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All (he Fashionable Shapes
Trimmed to suit tlio must fastidious.
The niost delicate i'abrio prop
erly cleaned at
Lackawanna Laundry
308 Penn Ave.
Norrman& Moore
320 Wyoming Avenue
1 1
415 Lacka. Avenue.
We will offer Moquettes
at 75C- for another
Think of it A Carpet worth
$1.25 fr 75c.
The choice patterns are
being closed out very
rapidly. Come early.
'27 Wyoming Ave.
I !. Union Transfer Company, Limit- 1
Bus line. ISaggagtt and freight rallstt fol
ud delivered promptly. 1UT Franklin
Toe contributors of Lackawanna liiw
pitat will boid a u .; next ilouday
Tun ladioa of Dalton MiMundist EpUco
pal church will serve their quarterly
cliurch supper Wednesday. May -', from
8 30 to 7.30 p. m.
The Lacliawaiiua Kindorarten assocta
tiou will bold it annual meeting at tbe
home of ( Vloticl n. At. Uoins, on Gay ave
nue, next Monday evening.
Tbe ('atbolic Choral anion wiil resume
rehearsals this evening in 1 ollegK ball at H
o'clock. The rehearsal this evening will
be for tbe lady members only.
The Vr-tier Literary association held a
meeting .Mummy eveuing ami elected tbe
following officers: President. H, & Smith;
vice president, Cyrus V. Walteri; crt
tary, Joseph Wagner; treasurer, I:. &
John Bums, of Wost Market stroet, fell
down tbe Kichmond shaft Monday even
ing nt 1U o'clock, but fortunately escaped
with slight injuries. His flight through
apace was arrestod after he bad descended
a short distance.
In honor of theirlltth anniversary Srran
ton Lodge of Kik will tonight give a social
session for Kiks only. An enjoyable pro
gramme bai been arranged and no fea
Mre of Interest will be neglected. All
lks are cordially invited.
"Jn Old Kontueky," which made such an
Instantaneous hit at the Frotbingham
theater last evening, will bo repeated tins
afternoon at " 30 o'clock and this evening
t h. 10 o'clock. 1'ricea for the mntiueo
will be: Orchestra ? cents, orchestra circle
GO cents, balcony 3o and 2 j cents.
The friends of Miss Delia KalTerty ten
dered her a birthday party at her resi
dence on Phelps street Monday night.
Among those present were: Misses Liz
zie Kearney, Mamie Durkin, Maggio
Ruddy, Nellie Devine, Katie ItalTerty,
Delia Noon" Nellie Kearney, Mary Dur
kin, Mary .erty, Bridget bhields, Katie
Flaherty ,ary Harrison, Mollis Onl
Ingher, Messrs. Martin Weir, Michael
Rsffer' iames Ratchford, James Pur
kin, .ony Rnfferty, John Cuffroy.John
T' gular weekly Bocial of the Young
W- tVs Christian association was held nt
tt. Arlors on Washington nveuuo last
evening, and notwithstanding counter at
tractions, a large number of young ladies
were in atteudauce. Miss Uertrndo Mor
ris presided at the piano und furnished en
joyable music during tho evening. Tlio
entertainment committee served ice cream
and cake, and everything possible was
done to render tho occasion aploasaut
one. Ono of the forms of umuaemont in
dulged in was what is known as the char
acter game, an innocent diversion out of
which a good deal of eujoymout was ex
tracted. A council composed of delegates from
the churches of tbe Abiugton Baptist asso
ciation met yesterday a at Jackson Street
baptist church for tbe purpose of or-
taining to the Baptist ministry O. H.
loughton, late pastor of the Primitive
Methodist church of Taylor. Tho examina
tion in the aftornoon was thorough and
most satisfactory. The ord ination servi cos
In the evening consisted of hymn; read
ing of Scripture, Rev. W. J. Ford; prayer,
Rev. D. J. Williams; hymn; sermon, Bar.
Y. J. Collins; ordaining prayer, Rev. V. ('.
Hughes; charge to the candidate, Rev. A,
E. Douglass; bund of welcome. Rev. 11. 11.
Harris; benediction, Rev. O. H. Bougbton.
Anhsussr Buioh Bter.
louli Loh man's, HI biirucaaw
Williams k McAnully
He Fell a Distance of Three Hundred Feat In
the Bdkvue Shaft.
By Mistake a Car Was Pushed Into the
Shaft and Ludka, Who Had Hold of
the Frame-work, Was Dragged with
It to Instant Death Trouble in Re
covering His Body John Thomas
Had a Narrow Escape.
Albert Ludkn, employed at the foot
of Dellevuo sliult, fell from the Dia
mond Vein to the bottom, a distance of
:!00 feet, nt 8 o'clock lust night and was
instantly killed.
Ludka, with a few companions, was
at work putting loaded car of coal on
thu carriage to be hoisted np tho shaft.
There are four veins in the shaft uud
tho Diamond vein is the one nearest
the surface. It is fully J00 fset from
tbe bottom,
The men were at work in the Dia
mond vein when the casualty occared.
They bid a loaded car in rendiness to
run on tho carriage every time it do
icended. Tnis time the workmen imagined the
carriage had conn down and accord
ingly ran a car to the mouth of the
Tbe carriage bad not descended and
consequently tho loaded oar went tum
bling to the bottom of the shaft.
Ludka was holding on to tbe frame
of the car, unmindful of tli? d inger,
and he was swept into thu yitwuitig
opening along with it.
His body was crushed out of all
shape, every bono 111 it being broken
It took a long tune to recover tho re
mains of the wreckage in the sump of
the shaft.
Another man named John Thomas
narrowly escaped being dragged to
death also.
When the body was recovered it
was taken to tho surface an 1 convey 1
to his home at 300 Elm street, lie is a
young widower, uhout "o years old, and
has two small children. Ill wife died
less than a year ai;o.
Coroner Kellsj was notified, bnt
will not bold an inquest until bo is
notified to do so by Miuo Inspector
ll.ewitt, in whoso district the fatality
U;ard cf Assocla'sd Charities Dt.Ue to
Co.tlnue Old follor.
The Doard of Associated Charities
met lust evening in tbe poor board
room In the absence of President
EUppUi Attorney Uiylord Thomas uro
lidau. Uluer present were Messr
Keller, Cohen, Moore Secretary Israel
aud Mrs Duggau. Mr Israel read the
treasurer' retort Which sliowod the
:aU balance of funds 0.1 baud to be
;l:l 111
Chairman Moore, of the relief com
mittee, reported tti t tlwr are iron
f ti to twenty applications daily for
work, and recommend jd that BO MN
or.lers for enip'.oyii.ent bo given out
until the tr.e organlz itlOS are
iu ltti shape. The report and rscom
nandatloo were adopted
However, when later on Mrs. Dag
Kan reported thai able bodied wan were
on the verge of stsrvation an I must b
belpd tu some way, Mr Kelly more 1
that tl"d re appropriated towsr 1 giv
ing out more employment. The m -tioa
Mr. Thomas, of the visitation 0OB
tnittee, stated tint a meeting of ladi
would soou be h-ld for the purpose of
deviaing tua:.s to iucr-'a- the mem
bership of the org 111IZ1I10U
There were a number of additions to
tbe membership reiorlol, Mr C en
haviug alone sscurud forty live. Tbt
rates are fV for life,
' sj
They Aare to Pay a Bonus of 07,128
Tc'htwl'h A irunl Interest.
lilair iV Co., of New York, throngh
H. C. Sbnfer, of the Berastofl Hating
lunik, wer the sner!iful bidders for
I he IIIs1, 1 Hio issue of 1 p-r cent, school
bonds Tbe premium bid is 7, I ' or
a fraction mure than 6.M per cent In
addition, Ulalr 6.' Co. agrea to pay ac
crued intersst to date.
Tne text two highest among the
fourteen bidders were the IVnn Mutual
Life Insurance cotnpitny, of PhiUdel
phia, w! olid a premium of 178, and
Harris ft Co., of New Yrk, who bid
. 218 60.
q'l'he original isiu 1 of bonds was 150,
000, of which $2'J,000 was ssstiuird at
par by local people last fal I. '1 hat this
investment will prove a paving one is
obvious Thev wer.i thou enabled to
secure Ifeffli without premium owing
to the flnani'ial scare.
Th other firms who bid for the bonds
101 Parson, Leach A: Co., Jones & Co. .
Street, Wykes & Co , W, J. Hayes A
Sons, of New York city; Saylor iV Stan
ton, Fnnrtii Sreet National bank. Shoe
maker ft Co , H. R Major, Kiiuitable
Mortgage company, of Philadelpbta ,
It. L. Day .V Co , Doston.
' ' m -
"in Old Kentucky" mntiueo today,
Erstwhlls Loving Couplss Havi th Mar
riage Xlsa Dissolved.
Two divorces were granted in conrt
yesterday. Fred E. Pratt, who mar
rtt I rah Button at Llnghamtou, July
, 1H00, succeeded in having the mar
riage tie dissolved. He is u teamster
by occupation and lived with hi wife
at Nicholson, Wyoming county, bnt
now resides in L-high township. The
ground on which the diTOTOI was pro
cursd was that of desertion, the wife
at the time of her departure taking
with her the family cow and sundry
household goods and property.
Annie B Robinson, wh.ise maiden
name was Carrie N. Parker, was also
granted a divorce from Nathan 13.
Robinson. The couple were married nt
Waverly, Feb. IS, 1890, and lived to
gether for six months, when Itnhinaun
took her back to her former bnUtfl and
left her there, and afterward rofnaod to
provide for her. Jealousy on the p.trt
of the husband was the c tuse of this
conple's trouble. Ho is now in Illinois.
Mrs. Mary Eachmsn Enters Complaint
Aftainst Usr Husband.
A warrant was isauol yesterday by
Alderman Wright, on comnlalnt of
Mrs. Mary Bnchman, agod Tti years, of
Rebecca avenue, who alleges t'mt her
husband, Herman, beat her and turned
her out of door.
The case was beard by Alderman
Blair, who held Bacbman under $'200
hail to keep tbo p Tbe evidence
showed that both parties to tbe aait are
affected with temporary incompati
bility. "In Old Kentucky" at tbe Frotbingham.
The Great New York Production at tbe
Frothing-ham Tbeater.
"In Ohi Kentucky," tha play that
enj yed such a lviuarlcable run at the
Academy of Music, New York, during
the present tiieatricil season, was pro
duced for the first time in this city at
the Fiotliinghaui th uier last evening
before a 1 irire an lUne-.
The scenic effects of "In Old Ken
tucky" are about tiro most raalistioand
lab rate that luve v.(r tjri seen upon
any stagn in Scranton. This is pr
'icularly truo of the BtOtldl tin seme In
the tirst act and the Luxiugtou race
track in the third act. Tne produc
tion in its entirety from a scenic stand
point, is marvelous.
The audience was wrought up to a
high pitch of enthusiasm and there
were frcqtiijut enoorea and curtain
calls. One of the big hits of thu even
ing was the appearance of the Wood
lawn WbaofdoodUl, a famous band of
colored boys, averaging about 1" years
of age, who play in excellent style upon
brussacd make as creditable a allowing
as many moro pretentious musical or
ganizations. The wing dancing of the
pickauuinies was received with much
A oompany of first rale prforurirs
interpret -d "In Old Kentucky." .Mis
Luuta Bnrf. in tho role of Madgj
Briorly, a (lower of the mountainous
region of Kentucky, mad a ,moti
favoruhle ImprOMlOD bv liar cbver aot
ing. Edward Holland was manly as
Frank Layaoo, and Uust.ive Frankel
gave a good representation of a OOlorod
servant. "Iu Old K ntucky"is cor
tkinly cue of the strongest aud most
thoroughly interesting plays that
Borantoniani have ever bad tbe oppor
tunity of witnessing.
The plsy will be repeated at the
Frotbingham thoater this afternoon at
2,80 o'olock and tills eveuing at 8.13
Thu prices for the tuatiuee will he,
orchestra, 7 .'(cents; orchestra circle, 50
cents ; balcony, 85 uud "5 cents
"In Old Kentucky" at the Frotluugham
this afternoon and evening.
Listened to by a Brilliant Audience at
fclm Park Church Mmc. Bl.iu
velt's Superb Sinking.
The organ recital st Bin I'ark cnr.n h
latt evening, conducted by (i orgs 15
Ctrtor, attracted an uudienc" that 1:1
numtiers, culture and unthusissm has
rarely teen aurpawad iu the LHtory of
loeai musical entertainment'. At 8
o'clock everv seat was taken r
SO ml tned auditorium and whet ,Ht8. IS,
Mr. Carter began to play the utrgbotto
from Btothovott'i socond lyapbony,
tuera must bava boon mora than 1 100
auditors within sound of tti eiqals
Itoly modulated tone of tha vibrant
pipes By way of vnri ition irom tha
delicate BAjfBOallalioa of thil largo
etto, Mt. Carter nrlu led ti e opening
titiiuber with a fautitsie on t..e E.ui
Path memorial chimes arranged t
binoalf, in which tu DOnai llll com
binations on thesw melo lion- be.U w r
so faithfnllv reproduce! ou the organ
si to aztita g. nersl surt rise.
A descriptive Mttg, "Tne Rift," by
Pinantti, introducing Richard Tb.nnts
(Llew Herbert) whose baaaa voice has
seldom, If ever, been heard to better
advjntjge lie was well rinforcd by
Mt i ii .. r' 10 (- ui s'llm -nt. i lab'y
in the ti. under craih crroen ! . which so admiral! in its vensiiiii.tu 1 .
he. .ting gradually as It di 1 upon the
sultry stiui sphere a almost to docolv
tha audience into believing that a real
storm bid gat rr t aod I rokn witii
out. Bv reijnest. Mr ( irur followsl
with variations of "A'inl Lenrlo. "
The appearance of Miu- ll.suvei.
was th signal for applaMMO, which
SQOmad reluctant to field veu to tb
Hsagtoof her marvelous voice. Upon
i .-r lint ppe .r.n in Scranton this
gif e i soprano hil won a ivsriu place
in the m of mnsic lovers, tioth
by rOaOM of her sMgOittooMI liOgiQg
mid also through tho fairly aS(OtolU
gr.ic aud spriglitlinaas of ber man
ner. There eremed last venuif,
however, to be au extra daintiness
to her suille, and doub y brighten d
in recognition of a WOMNMsM wnic.i
became little less than a positive ova
Hon Mine, lll.i ivelt sang a difllcnll
wall, song by (lotinod und followed
ills with a vivacious select'oo, "Fal lib .
Fnllah," by Yen dr S;uekn, Later In
the evening, after giving DaoUMf'
'Uavpr.' 'Aw. ike, I direst Maid-In,
Mm, blauvelt acknowledged a rOOail
by singing au ecstasy and graciously
reappeared after a lOOMd encore to
forg- aud clinch her hold Upon Scran-
tonlaoa bv a rendition of the hallad
"Comin' Thru' the Rye" which seetne I
literally incomparable in its daiottheoa,
verve uud purity.
Half' "Excelsior" was tbe vehicle
by wideb Alfred Wooler and Mr
1 hoiuss conveyed the blended IWOOt
tins ef a ten t end bars dno; (luilU
in. mt's fnneral liurch, w ith the seraph's
chant, enabled Mr. Oaftfl much f Hi
ther to evidence bis tborongu in istery
of the organ, and Mr. WooiOI followed
by rtqtiest with Buck s "Foil Not Ye.
) Israel," adding ' Mary of Argyle'
whsu most cordially recalled Mine.
Blauvelt's last appearance was iu com
pany with Mr. Wooler In the soprano
and tenor (loot, "A Night in Yeuice,"
which bad been preceded by au i x
trnordlnnrlly artistic interpretation by
Mr Carter of The Shephsrd'a,
with Pilgrim's chorus, from Ttnn
bauser. II every souse tbo recital was
a complete success.
'ln Old Kentucky" at the Frotbingham
this afternoon and eveuiug.
Thsr Will Be a Pantd and Other Evl
dsnoea of Enthusiasm.
The management of the Scranton
Bsse Ball team has planned for a gala
opening of th" State Lsugu bOM bill
senson here today.
Ibe Hiizletou aggregatloD will bo tho
attraction, and with the homo team
and the Lawrence bind wiil paride the
streets at 2 o'clock.
Tno grand stand at Hogan park hss
been appropriately decorate 1 with
hunting and flags by S. J. Fuhrmiti.
Ladle will be admitted free, as ou
every Wednesday (Lulies' Diy) during
the season, aud if tno weather is fa
vorable there will no doubt b a geu
urous sprinkling ol tliu genii t sex in
the grand stand
Invitations have been extended to
councilman, municipal offlbotli the ju
diciary and county officials to be pres
ent ; iu fset, everything has been ar
ranged to set the base ball wheel roll
ing in nn auspicious and appropriate
Tbe series with Hazieton will be con
tinued here tomorrow aud at Hazieton
Friday and Saturday.
Don't miss ' In Old Keutucky."
Ladies' and Osnts' Rsnsr-To Shoe
Iu patent leather and russet. Common
wealth Shoe Store, Washington avenue.
That Is prices tt Uuernser Brothers,
Opinions ot the Contractors and Workmen
Are Pieson'cd.
Guilders Claim to Be in the Dark as
to the Justness of the Strike and
Say They Will Not Be Crippled.
Men Aver Less Wages Are Paid
Here Than Elsewhere Building
Operations Quiet.
Bnt little excitement attended the
strike of Bricklayers' Union No IS,
yesterday. The men had waited until
B late hour Monday night for an acces
sion from th bniider to their demand
of 10 cents per hour.instead of 35 cents,
us paid in the past
The bricklayers claim that in noi'i
boring citie their trade is paid -10
cents, and to ask S.trantnn meu to work
for less is an injustice. They aver that
they will bare no trouble in keeping
workini'ii from other cities away until
th" light is settled. ,
It is said that the buildlngstagnntlon
of the winter and a low ebb of building
ventures doting the year hill some
bearing in producing tipj strig. . One
of the idle np'n saul to a TninuNE n
porter yesterday lint tho uaiou had
vervrcascn toex; '-ct to bring the move
ment to a successful Issne. The men do
not believe that rou-onion bricklayers
from small countrv towns can DO in
duced to leave their families and some
to Scranton At all eveuU, it is uot
believe! that men from country towns
will consent to supplant their fellow
laborers when a strike is on. Nitlr
is it b-lleyed tlmt workmen from the
cities will corao here to labor for a 3j
POnl scale.
Inqniries made by a Titini'SF. re
porter among the contractors and
bnlldati Of prominence does not raveal
any iilsriu on tnelr part One of the
most extensive builders of the city said
yesterday afternoon :
"Considering tii rasa from a fair
itnndpolat, the s:ik u nnwarranted
and will not b inooeoifaL Ws have
obmitUd too Igher aooieol wages
than la jottiflabi forth reuson that
ev. ry Ban, arbether prnflciont or other
wise, has been reoslvlng the sm
wages If w j-ii! I rlckl.tyer their
just dncs s"m of their, would not arn
more thanSSoenti pr hour and, on
thootbr band, many would rece.vs iO
conts and MMBOOVOB higher.
"At this lime there ar nn large
building ventures In progress and
t.-ariy nil t i t i j .'. . ..f . irly i
eon work have icea eompleted, eoai
qoently we shall not bs trippled. KU
ways Anting tt. rammer sia n bnild-
ersc.iu find pleotf of work and
work, too OOtti lo the eitv at summer
reeorts aud ooon try to.v.ic"
'1 plans lort.n new high echo 1
I nil ling will not b oinpi!l to.
nearly a mouth . thera will b auotber
nt i or th ted are in. and still an
other month before the work will be
startel Mr Jertflyn In no hnrrv lo
commouoe work on tht n ill h del stru
ton Conaidartng all tbane thingai la
' lonotHoo with th fet that th own
ers generally ar disinclined to have
bnlldiaga eroctad, I don't se how the
men expect to hold Nt Neither to I
pswealvetha tru- riars of the strike
tiles, explained t'y th ilinp! state
111 -nt thv want mrr money "
Bobatantialty in sm opinion was
x . 1 v 1 l.ti k-
Tbe only large structure now bu 1 1
Ing la that t th corner of Lin Ian
and vfaahingtOO nfwno, Havens
.t Williams. conlrctor Mr Will
lam aid yoatoiday that th brlokworh
g ing on was owing to a c inlrsct he
Bad wit'i John Dsvis, of (ireen Bldge.
Mr Ditvi and In son wr slon t
work there yeiter lav; if h sernree a I
ditiooal help it will b by paying 4d
oenti an hour.
A handful 4,f iabo: r wr at w r
yesterday; thev ar BOt laolodod Ifl
tbo mcr aee ilemauded and will not be
Called OO'..
Don rod Behroeder. Peter stipp, a
Bykee and Calllhan liro arethecm
tractora who refnee'l tho mantbai-
iti"iisl 5 Bonta per hour
Scrnt"n rjol n No. 18 Is of the In union, an I is not 0OBOOl
Bd with th Lab r Fe leratloii The
file r ar: President, William Jobs
eon; yloa paoBtdoot, cnri sh,ii r.
financial cret iry, Mic al I
corresponding secretary, James I) lau
treasurer. Charlr llur
The number of men who have quit
wi rk is bntWOOn Sventy and eigiitv,
Th refusal of tha bricklayers to con
llnne to work has stoip d the progress
of several small buildings the
Th Boat I Ron Tno Uood and Can B
Had Well Poor.
Thousands worry along throngh life
without appreciating th gret bo-,n of
faultless breail. (lend fl ur aud good hak
ing are th first reOjOtattOO) BOto can t
seen at th store of Iloran Mealy, Dnn
ni4. re, where Miss Young, of Hoeton, is
giving au exhibition ilaily of not ouly
what csn b tl ne with good Boar, hut
by giMxl baking as well, lloaud see sinl
taste the delicacies.
iii S i
Tbe POUaroVBroekmrtdge trial is ended
for the present and the eminent iMuusel
BC4uitted themselves creditably. Hut her
is ii pool live assertion written by Miss
Pollard's leading attorney widen ought to
interest the people I f Scrauton more thsu
oven his closing speech, because It Is of
practical utility to them. Tne statement
written at his office D4 cember, IS'.H, read
as follows:
Dr. John Hamlin, Y. S
Dear Sir It gives uie plsnreto testify
tothobonofli received by mv horse from
youi treatment ot th air tOOWl volt have
convinced me that ''hunt dentistry" is a
v ry important part of the own ol raltta
ble horses and can be olien useil to iiu
prove b4ilb their rotntort and C4ndltion.
Y'-nrs truly. Cai.okron Caiu.isli.
Dr. QamrlB la permanently located here
In Si taut"ii and I c jndnctiug tho only
M-iiMititic shoiiug and veterlnaiy deutistry
ui the cily.
a .
Soranton' Ituslness Interests.
Tn Tnnon WlH BOOB publish a care
fully compiled aud classified list of th
tending wholesale, banking, manufactur
ing aud professional interests of heron Ion
erd Mclnity. The edition Will be bound
in book form, l)4nutifiilly Illustrated with
pbid4igravnre view of our pnbllc build
ings, business blocks, stri'cts, etc., together
with portrait of leading citizens, No
similar work has ev.x given nn equal rep
resentation of Hcratit4in's many inilns
trle. It will beau mvnluublo tZpoattiOB
of our bmiuoos resources. bml to
persons outside the city, copies of
this handsome work will nttract
new coiners and bo nn unequalled
advertisement of tbe city. Iii circu
lation Ib on a plan that cannot fail of good
results to tho'ocourornedas well an th cliy
a1 law. Heproseutaiivesof The Tuiuuns
will call upon tuohe wuoan namks
nro desired In this editiou uud explain
its nature more fully.
Those desiring views of thoir residences
in this edition will please Laveuoticeat
the cfUce.
Will B Olvn as a Enefl. for Crystal
Hose Company.
On Salnrday evening ''The Fast
Mail" will be pro lucetl at tbe Auademy
of Music as a benefit for tha Crystal
Hoso company.
It is one of the most Miiccesifal rtii -road
and sce nic melodramaa now lio
furetho public, L. J, Carter, tbe author
and manager, has contrived to weave
into a cousisteut story nearly all tbe
good points of tha sensational drama.
The ellmax of each acl io strong euough
to sustain n whole plav, yet so well
graded are the features of the piece
that one view witii increasing interest
through the five acts the murder and
the clever trick with tho grandfather's
clock in the first act; the Mississippi
river steamer, its engine room show
ing a practical fnrnaee, and the explo
sion with "complete chango of scene
behind a enrtain of riing smoke,"
bohind which is seen tho wreck, us the
curtain f nils on the second net; tb
"life-size" freight train, with its real
istic engine and sixteen box-cars,
with their familiar lettering, followed,
at tho close of the third act, by "The
Fast Mali;" the dugodive of tbe four.h
act, and tbe thrilling incidents and
hair-breadth escapas which tako place
there; and then the "full front view
of Niagara Falls, as seen from the oen
ter of Supeusioii bridge," upon whioh
tho final curtuin descends.
Judge Archbald Sols Aside the Ap
pointment of the Viaduct Viewers.
Reasons for So Doing.
In nn opinion linuded down yester
day Judge Archbald aat aside the ap
pointment of viewers to nsssss dam
ages that might be . - I by the con
struction of tb viaduct ou Wast
Lackawanna avenn?.
Th- matter came before tbe conrt on
petition presented by West Lacka
wanna avenue property OWMfl setting
forth that th appointment of the
viewers was illegal We qnot th
following from Judge Arcbbalds
thoughtful opinion on thnbjot.
It la conceded by the city sollrltor ttiat
what has bean dooejls merely experiment
al, that the city ha in no who bound
bene If to mako the Improvement, and rnty
simply dmp it without move at any time
it seems best; In fact, tbo Idea confessedly
t to test the matter of probable damages
by the application of these viewers before
going on With the work Tha may be a
metier of witdom, but th qnestlou with
ua is wkcttor au uncertainty of this kind
ran be tb basis of legal proceeding to
aesess damages. Th set under wLich
applications Of this kind are made cer
tainly contemplates something definite and
Tn argument that the city BUY have a
bill of damages which she will uot foal
thntsbecsn pay BBUSMSBe I ;x rtnittrd to
experiment in this way and determine
their amount in advance of n p aUtlve de
cision to mako th ImptOVOsnOlll. can have
B0 weight In C' ustralng the set of as
sembly. Hot even tb: BOlBt if thuritv
ss t" make it can tv practically effect wl
under the present pron-ious of l he .,
fM hy the .eveuth eectivn o.' the act, tbu
city may within thirty ilays after th r-
tne VtOWefl la any case repeal the
ordinance, and discoutinne tb procaad
mga and tbaecape liability for anything
bnt lb cneta, anil the actual damage, if
any. inflicted. Ilare i a ("niplet rebef
f. in excewMV mintages by ryon of
any rny injpr .veu. nt, and if tt be
rouxt unceesary for resort to It m
in j resent insUue After au I rdlnauce
hM neon duly paaed, t.d avail.l a
meut of viewer n.sde tbernnd r, tt I
rquallr aval.! e a. resolulioli Would b
l.i fn no further with three pr K-eaidiugs.
and that the (act that tbi BMaaO ..f relief
I a two pr.'Vlded rourluaive.v shows that
sa a nBwteaatal cwur wa cjutm
1 ' I a that which is before u.
As etUBBOS w rc .gn th necessity of
this viaduct, aud we iruel that BTthlBg
will ten aly - 'an I In the way of its
peedr rooatracthiu. Hot a Judgr We
leel c onpe le.l t.t say that t',r Is no suf
ticirnt BOlkMI of city c Baajtll .to wrraut
ii, nad that tb proceedings' must be t
set le
Th rule i mad abedut and the pti
tien and all prO'eetdiuga t hretitid"r are
.' ' a-i and illMinseed at lb- cot of th
rr 4f Krant u, tb petitiooeri.
tl. ma Tb tna. ef u.e Win Bide, Sus
tatafl Fractursd Arm.
At 7 o'cl"c' I : Thorns
Thomas, of lb (lirfleld avenue, sus
Ittnod a frnntOte of th rlht arm an 1
a nnmbat of btnlaai by a premature
xpliaiion In th I'm Hro k shaft. He
w is a miner employed on th night
Mr. Thomas was taken to bis horns
whore he ronnieed mrgieai attention.
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