The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, April 25, 1894, Page 4, Image 4

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General Manager.
Nrw Voi-k CrKlCK: TiiIIiitni: flrii.nivn.
Pram a s an ju- tntm
Rrn tir i fan .Vol J.'o""
BCBANTOK, AI'ML "ii. 1801
One of the amusing features of the
passion hour is the battle of ri v;il re
alty Interests over the location of the
new Bwetland street bridge. It is a
:oiitest by which tho public is more en
tertained thnu agitated.
Cosl of the Coal Strike.
President BIcBrlde, of tho United
Mine Workers of America, is quoted
in a current interview us having said
that within two weeks the 180,000 mi
tbruirite miners of Pennsylvania will
have joined in the big coil strike. Mr.
McUrnle lias probably been misunder
stood, lie can scuic ly have made the
reuiurk attributed to aim; or, if lie did,
It moat have no- n without reflsctioa
and at total variance with the truth.
No sue i Intention is held by t lie an
thracite miners. They luivo better
In this general connection it is uot
uninteresting to recall some pertinent
Bgnres relating to t tie recent big strike
of coal minera in England; that mas
slTe labor biitllo in the peaceful settlv
inent of winch the e.irl of ltcsebtry,
not yet prime minister, bore such a
creditable and successful pxrt. This
Interruption of tho processes of mining,
transportation and manufacturing,
lasted altogether sixteen weeks. The
normal i Utput of coal during this time
fell from 88,000, 000 to 89,000,000 tons.
The miners surrendered 134,000,000 la
wage, in round numbers; the iron
work-rs lost 118,200.000; factory and
workshop bauds, through involuntary
Idleness due to lack of fuel, sutreuUered
$15, $40. 000, and other losses inoreaes
the total to 01,040,000 This item, it
unoulil I" undi rstuod, rfers solely to
wages. Then were Othtt neros of loss.
The total loss of net profits, divided
auio''g bund teds of induatn-s, h is been
const-rv iiiveiv saiimated at 108,878,078,
while, owing to ttie Increaae i nee oi
cost oi c tsioned by the strike, another
Item oi Iota is anpplie 1 amounting to
p - 18 000
ilerr, then, wj have an gfgrsgst
money loss to the popt f Great
Britain txeeedtng $160,000 000 aa the
rsul of six n weeks' suspension ol
the cosl mining industry. The com
potation is a r ngb one ani omits to
tske into account the decline in Tallies
Inevitably due to any general conges
tion oi i'ldiutrial activitis; or the un
avoidable friotions, jealousies an I ill
feeling which lie in the wake of ev-ry
litter dift rencs between employers an '
imployed. Hut this amaslng loss was
confined to a em ill country scarcely
larger 'ban the combined areas ol
Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana un l Illi
nois, What would be the result of u
corresponding tte-up of the industries
of t!i- United states, coming at the
Diomt-nt when long buslaeai depres
sion bad begun to show signs of lift
ing, but when the country was not yet
fnirly convelrscentt Uimn whom
would such an incalculably ruinous
and Lurtfui blow fall witn greatest
heaviness, upon th rich or npm the
poor upon the euiphiyers or upon the
smpli yed loget er with their wives
end children)
The bitnuiaions minera of our conn
try are sincerely to be pitied; first, oe-cau-e
of tn t rn trend of trade wnre
by their wag-a have b en torcel down
below a fair tnirgin of a leqa ite com
pensation; and secondly, DecBBSS in the
attempt to right this acminnlsting
economic wrong they have chosen a
time when for evsry penny that they from their opponents they will
ii 11. ( t tbousandi of dollars of ios noon
fellow workingmenlo other Industrie,
upun the general business of the coun
try and afterwards Indirectly upon
their own families in 1 themselves.
It is a REPROACH ip-jti the American
people that for years tney permitted
deepoilen of their for- s:s to waits
regnlnrly every year more timber In the
form of bushes, limbs uud high stumps
than tiiey ns to-dav Put thll evil Is
slowly Hiring Itself, thanks to in
aroasol pabllo sentiment it ought to
lie an equal reproach up n us to know
that in too extravagant uiisgoveruuieut
of oar large American cities we iqu in -dor
more- money eac.i year than would
be needol to conduct many municipal
governments of equal aizt in derided
Congress and tin; Press.
It is unfortunate that the pending
postoflice bill curries with it an amend
ment a increusing the postage on reg
ular serial issues of books in parts aa
virtually to prohibit the cheap popular
literature disseminated by means of
standard "libraries." Tho nin"iiiliiii-nt
raises the postage on this kind of pub
lleatious from the low pound rate now
in vogue to the costly third-class rate;
mid applies aa directly to ch-p re
prints of standard works and creditn
H t ni u ar issues ol scientific, literary
or technical works as it does to the
lurid yellow-covered novel or uiekal
"shocker" a:; i, list which it was espe
cially directed
While it is desirable to have good
booKs command n good appreciation at
prices consistent with good mechanical
as well ns literary workmanship, it is
indisputable that cheap popular re
prints and standard literature' have
done more to educate the great mass of
our citizons tbnn any other agency
outside the Hchool room or tho nows
jiaper press. The fact that a play by
tSbakespsare or an essay by Addison
finds widespread favor when issued in
a neat pamphlet form and sold at re
tail for two or three cents, is a salis'uu
tory ofTsst to all the harm dono by the
ebnse of this low postage privilege u
Illustrated in the' general vogue of
blood-and-tlinnder flash libraries.
There is no demand today for tb
suppression through postal enactment
of objectiouahi literature. The people
of this free country are us abundantly
qunlilied to choose their own intellect-
unl food as tliey are to clioosa tho ma
(rial fooil which sustains their phvs
ical strength, It is altogethr an uu
wliolesouio conception of tho (UDOtiODI
of republican government which would
have congressional leglalattoa saper
esd ladtvldael jailgmaat aa to what
bookt and pnpers the psopl" abatl or
shall not rii 1 1 OiQKfaa uiiv with
atire propriety yt farther ehpn
the coal ' pottage (o ih- p-oi'l-, i.u i
s under ni itllBtlon to nil to ihl
oot in the m un r inn-it-i in the
iDVnduient which the lions of repr
seutativ s him rc-iitly added to th
l-odlug postal appr prUtlon hill.
Houston has on grosro the fire lim
itaoi blocnm Hollow and oan have new
cues none too s ou
WrtAT has been done by councils to
ward extending the present antiquated
tire limits of the city, iu accordance
with the mayor's recent recommends
tions? Why should an important sub
ject like this be overlooked'.' Is not
each day of deluy u day of needless
danter to property and perhaps llfel
Fires do not usually uccoiuinodata
themselves to the slow pace of munic
ipal legislation and the sooner this
oversight is corrected by a modern and
comprehensive uew ordinance the
sooner will iuer- come a reduction in
the uncommon tire risks which con
front owners of property in this mu
nicipality. Mr Maori now announces that he is
for Grow and Huff. rVe congratulate
Mr. Mages for tnus getting into the
right band wagon at the very begin
ning of the triumphal procession.
Banish the Ballot Thieves.
The recent conviction in Carbon
county ol three Democratic ward heel
ers upon a charge of irregu!aritije com
mitted while Serving upon election
boatds won for t bum. Mining ether
thiugs, a sentence of temp n ury dis
franchisement. This recall vividly to
mind the srticls which Representative
tlaliisha A (irow not long ago pro
posed for incorporation in the new
constitution of New York state, to h
formulated by the constitutional con
vention which will assemble at Albany
next month. We alluded to the sub
ject at tho time, but deem it Wi rthy of
a second reference in the light of num
erous later developments in the art of
e s t e in 1 1 c billot frauds. Aftsrdefin
iug the m inner in which ballots su .11
be oast, Mr Qrow's amendment ooii
tlnnes as follows:
Any person duly convicted of voting or
offering to vole a! any election, IfOoWi ig
that hs i- uo a legal voter, i r or vi ting or
attempting to vote at any election on . n v
oi h'-r name than t.i own i igin (ul lism, ol
of Uiitel) registering or attempting to reg
ister for the pm pose ol votl ,g, or of mek.
log eoy false return of the ir-ult of it. y
election, by a false count of balloteor by
changing in any way a correct return so
as to make u an incorrect tun-; or for any
other wilful violation of th- Laws enacted
tu M-cure tair elections and an h-o.e-t
count, ehall be seutenced by the c.iiirt to
Lard labor in tln penitentiary for not les
than BVe nor Bore than tWentT-Bve earn,
and a floe of not less than SoOU m-r un-re
than t.'iO-'', and !-1 1 ; t I b- fnn-ver ib-burreil
from voting at any election ami be dii
iiuaiitied for holding any office of honor,
trust or prollt in the state. Ul perm-t
knowingly and wilfully aiding, advtstag
or encouraging any person to c immli an
of the foregoing enumerated acts, hhaii
upon convictkiu receive tne same sentence
as ill- peiron tvho slinld anually commit
the act. Any person convicted a- afore
.-aid, a-i priacip d or accessory, xbah not be
pardoned or tiave his liabilities removed,
nor ebail bis sentence be changed or in
any way allerel by the pardoning power
or by act of the leifi.iaiure.
Bncb a provision In the constitution,
backrd np l y a reaolate mid determined
puidic sentiment, wonid undoubtedly
cause the downfall of Murpuviam, Cro
ken.m and kin irjd obligarcbies of
bOSSism founded on the esteinnuc
proetitntion of the voting liberty ol the
people. Nor is p-rmanent deb irrm-nt
from c:iiz -iMlnp one iota too draatle a
punishment for tttOSS who p.V this ne
inrious trade of electoral tr as m. Pro
cription, even, would be jnstlBable
and COUld viiih be ail Id as an
extreme punish m ut for crimes of eon
sptcnous beinousn-is. Tne Carbon
OOUnty judge WOO limited his s-ntenc-of
dlsfrsBebisement to a putry three
years w is merry r e in. ate tie time
the American people stopped fooling
With this evil and began in earnest the
work of effecting it cure,
i e -
Editor Penmkan. of the Plymontb
Tribune nes declared war upon Mayor
LiOdsrlck Md bis police i flicers. Iu a
Oolnmtl and a half article, which is to
be continued, Editor Penotman she-Is
the lays of a lurid sranb light np-.n
the workings of the Rl -l ul orgamea
tion of Plymontb and r. veals the chief
magistrate and his minions in an un
favorable position. Editor Peuniman
sUles that he, In company with a num
ber of frieuds, was arresttd on Sunday
evening without cause su 1 was fined
$4, all upon account of an article re
flecting upon members of the police
force which appeared in the Tribune
columns on Apr) 8. As the e ll or of
the Tribune is evidently eovere I wltli a
COattog of war paint of the nveruge
thickness f decorullve stereo relief, it
is probable that Mayor Loderick will
sooner or later be made to r'allz- that
he bus unconsciously reclined upon a
buzz saw,
Business-liko Methods.
Philsdslpbls an i Berlin are cltins of
almost equal size in 1 well typify the
best feamrea of the municipal progress
of their respective countries. Any com
parisons that may be drawn between
theffl SW essentially coni sris 'ns be
tween our entire American thnrv of
municipal g ov trntu ut, as Illustrated In
practice, and that which obtains among
the pooplo of Germany. A letter from
a Berlin correspondent of nn American
newspaper detailing methods of street
cleaning iu the German capital lies be
fore us. Its facts tiro doubly Interest
ing to Scruntonians, whose streets, if
clcaiiod at nil, rarely during the home
of business give any evidence of the
The entiro business of street clean
ing in Merlin is committed to an ex
pert corps of skilled workmen whos
"plucos" aro permanent during good
behavior and whose pay is con litioned
npon the value of tho servic p-r-formed.
Ten, fifteou or thirty years of
continuous service entitles tho work
man to retire on a life peiiBinn, which
increases with the recipient's period of
faithful service. A generul manager
conducts the department, but every
section of the city haa its overseer and
subordinate foroe, who are held rigidly
responsible for results and who suldom
fail to produce results that eun bear
scrutiny. Every uight at midnight the
city is scrubbed as carefully as if It
were a kitchen floor. Tne refuse is de
posited in tall iron boxjs distributed
along tho streets, and soon oarted uway
iu closed wagons. It ia tho testimony
of all who have visit d Berlin that even
after severe r.ins the streets are s-
olean and fr.-e from inn I as the marble
c Ur I yards of the city's palaces. Y
t c -t ol tips m B'-nt service
1809 wis only 488 000, while in th
mtui' yer, for rviCe not tu b m a
tiolpd in t me nreath, Pnilad-1
nhii pill )37,Oi)0 Mir nrr -vcy
nonce of Berlin's refuse la n'ilz-l In
such a manner as t" return a consider
able revenue, which tends to rednos
the iii st com of tho street oleaning de
p :ri men t
There is no reason sive our own
carelessness why Amerloan municipu: "
ties should thns bo put to shame in
comparison with the corresponding
cities of over-crowded mid, us wo are
want to contend, 111 govorncd Europe.
If we were to exact the same rigid per
formance of duty from our public of
ficials that is taken for granted by lbs
urban inhabitants of the old world,
our visible results would soon equal
their', and ought in time to surpiss
them. If the repuhlio of America
means anything it meal a a distinct a i
vance from monarchical models, Hav
we yet m la Hiica en advaucs in the
governmei t of our eitie?
'1 lli;nii suvuit w a a time before in
the history of mis cou itrr whn one
dollar would purchaso greater oppor
tunities of popular education than It
can toda. There n-.-ver was a tiin
before when civic ignorance bad
smaller excuse for its existence
Tin; BAi RRDMRsH of a soft suup like
that 80,000 yearly pension drawn t-y
the Duke of Edinburgh fof being out
the royal fuudly i? a sp dec -f rever
ence iu which Americans cannot join
Some of them even begruJj Urover
Cloveisnd's iqusl salary
STBAKaEB 'illlNiij have happened in
Luzerne politics then could be the
Domination of S-nator Clarence W
Kline for congress, in opposition to
Mines. And mavbu ho would 1't make
1 linos sksdaddlel
readiness to psy bis money. Pennsyl
vania Democrats seem singularly re
luctant to 1 Ivef t gitods.
Of Politicians.
Th I'.rio l (!,( i vilimtly defeod
Giles U Pries fr-mi tue loslnnaliou
that loasmoeh as li eras fT -rr-. 1 tb
nomioatloo for awt tr aanrr at Ihi
Repablicao convi-otion In 1891 end I"
cleclwi'-il It, iiH is no longer sllglbls fo
il I- see oo lbs nt.ita ticket Th Die.
patch says tlut Mr Price harl that
y-ar "been called Into the field sea
candidate for iin lilor vn-xtX on tin
trctiKth of i i n pecnliar qoaliflcttlons
for that oOoe, IN and ail nil rricndi
and aopportora felt that it wis th
plac in which bt s ni l render tbe bint
service t tli stats 11 was nol a oan
did it for at y otbori Bee, uud f'lt Ibal
If bo consented to serve t tin people in-
nnulit to liav tbe privilege of rvin
tiit-m ina position wirre his servleu
sronla be worth the most, lli eandl
d ii-v was not s ilra net, thrown 001
with tbe Idea of nuking Bsb of any
Ibing tiist miirht ut into it, and be
vrj1 properly dscllnod to t" iiominatd
for aii)' I 111 M which bs did not wish an I
Which th- ieoile w-ro not nukior Inn,
to take."
1 1 ie of J ick Robinson's most snergs
i ir- li-ntensn's U District Attorney
Detweller. ol Dsnphla tonntv, wtioxc
rsoenl visit to Bcrantoo, In capaelt)
iii ills-net il-putj for t!i I lr in I 1. 0 I
of K'ks, it pleesarttly remenbeved
Mr Detwvller will not csaka an acti
-fT.-rt it. bees the I) nt hi . dclsRatlo
wmi over for the Ue da c mgreeaiaao,
lnt it rnigbt i-rjiid the eandldaoj
ol Lyroaa D, OliUri for the attorosj
generalship in Basting's cabinet; lor
hs ia eparinc nn p iina to help Robins
'iiwlir and SI I S Is oloss in th- C -
ii it-nro of th party Isadsrs and petaon
aily itifliixntlal with nil clues--. It Is
nroliaiila that he may prove an Impor
tant factor lr. th" tigfht. Mr l)twir
Is booked to dcllvsr aa Arbor liiv a
drsa at Barrtsberg on Friday, aad If
his rocMit ipeect in tbls city be aay
orltcrtoa the orstlon win he a most
hi joyable f of i ii- d ly'-t i-ierciiu-.
Spsakini; of the attorney gaacralsblp
oalla to mind tlu fact that t(nr- la
sew asplraot, Odlonsl B Frank Bible
in in, i i 1. 1 i iti-r. I'hn in i i-o i in-law
of the 1st obisf Jostloe llercor, was
formsrly a inambrr of (lorvriior
Bavsr's staff and srvcd witu Bast
ings at .ImiDStown. It is gcaerslly
Ih oi : lit that tb nomination of !
Senator atyllo for tho auditor gsneral
nip will Invalidate Ooloael V. lUraaa's
ilairos, Inesnnob as ths two positions
would aoaroely go to toauty.
Tb snnonocemsat thai JngsSad
erol c'riil will not b a candidati
for rei otnlnatloa as nri nl Jo l o'
Cnaib rlaad county will tak from th
main ju liciary ona of its brihti-t end
mint respected inmhrr It hat been
known for soon- tim- that Jtnli;- Sadler
was inooeedinu to well in crtiu bust
ness in Vf i iiinnte, OOtably those in
which hs is Interested In Carhoulnle
sad which ars under tb sfflclsat ssaa
sgstnent of his son Wilbur, as to osns
won I- r why li nhotil.l c r- to OOOtlnn
his career on 'h bsaoh, Bot there a -oo
prior intimation that be would re
tire within Him prsnl yenr, and tbi
iwwi now oocae Ions eminent smoni
bis friends In tbls eloinlty, sltnongb
n is contnsns aigaiy s munm ntary to
ul fit oris "S n j uliji. :ul to his admlr .
Cle uocIhI (jiialltle.i
s c s
POLJTICi IX BfttaUi Dosrs:
Tim liuclis county dele. -at ion will, it ia
aid, be lor Stewart Brat and Lyon ssooad,
There arc nineteen Democratic candi
latfS f or the four ISgislaUV pt-K'' in Vork
Jndgs ciuyton, of Dslawars county,
chiitna to nave th'rty moro delegate
plt ded than aro needed to innure his ro-
If gallant Colonel Kicketts wnnta to go
down beforti the coining HsstlogS uprinius
lio in keeping that wish closely luckiil
within hi own brenst.
The (sot that Krie county's delegation Is
for Robioson, altbongh not opeuly iu
utructo I, 1 believed to exprean a feeling by
Erie county Rspnbllosns adverse to tin-
tactics of the snnporters of Waller Lyon.
Tim latter hud roiiiiiit (iilra D. Price with
nnnecessary ssvsritv uud the election of
Robinson men is one of tho ecaseeaeaess,
Tba Altoonn Tribuue which hni tieen
qootsd an aathorlty for the impiloaMon
iinit Representative Rootaaca had offered
11,000 for the IJIair county deli gatlou flat
ly den lea havliiii ever raid or iiitltnati d
anything of the kind It oppottaa Rohin.
Hon, but readily ncquita hitu of thia tlsm
d--rou cliHi-ge. Will the PhiladeipniH
Press ilettuo uiakoa note tberuolf
"DAINT cracks. It
often costs more to prepare a
house for repainting that has been
painted in the first place with cheap
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Satisfaction Guaranteed
227 Lackawanna Avenue
EVANS & POWELL, Proprietors
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P. J. CONWAY, Prop.
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Pierce's Market
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