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1 1' T.V . N VNVT I1! .Jf
"God bressyo', Miss Sunshine, fare ber
en fnrebex fur what yo' dun did fur
mc, but I'n (jot powerful bad bows to
tell yo'l"
" Is mother dead I" alio nsked as tbe
color wont out of her faco and her lips
prow white.
"Sho was dead when I dun got yero!"
1 "Undo Ben," whispered the pirl,
choking back Uio wails of sorrow which
sought to pnsa her lips, "I know yon
nro etill and lame and Bore, but 1 want
you to try to reach thu Federal army
and bring help!"
"I hain't hurted much only jest a
loetlo bit an I'll start right oCT'lio
answered. I'll go, nu I'll keep gwino
till I drap down in my tracks!"
"God grant that you may be in time!"
?ho prayed as she turned away to inter
tho honed tho dead, while tiio old
nan lost not a moment in setting out on
his journo down the ron.l.
Let us tse how things went oa at tbe
camp. .Marian had noaooner left it
than Steve Brayton still further
strengthened t!ie defenses. The ground
to tlif south v.'cs- fairly clear fur a
charge, but in no other direction could
u body o( men make a rosh. The cainp
was on tho erect of a kuoll. and no put
within rifle shot commanded it.
,-I flgger jest this way." said Stevo
us he overhauled the am in tuition and
saw that botii guns were ready for serv
ice "that Ike Baxter waa sent down
to the bouse last night to sorter spy
around fur Captain Wyle. Untie Ben
didn't smash him hard 'null, cud be on
:rawled back to Ihu bouse, got his wife
:o tlx him up and tin n skulked off, 1
ion't reckon ho nn had fur to go. It'a
purty shore that some of our company
wi!l show up doorln the day. and yu'
Jcin bet yo'r last inewl that them guer
rillas hain't given up the cha.-o! Befo'
in n snnthins bound to bust'."
"And what would yon advise':" asked
Kenton, seeing that .Stuvo was in doubt
about something,
"Seems to nio tho situation is about
U fillers." replied BteVO, "We ar'
both Confederates, We've fit in several
battles. We've bin captured and got
away. We've put in a heap " lime
chawin up mighty pure rations and
nuurchin up and down tho kentry to
prove our patriotism, Do yo' toiler?"
'That's one side. Now the other is
that a sartin gal luved yo' I tb r'n she
did Captain Wyle, and fur that reason
he nn has bin trym to git shi t 0 yo' by
fa'r means or foul. He's . it the whip,
aw on yo' and means to bold it. It be
gin huld o' yo', suhthin'a goin to hap
pen, and yo'll be the no to be hurt.
With tbat major down mi yo about the
Harrisonburg font, and with Ike Baxter
and half a do;:"n others n sdy to sw'ar
to anything t captain wants, yo1 mi
Won't stand do mo' show than a coon
Cotehed in a Co'ncrib, Am I right?"
"Yes. that's about the way of it, hut
what about you? You have been my
friend and comrade from the star;. You
have periled your life to save mine. I
owe you a debt of gratitude, and I don't
want yoa to sacrifice yourself lor my
sake. They have nothing against yen
which will not bo overlooked. Tiny
want to get me out of tho way, and
there Is every banco that they will ac
complish tlcii object. I would be Self,
ish to pull you down with 1110 aiter
what you have done."
"And what?" queried Steve.
"(Jive me OM Of the guns, prop nie
np over there, and then go! I'll die
right hero after making tho beat liht 1
"Yank." si 1 St. von.; lie moved over
and held out bis band, "yo1 di n't begin
to know Steve Brayton si yo' think he's
any sich critter! I was bo'u right down
thar at Winchester, and I've lived Ihar
all my life and bated at.d abused Yan
kees as hard as anybody. I went into
the war with a whoop, and I jest be
lieved everything waa plnmb right and
all hands round till I saw DOW tbe cap
tain and the hull company was playin
dirtcn yo'. Yo' un's Yankee bo a, but
yo'agot ino' cleim sand In yo'r craw
than anybody lever mat Dp With I fo'l
I'm goin to Stick right yeie. If we tins
git away. I'm goin with yo'. If them
guerrillas ar' too many fur us, we'll
both die right yeie!"
Kcnt'.m protest' d and argned, but
Steve was determined. Hu took n tin
pail which hud contained food and filled
it with water at a spring not far away.
Then ho carefully moved Kenton over
to tho south side of the camp, propped
him up at a loophole in a sitting posi
tion ond sat down beside him to wait.
" "I've figgered this out a bit," ho said
as he peered through his loophole (Vir
big ii of danger. "If them chaps bad
found yo' at tho house, yo'd hev bin
carried off to camp. Bein SS they'll
find yo' yore, and l.i in as tbar'll he a
font, thar won't be no carryin away if
they git tho belter of tin!"
"You mean they'll kill me hero and
bavo done with it?" replied Kenton.
"Exactly, and mo too! Then thar
Won 'the any charges, witnesses or trial.
They'll report that we fit to the last,
end it will bo all plain sailin fur them
ns wants US outer tbe way. Tbar'fore,
in ehootin we'd better jest shoot to kill
mid git all the rovenge wo kin. Sleady,
now! I think the critters hev smelt us
Half a mile up the road from Host
Havcu tho gnng had loft their horses
and divided into two parties to search
tho billion each side of tho highway.
Steve had caught sight of two or threo
Man moving toward tho camp through
tho scrub.
"I won't shoot to kill Dot this time!"
ho whispered as ho thrust the barrel of
the carbinn through tho opening. "I'll
jest fling a bullot down thar to let 'em
know that tho Confederate Yankee army
has had bieakfast. pulled its boots on
and is ready fur biznessl"
His shot waa followed by a yell which
announced to tho other party that the
fugitives had been discovered, and 10
minutes later the camp waa surrounded.
Among the vneuiy waa a man who had
5 8.EWI5 (faQUAR
seen Hoyal Kenton fall when fired upon,
and it was therefore known that ho was
wounded. How far ho was disabled,
however, could only be guessed at.
Stove Braytou was known to be with
him, and Stevo was also known to be a
fighter. It was therefore decided not to
opcu fire until other means had been re
sorted to and failed. Thirty minutes
after tho first appearance of the enemy
a flag of truce was shown among the
scrub, and tho hearer cautiously ad
vanced until within hailing distance.
His advance was from the south side,
and l.i tli men had him under their eyes,
it was Ike Baxter, and he balled about
pistol shot away and called out:
"Hello, up thai ! I want to speak to
yo' una 'bout u minit!"
"Waal, tiro off yo'r breath!" replied
"Wcuns has (tttn clean surrounded
yo' nnS) and yo'd better give in!"
"if yo' una will give in, nobody will
bo hurt. If yo' una don't give in, we
una ar' bound to wipe yo' out! Wo una
is a hundred strong, with two cannons!"
"That yo', Ike Baxter?" called Steve,
as if doiibtiug tiie other's identity.
"Waal. I've got my gun pinted fur a
shot right betwixt yo'r doggouu eyes,
and if yo' hain't back thar among yo'r
gang befo' I count 10 I'll pull trigger!
If yo' want us, cum and git us!"
Five minutes biter lire was opened on
tho fort from all around the circle, and
the enemy were shouting and cheering
as if a victory bad already been nearly
won. While' most of their bullets flew
clear over the piled up locks, thoso
which were 1 etter aimed did no damage
whatever, Not a shot was Hred In re
ply. Kenton's position caused Mm con-
hideiahlo pain, and htove removed the
pr p from bis back and laid him down
n Ith the remark!
"They onS Will keep bUStin away fur
half an hour yit, and we UBS kin take
things easy. 1 reckon the liriu will
lnakothe gal u bit oncrtsv. hut it'll also
hurry up the Yankees m case they ar'
on tho way."
That' what we must hope for, "an
SW( red Kenton, "but watch out that we
ate not taken by surprise. "
The Bring attracted the attention of a
party of seven or eight guerrillas who
were hunting for the fgnitives on tin ir
own account, and they came up and
joined forci s with the larger body,
Th ' atire force than numbered, as near
as could bo estimated by the tiring.
about 95 men. All they could hope to
gain by their blazing away as they did
was that a stray bulli t might Ond a tai
Ike v illi Hit hi j of truce.
prt in i 'i of ti;" defend' is, but this did
not happen, After Bxpenduxj enough
cartridges to equip a whole) company
for a raid the firing ludd nly d I d.
"Now, then. ank, they all a oomin
i to elm fj'iarteiT, and 1 want yo'r help!"
said Stevo Brayton as he proceeded to
raise Kenton to a sitting position and
prop him up as before. " Yo' take the
pbotgun. Both bar'la ar' loaded with
, buckshot, and yo' orter drap about fo' of
tho critters and wing two or three mo'!"
to ue OOHTIMEI).
The CSSUOSS Skiiiri.
A tame boa c nstrictor was hauled out
cf its bo, cti'l blaakut.s for thu bsaeflS of
Hie caitaiu of an Amartoaa nailing ship
who h'ui npressod a 'br,ire to injijH-ct It
The Writer PUt the ivptilo "throtnrh i
paces;" demonstrated its docility b twist
lng it nhont, bm arms and wrk; oricnwi it
mouth to provo Uie iitworxa of poison
flings, unit than offered to plat it Is the
bands of the spectator. The latter agreed
that its gentleness vms Indeed wonderful
and ieanti !ul to witness, bnt ho dill not
avalllllmself of tho opportunity to take
the snake.
Btimuiated to furthar endeavor ia vindi
cation of his ct's character, tho showman
proceeded to eatabliah iy a variety of tests
that ths ereatUTB was really au pui'iooUy U)
betmated that a child mglii play with it
without tnrrrt rrs Mtiug or putting forth
lis constrictive force; and the Yuukue skip
per observed, "That's so," und coincided
with all that w:ts advanced but hedid not
take the snake. .Somewhat vexed by his.
reluctance, which puid a had compliment
to his competence or veracity, theeihilnt
or presently remoMtaaisd in a nettled
! tone: Ml dear sir, one would think you
were afraid." "Wal, I don't know," an
swered the mariner; "better look a coward
fur five minutes than a corpwi forever
more." All tho Year Round.
Cult of u lxiudun I-'og.
It is almost impossible to estimate t bo
cost to Londoners of a fog. To toko the
cage of lighting alone, it has been calcu
lated that on a foggy day the receipt of
one only of the largo gas companion uiu in
creased by more than 5,000. Resides the
Increased receipts of other companies and
the numberless oil lamps and saddles
burned, allowance must bo made for the
groat fidling off in the shopkeepers' bnsi
new for tho day. In tbe neighborhood of
Hyde Park Corner looomotkm is absolutely
daageiNma during tke afternoon, despite
the uso of torches 6iid lamps Loudon
There is certainly sound sease in attiahal
Booth's succinct statement of the Salva
tion methods. Said he: "Scruboloery aud
noapology, instead of theology, in dealing
ton the submerged twentieth of society."
(l : J .v..
No f . r . . . t fin Executing Criminals od
the Vtllb D or the Week.
An invcKtiKaUun of the question whrther
Friday Is a day whf b is sspecially set
apart for hanging shows that most mem
bare of the legal profession nre ignorant on
that point. They cannot afilnn whethi r
it was accident or desi.;n that can- I the
unlucky day of the week to be chosen for
the execution
One member of the legal professl n
Diaiulaind that there was an old ea-.tiuu
niie,!i marked out Friday as the day for
hangings beoanss the crucifixion ol ths
uvvi thieves ooeurred on thai day. Anotbi r
li'ht of the taw remarked! "You tee, Friday
i- a bad day, There is only one Good Fri
day in the whole year, consequently it i"
looked iimiii by jttdgss aj a must approprl
ate day tor hanging criminals. n
It may lie tiUtc.l right hart that there I
nothing In the above reasons, and that it
i only a chance circiimstam e that four
fifths of ti.e BXOOattoas lako place on t
Krktay. In the earlier days of Kngli-h
Justice, iien the banging of a man was i
most onunary ceeurrence, and was t be i
alty which IMlowed lighter offenasa, m
a stealing, forgery, arson and other felo
Hies, as well as murder, hangings on urn d
on every day of the week eSBCpl San. I..
The act governing the tune of execution
provided that a telon should ! executed
on the next day hat one after hU OOOTii
In conseqneace no particular day of ths
week waa ever fixed upon, ah this was
in those gisi old days when Lord t'-'i I
.luMiee Jeffreys, In a derail of eight
wveka, sentenced no los than 820 pennns
to Iw hanged. Weil indeed miht he Urn t
thai lie bunged lucre 1 1- tit the
whole of his predeeeeeers Mine the sou
iiut! That waa after the Monmouth re
bcllion in l'Vs.'i, when the king ruferrtsl to
these doing- of bis favuriUt judge as "lim
chief jii ti'c' i ampaiKii in the west."
That, too, wa . in the Uaie of the f.uiiie
Jack Ketch, who bet bum bo notorious an
an executioner that lu name',
given to the common hangman latheeitj
of London. Itwas ol this rops artist,
as the modems flippantly call tbat function
ary, that Ids wife n niarked, "Any bungler
can put a man to death, bnt onlj my Jack
knows how to make a gBOtisman die
swwtly.'' Liter mi a mora bumSM spirit
s-rvnilisl jiistnt;. It was leeog
nixed that fori eight b cir- v. .s n. ! I i
short period a herein to allow a criminal to
repeal aud to make bm peace with li s
Tiie first '. ji Him to bold nil crlralna
trials on Friday. That w.v not the period
when u trial lasted a week or longer. It
generally took the couil old) a few lioui
to decide on a felon's fate. JttSUOS WS
indeed qoick v, r-. fri nently too quick
and a murdersr wi ibei ntencedon the
saiueday. Dyetafa lag him on Frida)
his execution a Bid htU 00 Sunday, BC
cording to the l i days' law, and, as no
bangii s were allow ! till Monday, thi
felon thus gaim i a day'a rssplts. In i m
MSjueiice i.i ; Mni.iiuy was, !;e li ual
haaging day, and in narrstivoi o( tbe "old
Ualley" this i t.iui i the d.irk .i in
whir!) Manila)' wa ulwu . .. -i of
in M the two daya1 lew was ret
and the pi ml law csme into foroe, which
allows a murderer n amunhle tune. The
custom of appointing Monday for a bang
lag Mill remained. In order not to bavi
twoexecuti iiistai the same day the j el
soinetimrs appointed Tnasday, ... I i
nigh fifty yean- in the English criminal
calenJarit will I found thai Binet Dim
nut Ota hundred ex, cations have 001 urn I
on a Monday or a Tveoda S iwad
tbt'. iliatiuct lo.i is lieginniu' to die out, a.
thousb it lias only comae m ed ia Bngtand
On ana other shU af the eraser no distlue
tion is mad", and murderers srs bang) oa
whatever day tin Judge toes fit,- i
Cor. Albany An. ru .
Kims aaS stbeomettsBB,
Evary OUS baa noticed ferns as tbsy Spring
up '.' -j 'i the ground in spring The simk'.i'S are curie I lulu a bail, which
sUiwe!i'u,uiall:. undor tli Inflnenee of the
s in.a)x(- ruins. Th-; patient is given
an inftitlwi of the r.sit-i of ferns, and I.
supposed to rucaivo power fruui thafriendlj
plant to stralgut'-u th i. am r . w Inch me
curled and crooked liy t he spirit Of rbeu
niHtiSni jimt as the fern BtmlghtSUS its
own stalk. Youth's Compauiou.
Cause lor Worry.
Wife What kept. ouonl otatetO-nlgbl
Cashier i Free, liaie & Co.)-l couidn't
make my e:uh accounts balaie .
Wife What was the matter?
Cashier Too little cash, of OOOTSS, Y'ou
lontsoppoeeFd hang around there over
jours if there was too much, do you? Good
SII.MNU, I.LAHTiNU A: i) H'O.: i l.oi
Xaaataetarsdal the Wepwanonen Mdu. Ln
Bsrne eranty l'a., and si 'ii
mini;toa, i - i
Ovncral Agent for tho Wyoming District,
'0 Wyoming Ave,. Scranton Pa.
Third National Tiank I . Ming.
THOS. FORD, Plttstou. Ps.
JOHN H 8M1TI1 & HON: Plymonth. Pa.
E. W. Ml'I.l.KlAN, Wllkeiellarro, l'a
Agents for tho llcpauuo Cliaiuioiil Com
Iauy' Uigh BxpioalvsB
you may hare what
thousands visit Eu-
is the natural sptnaam
Salt of LarlsOaa. it
is obtained by evapo
ration at the Springs,
and is identical with
waters in its ac-
atd rcsuts.which
are the same to-day
as iv hew Emperor
Charles IV. was ear
ed four hundred years
ago, and later Gecrge
'., Peter the Great,
a fid Maria Turesam
They aid digestion,
cure constipation, and
Purify the bleed,,
lit sure to cbtun the renu-
ine :mtortr, ariuie, with the
tigntfurl 9j " liuntr A Men-
anion u. &if wa'.ijj, .utv-
York," "i the ttttu.
R H. Fl.
Colds, Coughs, Soro Throat,
Inflammation, Bronchitis,
Pneumonia, Asthma,
Difficult Breathing,
Ithsutnatitiu, Nsnrabxte, bote tics, Lu as
b.igo, S'.v!lin of the Joir.t", I'aius
in Uick. Ctest or Limtn
The aptUeattoe at ths RIADT BBLUtl to
thu jisrt or ;ru vhars o dtgieelly or nam
uzlsU will nff nl is-' and OOSAfl rt.
It w-jw ths ftrt an I Is tb only in rersedf
that lustantly stops His mwt ruruclaling
I'Siui, Uii lolanUB '11 "a and
Coagestiee, whetaer at the i.un, .stoma, b.
Ikovela ur oil er gtsods or or-aa.
Dr. gadwai I Oa, OeotlsBMa 1 hs e
y r Keadv R- :( n.r more tlnr. twii-f tlrs
rnis with ninrli HiUafaetlon-luiTs ua4 II
llor La uliApe, f'r.nim"n1a P eurlsjr aud all
'aorta oi a. Bes and i as a:U have foa 1 it un
ifaUlDB rttry lime. Haaetfullr
. I I r u Bt, UidaMd . ( o;m.
Jaunar) is. ', ,
Asiikvii i.e. V C
Thla U torcrtlfv that In Kabruarj. !
bad s severe attach nf ilnp;-., 1 and o irrd '
Imysalt mtw iity foj- Loura by the uao aj !
Hadwae'a h-adr K.-11rf and It .!.-.. !.! .
il had aaotber attark el I0e samo lirsadf nl
idiaraaa In Mun-b, IKUI.and ua-d I tic ian r.ou
war. with the an..- r mil I do not know
Kadway '... th-uartn a who msio't tars
ItOiae asadiclnea, sol 1 have always nut iry
littlafBftbtai Mmniar I'artltl ataa, hut if
lbi fair Iineawlllnnlyin1ieaai" . . . t
'i'ii 1 1 as tb at raesady 1 will reel amjily
lapand tr writlns wUi I hsva
ftespeetl illy. L. U B&OWM,
I J. W. BKK'.VF.H. Aabiiara, Pike Co.. Mo. -'"Onal.ltla
of It i!y K -llaf and oua DOS al
'Iladway'a Pll! -ureit five in my family of tba.
itcrrll.le runn.laliit "be Oftppa," ir InSBania.
iftidQWAtf t PILLSJ, lit 1lii fslnssel .nl bms!
i-ffeeliial enro fr
TI I B "( iKIP"'
Prico, Ooc iwr bottla. bold by Drugavlt.
11 pii i
I'r.rclr VotautAtilo. tntll and tji.usi-
iPrf i UfMltoo. 1 .'tnt'lettf. . rpttoa tod
hatUl hfnl n$UKt 'y. War Dm ew f il t -
0 nip pi o Ihf IIMmmIi, Llr, iwwrN.ktH-
lirjt, il,n,. i. 'i'iTius Uliotars, Loijl Dl
A ptll , II n Vln , f ',,-t l-t Inn. .
t , 1 llsfJftUoi Btllotj ie-s- n.r,
1 liifltftiMitifttiMn mt t tt ltow-U, l'lltta Mtt
All fnitinienl of Hi" ' . r i 1 1 ritcrra.
I'vifti. DM$IMI v.i l hr rruniilUI rti
tiy Mtlllttg U i n l ' a I'lll. It r nudoliiK
ateh iiuakurh. real SteniBaa, ituiuea
Inesa win ae BVetdast, and lb" foasl u
ealen utrihui Its aaa i tahlo p, uyarl laa
l.j.- Hip mi ipi I id I li- ual oral w a.iu at 1 1"
i liiMly
t"i'i "Tve thu f illciirt- ay.BI'oius foi1
lfTTtaif from dl;
tar iiuFBStlTO orasii
-J "Ilia folAaaa of tn i
l.i'jon In 'nw hsail, sCMlaf Of tba to-run li aae
MB, hi-nrthnrn. ilbunat of food tnlnnaa i r
w-ri,.bt in tin. aioiBS'di. too- envctatioas,
. Inz or fluttarini: of tie heart, enoUiia or sof
'fo..atm scu-sliooa whn in a Iv.i.jr uo.tjr-..
i d't.inr. it v s .in. dots or wolis l -i.r.i t'.o
aia-iit, (ever and dnu pui in ia- b-a I, ir;i
loncy uf j oraplratioa, ysUownaiaaf thaakl'i
and tM pain in ta ei'tr. I'h.-v. n.niH. and
suildun ft lslio-t f hi nt, burnli K in tb Uwh.
a tewaoseset uadw.w Pttatal arfll fns
tboayalein ol the abuva-usraod UMM ra.
1'rlta SSe, a DoJ I Old l'"u:i!ita.
!n 111L IIADU AY A CO.. N. IB
sa-uu !?(.. New fork, fur book of Advloa
Seeds and
Large Medium and
White Clover,
Choice Timothy and
Lawn Grass Seeds
Guano, Bone Dust
and Phosphates fop
Farms, Lawns and
und vlror nnlridt
i.iuiiiiT omission,,,
atrophy, sta, lanlf cumi by IMiai'o. tin- tfr.-st
dill ' H' t 'I.. V.'lll. ,-' rii,iU-til.i.,fnra. HolUby
ItAlTllbWS UKoa,nruoliitJ. tjciauioii.l'a.
A Handsome Comuloxion
I la one of tbo xreatent cburma a woman can
poaai-M Perzo.vr'B CuurtsxioN Puwduh
I given It.
contains four incomparable paintings by the world-famous
Medairy, which surpass all of his previous efforts for faithful
ness to nature and unparalleled beauty.
They comprise every phase of Nature's changes, as de
lineated in the four seasons, and will prove a revelation to
most persons, of her peculiar moods. Lowell has "'ell said:
"Our seasons have no fixed returns;
Without our will they come and go;
At noon our sudden summer burns,
Ere sunset all is snow.''
The Ottman Lithographing Company in reproducing these
paintings from the originals, has achieved a marked success,
and produced lour pictures that will easily hold first place in
either home or studio, not only fur their artistic merit, but as
line examples of the
1 -i
This delightful picture is one of Medairy'a four water colors, "The Seasons," which
are all lound in portfolio No. 2 of this Series.
"Spring" is a bright-colored work of singular merit. The drooping apple trees,
burdened with their pink and white bloom, contrast effectively with the rich green back
ground of trees and the llag-fringcd pool in front.
The light and shades are superlative, and the whole effect is wondrously pleasing
as a picture, or when critically considered as a study.
Art Students'
Series of
work of this renowned artist.
I Scranton Tribune, Scranton, Pa., April 28, 1894.
- 1
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m cash, and get four of the marvelous
Multidirome Art
S nrrQTof r4Toa oil
',---, vjiivi yji ail.
1 'Bib
Gems by far the
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lUUll VIVlvlu uh UAllUi