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Opportunity pass to possess
yourself of this incompara
ble art treasure.
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Series of Uultiohromea were
bautilul, Hit' Becond are lit
erally gorgeous.
Tha GfDoral Order to Be llDlienili Ob
served Among Soft Coal Mines.
Ho Thinks the Striki Will Pc
Satisfactorily Adjusted in a Short
Time Suspension Will Enable
Operators to Work Oft Their Stock.
Situation in Co.-.i Fields Elsewhere.
Etrkatob, III . April 99
olttaa United Mine Workers. ami
Jtr. Howelle, ol Colorado ad
dressed a meeting of miners her
yeeierday, Ht wbicb it v.i decided by
r 8t tea tor nitwi to Join th strike.
Bscretary McBridv sold iu spanking
Of tbestrike: "II means theinaugura.
Hon ot t:fw fi rm of Industrial wr
fr. We ore tired of local strike,
which have en?rally proved dltM
Irons, and wed i no; intend : it -it one die
trio: in competitive Held shall profit
by . strike to another. The pres.'u: sit
uation ot the coil trade ia t'u:;l
w hare a cool producing capacity do
lt pad in xcoaa ol toa demand We
eta produce mora cool iu eiht month
than Wi can consume ia Ta
risul'. is ruinous com pa ti lion among
operators, sod starvation ragea to m.
uers. We n 0 S re is t::r? arooka1
atcck ot cval oa baui.
Oar first object it to remove tlis inr
plus sto.S to will bo uiA.'.e possible
for Operators to tti lintain price. Oar
second and principal pa:poe ii to en
deavor to errance conferences with
emp'.oyr :o arrive it some nasis for
!a"irs eperatioas Taerehor.ll be ao
difficulty in nrnv.u- at su opens
feeg lasts tef re th coal svpply is
exhausted Uu'.rij tha eiapl yera refuse
to o -operate with us. If this rffort
fails to bring employers to :he;r m se
I will b frauls to ae that ortr next
movement will be friaibt with s.-rt
oo w.jary to trade.
CoxstujrnuM, P , April .VJ Ad
vices received tonight fro-u all par of
th coke Ngtoa fcive is-iarar.c-' that th
et-ntrA trier to strife? arill ba tb
. va by th.'.-workui-a. The lea'lr
y tbt by Ibawmai evr.inif .j.0H)
cis oArion will b in :ir..', and to
nmroar'i j-cctt.ial aoatoontion will
crNr all of ta coke worker cat on a
Tbia wao aettll tcday by tbe nnm
ber of il'.ejat- Wt.o wer elect'l to
Htt?r;l tt.a c r.ra:ion, ihrir iuttrac
tioo beir.j to cte in f ivor of the strike
nrdr ijsned by the official cf the
United 3!:r.- W rkr.
JOBSBTOWjr, Pa.. April C'3 At the me-ti:i3 bi'l Sjuth Porks
Betnrdey af I moon, 4' rsfi w-re pres
ent and nnaninjoay d-c: 1-1 to mtii
Oom thonsaa I iaiar- in th Synth
F'.rk r'gion wiil be tfftctcd Tn prin
c.;ii -p c.l w is made by T A Lral
Iy, nl L liy. Tha men .r- deter
r ad
f r:y deputy Ik -r.:Ti wr- -nt from
fir-tisbcriC t.j LTob tor.iifiit. a
Iron I ia feared ara inu tlte striking
lainen at tbe hatter point
1 aU, Vjh . April 2i Tnere are
no ptobabiiilieo oi a str:ki ain'Jiir th
Waebington coal mmera, aa reported
tr.u. t III
1h UlnnainoM mines of tbi tat
employ 5 miovra, roost of whom
ar! ooo-ooioo ron and ar making
IpffA n tg on contract and IbtrefOfO
ht atifi' I.
fCOTTiAi.:;.Pa., April 21. Abont400
in'.ncrs employed at the colte work ti--twen
Valley anl Broodford bold a
ra-tinir at Bferaon thi uina'.
A r-sonlion dt:larin in favor of a
ttrik--1- n; -rrow morr.iri wa adopted
and tro delegntet, o in''r".ct !, w-re
sleeted to attend tomorrow s tonfon
tion. f ranoniu), in , Apri: 19. Orot
20 000 miners of this state j 4oed in lbs
g r.eral strike y-strday and to '.sy
Ai.d Rrown. Is T'mpor.rllr in Com
mand of IhS Arm
BaOajwrown, hfd., April IS -Ooiey
has on from the army nnd BfOWOS Is
jrpring tjrllfi ry iUjrc U reOtiTS
nini on tits return It i. prohaWe that
from factories to WashtriKton thn
roui) orii(innlly Mleotod will I,,
ebunjfed Tlii, howt-ver. Browns
s.iy-. depends on the information that
b ' xpects tonii(ht
If th statt-inerit tn(ani nnytlilnir, it
nlniosi nTininly m 'ans that l ira re
lnfor':eraiitH hay bfn MOOfOd to join
,tlif army betwoen hern and WntbtOf
ton. possibly a jflnotfOfl by rail with
soin of tlm tit tr west'-rn bands or the
centrulizition of a DQfltbvf of smaller
bands Hint re said to )n waiting be-twi-Ti
Frcderlok and Ilockville.
lint if Hrowne la dallyini; to await
the return of ','oxey, it la equally cer
tain that the last hope of a bin demon
stration is ended and that a dispirited
baud nf bOBMtiol idlers will he dis
persed In n few days on the confine ot
Thrso Nscrosn Ars Htroudiburir.d b7 a
RrAHIMOHill, Ala.. April 2 Thre
DtsroeSfTom U'nck, Jonaon Williams,
end Tony Johnston, were lynched at
Tascumbb, Alu , about midnight last
The negroes wore charged with hav ing,
a month ngo, burned tho barn of
Clnnde Klnc, a fiirmer of that eily.
They confessed to thu crimo.
. s
Th Royal Theat.r BUfhtly Dsmaifcd by
an Explnnlon.
B&UtlEtA Apiil 28 Two bombs ex
ploded todny just outside the mayor's
house In Lilege. ine uoyal theater,
which is but a few yards Iroui tho
house, wns slightly darauitod. Nobody
Whs wonnded
Many persons suspected of having set
tbe bombs were arrested tbls evening.
Vw- m u h nji i w a u u I I u w Ul uj nj sn
-n- ' V rA, . inV-'U rWOi y if,: ;v i Tin TdrlO Talk Will Ko:n
fy Ba'jBAul. 5e A40f J a '
Intensa Excitement Governor Jcnes
Sent for and the Militia
Ord?red Ojt.
BrjtKDOHAK, Ala . April 29 Botb
Ibo miners and mine operator of this
district are in a state of intense ex
citement tonight. The fo-mer are
atu-ry, tb latter anxtons. Governor
Joiivs In bven tul'graphed for and
will arrive at midnlgat. H will lie
.- br th mir. operators', tt:-s sbriffs
an 1 fficers of the losl military, and a
conference will be held relative to im
mediate scion. The local militia hav
been ordrd to aisiuble at thir re
spective armoria ei-rly tomorrow
morning and to hold themselves iu
rediues to le called out.
T ie Strike situation is abont this:
At P:ton the irn-n t work doelino In
unit. The strikers tliSre threaten that
not a piclt s.all fall In the mines there
tomorrow. Arms and ammunition
bote boon provided by the striker. A
posse of deputies bars ben snt there
by The saer'ift
At Iiln rek the r,pro miners at
w rk sr friiftitened ba lljr, Tne com
pany hiis nt her for ner to bolster
np thir coura.f-. A inriro soMtnbn
iry force is on th t-r n-id It is fsared
that tf -morrow's Darado and demon
stration l-y the strikrs will b n"d to
fire the strikers and incrs their en
thniasm. From Z.W) to B 000 men
wiil ( artic-ipAte In it
Open threats have be- n made by the
iiidiv!dul miners to tar down tii
fckdes and, r.-loase toe noovlrts, and
to barn the commissaries. Witrda a
w.-n all of the gnn stores in this cttv
bars been drained of arms and ammu
nition, snd more have been telegraphed
Tt.r. Hunftr."! tad Mf-.v K.n and Floy.
Out ' f W-.rk
AHt.AM). April 29 Fire brokn out
in th mine of the St. N'ir.holae colliery
of the Kevling Railroad company yus
'Three bondrad and fifty s and
boys will he thrown out of work for
ssrfotnl weeks while it Is living drowned
F,irtioni in Porto gal for members of
tbe Cortes resetted in a fovsTument nut
jortty or sr.
H'iriL'ry will hold an ttposltl'ri in 1
in leorstion of thn milonninl anniversary
of 1 lie establisrnen t of tbs monarchy .
At Antwerp, Mosdarnn Jonlane admits
kIih pOiSOOOd li"r, bfOtbOf and BUI I",
to ohtnln tho iiimiranee on their lives.
An "t inny of the lirs.lllan OT0rnmMt
and the InsUfgOPl QoMrol Martin met at.
Itflonot Ayf as to consider terms of pacs.
A tn hint to the memory of .Ion ny Ltnd
WAS nOVOitsd t. Westminster Abbey by
PriOOOSI Christian, daughter of 'ueen
Vie lor Is.
After a frightfully rough pnOMgO, the
itensnsbtp isritan iiio ronontd ybsos
town. Heavy seen swept the vessel for
two days.
TboOomMM ioarHHstS and authors mo
clamoring mrlno amcellatloo of lbs copy
riifht agri-ement lietwesn Ainenra and
ThaHpnnish Oarlistl DAfS solemnly ds
dared that the I'ope, however mfslllhle hn
rmiy he In matter of rell(ioii, is doottfttdly
laliihioln politics.
Advices from Panama state that nuo' !...r
revolutionary plot has hnen dii" ..yernd.
ArmO hnvo Isien itelzrd and in-.ay persons
thrown into prison.
Mowbray, lbs jondon tonrchlst, is on
his way to this country to ptOAOb anarchy
to tbo Amnlnmntod Tailors of Amorion.
He nui v ho diibarred.
Despite protests of Krench rosidnnts.
ex-United Slates Oinsiil Waller is said to
boTO secured a OOOOSSSion of tho whole
sontbaro part of Madagascar.
The wedding of the Princess Josephine,
daughter of the Count of Inlanders, And
Prince iinrins of Bobansoliarn will bo
celehrated at DriiHsnlH on May 'ii.
The suit of Colonel Lee, the American
Inventor, against llerr von Mannllcher,
i lie inventor of the (hirinan armv rilln, for
infringement, has been dismissed.
Tho HiIUhIi Labor Mtnmission report ad
vises airaiustn general Hystoni ot labor tri
bnnnls, ut'cnn protection of non-uniou
workmen cud the extinction of sweatshops.
' Jtr ' jtm MkJ.M I
The Western Coxeyite Thinks That
Someone Will Be Sacrificed
to the Cause.
CHICAGO, April 89, A special from
Council Blurts, Iowa, says: Oeueral
Keliey and several of his aides made
addresses to their forces last night in
wbic'u it was prophesied that blood
would be slmd before tile array reached
ill d.-stination. Tue army gath-red
aboVai (nerui K 'lley's headquarters at
'J o'cb ck in responbtt to a order.
He mail a wordy nnslauKht on tho
Democratic party. He charged that
party with being directly responsibls
for the present deplorable plight of the
commuuweil industrials, and declared
the Democratic leaders had forfeited
the resp-ct and sympathy of the labor
ing classes.
In conclusion ho sai l - "My comrades,
wo may hav t run Ola before we reach
Washington. S uae of us may nevar
return. It may be yon or it may be
me. and I huve DO dout it will be sune
of us." Bare be paused torn moment
The 9,000 men who surronn led him
become still as death. I ..on he con
tinned: "All revolutions have received
a baptism of blood, and I don't expect
this on will be AO exception to the
rales "
Then, turning to a nnmber of olti
sens who had oome out to bid him
idien, be said: "Friends, you who
have been no ifonsrons both by Word
atfd deed, farewell." As toe tills tin
SMI retired the soldiers sent up cheer
liter cicer nntil tbe demonstration be
! oa rue. aluriit. hysterical in its i-ntliun
I hi Piery Orator Makes Some Sartiine
Mr.M Wii.k Minn, April 22 A
ensntionsl fontnre of President Debs'
sddl M to tlm American It ill way union
moetlon last mgnt nras ins allnob upon
Judge Jenkins, in wlii' h lieaihl:
"Jenkins ia tic- most corrupt scoun drel
that ws over outside of prison
walls lie is n man whose whole Hie,
b th pnbliC an I private, is ro 'oil to the
very core, and I lUMld prepirnl In
prove ii, too Jenkins is n disgrsos lo
tbo bench upon winch bssltsand to the
p.". pie who oiOVntnd him to tho posl
ilon." -a
Congressman J it Brown is orltlenlly m
at ins beymonf (lad i boms
Kx-lovernor .1. W. Thr ck morion, of
Texas, is probably on bis dentb bed.
Burglars looted tbs bank of Monterey,
ind , onrrylng off sevsral thousand dollars.
To enter upon the mayoralty Of ' iiifiit
nati, Congrsesmnu Ualdwell wiil resign ins
Veering be was to lose his pension.
Jefferson Ksrsoy, of Lsybanon, lad., ont ins
in root,
Baltimore etpltnllsts am otganlslng tne
Maryland Trust company, wlih fl.isin.MSi
oepil ni
Tboastntt of Qeosval Bloonm Is worth
nbont9TW,00A OOnSUltlng largely of street
r ml Any stock.
I'or ' I in mm the Now York capitalists
bought the K llokltat ami ' sckiina railroad
In VViishlugton.
Lynchers ended the lives of "oc" lllnh
oil ami Prank Lithatn, boras thieves, st
Woi awnrd) 0. T-
Tim annosl convention of tlm Amsriran
Motaoraloglont soeloty woe opsnod at tbo
Colui..'"su university.
A DOW hank has DSOO OrgAtllgsd at. I Ins
Inn in, N. and will OMH for liiismoss
soon. Tne capital stock Is linn, OiK).
Alabama Presbyterians named a com
mit!.... to coiiferwphslinllarsiain coininlt
leoH to pri'iiiotn mill v In I he church,
Lldildge llerry wsnls Ihn play "llan
nel" slopped in Now York Isicaiisii It sac
reii(ioiiKiy barlssqaos tlm rssnrreotion of
Tbe Brwln Cotton mills at Durham, n.
('., will add tin looms and (l.OlW Hpindlm to
their plant at 0000. A dve hoiiso and ma
chinery will also bn added.
On tbs ffrOOnd Of nelf defense, Kdwani
KudeHiil, tlm A uiei lean Protective Asso
dntion man, Who killed Michel Mornn, wns
ccjttittsd at Lsfoyette, tnd.
ObarlesB. OoOO, Who mice became an
nasiuaut. secretary of the treasury by pro
mutlon, has just rcHlgned an $1,800 clerk
ship which he hold under the quartermas
ter general.
Prospects of a Satisfactory Settle
ment in the Near
TitltSTiiN, X. J, April 22 There is
some probability of tbe long drawn
out pott iry difficulties being settled in
a manner satisfactory to both manu
facturers anil iti the near futore. pos
sibly during this week. Already olio
nf the ireneral ware .lotteries tho
Ktrnrla is working at nearlv its fnll
capacity, and the old Fell & Tbropp
pottery now ongngnd by J. Hart
Brewer, is working a number of hand"
Tha grievance committee of tbe
Potters' National union and John Monen
of the Manufacturer's association hud
a friendly talk during the weak ami
have fixed a time for B farther talk on
the sul j ct of wages this week, when
nn agreement thnt will meet the ap
proval of both sides may l renohed,
The day wage system, it is understood
will ba the basis of the probable settle
luont. Tho new pottery list of priOS
went into effect in all tha general ware
potteries in iho city January 99 "f this
year and during ibeso'18 weeks but
two union men have returned to work
These are two warehouse men who
returned after being mil seven weeks.
Dn paoker refused to quit work nt the
time of tbe reduotlon. Not one of the
general ware makers has returned to
work and not on union clay worker
bus gone In, Titer are, all told, b
tween 8,000 and 4,000 man, women and
boyS lucked out.
The of th. Company Abruptly
Bode t Amsterdam
AMSTETlDAM, N. Y , April 22 The
ssseoa of the Lew Dookstndof minstrel
company, which was to have given
performance hers last night, cams to a
rather abrupt close yesterday after
nOOH. Tho dlffsrenOM which have e
isle I between Mr l.'Ckstador And his
manager Colonel Many T, Clapbam,
culminated in tlm breaking tip of the
'lie company reached tins cilv from
I Syracuse snd made tbtir hsadqoartera
at tbe Warner hOUSO, winch place was
thu scene of many lively dismissions
during tlm remainder Of the day. A
parade was mads at noon, and it was
expected that the ihow wool i he given
but nuitler took a sudden turn, and
the season, wluca would bnVO closed
next Baturday night at. foWAnda, Pa.,
was sndsd here, vVhils th sotnpany's
bnsinses has not boon th best, '
pensea havs been met and the plnyors
will reosive Ihs slnries due them.
OUR M.VjKM) - u .
l-'oii.. n Wrt'ehman to Opnll n Mntu
which Th-v Ransaeh,
rTot.LIDAYMUl R0, I'a.. April 89
Pom masked men broke into Hoes'
general store i Oanistsf last night and
heat tn watchmen luniei Dounelly
into submission and Comp iled him to
open I he safe.
They got away with several hundred
dollars in money ami then bnrglarlied
Ihn PsuntVlVnnls railroad oSoaof con
slderable money and tickets The post
nfllce wan also broken into and robbed
of moiioy, itsmpS and in. ill.
The gtnnmat Enns AgTOUnd In a Heavy
Han PrANOIOOOi April M The
steetnvr Los A.ngelsi boned north from
BU Pedro, went IShore In a heavy fn:
1 si night at Point Bur, Two boats
containing twenty pnsssngers nnd tbo
crow reached shorn safely
Another boat containing four nf the
passengers slid Captain Lsland I
missinu and they aro lUpptaod to have
been drowned.
I'rlncMS Cnlnnua nnd Tier Husband
Have S.ttl-d Thuir DlfAenltiet
San BbAMOIBOO April 'ii. It is re
ported here tonight that a reconciliii
tion has boon effected between i'rinoess
Oolonna and her husband, and thnt the
princes will shortly sail for Europe to
rejoin the prince,
Whites and Negroes of Tallulah
ish Are Huntins; Each
TALLULAH, La., April 99 A race
war la on in this section ot the parish,
and so far one white man and one ne
gro have ben killed, one white man
has been badly beaten and thirteen m-
gro are now in captivity charged
wUh murder. The i-onnlry i leinj
scoured by poOSJO and every effort pos
sible will be made to capture all impii
ated. There are lotween thirty and
furly negro" implicated.
Friday Charles J MsFarland, th
mansger of the Dincv Pl.ic ran by
Thomas J. Ward as leasee, had diffi
culty with a negro tenant on the place,
named Josh Bopkina in which McFar-
laud was beaten, Friday evening a
posse started in pursuit of thi negro,
who fled, They cams to Tallnlah In
their aenrsh end concluded to give np
the attempt and return home.
McFariand etui William Boyca
started ahssd mid when tlier had gone
us fnr as the 1 fancy resilience turned
to cross to Bayou wbenot the bridge
iu Iront of the residence, and as they
were in the net ol Crossing they were
flrvd upon from ambusb and Boyeo was
instantly killed McFariand esosped
unhurt to tlm woods, where he re
mained until today ltovce's body wis
not discovered until daylight The
otimr inemliers of the posio who passed
later on the roud knew nothing of
Boyoe'a assassination Bo soon as tbe
fact wns tiisd" known Sheriff McClel
lull with hl posse went to the
The negroes W re located in the
wools yesterday afternoon about a
quarter of a mile from the scene of the
killing. Tbooherlff, with about fifty
deputies, surrounded the woods and
went Into tbem,oapturlng Harris Will
lams ebon I p. m , atidstsrted him out
Of the woods with one deputy Just as
he gol the edge of the woods three
other deputies rode np ami William
broke AWay from his raptors and ran
I'll deputies tired 00 ti I III an I killed
him. Three more negroes Were cap
lured and lodged in jail.
It. Mnit. nn A.iomli en nn Italian
Woman nt Bull Seed.
An llnlliiii named I'erraro, 'who re
sides at Hull' Head, mads a desperate
attempt ySSterdS) t I outrage an Ital
ian Woman who resides Ill a rod frame
building bloee t the Hull's Head hotel
TbO WOUan'n cries brought help anil
' irrm fld He hni tinoo managed to
elude the police.
A largo fores ol men III begin to build
ths Joanua and Lonca tci railroad Tneo
Uaf ay atts college sonlonwill wear tho
can nnd gown during oomtnonoemotti
IV nek.
A fi-M sr eid child w ho Journeyed alone
front ntambnrg, reached hi father m At
lantown, Pa., aafely,
Actor B. il. Sotbsro, who was itrtoken
with neuralgia of tbs stomsch at Reading,
SpSOl yt sti rilay in bed.
Wading into tin. Schuylkill rivet nt
POttStOWn, Michael laOnflSgMO tiled to
drown himself, but wan resousd bj friends.
QireafUr, the state's sconunting officers
say, only ItlStltUtlOhS whloh are strictly
public charltise will bo axompl from tan-
A steel bur in the hau ls of Mottll LOO, a
Csrnagis smployoat Braddook, onme Iu
oontaot with an rlsotrtc light wire. tee
wan Instantly killed.
Klward Willis and .1 .ill it N'ssh, both
colored, qoarrelad over a game of cards iu
A Camden saloon ye.lcnlay momlngand
Willis shot (fash III the head. lUfllOtlUg a
futiil wound.
William It. Daniels, evgovemor of
Idaho, died Insi evening of llright's dia-
sass, aged M.
Alexander II. Hoover, of BoOVSr1! Iron
works, Norrlstown, died yesterday from
neuralgia of the heart, aged H years. Ho
was a thirty third degree Mason.
Elbert H. Monroe, a member of tho
United State hoard of Indian commis
sioners, dropped (load at his country home
MSOr Tarry town from a stroke of apoplexy.
With Runftwed
An Era ot Uncertainty la Giving; the
Tar. If Reformers Much Uneasiness.
Opponents of the Measure Arc Mov
ing with Modorntion Senator
Gray's Proposed Amendment to the
Rules- Mr Quay's Kindness to
People Wtio Interrupt.
vYaRBIMQTOK, April 22.
OMORROW ushers in tbe fourth
week ot tha debate in ti.e seriate
on tiie pen lin a tariff bill and
witb it come- an era of uncer
tainty that is causing the senators in
charge of the me .snre much OnOASiMSS.
Although tho present amicable arrange
mint under winch to bill is belnr
OOOoidered in general debate from
1 o'clock to 5 in the afternoon
is to end with the speech of Mr.
Mill, of Tens, on Tuesday next, tbs
lJvmnerata know that general debate
will not end nt that time and that al
tbongh 08 the day following, the bill
will be toohr.ieally up for SOnsldtrs
tien by pargrap! s. trie h'ui of debate
will bs broadsned and tne opp .rtar.ity
tor the oonsumptloo of lime will b
enhanced. It is the imp istibili ty of
foreseeing just where this discussion
will lead that is esniing tn manag.ri
of the bill much worry.
The attitnd of lbs Republicans dar
ing ti e past week has not been SB
conraging, for it has made cossp cirom
the fact that th minority considers
uny Mesne justifiable to prevent fi ial
action on tn tariff measure Mr Quay
st rted in with a speech tbst was iu ;de
Up largely of c-nsu. statistic devoted
to tiie iron anl allinl industries
of his state and when Saturday night
came Mr. Quny had not finished
telling the s-uat Low Uojust the
pending bill would be to tim indns
tries of Penneylvania. tor bat he
csssel to (juote from his formidable
and apparently inexhaustible supply of
figures A- the earns tin:. Mr. Qoay
was very eccpmmodetiug and sr-cr-fully
yielded to any sen it ore w-,o
wanted to mske a speech, and he veu
went so far as to permit any one to la
st rt in the body of his speech such "re
marks" as tie- Interrupting members
saw fit to make.
gntATOUAx comer.
Meanwhile Mr. yiy yielded to llr.
Dolph. nnd that senator started in with
a speech which, in its incomplete
hap.', wenl I till raunv solumni of the
Rrc rd. but ii"V rtl eies is said to be
only just began. Mr. Dolph himeoll
KSiUt-d the senate yesterday afternoon
that he would submit the rem .iuder of
l is remarks m serial form wr-ecever
the senste w.iul.l hear them, He also,
not to be outdone in senatorial n ortosy,
yielded to interruptions and poraittsid
others to make speeches in his lime.
The condition that now OOn fronts
the senate is on where two senators
have the floor and ar yielding to sue:,
of their OolleagUSS as are rea.iy to go
00 with the debate, the two senators
rfrre.l to holding thsmsslves ready
to tsks up the discussion at any mo
ment and resume their "remarks." The
preeent tariff situation in the senate
r ill to mind the mtr.y long speeches
m id" UUHag tn silver h;hL
rbat tbo Democrats apprectnta wkal
is brewing ii manifeet from the am ud
ment to tbe rales by Mr. Gray, ot
swarc, Friday, which provide! that
"no senator shall read a speech, nor
shall he read from anv book or paper
i'i ! I it may be to quotean authority
or Illustrate a point or argument whloh
he is making, without unanimous con
sent." This wis aimed at Mr. Quay's
census bourse, and the HUmorOU cits
lions found in Mr Dolph'a speech from
the messages of Preetdent Harrison.
nnd at such future rJUOtatioOS tn es-
t..iis of which Rspub leu senators are
believed to have In store.
WILL follow rittPKCKssona.
The 1! 'publicans, how. ver. ere not
(earful o( Mr. Qrays proposed amend
ment to the rule. Ii has goao to the
bnriiil ground of nitiumerat'le iinnd
llienls that h ave preceded it :ho com
lUittOO On rules it will proN
ably slumber until the next reOOOS of
I ked at from almost any point of
view, the week that the senate enters
upon tomorrow is likely to l one of
nil USUal Intel est, us tha course of df
I ile may at all) moment force, th of tho larlfl bill to attempt to
lighten their lines or may compel
Its Opponents to openly show that
their policy ti on of illitnltabl i delay.
Every vote taken on any and all amend
mnts Will be by yeas mid nays. Tip.
Republicans' have sufficient numbers to
demand this and have declared their
Intontion Of putting every man on rec
old on every point.
A lull ia I'e'oie eoiicic.s to pay ,1. ,,uiis
Legate, of i iiiuiha, flu. IP-' for securing the
sin lender ol Sittinr, Hull,
Tbeerroi In th Dsbrmg s.a legislation
Is now blamed on tbo priatar, ami a lull
will bo pnv.i d to snhstltutii "Inclusive"
for ''exclusive,"
Ocngressmaa HtraUSS wauls all applica
tions for giivernraent offlce to ba made In
willing, so ns to lehevo over-buttonholed
members of congress,
Society is agog over the drowning by
Unknown occupants of a stylish covered
carriage. At midnight the other night, of
twenty-lour hour-old twin babies.
The nomination "f Charles B, .l Taylosi
Colored, of Kansas, to lie unorder of
deeds Tor Iho District ol Columbia has been
reportsdadVorsly by this District oom-
WASHISOTOK, April 22. f'orc-
ts for tfoadaiK For tatUm
I lOllls'liJi-.i,,,,. ci.l;i;,,. ,.r. fnr.
proolsor RgAtloool tAotosrs, but
tKtlttOtktr Id ill be fair iiinnc;
BfSf portion afrik dun' eaMttiMai.
I lie gf"
crly v intls, slivhtljVOulcr in (lie inferior.
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