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A Weighty Argument
for the nst of the Csrlsbsd yprtvlel
Bait is tlist It goes to tlio root of the
disease, whilo other remedies strike
Only nt the disease.
Notics the distinction.
For instance: Pille mid purifatives
wliioli net quickly upon t tie bowels ir
ritiitr n.A destroy the mucous cunts of
the ttomsoh ami howuis. a oontl&rjod
me of mob remediei prodooti chronic
Infliutn ition of tiiH itomaoh mid bow
el. Tho use of the genuine imported
Osrlsbod Bprndel Silt is, therefor,
hiirhly recommended because its action
is due solely to its constitution at sol
vent and ittmnlotlng properties, with
out irritsting the ttomnoh. He sure
to obtain the genuine ortiole, i'ricn,
11 por bottle; Lir: siz-?, Jl ."el.
tOUCaTlUN discussed.
By, the Toncliors ( mprisine; ths Ninth
District In K-ystone Hsll.
finsctttl fotAs Scranton Tnimne.
PlTTBTOB, l'a., April 89. The ninth
niiinvil Institute of the school teHcliwrn
of the Ninth Lnisrne dlotrlct, which
opened in Keystone hell Friday stop
lng, concluded Its labors Saturday even
itiK. '1 h morning and afternoon ses
sions Saturday were very Intereeting
!tnd wnre largely attended.
The morning nation opened at i'.iM
o'clock, Profess, r ISdwerd Dumber, of
AToO( presiding. The institute snug
"America." Proftttor Wiliam .Tones
actibg at coodnotor. Professor W. W.
DietrTck jjave an a rs on (ieo
lraphy, Ms. anbjiot being. "Why the
E rtli is Flattened at the Pole," Pro.
lessor 0 H Albert, of Bloomibnrg
Notmal school, was 01 :vt introduced.
and spoks on "The Two Appotttoei
PhyiKial and Mental," and Professor
.lamns M. Congfrlin, inperinteodent of
tbe WilkMBrre ashooli, spoke on
"Tbooght Knowiog." At tbeoooeln
Hiou of his address committees wan
appointed a follows: Committee on
resolutions, Agnes Morahan. Afooa;
Kate M Borate, Plttston, and M.trtin
Barrett, Pittatoo township, Commit
tee on organiss'lon, M y KeotiOeT,
Plttlton; Anna Walsh, Dnryea, and
Mary O'Malley, Jenkina
amxooM bbsmob.
The afternoon session opened about
2 So o'clock with a dlscosslon on (iis
tions submitted at the forenoon session.
This war participated In by Professor's
Alb- rt, Conghlln, Barrison, Stella-rood
tshiei Hud was Inttrootive, animated
and entertaining County Superintend'
Oat Harrison tlie.i spike on I'rimarv
Healing and nrged toe Importanoe
of teaching, pbooios Hm addreas
erokeda lengthy discussion in wbioh
many member of th Institute took
part, resulting in a consensus of opin
ion that Hie exclusive DM Of the Word
Method pr luoes unsatisfactory results.
ProftSSOf Albert followed with a tlmr
011KH SgpOSlttOU o( 111- best method of
tosohlng geography
The committee -in organisation con
sistiiiu ol Hisses May K -alinK, Anna
Walsh, and Mary O'Malley mad a re
port, w! ich str smuim amendments
and addition! StOO I as followi Choi r
man, P J. Mtnley, treasurer, Mist
Kut-Htnf, secretary, Tnoin is Cow
ley ; sxscntirs o immittee, lieoort Span
ccr. Fslrcloogb, and ChUlagber; com
mittee on music. Utssss Ifargarot
Kaarnsr, tiaru Howell and Professor
William Jooso,
Too following teacheis refistsfad:
Ptttaton li b rt Bbiel, lland Hpenoer,
Frances C iyle, .1 ilia wiaaaarger, Clara
Howell Alic , McA ilc, ( , -rtrud-j Mor
row, Theresa, M- An lrew, M im
Itirnes. Clara Collier, Agnes Slurp,
Agnes Battle, Kate II Burke, Margaret
Price. (Ir-ice Oallagbsr, Maine Jordan,
May Easting, Linie BleWitt, Marsaret
Kearney. M trie Dsmpsey, Thomas
v'iwIhw, Cbriatiaa Marten, Tbereaa
Jlark, Mary A Oillfspie, Anna Caw
lew, Sri Pay, Margaret Patterson
West Plttston- Profssaor t.tilr.
Av JS I". .1 liitlglier. AgnSS Mora
han, Vina Qibbous, Nellie 'nrran.
Miry Kearney, l.ylii Connor, Ella
O'Malley, Selley Callahan, Maroy
rownslilp Bessie Webber, Anus
Walsh, Bits Benedict. PltUton Town
hip Nellie Esrly, Katie MeNnlty,
Bridget I twley, Kate O'Hara, Haggis
Flanoagan, Bridget Conan, Annie ster
ling, Margaret 08bsugbneeey, Mary
Moleahey, Katie Mullsn.Mary Oooney,
Muriin Parrett. Jenkins Township -P
s Manley, Mary O'Malley, Tnereaa
Pate. Bsatar Agues C MoCawloy,
Kate Daugher. 7atesvills Hurough
Holla L Peek. Hugheetown Hirongh
A. C, Park, III lit Qillsspis, Josephine
(iillcHpie, Lsnra Morris
Cure for Ilnirtach.
As a remedy fur all lorms of Headache
Blectric Hitters lias proved to tie the very
tajst. Jt effects i.ermaiiHUt cure ami the
most dreaded habitual sick headaches
yield to its Influence, We urge all who are
aflUeted to procure a bottle and iuvthis
remedy a fair trial. Incaass of habitual
eons tl patios Electric Hitters curse by rit-
inc l he needed tone to the liowels.aud few
(un a long resist the use of this medicine.
Try it once. Large bottles only 1 "if ty cents
at Matthews Bros, drug store.
ie .iu ii e - i
Of the Two Il'tstons Taraaraplod fjr
Hasty Radlns.
fperini to ihr flbruafea fWeaas
Pittston, Pa., April 30. Noa. 8. 10.
14, Fjwen and Old Forge collieries,
I'ennsylvsnia Coni company, resume
work today, and all others will be ills
until further notice.
The stove works will resume work
tomorrow morning after a thres days'
Eagle Hose company, No. L of this
plnce, will accompany the Jolly Ten
Club and Fire company, No. 1, of
Wilkoa.jJnrre, to I, -high ton on May
24. Tbey will take the Central's
Detective Conklay was found not
guilty of assaulting Detective Jams
O'Brien, of Wilkes Barre, and two
thirds of the costs were put upon the
James McLaughlin, formerly of this
place, now a Mayfield hotel kuoper.had
an exciting experience with a burglar
a few days ago. Hs heard the intruder
working at a window and through an
upper window slipped a rope noose
over his head, bnt the burglar was
sbarp enough to cut tbe rope and es
cape. Dan Hart has decided to produce bis
u w drama, "A Daughter of Dixie,'' at
Music hall on May 211 Tbe scenery for
tbe plsy is picturesque and typicsl of
tbe Sunny South, where the scene is
laid. The first act is tbe work of Fet
ters, of Philadelphia, ths second of
Stavey. of New York, and the third of
Mr. Ltem, of this city, Tbe company
15) I
'Mi' i dWfO
includes Gooree Lensock, Maud Elna
Hull, Eugene Moore and Clara Louise
Thompson. It is the most ambitious of
Mr. Hart's productions, and his desire
to please is evident from the amount of
mousy ho is expending.
A fellow giving bis nsme as John
Dudley und four compunious were ar
rested by Detective George Brown, as'
slated by Chief Loftus, at the Junction
on Saturday and tsken to the lock-up
The gang were arrested on suspicion of
being implfouted in the many petty
ronburius whicn have been committed
in Upper Pittston snd Duryea. Upon
Dudley's person was found a razor al
leged to haviii-: been stolen from
"Doc." Stiles hotel at Duryea. Dud
ley was giveu a hsaring before "Squire
Gibbons aud in default of $000 was
sent to jail. Tbe rest of tlie gang
were discharged.
Mrs. l. B. Foster, of th.i West Side,
returned from a two weeks's visit
among Philadelphia and New York ac
quaintances. Captain Willinm Dawson and Lieu
tenant Fred SafTord, of the Wyoming
Sons of Veterans, were visitor in
town Batnrday.
T W. Kyle returned Sitnrday morn
ing from Brooklyn, where he has been
attending the national convention of
the tinier of Tonti.
Colonel Mason, president of the Exe
ter ltorough school board on Friday
evening was presented with an elegant
silver writing sst, in recognition of his
effloient services as president of the
board, and us an expression of the es
teem in whinh he it held by bis fellow
directors The presentation speeeh
was made by W. T. Hibbs, attorney
for the board.
The Wl its Kibbou Briny will give an
entertainment in the West Side
Methodist Kpiscopal church this even
ing. Bvorbody welcome. Mias Stam
bacli will give a recitation.
The Unsophisticated reformers who
are loudly clamoring for the closing of
cigar and confectionery shops on the
Sabbath might include in their petition
the closing of th many gambling dens
which exist ami flourish both niglit aud
day u der the very nosss of our bur
gess and ehief of police. The pernici
ous habit as practised in this locality,
i, as gained a foothold, proportionately,
far in excess of our neighboring towns
The owners of these pU OSS walk tin
streets, alluring victims to their lairs
with utter Impunity, It was only a
few days sine that a poor
son), in tbe person - of a sick
; woman, in excuse for not pto
: curing the services of a physii i m
stated she was unsi le owing to her
husband spen linir all he ooald get hold
"f in gmnbliiiir I his caused tls writer
to make some inquiries. Among those
Interviewed was a poor fellow who had
teen better days ami whose shattered
and tottering footsteps betokened his
days ar few in this World. The many
tales revealed were startling for the
proportion "of the stakes" and the
prominence of the psrtits concerned
Our Informant itattd that between
Parsonage street an I two blocks below
Water strset to his own personal kuowl
edge there exists twenty dens patTOOtted
by all clsssee, from the recent tmp rted
pole to tliee Incited Americsn. When
s county seat conteusporiry brifhV
sllttded to these same facts a etbori
while ago many believed the story as
purely sensational, but the writer has
convinced blmeelf they are a stern the town's dtsgrsoe be it said
How long is it going to continue : We
rinse for a rep y
The recent decision of JustiOC Wil
liams of tbe supreme court In a case
from Schuylkill c unity, that a mmnb-r
of a School board is ineligible to the of
tire of treasure! of the board becsnte
tbey are incompatible offleoe, has
aroused much Interest here, where it
has always been the cne'om to elect as
treasurer a member of the botrd
In conssqneaoe of tlie r-districting
of the borough it appears that the old
law requiring the election of justice ol
the peace for tnre divisions of the bor
oogn oo in posed of the First and Beeoad,
Tblrd and Fourth and fifth an 1 Sixth
waris raepaettrely, has been -uper-
(!idol. It is not necessary, therefore,
that at elections fur justices of the
p. ace th- Vole be cast in the entire bor
ugh and not by the sep irate districts
o imposed of two dlctrtota, as hereto-
fore. HeUOt tho election of Juttlcea
Jordan snd Lyons this spring, wan
some only of the wards aud not sll
j voted on the question, Is held to be
v .-id ami the governor declines to issue
their commissions. It is very pr ibahle
' that the governor will make a-i ap
pointment in each case to hul l office
until tue next annual election
The council wilt be called upon
shortly to remOTO the stone pile near
the old stone mill ou the Cirbooilals at
ths foot of null street Several of our
townsmen are behind the movement
and aro leaving no stone anturuet to
SOOOmpltlh the project. While thy
are activo engage 1 lu mekiuif our
borough solons believe that the pier Is
a nuisance ths bridge people are just st
active in their opposition to an under
taking tkey consider will ue a nsurspa
tion of their rights and privileges.
Pittston, Pa, April '-mi
BAD I R You Guilty?
Are yon foolish enough to buy on
Are yon silly enough to make good
the bad debts contracted by people less
scrupulous or lest honorable than you
If you buy from a firm that gives
credit, you can't bolp yonrsslf or save
yourself from it.
We offer a way out of tho difficulty.
We sell exclusively for cash ami guar
antee you a saving of 2fj per cent, from
tho average jewelers' prices in this
Dunlnr In DaJU&onjt, Watcho.
Jtwlry, E:o.
Cor. Penn Ave. and Spruce St,
I m A Aft ft Af ft All MrDistfiently-eurftd
DLUUU rUIaURu'rHi.uv. bM
I 6dVa ptisrantT, hfteksxl by tVt .WtO (-il.I.
I PuBititB irootBntl IW-pf book, Illustrated from I
I Ufa front p( iiltc'irrl. fret by mall Wrmn M Pprinm I
nd Momirrihii, out Mnslc Remedy will I
prHttitBly nire. (0OS lOCHttli fit., iH-,n. 111.
f. T. HORTON, M. D.i
SIAD ins iirrts mew.
M Permit me to say a word in
commendation of your excel
lent food.
" I used it with very, very
gratifying results in several
wasting diseases, and assure
you that
The Original Raw Food
alone enabled me to sustain
the patients' strength for
mouths, when everything else
failed. I consider il the best
concentrated food I have ever
ah Physicians Kaderss it.
Ttovininr is a highly COBlltBSSj ' t'"1! tStfSCii DSe
aialilr to ths most dsn an is-te. It contains ikt nttj
principles (if bcl com rnlralril, an-l i n-mmmcodi-J
liy ncr iu. ihyiiu.ins as lhe idral IimxI.
Tor .il-- at all iregfiStS,
131 and 133
N. Washington Ave.
L Robinson's Sons'
Jtaiiufactursrs nt tLs Crlsbra:!
100,000 Bbk Por Annum.
We have placed on sale
our line of Ginghams for the
coming spring and summer.
Finer Goods, More Tasteful
Colorings and Lower Prices
than ever before, are what
will recommend them to our
Eureka Laundry Co.
Cor. Linden St. and Adams Ave.
All kinds of Laundry work guaranteed
tbe best.
In re Lateral Sewers on Mulberry street, Webster avenne.Taylor avenue, Buonzll court,
Proscott avenue, Schults court SJU Harrison avenue in tho Tenth luth ) Bower District of the
City of Scrsnton.
.Notice is hereby (,'iven that our report, as viewers in the above ease has been flleil in the
rrothonotiiry's ottlce, of Laekawuiina eounty. Wo find that no dainairo should be awarded.
Tho following is u schedule of the benefits found by us aud as is shown in said report:
H'ord. Knmr Of OMSISrS. Lot. (m i
17 Nellio Mc.Maiiunia 17
17 l.evm T. Haiideutuish Is :s
17 John J. Bosalon lit ai
17 P. J. Hmou 1 ill
17 P. W. Stukes U 7
17 Mrs. Sarah lieunett iL'y i7
17 John N. Knoblu lH 117
WHIhusi ( 1 ii i. I'll
William Connell
Joka J, doutweu
James H. Peaees
H. Helm, Jr
Itobui t l'almer
Man- J Pwouson estate.
M. i ulkin. Jil
Obarlts Zsnir
Daniel O'Horo
T in Oostell
P, W. Sin lies
Charles H, ZusiDian
John ,1 Mauhr.'iu
Dennis Tieruoy
Dennis Tieniey
t .ii v. vragner
Mrs. M. M
S. V. Kellem
w ii. WiUlams
W H, WlUtami
Ustargal, Ooonell Co,..
Uegsryel, Oonnell Co...
K. II Hippie
K. II. Blppls
E II. Ripple
K. il. Ripple,
K. H. Itipi.le
B K Prendsriasl
it B Prendsrgast
Conrad Bheutacsr
J. S Wa'i!. n
J B Wabisa
J N. Bios
Stephen 1, Kic.-
Mrs. i. .t. Plaassbaa
Peter We seiitllle
Julia Collins.
Ell -ii A. Webb
A P. Williams
II Seeley
.l.tMie I l.'in on estate
J, II. Keller
Mrs Lena Wliyte
Jacob Richskelnsr
A . Hamitl
OwenaM UrldfSt ihlbride
K. T Itolell
W. H Lewis
Beard ol control
b. snl of i hntn-l
Mis (Horn J W. tzel
Bebsrt j. flaa
Jacob Itaas
J K Hl.-k.ll ..
tie. nr.- wahl
M tsulliran
Maj a N.-alon
Mm 1 lyiin
Ml. I.aei I Ui.-lly
M f Rielly
s ii n - itBTi k
17 c. a. Brown it r (Oxio w:r: w.;t'
17 C. A. llron It 37 ("xlnl ss 3V
17 larl. k UonghnUi il J Hxiei ss:t' s...e
17 Jantsa Lrnett 17 3; (oiii .-..ti .
17 Marasrat Davis. John Ds is. state ... In .17 nl0 s. u c
17 w. M lltnoiseswi W JJ 4tnl.l a f
17 K. 4 Dean :' 40xl(U t.U BUI
17 Mart- D.!-r .1 .l-. Cu.'.i s U Ss 32
I". Mrv lioster :'l 1; (oil) - r.' s
17 E. II Klppln ffl 37 SHISO s i-
17 I. II Hippie 54 .: .xlno 70 lo: J 1H.
II H PoUsngssr H I Wxfl 568 7.0 ts W
17 Henry BalbM I3H i-rxtO .'O i: in tilln
17 Usury Dtml-lor 14 is) Ikuso 3.0J 4: .12
17 Maury Dunblar, ar uvsj m p o (Aao
17 rtaiansl U (Jolssaaa ! s-nei rM smi
17 Matt e.mri.-a in U dui'U a k .a
l H Ifcs katt estate 15 . R I ss -
17 II. krtt vstate II CuinO SkSS ss ;
17 11 Beefcatl eetats is s 4nii.o ss .a nS
17 II. Ha. krtt aaUte 91 4"l0 f B 81.81
II II. BsekaM sii n ; l'ii K8I HLM
17 11. Bja k.-tt eetats : t 8ttMa s a n.81
II II Beehsjt estate ii . H a MM
17 isMTe J. Bteetjnt u uixisu ;,io io;ji 114
Phi R4 "TT A
17 Hsml I 40 60x130
17 AKrasl Hand 8 40
17 I sntktTTsnns Irrtti sitrl 1 itel nrniimir 8 41 exisD
17 Laahawaaaa lion and Cue! Company .. 4 si 10x18
17 Laekawaaaa Iroa sad Coal Uoaipaar, i M Vilto
17 kaaauna Ir -n aud C.,al 1 ..111 111 y. S 40 4.11IOO
17 Lacaawsaaa Iroa aad Coal Oocapaay, 7 in tuiiso
17 1. kawaona lr..o and c. Cniiskiiv. s 4.1 snxPti
17 lk. kaainia Iron aad Coal Compaay. V lo 1 8
I.' UsaiiDt Irou an.1 C.l C.niii. 10 S mini
i; l Irou sod Cnal C-siipsl.y II SI 401100
17 Laekawaaaa Iroa sad Coal ODBapaayi tl i tsxlai
17 Lsarkaoanna Iron and C.ssl Osiisiuy. IS U 1
17 Iron snd oal c.tupsnr. In ti 'tli
17 La. Iron aiel ...1 ( ompai.r. K i. 1 1 ....
17 Larsawaaaa Iroa aad Uual Coapaa; is 41 tosMO
17 Uarkawaaaa Iroo aad lOosnpeny. m 41 eitiso
17 La. ksvauna Ir sad 1 -ssl Coiopanv 81 M 6DX1S8
17 Laeaawanaa lr..n ami c.l Company. -1 4.1 4-' o
11 Lasekawastaa Irmaad (Jual 1 .u.psiiy. 41 iim
17 AI- 1 . nnell reuta il 4.1 (exits)
17 Ai- ' oust) eetats. tl 41 SOslSO
17 J-.lin Piatt Il 41 10 1 ISO
17 J lit. 1 1st! II 41 4 1 in
17 Tttaotby f.ulilan IN 44 4". isn
17 MiM a. Shear ty H c .
17 Kate Jaokaoa loll 11 KHsO
17 ari Hraiil.. 17 41 40x180
17 Tkniasi hit I 14 'i.i
17 JobB Whlla I 44 WxISO
17 t(oraV Wi.-k-nhnfr W 44 .IH)
17 Hstt.. MlKslns 31 44 10x180
17 H t . II) i.u . mi
17 Mrs. r.ll.-n Huf? M II 40xls0
17 W U Clark N 41 64x100
ls4 88,1(611 82,188(0
si nri.TS 00UB1 Bin i n
17 John P Nolan I n 888181 t MB 01 1.11.84
17 LaosAWsnaa tree aad Coal Cosapany, I 4.1 axisi NSMB iooiod
17 l. kawanna Iron stel 1 sl 1 "inpsoy. 3 41 4oxlsi I0U.0B e oD
17 Issrhesranns iron snd 1 )sil Oneapanj ( (-1 (0x180 iiai.isj looioi
17 Laekawaaaa Iron and Coal Cecspany. 6 4.1 81x181 iiuo iooop
17 I. a sssi.n ir .ad Coal Oocapaay, 0 41 88x169 ,. 11 i.mxi
17 LachasraaM Iron aad Coal Cosspaay, 7 41 (Ox 180 im o 1 i
17 Leekawanna Iron sad Coal C.aniainy. 4.1 cxixi 10101 100,68
17 Ls. kawanna Iron an t Coal 1 i.mpany. '. 4.1 lOxMO Im II l ain
17 Lashswsnns Iron and Qoal Oetapany. 11 41 4-1.1.11 100.00 I0O00
17 Barton I Woodltai 11 ti 4. xiio ujooo loom
17 K M. sturdevant 1 41 .'sixl.u 6 U Msg) m j
17 Wil.lsui 1 siii.u 5 41 4"tl.ll pn nl li.iin
17 Jastas Brydaa 1 41 .' ir 108x00 KO.00
II c a. Sums 4 41 IBxJOJ HU.00 ionui
17 l.dwar.1 I Kedray 6 41 4i'IOl In 11 mini
II 1 1 ll.s kr 0 44 4.H1.0 1 . .11 Hum
17 William M. Cnii 7 41 10x161 100 00 inuo
II II M Dunnell 8 41 (nvlill limn , .' ,
17 John p Nolan 9 41 89x101 Mb 60 MD.8D
17 ipbnr Nolan lo 41 (oii.o im hi mi, i,
17 Henrietta I'arnea II 41 4emi lnuo linie
17 Hum let ta llamas 12 44 S-ixPO 6.XI Ir.Oi 1.11 X)
ile..rke S Horn...
i.eorae H Horn ..
William Miwi and
William Moses and
William M.aes and
ll.s. rav rt. Horn ..
... 1.
1 1I is 111 Moses and
W'llisui .M.s and
Wllnaiii Mo,.sk an. I
William M.sws and
Wllllsln Mi sei. ..lid
u.sirae n 11 to
ilsorif.. S Hnrn
Uaortrs S. Horn
I .. . I
fta it m
s Horn...
s Born..,
WUllata Moass tbd
. oors" e. Horn .
il.mrxe rt. Horn. .
1 .. . i
W ill St. I Mi S.-s ).
Patrick T Carey. liiind
It II Matthews
Thotnas H. Vonng.
Wilhsm 1
Margaret lb. ids...
Haiti, y I'nll-r
Henry W .1 ines . .
iintiitiis Jonas
l.vsii N. PrnnoM .
Edward Whits....
W H Williams, jr
.hums .1. Into
Total risvipta ...
t'llless SXOSptlobS to the report of Viewers shall be tllei In the Prothoimtary
within thirty dais from the flling of said report, tin- same ulll I oiittrnieo absolutely.
C t). r vRM.W 1
All the Rage.
Will buy a
very good one
Amount Exlra Amount
of .ami. llenetita. Anrmed.
J3.Y 10
8(1. 3H
Biz 180
111.82 $237.18 L'49.0O
53 80
53. 60
71 m
74 00
51 00
:.j ii'
11 to
53 i
40 'O
so. in
68 411
H M)
(si 40
M l"
(S. 40
-.. li
(si 40
s. V
Nl 40
188 51
j:io t2.ota.10 2,iuu.ou
61 18
... '.
01 70
hi 70
61 70
CI 76
I , 0
Ii In
si :o
61 7t
tl 70
(1 70
61 70
si ;s
si M
U 70
61 70
1 76
61 70
n ji
7" mi
01 76
61 70
.ti :s
. I N
1 70
81 :..
I I :
1 : M
. I 7i
77 ai
1 1 71
81 7i
01 7(1
1 . :.
I i 7i
I I :
11 ;
61 78
01 7S
01 7t
61 7t
tl 7
61 7C
61 N
vi M
'I 7
.11 70
t.i :s
81 70
81 76
i.l :.,
61 76
..1 h
f j
1, . 1
1 7 50x160 7.00 117 00
2 -7 ixnai rsMO
3 L'7 iOzlfltJ B'.tiO
4 17 iOxlaO 6;i.u0
5 n iuilijO 18,60
8 Ti 41-xlOI fcil.'iU
7 "7 111x11111 Kl.SO
27 4i ix HO 58.60
'.'7 -HixliW Kim
10 V7 iOzBO ix.tu;
It -'7 ix;J "s.ia
12 27 jOtM lain
H M iOxlW MIX)
It M loxliai 5ii.t)0
16 M 40x160 M.iiO
17 M 40x180 BS.tO
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21 iii 40x160 mm
ti :i4 4'ixlio 53.60
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IB .'wnlrtO 7.00
14 85 4niW filltlO
IB X 40ximi 58,89
16 X 40x160 W)
17 85 (0x160 sji.ta
18 ii 4nxt'U 5.IO
19 us tux I60 tan
20 85 40x160 58.60
21 S.-, 4iixin 1 M.iiO
22 85 40x160 5S.iO
23 ;ij 4 ix 100 B 60
N M MxiiA) 7(0 6710
tPW (1,844.60
EKUK seweu
M 04 40xUO 4:ln0
1 04 4"VI 4'i.iO
ltj B4 40x!O 4IH
2 M 4ixvi 7-io ;ii-(
2i M 40x40 610 BUM
.1 III iliXllO Si, lil
4 II 4"xhO SO 40
.'. 04 41 x ion tsi.W
I 01 iOXlH SO. 10
7 N 4xlU) Ni.40
8 84 4"X ls Nil i.
I III 40xlWI Sd til
in N 41'xno solo
11 31 40lllO tl, 40
I On 5x1.0
t Ii (0x160
I (uiliU h: 10
4 v. 10x160 80.(0
t 3S 4el" NLI0
0 If. 4lllllill (si ll
7 I-. 46x1.0 N. SI
8 81 (I XKVI N, 0
II Hi 40x100 NI40
10 ST. 40xllO M40
11 36 104x10 14S 120 ;
12 it Uiw M 01 sj rioi ?.!
T.NTI. rti;w F.R
II 4n 4.ixl(l) U5;si (ivg,
1 1 40 (o ho 10 20 IV. e
18 M 80x180 s..fl inji
17 01 WxISO 1MB 95.S0
Is 4.. 40x100 88.8) tij,ai
IS 4-i 88x188 SAU .j,i
I) 40 01x160 M.60 88.60
21 40 60x160 (', pvil
22 4n 60x160 t , -M .-, ,
.3 40 4"MlO ti-,-.D OtVW
24 40 muni 631 116.00 I85JM
H 47 isixlio 0..0 ll-ini
11 47 60x180 8689 85.80
It 17 (Ox IOI 81.80 Hn.91
10 47 (0x160 85 80 (ssxi
17 47 (Oxltti MJQ yr.ji
11 47 40x160 H.J0 Kjn
19 47 (Kxpti 85,10 uai
19 17 tOxleO 15.00 U6.20
21 47 60x160 8MB 81 20
22 47 (ox no V; m
P 47 44l 1(1.1 1MB UA'JU
21 7 :.iini .;a im.10 125.33
11910 S'J.-.V.l.iO I2.2MI0O
reiHirt of Viewers shall be tllt1 In the Prothoimtary s offleo
TIMOTHV .HIN'eh. ' Viewers.
taeeasin ar thi Hieatsr Mioicsl AimiosiTiie
arXsOfiCSlli. Hnvr Ynu n-rn nrxi f
- - . -i n 1 Bmnu
Isnairit win .-urn roo, a
ponasrrsl boon to riostrsn
frnini'olds, AoreThrfint,
InSnrma, llronchlllt,
orHAT IT.VKK. dsrsi
m.qr.liaferr!it. AnelHelent
In portet. rsaily to nn on Urst lodleailos of sola
Innlln.ird ( se Ifrni IVtn, I fnrr,
Jiii.fs. Price,
r.O rts. 1 rial free nt Druggists. Hcslstereil mall.
0 ceute. i. D, Cl'SBSH, Mtr., txrsi Riifri, Mich , U. S. 1
MtNTHOI Thl' surest and safest remedr for
nii,ie nVL all skin disuses. K. h. Salt
lUieuniolil Sores. Hums, Cuts. Wonderful rem
COv for PILES). Unlit- nil ss
gltuiorbrmsil yrepsul. AO.Iress ss ahnse. OnUBI
For sale by Matthon-s Bros., Morgan llrua.and
Morgan A Co.
For Delicacy,
For purity, nnd for improvement of thecom
plexion, nothing equals I'ozzoni's Powder.
I )li tl. EDliAR DEAN baa removed toOlli
--' Spruce street, rtcianton, Pa. (Just op
posite court-houso rtquara)
J)R. A. J. CONNELL, OfBce 201 Washington
A-7 avenue, corner Kpruea atroet, ovur
nanokes drug store. Residence, 723 Vine at.
Oihcubours: 10.30 to 12 a. m. and to4 and
0aO to 7.30 p. m. Sunday, 2 to 3 p. m.
T)R. W, B, ALLEN. UlBce cor. " Laok
waiins and Washlneton lives. : ovor Loon
ard shoe store; oliice hoiira, 10 to 12 a. tu. and
4 p. m. ; eveuiuga ut loslduuce. 512 N.
jsshlngton avo.
1 ) R. C. L. KHEV "Practice Uuirtod to Die
J eases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat;
offlco, IZt Wyoming ava. ReBidonco, 529 Vine
DfcsJ yt OATES. 125 Waehinirton Avenue.
OfflcB hours, 8 to 9 a.m., 1.30IO 3 and 7
to 8 p.m. RoHldence KOI Madison avenue
JOHN L. WENXZ. 11 D., OUlcus .'a and M
o tommonwoallh building: residonce 711
Madlaonava; orUeo hours. 10 to 18, 2 to 4, 7 to
8; Sundays 2 30 to 4. evenings at residence. A
specialty made of dheases of thu eye, ear, nose
and throat and gynecology.
VKI E It I N A it V si BGEOMS,
1 ell HUE, V-iermuiy .surgeon, Don
J. tlstry a specialty; gold medalist of On
tarlo et.irinary Collegn. OIBco. 420 Spruee
street. Telephone No. I73i
JM O. RANCK S Law and Cnlleotlou of
. flee. No. 817 Spruce St., opposite Forest
House. Brrnnton, Pa.; collections a specialty
throughout Pennsylvania; reliable correspond
ents in every county.
jtKSLI'SSi IIA.ND, Attorney, , i ouiuwe"
0 lora at Law, Commonwealth l.ullding,
Waahiugtoo ave. w. H. Jgsspp,
Horack 1 Ha mdi,
W 11 Jrastp. Ju.
nsysnnd I'ouiiM.lorsat Ijiw, lt.-pulilicaa
building, Wnsliingti.n ave.. Scranton. l'a.
IJATTKR00N At WILCOX. Attorie-va'ainl
1 UpanaaUors at Law; ottluesV and 5 Library
bulldiug. bcrautcuTPs.
tornsys snd Counseling Cunimnuwisiltb
Isi Idlng dooms in. JO and !l
F. llnVLE. Attorney at Law.Kns.19 and
"0, Hmr build ng. Washington avenue
.Si M M KI.V Law otJl -es la Prl. e
building, IM Washington svenue.
RANK T HKM.L. Attorney at Ijiw.
. .si i.ienang.. rant..n. l'a.
MIL'ION W l.i.WRV, . Att ys,
C I VON HTORCH, rtoo iv
8R Washing
H sonars
JAMJHl W UAKFOKD, Attorney st Law.
nomsi. 8J and . Common wsslth b'lj
jUAMUEL W BDUAB, AtP.r-.ey st La.
Gfft.-s. 8H Hproossl . Serantoa, Pi
I A WATBBB, Attorney at Law,
i j. iji. kswst.i I. s'i... lcranton. l'a
1) H BM1TH loons. Ilor at Ijiw (ittlre,
I . r.siins M. -V VI Comm-.nwoaitli huiloing
1 ' R l lli IlLlt. Attorney at Ut, lour
Y1 monsrraitb l.iiflniiig Mrranton, Pa
COMBQYH, tl wproee -l
nil 81.1 Loi.l.K. Attorne, i.,.,ti. nego"
lis!.' 1 on ti. il . st it,. .. ........ ii. Si.-. i ...
r Ml.l.AM Attorn-v st Ijw.
omlnfavanaa, Scran too
IB) Wy
written and ackm wl.lg-d by J W
PROWS, Nil, Attorney aud Notary Public, St
L lumens, slth Bull. lint
S4 HOtll s
ei HOOL Ol THB LaCKaWANvTa Boras
' " ' i prepaiss n vs snd girls for a Usns
or Imslnase lh.n-uught trains loung cblldren
tstalugue at resjuwt
Rrv Thowas V r-Avx
WAttXB H Bcsu.
snd Hrnooi, 4U Adams STenoa pupils
reoalrsd st a.l umea .s.xturiii wtj o:.-o
April w
I ' I V I Is 1 s
( ' LAtTBACH. Mnrnoat Dantlst, No. IU
s . w roming s. .
H M t, A f I N . r.fS,s I ...I )(..,. ..
'I'll!. BBHI HI.IC Saving, and L-em As.
i riation wi.i loan yon nt nay on easier t.-rm.
sn l pay fon bOttOt on lures. meat than aar
ctbr as..lst.i.n Call S N CA1.LLN
1 'Kit. Dim. Hani I ai llnw
si I lis.
(1 14 CLARK Ai.. Hssdsruen n m.'i
t I end Nurservm.ii. rtore its Waablngtoa
sv.nne; gra he.iee.IJM Nrth Bain ar.-nua.
eUre Tag
TK As.
QBAND l M.i. da. ,, ,ion g
t IB
S( HBEl Ns.
JOB KiTrrEU M Ueiaw.nn. sreaua
f l H. rs ' '. I's . I
t .vs k.irs hatd Pb st.sim. a. mod
sm nnprnvssnents c M TnttHAa, Prop
'I'lIK n K i ATI: 181 aad rl Frsnklinse
s a tie. nst.s r-ss naOI..
P r.iloi ru. I'ri prlstm
V. a si BBNCK, Manager
bislsw- th strsst, our bl.s k nut .f Hrvdway.
at 1'i.mti Sjuar... N.w York.
Amerlrsn plan. 6l ,i;ssr day and upward
f'uYNE BOUOK. Buropeao plan, good
V r...:na Oin day and night Bar sut.
p. lad a ltd ths brat
P It. cnYNF. Prorrlafor
QC'BANTOM BOU8B. near D . L N pa
i e ngr d.-'t Ostra noted on ths Kur-tati
plan. Virroa Ktx .-n Proprietor
( 'SAM. I ENTRAU l ar,.-t n . i-,;
t I .-.ri:i.psl liot.-l in AUeotou. l'a; ratal
I- and luia) js-r lay.
VtiTi.R D Bausfs. Proprlstor.
A 111 II I I I . 1 s
nAI- A ik'l Pi. Ar.iiit.ts Rooms l.
88 and 38 Cnmrnonwea th n Id'g, Srrsnton
,' L lui.iKK. Ai.iitr.-t. Ubrarj usUd
I is Ing. Wv.'inias si.-n i. -sr-antoti.
I . bs do c 181
Ar k II Architect, Prl.s
Washington Avv, Herantoo.
l s. I M fit s
li llls, picnics, receptlosn
dings and eiticert work furnished, l or terms
a. i. trass R. J. Bauer, coti.luctor. 117 Wyoming
svs "V.r Hnlbsrtt mosio store
himls-r, b aud Dnno Hank building,
Reran ton. Pa.
supplies, snvelopea pasr bags, twin.v
Warohousa, 130 Washington sve. BomntOO,
iUUTE'B LlVBBY. 1533 Capouiw avenue.
I First class carrn.gos D L 1 OOTE, Act
Funeral Director and Enibiilmer.
sale dealers tn Wisdwsre, Cordage and
oi; cioth, tit W. Lackawanna svenns
L'.ua Finn a sons, ttatlders and rootrno
J a tors arda: Corner i 'live st. and Adams
ave ; cornel neb en an.i Penn svss, Scranton
S THE BFST. Ost prices snd
ss ths furnsrs snd bn ron
vincsd. A faD line) of HKAT
I Hs, Appollo nuil Osuze Door
S "
S Send or bring two of theso coupons, difforontly nnnilwred, C
s with Ten OentBjBntl got one of the series of sixteen magoi&oeiis g
photographs. Nino numbers now ready. Mail ordcrs,'2o. extra. S
Anthracite coal usod exclusively, Insurlul
Oleauliliass and .omfort.
Trains leave Scranton for Pittston, Wllke
Rarre, etc., nt 8.10, 9.15, 11.30 a. m., 12.30, 2 U0
fSSJi ? f'. p. m. Sundays, U.U0 a. m.,
1.00, 8.18a ' -10 p. m.
For Atlantic City. 8.10 a. ni.
l oi-Now York, Newark and F.llz;ibcth, 8.U
(esprsnt) a. m., 1J.30 (ax prom with BuHoi
parlor car;, 3 .30 (expreta; p. m. Bunday, a.oi
p. m.
Foil ,MAUCB Ciu-nk, AI.UWT0WB, IlKTiir.a.
SfiK;8T? lll"l PDILADXLPHIA, .10 a. m,
U30 3..10, 5.10 (exciijit Philadelptila; p. m.
hiindav, L' 00 p. m. r- m a
For LOMQ BnACH, Ockan Ghove, etc., at
8.10a. m., I.iaip. ,.
, For Reading, Lebanon and Hnrrlsburg. via
AJUsntOWn, s,10;l in., 1S.30, 5.00, p.m. Bunday.
.10 p. in.
For Pottsville, 8.10 a. m., IZSOp. m.
It. turniiig leave New York, foot of Liberty
Vm'hhVh rh'"r' at !',lu (exprsssj a. m.,
1.10, 1..W. 4.3H (express with Bnilst parlor carl
p. m. Sunday, 4.30 a. m.
Leave Philadelphia, Rending Terminal, 9.00
a. ni , .'.00 and 191 p m. Sumlay. 8 87 a. m.
I hrough tickets to all points at lowest rates
may be had on application in advance to ths
ticket agent at lhe station.
Gen. I'ass. AgenL
Pen. Bopt
Comuieiii'ing May 88, 1803,
trains will run as follows:
Trains leave Bridge Bti r-
St it on. Si-rniitou. for Pitts.
..... i u .... u ...
r , n ii.ii" ' i . .
8M - C. '.' 37. p. 13 a m 12.10,
I .... t M t 1.1 a I a
'SW ....... ...... .s,,, o.liJ, ...i-J
and 11 ,15 p m.
For N. w York and Phila-
,l.,i... Hl.l. n. l 11. I US
2-38. 4 10 and ll.latp. m.
For BJPsndsle (Iron Delaware, Lackawanna,
and western depot), 7 II), 6 8ft 10 IU u.m., ULOB
m . . 8. 1" 5.10 p. m,
ror Carbonaale and biteraedlate stations
&40, 7 00. .:, IV. 10 a. in.. IAOOm.,117, 8. 86,610,
6.30 and 081 p. in ,j fmrn Rridge street Dep..',
8,08 a. im. '.I..- II 36 p. m.
Fust eipreas to Albany, Saratoga, tbe Adi
rondack Mountains. Boston and Bow England
points, 6.40 a. ol, arriving at Albany 18.48,
BnrsloBn - 8B p. m . mid lanving scranton att
p m. arriving at Albany at ' V-p nu, Sara
toga 66 a tn . and B con, 7. m a. m
The only dlrsot roots bstwesij the cos fields
slid B. sit on. "The Leading Tourists Route
of AmeHoa" to the Adirondack Mountain re
sorts, laik-'s George and Cbnmplnin. Montreal,
Time tables "howlng loeal and through train
service between stations on sll divisions Debt
war. an.) Iliiiison sst"in, may be olitjiined
all Dxlawsr- and lludvjn ti. ket ofM.-ss.
B. G Y' (UNO, J. W Bl'RDK'K.
Bn bd Vi.-e President Gen. Pass, Agt.
J d Pgn. 11, IBM,
Train leave BcrantoQ For Phlladslpbtn and
New York via. M. A- II R R at i a m . 12 10.
2.Ss and 11 35 p. tn via D , L. i W. R. R., 000,
is.', ii ai a m, and 148 p. m.
Laavs t rnntoo f..r Plttston and W::k-
Ilarre via D.. L A W. R. R, S OU, sC II 21
a in . 1.30, a&o. b 07, BJj p. in.
L. av Bornnton for whits HA van, Itnzletan,
Pottavills and all t,inu on the Beaver
Maudiiw and Potts vt lis branches, vis V. 0 W
V . 0 . v a D. IL R R. at b a ru.. 12.10,
2,3". 4 10 p.m. val. L 0 v. R. H., AOt, e.ut,
11.2ns in.. I ill. li0p.nL
Leave S.-rnnt. n for Bethlehem. F.aston, Harrisburg snd all intermedlats
points i . D .v II It. Il.-ita .12 10, 2 i IL 8j D, L. A W. It. H.. U0. us, 11.20 a. tn,
L8B p m.
Leave sirranton f rTunkhannoek T .waidv
Elmira. Itbnoa, Osnovn an I all ita
points via D. A li R R..9 07 a m..l2 111 and ll.:il
p. in.. via D U .v W R R.. i a in..l,np nu
Leave 8crnnt4m for BVcbester, 11 nfalo. Nl
sgara Fslls, isetroit, Onago and all points
w-tviaD Af II R, R. 6.07 s.m.,1! IO.S.16,11 Jt
P ra, via D. L Jt W R. R. and Iittstn-
Junct in,s"ssm 1 aj .f. ;s in . r.a K W.
R R. 3 41 o. in.
For Kirn ra and ths w.t viaSiivnv.ei
I ' jt li r R 607 a. nu. 1X10,1.16 p. m vlnD,
L. W R R.. Jt os s tn.. I fc) and h. .7 p m.
Pullman parlor and sloeplng or L v. . hair
ears on all trans batwoon LAB gnnetlon S?
Wilkas Barr and New York, Pl.Lad lp .iv
Buffalo and Snsis'tision Brnlga
BOLLIM II WlI.BL'R. Geo sup' Es.t Dir
cilAs B.LRB Qen Pssn ,-1. PbOn Pi
AW NONNEBACHEB usst Crsa.Pasi g ..
Ninth Beibl.h.-tn. Pa.
1 v I.- D It N KAli ROAD
Ti . r s ;. .-. s ,r,i ' n as (oBows Kg r-si
f.-r N. w Y. rk and all i.nnU East. I '. I 8A
5 15. s ii. at d V si a m . ;! 6. and 3 VI p. m tor Ijwtou. Trenton, PbikMslptdn
snd ths K..utlu 51 MAI and V 50 a m . iliS
snd - p ru.
s. ashiiik-t' n and way stations. 2 40 p m.
Tol.yhanna acconim--.atloti. A lu p. m.
Kijt ss for BIngbsmt n. Oavrego, K'.mlra,
i ..ruing. Hath. Dansviile, M, -iiit Morris ana
Buffalo, 12 111, 215 am. and 1 24 p. nu. making
clogs i-oniiectiotia st Buffalo to all points in lb
W.s.t, Northwest and s.nithwpsu
its-ii sooosnn stlitw. 8.8s a, m.
Bii ghamt. n and way stations L' T7 n. nu
Ni'Tiiilson snd wai s':i su. 4j p in.
Btngbamtoo and Elmira Fip-ss. 1.16 p. m.
Eximsai for Cortland. BTrnensn Oevrasu.
I I'tlca and Rl
I p es,
lttisea. !15
I ForNortbi
Pit in. nth. B
hfl. ld Springs. 215 a m. aud 1..4
id s X a m ar d 1 24 p m
berlatnl.l'ittston. Wi;k. Barra,
snaborg and Dat.v.II... making
ms st Northumberland for
i ,, s., r. r
Willlanias rt. Harr-sburg. Ualtiroora, WtSbj.
ltik'b n ami the South.
Kortbnxtb. rlmid and Intermediate stations,
tin V si a ra and I 30 and 607 p m.
Natiti.'ok.. si l totarmadlatt stations, 608
and 1131 a m Plvmouih and intermediate
stati .t.a 3 5.'atol .Cts p. ru.
Pullman pari r snd coaches on all
eipr. ss trains.
For detailed InfbrmatJ .n. p.--k.-t tiinUolss
et, . app.v i M. L Smith, city ticket ,
.Ls La. kawaunaaveuua, or det.t ticket office.
In Hl.ri Jsnnari 2sili. tstl.
North ll. iind. Mouth R.iunit,
KM 101 ,'o
SOI BU4 ni
fii ti
i ! !. Z a iTrnlrs Pallr.
" 9. re pi siind.iy
i- Arrive
T is N V Franklin s: .
T 10 West 4-.'nd str.s t ,
; m Weeh.iw ken
r a'Arrlv.i l.-avei
: H
: w
r m
r a
I iMIsn.s . a .liinctlon t
s su ... i os
Si .... B 11
6 IB .... -.' .'4
.... .' I
I M . .. 141
0 4' '.'5 ,1
li 45 . . . 5-i
0 55 .... .1 od
10 -V. ... 3 is)
7 10 a M 3 IS
7 .'4 9 15 3 31
H Ifli
1 I'd.
t 47
ll:in. is k
7 8
ST in light
Prsslon I'srk
Pnvnt, ie
Pleasant tt
1 iilondalc
Porsel t ity
Car bond i s
wiute Bridge
Pr. Idonoo
7 Si
: i
IB : i
7 es I
6 51 !
6 4sl'!
ft 4 t!
8 411 I
Wll 41
88 ....I
8011 3i
: 7 a 4s (3 3
i; H II 88 fi 41
: 31 II H 3 45
SIC 5 11 II -Js
41 io . r I ' i
f8:r.'i .MtflltM
10 ii ' I
ego 5 (Till '.'I
fall 5 m In 17
6 811 SO II 15
7 4S 10 10
7 58 10 15
7 54 10 17
: "ii in .'
3 5
4 04
I .7
ft Id! 4 5' H i:
4 10
6 I5 I. V II lit
8 00 I" -.'4 4 It
si-.-hi a; 417
ft Illfl.V;'
8 pi, IN'lll ON
sir. 10, "0 11
P m i- a'lave Arrives sa a r
All trains run dally except Sunday,
t dgslflss Uuu trtlni stop on slgQg jor pas,
Additional trains leave I'urbonrtiiic for scrnna
ton I i. ' and 0. 1.'-p. in . arriving al scranton 1.58
a. 'l
Leave s'l'rantnn for ('srlxindale H50 and s.OB
arriving at l artioudsh- at 7 no anil 8,18 p. in.
peoers mtee rut Ontnrto a Wsstsro before
nnrcbaslng tickets and save money. Hay audi
rilhgt Kipress to thr Wcgl.
J, 0. Andcraon, Ocn. Pasn. AfTt
I, VUtcroft, Dlv. I ass, Agt,. scriinton. Pa,
j.-'rif, axd wyoming valley bail!
Ij koad
Train leavo Scranton for Knw York and In
termediate points on the Krio railroad at
a. m. nnd 3.!4 p in. Abo for llswloy ami
local points at 0 35, 0.45 and 3 '.'4 pm.
Train leaving st 8 4.'. a. in. and 3 21 p. in.
are through trains to and from tlonosdale.
Trains leavo tor Wilkes Harre ut 8 40a m. audt
3 11 p. m.