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Spring and Early
Summer Goods
Fiil Our Different Departments
Quick Sales and
fteady Purchasers
Mark the progress 0f onr bnsinens.
It is often tlieitnry, How is it pos
sililo to sell the quantities we buy?
Tlio answer is, 'I'is very asv at
tlio values we glvs at tbo pricss we
We have mafle early purchases in tbe
market of all the Latest Novelties
and Staple Goods Inolndsd in endi
department of Dry Hoods. We
have the choice productions o? our
American jnanul'actnrers anil tlie
novelties of our foreign competi
tors. This season is no different from any
other, at least in this one respect -that
the price always directs the
extent of the purchases, and your
money will go farther with us and
buy better goods than ever
offered In this place.
Are constantly ap
pearniK- " keep
fully breast of
the times, display
ing every fashion
and design as last
us thev are placed
New Ideas
in Ladies'
" upon the market
French peopln are only a few davs
bead of ne only the length of time
it take" for the style to
ero the water Few W' Show
American houses can Some liri'at
keepatep with the paoe ValMss
we are "ttiii)f. We Coup cd with
le nem scrambliiiL,' Low
to "'Hnv our lead. Prices.
How the beautiful display ebarms
the ladies. I'rettv Klowers, Bright
Ribboni, Gy Feathers, Dainty
Ornament! these all combine to
make this the loveliest Millinery
display that ever graced any store.
London Novel Hee, Paris Creations
and the Highest Domestic Art,
New tbinga.
nlsr Tbinga,
Things that
with us.
StvlNh things Top
Exelnsivs things
can be only found
Spring: imi Ml ws Wsif War .tt Throuith
th. Notch.
SVsStSj to Tribune.
Ci.ahk - Ou i n. Ps.. April 27. -Fred
liarnmu, ot Bingbamton, N V . spent
several days witii relatives hre
George w Decker, of Boneedale,
and bis brother-in-law, Milo Finn, of
Scranton, spent Wednesday here on
Mr Role Hall, nee Bbedd, of Bar an
ton, spent a short time among friends
Mrs. Sabra .Imkson returned to her
home in Dunmore on Monday last
Q P. Matthews and son have com
pleted the boring of tin ir well, and
will occupy their Maple Croft summer
residence in tbe near fnture
The public schools at No. 1 building
will close on Wednesday, May '.'
Mrs. Jami Bennett will m.ive to
Pound Brook, N. J., today. Her hus
band is engaged in steady employment
tbl rt as machinist.
Stiles Tlnkham is ssriously siek with
Miss Holand, of Scranton, is visiting
hi r friend, Mary K. Devan.
Miss Olia Crane returned to Scran
ton on Tuesday last.
Messrs. Frees ft Parker have im
proved their ofllce in theit store and
fciivs it now furnished beautifully
Little Locals of O.nei.l Iaterest Down
the Valley.
Fjieeinl to Us Scran'on Tribune.
DtttTSA, Ps., April 27. The fair and
festival recently held in tlie new Hap
tist chnrch was a decided success, and
the fancy work made hy the lady mem
bers sold quite readily. The handsome
plush rocker, which was chanced olT,
beeame the property of Mrs. Margaret
Williams, the lucky number being 701.
A large number of handsome young
shade trees have been placed along
Main street.
Mrs. L. EL Herman, who hiis been
suffering a long time with spinal dis
ease, has gone to Philadelphia to under
go an operation.
Dyspepsia and Indigestion
In their wont forms ar cured by the
nse of I'. I'. 1'. If you are debilitated anil
run down, or If you need a tonic to regain
tlesband lost appetite, strength and vigor,
take I'. I'. I'., nnil yon will be strong and
healthy, tor shattered constitutions and
lost manhood I. P, P. (I'rickly Ash, Poke
Hoot and PotaJShllll) is the king of all
medicines. P, P, 1. is the greatest blood
purifier in the world. For ealo by all
Clipped from Canada I'resbvterian, un
der signature of 0. lllnckett Kobiusun,
prop'r: I was cured of oft recurring bil
ious headaches by Burdock Blood Bitters.
FOLK or thftM COUPONS, ir-
IMItftd stlTha TflbttH Oflltt, nir-
n t rnii mmm Midi Bp root Hti "t,
pUUm th holder tuiiii iim pvlv
llgM Of tlifl iinpitriillrleil nAVr;
for i i -; ; 1 Imi I i ti;; populftV bookl
iiiiiiti mil' rtiitlirs. '1 1m offOM BUftdfl
by 'Mi Trlbiitin iiiunit;Hiik'iit urn
hh fonowu
15 CENTS and Four coupons for
any volume In tho ColttSnbOS He- mm
lies. Over ton titles to select from. 5
BO CENTS and font Coupons for S
My book In tlio Itugby Series.
2"i CKNTS nnil Four Coupons
any book In tlio Oxford Ssflas,
for S
Bieczy Budget of Live N -vs CcmoiUd
bv a Qrso.ful Wrltsr.
Ftrt iul to the Scranton Tribune.
AnCBBAlO, Pa., April 27. The first
issue ot tbe Archbald Citizen will ftp
Dear on Thursday next. It will be a
four page paper, independent but not
A grand entertainment will be held
in the Lutheran church on Wednesday
next. One of the featnros will be Edi
son's phonograph.
Dr. J. Burnett, of Scranton, was in
town today.
Mr. M. J. McHale wab in Olyphant
on business this afternoon.
Miss Maggie ' (Hides, ot Monnt Ver
non, is visiting friends in PittBton.
Mrs. Jacob Wagnor, who his beon
ill for several days, is improving;.
The pnpils of the graded school
building held a grnnd entertainment In
the school house last evening. A
varied and very interesting programme
was observed and the pupils arqnitteil
themselves with credit. The proceeds,
which were quite large, will be de
voted to the library fund. The enter
tainment was conducted under the aus
pices of Prof. Davis and its sucosss was
owing in great measure to his ef
forts Miss Amy Malaney, of Salem street,
is vi-iiting in Forest City.
Thomas Kearney, of Salem street, bas
returned from a visit In Boranton.
There are improvements going on in
all parts of the borough. Among those
engaged in beautifying their homes are
Mrs. Mary Pkilbln, Mis Mary EL
Kennedy, John Carroll, Jehu T. Fin
nerty, John lleck. Miles A. Andrews
and .Instils liishop.
J unes Unllarkey has returned from
a visit with friends in Csrbondale.
Charles Murphy, of Wilkes Harre, is
visiting 1'eter Kearney.of Salem street.
Joseph Hngbei culled on friends in
Scranton yesterday.
County Surveyor Untitling has com
pleted Ins map in accordance with the
survey of Sonth Main street early in
the weeK I lie map and ivntt'Mi re
port hsve been plaotd in the hands of
President Lane, of the conncii, and it
will be submitted at a special mooting
to I e bell I this evening. The report is
substantially as was stated in Till'
TRIBCNCof Wednttdav, All the prop
erty holders above llenrv nrt's hotel as
far as Anthony Harrison's encroach 00
the road ftom two to twelve feet. On
the other side between the Swart r
properly and the corner and Hour)
Roth's, lot the encroachment varies
from two to live f.t There are a few
who are not satisfied, bnt it is not likely
that any IdbMqOent survey will niter
the lines.
Many of the workmen employed by
the traction ornipstiy were discliarged
last erenlng, the digflni of the ms.1
bed having been (unshed The rails
ar' fxp'cti dailr an 1 will bv it
down as loon as received
K"V Mr Shaw will come here to
morrow with bis children Mrs Bhaw
will OOme nere during next w,-k
A special meeting "f the coonoil was
held tins evening lor the purpose of
hearing the grievances of th property
holders who live along the line of the
traction company's extension. Messrs
Wagner, BaltSS, McDjnnell. ILcktnan,
Rotb an Gisler, reprassnttog the prop
ertv bolder, each Stated tliMir reasons
for objecting to the laying of the road
00 thir lids of the street. The MOD
ell listened and promised to do what
they c' uid to satisfy the complainant
Elsctr: Bltt.r.
This remedy is becoming SO well knowp
snd so popular a to n-ed no si',-iii seen -
Hon. All who have mod Klectric llitters
sin;: tin same .oiig of piiH. A purer
medicine il. in notviim slid it is guarau
leed to do nil that is claimed. Kiscinc
Bitter, will cure all diseases ot the I.iv r
Slid Kidneys, will reniore I'ltnplee, Botts,
Salt Kheuni and other affection caused by
impure blood.- Will drive Malaria frooi
tl r yt"tn hi I pP'Vo-it s well a. euro all
Malarial ferers Kor cure of Headachu,
ContarpatioQ and Indlgeetloa try Eleetrie
Bitters Entiie saUetaotioa gnaranseed,
or money rsfooded. Prtos DO eta. aad II
per bottle at Maf.hi-we Bros., Drug .tor
The User r.f a Ilril.d Down to
Brlirht Paraer.phe.
siriiii re tts seeaalssi ru'one.
IfiHOOKA, Ps , April H7 -Prot M
.) Lorerti, of the Sonth Side, is mor
mg Hi the house of John Kne on
Cberry street
John I'ern, of Archhsld, called in
this plsce yesterday
M. II kleDonongb called in Hyde
1'urk and PruTidenee ou business yes
terday 1' J. Mi'Andrew, of At ira, was a
caller in town yesterday.
Civil I'. igineer 1 1 -liner (I Thomson,
ot (ireeti Kldge, and land agent for the
Qreenwood Coal company is comie'inp-
laiing the erection of a usw building to
he located In irn wood, whicli ho
will occupy as his resideBOl when com
pleted. The supereifors of tha township
slmnbl give a little of tneir attutio:i
to the repairing of the sidewalk at the
culvert on Main street, which in a
verv dangerous condition,
Mrs. rsshoid, of Qreenwood, who
lirs been lying at deaths door fur th
past mouth is recovering.
1 lie committee from .No, m onng
Men's institute who wer- to go to i:d
Forge on last Sunday afternoon were
detained owing to unexpected cirsiiin-
StaneOS winch had occurred the day be
fore, tut they will get there on next
Sunday afterno n at I BO and will be
accompanied by M. A Mcllinley an 1
Robert J Murray, of No. 184 of S-rau-ton,
who will lecture en the principil
objects of the society and tbe advan
luges it i ITers to members.
'1 he many people from this place who
visit the Scranton theaters experience
great inconvenience in being obliged to
walk home, as the last car loaves too
soon for this tide,
There will be n game of base ball
Sundsy afternoon on tbe brick ynrd be
tween the I'o inders, of the SmIiIIi Side,
and the Mayflowers, of this side.
The Borderland Dramatic company,
who played here lust Monday mgnt,
will give a matinee on Saturday after
noon for the school ohildr'n. Admis
sion will be ID and ID cents.
The (ti-enwood Mine Keg Fund has
adopted bs Iges to be ueud at funerals
of their dtOCSSed members
Thomas MiCrea, of Boston, Mass., is
visiting 1 1 i h ph rents on Mum street.
William Mahedy, of Arshbald, is
visitlug at McAndrews this week.
The work of cleaning out tlie base
ment of the house of Ivlwnrd Philbin,
on Main street, which was burned
down inst f .ll, has begun and a new
building will be erected in its place.
Four Dig Successes.
llnvlng the needed merit to morn than
make good all the advertising claimed for
them, the following four remedies have
reached a phenomenal sale. Dr. King's
Now Discovery for Consumption, Coughs
and Colds, each bottle guaranteed Elec
tric Bitters, the great remedy for Liver,
Stomach and Kidneys. Biicklen'a Arnica
Halve, the best iii the world, and Dr.
King's New Life Pills, which are a perfect
pill. All theBe remedies are guaranteed to
do just what is claimed fur them aud the
dealer whoso name is attached herewith
will be glad to tell you more of them. Sold
byMatthows Bros', drug store.
A Dearth of Necktie Parties Little Para
graphs of Qnneral Interest.
Sju'cim to the Scranton Tribune.
STltouDSBL'ito, Pa., April 27. Itobert
Price, of "Bsrrett township, was mar
ried on Tuesday afternoon Bt 2 o'clock
to Mollie Reese, of Phillipsburg, N.J.
The ceremony was performed at the
home of the bride's pareuts. and Mr
and Mrs. Price went to their new home
in Barrett township lust evening after
being entertained at dinner by Mr. and
Mrs. Samuel B. Palmer, near this town.
J. Monroe Kresge, sheriff of Monroe
county, is advertising the sale of the
Pennsylvania, Lehigh aud Eastern rail
road. It is that line of road embraced
in a mortgage ma le to the New York
Security and Trust company, dated
Oct. 1. 1808, for a line of road to begin
at or near Tomhicken nnd extend
through Luzerne, Carbon and Monroe
counties to a point at or near Mata
morss, In Pike county.
Mrs. Mary MeNiitt, ot Wilkos Barre,
Is visiting at this place.
Samuel Mcl'vder, ol Boston, is reg
istered at the Indian (jneen hotel.
Free lecture in (rraud Army of the
Republic hall tonight by Professor
Walker, of Philadelphia,
ShenlT R. W. Murphy, of Wayne
county, whose home is at Honesd ile,
laid over at this place last night for a
few hours.
The peaeock which h is grace 1 the
yard of J. II Shotwell baa emulated
the ex imple of the wild man of Borneo
and escaped,
Sheriff Kresge on Tuesday afternoon
sold live tons of bark which was
stored in an out-house near th Dela
ware, Lackawanna an 1 Vst"ru rail
road at Delaware Water (4 ip. The
stuff was sei7.d by the creditors of tlio
senators'. Prices were fair and num
ber of buyers wore many.
Chatharine McDmongh. widow of
the late William MoDonOUgh, died St
residence In Bossardville this morning
Bhs Was 96 years oi l The funeral ser
vices will be held at the residence of
C H. McDonongh on Friday miming.
Interment in Uonnt Zion oemetery,
Frank OoolBgOgO and his nephew,
U di-rt Coolbsngb, have purchased the
coal yard of Howard Morgan at Past
Stn ndsbnrg. '1 In- c nisi leration Is said
to be ill the neighborhood of 4,000
John lUliet, of Hontsdate, nai been
visiting in. sister. Mrs Carotins Rob
erts; at th" home of Jospeh Brlsb.
A. M Bnorai is attending the W ir
ren county iN J court at Belvi lere.
Mrs. John Adams, of BUiratown, is
visitlug her daughter, Mrs John Pear
son. on Boot! street.
Miss Ella M. Lett, after an ahseuc
off u r week., has returned from vi.its
to Lin wood, Royersford and Philadel
phia. Mis Ifsrgarsl Millet and daughter,
of Raston, are visiting her sltr. Mr.
ir tins Rntwrts of this place.
Th. Hut du e Room ! On Personal and
Oth.r N to
sfdolfs ra gbtaafon 7ViSu.e
Clark's Bustxrr, Pa, April 27
Weather line Making gal len the order
of the dav
Charles Palmer, of Ssndy Pinks, N
V , ha. moved Into bis nwly pirr- I hotn" on Summit park
Building hootn still continues at the
Summit and there I. no prospect of Its
l-vreaemg Let the go-id Work go on
Tbe Mssotis intend to have their
banquet soon in t'o- Deems hall
v. A I.. UOUglan Will prescl at
the Bnmmil t " 1 p on Sunday,
April 29 l-'.l I'.rerybodv we lcome.
Mrs Freeinsn and daufhter hav re
tnrned from a short stsy with her
niotner who is cmvslsscent at the pre
sent wilting.
Jlrs. Jolin Lbar is Improving very
much snd expects to visit her people
in a fw days,
Mrs It A 1'sge :s fast improving In
health and expeoSs soon to be up sod
out of douts
lira Townsand will soon ha?s the
(lust lawn In the place.
Mrs lliiinplon B.rthnlomew an I
daughter. Helen, have rtnrnd from
visiting friend. It, s rant i-.
Mrs A F. Terwilleger and little son,
K '!i-rt, nre visiti ig In Scranton
Miss Dot Run l; .rt has returned from
visiting friends at Junction
Miss Battle Hunter spent Snndsy
with I er psr-'iits of Clark avenue.
Miss Flo r.vTett. is visiting m Jer
myn Ptcaviitt.,
P. K flrelner ,V Son invite the peo
ple of Perkville and Vicinity tn call snd
inspect their home-made b.iking an I
ice cream, also flue lins of meats at live
II d 1st live prices, Me. Is at all hours
QlYS n a 011, 1 p elte piaitoffice.
Com ronCnot r Dss Dr. Thomas' Kc
lertric I id according to directions. It is
the iw.t remedy for .11 sodden attacks of
colds, pain and Inflammatl and InJ irtS
Frul'ful R.aulis f uai the Lsb re
F.vang!lst II. rr s
Fpmrinl to the .vrrdn(on Tribune.
COSLOATJg Ps., April '.'7 On
day, llaroh t5 lest, the people of
Congregational ci nrsh it Coaldal
stalled as their pastor r.rangeli.t I
1 In
. II
Harris, formerly of West PlttSkOO.
Since Mr Harris heosme pastor he not to continue in Ins old evan
gelistic line,SUd us a result th ire have
bs -n weeklr conversions ever since.
over forty Ui been resslTsdlntO
the church With others still to be re
ceived. QroOnd ws broken during thi-s wtek
for the erection of a new pi act of wor
ship of an improved style, The main
mom will be 00 by 1 Soishsd In pop
lar and leorfi i pine, with a bisemeut
of same size to be QSed as a lecture and
Sunday school mom
Newe of a Dav Bristly faragraphed for
Hiiiri.i Itadre.
Si trial to the Scranton Tribune.
Jebhtm, Pa,, April 27 Tommy Kob-
erla smokes onlv the best, cigars since
he found that 1200.
O. S. Carey it Co. will pitch their
tent near th Ontario and Western d-
Beecham's pills arc foi
biliousness, bilious headache,
dyspepsia, heartburn, torpid
liver, dizziness, sick head
ache, had taste in the mouth,
coated tongue, loss of appe
tite, sallow skin, when caused
by constipation; and consti
pation is the most frequent
cause of all of them.
Book free; pills' 25c. At
dnrgstores.or write B.F.Allen
Co.,365 Canal St., New York.
not, May 18, with one of th largest
shows ou the road. They travel by
their own cars and have a show that is
first-class in every respect.
The ice cream social at the First
Baptist church was well attended last
evening and a substantial sum was
netted for the society.
W. S. Badger, of Cemetery street,
has recently erected a substantial iron
fence which adds very niueh to tbe
pleasant appearance of his cozy home.
Rev. M. E. Lvnott returned home
last evening from a visit with friends
in New York.
Pleasant Surprise Party Two Wed
dings Personal and Oiher News,
f-'vecial to the Scranton Tribune.
AVOOA, Pa., April 27 The funeral
of Patrick Mahun, who died on Tues
day, took place yesterday from his late
homo on York street. Interment was
niHile in Ht. Mary's Catholic cemetery.
tiorge Kiuney, of Olyphant, who
bus been visiting friends in towu tlio
past week, returned home yesterday.
Michael Lyons left yesterday for
Ireland, his native land.
Postmaster T. F. Fitzsimmons, D. J
Burns, J. J. (Jilliooley and K. J. Ward
were in attendance at the Sons of Col
umbia convention held in Kingston
this week.
Miss B. O'Brien spent Sunday visit
ing friends in Carbnitil.ile.
Mrs, Julia Hendricks, of Hoboken.
N. J., is in town.
Richard Ooogan, of Wilkes-Barre, is
in town the past few days.
Miss Lizzie Dixon spent yesterday in
A pleasant surprise party was held
in Carey's hall on Tuesday evening, the
event being the fourteenth birthday of
Ma Boone. Refreshments were served,
after which dancing aud games were
k- pt up nnlil a late hour. Those pres
ent were: Teosie Wbalen, Winifred
Mahedy. Annie Wbalen, Mary J
Burns, Katie Ward, Maggie Dixon,
Haggis Rearnsjr, Annie Ward, lessi-
llealey, 'llllie Cliff rd. Maggie Ward,
CilU Loughery, Katie McDermont,
Bridget Barret, Nillie Moore, Annie
Oilhooley, Mamie Barret, Nellie Dun
lavey, Katie Barret, Loretta Walters,
Josephine QtbboUS, K.tie Breton, v
Patrick CinaUiv.J itm Newton, Patrick
(Jaranangb, Willie Grolden, Willie
Keating, I lenrge Kinney. ; Hubert Grol
dsn, John O'Msller, Thomas Whalen,
Martin Mnuley, Jouu Waters, Tbomae
Buckley, Frank Dohertv, Robert Web
ber, Martin Curley, Charley DrulT'ner.
A Day's LMn en th. Pioneer City's
flbeessl fe W fleeenlea Tribune.
CARSOKDAUt, P., April 87. Mrs.
William Carey, of KarTieW, died last
evening at Kiuergency hopit.l In tins
City. Deceased Was 88 n.rsof age
and is mourned by bet husband and
four little children.
IJsorgs N. Cksss Is spending a few
dsvs with friends ii Wilkos Bsrre.
Mrs Prank Orohard is Ibegneetof
her mother, Mrs Jennie Voile, m I by
phant Among th improvements st Crystal
Isks this snmmef will be the construc
tion of sdtivewa; around the lake,
Tbe fnneral services of the remains
of the lata Mrs PetOI LoftOS will be
h.l 1 tomorrow s tor lay morning st U
o'clock a high sjmmo recjnlem will
tie .ld in .--1 Roee churcb.
Mrs B J Belsley and little dsngh
ter. Abi e, are visiting toe letter's psr
enU in Franklin N V
The it. ya Branch Of the Young
Men's Christian association held a
business meeting in this place this even
ing Miss Ksle tligglris is home from New
York to spend :h summer with her
parents in this place
D M Watson, of Btraaton, attended
the Odd Ml ers cslelra'.iou in this
citv last evening
II E Keeae. of Johnston. Pa. will
lie a stereoptic m exhibition in Key
stone hall tomorrow (tkUurdaj) even
ing The black team of horses owned bv
J i I'etbick and brolher, of Salem
avenue, ran aw.y ret"r lay afternoon
on Pike street, throwing the driver out.
The team was Stopped at Sand street
before further d.tnwe w.e don
Could Not Liye Long
So Thought tho Neighbors
But Kootl'fi Snraiiparilln Perfectly
Cured Muscular Rheumatism.
"C i flood Ii Co., LoereD, vss. :
" I kad raasettlai rbsojeatkea foi tneiseresiM.
I look nisuy remeilles that were siigKi'i.'l, en
WMtlSatad lor three tnnnths at the IsOSptkU al
Betklekew, outdid not reell is snj nHet Ktiiiiiji
ldddd Ul Uy Hood'l Sarsspsrllla. AiaWtak
iiijr oa holttln I w;ts .iirprliril at lis nrress.
I inii.iweii tie direct! ooi nd u helped hum
.'iIpiir. I the Worst klBjn ol rheuiiiHtlni. the
pslii blB roOSl sever In the mot ul ins lutinl
sod Uiob. I ooo kl not as fay risk! arm sees
t cut .i .Hot oi broad, Tbe iieixhi.ori uiouyht
I Could Nut Live Long,
I luukeil so thin, ami 1 wtsbod niy.t-lf ru.iny
tunes Unit I Has In heuven, I was so tired of lite.
No tOOn 'an tell the pain. I suflrre.l. bill
slnee tHKIiii; Hood's Saruparllla all is rhugeii.
I ean sleep M' at night, something 1 hsve not
itn'ie for ten years. Ilow thankful 1 urn for the
Kiind I derived from Hood s BarsaparlUa. My
lili nils womler at the rliaO.'j silts. I 8.
Ill sm, Wealberly, NnnsytVslda,
Hood's PHIS l ine liver lUt, OOtllUpatlOO,
hlllousness, Jaundice, sli'k headarhe, luitlxeUurv
PRmi IIIOI CO., In n.fapltsl.Sl.nno.OOO.
"A itntl ir Mitrtit it a ttollar earnnt."
Thtsl.i-illeH' Solid i veneli limiKola liltl rtnt
ton Uoot delivered free where In the U.S., on
reei'lpt oft a.h, Uuney Order,
or rostai rtote lor si. .mi.
F.auals every wsy tho boot.
Mild In nil relnil storus for
S'i.M). We niakfl this boot
eurielves, therefore we guar-
tintrr tho rr, ntyie an't irear,
and If nny one Is not seilsliud
wo win reruna mo money
or send snothcr pair. Opera
l oinmon MeiiHt'.
width. (', D, K, k EK,
. 1 D a... I I i I
lies. Send your tilt:
we will Jit vim.
Dexter Shoe Co.,
Special termi to Vtatert,
Mm. L, .S. linn
t'irrl. Pa.
- n
In,- if,
trr . r ,r.
A'.'- , . ,
iWrri mQMmttW'
s&slv mm
eK Eczema
And yet lives in ignorance of
the fact that a single applica
tion of the ClJTICURA REME
DIES, will, in the majority of
cases, afford instant relief, per
mit rest and sleep and point
to a speedy, permanent, and
economical cure, when the best
physicians and all other rem
edies fail. CUTICURA Works
Wonders, and its cures of tor
turing, disfiguring, and humil
iating humors are the most
wonderful ever recorded.
Polrt throe shoot the World. PolIBa Dnrn
tn I lasa.Coar., sole props., Boston. ae'All
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Third National
Bank of Scranton.
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'l HH
National Bank of Scranton
CAPITAL $250,000,
SURPLUS $25,000.
FAMITL HINr.S.IPreetdont
V. V WATSON, Vice l'nideut
A. U. WILLIAMS, Cashier.
BAmraii Hinkk, atm &T Btmrab
IllVIMl A. 1'lM-n, I'ltlll K R KiNLBr,
Joseph J. Jkhmviv. M. h. Kkmeiich.,
CiiAm f. ilAi'iiiKws, John T. 1'oiirmi.
W. W. Watson.
This liank Invites the patronage ot business
men aud linns guuurally.
11 1 I
EverythingFOR Everybody
The Fair
400402 Lacka Ave.
"Always the Cheapest"
Dry Goods, Ladies and
Gents' Furnishing Goods,
Notions, Fancy Goods,
Infants' Wear, Cloaks,
Curtains, Boys' Clothing,
Boots and Shoes, etc.
We will have lively times in our ST0EE
MONDAY, APRIL 30. Every twentieth cus
tomer will receive hi3 or h3r entire purchase
Free of Charge
List Monday 1,286 purchases were made
in our store; if the same number are made
this time, it will result in sixty purchases be
ing given away during the day.
$1.40 EACH.
Tho greatest bargain in
Brass (Onyx Top)
406 and 408 Lackawanna Ave.
With an Eye
To secure more patronage, in addition to
our already extensive trade, we have de
cided to inaugurate the following Gift
1 Mstribtltion to all purchasers of
Worth of Goods j
or over. (
Worth of Goods
or over.
This advertisement must he presented
in order to secure the above gifts. This
GIFT DISTRIBUTION hold good for cash or credit
sales. Goods delivered free everywhere.
the market, A few of the
Tables left at $6.00.
(iilt of ;i LOO piece Pinner Sck
I gift of an Elegant ajnerioui
Onyx Elnkh Clock.
One fi n it Bobjeot in Antiqn6i
I Oak and Gold (frame.
A Pastel in Ivory and Cold, Km.
pirr Frame; something new,
A 1 1 envy pair of Chenille Portiere!
in all colors.