sv.ilable In nom
bsra H had forty iu one station and
tors within csll Incase of need he
mid have I'. i bluecoats in ths Iron
ward last Is of thirty minutes.
The pt hlio squsre was well poll ted
this morning and there was plenty of
wnrs Kour policemsn took p atsvsslou
of the rostrum and others chased In.
crowd off the monument. But the
worn bad 80 te repeated time and UttM
again The crowd would not go. Put
walkl from plsce to plse
1 be little knots of men formed snd
were broken by th- poliaa, only to form
sgalti in some other pises. The , :.
used uu force, but the ord-r ' Keep
moving'' was enforced As .. . W. oes
day, the loiterers wsrs all foreigners
They showed Utile or no respect fur ths
ollicsrs, but evidently did not like the
appesrance of the long stubs, that were
kept swinging suggestively
A lot of unemployed gathered fl
Front of the old ooarl house, bat ware
not molested The sheritf drove to
Brooklyn early this morning to see if
the county con! 1 render suy service to
the tneu employed, who hsvn been
menaced several times in ths past t ,
or three days by lawlem gangs of men.
Result cf Klec'lon Held st ths Atlsi.ta
Con v.utlnn.
Atlanta, Ga., May a. The Intsrns
tiotial League ol l'ress clubs s ljonrnsd
this morning alter a three days'
session. The following officers were
elected :
Praaidaat, (lark Bo well, of Atisnta.
vice presidents, Marat Halstead, Brook
lyn, Mr L nolle M. Qordon, of At
lanta, John A Hennessy, of New York ;
A. it Cunningham, of Baltimore, Will
iam V. Alexander, of Boston; L. N
Megargee, of Philadelphia; treasurer,
J. S McCartnev. of Philadelphia; see
retary, Harry 1) Wright, of Boffalo.
The party left tonight for Florid..
A Oreen (specimen Desttov Vrsetatlon
and Then Dies of Orlef.
BDNTUtOfXW, Pa., Mav II A green
worm from a quarter to a half inch in
length ia destroying the green clover
in many ectone of thi county. Whole
fields of olover have been entirely esten
by the destructive worms, which ap
pear in myriad.
After the worm has eaten the olover
to the around it crawls np on stubbles
or I lades of timothy as high as it cau
get and dies. The worms sonliue their
deprodatious solely to tne growing
Theodore Wackley Cauarbt by a Fall of
Goal at Hosleton.
BazuRON, May 3 This morning a
full ot coal occurred in ths Highland
mint's, outoiubiug Theodore Wackley,
a miner.
A gang of workmen have been en
deavoring all day to reach him, but at
10 o'clock tonight they had not yet
oleared away the coal.
They Are Expected to Taka the Plsce of
Tennessee Strikers.
Nashville, Tenn., May 3 Six linn
dred miners at Wltitewell want out at
11 o'clock this morn ing.
The mines will probably be supplied
with convict.
Late Journsllst Consigned to Tomb with
Demonstrations of Esteem.
Washington, Msy 3 Frank Hat
ton, late editor of the Post, was bnrisd
today with demonstrations of affection
and esteem such as have seldom accom
panied a private funeral in Washing
ton. The ssrvicei were held ia the
beautiful home which be had recently
built and fitted up. Every leading
newspaper man in Washington was
present, ns woll as miiny senators and
other prominent officials.
The Gridiron club of Washington
correspondents, of whirh Mr. Hatton
was president, assembled in the ad
jacent residence of Mr. Ssckendorf, of
the New Y'ork Tribune, and attended
the ceremonies in a body. The Na
tional Capitol Press club took similar
action, and the llornl tributes sent by
these organizations, as well as by other
personal friend of th dead editor,
were of surpassing beauty.
Secretary Grssham. Senators Allison
Teller and Chandler were among the
honorary pall bearers, with Gnrel
H. V. Boynton, of the Cincinnati Trib
une, and Major Carson, of the Phila
delphia Ledger, representing the press.
Itishnp Hurst, of the Methodist
Episcopal church, conducted the sim
ple religious exercis.s and t 1 en the re
mains weresonveyed to their last rest
ing place iu Kock Hill cemetery.
Small Bnds-et of Brazilian News, Including-
Report of Hie IndUp isnlon.
Bvixoa Ayrxs, May 9 Advicesfrnm
Hlo Janeiro say that President Peixoto
ts indisposed and has gone to Petronolis,
Order has been restored '.in Cnrityba
mid Parana.
It is stated that l ieiieral Sarnvia hss
Sad beyond the Uruguay river
An Early Adjustment of the Differ,
enccs Between Miners and
Operators Espcctod.
I'lTTSl'l loi, May :' The end of the
great bitnmim oaooal strike is In sight.
At a meeting today hari between the
opera tort stid th officials of th Union
Mine Workers such action we taken a
will probably lead within a couple of
weeks to return of the miner lo work
I he miner were represented at
meeting by I'reeideut John Mi llri le
and Secretarv TreatttrOf I'atrlc. Mi -Bryde
and with the aioaptlasj of the
New York snd Cleveleud lias Coal
company ths majority of the smeratora
of bituminous mines in the state of
Pennsylvania. Ohio. Indiana and Illin
ois wr repreeente I eifier ir, person or
by delegates 1 be conference adopted
the following atrosloi
"To Operators and miners of the hi
tnmtnoue mines of the United States
A meeting will be held pj letoUnd
Tuesday, Msy IV at J ; m to take
soch aetiofl as may Aaalaiod to
bring shout sn adjustment of tbo -It (
ferences that astat betveeen the upers
t rs and miners in various status All
Operators and miners are invited to at
tend Its meeting. "
F'T the miners the circular was
ngi .- 1 I Pre; l-rit M l':. '., a:, I
rstar-Treasurer McP.ryde. snd for tbn
operators by W. B Holcomb, of Cut
aago; J A smith, 1. rr llaiiti., J. B
htartln, Qolimboa, and F L Uobbms,
'lbs call for the conference I under
stood to bsve collie from lbs Ohio oper
store, who are anxious that they
shouldn't lose trad t being unable to
supply customers with coal. Th
miner d'dsrs thai they will In
sist npon lbs fulfillment of th
miitete agiasmem snd will ao-
sept no other st the mst
Ing. If the meeting should renlt in
the calling off of th sink it will have
bu so tuned ss 10 OOO Of J'Kt when sil
tho cosl iu stock has lieen exhnu.ted.
miud rhi Physts aa is fatted Upis a
lliav. I'h.rse
psm.stisrussf! May 3 -DoetOT AI
f re 1 Layman, of 1690 North Eighteenth
I treat, aphyaietaa with a large praotiaa
ml a reputsble nam, n arretted
this afternoon charged with having
commuted a criminal operation up n
Mary II. Pow-re, .in 000) trial woman,
ad 88 years, fr on the ell els of which
She died this morning.
But few details of ths cas cortld
bt learned tmngnt, s the police have
not yet apprehended the in an who is
supposed lo have caused the alleged
Operation td he perform!. Or l.iv
man tTet arrest"'! upon information
funnelled by another physician who
wanoalltd la lo attend Mis power
and loond her suffering from periton
itis. Bsfont sb died, ths woman, so
her attending physician allege, ac
cosed Ot Layman of having performed
the operation.
When srrested I)r Laymsn denied
having performs I the operation, bnt
said he had attended Miss l owers for
two years fur various ailment. He
was committed to prison to await the
action of tho coroner
A f dispatch to the Iindon Times from
Lisbon say: The hoard cf health of I. is
Inn declares that the port is In a healthy
The Council of Italian workiiigmen ha
warned Keloid laborer Jnot to imigrale to
the United States, where the labor market
Is glutted.
Among the Ron) academy exhibit is a
life size portrait of United Slum. Am
bassador Thomas F. buysrd, painted by
Sir Thomas Salter Pyne.the Aineer of Af
ghanistan, has taken from London ma
terial for the construction of a war bal
loou for A bou I Rabmaol army.
The Rev. and Mrs. Clinton Locke and
Sirs. Robert Locke, of Chicago, having
completed their tour of Palestine ami
Syria, have sailed from Damascus fur
Bishop Spalding, of Peoria, III., Is a
guest nt the llraiid hotel, Rome, having
just completed a tour of Sicily and Tuula.
A week heure he leaves for Paris, and
thence to New York, via Havre.
l.ady Violet Blackwood, youngest
daughter of tho MiirquiB of Dnfferin und
Ava, and godchild of Queen Victoria, ia
to marry the Hon. William Lee Plunket,
eldest son of the Archbishop of Dublin.
The principal reason that no revolution
transpired on election day in OolomMa
Was because the government had thought
fully seined a quantity of nnns and am
munition stored by revolutionists.
A man in Paris, whoso la. ynx was de
stroyed through an operation to remove a
tumor in the throat, and who conse
quently lost his throat, now speaks easily
by aid of a silver larynx, devised by Dr.
Amicable Spirit Is Hanifested on Both Sides
of the Senate.
He Indulges in Remarks af the Ex
pense of President Cleveland Mr.
Quay Resumes the Speech of April
14 Senator Voorhees Is Compli
mented by Mr. Hoar The House
Spends the Day o:i tbe River and
Harbor Bill.
WaaniMiToN, May :'.
BEN the tariff Mil wus tskeu up
in the senate today there was
an amicable spirit manifested
on bo'.h sides of the chsiuber.
under the influence of which the first
amendment fixing tho time for the all
to go iuto effect (after June 3h wus al
lowed to pa.s oyer without action. The
time will he Sled later on In the sea
sion, when a proipset for lb passage
of the bill draws in sight.
Senator Chan Her, New Hampshire,
in an hour's arititltm of the bill, In-
ulged in a strain of sarcasm at Ue ex
pense of President Cleveland, the li m
oeratio members of the finance com
mittee and prominent Data crats who
uie not meuiiairs of either h use. At
the oooaintioo ol Mr. Chandler's re
msrks Mr. Quay, Pennsylvania, took
the floor aud proceeded with another
laataiment of the speech begun by bun
on the Uth of April.
A large part Of Mr Qniv's speech
consisted of itatlltiaal tables. While
the dsn; eras reeding 00 S of them, ob
jection was mad by Mr Harris, Ten
neseSee. who insisted that if the papule
were to t rssd the reading mutt be
dl i.s by the senator himself, snd the
mint of order was mOtaiBSd, As Mr
Qaay starting lo resl th par-nr
h. in. elf, Mr. Mitchell, Oregon, eelle 1
attention o the BbSSBOS of a quorum
Th roll wss thereupon rslld and
fortySiS senator anwrl to their
rime '1 ben Mr lay move 1 to pro
ced to the con.i '.eration i f executive
botlaees Tootmotlaa wssr.j'ctei
yeas, 111. nays, 81
Ma BOAK T t tus atacoi
I r e i Mr Hoar, Uassachus tt. eaui
Is Mr y ny relief by question to
ilr Vooriis ss to the estimate made
by Lit in on the u.sreasel importation.
Cat won: 1 resu.t froui'th . f
the tariff bill. Mr. V.. ,rl;ee lepHeg
thst no mors difficult tint IBM the
present could l imagined for making
any such estimate, inasmuch ss the
business of all eoaatriet In tn world
was disturbed and depressed lis had
preferred not to depend upon Conjc
lures in making the goeernment safe la
it revenues an I bad Ml spent much
time In guesting what increase of mi
portnMoM wonld be H Wauteil to
have the nee, sssry rvnu stsde a
sure thtug.and that was one of th re
sons why he stool by ths Income tax
an I Why he wus somewhat not en
ttrelv-' reconciled to plac a duty on
The senat then at 4 p m , on mo
ti n of Mr Harris, ad; lOroad. till ta
in rrow at n . m Mr iiosr arottios
over to ths Demosiatio Sid of the
o bam ber, nftsr adjoarnment, and oaoi
pliinvnled M. VoorhseS on the adroit
Wty in which he hsd evaded a direct
answer to nit Inquiry
urn sr raoCUMMO,
All of loday'l session in the house
trat devoted to committee of the Wholt
to general debate on the river and har
bor bid, appropriation bill fur the year
88f 80 The debate ws closed snd the
tall will b before tii bouse tomorrow
for const deration un ler the five miuuts
Diplomat of Ih Oram Retrnn Puttee to
the Oreat Beyond
BOfTOM, Ma. May 3 Col. A P.
B tela bar nor, who wa quit a well
known man during th presidency of
General Grunt fioui his countOtioa
with missions to the bVUBOM and Ht
wsliau lalaadt died lat night. C I.
Bttlnbsrgtf was bora 8f year ago iii
Pennsylvania, but during most of his
life when he wss not travelling, be
mads his home in New York city,
in 173 ho was BppolOtSd by Presi
dent Grant go to Simon, hut the exact
purpose of his appointment is not gen
erally known even to this day, allium,: b
it was reported at the time that there
wai n scheme o foot to annex the
island lo the United States. Two years
later Colonel Stoinberger went to Hono
lulu, again by the direction of tho
A Bsltlmors Woman Loses Her Sight In
a Remarkable Wav
Bai.TIMOuk, Aid., May 3 A Hash
from a trolley wire on one of the elec
tric street railways totally blinded Mrs
Slearnsr, of MM Gongh street, three
weeks ago, and she has not yet regained
her sight. Kvcrything possible has
been done for th woman, but appar
ently to no effect.
Mrs. Steamer was silting at a window
of her home watching the passing cars.
Suddenly a particularly bright tlaah
darted from the trolby wire. Witb
an exclamation ths lady instantly
placed h"r hands over her eyes to shut
out the blinding Mash. When she re
moved her bands Bhe fouud that Bhe
could not see. The optic nerves were
Governor of Iowa Anxious for ths Ds
partur of the Army.
Dks Moines, Ia May 8 Governor
Jackson received the delegation of Das
Moines laboring men who called upon
him this morning and after listening
to their spokesmen renewed his efforts
nt Council Blulfs to secure rail trans
portstion for Kelly's muiy across tho
state, and while he would not bold out
any hope that arrangements could be
fade, be would lay the matter before
the executive conneil and wonld once
more open up negotiatiations with the
General Jackson thought that if
Kelly would plelgo himself to tuke a
boat at whatever Mississippi river
point he might reach without any de
lay and proceed down the river to the
Ohio, the railroad might bo more dis
posed to carry the army to the borders
of lown.
Kelly was informed of the result of
the interview with the governor and
decided to accept trarsportation at any
point on th Mississippi rivr to which
it may be famished and to agree ito
leave that point immediately by host
with the intention of proceeding np to
the Ohio river on his way to Washington,
A Soranton Machnnai Die from ths Ef
feot of an Iujary.
Fjtrrinl to Osraassa Trireme.
Jkiimyn. Pa , May 3 A man named
J, O'Malley, a mtobiuilt from Scran
ton, fell from th railwiy bridge uetr
thn Delaware and Hu I-.011 station this
He was so badly injured that he died
st 10 o'clock.
Terrible Death of ttrakeman John
Golden at Delaware Water Gap.
Body Taken to His Home.
John Golden, of Duntnoro, employi d
a bend brakeman on a Delaware, L ick
aweuua an 1 Western coal train run
ning leitween BcraatOO snd Port Mor
ris, wa Instantly killed at the Dela
ware Water dap at .", o'clock yesterday
Mr QoMsn left this eity at I) o'clock
Wednesday evening on his regular
trip While patting the Walr I tap hit
bat was blown off. On the return tr p
he iw the hat lying by the side of th
track and sprang from th engine on
vein h he was ridlni at the tune and
picked up thn bat Then, catching
hold of a car BbOOt ml lway of th
train, I. attempted to get ataitrd. but
' missed hi to ding and fell beneath the
wheel wh.cll severed hit heal from
bis body.
The train was stopped ami the rt
mntai placed in th caboose and
brought to BtTOn Ittoirg. where the
body was dressed by tu undertaker
and afterward or Sight tO this city, ar
riving uero at 10 .' o'clock In the f ort
nOOO The car on which Golden wat
killed jumped the track sn 1 delayed for
SOB tune :n train following. John
Ooldeu wss '.1 years of age and on
married. Be lived with his wijowsd
:; at an I it was a tight at two or hit
emitters with tears courting dowa
their r.ti waited f ir the train that
b.r tns iifeie.s remain, H was a
ment ber of th M mm Tayiot lodge,
Brotherhood of Hetlway Trainmen,
end WM highly rsspSOttd by tu friends
and acquaintance
After fining prepared for btrial at
Hsuh't undertaking establishment, tns
remains were removed to tus lioin of
the mourning mother
Toe Miner il of Mr Uoilen wl I tak
place from his late bom at 'J o'clock
Saturday morning A requi-m mass
will ns celebrated in Bt, Mery'schurch
Interment will be made in ths cemetery
st the oboroh.
' e
Bisr.ed If th Mayor Together with
Many Othr R.talsulone.
Msyi r Conneil yesterday affixed his
tignstures to a number of conneil
mauic resolutions. Ths limit important
wet the lal levy ordinance of twelve
snd one-half mills for the fiscsl year of
1884 t . winch will I-. i. . .. 1 the one
and one-tenth null levy for interest
an I sinking fnnd on tne bridge bonds,
a total of thirteen an i n-tulhs mills.
Among a lsrge number of other reso
lutloiis were ths following:
Uequssting opinion from city soli
citor ai to legality ot proposed change
of bridge from Lind-n to Mulberry
dreet, directing tne SOTBntOO Klectrie
Light and Heat company to erect lights
at Price street and MOSOM avenue, F.v-r-tt
avenus and Lafayette itreet, Oil?
street and Webster avenue, Luzeru
and Meridian streets, uorth of school
house on Academy street; calling for
names of delinquent tax colleoto.-s,
pri .r to 1888, who fiavs not yt settled
duplicates, with am unit yet dn from
sell, for lUgging. paving and gutter
ing Cedar avenue, from Brook to
Brook street; directing Scrautoti Lleo
trie Light and Heat company to erect
three lamps in North Park, Second
leaves Wheeling on a Train Ovsr the
Ualtiiuor and Ohio.
Wbouho, W. Yn., May 3 Colonel
QalTin'l army left this town today
taking a Baltimore aud Onio train
for Pittsburg.
Th local trades attsmbly paid their
Tho propoeod trolley road from Potts
town to Beading has seemed an entrance
to the latter city,
Forest (Ires are killing thanstnds of
trees on the mountains of berks and
Schuylkill counties.
His butchering business didn't pay.
which so dltoonrsgtd John Hudako, of
meland, that he lala'ly shot himself.
Efforts of the Tannery Trust have re
sulted in the closing of eleven tanneries in
Allegheny county, making tlisl idle men.
Last year the Eighth Anthracite district
produced 1178,000 tons of coal, and tho
shipments increased IH), 4 1 '. tons over lo'JA
The stated troaiury balance is $124 loo -000,
of which 88488,000 is In gold. '
Post master General Hissi-ll says no sa
loonkeeper shall be appointed postmaster.
Bar. S. M. ituckloy, D. D., editor of the
Christian Advocate, of Now York de
livered prayer in the House yesterday.
W ashinoton, May 8. Fnrtcast
far FrUajf! lor Knstevn
rmnaMtoato, iaorewtwtg atottt1i
Msa. saostwrt ttidau sesanwf or
Iriilnti iii.ili .....ill.. ,
tor rrettsra rrraatyiKiaia, shouii-s,cuo('
variable wind.
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