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TJncla Ben returned to the honso at (
mitluiK'it nnd found Marian tnsiously
waiting for ncvs. Kojal Kenton hud
told him wbat to tell her, and while sho i
was comforted in one direction she was i
frightened in another. If Kenton mid
Braj'ton had been followed over the j
mountains and blood bad lieen t bJ. j
would the pursuit cease until they had I
br.'a hunted down? If th man whom J
Unci? Bun bad struck down in the dark
ness was Ike Bastor, wouldn't bis In- j
formation bring Captain Wylo and his '
company iuto the uoigbborhcod at oneef !
Provided it was not Ike Buster at all, it
:artainly was an enemy of some sort,
oho would demand revenge. The out- !
.ogk was indeed an anxious one, but
ibey could only wait and hope.
It was well for the raothM that Ehe I
was too ill to realize that anythiiisf un-:
utnal wub happen) ag. The 40ctor had I
exercised his skill to no benefit, and .
liiouph permitting Msriau to hope that
favorable change ttiigbt occur he re- .
aliced that the chances of recovery were J
veiy remote. All that looj night ehe .
lay as one Bleeping heavily, and but for j
the many distractions the daughter
would have noticed that the change was j
for the wone.
Neither JWitunir I uelt Ban bad
reason to suspect that Mrs. Baxter hud
eeu or heard iitiytiuug (hut niht, but t
t-he must scon know all. The girl had i
dWeimitiwtl that Kvuion ahuuld be 1
brought to tbe house mid cnrd tur. The
thought of his rude shelter, wounded
and lufferiug as he WM on that cold i
winter's night, alrooet drove her wild,
it was hardly 7 o'clock in the morning.
aud she bad lin.i.'ly tasted breakfast,
when she wtnt out to Curie Ben and !
"1 am ready to go iu.. cajfM wait ;ui
other minute. We will tekt Mjm more
provision!, but 1 :. ill have Mr. Kenton ,
biought to the bmise. "
"What a dm! dut wotnaur" he aaked.
"1 don t eare fci her. If she doesn't
Uke bis being hero, she can go."
"Jest look Into hrr room, Miss J"on-'
Tbe door was ajar, while the w. men
betself was at the other non . There
was a bloody towel on a chair, bloody
water in a washbowl. uota of bloo on
a chair and on the floor.
"It looks as if some Ofif bad soucbt to
mnrder her!" exelainjed Marian as she
looked about in astonstBtnent.
' i kesw wh Maenad " :;pll5 i
Uncle Bon. "Bat paaacr. i knocked la
ta i: middle o last sjbmn ti Iks !
Baxter, fie was follaria me from J
B it I '09 knuwd wiiut was
up. He cum to .titer a tit an cum yere ,
to hev bis baits tooten car' of. I hearl
a noise bout daylight, uu I reckon dat
was when be K-ft,"
"I'm glad you didn't kill him but I
expect Mrs. Baxter will now feel like
taking revesjge open the whole house
hold. Let us be going."
Half un hour later they were chal
lenged by Stove Brayton, who had al
ready prepared breakfast for tbo wound
td man and was able to report that Ken
ton hsd.passed a comparatively cotafcrt
nble night. Ha tnut them just outside
tbe camp, and with a wink to Uncle
Ben he said to Marian.
'Qo right alvJig, MissBexcy; he un's
beaid yo'r voice end is waiting fnr yo
i want to spak a wud a two u I ude
What yn' want to spoke to me
'bont i" caaticmsly Inquire, the old man
after they had walked awav a fow rtepe.
"Xntbin, yo' eld son of Africa!" an
swered Steve. "Don't yo' nu know
what b'longs to good manners? D' yo'
reckon that gal wants anybody around
when she fost claps eyes on tbe feller
she loves like alienee ariro and ia gwine
to marry arter this cussed scrimmage Is
"Hul I see!" chuckled Uccle !: ...
"Of co se yo' sees arter I has pinted
out tbo way, but then yo' is only an
ola nigger and caq't be spegtad to he?
any feelin's onless kicked by h mule ur
licked by a passel of guerrillas."
Ben then t Id bun of th djMOVMfM
made at tbe home and of his belli f that
his victim was Ike Bailor, and Stave
looked vary serious as he replied:
"Thenyo' kin bet we sr'ln fnr a red
hot time! Ike Baxter will be back befo'
nootj with a gang at hi huels, and the
chances ar' that ibme'body will git
At this moment Marian called to
them, and as they entered the camp thoy
found her dressing Kenton's wound and
preparing fur bis Immediate removal to
the boose. While tbe raiding party had
Gtolen tbe bones as before mention?',,
37i pirl Aad determined that Kenton
thould he brought to the home.
cone of the vehicles had been taken,
and she argued that it would be easy
for the two men to get Kenton down to
the road and then convey him to tbe
bouBe in one of the carriages. Ho looked
upon tbe plan favorably, but when she
turned to Steve Brayton be said:
"Beg pardon, mias, but I can't agree
with yo'. Tero ar' the situation: Over
(liar on the other road yisterday inawn
in wo una wak looken fur Yankee spies. .
Ho tin's a Yank straight 'nuff. but not
a spy, while I'm n pnrty good rebel, as
tho t'other side calls us. We tins had u
fuss with a iool of a Confederate, and
be cot help and tried to run uh down,
it wasn't over two miles awuv thai I
dropped one and winged another, is
thut plain to yo', Miss Percy?"
"Waal, them critters hain't coin to
C0Yi4hTO) 1894 BV American W.CS5 ASSOCIATION.
give it up without knowin who we ar'
and all about us. We uns will hear
from them today fnr shore. Then thar
is Iks Baxter to look Otit foT. Pity yo'r
ni gger didn't strike a lectio harder and
finish him, but it seems that Ike got
away. He un w;w probably sent to Spy
on yo', and yo' kin bet that Captain
Wyle and hisoiiitor Company hain't fur
off. we shall also hear from them boto'
the day's over."
"Well, suppose wo do?" asked Mfl
ri.iri. "Mr. Kenton bus been true and
loyal to Virginia and tho south. lit is
here in Confederate uniform and has
only escaped from tho Fedorals after be
ing taken prisoner In unother battle.
Suppose the Confederates do comeii"
That's yo'r way of lookin at it. Miss
Percy." said Steve as he twirled bis but
in hishands. "My way is a leotle differ
ent. Captain Wvle. Iko Baxter and the
ret of tho crowd want revenge, If they
tind Mr, Kenton in yo r house, they'll
take him out and carry him oil to some
csinp. They'll us him ronah. They'll
make charges. They 'll stick right to
bun till they lk v his life. I'm not fig
gerin ou myself 'tall. If they don't
shoot me offhand, I'll git court uinr
tialed and be chained up sumwbar till
the arg) of tbe war. Fact is, Miss Per
es , I've ji --it about dun cut loose from
this glorious old southern confederacy
and gone over to the Yanks!"
"Tbtu wbat would you udviae?"
"Leave he un right yeie fur awhile.
We uus' got two guns and a revolver,
and if the crowd comes we kin stnnd
'em off a good deal better ttjau at the
bouse. Meanwhile let Uncle Ben sot out
down the valley to find the Yankee s1
di r in ! tell em whit's up. If 'nuff
of 'am cum, and they cum iu time, we
will be all right. If not, we might as
well ?ty onr prayers!"
i:otu Marian and Kenton realized the
litnaMon as ho presented it, and within
five minutes L'ncle Ben bad his instruc
tions. It was believed that he would
run aeroes Federal cavalry within 10
miles ef Rest Haven. He was to ask for
General Custer, and if he found that
commander toa-khim in the name of
tbe Pen j i to come at once. He was to
.ill at the huuaa and say to Mrs. Baxter
that Msriuii would lie home within an
"And while y' un s y. re to lo,k out
lur tbe patient, " sunt Steve Brayton to
tho girl if tlm old man moved away,
"I'll jest git ready fur the call I'm -pectin!"
Icq ca--p had pleat; cf natoraj de
tente, bat C7 moving tome of the bowl
dere with lever tad V3ing cuch stones
as be could lift as chicking ' he bad
tbe place proof againaVfnytbing but ar
tillery within an hour. While he works
and Marian and Kenton plan let us fol
low Uncle Ben. He bad been intrusted
with a message to Mrs. Baiter, but on
his arrival at tbe houee hefailed to tind
ber. Entering her room in tbe "quar
ters" in bis search, be found things in
such disorder that b'jj It certain she
had packed up r fen articles and tied
from tbe place. Under no other circum
stances would he have dared to look
into the Udroom of tue "missu" in the
other QOOa. Alarmed nt the thought
that eh helpless and abandoned, he
ventured to intrude. She was lying with
her tare toward him. and the first glance
brought a maun to his hps. He called to
her, p i I in) the it ro c .iM ..gain
and finally reached i.nt and toarhed tho
Wbdte and wasted bund rating on tho
I oover. It was cold as ice. He poshed
iorwsrd an old black mm i which had
served her and hers for half a century
and more and laid it on her face.
"Fo' de great Lswd in In aben, but
de miesnsbasdoodied!" be cried aloud
as he hurried from tbe room with chat
: tering teeth nnd trembling limbs. She
I bud seemed to be sleeping when Marlim
' left the house an bom or mom Letor-.
, but she might have been dying tben.
: Thy old man's first thought was to) boi
i ry back to enmp and tell the girl wbut
had OOCOrii J, hut as he moved away bo
, checked hluisc!f and muttered:
"Jist wait now till we H gi r a leetlo.
Be govl Uiiwd has duu tonki u de missus
away, un my o) lutart's teadf to break
wid sorrow, bat I mustn't v up to....
teejin. Dur's Mir lunshine, an dr i
Mum Knt,n nn dut aogt r yteve, de) -all
alive an in danger. If I tola M; -Sunshine,
she onldn t do uoffin nd
'c it to siring her hands an cry. No, I
won't go back dar! I'll harry up an
find dun Yanki et au tell 'em to cum aa
(inick as day km!"
Ho had turned about in bla tracks
when ho hrnrd a great clattet up the
r id, and next minute he was surround
ad by a lout 30 muuuted men. Son,,
were in uniform, and among thee be
noticed onowith his bead bandaged and
nt once identified him as Ike Bavter.
There were othsra toartiicns' dress, and
while ho was wondering who thsy might
be one of thorn laughingly e .tola) mi d
"Hello, yo' old aon of satan! How
does yo' un feel after the lickin yo got
Ia3t night?"
Thero was u sergeant in command of
tbo squad, but iko Buster appeared to
direct operations. He at first drew bis
saber as if to give tbe old negro a cut,
but checking himself he said:
"Now, men, look alive! Some of yo'
uns search tbe bouse and drag oat thut
cussed Vsnkee and Stove Brayton, and
the rest of us will drive n stnku and find
a chain and some firewood! I'm goin
to burn this old nigger alive fnr tryin
to kill mo lost night!"
to be contlntjed,
Small Pay for Poets.
Sunt hey la considered to have bean a
generally well puid poet. lis received,
however, but 80 for his "Joan of An,"
and only 115 tor tho tlrst edition of "Tint
laba." Shelley's writings brought hi in in
no profit, and Uoetha compUiued that his
works were a gran expense to him. ftob
en. Uunis and Thomas Campbell both
fared more or less badly, and were nearly
all their lives engaged In a hand to hand
tight with poverty. Campbell's "Pleasure
of Hope" btroughtblm in only $20. koodoo
Full TurkUb Trnuim With Munlin Over
dron Would Compose a Novelty.
TTiere is no ert'ile in the modern wom
an's wardrobe that combines ease aud
beauty quite so completely as tbe tea
gown. Its lightness, looseness aud freedom
from stiffening render it eminently com
fortable, while it offers opportunities for
the daintiest and most coquettish orna
mentation. It may buve a round skirt or a
trein; it may he low necked or high
necked; it may be short, sleeved or long
slevd, just a.- the fancy Of the wearer d ic
tates and as is most becymlng to ber. Por
the more simple styles crmllle is n favorite
material, as it combines well with silk, lace
and ribbon, buj. In spite of tbe theoretical
simplicity and informality of tbe aannent
there Is no limit to the amount of money
that may be spent ou It or the ways in
Which It may a labomted.
lnresptctto the 0snerai mode of raakinK.
princess, empire atm watteau style- are
ell seen. While sett isttitr new blous ef-
iiov'se ornvN.
fecN are shown tble spring. Of cnurse the
popular bolero jscket has been applied to
tea gown as to everything else, and since
the iutruduetlon into t tits country of the
genuine Japanese kimonos, with their
wanted Klecvts and wide sash, there seems
to be no hope ef further novelties unless
indeed snmsbody seta tho fashion of wear
tug Turkish drs full trousers and muslin
overdress- loth I o'elnek tea table. As
this Is it aesion of spanglea, the eostunie
could be trimmed in an appropriately gin
Uring manner, and the fashion would bavc
tbs merit of oflrrlnx un sxcuae, on the
ground of cbaraeterist!..1 national custom
L-uessarlly followed, foi that blackening of
the eyelids so frequently seen here Without
any excussat all unless ill Judged vanity
be one
The 1'arisienne deals rattier more fanrp
fully with the tuaiMi (run ii than vie u-uttire
to in n spit of r.ur many vagal irs WL.r
waatliaifau the sleeyaf she disixuaes with
tliem altogether, add where wee, intent our-elv.-
with a slight round, pointed or
square semens "f he neek. bafTt and front,
she hatlie hndiosajlj iwu almeJt as much
asalsU ustag Tl,esfl,: nofttt, tstailt
alahly plunalaa. .o in tb ir -A h ,f n
sketch is uiven. but it ought to be seen only
by artificial light which ts in iisflf n sort
ot .ijak. i a i .rmsjit it xmnesed of yel
)mw MR saun, wisk iace lo match. Tb
skirt cf iace ofer satla (alls tuil acd
?s!gbt A wuitj stir nbbca oro.set th
cortsft above the bust and is oar tied around
to the hack, wher It it tied in watteau
bow Anothei ribbm snrreauds tbe waist
and is taksb up .... t the bust, where it
forms a rosetu on e ioh side, from which
falls a lonjf end A knit nf ribbon adorns shoulder Two deep lacs fiottnc I
form a flctui plnted liack sni frent, veil
iag the ribbon trimming
Imrricu Lumry and love of Mocrr.
At Kreriehinan's har. ,,n the border of
the eastern state, a violent sturm having
uoinpelKii um t l p ist Machlas. i qoe
Uoued the man at h..- hoi I was ktsi
ing That house wa Indeed tbe best iu
Um dUlrlU. and, at peopl.1 say iu the NttV
try, tbe landlord was a nio'it ntap-tah!r
man. Having exhauaUd the chapter rcbs
tiva to the value and phre of land. I lu-hej
him w)wlhr he rver heen tn PhiLuM
phia. He replied tlntl he had nut yet dout
S" HeWUol Bi.ui of slrnul tj yuaf' cf
as I srai-cely .'.arsd fg ask nim wits; her
h5 knew Q . Washingoen "I have n rer
sen him." he said "If you should im to
Phibidelphih,'' I went no, 'yoa would !
pleased to e the great man'" "Xodoubt
I shail, Issi t , he n'Miilewilh benniii.-1 ras,
TahoiiM very itftteh tike to tat Mr Ihng
ham, the man win they say f so rieh "
Throughout the State I met with alnii
for love fnr money, and ofte-i aa corwly
eipreamiV Qla StMISJM is t.,o sin ar
ijaaieM wish ranrriea 'Ii:e h.'.ter are,
Inlkssl. hootng alien men caai hardtv
provIdH Ihttaaalias wish Ite mvimirh itf
lif" Iisjcoll've bnTm ssstl In thcdravslr.ij
room of Mrs. HbMT m El Kavt i
(sa lured ia the hirthplm as of t
tbe 1 ... oaMfWy Ml mi in
twit) shn uIhU, Uiis-ni i Prhuifm
sorue Aster i"an. Hardly would a l.m ;
patVu peasint bare consented Lu a oar aach
a hat
On the btwiks ef rm- Ohl'. Mr .Smith, pot
ent aaa roaUiate 4 Inown in I l.i urtry In-
irm oasse of i i n The walla of il
wars foruiwl with, rrrnijb t:c. a. ha
lnt; cotim COtttaJfieil a pus- ofOftf, ari i
with iuet bsarst if al brouu. M. do Beau
meta bating ojasnnrt it Mr. .Smith said to
mm, 'Tleav. Ho mil .iiiih'. to pWv , ft.
for the ums wh' fujtes if lire a htfntfred
mlfw fri rn henv. afftl II - Tin not . ..nse. this
year' -'falleyriind'aitiunoiri in Oentarr,
TMs Wom.m In Trade.
Kvavy day list .lumber of EntfJitU worn
en of stood pestl m wIki tt tales as n
profession inuivaM's, and, paradoxical us
It nay lasmi, Uui hiuu biuwswl Usmss yraiv
rich anil areprcnu and nappy over their
successes. Half of thw smart bonnet shops
of London .iro kept by them, nnd they
have now iiewus to n op irnu it apil
glov- baaaiu, sbtaionrry stunn, et l
must uot be srrp .sett, hiirwmr, that . vary
decayed gantlswonutn is fitted to find a
fortuno in the till, simplv I.wih. hot
name hhppe.n?i tn flgurriiii (he noerago.
Ctrtalflfy p6s.tIon counts for it (jood
dcul; hut capital, shrewdmi.s and i ner -y
are thrco predTfTtts'ttiat stand first In
the tare, no mi ttor how exulted t i i - UUe
may bo that hecks I In : i. VThnnnMl I
great lady detctmiiiM to :duit thu yard
stiok nnd scab she lirst goes through
neoaehtusf proeeaa, iiml NsUua from ptae
tical experience Just how it is done. Shi
takes lessons iu bookkeeping, learns to
watch the market, is timght to gather wis
dom from her rivals, and, most important
of all, studies W be patient fine! amiable
and attentive to detail. Illustrated Atner
Maaiachnsvtts' Oorenori.
Lrrt Lincoln hold the orBee of governor
nf Masasvobosetta from 13U5 to VtM; ( ileb
Strong from laOOwdafy?; Johuiirooks from
1816 to VS&, (teorge N. Briggs from I M4 to
1861. Since 1861, the longest texru of office
of any governor of Ibis si ate waa that ot
Governor Aolrsw, whose occnpaBcy ..i the
positiou lastpd f mm 1BQ1 to liioO. Oaring
tbs period between llTd and tbe nrenent,
time there have heeaaiAyearlingKovemurs,
oua ot wboiB, however, declined a su-eleo-bon.
Boston TrnnscriBV
spjtw rssssiiMW .,., ,,-ah t,, .
Gray's Specific Medicine
mmwmLmmvm. ' ' " vou o-
bility, Weakness of Body and Mitel, Sperms,
turrhea, an l Impe' and all diabases tU:tt
I rise from ovonnJulponeo md self abuse, as
mss of Memory and 1'oirer, Dimness of vis
ion, I remature Old Aiu aud many otUurdit
eaiis thst load to insanity or Consuniptioo
aud anearlv Krav.i. wntefor a pamphlot.
Address tlHAV MKPK'INE CO., Bnllslo.
N. V. Tbe hpocifta Medicine Is sold by all
druegiste at S pur package, or six paokaKea
lor ?5,or rent bv mall oh receipt of money.and
with ererv tsttl erder WE GUARANTEE
a purs or nionoy i-ef o n. m -il i m , ,
t.-sf"tn iieeuniii i,r wunlerteitj no have
nuoptrd the Yellow Wrapper, tho only gunu
lno. Cold in (Jcranton t.v Matthews Hros.
V 1 T K 1 F 1 E D,
Best in the market
OFFICTC lilnghnmton, N Y
FsiCtORti Brandl Pa
Manufactured at the Wapwallopen Milla Lu
rerue evuuty Pa., aud at WU
Delswar. HENRY BELIN, Jr.
t lone i .U Agent fur the V juittig District.
"8 Wyoiri ng Ave , Scunton Pa.
lLu,d iatUiaJ Bank Bulldiu.
Af.srr if s
TH- roHti i itts..., Ps
Jl US H BMllHSi.-iNiPlTn. nth. fa
L W. M i:tJJI,a'.. W1II.A1 IO.rr.. i's
A(fr.K f.,r ttui !t.vJno a.wuwal Ulu
rSnfs Hlk'h P.iterAlres
City Music Store,
- lUttUitt AVg. CKAMOJs
DECKER itunriiiCKa air
hi I 1.1 . a 1; t 1 it
4 st a arse slot k of first eissi
tirsff r. vi i;i tiwnisf;
Seeds and
Largo Medium and
White Clover,
Choice Timothy and
Lawn Grass Seeds
Guano, Bone Dust
and Phosphates for
Farms, Lawns and
Bin toit.f'. I'll,, Irte'.fc rstStal, it .U0,tWp.
iiksi sji.o iiu; is Tin: mould.
"A :iU'ir itittJ in !l'if Mmi'.
Thlsl.iuli, s'Snllil I re mil Diiiieiila Kid Hut
ton lluosdlttnmsj ftrn anvsshera tn the U.S., on
rtaarptOliJMh, Mi.nry Or.lsr
or I'nst d Sots fur il..'0.
Jiausls every way tho boon
rem in nn rmn stores rnt
IMQi Wo make Uila bout
on: selves, tlleitlorn tc fu,:r
nutm Uia til. ttulf .ill'
stid if any .mo Is ant tatln
e will rvfiind the mutii-v
orsendauotlirrpalr. Ojicra
i 00 or commou Ht ti, ,
,u. 11.. 1 ' I, U WW
os 1 to I and hall
sti. fiinif your nit
fit vo
Dexter Shoe CoJSSfSiL'
if r.-).it in jeutert.
Lost Manhood
M vla?or qutrVI
1111 turedaV a rlcuorltf,
l.l.'illl V liiK.,10TlH
atrophy, etc., suifir cnit-t hV I Ml a (Ml, the r'At
llliitfdu Kcnit'tty. with wrtttfc cuarMtttf tortrt. Moid by
1 i 1 ii ' , i .1 i:i;ij jji uisi4iH, ni-iAniuii, t'A.
A Handsome Complexion
Isono df ttio greatest charms n woman can
pona Pomoni's Uompleiion Powdbb
Brandt C.ay ProductCo
Ul. . . ...
Mr . l -AMI j- w 'V
. a .
contains four incomparable paintings
Medairy, which surpass all of his previous eftorts for faithful-
ness to nature and
They comprise every phase of Nature's changes, as de
lineated in the four seasons, and will prove a revelation to
most persons, of hr peculiar moods. Lowell has well said:
"Our seasons have no fixed returns;
Without our will they come an l go;
At noon our sudden summer burns,
Kre sunset all h snow.''
The Ottman Litliorapliing Company in reproducing these
paintings from the originals, has achieved a marked success,
and produced tour pictures that will easily hold hrst place in
either home or studio, not only for their artistic merit, but as
fine examples of the work of this renowned artist
This deliglitful picture i-; one cf Mcdairy's fou. water colon, "The Seasons," which
are all found in portfolio No. 2 of thi3 Series.
Spring" is a bright -colored work of singular merit. The drooping apple trees,
burdened with their pinlc and white bloom, contrast effectively with the rich green back
ground of trees and the dag-fringed pool in front.
The light and shades are superlative, and the whole effee'e is wondrously pleasing
as a picture, or when critically considered as a study.
OF . a .
Art Students'
Series of
unparalleled beauty.
' "
'TOsituatuuvirirak -. . i.. . s..
, sot;, mass
. . . -liv arm
1 IU II 1 11 1 lil sm . sui.hmp.. . p.i, 1. . .-,11 . v ri 1
-M 1 SjSSMSU ; I Slfl
a Scranton Tribune, Scranton, Pa., April 26, 1894.
- 1 '
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I in cash, and get four of the marvelous
I Multihrome Art Gems by far the
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... ; ft-tr.'.-
Ah a'J '
r 1 "