The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, April 21, 1894, Page 8, Image 8

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The poetry of flrnn
'I !u oaee prerogative of royalty ami
Tli" sign of aristocracy
Hll oflat ' Steamed s tmany beauti
ful forms Unit
For nil trimming tuot dii mmoq(
5 p i:is, Feb, r.. U. 5
h 1 The rag for Lacus continuoa ': .1 I
S obarlty baser n. Mat tho Ulaisl ire del 2
H 'lotertenr la1 week, where eree to be 2
j tcSn all the Pini PttUH 'f the Par
w Itlsu world of Fashion, nearly all the
S teei were well oovered wltu I ... S
2 DM I 00 D 1 ONOMIM 5
What Porta We.irs, Wc Show
Point du Venise Tlio rtal articl lu-
IritfOtely muzv us the enchanting
cauiUof Veiitoe itself and iv(ie,l
f torn old, rtoh prieeleai pattarni son
on exhibition In f -rtrtx art KaHerie.
11 to l luetics wide; solid and not
top-- for yokes, rnfflea, fortheowell
do Joioville bowe, tc, etc. Inser
tion also.
Point d trot and Pare silk nnd very,
nua and rtoh, cream, 3 to 10 niches
vrlde, and in insertions.
Silk Guipure Xt top, i!si.:ri -.fter Svtuish lac, oj to t) incnes,
Point tic M-irgot Lace -PenoDa, other
th in ol roy . hlood, eanght wearing
iheso lice in Queii Elisabeth! tiui"
w. r puKtcy .. bip-.vd tli-refore. No
wvu ler royalty clained it for its
OtU. Upon uet and profusely and
rietilv OOVerod -1 And 1' niches wide.
Ioatrtioni alto o same.
Point Flanders A dream ia pnro
Whtteillk; mediant widths, for mil
linery and druses.
L'Anduleux Lace, or Sepentine Law,
to te platted In foHs, toen you have
the lateet modernity
Flemish Lace 1 patterns made as far
t' uk the 13th ceutnrv Von set-
i i-. . . . , j
.ircnu.r iui jh, vv rai'S ana orMm
Btaak,oldiToryaod white; all widt, s
oli I a id u-t I:isertio:ii of satu. I
Chantilly Tnlle with light lucre I
beoaty, Black and whit and ereatu .
all vridtha,
Spanish V,ilnc', grjipnrA tor- i
vhon and all the other tracer! 00 from '
PUcea a i St, OalL
His'.Iira Co-reipondsn'.'s Tally R-s-icj"
of E7tnti.
f frini to Me Scraitton Tn"tr.
PSKTtBTftO, Ps , April 20. John
Turner, a highly respecied yonng mm
of this town, an l Mbel Italloo, an
fl'eeraed la y of Hyde Prlr. wr
rr.iterl in the bonds of wedlock on
H".dnday, Ft t, H. Hijinson
rffieiatinn. The bri 1 was attande-1 by
Jlias Gwynne Lloyd, and Thomu
Tnrnr did honors for tbo arooni.
After the ceremony a snmpnoua re
put was serve 1, 1 1 w iish a'int fifty
Invited gnalta lone jutic The hnwf
coodU will citum'tir? honnikeepint;
on Main street.
B'.wirl Erans and 0 car Wooticott,
of Dickson, made a trip to Scranton
the other nitt'.t
Mrs. vTIIumi Rome, who h boon
on a aix months' visit to Wales, her
na'ive h'me, ha retn-nd tothisp'T-e
Y.t. ar.d Mr Fsa ir Divis, of f f ill
snl nv r.n, nre Tisittntf friends in
Hyde Park
Mrs a. L Lloyd, of Dtokton flif.
who has neen seriously ill for aoms
time, .-Ms atmoot rcov-red
EVraoiiali and other nwi items, may
be left at Bqoin Logan'i off! They
rrill reo :v- prompt IttOntiOQ
V, L Blair, Alderman, :,th ward. Seran
ton, Pa., sta etl Nov. 0, US; fn had used
Dr. Tbonias EcIeetrir. () I for sprains, bnrns,
enta, bruises and rheurnatisin. t ;re.
evry time
I "' 0
Sprln'!ma n4 Nws V.'alfs fr'.rn a
Pleassnt Pa bar baa Town
Tfial loth fmnt'tn Trih-tuM.
IfOOtKj, Pa., April 20 Tlia 20
monthi old dangbtarof Mr and Mn.
.I'nph Widdall wis bflriod yeatnrday
nftertioon She was sink a fiw days
with the morales.
The Methodist BptlOppal Cottage
prayer meeting will be held Monday
evening at Charles Snyder'a.
Mis farm Eksbarbltn bus rotarnod
home after apondlqg some weeks with
Mill f.'lty and Tookbannook friends
Mrs. Vandanborg rill tad ner dangb
ier, Mrs Robor I J;urns, of QftOB
Ridge, yesterday.
Tb Lsdlea' Aid sofiety cloar- d over
1 8fK) at thjir 'eoent supper.
I!au DlUTRAOg eancs murh sicknes",
and had blood and impropOl BOtlon of the
liver and kidneys is bad dratnagO to the
li'irnan system, which Bfirdoci Blood
Intters remedy.
The hiK';,i' bargglfl yet thoso
magniflconl Multichromcs.
g voi'ii of IheM COCPOTfS, pre- 3
Jg nrnti-d at Tho Tribune OfllOVf oor S
nir rnn iivi'Tint nnd Bprnoa itranft.
g otltltM the holder to All the priv-
!"F;' t Mio mi put :i 1 1 ')( I onAN
for il UtrllniMiif4 ptpiihkr DOOkl
2 eMnong on? reedorv. 'i lie oflTen inMde -
3 y The Trlhuue rfina-iuiit r Jjj
nl u follnmi:
S "
S 15 FNTS niHl Tour f'onponH for la
j; any vbfnme lw the ColuiabiM s-
rles. Over i titles to Bel-eel from. IS
SO CKNTN nnd Peilff f'oiipotiN for S
nnv book in tho Unirbv Snrles.
M M N'i s :nHi Four fmipotm lor 5
im nnv book In tb Oxlord HeriM,
HA! LT.TEflr) ITflVIS.
Amos Bunn-ll's Pllji imao--0:her Per
sonal Notes of Interest.
Fvrntii ia th,i Sareatea TWtiuns.
1Tai,i.sti:ai). IV. April 80. Hrt
K no Dayton h returned homo from
Washington, I). 0., whttra alio has been
ponding tho winter.
Mrs. John Crook was in BloghamtOU
Mrs. (' H Butt, of Binghntnton. is
rill ting friends and relatives in town.
J.-s-o Nloholi ima rotnrned home
fruin visiting friends in NiuholHon.
Nliio pagan, of Branton, hut ro
turned liome from n pltaiant viait with
friends in town.
Mi-e Lillie Lowli, of ScrantoD, who
hai been Tisltiii Mrs. J, J, Compton,
hai rotnrnod home.
Mis Daisj Thomaa, of Franklin, ia
rlliting friends in town
N. 0, Mujor hiia rented the Major
Hons,' to K Bowdtih, of rllngaton, hi .
who will t.iko poiaiaiion of tho latno
at enco.
.lone Younu, of Milanville, who has
boon vialtlng at tin rofldonoi of sid
II y Doonll, hrtl returned home.
Mrn. B Hiyvs, of Blnghatntoo,
hss rotnrned homo from Till ting friondi
in town
Mr-, s. B Wllmot, who hna been
rltiting frieudu in Kirkwood, has re
Inrnod home
Mm k p istirton was in Bingham
ton jreiterday,
Mary Scotten u viiltlng friondi In
Capt Baoho and family, who hara
spent the winter in Washington, IV
('., hare returned to this place.
Mrs. BngOM Wiltnot has returned
home from Vlliting (ridiid in Hon
Mrs. I'd Nichols visited Hin'hum
Ion friends today,
Bva S.i;e is visitiii); friends in Nidi
Mis Urae. Shim, of this place, is
viilting frlendi In Buffalo, N. V.
R . U W. Cbnroh ha rotnrnod
homo from attonding presbytery In
i BDanaunooK
Mr. Jumea Moratt, of K!mir.i, is
Ttiiting friondi in town.
Chariot 1'iint of Iowa. a. fortur resi
dent of thi place, ii Tisltm) old
friends in town.
Colonol 8uorir ii in Scranton today
on business.
Amoa Bnnnell of Birohardvillo, this
county, ;.d 00, i making his Hml
Hiit;ii il purimi;e to visit hie Forest
L ike frtemU He nukes the journey
ou tool,
R N, Ive of lhnghnmton w.n In
town tod iy.
Frauk Lawronoo and L 11. Donclais
w. re In BinghamtOO On Wednesday
Mrs Richard Barnnm ami ou El
ward have returned froui riattlng
friends in 5?rantoa.
Specimen Cases
S. IT. Clifford, Now OaastL Wis., wa
troubled with ueurnlcia and rbeuoiatisiu,
h.s Itomaoh was disordered, his liver was
af!'ociel to au alarming decree, appetite
frli away, and he was terribly reduced m
tlesh nnd strength. Three bottles of Elec
tric Bitt-rs curl him.
Edward Shepherd, Uarrisburj, III., had
a running sore on his leg of einbt yeais'
standing. Used thrre buttles of Electric
Bitten and stven b-ixes of Bucklen's
Arnica Salve and his le is sound and
well. John Speaker, Catawba, 0., had
t'.ve larce fever sc-s on his leg, doctors
said he Wfi Incurable. One bottle Electric
Bitters and one box Bucklen's Arnica enred him entirely. Sold by Mat
thews Broe,
Pionssr Ctt7 Fictu'ed f jr Hurried Peru
sal by a Live Corrsipondsnt
fiptriril to the .Srroaf'ia Triftua.
CAKB05DALA Pa, April 20 Last
sight at 10 o'elook Mrs Patrick K-lly
lied at the honv of her daughter, Mrs.
1'itrick F.amery, of Powdtrly road.
Deoaaaod wis a reudent of Scranton
until about four years a'O, when, npon
tbo i-ithofher hnaband, aha tok up
hr resi.ince in this e;-
Mr. Frank nnd Fred Colwall hive
r-turned from a we-k's visit in Jersey
City, where they Went to use their
brotbor, Bart, who his foot taker
off a few weks ago
Miss Merretta Donovan, of Sal'tn
ratine, ia spending a few days in
Thi evening noenrr'' ! th grand hill
o' the teison. It was that of the Cot
t ire Hose r. impany in K -yton hull.
William vVo'Oott In rftorned homo
from a Till! w;th hii daughter, Mrs
W P. Kvans, of CI icago.
The marriage of Michael lioland nnd
M'e'i Lotilta VVhitney occurred last
nigbt at Trinity reetory. it -v. B J.
Daisley i Dciated,
Tomorrow iSitnrd iy morning (here
will be a onion inatitnta of th" taaob
re of Carbondadjl City ami F-ll and
Carbondalo townahip Tne meating
will he bald tn th high school build
ing. Th-i programme xrrangod for the
oooaaion u m follows:
Hinging. Institute
Paper, "Pbystology" Mis Ifnllady
IMscnssl n
B sae, harsrti r" Mis Ella kfaloni
Singing Eighth grade Iniys
Paper, 1 Moatal ArittaMlk?,aJnnot Brydrn
Paper Mis Ratio fJetblni
Violin soifi Miss Mary htliwell
Paper, ' Heading" htaybert Banter
Debate, "BoofnorNo Iteeaea.
Aftirrnntive M;s Kellv, Mr. Serrity.
.',' gutlve Mr. Oiiiinirlin, Misa E. Iavia.
Jollne Btepbeooon, of vVaymart,
calb-d on fri-ndi in tins city this after
Saturday afternoon the Indies' anx
iliary of the Young Men's Christian M
wciatioti wui miet in tbo parlon at 4
Next week William I'.reese will p
moTa his household iffeOtl from his
present residing place over Mohr's ihM
store on Salem avenue tn the Didy.ird
block on Llueidn avennn.
An infant sou, but one day old. of
Mr. and Mrs. James Martin, of 1'ilte
ctreet, died today.
Psrtlnant Parser apbl Concerning a I.lvs
Town and Its Teople.
fptcUxt to iht eweefon IHrbaaa
A vi H a. Pa.) April SO Mr. and Mrs.
.Tosep n Wid II mourns the loss of their
12 month old child that died on
Thursday of bronohitli. Pnneral this
af term. 00
The lunernl of Mr. Mnrfin Curley
took place this itfternoon from ber lute
homo on Main itreet, Tbo remaini
were ronvcyed to St Mary's Catholic
Ilurcl irn entered the bnrber shop of
John Bnokley on Muiu street lastevou
ing but did not aeciire any money.
John Qlbbone, of ProvnUnce, 1
.upending a few dnye with Ilia parents
00 Main street.
The fnnenil of Mrs. Filtery took
place on Weilnesday morning. A high
mail of requiem wai celebrnted In St.
Mary's church by lt-iv. J. .1, McCube.
Interment in Catholic cemetery.
Miss lliidget Coleman, of New York,
is visitiug her mother of the North
The handsomo now dwelling of
Michael Cannon, of South Main itreet,
ia Hearing uomptntion.
Tho examination in physiology In
No. 1 school room wan decided. A gold
modal, firet prize, was awarded to Liis-
ileQreen;a rinu, lecood priz-, was
awarded to Bra Oamobell.
Cirpenters lire busy at work on the
house of Leon Sobrager, of Main street
Meny Littls Lnosl Cuncsrnlnir Men of
the Present Age.
PgCKVUXI, Pi., April 8ft Mrs. Wil
lard Henry and two children formerly
residents of this place but now of Chi
cago, are visiting her parenta, Mr and
Mrs. D. P. Taylor,
Miss E, E Loach of l'rovidenco was
n euiler In town yesterday,
Mr. and Mm. M. C Bhonk of Ply.
mouth, are visiting the latter sister,
Mrs. Henry Chapman, of Main street.
The Consumers Powder company
and the Bine Ridge Coal company paid
their employes yesterday.
The Ladies' Aid society of the Kap
tiat a 1 1 1 1 r i-1 1 will hold the Bret ico-crenm
octal ef the MMIOO ut the Bltptllt par
Hinuign in xi Monday evening
,i. (i. Btdl has nnrobaied three bond
ing lot! on llirkory t rit of ,1 W.
Peck, and expects to sooner erect a
tenement honielOO them.
William Rooke, nf Qrauy itreet, has
boaitlifl d Ins house With a now coat of
Mrs. Mindy Dowerlok, of Boranton,
i calling on her many friondi hern
Tne work ot moving the Mlthodlll
Epiioopal ohnroh baeh upon the new
fonndationi i progreiiing latiifaotur
ily. It will require another day to
place il where ii will permanently re
main. Diving to the removal of the
ohnroh Rer, Doty, will preaob in the
tj a K ball to-morrow morning and
Rev, John Davy called on friends in
Peckvtlle on Thnriday, tie will preach
at Olypbint In Bdward'i ball Sunday,
at ID 80 a m
Now thst tho building committee
h are idvertiied for proposals to build
the new Metbodllt onurob, It is hoped
that some enterprising partv, or parties,
residing here may get In the
bid, and loieourethc woik for men
who resi le In the town.
Mrs. Cunningham ha taken ground
for her new residence (in Main etrct
illiard Frear's new house i Hear
ing completion.
News ef the Day Oomptltd by a Con
sclsnitous R'pirtrr.
gjteeifll fe the Seraafea IWdaae,
PoRKST CtTT, Pa.. April 2d Mrs T.
B Crawford, of Jurmyii, spent today
at the home of her parents. Professor
and Mrs. Y. C. Trim, on Main street
Many partlee go daily from this
pinch In lenreh of the fr agrant trailing
arbutus ami alto ia (earth of the
sp 'dtled beauties, ret timing Inter on
with a few ''ipeeki" in the bottom of
their baskets.
F. W. Miller, of Wilkes-B irre. ws
i n this place on business today.
Bmqnehena'e connty sheriff. E. A,
Leonard, of Montrose, was in town yes
terday. Couueiltnan William W.ttta and wife
are rusticating fjr a few days In Wayne
Muslims culled B D Caryl, of Scran
ton. to this borough io-dy.
Dr. D Dwyer, of Carbon dale, paid
one of his regular visit to Forest city
C irdeni are being plowed
Enterprise Hose company members
were drilled Dat evening in Maxey'e
hall by C. S. Alexaud-r. who is an
adept at that work. The members nre
doing excellent fot beginners, and will
make a good showing in their parade ou
Decoration day.
Kaggis McCae Indulge In a Large Doss
of Laudanum.
Opteal in the gsroafoa IWtama
OLYPBART, April SO Maggie Mc
Cne, daughter of Joseph McCue, who
resides with her sister, Mrs. (leorge
Pieket. took landannm (olar with
suicidal intent. Dr. Van Sickle was
called and administered restoratives,
at pcesent writing ber recovery is
hoped for.
No cause is known for the rash act.
St Alr.ysiiu' Fair 0 h-r News of 0n-
ral Intsrsit.
.(rre- tit the 'rritntmi Tribune.
Jr.iiMVN. Pa. April 80. Miss
Whe,.r is visiting her uncle, A. J.
Wheeler, ol ThompklniTilla
Thomas Walkley, Calvin Vil and F
s. Friend spent Sunday in 8naquo
h an n a.
Siriiilly and H i inci illy the "lemon
p irty" under the nnipioeoof tho Bp
worth Liagne wai success.
Tne programme for Friday evening
at St. Aloyiloi' fair was well rendered,
Among tboaepreoanl were Miss Qulno,
Of Mayfield, who delivered a lenita
tion the Misses Roche and Collins iii
a duet Tbe CtHssnV baud wai also
present n t rendf' d several ! 'e'llons
A limited number of i he Bbo o
IihiiiIh nro for gale iii par and ao
orned Interesl by the following
parties frorn whom ooplei of tho
mortgage and lull Information run
be M;ii I:
B.W. Mulligan, Oasbier Second
Matlonal Bank, Wilkes Barre, Pa.
W. Ly.Wutaon, Gabbier Pirst Na
tional Bank, Pittgton, Pa,
J, L. I'oloi), Cnsliict I'coplc's
Savings Bauk, Pittaton, Pa,
A. A..Bryden,Presldenl Miners'
Savings Bank, Pittston, Pa,
Ami by the Boranton Savings
Bank and Tsdst Company, Trustee
ander the Mortgage,
T. H, Atherton, Conosel,
The door nr 1 7: for the evening is H
gnt'e toilet i' en. St. L )' battalion
of Scranton will attend iu full uniform
this eveiiinir, and no doubt many uf
yonng Indies will be present to greet
Crisp News Paragraph ' Onllsd in a Live
.S'i'ecui jp the ScrQHtOH Tuhune.
OLVPUAMT, Pa., Atirtl 80. B, Ii.
Bonier and family, of Scranton, called
on friends in town today.
Bartly Lully died at his home on
Lsukiiwaiiuu street this evening at (i 'M)
o'clock, after 11 lingering illness ol
several weeks. Deceased was born In
tiio Connty Mayo, Ireland, and lived In
Olyphiuit thirty yn.irs ago audghll
since lived ill Avoea and other pllO'l,
Two year ago be returned to Oiy
pliant, where be bill aince rilldld,
DlOiail I was 70 year of ugl and is
survived by a wil'n ami nine children
lie w ui bo buried from bit lute nil
deuce Monday morning, Interment in
st. Patrlok'i imetery.
The long looked for. nine , talked of
entertainment to be given for the beu
etlt of the Y n m Men's Liteiary null
Debaling soeivty will t ike plact Mon
day evening
Klai Edith Mason, of Liokawannn
itreet, visited her liiter, Mn Ling
srker, iu Scranton yeiterday,
' e
Our Own Oorrstpindent's Vlswe of the
9 Dad j I Ituai 1 a,
AeecfeJ (e the Scranton fWhuaa
BONBSDALB, Pa , April 20 While
loading In tUUer at the upper Delaware
and Hudson d-'pot this afternoon the
large gray 1111:1 ot L E, Bnunoll be
same Frightened at the noise of a loco
motive and dashed down the short bill Durliind St Tbompion'i ihoe fun-
lory and ran iolo tho iron picket lance
inrronndinu the National bank. The
railing was badly imalbld, but the
horse wsrt apparently uulnjured,
A number of large brook trout were
exhibited in tho windows of Bennett's
attraction store last evening. The liih
were caught by W E Beunett and N.
E Blgelow, The lnr:;est one, weighing
one and one-half poundi, was the re
sult of Blgelow'e expert angling
Celsbrates Her 105th Birthday In Frs
sue of 142 Urent-Orai dchlldren.
Woodbury, n. j , April 80. A large
number of relativei and frlendi ol Mrs,
Hannah Chard, who restdts witn her
sou at Kerrell, QloncOSter county, cel
ebrated hot Moth birthday today.
Mrs. ( hard was horn In Chester, Pa.,
audi probably the oldest worn in ill
New Jersey. She married Ml the age
of 22, nnd her husband died twelve
years ago She II the mother of twelve
children, four of whom are living. She
Iih forty-eight grandchildren and 148
Her health is good, and lier sight
and hearing are perfect.
Nervous Headaches
Dyspepsia, Impure Blood
A Perfect Cure by Hood's Sarsn
parilla. IK wtbtttcv Balcor
Votk, Pa,
" i jv i son iiiy reoominend Rood's BarnparPJs
to my frlendi and others, wbenever I have an
opportunity, and I mn wilting that this state
ment ho used for publication. This medicine
has been el meat benefit to roe. I ban hern
itificilug more oi less -villi dyipepsbi and tier-
Hood's'js Cures
'.mis hoadachfl fol several years. Aftir nilhg
other preparaUoni wtthout sue. ess, i eoiwliided
to try llood'i Siraipartna. I am pleated to iaj
that I have been benefited more by the um f
ii r i Banaparula than by
All Other Medicines Combined,
intact, I bare been cured by Rood'i Bariane
iit:s. I alio find llood'i riiis very beMlobU,M
il Wboitki Raxi R,ns, PennSL, York, pn,
Hoorfo Pills ire puretj vegetable, and do
ut parte, pain or gripe. Sold by ail dntcgtiti.
e have the hand
somesl line 1 Parlor
and I )rawinc Room
ever shown in this
state and we would
like you to see it
Mill 6c
Washington Ave.
I Ml 1 'BO status ANl HkXtCa
i ivk NCMBHB1 on THE ooun
ti;k. ticn 0BMTS and nk
couroN roil any mjmiikr
The most Effective Skin
Purifying Jind lieautifyinff
Soap in the World.
The Purest, Sweetest, and
Mo'it Refreshing for Toilet
Hath and Nursery.
For Pimples, Blackheads
Red, Rough, Oily Skin
and Baby Blemishes
For Red, Rough Hands, with
Shapeless Nails and
Painful Pinger Ends,
For Irritations f the Scalp
with Dry.Thln, and Palling
iiair it is wonderful.
Sale greater than the
Com hi ned Sales of
all other Skin Soaps.
Bold UtroueboetUie world, Pries, ttv. l-ierrrn
Daue sen use, one., Suls Props,, Bostoe,
ee " All Aboettbi i Skin, Hi sip, sod nir," fr.
Rip. Kidhi-y, ftOtj DttrlM pfllDI itfui
w hi iiwwi t n iii v'i in ona nilnuli
hvUn l.'dlirtirM Itilt-FMln l'lMtr.
mm Bnt Md only j . i , ,t,s pltittf.
Dr. E). Grewer
lh Pblladelpbla Fpadilist,
Ami his .Mcs-tato,! ,tult ut Knell-h and Oer-
nun, rsveieiana,are now parnuuMotli iocui
Temple Court Building
at t SPRUCE st.
wter in.,, Um i consalted DAILt and
i ne portor is s rrsdoate ot the rr.lrersitv
ci i , niisy 1 vsnia, formerly d monstrator ot
pnyroroogv and nrgery at the si.siicocoir
ergloal L'dk'ge, of Pbiladeli.hla He Ls also
S' bpnorary i .-nils r of ttie Medico ( hirur
fical Aaseciatlon. siei was pliv-trtan nd
ungecaidn chief of the nwsit notAl American
sn.l (1, rrasn lios,itnls. romes hiehly indorsed
K-w Y'rk '"0,' "rHor PbfladalplUaanl
Il many rears o: hnstittat ri.-rlenee en
shies this eminent physician slid surgeon to
correctly diagnose and treat all del . rm t ss
sn.i dlsi-sses with the newt Mattering success.
Slid lii huh standing in the state will uet
n him n accept nv Inenrsbl eaaa
1 os k s in, ,n, id , ,ii i
11 you hsve isen Biven ur ev vour t'hyl
elenosll upon the doctor and 'he examined.
lie cures tin. eroret osaosot NerveaeOeblllty,
frreliihi. old Sire atarrh, I ilet. Keroal
.nn.'s. AffeetinM ef the fesr. Dve N iss
sinl I l r..s' Atii:i'v. Ie.sf:.s T-iiuera 'an
eei atul CHtilee of every deoorlpttoe Ooq
snltstioQ la Knslisb sod ilannea Kree, which
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Pun, In,, !l it.,,,, in I ,, in.
Third National
Ermk of Scranton.
Statement Feb SS . 1104, salted For bj
the Ceeaptrellet el the nrreaej
I1K801 Hi I I
' onus Ol.etC.IIO 00
Overdrafts I47.;i-
Ultlted --talcs lt mis 10,000,00
Othet lion. is S18.ATO.7A
llonblag House
Premlatns out'. R Reside... . ea ta
tlus from t I rreasnrei T.A0O.O0
live from Hunks roe, 41117a
disk 1 40,040.51
l,sos,sso, no
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Cenltnl a joo 000 on
Inrnlns MojNNioo
Undivided I'mflts 00100.00
rirealatlnn 71,00c 00
ptvldenOs Dapald SSI. 50
Deposit.' 1,804,000 A4
Dae i" Hunks 00,800 .-
WILT.t AM rONWKt.l, President
.i i) 11 1 1 1 is. Vl ,' President
w 11 1 1 vi 11 PKt'K, 4 ashlei
linn 1 ions
tVlltlem 1 ennell, Genres 11. CetlliL
Alfred Mend .lames Arenbeld, Henri
Helln, ,r., Willi 1111 T. Smith, lulhar
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HpCtttftl Hltt iiHcn ntvt'it to bttttBMNI HO
0fJllUll lti( ti Hl ( Hilt oil (Into llpOltli
We've oloild OBt credit lioiiks
We buy for Cllb, will yowl
If yon do wo can save yon 80 per
llriint it, and We'll prove onr ns -sort
Inn aa to saving.
We believi a tdrd in hand is
worth two In the bush, there
fore we prefer cash to credit
in business and can easily nITord
to do just what we say.
The low prices nnd tho now sys
tem po Into effect, Saturday,
April St, 1804
r rTB' '.aK-0t."aT
jig e".vjk.-
C. W. Freeman
Pl nn Ave. and Spruce St
M ,
EverythingFOR Everybody
The Fair
400-402 Lacka. Ave.
"Always the Cheapest''
Dry Goods, Ladies' and
Gents' Furnishing Goods,
Not ions, J'ancy Goods, -Infants
Wear, Cloaks,
Curtains, Boys' Clothing,
Poots and Shoes, etc.
Commencing Monday, April 16,
we will place on sale Special Bar
gains in Every Department.
ASI New Goods
$1.40 EACH.
The greatest bargain in
Brass (Onyx Top)
406 and 408 Lackawanna Ave.
Just lo Give Hie
A DETAILED price list of ourinv
mense stock of Furniture, Car
pets, Baby Carriages, Refriger
ators, Mattings, Stoves. Crockery.
vS.i-.. would crowd everything out of
this paper.
Ami wc have too much respect for
eilitori.ils to do anything like that;
besides, of what use when all can be
told in a single line.
The Lowest Prices in N. E.
Cash or Credit
With every purchase of $50 or over
wc present an American Onyx Fin
ished Cathedral Strike Clock.
With $75 or over, a 100-piece Din
ner set
i 1
the market. A few of I ae
Tables left at $6.00.
Editors a Chance