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On account of the slump
ill the Cloak Market in New
York City within the last
three or four days, enables
us to offer many of this
season's garments,
Gapes and
At a Reduction of
50 Per Cent.
Tailor-made Costumes
TIip VWrst-d Srg and Covert
Cloth Suit, whieh w arc hav
injr such ii big merits with
this season, arn maiiiifactrire'd
xprrtsly for u nnd confined
strictly to oar hons. thrby
itisnritii: not only the highest
sUulsrl of iiality, but
Evnt of Ir.trt In a Llvtly Town R
ported wlih Car
Fpteial to tht BcttBBfM fYABBB
FOMHl City. Pa,, May 1. An ics
fream social will l hM in tho par
lor of th? Itsiin. church tomorrow
( Wedn'lT evntung An excellent
programme of music will Im mdtftd
John & Hughea ru in I'lvmmtli to
day. attendinif the funeral of liis
brother thtld.
H. K Vaughn, who hs bn Mr
Krantt hookkewper for lome time
patt, hat accepteil a position the Scran
ton Truth staff. He will l tuo 'irutli
reprcaantatiT at ( ' irbondnle
Rr IJ. P. LtppkM wai . visitor In
ths Klectno city today
II P, Jobna tnada bnsintsi trip to
Carbondale today.
MUa Cora E Avry, of Carbondale.
epent today pleaeantly in thia place ai
tha iieat of Mitt Flo Allen.
W. A l'rlce, whomovt-d from Scran
ton to thia piaoa n abort time ago, has
retnrneQ to bcranton. learing for that
place today. Mr. l'rlca will be greatlv
inissil by tha young people in thia
pi are
"The Light on the Point." waa pre
sented by tha Ulaeeford company at
Davie opera houn laat owning in a
creditable manner. The "French Spy"
is the nttraction tonight. "Combns
tioo'' and "Dumb Ball," a double hill,
will be given tomorrow evening (Wed
nesday). Prices 10, M and .to cents
Frank Palmer and Lew Kickfeller,
of Susquehanna, were in Forest City
today nud paid their lirtt visit to a eonl
K. M. Cramer, formerly n resident
of this vicinitv, but of late of I iregon,
Is visiting here for n short time
Ntwa of tha Day Reported In Crisp and
Readable Items
Fjircittl to tht Scrnntnti Tribune.
IIonksha t.K. May I. OptD cars were
nsed today on tha (Gravity railroad for
the first time this season.
Misi Mama Charleaworth, of Hcran
ton, Is visiting friends in town,
Louis Dsin returned from Now York
today, bringing with him three butch
ers who had juat come from Germany.
Tha members of the Kioliauc club
wero eutertained last evening by mutie
from stringed instruments, which was
furnished by four young men from
Brooklyn. The club was ho well pleased
with the musio that they have engaged
the man to furnish mafia for a club
dance at the armory this evehicg.
Miss Mary Manner has returned
home after An extended visit with Eas
ton friends.
Freedom Lode, Independent order
of Odd Fellows, enjoyed a "Smoker" at
their rooms last Dnring the
curling of the amok a music and speech
making went on. An enjoyable even
ing was passed.
Two Lives Saved.
Mrs. Phoebe Thomas, of 'Junction City,
111., was told by her doctors she had Con
sumption and unit there was no hope for
her, bat two bottle Dr. Kiug's New Dis
covery completuly cured her and she gays
it saved her life. Mr. Thos. Eggers, 139
Florida St., San Francisco, suffered from a
dreadful cold, approaching Consumption,
tried without result everything else thou
bought one bottle of Dr. King's New Dis
covery and in two weeks was cured. Ho
is naturally thankful. It is such results
of which these ore examples, that prove
the wonderful eflicacy of this medicine in
Coughs and (Colds. Free trial! bottles nt
Matthews Bros,, Drug store. Regular size
60c. and f 1.
Highest of all in Leavening Powef. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
Oar Own Corrsipondsnt' Daily Dlth of
Journalistic Hash.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
HlROOKA, Pa., May 1. Michael Har
nntt, of Miner's hill, left this morning
for White Plains, N. Y., the home of
his sister, where he will reside perma
nently. Mrs. Alexandria Connell, of Clay
avenue, visited Minooka yesterday.
A championship game of checkers
will be played tonight at Callery hall
between Michael Thornton, of Pittston
a Tonne, and John Washington Coyne
for $2." a side. Referees, M. McDon
ough and P. J. McNally.
Tho number of oars runninc to
I ireenwood has been redused nnd in
stead of running every half hour they
will run every forty minutes hereafter
There will be a social in Callery '
hell tonight.
i'.v Jttdfts Flandley and Mr, Munsev,
land agent and surveyor for the Will
iam t'onnall Coal comp:my. wero in
this place yesterday viewing some land
which has been purchased by Mr.
Hundley. The tract nmounts to about
137 acres and contains considerable
The anditors of the township held a
meeting Ust night in the hotel of Thos
Mullen, of (ireenwool, to receive the
report of last year's supervisors. Only
half has been returned and a portion of
the treasurer's report has bsen received.
ork of opening and grading the
upper end of llirney nvenue has been
commenced by the residents of th tt
portion of the street. Several large
trees which have been standing in the
road have been cut down and a lare
portion of the bank that lined one aide
of thi- road has been removed. When
completed It will be oue of the finest
streets in the place.
Th question of attaching an Insur
ance fund to the Tempvranre urn in,
which was considered at the last (iiar
terly convention in Green Ridge, ha
been spoken of in this plsce, and !ia
met the disapproval of the spiritual
advisor of the St. Joseph's aosiety, who
claims It a detriment to the s.iclety and
does not with to tee anything of the
kind connected with it.
. -
An Entsiprltlna 1 -wn Wrlttsn Up In
Torts and Nswav Style
,.-riol ti tht Sconton 7Vinia.
A n 11 n a I h, Pa.. May 1.- Mrs. Jacob
W igner. Of Ninth Main street, died at
1 30 o'clock this aflern MO Tbfl were
few knew that her illness was of
such a serious nature, and the announc -loeut
of her death wat received with
mingled surprise and FBfftt, Mrs
Wagner wat one of the best known la
titat of htr nationality In thu borough
and hid many friends wtio will learn
of her demise Bhi bad been a rvil
dent of this place for nearly thirty
years. She 1 survived by her butban.l
and four childrtu, these are Frank,
ll-ury. F.l lie and Julia Waguer. Tlie
arrangements for tier funeral have not
el been completed Mrs Wagner was
a careful and Iti Inatriutit WOO AO, a
good mother and a km I neuhhor
There is much sorrow eipreised over
her death.
The cheering intelligence was given
yesterday that the mines in tint vicin
ity will lie allowed to mine an in
crease of in per cent OTtl the output
of last month. It is si long since any
thing of this nature has taken place,
that the miner are elatud over the an
nouncement. A meeting of the Presbyterian cou
gregatiot will lie held on V. IbJ
evening for the purpose of electing
triittevs foi the entiling term.
Miss Jennie Hunter, of Main street,
who has bten In the south tor several
weeks, has returned home.
Mark Price, of South Main street,
made a business visit to Sarnutou to
day. A rnnaway car on the I daw-are and
Hudson culm plane created a gfMl
deal of excitement yeaUrday while It
continued on Its wild cireer. It fright
ened th carpenters near the fo l of
the piano would probably have done
the same to Mr. Ilatt-uberg when it
crushed against th company's office,
hut for the fact that th it gentleman is
a veteran and therefore not easily
scared Th jtr caused the chimuey to
tumble olT th oflKe
Rev J C Rudolph visited his charge
at Pncehiirg this afternoon.
Current Topics DUtMSOd by Our Ituitling
Rsoor'tr Niciat tit tht Scranton Tribune.
PUOIBORO, Pa. May 1. David
Reese, it Voting man, 1? years old, who
resided with his parent near tti Mar
vin shaft, was crushed to death yeaUr
day between tti tiumprs of two mine
cars iu Storr's mine, where he was em
ployed as a runner.
Miller Farhinger will resign his posi
tion as clerk in W. K. (iriftin's store
this week, lie is about to embark in
other business
Mr. and Mrs. P. H. (iilgallon. of
Scranton, called on friuuds in towu on
A lishing party will leave DieklOO
during the week for the streams of Sus
quehanna: When they return we will
believe their stories just to oblige them
John Houck, of Lancaster, and R
Lyons, of Madia, Pa , are stayiug at
the ('antral.
Oscar Wontacoit, formerly or Rich
mond store iu Dickson, has been trans
ferred to the branch store in Forest
'squire James J, Logan lias been
called to arbitrate a vnry difficult case
between Mrs. Peter Race and Mrs. Mil
ler. Wa hope the 'squire's sound ju Ig
nient will satisfy both parties,
Luke Magnire, of Prlceburg, sn
nouueos himself as a candidate ou the
Democratic ticket to the next county
Jobu K Miles, of Pottsville, is a vis
itor iu town.
Any news items, personals, etc., left
at the residence of John A. Murphy
will receive prompt attention.
mien Baby wnn Mek, we gnvn her Castor.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castorla.
When she liceame Jllss, she cluinr to CasUiria,
When th hail Children, she gavothuui Uustorla,
Varlou Topics of Iatrtt Intslltgently
Becoidd for Hurrlsd Rssdsrs.
Sfi$tUH to the Scran tun 'Vioroie.
JBRMYN, IV, May 1 -R D, Fellows,
accompanied bv E. II. House, addressed
a small audience in Repnhlican head
qnnrters last evening. The meotint:
was not properly advertited, very few
having heard that Mr. Fellows would
be present.
A. W. Walkey, our enterprising
young photographer will opeu a studio
at Farview this trimmer.
C D. Winter is in New York.
J. O McCarty, representing O, S.
Mains A Co. , was in town ysler lay
making arrangements for Mains' mam
moth shows which will exhibit on the
grounds near the Ontario and West
rndopot May 11. Remember the date,
May 11
John Pellio and Will c'oleman, of
Scranton; F H. Bailey, of Waverlv,
Pa., nd J X. Edgerton, of Carlisla.
Pa . were Jerinvn visitor yesterday.
William Hrougbal, of J atrest, it con
fined to the bouse with rheumatism
The stock of Liveryman Woolruancy
will be told t private sal, and not by
the sheriff, on Friday morning The
item was an error In yesterday's paper
which Mid that Bharlff Fahey would
dispose of it.
Mrs. ('. V Stanton, of Carbondale,
visited friends here yetter lav
A public meeting of the Women's
Home Missionary sity will be held
in the ptrlors of the Methodist BplfOO
pal church this afUrnoon. Tne pro
grsmme will intsrest vou. I it hoped
MS) will have a largl attendance
J I Stocker transacted business in
Scranton yesterdsy
A regular meting of R tub brook
loilg will be held tomorrow evruing.
Work in the initistory degree
Nwt of a Iiay T.rssly Rpnt1 for
Uilok Ptrustl.
Nirtnl tQ tht NrriaPo Vilnlnr.
DcRMOU, Pa., Mat l Tii rapidly
increasing Attend OM at tti poblifl
schools it it thotigtit. will necessitate
ll eiilargeinht of I til ' of til school
I miliums atid the building of others.
The present accommodations are luad
q late nml the teacher too few
ScbcMila 7 and I are especially ovr
Otowdod, Mbolan bein,' crowd I
three in a seat T'HK TRItOVI corre
spondent ws ats ir. l by good oatkor
ny that llapi to improv the present
con litions would bi tsk-ti at mice,
an I by neit term the tdOOAtiOOAi fa
ctlitiea will b greatiy incrd Su
pAriBtoodaol wllliani ha a)m iit-
gested thai many l.igner tirauches l
introduced. making It posslbl for
scholars to tak a college preparatory
conrte at our sc'io I.
Thomss Protbtroo, for a number of
veart untie foreman at the CttpAJI
OfOTA uolnerv, hss acctpted a poaiti ui
with the new inining company whicb
will locate near the icr breaker
The new compary will mine tti coal
remaining in the old Filer Working
and will slto erect a washery an I sjm
arat th smaller stzt from tha old
BpMOOf .tunp.
Fr.sli mdk cents pr qtnrt, 21
quirt" i Pilmer's. M
Mrs. j l nristls visiting relatives at
TaabhABDook, Pa
Thomas Palmtr has teen rctink
tome han laoine new signs on bie-splac-of
The Lsdies' Al l sosiety of th Prt
byterian tbnnh will b 0d a t ciai in
th cbu.cti parlors on Thurtdiy even
lag I he ladies bave all euviebU
record ns enlertaitien and U'i M
should stay awnv.
UterOattaf fits . t News C n-p l1 by
Brsesy Wrltr.
fytnnl F ISs n 7VlMnt
Av.e a, P , M .y 1. -Mr. R 1. r'
Atkinson, of WOWOOf ill, died at hei
lioiiie Istt evening after a severe attack
.f rbtoiBAilim I1 1' s i wis aboai
4" vesrt of age and It survived by s
husband and one daughter. Tlie fuu
ral Ml 1 III (run lit will le made I a 1 1-1
The hose house of lb Avoca
Hotecompiny, N. 1, will be told l
Bight at SOOlioa mid a larger huuai
will I erected in II pi 10
A party wrs hel l last Bight at tin
new reside BOA Of C tiolius OeborBA Ot
McAlplli street. DaBOiBg and gain-w.-re
kepi up until lale in ill evening
The Missionary society of in Ling
cliff.' church wiil iiiGt at the bOOM "
Mrs Divid M. itou on TnurtJav after
IVter Dnning.iti wa severel)
qtleeZsd Sbolll the hips 111 th Ling
cnlle mine on lion lav.
The wall which ts tieiog built aI0B
ihe ere k is almmt completed
II M Harvey, who has bsen pastoi
of the I'nuiiiive M tho list church h.-r.
for the pas! er, left this morning foi
Oneida. N. V
Mrs. BfAO DA?!, who was taken to
the W UK' I ll.irr DOSOital last week,
died on Monday. She leaVAA a husband
and oue oblld lo in . urn ne loot.
Miss Agnes Fi. .muni mi is the as
sistant pOAlBliAtTAAA
A little sou of Martin Curley lies
daugeroiisly 111 of pneWBOBhk
Partifrspht of In.rtt ft i in a Sus
quehanna Town.
filarial to the AtaNHsfOA 7Vi7hi..
HaUBTBAO, Ph.. May I -The hous.
on Main street occupied by Mrs SIikm
it receiving a coat of paint.
Remember the address tomorrow
night in Railroad Young Men's Chris
tian Association hall by Miss Mary
Crosby, the noted hymn writer of New
York city.
Mrs. Mary Miller, of New Milford, is
visiting her daughter, Mrs B, M. (isxe.
Miss Fowler, of Uiiighnmton, Un
popular music teachnr, will be here in
the future on Monday instead of Fri
News of a Sultry Day at Reoorded la the
I louatr City.
Pjwcial to the .Vcranlna Triftiiat.
Carbonhale, Pa., May 1 Arrange
ments have been completed to the of
fect that U P. Dodge, who has beeu
connected with the Lewis house ut
Liinghiiinton for nim years, and is now
general manager of the Craadull house,
to become the proprietor of the new
Hotel American.
Mrs. Dr. Van Doran, of Arcbbald,
was a visitor here today.
The funeral of the la'e John Phillips
will bo held this afternoon at 3 30
o'clock from the residence ou Wyoming
street. Interment will he made in
Maplewood cemotery.
Bennie Morris, the 5-year-old son of
Captain B. E. Morris, of the Herald,
died last nigbt at his home in Provi
dence. At the reglar meeting of the Carbon
dale Poor department last evening
aside from other business transacted,
the following bills were ordered paid:
Kin nack Bros., funeral expanses. $25;
Delawaro and Hndson coal, $27.5);
John Devine, supplies. $2.30; P. F
Hughes, supplies, $23.2d; Lyneh &
Uronsou, feed. $33 50; J. B Shannon ct
Co, seeds, $5)1)1; purchase of lots and
digging graves in St. Rose eemetery,
Nw of Intrtt from Fair Faotory vlll's
Inttltutlon of Liarnlng:.
Niiecinl to the Scranton 'Aiouae.
FaOTORYVILLV, Pa , May 1 DAvid
Cur, of Joriuyn, spent Sunday at his
(i. W. Slocum has besn spending n
few days at his home in Seranton.
Professor D. I) Harm on spent Sun
day with Rev. Ford, of Oreeti Ridge.
Professor E K Hulley supplied the
pulpit on Snnday at the LHptist church
of Waverly, which is still without a
The young msn are quite enthnsiai
tic over the idea of having the athletic
field in good condition, and are lending
a helping hand.
The fourth annual banquet in honor
of Principal Loomis will be given ou
Friday evening, May Is. on week ear
lier than previously arranged.
The plgl readings contest of th
young ladies given on Friday evening
wat In every respect a grand success
The house was filled to oyerll iwiug and
nearly all present were Iree to state
that it was the best contest that had
ever been held at Keystone academy.
After much deliberation the judges
awarded til pri.s to Mist Delia Cole
nisn. with honoiuble mention to Miss
Kthel Carr.
Bcsema of W orst Type. Beboolaaol
Society Abandoned. I ' II PBsttt
Would be Belief Cuticttn
Soon Put An I Mid to
all goOerlBgii
yerlnee I wa three y. irs oil I hire lwen
In. I with Ki etna
f tht
ret hi
It at
i k I
Usee ranpltslj ovi
sate trini i torts ol n.
t ii
Ii.. n.ri-.l lo mam very talnenl pnysM tans, dui
i'h bo savsstsbie ressdl Bostsasael ui bead
SM uuusof thick erab that woOM run and
blsl, end IB tummri would belosraeh wofte:
no sen looked is ihoagh tin t troold uu on. I
i . " 1 1 I in.! In si li. I ..r uiiiigle with s.e. leii as
1 1 . .... a., n no I'll I I. u i i ones Hi it
seats trottM i a leiief) suHtnai And it. turn
until I hit lU knew hit I" do 1 got I SlJ
I i ii. i as RKMKSUBt thl h.if .Nauan lat jtrnl
M a.-. ..i.liiitt i dm i IRNM, and I M !"
i twin lows arvetl sr tanenriiE irosn u iottidi
UlSejUM 1 lU'lftli-ht II "t.'-l 41,' I lrie.1 the i .
Ol d.sUir with f ill little relief
Ni man (ii n atlRKM.
14,i7 ueorgeBtte! l- i B it.
I tme seJfseel fross a tnere attack f
what ISOAlM HnirlgO Tli" disease r I
an intense t.iirnme and II. Iin tt tins tin
I fit lat hill rest iU ..r oigtit. i ri" ha
enre.1 me entirely in a l. w ekt. IiuertuUj
teivtuleelel ll tot llkeitr-'iihle.
(Ills III I r.
I eilaas BsAtA -n. Mu b.
OlraMoa of e,n mp
re. Mi l I onslllUt UW
I ut lumlelu USeSAi
I Ptts, OtlS ' as,
ist. l I TTSa lal
'r. net rt, BotSoa.
I'lx tee," Ins -! free.
! t'i" nsb ail a
Oe.. Heir. ii. . Kr..i
I l I
II p. k, -liie. ah 1 titrruii a.n ftii'l
oTfMlMMM ralTrl In MM mlniit
I ibsj ( ullrtiro. A A tie rilrr.
1 ti trtt iu 1 yi..) i a.m i-K I Jhi:t.
City Music Store,
- b lOhtlMU AVtj et;iA:.;oA
hi i ivn x Mm
lift Kl II lUtolHKIM am
KKAMt II Htl k
Hit i.i. ,k ii t KH
I v k r ... soak
mi si i , in Hi ii sNUlttht
ait mu, no. i u:
Best in the market
OFFICE: Blnghamton, N.Y.
FACTORY: Brandt, Pa.
Brandt Clay ProductCo
Mr. James It. Bond
l'hlladlphla, Pa.
Muscular Rheumatism
Sciatica and tho Piles Adds to
the Sufferer's Misery
Four Bottles of Hood's Sarsaparilla
Effects a Wonderful Cure.
"C. I. Hood It Co., Lowell, Mass.:
"Oentlmeni Asaresiilt of tho memorable
blitttrd of lUreb, im, I contracted muscular
rblumAtitni ; at that time I was enuaced on a
Jnhof ItSMBiltting In FtalBBIld, N. J., and II
was necessary lor nie to wade through tho snow
to th building, a new residence, In which we
were working For eighteen monthl aftei
w uils I was laid up with muscular rheumatism
and sciatica. 1 then Joined my son lndaw In
Denver, Col, where I was MgAged In steam
llttlng and engineering, and when: I eomncncec
to Uke II". id's Sarsaparilla fur my rheumatism
It cured me not only of the rheumatism snd
sciatica, but also of outward piles, from which
for thirty thres rears I bad suffered
A Thousand Deaths.
Previous to going to Denver I visited the
i oivcrtltyol Pennsylvania to be operated upon.
The doctor pronounced my case etonjAOOa 0
th bOWSlS And tOS worst he ever saw. He re
fused to perform an nperatluu. saying that after
haviai tulleieil so many reari It was SOt worth
while that I thmild die at that late day from the
efle.-tj of the kiille, and die 1 would If he uted It,
No Man Can Concolve
what I tillered for thirty-three years. I tried
all torts ol remedies and treatments, often
without Ihe slightest relict Four bottles of
H ..d vn ..ii .. ..; , i.. t .,) ,, .,,.,( ,tl,
cured, both tlie piles and rheumatism,' Tti
IBt trace of rheumatism which I feel now Is a
little sturnose when the resteer changes, ami
as I will be ;.l years old In August that It hut
incidental In my aye hi, , sjBpIS tUte
inetit .f (acts." .Unrs K. ll,, mi, 5 West
Norrlt Street, Plilladrlplua Pa
Mood's Pills
ore gftt ll!s. mn,
. . .'. ...
Or. K. Grower
m Pciiid'iDaia SptdtNtl,
led Ml ..l.te. itotal Kn.ll.h aal ler
I Hi'.unu, tn.aautltocatl
Temple Court Building
n-1 gpitfji i sr
SCRANTON, o..,. B seseaileJ DaU.1 and
II lAt.
el I 'Vv"'" 'At a S'l ista uf ta t'titreny
ci I enns) iTsais, nrsserlf demoostrauir of
t.V ""' J ''ry at tb Neillci hlr
ti V
i i ,. oc niUadelphta II b also
rsiy , tmttr ,J ts. o i hlrue
Aaa ut: , ud at lo.-lsa and
S It thief . 1 tho rnrwt b. t.-l Ainr n
iman li.wi'it.K roine lii,rhly p.. I irpl
" .rf I'lu.s l'i til s-il
Hi- m y resrs of horll ritairtcooe a
tht thts ssrat phi SSSlss SM nrg.m t i
''""T Jtafl m sn 1 all d.f rm M
SJM t . with the QMtS ftatterlas aeo,
St hp l.i. h SkillJIsg in the lt- uA
.l w blm o accept any Ineural.le rsx
I i in i si , n ii , mn i; i . i , i u r ii
U I k I . Ill 1 1 1 Mi sits it in
IryieitisT int txren op iy yo ir phvl
esn rail upon the J., tor and m riamined
He cure ih ., rat tsavawof Nervorai UeblHtv
r rata, (ltd Borea 'rfh, I'll. K.inaU
WeniH. Affo.i) as of lb R.r Byt N .
roaiAei lfi.ea '1 mn . 'an
fsn i .4 Crl'il-snf rrii.t d.erii .n I'-. a
rn'ta'lon In F.n..ih aad BerBslB PreB wlueb
i tit ti seaAMeesd m. rl sad ttnotie tool
re.. Noon 'i vi. to w r. i. DsjUj
lumiai i B a. ta. to a p ni.
Third National
Bank of Scranton.
Matoeaoal Ph :a . I BOA, oattoj for b
Iks I'iroiier hi the Co i roai
i.i -oi i.i i
I ClM"
1 1, erili ll
I i lied Hal Bosiils....
nihil H..I..I"
1'Hiiblni; lli'ii".
promlasai en l . I it u
ion- in in i . I i reosavof
ItBA fSOSB IlitnkN
Bi.? no
HIT kl
an.otni oc
. Ill, ATI 7.-,
s.u:i n
, 7 i.oo on
?oh tin ::i
. Il. i.i ' 1 1
I '.'ll... 1.10. All
I 1 Mill lilts
( ii pi at
.. aino nnn on
140 000 Oi
nil Imii im
104 SO
,., 1 , 56 1 nun :. i
' ISO 00
."ii i"-
Dadlvldod ProBte,,
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EverythsngFOR Everybody
The Fair
400402 Lacka. Ave.
"Always the Cheapest''
Dry Goods, Ladies' and
Gents' Furnishing Goods,
Notions, Fancy Goods,
Infants' Wear, Cloaks,
Curtains, Boys' Clothing,
Boots and Shoes, etc.
New Millinery Department
MAY 4, 5 and 7
J apanesc
Hand-woven Carpets and Rugs
30x60 inches, $1.75.
Smyrna Rugs All Sizes
406 and 408 Lackawanna Ave.
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With an Eye
To secure more patronage, in addition to
our already extensive trade, we have de
cided to inaugurate the following Gift
1 Mstribution to all purchasers of -
& 7 IZ Worth of Goods I . M
V D or over. ,i "f 11 100 pi,',,c DInnet s,'t'
A Worth Of Goods I V tft of an EHegnnt American
J J or over. Onyx Finih Clock.
Parlor Suit
M-si , .
i ins advertisement
in order to secure the
GIFT DISTRIBUTION hold good for cash or credit
sales. Goods delivered free everywhere.
9x12 feet, $15.00.
Coat Hooks
Towel Racks
Card Tables
Brass Tables
Music Racks
Umbrella Stands
Rogers' Groups
Curtain Pole3
Picture Hooks
Brass Tacks
Stair Buttons
Bead Portieres
Eamboo Curtains
Step Chairs
Blacking Boxes
A One frnil subject in JAnthivie
i tak and (ioid Frame.
A Pastel in Ivory nnd (,'old. Km.
)iro 1'iaiiii'; sonu'tliinir m w.
A heavy pair of Chenille Portterci
iu all colors.
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