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fi I fi I" f)
Bth ACT.
Here you sec a wonderful act:
In the bottles is MALT EXTRACT.
Use it and you'll know the rest.
Insist upon the Glnuine, which lun tbe signature of "Johna Iloff" ou th
neck label of every bottle.
Do not be imposed upon by the msny substitute off-rel br dealers None
other is "as good." Write for pamphlet
RISNBB & MENDKLbON 00., Auoiits, 158 and 154 Franklin St.,N.w York
Everything now s-i'tiM to point to i
monster rHte war etnong the trunk
lines running from th Atlantic Ma
board to the M -!-.;; It tuny tic
averted, but tho likelihood- is 'mill
Lust Thursday the railway ui nn-g ri
comprising the Trunk Lines' atSOCls
tton hel I t!i ir mucli advertised p.w
wow In New York. Wlion th -v ad
journed tney gave out n.dlnnt i xpliclt
for publication, but it l.ns since been
learned that the meeting aoytbl u
but a dove convention. In fn-.,it
more like a ini nliey and parrot as
semblage. The meetiug wan mainly called tr
adopt (10,000 penalty for vioi.itious.
anch as rate cutting but as sixteen
ccuiiatiis Voted in favor of it, anil
fourteen against, at)d ns the vot limit
be ttuaniiuous tu penalty contract was
lost. It ia Mid that in ny of the suisll
roads claim that the penalty snonld tx
faded according to the mileage of lbs
line!, in the aaeneiation If th- penalty
va made $10 000 fort e New York
Central aid P ssvlvanla it should b
only $1,000 or S, 000 for many of the
tr ro idi I m a propne I that the
d H re t comp nls loal I pOt op
eeruflsd cock tor tee $10,000 and
WD' if tboei profit prm st-l tn.i
tby oooldo'i under any etrcntnatanoei l t;t amount of money. Another
Blatter thai mouopolll d a deal ol
tri titu o! the meeting wa tti-
hiit'i Va.iy'. rednoed rate tick .t with
Which the uiirkt has rn stock d,
and which are likely to d-uiorali lb
situation for a year or two to coon 1
tuat cumpiny or the assix i.i ion doea't
aiiree 10 1 DV t' in up 1 here nr s 1 1
to over 10,0 0 of theM tici isou
aud SeV-I .1 II, locks of thrill It
been plac d win. lIuQMo ''auks M eo
laieral on loaus ll is said Preet-
deal Hob. rtn, who vii ehalrmo oftn
meeting, Intimated tiiat biaeompanj
Win.d not it on tlie fence mnc 1 Ion 1 r
and iOe baeiBCM, If tlie Leblgh Vi
ley di I not soon stop paying Oomtni.
aiona and theM cut rale tickets ej r
not wun irawn the Peaaaylvania rai -road
WOtlld make an op-n reliBCtl
frmu $20 1. 1 $U anlu-. t its shar- o
the business, it WOttldo'l pay MB
missions in any out.
Presilent Wilhur. of the Lehigh
Valley, w.i lo uo utTar to wuhdr iw t e
cut rate tickets. Vie i'r.aldent li.r
rctt di ! most of the talking fur th I,
hittti Valley, and reasserted the de
Iiiands thai lie mad-- in an interview
short tinie ago tie said that the L -hiiM
now bua throngs line from N
York to Chicago, in eonneetl n wli
the Itr-uoi I milk an I tuat Its
HIM Md train MrviM are jiut MgOO
M tin4e of most ot the utaer trans
linen. Hence it i entitled to a Bin
larger ibare ol tho 1 Ml 11 U, no tu tllei
wiiat it ba It xii carrying m the 1 itt,
Sir. O.rr tt fixed ttie L itih V 1
qtl ta at 11! p. r tlelit I. 1 y (;. . .'; ;
cent llr el iini"d yeeterd . t.. bii
road Wa e' titled l" as mQob an n
Daltiniore and Onio, wbioh is allowed
Iff Moral lit ere is no eitl..iieu
of the pr-snt difHunity it is lutiiiu -.1
that dll reatlall will be at'ollslii-d ami
that a general rale w, r will b made
Itissai'lby the Philadelphia Time
that the following proxrairim w r
MBtly arraniei bv the anthracite sale
events: Tiiree advances in prices will
b made between now aud fall. Thay
will otraawt ofSSeaohand will bo mad.
June 1, Aug. 1, aud either .Sept. lor
Oct. 1. 'ibis will make the winter
price of the domestic iz of coal $4 .10
or about the maximum prio wnicti
ruled last yosr. l'rodtiolug intir sin
reports a very much better demand (01
coal, owing to tho belief on the part ul
contnmers that the price will be ad
Vauced. They are stocking up in dis
count thereof. Authorities say that
me striKe lu t lie sort coal regions lux
not yet improved the dunsnd for hard
a 1 1 . . 1. . . . . .
coin, Himuuuii II IS lmtiU lo Uo so
should the utrike continue for any
length of ti in-. Theatrike of miiiHr.
lb t)w Beach Oreak rgioe haa nir-adv
dvrfly IT oted shipments of bitnml
nous ci. at over the Beading, and in eon
aequ-noe, several fr-ig 11 ur.i- bav
been suspended.
A shipment of 2.S00 tons of bitumin
ous coal was shipped last we k troui
llaltimore to Montreal, Canada, al
tbovgh a duty of 00 cents a ton aud
freight charges brim the price of tne
fuel consideratdy over that of the
Nova Scotia product. Some of the
Canadian manufacturers are, however,
(lissatiafjad with the doaiestio coal, and
It is for these parties that the present
fhiptneut, the first of It kind.haa been
The only state in which the use of
natural gas for mantif aoturlnt; pur
poses increased last year 1 Indiana
Tho total value of natural gas con
sumed in tho cmutrv lu the year Wu
$14,340,250, against $14,800,714 in 1892.
1 1 mlier prions charged for tho gag in
18U3 was th-" causo of the dSOrSaje,
The grea:eu: value of th" s;aa consume 1
in any one year was $22,021) 875 lu 1888.
Siueo tin t time there has oeen b grad
ual decline, with an BKgregato of a boo I
$8,300,000 less for last year than 1888
All states show a fulling tt m tie
Value of coal or wood displaced ny th
nse of gas. Tlie amount of this reduc
tion in Pennaylvsnls was $490,000; In
Ohio, $48 000, hi 1 Indiana abunt $1 300
Tbe reported number of feet ol pe
1 ti 1 Increased luring the yar toll,-
WD 057 In P svleanla, 5 7$0 37:1 1
In nana, and I.404 0O8 in O.ii 1 I n
The larv-'St prodn tl n nf t'i gs In
Pennsylvsnla was $19 889,870 1888
-ince which It bua alle 1 ft 4S1. 000
O.iio snowed the Urgent fall I tf
production for Hi v ar F 1 1899
amonot wj ft3.186.000 while in 1893
we it down to $1510(100 The n i
imjMirta'if if is ffeldii any state is shown
1 be in In liana, whoM Mtlmsted sr-a
"f prodnctlva gas territorv is abnU'
3,000 square ml Im While tbesnpply
is laltitia ttelow the d tn iu I In Otbei
as li Ida It Is d claretl t.t Im well SUI
sin d 10 loJuua uu.t snppIlM are be
ing obtained from thes'ate by f el r
ies toasted i 1 otb' r ns term ri 1 i
valns of tbe produet onninmed In th
tslein 1898 w.a $1718,000, agii,at
ft 710 000 111 1892
Tue statsnifnt of shipments of sn
thraclte coal (SppmiiuUted fur tbs
.vuek ended April 31, as compared with
the corrrspondnu period lai yar,
snows a furtut-r decresM Ol 75 y.10 tons,
h : I'.-i It-mg sunt 1.. I 1
the Schuylkill region, tho ffeereMs
rmm Wbleb w 34 CW tons The
shlpmOOW r tbs ti date BOW at
u'r-.-V.e 'J . ".1 7 '0:1s, agtinst 12 :i"tl
iixO ions la, year, a decrease of :!, I g
8'.;t tons. Tun full atatem-ui an
Ai '.. IL
1 ''I
'I H s
74 :.l
in-. - v,
A.; a
Toul ti-; W
7.11.1177 !)
Total far year
"ule '. li V0 1 -c 3114,rj
Min 'it tXDCrnUAL NuTi.s
uip. yi' . f :l Sumj eUa . a
n 1 "... it N tbtlcoksL tbresuis t"
' rik" u l" tw j, , nargisl emi loyee ar
lat - d.
rbeforn oee aloes the last Pane tell-
r ad ae dipn mgnf tbetr momi mabank-
f slag, ihe socamnlatloe of mora than
tereaty years, t.. l'..iidiphia perkona.
wliii, it ! said, will mrn the slag Into i.av
mi; Mocks,
Afirr Jn!r 1 r .... n. .. r t ft. l
... .. .j . . . . ,w, , ... tr 11 tin, it n
ar now ha illsg th-ir coal over the tbich
. "i.J -uniiiti, vt III UHf tni lr own I a i.lll H
live Thev have J net nod Ma large en
nine- buill at the lialdwin L... ..
The Prestos 1 1 liiery fire at A'hl.nd, dl
C ' laat Friday, originated, it 1. tas-
iwvssL froai !, it,., up Wedaeeds
i vei.lng. An ait.'mpt has been made to
"I'.iench the tire wun pipe line, and 1
una tails drowning OBt MMl b- re.ntil
to. -i be colliery i practtcalty a aew om
b iving recent,)- b-n riKipeiiiNl and a u-w
brenkur erei t-i at a o-at uf 'ji.i). It
lias i".ly b..". ,., ,-,.. t r ,,. fw
tnontha Nn.riv si haeOjs are ecsplor4
it wbi ongleally opened In the flf 1
n II lii.A ,.r Wiik llarre. . hairman
ot the BTtevaace eonsniit earing ihe
Laibigb Valley strike, aaa oat $08,000
in aiiowau e. t , It-oth-rh -i I men
A-cor lmg t-i tbe Ualla. , . hi re are
aivm to be la'aer cal i.araiiiin- t nan li.r
in. rlv along th.- Berulos divi i.,n ol the
bigb Valley rgjlraad, abkh eiplalas
why tUat divlaloii baS le-n i-iund"l !.
" 111 ' ' K.-.i-. 1 (SI t civ
' ..IUg a.ley c..a, ci h-, ,.r1(.
the BMeeral m perty iu the si .mty of
tsapee, Bed It la .-s,.e, ti the
raai or two he u. irjr ,,lty
ot tbe Loyahvxik prodacs ihlpBed mai-
bm over wbai Is now Hi bWvsy Laas
liraii' b. Tna luuib-r t a.tlc at th.' MOMal
tliuo Is very large
Eighteen thoiiMind pcrt.n attended the
i.p.'Uing nf the league sestou at .Now York
011 Saturday.
One m .re the nn-kls,ed crowd we Hnd
L'pou the bleaching bosrda;
Once more the gladiators OOBM
W itb beta inataati of swnrda.
Tlif eloods are quivering from the shock
Uf that apontaueous chuer.
Which wakes the world and lets it kuow
The t if ball game Is here,
IViuftiajfoa .S'lur.
The Cornell and Lehigh ba-e ball clubs
will meet at the ball park in tlda citv oa
May 18
Catcher lingers has notified the nttBBgO
mcut of the bcranton club thai b, stgl
cinii) to this city at once and repirt for
duty. Ho 1- badly no led, R the cnutl'.u
OM work thst Patches has been forced to
do has stiffened his arms and Blade a ret
very BeoMsery.
The raui ul S itttrds af ernoon p'ev.oit.
ad tbe game rith Wiu s-Bs r . li -tin
be 1 layeii mis afternoon m-iea 1 ,u ii,, m
p 1 k.
Umpire Larry of thiscitv, l as
bi en sssignsd to Pottevtlle lot the opening
.nines on Wednesday Mid Thursday, Fri
day aud saiuiday he wm he al Heading.
Ihrao Wlee Men.
Tillman, LeWOlttng and Watte onn day
Sol sail on pnliMral seas;
"We'll run tho wlmle durn world," said
"Exactly ns v. e durn plasse."
Each had thuunns by the ..core
Theories hail Ibose tiiree
neganling b, odle and boozo and gore,
And they chuckled in glee
"Oh, What wise men aru wet"
Said Tillman,
And Walte.
Tillman, Lewelling and Walts some day
By the foolkiller, fnr too late,
Will captured bo and well-n-day I
1 shutld -r to name thoir fate,
But it will he nn awful warning ho
Ah. BM I but they'll cntch It rough!
For the killer will say to those govuruors
"Oh, I've hnd euouqh
Of your cranky guff '
To Tillimui,
l.owel Ing
And Walte.
Chicago Dispatch.
Stocks and Bonds
New York, April 28. Bpeenlatton at the
Stock Exchauge today waa confind to the
Intlustriulri, aud of thie Am rican Sugar
was the mott cont.picuous.
The toll' wins oompiete table "u.iwinc tna
rlav'tt rlui'tuations in active htoclta ia atijiplied
mid revised daily bv Lad ir & Fuller, atoi'k
brokers, hii wyoniins avenoei
Open dl h liOw
in eat ssl r
m.Cn no
t. Hnusiv,
A T. .V . r.
on. S .1. ..
I lllc. .V N.
Q ' a 0..
tXU an-, 81114 i0-4.
..... Itt! :- 11 r; 1 IM 01U
1 1 ii 1 1 ' 1
hnaa a h :. i
1: 11 ii 11
I I'"-, - ; "i'a
'si, ;u rsw "u
I . Una
C, C. C. ft St. I....
0 . Hoek.Val , i
A Kit
i).. L. a w
n scv.i' si a Id lu 111
(. E. To IW4 Ml i-i-i 'I'-W
Lake Shore Jisi. l.s IgtU 1KM
L. N JUin ii mil S'JHi
Mli. Pac ill .ni't a '.".IH
Nat. Lead lv.j IdiJ bH'si J 'Is
N.Y. &N.E b Ml Hi $X
N. Y. Central
N. Y O, ft W Hi 10 10 ia
N. Y..S. A W
u. s. a co 23u tint IBM uiH
North Pac . .. . .... ....
Morth I'ac. pf Ittlj IM4 lsl
Pas. Mall
Ilfadtntr lull IIH4 19 UJ4
Km Inland (ill H CU 69
K. T t 9
M. Paul BUI Sl4 SIMi 'II
T., 0, & I 17 17! 17
I efia Pac SVi sit, Si SU
t'ni. 11 1 a I 'c 1-4, I-'-, H, 1S
Wabash p Ui, li'.l. Ill's
Western I'niou M SUi HI SlU
W. & I.. I MM mt 12H DM
w. a u K. pr tut WH -siH
rhtcacoOni t i Prevtstoas,
traNToa. Ap Oat. The fCOowtas qno'a
1 ;.'i s are supplied an t c meted dullr by La-
nr A Fuller, atwk brokers. ill Wroralfl '
wnt'AT. Mi.t ;niy Bent.
Opening rsi( en et4
'a-h.i 11 H
. "tteflt fg Bl SlSi
1 h aj Mil
inline as mil m
li : -lit
41 aj
I nwtvtt
( xeintf
1 She t
CI fins
Opi nm
' ,! t
ItloS Bg
t " snlag
:. H'.wr
CI fine
SH IT iiliw
H best
1. .wart
1 UrOlm
r.'H : :r,H
m i is i
a.i ISM vy
U'7 I'.W ....
ifl7 i .. .
KM nu
lil L'SO
sn 111 ''-e1
sh an Mi
S47 M7 1 1
1,1 t-U MV
New Yf'k Pr dure Market
Nrw Yoiik. April i Fun a-Dull,
Whcat- -Dalt I 'wer, with options c!ov
Ing fit in. Ha S red, store and elevator,
fit ,(.; arlist. fatal f. , (, , fffia.'SJc. :
rrs lad red, tTaee : No 1 sort here.
TOaTIVn,; options clMsd Weakj No. grul
Arrii,6lke.: May,l1(e.j Jane, a.', :.ietv,
nVXCkl Aucuat, MSc, September, tWSc-;
Ii enmher. H
1 oas ' un. easier: N . 2, t'l'i'r Sia
vaur, UK- aflnct: steamr rolled ftc ;
BptlOM "era I'll. wk. April. 4 '. c;
Ifav, lKe July. 44
llTs-Ilnll, nrtrl na'-d: ngtlPM ti'l. r
n gu a': Apr'l tie ; av, 37. .: .Inlv i'. .;
.let pr'C-, If I ill i N . .' wl ,tr r ;
S t CI leg , U . fa ,S .t; Mo. s
bite. Sir ; mi.'l estere, lis .' . white
aV s : a-fc reel ite, lUtSXa
TlSRi'rp Prtr-O' i t
i IT i ate Uu.i. teady. middles, nom
inal. Ltan fllmdy aatHi we-t re steam.
tW.05. rity. . ption Seles, r,o-i;
n ' ' . mtlu at s 1 1 r. m
pmintl. BUste.
rong i, lei and steady.
BrTTsn -Qatel s o mh : aute dalrr,
new. l.'ailWi' : dn old lUii. ,i,.
cr-anierr nw, I'Ji'jnlsjC; I'ei.nsvlvanta
do., lOastp ; western dalrr, uew. ion
He; Uo.. creenwv, new, !Ja2" tr do,
factory, new, lOsl.Hc ; in.ltatioii cr, amery,
SSBB1 Qnlst (I'm
I .,i.aj aVrats demand. StOBdvi State
land I'ei.nsylvsnia. I'.'e. : ihsat. OsBVli
we.ieru (reah. llise : a..n:heru. lUallU
I h d hahl Tal BtastH.
PBTt.SBStftrjA, April Tatl w was
tlrm with a ;airrtimit.. Prtose Wer:
PrtBM city, -n hngahsedo, si i- ir.tne
C untrr. in barn I I , , .I . ilars, lu bar
rels, 4'c; cak.a, greaa-, lc
Tiisukst mutual Insurance p dlcy
tgalast Mt ark Of n. kt.e is ti. be found
hi taking Hood'i -araattarilla If you are
weak It will n.abe foe SUesHJ
BoOtVS ruts aretbehaa- after dinner
plli att dlgsatloe, eare aoadeeae Try
a bus,
On t'na' t ms ' ' p- Q
hUbniepefli irrm,,.
t the U l . .. ... .:, c.-,i
b.urd ' trad I i . i ' .
d by the
s kfai a
I, Hat furd rat ie-en'l. -s t ewoiaan'al
pi. veuieni leatn o iiin nt'v I i, lira.) f
bar ma.e no Hon I. at w md ton
think I ' he h. uei Uh a h. i SWapl nu the
lirt ia ridge a. the wall from three to
evai da a w ek. ou 'be iiouud
hal It Haa BMT MSI "i lial' 10 r.
imve it in latge bulk i.uce or
twice ii wia-k f ft is - Otlei.t tu
SB that the liiiniy broagbl 'tun IhO
iii'ua.' Aud 1,-t that le rxamty what the
city i- dt.iug on ihs BiBMakea ..ea of eeea
nmy. Tares keens of rel tee i u- gatheietl
for "eeeeooy" are the pr.diDc soerce nf
tvpbidd (ever, dl hiberla, al eiceli sb aud
Bnist n tbe spl las ol d -..ast. wun
which rtias are aflllcied On!) la.' year a
lyphotd rpldewtc vatttod tbts eliy, as r. -I
orie l b the beal.b ofll. e, which rrsultetl
m over ISNi casas nf ali'klie and over 100
death.'.. 'Iheeci Bt'Uiy lu auebasysleni Is
not appaiunt.
Lagl 1-tivs IJi cr
ffMuig Ptspafca.
Chairinaa is la better health
than when i.e left Wai bingtmi. but Ms
tnrifT bill shows ren"Wed simptoius of
Hoka flm tn Is 'II Jot' u,,
ll'.oaini nn Panli
Tho esteemed Aila tn ' . ,mnl i-ontlnuee
lo place giual lailh in tbe niluiinialratiou.
BWShlei ' i.i nu i a v
. m. p.. i.i i . p i. i . . it, u.,.,-
tivoiy nre rue i, u .
i n ri.av ' .... i. m.I
.gun'aiii i i-iv prrfs ksUstactlos
-I BMioei refonded Price ateenii pr
bos FW salt- b, ale IbeWI Hrua
i'.'Ik n Dahy was sink, we gare her Castorbk
Wlien she wss a Child, she crlet! fur I'a'itnria.
When she became Miss, she clung tu Cantoris,
When she had Chlluran, sue gavu Hum C -aioiia.
Help Wanted-Male
'. iTED CP -I'
" hnnl Carrlano
av.'. and Seventh st.
orks, cur. Wost Lack-
TN" RrTArlMd
1 8weotiy for a Matase to Mt as a detective
lor hint and reward. Petition t.t I " heard on
the Will day of Aprtt 1MI4. at I o'clock a. 111.,
in tint court of iniai'ter se-s ne.s. Thu atitloti
of Daniel Mt; wnuuey for lii etis to act as n
detective for hire and reward luler the Act
of l'.s; h is been preasntea to the judg s of tho
above court and Ulcl.
Atturutf a for Petition.
For over a quarter of ncontury, Dr. Tierce's
Golden Medical Discovery has been effecting
cures of Bronchial, Throat and Lun affec
tions Tlin makers have such confidence in
the " Discovery " lor coring Asthma, Ih on
chitis, and Incipient Consumption, that thoy
cun afford 10 guarantee it
Isaa LotHAN. t.f ThurUiw, DUawtre
t'u, I ti
as tOllOV g:
lot 11. V. P11.IH K, Bnf-
v fain, N. Y.: " ar Sir
I srisb I" wnli you of
5 in) brother, Lurry C.
Trotio. who hnu h..,n
ii li for ten yi'iirs w,;h
asthma, lit has ben
treated by ten dl (tercet
piivflt'i.ius, hii huvo
t. ..I be oanld not bo
cured. He had to ait
1111 at nUht. lit' irot so
short of breath; hesul-
, ... 1 1. t. ..1
I' in, wun trilillll li .1 . -m
liee and had a bad
COUgh. After taklnir
Doctor Pierce's Golden
n. 0. Troup. 5,',' '" '"' U',n".V('7 "J'J
t Ki.usaiit .11' if, lie 11114
sot irot ihort of breath, and can aleep aU ntthi.1
A Word.
U ntil of alt Madl coil that inucfc, ex
rt),t Siluatiutis U tialiii.wutA are oucrlcif
Situation Wanted.
orruATiois wanted a lady
J t.-a?her wishes tu do tutoring during
t-Uniiuur vacatiuii Can prcparo pupi a fnr
college tn ail arancbss esoepl CI reek, Wdlg .
eitb pepU to oeuotry or eoa sbocs if desired.
Csabegln .lun.- I six reara1 sn.'-i"s(ul ex
pa lease let d v uiiuwn, attorney, Mi
sp uce street.
win TI. it) WANTED BY a BOY II
rears ol a!', with fair edneal be! d '"g
to .1 ' in at nnrthl'..' Call or address D L..
UO 1 ar laop a.etiue, elty.
V'T' Alius WANTKD lit AWollA -.
' ;o du huus ' i l 'sniug and washing. Ad
dress 511 Bmatel tr t
I ante si try bookkeeper, corrsep adeat
an - or credit - lers: gentleman of IS.
uifr nKii. f..r permanent anssgaeiensi
elt. s praetitsl bus.nia axneii"!,...' . tl. -r
eu I
i : uni reliable: Al reference tad se-
dd eat it s Kgfl annbnry Pt
. ! N v am gD a WOMAH
.1 '1 a la ,.t w.rl. t.v the d.t t
wssln... pf i waning, or Mil. lak..' Washllw
Til o h r.l tra't.
fgenta iVented.
ADY ma:
OOBM aaa
d ma.
t'or in
Lsikawaniia ceeMr! geod ladn s,rai-nu tc
rigbl man. Adtlrasa lUtSI lUtt nuildiug.
I i Uada .hi i . ..
w':: : fifcixt
sry or Msst obersl i imni s Mi aaminas teal
..I. appl ration AdUrsaa 1... a le.l l. Vii N..
, lv p
ni fV
r 1 ' Pii 1
For Rent
Laekasmanaaetaea Ani. at Um 3
I ai.i.-t, a I Co., Tlurd Nsinnal Hack
la l.lli..- .. - ami K ('. Kn.lar
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I reams: at: .1 lirat;oo nil Wa.i.m.
t..n sterol"
I' .- ' '"::V':.)Z K
ViM RENT IHRgg Ityoi.-i. , mint OJI
J r. i, ..t.r A Hull-art's
IT Wyeadag avenass frees April t la
qalr- In iha st.-ra.
'I'o Li:, run a'tekm up yiLar-
1 I'art r a I ..( Ihrta. tuu IrM fe; l jsrd
n- m s.o. 4 railroad Aiulirat USSEraakba
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tor bale
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tUt.m. DaHSaV L.lataa
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At.y ti. 1 llitltbtba u-i In- k
E"K 8ALE-IN4JflRK nFir
i. i-"urt i ii s:ri h.-r. curl
ti i HBt FARM, STOCg
'ai 1 U BHKPPlKUl t.
V. nr.
j, ' ll SALB h EZCBAXOg
NRl li.K.'iiN I jt.a llaln. Kmi
pecia Notices
I 1 !: - v E 1M1.
V. I'" I
a se bmsUs
lrnvi at
b hi al tin viae
liany'a noilding.
MB, IS. tl ll I
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4: I transact any other hutniraa that iaar lv
iri-aent' I
l P A ' HERTON. Bt'crotarr
Siraiit. n .Ayril V l-.M
it A .VLKT'Nii OF tTiR blRE TlrTo?
.1 the Nay Aug Falls an I Eluihur.t Uuule-
id". ' I'.oil it was r-s Ivr.l that a mart tig
.till" at.- h .trs a!li. t., .,,,-.. ...
i.r n ll.
IU g..-...rsl i.ffl'w of th. r.iinpnay Is," i
I.i I'libl ean builillnii. nu tbe .'.th iiat f J.,
A D last to take Batlee on the tnprevsl t.r
.liap,n.val nf ttia ).r. y.aal barms of the
raidtal atoek nf said cumpany from ICVnOo to
g i... auu in1
le B'bv .lit' . t
nawsa hy law
i,-s auu iiini un- h r-'isry i. an. I n,.
I t.. give n tl.-.t till",..' aa rm.
.s assrs ol th" Qenaaaat Bonding snd
Loan asen butoa nf soatb creates w.-j tB,
I I.i." linlav evening. A I ii L'7 Is.ii :,(,r
traiiaeinii: th- r.-. n ar hulneH. J.iriiiiir
Mll.l.j ll, e retsr
nt.AM; bookb, pamphiTeth. MAOA
state, etc., b as i sr rebetina at -inr
Tstscse tdBcs Qnisk work. BMesaakeS
l rit-es
V I' I -I If . HtrTMt
.'I srner .-. r and b'rauklu. av.-
went j ": (or J.ifti u.axl
Prop ej t.
D C' ive.i at the ofice of tbe City Clerk.
Si- iiton.Pa , unt.l7.:sio'elork p ui . Thuit
d'. t.u Hd. Ism. o grade I n-laware -tract b --
Is athuigton and lendertno avenues tn
sc t vrltb plans end sptVcstMons bs eT
thi I .iglnei r. I Mb hid spall la ac-oni.
psali ' cash i r certified sBeokln theanjnBnt
fit adred dollars, incase the bidder tu
who- tct.tra't shall have been awaided
re for - ou'tB to sseeata a sonbrset for tea
w..rk .liiii t n days from date f award
thercnf, the ttti. Iosnrc n.'enmiuinyini: hla pro
pose! iball Ijofurr Ittsl to the use of the city of
Miano . i lie elty res reus the riaal to ite
jSSt any aud nit Mils
By m iler of city OonncUs,
,M. T. LAVELLK, CltvClork.
Hcrai ton. Pa., April A 1"4
ONSSd at tho ofloS of the I'lty "lurk.
Koranton, Pa . until 7.;ki o'clock n. m., Thurs
day, May '.U, lbi;4. so furnish the I Ity of leranr
ton a chemical lire euginu for the nsu of thu
Pho iiix Hose oomyanr. Blddars shsu nnciosu
wnli I'li.-h in.' the sum of lift v dollars in
cask or oertlfled check. In cass thu bBMSr to
whom the contract shall havu been awarded
omltat i xecntes enhtract In accurdancHwilli
propu-al within tell days from date of award
thereof, tlie enclosure accompany! g his pro
posal shall be f.n felted to the use of tho city
of Seranton Bidders shall furnlali their own
spsalBeitloBS. Iht city rtSOrVst tho ritht to
reiect nny a d all bids.
By order of City Councils.
M. T. LAVELLE, City tlerk.
Bcranton, Pa., Apt H M !..
Connolly & Wallace
it mm i
1 8c. Per Pair. 3 Pairs for 50c
Clean Carpets,
Renovate Feathers,
Upholster Furniture,
Make Over Mattresses,
and we
The Seranton Bedding Co.
UO'i .in,! not lark, i, Ave, corner Adams Ave.
DID 00
That wo will GIVfi you baautiful new pat
term of Sterling SILVER SPOONS and
FORKS for an equal weight.ounce for ounce,
of your silver dollars. All elegantly en
graved free. A large variety of new pat
terns to sebct from at
"No star was ever lost
We always may be what we might have been,"
Sen-in ton, I
22 and 23 Commonwealth Building.
D MAKE mil
'll'!lr lniritlrtils of Noting mm uiitl JOUg women lu thW
roiiniiy who lltri plentlld abilily, but thflj lutva novor been
Viukciicil up.
Wood's College of Business and Shorthand
litis lo-ii nn inspinition to hundrsdl of yotug pHipla If yon
nn- tiii 'l ! iiini ti ity uutl want lo do aouictii:. j taujjible,
OOBM to tho OoUCfS,
COMMON ttNOLK It l i:i:
hhorthaki) ooi R8B F Ei w00D( proprietor.
KSUJITOei Aii) Wllif M BABBK, pa., sjanufaituklks of
Locomotives and Stationary Engines, Boilers,
Cionoral Ollico, SCKANTON. T.V
iBiuunilori in-Insaultr. (.'.in Itscitrriort In mil poctici. HI i'i'rbtn,4l f.irBil,
Inr mnii prepuiti. with s Ueraer wutivi wrtltea enareatee te eare
..... a3atl ll,.- m.iHM. l,l,.,.nli,r fma -...1,1 l.r nil tlrilt'tlUIS. A f-k 1 nr 1 1 . una
t-tURtANDlFTtR USING. no utiit-r. Adttijss meiivk anXDOO., Masooie Tcwpie, chicaoo.ill
For Snlo in Seranton, Pu.,by H. C. SANPIiSON.PrUirpidt, cot. WasbingtoD
uiU lapruco etreotti.
Retail Mattresses cat
& Connell
ANN i lu.,
we once have seen,
The most complete
in the market
Hull k Co.
m aud 207 mam ave.
TSU....S.rtSI ft-wi... f ...I.
aut". ' 1" tn"' tu nf. .on, At-
nivt. such ns Wens Mono ry. l.osnf llrsln rowerjlti'inliicni'. nkiliiliirss,
lttl .Manl I.NIclitlv Kliiis.ilulis. N,.rtiilislia.ti.all(trslliiauil lna of -uwor
Inllt .it'tnllrcOrsn. Si.ri'ltlorMtcaiiv'.liy .ni-i'.'Xiirl""i,.v.iul)irtilfi'i'or,
iti a.lve uiMt ol liiitscctn iiplnin urMliiiulsntii. wlilcli li'tul lu liitlruillr, t'nn-
IF THE ffi
Tffi AVE-
reseda? and Wednesday eves uiv i a
and Wcdueiday matinee Illrll -
Thu (freatost tncteet In years. Dlr. ct
from a six months' run at thu Aeu.tumy
of Mu-ie, .Now York, to packed houses.
Tho lull New York production will ba given
PBICKg-fl. TI, IB, gC. SsleofseaU opetn
at I'uwell s Saturday tuurtilnir.
Wee coaunenelns HONDA V, APRIL 84l
Wonderland Theater Co,
1 M an. i.t li.k'i i !a- jrani,
I W.tb ami Fireits, Magnlfl-
I cent Oastnmee. and tbe tuil strenirth of the
m; a: y. f. bowed by tht- lit arinn ( 'omcily,
i Pra-a-nttsl in thslr Inimitable manner by WiL.
LET I' gi THuRXK. '
ThaHtcrhns t'ld Bver-Welccoe Drsmi
ADMISSION, lo, ?o (,h 30 I'EJt'TH.
Pertoraianoes tvery afternoon, exec) t Mon
daya and Thuradaya, at aud evrry even
I ilia-at S IS. Dours open at l.JtianJ 7.0U P.M.
City Musio Store,
- lOatnra a ' fcCUA.N iJ
ni i kih iutiiri!i:iti m
hl I 1.1 Ja 1 1 A I I It
I . jtr.-a rti-k of fl rivals
Ul BlOAti MEttl HANOUfct
III .-K L1V., LIU.
Rooms 1 and 2 Commonwealth LV
St'll AN ION, PA.
Hade at the MOOSIC and HU8U
Lsftlin tV: Uaiul PoWOCf Co.'s
Electri." natterles. Puss for explod
ing blasts, Safety r'use and
RcpaunsChcmical Co. 's High Explosives
The QE&UINE New Ilaveu
"Mathushek" Pianos
New York Wart-rooms No. 80
Filth Avenue.
E, C, KICK EE & CO.,
Sole dealers in this ssction.
on H E-i j Aiiiuus Ave., Telepneas BTlg
90G South Washinigton Avciiuc,
C.intl'.ictor anil luiildor i.r I'.iucreto Klaaiiijr,
t i.ticit'to Bloeks, Potato, Batter and ('.tal
pma Wet Otllars dried nn, Orders mar be
loft nt Tliunittnn .V l'rutt. Will sma a Co..
Main and hyuon Stri-oia, or at hcrauton
gtuvo Works. Alio Foundations, Cistorus,
Kisb Wiru Tunuuls and Cutllua. rlaggtag lor
UsiUuu Walks,