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Tho poetry of Arena
The ouc prcruuMivo if royalty and
ThQ if;n of nrlstocracy
Urn of Uto asbumej b j ninny l.ouuti-
f n I forms that
F rail trimmitia mm till souson.
2 PARIS, Feb. SI hi. jjj
m "Tli" rage for Lsees continues! Ata
S olMMlty bssar Ueldattbo Ministers del 3
H 'Iutoriour last woek, wnera vm toba 3!
j seen tin) Pimm Plbuh of tin- far s
B Man world of fuhlOU, iWHrly thu aa
SS flrejaea were wall covered with Lacea 3
p; Drt Uoodi Eookoiiut. s
What Paris Wears, We Show
uces for hats
l;xes fo:i wraps
luces for dresses
laces for lingerie
Polrt du Venise The ril article in-
trlcataly mas as the enchanting
cnnsl of Venioa itself and copN.l
from old, rii'h priwlMi patterns now
on exhibition in fnreiijii artgallariaa
8 to 10 inohos wide; solid and net
tops for yokes, nifties, for the swell
ie JoiBTilU bows, etc., etc. Insr-
Uoni nlso.
Point d' Ireland Pure ilk nnd very
tine and ricii, cream, ft) to 10 inches
wide, nad in insertions.
Silk Guipure Net ton, design! after
raft Bpaoiih lace. i!j to '.) inches,
Point tic Margot Lace 1'ersnns, other
than of roy . Mood, caught warinK
theae luces in Q risen Elizabeth's time
were pablioiy whipped tlirfore. No
vender royalty elainad it for its
own. Open net and profusely and
richly covered. 1 mirl BlnOQM wide
Insertions aiso of MBM,
Point Flanders A ilrcnra in pure
Whit silk; BM limu widths, for mil
linery and dresses.
L'Anduleux Lace, or Sepentine Lure,
to b plaited in (olda, then you have
the latest lu.demity.
Flemish Lace In patterns made ns far
har k as the l "itli century. Very ser
viceable for hats, wrans nnd dresses.
Black, old ivory and white; all widths
solid a-id net. Insertions of same
Chantllly Tnllfl with light figure
beauty. Itlack and white aud cream .
nil widths,
Spanish Valenciennes, enipnre, tor
eilOO. and all th other traceries from
riauen and St. (rail.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
brando pot
Parn;rirhe, Personal an1 Otherwise,
Jennad for Hurried Roadlnir.
rjrm tn the .Vrflaf.m Tribune
JIBUTI. I'a , April U -Ksv. E. R.
Alien, of Itananeld, is tuouuest of Jer
mvn rl itlvea,
C. L Bell retnrm Batnrday from a
visit ttirnntfh the south, visiting his
lomher internets in North Carolina and
Tennessee dnrintf bil absence.
Friday night the hotel of Fred Sol.y
was forcibly entered, th safe opened
nnd about S0 and vainah'e papers w-re
taken. From the fact that the com! i
natinn of the safe wis known it would
bpiii that the tblevei worn expert',
iJnriiiij the hard rain of Kridav
JaneaJ Loftoa and family departed
from Jermyn
(ieorj;o Ii'dsh, who has been ap
pointed district superintendent "f the
Metropolitan Insunnce oompany, with
nandojnarten at Hooeadale, will re
move his family thfre this week.
A metinif of the elerks will be held
in the Nap ho club rooms this evening
nt 8 BO sharp.
Saturday wis the lt night of the
St. Aloyatnt1 fair, st Lo'i Battalion
front Bcraoton were preeent and their
fine appearanM cr".:t'l a very favor
nble impression. The s .'O prize besides
rjnntrotu others wcrn dirpoeed of.
Next Wednesday night a music tl an
tertainneot will be given and the re
sult of th watch contest announced,
About sixty nemberi of Bnabbrook
lodge, Independent Ordi-r of uMKol
lnws. will visit Como lodge Tuesday
evening. A spri,il train h is been ar
ranged for. Train leaves (Jatorio aud
Western dopot at ahont 0 p. m
John B (iriflitlu, who has been ill
with pleurisy, resumed his duties with
(J. D. Winter (Jo. Saturday.
The Martin brothera' will sing to
night in Archbald for the benefit of
tho Father Matthew society of that
Miss Merritt, an evangelist from
Wilkes-Bsrre, conducted services in
the Congregational church today.
Four Ilia Successes.
Having the needed merit to more than
rinlin good all Lba advertising claimed for
them, tho following four remedies have
runcbed a phenomenal sale. Or. King's
New Discovery for Consumption, Consul
and folds, each bottle guaranteed Elec
tric Hitters, the great remedy for Liver.
Stomach and Eldneyt, Bnoklen'i Arnloa
Halve, the beat in tho world, and Dr.
King's New Life fills, which are a perfect
pill. All these remedies nro guaranteed to
do just what is claimed for them and the
denier whose nnme is attached herewith
will be glad to toll you more of them. Hoid
byjiiittuews Bros', drug storo.
l ot it or these COUPONS, pre
sented at The Tribune Offlee, oor
ner Tenn nvenun ami Spruce street,
antttleatha holdav toHii the prlv
lleres of the unpui-iillrloil oilers
for illstriliutltti; popular booka
among our ruailers. 'I ho oUers tuado
hy The Trlhiinn niiioegeiueot aro
us fullows:
in CKNTS and Tour Coupons for
nay volume In thn C'olumlius Se
ries. Over 1 (Ml title! to select from.
SI) OKSTN anil Four Coupons for
in hook In tho Kugby Serlos.
US CKNTS and Pour Coupons
any hook In the Oxford Series.
for S
An Intelligent Correnpnndent'e Resumo
of Passing Events.
.cier(af to the Scranton Tribune.
FoiilisT ClTT, Pa., April 'J'J Last
Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. J. D.
Caryl gave it dinner party at their
pleasant home ou Main strn"t to a
small company of friends. The fol
lowing wrn preHnt; Dr. and Mrs
W. R Dlakeslee, Mrs. II. ). Allen.
Mr. and Mrs. I V. Smith, Mr. and
Mrs. V. H. Bates and Mr. and Mrs
Hspjamin Mazey, A very pleasant
evening was spent anil enjoyed by all.
Tho honor of having eaught the larg
est mess of trout of any Forest City
gentleman, so far this season, belongs
to Thomas Richard', the genial clerk
in J. L. Morgan A Co. 's store Mr.
Richards, who i an exp-rt Hibernian,
hied himself to n small brook near
Forest ( ity lust Friday in search of the
"speckled tiesuties." and was very suc
cessful, as his labor was rewarded by
having over nins pounds of trout on
his return.
Tbotnai Cunningbam, of Herrick, ii
spending Sunday at his home in tbil
John E Free, of Wyoming, is the
guest of friendl in this place over Sun
day. Mr. Free nut been superintend
ing (he plaring of a large electric
plant in Simpson St Watklus' colleries
at Wyoming.
Brltitb America o lodge. No. 879, .
S. of S. CI., will give their grand con
cert tomorrow evening (Monday in the
opera h'inso. The celebrated t'dum
Mail iiuartatte of Scranton, have been
engaged, also Forest City's best talent
will take part The following is the
programme which will be rendered i
pa u r L
selection Columbian Quartette
Address Kov. P, Qendall
Song, "Anchored'' H. t'arr
Bong, Selected Mrs i) Maxey
song, "Noble Boy" . ,,P, H. Thomas
Recitation Ilauda Reynolds
Song L). J. Jones
Selection Cola nibuii iaartetto
pan ii.
lilee, "Awake .1" dun l.vre. '
Pbllharmonlc niec club
Song, "Only Sieak Kindly to Me. "
Mri, s May
Duet, "(h Albion,"
J. L Morgan. I' U Th iman
Recitation Maude Iteynulds
s I.,', "The Thai U-n lwd My llourt." ,
Mav Watktna
Song, "l'lee Asa Bird," Heulah BlaCI
Duet, "Flow Gently Dave,"
J. L. Morgan. I .1. Jones
soi'g. Selected r. K. momaf
seiction kdumbtaa Quartette
i'rics, 1 1, '.'"i an ! il'i cent.
Cru i "i'. ''Km p. Use Dr Thoma' Be
lectric (ill according to direcii.mi his
the tMtt remedy for ell sudden at'acks of
col Is, pain aud inflammatt in aud Injuries
Nufgets of N'hwii aailisred la a LiWalf
8a1 qushsnns Town.
rYerio fo IIU1 .Vmn' oi ViVini.
HAlXinaD, I'a. April M -LIIIU
Thomas, of Conkllo, is visiting Miss
Fannie Simrell
Louis Wiliuot, jr., has the founda
tions laid f.-r i house on Fourth street
The infant child of Mr an I Mrs .1
Ii Aldrlcb dial on Tbureday iveuiog,
of erysipelas. The fnueral was held
Tom Allen is visiting from is In New
York citv.
Mlaa Battle UeLeod visited friend'
in Bingbnmtoa on Friday.
Tne annual meeting of the Sns'iti"-
banna Connty Medioal loclety will
held at the Montros- hoftse la M 10
trose on Tttetday, M ty 1. An election
Will he held to seleat offl ers for tb"
ensning, and delegate! to the Btat
Medical a icietv, at Philadelphia Ml?
IV imil to the American M lie il as
sociation at Su Francisco, June 1
Mrs. Will Vetdsr is vi-lting New
Milford friend".
Il-'iry Talmiu'e and wife wre call."!
to Vestal, N Y , "ii Friday by the
serious illness of Mrs. Tslm ige's
Mrs. l v. Chnrch was iii Blag-
bnntOO on Friday.
Mrs Hurt Bennet, of Afton. N Y .
who hat boon vliltlog hr daughter,
Mrs. Homer Robinson, has returned
The suit for dnm-nes brought bv
Mrs M.irifaret Sullivan of (I:e a It md,
for the 'loath of her husband, Patrick
Sullivan, agninst tho Brie rsilr ad w it
none suited. Mr Sullivan was killed
about three years ago at a crossing
near tho (Ireat Hand A claim of
3,00Q was put lu.
I M iny, of BlogbantOtt, was in
town on Friday
Mrs. (J. A. BelltnSU, of Kirkwool, is
rioting at the reidenc" of J (I Know
Mr. i'. Randriek has the foundations
laldforanaa house on Chaaa avenue
James Prentice, of New Mllfor I,
wns fiilting friends in town tolay.
JamCJ Oariagg has returned horn
from visiting in llinghainton.
Arthur ' haniberlin has moved into
Albert McLeod'a house on Dubois'
Clipped from auads 1'resbyterinii, un
der signature of ('.. Hlaekett BobtUson,
prop'r: i was cured of oft recurring bib
loui haadacbee by Burdock Blood Bitters.
Syrur of Imp irlant Nswi c f the Maple
Sitecinl to the flcrttnfea Tntmnc.
HonnoaLB, April 22 Among the
many improvements being mde in
Uonesdale this spring, one is worthy of
particular mention. The tearing down
of front fences is one of the finest im
provements yet made to our streets.
They appear much broader, look neater
and give an aristocratle apiwarance
that could be obtained in no other way.
Upper Main itrest is now a minature
Euclid avenue, or a commonwealth
avenue, without the spacious moou
mented park running through the cen
ter of tile Htret. The froi t line fences
ure being leveled one by one, and soon
broad stroets bordered with spa-nous
green lawns will roach from one end of
tho borough to the other.
Mrs. Edwin F. Torrey, Miss Miller
and Mrs, Eigarand (laughter, Louise,
leuve ou Monday for Hot Springs,
N. C.
Miss Ciara Pellett, of Hawley, was a
caller in town .Saturday.
1 he Triiiunu Eucvclopedia Brltnu
nica is receiving n number of purchas
ers in Ilonesdalo. Liavo your name at
(iardnsr's 0:10 Main street, nnd Tint
Tninu.NR Bgutit will call on you with
Hi wlit Bits of Goeelp from the Ploneor
Oltv of (hi Villey.
AwcfeJ lo the Sproafen Tribune.
CARBONDALt, Fa., April 21) T. V.
Walker, the National express ngent,
left Saturday morning for a business
trip to New York city.
.TatncB Staples, of Waymart, was a
visitor to tills plaee Saturday.
R A Mason and Charles Orchard
attended a loeial in Greco Ridge Fri
day evening.
Mr. F. (I Strntlnger retumcl
home Baturday afternoon from a v- weeks' visit with relatives in New
York stsi
James Allen, of Coneland avenue,
who lias been lick for several weeks, is
again able to b ahont.
On Tuesday evening occurs the enter
talnment of the Epwortb leagus, when
the following programme will he rend
-red :
Violin quartette,
Mi":s. rbomaeJobnaou, Smith and Crane,
R( citation, Selected,
Miss Adels Ilre'ikstone
Piano Duet.. Ulas Corby ami alias Barring
Vocal Solo, "Days (June Ry,"
Mrs Kale Firth
Recitation, Selected,
Miss Adela Breakatone
(Quartette, Selected,
Ry tb" Orpheus Quartette
Solo, "Paul and Virginia, ".uabelle Btanton
Recitation, Selecti.ui Mn Ri oak-tone
Solo, "Out on the Deep,"
B t) mond Bockonnerry
violin Quartette,
Motors. 1 In inns,, Smith and Crane
Commencing Monday evening the
Columbia Hose oompany will have
regular practice drills in fire Bgbting
turtles aud the rapid laying of bOCC
Mr aud Mrs GteorgC DuBoll are vii
iting friends in Wi Ikei-B irre.
Mrs. C W Myers and children, of
l'ort Jervia, are visiting relatives in
this city
Mrs. rbntnaa Oliver and Mrs. Ralph
Lester, o( Wvi mloff stre. t, are visiting
relatlvet la 1'ittsto i.
Bnef Fnrsvrsplis of I itertst to South
Sib n'i
e)eM in tne nvanien JWswas.
IflNOOKi, I'a , April '-'- -Miss Mm-
mie O'Boyle, of Provideooe, is rialtini
M;s sand K lly of Main street
P. C Connelli and Robert Ceaphell
were trout tithing Friday at Baltic
IS ike creek BUdaogOred foine Very tine
tie tt.
M P. Cosick and wife, of Sharp'
ville, U , attended th- funeral of I' J.
Crane, a brother of Mrs Coklck yes
terday The C"indv druna tonight at the
Tempranoe lull
The funeral of Patrick J. Crane, who
wss kuled last Tbureday at Duryea,
nocorred yesterday afternoon at 3
o'clock Iron liil rtaid-nee on Miner's
i ill ihe reiimins were convoyed to
91 Joeepb's ehorob; ltv Father John
I. mghran ofliri it I I.ilertunt
mads in the Catholic cemetery. The
funer il wss one cf the larjeit aver
seen in Ibis place.
e ;
Wooden ft lakeaev'a l'p- Box F
lory To'ellv yd.
si" al fe Ute feeaalaa reetajas
lioMMul t . Pa., April 22 -Wooden
& Blakeney'i Paper Bos (aatory, en
ploying thirty-three ban it. was totally
lestrnye 1 by hr it '! o'clock evei.-
nig I'll- f ct'.ry w is closed at . ii in
and the fire era discovered by Jobs
Wooden et 8 tfi "ndu unknown, lost)
1 111,0)0. total insurance, tS.SM,
1'eupof ry quartan win te secured
and work resumed at once.
Aiioiii iteaellng,
An active minded boy or girl can find
out n great di ol nlsiiit the World we live in
by the habit of Attention, hy looking
ennnd; and be or aba can gat much lu
epilation from the example of gl men
and women But this knowledge can be
added to Indeliuitoly b) mating, and peo
pie will rea l it till J have a genuine desire
to know things, aud are not, as we say,
"iii lazy to Iii " When I hear a !) la)
thai be dOM BOt know what lo read 1 won
der if he ha., no ruriosity. UtbsrSUOtb
Ing that be wants to know ahoutl Most
children ak qua 1 1
It often happens thai the petcoua the
iesk csnnot answer ii qui -ii. ni Now, it
is the nnrrmsi ol books t" do Just ihla
thing WbeOQ the particular person askisl
oan not do. And that fat about al) there Ii
in rending. Ofcourei It must bo borne m
1111 ud that rii 1 1 . i , is 1 lo.uiy kiful.i curl
oalty about facts, about nninlUios. ahont
wh it bappened ion ; ago, aiut what is
inking place now, about the people who
lived nites ago. .tnd the pc iple who live
now, aboutstbers and sbout one's ssdf Bn
it happen', th .t one wanta to read sulcnce
and poetry and history and biography nnd
romances and the dally new. fit. Nun
Pussy Turneil on the 1'elirrl.
One of our citixoni a few motnlngsagc
on getting up In Stnrt the morning Ore
hLs wife not yet bavin: falh Ifl Into the cm
torn "f doing it- was n ii, .. ! to bear the
OUnd Of ronnlsg water In the cellar (In
Investigating he found a Cnucst near tha
Hour partially opened, and it was plain
that tin- bouse cat. a w ry knowing animal,
had turned II togul a drink, nnd then bav
big exhausted bcr stock of knowledge, or
not caring to go into the ipatterblg urea to
rhrtl It off, had left the st renin tluwing.
Pussy rat on a barrel out ol h.-irin'-i WSJ in
CBSS the cellar should lie lloo.hd Indole
daylight, and blinked her hrlnjht eyes, as
much as to aayi "I know how it .ill hap
pensd, hut cm nut eoin to tell." Old L'ftl
ony .Memorial
Will lie v,. n hlppaS,
Ethel (to her younger brother! whn had
been whlpped-Don't mind, brukser, don't
Brother (betwtsju bU tears) fliat's just
what I wils licked for, not minding. -Epoch;
i: ,;i.,. home In Athens Win ro
Clao..i.vj,i AVwk Was the LimKasge.
I bavw .V";J lnuny royal palaces, but
Dr. lleury .."ilicniapii's homo in Athens
uirpassod t'm all in the beauty of its ap
pointments and th" loveliness of its ems'
bellishmeuts. It is situated in the midst
)f a large garden, where in summer statues
jf Grecian gods and ooddeases glr,m
through fbag of tropical richness. But
ciy visit wns in midwinter, mid tho streets
df the city were fairly covered with snow,
tho tinltling of slci;;h belLs seemed moro
In harmdfty with the scene than tho soft
notes ol Apollo's lute.
Dr. Schliemann's marble palace Is on
one of the most fashionable streets of
Athens, and ns I vvnlkcd through the
streets leading to ll I saw no Creek girls
who recalled Hymn's "Maid of Athens,"
nor any Athenian women who resembled
those proud dames of ancient times whose
dark h;:ir was adorned with the golden
grnaahopper as an announcement that they
had "sprung from the soil."
As I approached Dr. Schliemann's I was
struck hy the life size marble statues of
Grecian ps'ts, philosophers and heroes
that embellished the roof of the stately
pile. The d.Hjr of the palaOSWaS opened
by n tall footman, who spoke French with
a strong nccent Banding him
was united to color the library , which.
with the exception of the Vatican library,
is the mOSl beautiful I have ever seen.
The walls of the stately apartment were
hung with exquisite pi. 'tort s representing
Classical subjects, aud the corners were
adorned with graceful statues. 'I he dark
bookcases were stow ued bymsrWs busts
of Grecian i is ami philosophers, The
library was rich in classical literature, in
which (in-ok, of course, predominated, for
Dr. Schllcmann was an enthusiast about
ancient Greece (he language of I'lato and
Aid blades being the language of bis hSXiae.
lie made his butler take the rlsasinal name
of I'l iops nnd In-, cook that of Jocsssee.
Dr. Schliemann's wife is sOreek, beau
tiful and Intelligent, but Hut a patrician,
far she is the daughter of a shopkeeper of
At hens in t rasped hhe is of the tame
sis ial position aa her husband, for he was
originally a shop boy in Hamburg, and
made hi- fortune in the Indigo trade. He
was nearly 7(1 years old at the time of my to Athena, imt with all the physical
Vigor of 60, His wife was juStabOUt half
bis age, but wonderfully congenial and
sympathetic. The had two children, who,
according to their father's classical taste,
wi re i ailed Agamemnon aud Andromache.
The former was beautiful boy of 5, with
.lark hair ami tree and Grecian now and
mouth, Andromache was fust 19. and so
lovely that she might have sewed as u
model for the moot graceful statue in her
father's library. She had a great talent
for languages, and -Hike w ith uUOOCI lilh
ancient and modern Greek, Prench, Ger
man, Italian and English She was eocpni'
pllabsd in darning, drawing ami music,
aud her talent fur taOTOtry Would have
made her a fll companion for Paitelope
I hive,: ' New.
Tho bigRCSt birain yet those
magnid. . nt oAultichrornes.
"Afteramost thorough trial
and receiving the most i,rrat
ifying results, I am glad to
testify in favor of
Tho Original Raw Food
" By it I was brought up with
remarkable rapidity from a
long Biege of nervous pros
tration." am rajslnlsna Radoraa it.
govialss i-- jn iili .1 .Kvl--in aasaatihal asoieat,
i- DBUlUbll la tli.? eel ili lu.le Alone it
will leetsta .trrnctli I.t ..iki ll m.lir. ni-s bseoa
Ii coauSas Ui. Uijoi aasaaal ol nutrition in ihe
toullcti iom.iMc bulk.
Per sale at all druggists.
"Malhiishek" Pianos
K.sTABI.ISHKD lirtil
Now Jfork Warerooms No. SO
Fifth Avenue,
V. ('. K1GKKB & CO.,
Bole dealers in this section
(il ! 11 K. If) Ada:: s At.' , TelaphOSS BTi'l
riavtnr secured the BBOIUVG PORSBof
Wiin m Blnnie A 8 m for a permanent bust
nees stand, l .hall rondnot bilentlfia aim
i Mh e tn: for tl o 1 reventton, Ho
iiul t.n.l Ci 't I mill ii. t-s iit:d other ilnpedl
mentetn the movements ol iiirs. s Incidental
rr on to bnperleei shoring I snail (Ivathe
eorkmy peraooal attentl n and yuaraatve no
eiira oaarte, except forimniovcmeat. Lame
aeaa etc, win betreatert anflreoonSii a free
elinli' nit. I irof,vsioiwd hdviee given everv
Moii.U.y I r. in 1,, . r M.
Women full cf Pains
Aches and weaknesses,
i End in O ticuka Anti
I I'.MN I' kk instant
'"i and gralclul relief. In
(.ink paarera it relieves
ai'hing tides and haelc,
hip, kidney and u'crinn
pains, strains and weak
nesses, rheumatic, srl
Stle. sharn nnd nervous
pains, coufjhs, colds and Cbett pains. Udor
mis with balsam, sice and pine, it is the
sweetest, surest, safest and lust plaster.
PrlOSt SfAil 6vc, $i.oo. At .'1! drttjcisls or by
nud. 1'uimn lu AND Chsm. Cusf., IkoWa.
eSSSs- I J V.
r m m
IVslor the nJt quality far domostlo nse,and
of alt state, delivered In auy part of the city
at lowest price.
Orders left nt my office.
Bear room, Brat floor, Third National Bank,
or sent by mail or telephone to the mine, will
receive prompt attention.
Hi eetal coiilraeta will be madu for the sale
suit delivery of liucktvhuat (JoaL
Aftx Anna Vccmers
1'atillon, 1'enn.
Weak Nerves
Spoils, Dyspepsia,
Poor Blood
Hood's Sarsaparilla Cave Strength,
Removed That Tlrod Feeling.
"('. I. Hood A CO., LOWell, Mass.:
" Gentlemem 1 feel that I must say a few
wordi about Hood's Barsa pari lis, as 1 think it h
the best nedlelne I have ever taken. I bad dys
pepsia, and Diy nerves were weak, my blood
alte lu had condition, nnd I was troubled Willi
nunb spells when t would alt or he down.
I Waa So Wosk
that 1 could hardly walk across Hie house when
i began to take Hood's Berieparllla. 1 have
now UWd sewn bottles of this RMdlCUM and
have gained lu Strength, can io all DM work
Hood's5"1 Cures
and not St tired, am ever so pinch tu t
ter lu every saj " Mas. Anna DSSatBUS,
p. Hilton, Pennsylvania,
Hood's Pills act easily, ( promptly auC
efl! lei.ll), ou the Incr aiel bonds. Bft
Prostration )
Editor St. Pnul Pioneer Press.
Dr. EX Grower
lh PlillaflflpMa chlist,
An. I hit li..l ,t:f ,.f Kticll.ti eal (lev
aa 1'llaiciat.fc.T. uw parauUMuUf licetoJ
Temple Court Building
81 I BPRCl !R ST
U'bu. im, af he mi,. ailed LlAILT AXD
si MHI.
Tli. IV. t..r . , ,,( ,lM4 o ln t'nlrereitf
er naMayieasla, f..rn,e:.r Jeasouetraloe ol
foyt art and .mgerv at the Midi -..rhlf
ti steal . ,.f I'l.l'sl.d! i Ii. a alas
a I : :y n embeV el lh,-., . hlrur
inal Aaaoctahon, an! as bbyaletaa t .1
sarreott In-ehlef ..f b nt r..t.1 Amrien
IMuermaahospltala eataaa inehiy Imliireal
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Third National
Bank of Scranton.
atMi-mert I . Ii .'s . ism. railed for I.)
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11 t3
National Bank, ol Scranton
CAPITAL $250,000,
SURPLUS $25,000.
PAMrri, HINES.IPrealdent
W. W. WATSON, Vice I'residenL
A. 11. WILLIAMS (.'ahior.
Ramitri. Hints, james M' Fvr.iuiAnT,
Ikvinii A. FiNcn, Planes B, FltM
JbStPd J. JerMYS, M f. Kkmiiikil,
Cuas. f. Mai'iiikws. John T. roinsn.
W. W. Watson.
This bank Invites thn patronage of buslnoss
men aud firms generally.
EverythingFOR Everybody
The Fair
400402 Lacka Ave.
"Always the Cheapest"
Dry Goods, Ladies' and
Gents' Furnishing Goods,
Notions, Fancy Goods,
Infants' Wear, Cloaks,
Curtains, Boys' Clothing,
Boots and Shoes, etc.
Commencing Monday, April 16,
we will place on sale Special Bar
gains in Every Department.
All New Goods
$1.40 EACH.
11 m .
The greatest bargain in the market. A few of the
Brass (Onyx Top) Tables left at $6.00.
406 and 408 Lackawanna Ave.
Just (0 Give the Editors a Chance
A DETAILED price list of our im
mense stock of Furniture, Car
pets, Baby Carriages, Refriger
ators. Mattings, Stoves, Crockery.
&C, would crowd everything out of
this iapcr.
And we have too much respect for
editorials to do anything like that;
besides, of what use when all can be
told in a single line.
111c Luwesi mm iu . l. m
Cash or Credit
With every purchase of $50 or over
we present an American Onyx Fin
ished Cathedral Strike Clock.
With $75 or over, a ioo-piecc Din-
ner set.