The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, April 21, 1894, Page 7, Image 7

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y?elinvo rando uo note of tyroe, A
yosrof war seems to fly wore swiftly
by than a month of peace. Tho initiates
or war arc made ap of it dead, Itahonrs
bfbarjgla, its days of battles, its weeks
of campaigns which move a tuition, it
months of black flgnres relating the
number of ttiduws an I orphans and tho
tof of millions ol dollars expended, its
years t( despaii and desolation crying
to tu ra en.
Winter bad-fallen npon mountain u I
valley, oponth i blackened rains ol i ace
happy hornet, npon blood snot and bttri
al ground. While things bad gone vary
quietly :;t Beet Bnren they bad uol
gone welli Now and th a : i! tachment
many of the inhabitants bad fled away.
i i
Wiping that she woe! I - ni ad that
slu' con
On i
1 want
thnt it
nut it
f rum ii' r
"Only rnmorid. bnt'
''Dot you believe ta- rnmot will be
"I ninitt say that f do. Mr. Kanton
wa-( I believe, ;fri' ad of y-nr". nnd of
f:onr..e the n'r.vM , Ids death will b k
and grieve you. He and l would .-.Ih-j
have Is'fri friend but fur hi. to ray tie
b iiht, disloyal condn' t toward tbt cautt
ho for witiio reason best known to him
self sspows 5."
''Captain Wyk. you WTOOg bfnji liv
ing or dend;'' ( xrliiimod Marian its sli"
braced benwli a;-,iin-t. the ihock i
by report of the rumors, "lb in
becanse be was imbued with the l tme
feeling 1 hope yon w n n f ling that
ho owed allegiaiKo to Virginia lir. I of
'He lia.s acini vory strangely for a
Virginia patriot, i mutt deolare" said
to" captain.
"How Ktrnngoly?" she demanded at
tlin color began to return to her checks
and her tySl to fTai b,
"Every one in my company firmly
believes ho joined nit that tho Yankees
Bii;.;iit huvu n tpy within our lints."
"And who made them believe if .
Royal Kenton has pi riled hit Ufa in tlw
canto dftenei ,Miin tny man In your
company or regiment! Tell mo of ,,no
Krbgle instanco where an hone 1. un
biased man could have questioned bit
"Why was be left bohind, detailed
to gnard stores, and thnt at Qenerai
Jookson's snggettlon?" asked tho cap
tain. j "Yon am already possessed of that
knowledget" sho scathingly replied.
'There bss been a coMplnoy against
liim frotttrlho very outset, and it in not
the fault of tho conspirators that be Was
iot otsassioated befoiv a battle had bee .
"Private K aton, If alive, i it n 1 1 1 reel
grateful for such championshipl
"It is lay doty to champion biml 1
am 1 1 i -i promised witV!"
While Captain, Wyle fell pretty cat
lain that tbore was inort than friendship
between (hem be had hoped iiiui things
had mi gone that far. As she stood be
faro him and looked into biseyea and
spoke tho words wblob wade lits heart
fall like lead he was dnmb fornme
tni : !. Hi v (ace wat pi and hard, and
bo real!) ed that liis fate nealed lor
ever. i'hi re was bat one thing for bun
to do, and be tiiil it. Thongh rage tad
despair filled in heart, he did apt forget
lb fact that lu was u born southerner.
I: required all bis nerve to take hit
I ava gracefully, Imt !ii accomplished
the Feat, tad it was only when be wan
In the saddle that oari st pasted lii:i lips
and bia amiles were replaced by wicked
"Soathern chivalry." bat been held np
to ridicule and scorn, but only by the
ignorant or by those who had a purpose
to accomplish, Chivalry wat born in
tjv bean ol the I ruosouthenter; n came
down to biru legitimately in the blood.
Now and iii "a be may forget binuell in
tbe pretence ol a man. but uever in the
prest uce of a woman,
Had ill ! ofn well at Resfflaveo, Ma
rl in ' rry would have giveaway to her
grief and monrm I a women do. Bat
U, , , . . condition was still regard
ed a- dangerous, and the moil not ev d
tut I tbesad blow wbioh bad fallen
on l danghter. uncle Ben sntpect d
i calamity from the grief In Ma
rian's I ce, and from the fact that Mrs.
r dcxlgsd oat and bad a word with
C i Wyle at the gate before he rode
: ab : d nth of Kenton, for the
tion at she returned to the house. There
bat Just then Uncle Ben bad it all to
himself. A Knit an hour after the cap
t tin's d partnre Mariau appeared in the
enter dandbel re she could say a word,
Captain Wyle say sun-
::rs L gan
hat heard tetroteot
lain V. .! told mo be bad
Fi ii i i-'.n!,urg a day or ,
bbi r dun believe it!" )m '
fsm ytte,
dnn ha i
'I V.MH Killed, !7J,0fl,
i an' yo1 I IbrW nnv i
Bat I m -l'in afraid jt't true!" she
wbl at, I leaking 9Wn at last.
' . t J W, 'i!''," Itid tbe old man
after a bit, with te,irs In bis own
eyes, ''yo jl . keettdniet till wt Sod :
out all nb'rtit It. I'll bev ilisshoo Bted
in Txral 10 nrlnnfet', ta den I'll start. '
fniHaxrisenburg, When l ritdar, I km
find out. if Mars Kenton was killed.''
"Bat it's almost dark now, Qnole I
Uen. .
' Mako I no dim renre, honey. I know
do road nn am fetlin purtygood. By
dis time tomom r I'll bo back wid da
Bat what if yon should tfifoove
thai that" i
"Dit Winn Kenton was rflllly killed?
Nobody can't ditkiber'wbat hain't so,
kin dey? rsegwino obey lnr Jeti to
prove dat ho wn n't dun killed."
"I'liebi l!i n," Kiid Mori. in mi 1 .Ii"
placed a hand on either sbodldtt tnd
looked Into bit eyes, "if you can brim:
ma at wt thai .Mr. Kenton It olive, I n
make von a fret mail before tho week
boot I"
"Hul What l want to leave y'o' on
do mittttian becora froonbigor fur?
Beokon I wnntn to go ta dt poroht u
or jail? Hain't alias bin like one o'
do family? Uould de'fnmily git along
Widout (Tnolfl Ben? What would yo1
be right now but for mef"
"That'a true. Undo bun. Vouwem
bom en thti place, nnd yon know how
much wo all think of you. It would
break our hearts to Imvo you go, litre
though you pre and ilnayi bfve boon
in Iho eye:) of the law. DQt you tbsll
DO rewarded, BnolO It' Only bring
ni" gootl news, and yon r reward shall be
''Huabfup dat ooite, boney 1" ho cbfd-
ed ns ho inndo iciitly to deport. "If
yo'll b t do ole mini lib rigid on fit do
family. dttH be reward 'nuir. I'll
lm back by foah o'clock tomorrer, and
I'll bring yo' do news dat Mars Kenton
nin all right."
MuTiM watched him as ho slrodo
bruvely down the frosen highway and
vanished Into the dusk 61 evening, and
at the turned away fresh teaxa cams to
her i yet, and she murmured;
"Brave and Unselfish old slave! God
giant that he may bring a message io
reliove my auxi itie8V
fto I H OONTljrf bd.1
!( W at 'I ,, Hoitttftt,
A Detroli life lusuranes agtut recently
motived a letter fromauiaa in the lutorior
of the state who tatd he was thinking of
taking oul a nolley, aad he asked that a
blank be forwarded him, tl was retained
yesterday, and following Is a spuolmen
of the man . boned j i
"Wli.'il tint ; nut' lullier (lio of!'"
"Vnnr mother!" ,
"Tho same,"
"Ever have bear! trouble"
'A r. very bad."
"Loel any brothers or litters by death,
iimi n ! towns) did they dn of f"
"Lust Sveof them, and all died of eon
sumption and heart disease,"
"Did v hi ever tpll bloodf"
"Heaps of linn's."
"Kver bndan) ttrlont oeoidtntf "
"Yes Had nearly all mybonea broken
t ,' or i brae t an "
" teraor) ik i!?" .
"How's your sppetitef
"Very poor."
Boveral ether Important qnestlont were
at tri ml after tbs sameoandld fs blou,
and tin' agent had to writs him i oat i bare
is no life Insurance for .so truthful a man.
Detroit l tee Press,
.n i a cm.
iw Vo.u . ontiiii thinks the hat
solved the question of managing servants.
"I've done too much talking heretofore,"
i the says, "given too many orders, aad tie
j ponded too much upon their not being eir
i t ii'tl out. Two or three months ago I i(ot
I n EVenob maid who speaks no English. My
Vrtnch is very limited, but l have never
pt on no beautltully with any person in
my employ before, The first day slu' earns
I I showed her bow I wished certain things
j done, and being unable to enlarge verbally
j upon tho method I gave her object ics-
His. VI a the things bad hern dona I
I'viti.'isrd iii the s.imo material way, sbak
J Ina my bead aad pointing out practically
i where deficiency wtw, and Indicating satis
taction by a cordial bat limited 'Cast bleu.'
I In this way she j-.t my idoa perfectly, and
feeling my weakaett iu the matter of Ian
ru uta i have looked .hut her daily, and ai-
tiu'r-t without oomment. The result Is
smooth sailing in her department, wbieh 1
attribute hugely to my inability to give
elaborate orders, "New York Timet.
A Place for it.ui CompUneuts.
The thrstbold of the monkey h mss
1 1 ems to i" the great exchange for cheery
bad compliments bet treen festive acquaint'
onces thronging in or out of the swinging
livKirs. ".-Veil jour brother?" "Mind they
don't keep ymi there!" and the like iktsou
oiitles, Which age does not wither nor cus
tom stale for those who utter them year
after year, All the xear Bound.
''A. 3 Utt
Ii ' :".u Til 1: ' i - t ' up ;ri;n. IV" 'ill'l l' l
av.t t su-h in infl.t injury on th" sy itmi.
Optast, Mofpblns, t'i.l rofomii Kthor, fi
cams And hl' stop nm ly 'I'3;royini(
ttw wgao of Hronitton, tho patient '
t,w;, tbe onuvoti, liver aad towels, and, .f
eoatwoad in foe a 1im,-:u el tlraa, kit:- tii
: irvat and prodaoas la -al or gaaaral paraly-
i. n i:"'"si tv :' .r -ii- g :'i-s inr-.r-taia
tjwntuwhonn oxlttve remedy like BAD
WAVB Ii1 aiV RfiUSF will itoptbom'Mt
excru laUo(pa!0 qadikar without antatltng
tb) I'-.'i ia,iire'', i'i lithar lafaal or a
it tn-ta-ifly -'ops the moat excraciaUnK
jniu-, allays laflammatioa a. id enraa e m-
i lik" ma ',c:x iM-
Colds, Coughs, 2ore Throat,
F'.r:) , fr,thra?,
Difficult Breathing,
Rneiimatlsui, Hanratatia, Belatlea, IstOM
liBC". of I In, Juintr, Palas
III llaelo ( In ' M I.I mix.
The application of tbe RIA1 v RBUVte
h part or parti whori the illnViilty or pain
erlata will rffonl 'in aiel oomfort
v.i. oil imA' i: i p. ...... HI ' tMa.
( OUt'.HiATI I E il ), I ,IN'I I. .11 . VKLIM
nr.. rat levari lostantli and tiulekly osrari by
ink vg Intarnally .iiiir to a taaspeonfni of
R. illv lfi "f I.. Ii ill . I Hurler '.I wilt r.
Chilis and Fover, Fcvor
and Aguo Conquorod.
Tbareiaaeta naieiUsI assails tbswsrii
tbsi sfin on Vavar and Aaae, and n othaf
Malaiiosjs, Billons aQn athat rsvars, aeini by
I lul wny ' i iii i, no (i i Ink I y as llnl wii R y
Bt bet
Prion 50c. pir holCn. S-dtl by DruyijUh.
a ni tits ears al sll dlsordai i of the ttt m
aeh, l. Ivor, Dottplt, Kldnaj , Rladder.Kar
via DlsOasct, Baadneba, Conattfatlkto,
Cottlveneas, Inaljrssslpa, bjtspapala, im
Ifiaanaaa, Bsvsf.lanansmatioaoftlia 't. iv
i t-, pjlaa and all a nuMtemeati of i he In
1 1 noil Vlsoare, Pasata Vagntabla, e n
talnlng no marearjri mineral! or 1)1.1.0
TI'.ltKll'S IlKl.liM.
PVleettoi par boit Beil iv ii dnmifiHiii,
or on reottpl drtop will ba Mat bi maO.
I'Ito Imxm lor 'Hi" Dollar,
RAD W At & VU.. .C Wnrnni Ht . N. V.
anil vlrror qnlrMy
ftrtoftdtl ni n o,-, in,
"li. til,- , ((,- U) CtJffd bl IN
iffiniy fin l -.mi,
IIAPO. tho trr-Ml
i' . 1 ii."t.U'ijv. . r.H wi-intn
u.tTriii.vva DKO..lrafl I t,
.1 Jy, V, itli nrlllviiffiiarawbtniuKiini, tjolti ttjr
. mull, i'.i.
A Hiiivdaorr.o Complexion
In nni. of tho uo'Rte'.t dharinn ti woman can I
pounds. I'uxxom's Comixuxion POWSBBl I
fpvun It.
Beechara's pills arc fa
iliomfiness, bilious headache,
dyspepsia, hcaitburn, torpid
liver, ili..iiK'.-s, it:k head-
ache, bad lastc in the mouth,
coated tongtie, loss of appe
tite, sallow sLin, when caused
ly constipation ; and con iti
pation is the most frequent
cause of all of kjiern.
Book free ; pills- jc. At
drug ;torcs,or v rite B.F.Allen
Co., '.- Canal St., New Vork.
Atlantic Relining Co.
iMiiuuliiflttrcta kiii liicilortt in
IUamloating and Lubricating
Linseed ill, Naptbas and laso
lines of all grades, ABloCrrease,
Pinion Oroato and Colliery Com
I . mill : ni u, a largo line of 1'ar
rafflae W ax Candles
We ul o handl 1 tbe Pamont CROWs
ACME OIL, tl ily family safety
t in nlng ml hi thp mtrksl
WIL !AM MASON, Manaor.
Ofllosi Coal Exohanm, W iuiumi; avj.
s orks ut rlua Rroos
City Music Store,
m t'OUlMU Ar. WliAMOi
Bi t LI, llAUKlt
h Inr.-t fltx.-k of fliit-c!m
altbic. I'.XU. Li'U
fiooms 1 and 2 Commonwsaltli Bid's
Uade atth i ilOOSIO aad BU8H
Ltfflln I Ran i Powder Co 'i
i lectrle Battsrlsa, Foim for ripljl
iuq blasts, hiifnty Kusa nnJ
ncpaunoChcmical Co,'sHii;h Iix;)losi7C9
; CK
Best in tho mnrket,
OPFICBi Blngbomton, N.Y
PACTORTi Brandt, Pa
h .'Willi; ui- "p. (tipi'.ai. Bi.utiD.oon.
uuaT a i. np iuue in nitc tuim.i'.
".I hillttr miftit I 'i il'itUir fgnt&t
Thlit4MllvsBoliFranali uminnin Ki MiiO
Inn Hoot ileli;. -ii'il to in , vhoi in Ok, I
rm'iha nf( 'mill, Money i o -l.-i ,
or I'oil'il Nui" (..r 1 1 .81),
ioutl ' SVoiy tvny loo b
SSn In nil raisll turrn '..1
(4.110, W mass Hii.i l ool
ciuwolvrii, tlicreoirn WA guar
atilt' tl..; ', Htult titut irrnr,
leiil it any 0110 l sal i aUal I
wo will rrfnnil tho monry
L or aoiiJ tatrtntt pfllr, Oprru
'I'm' or ConuBBn Hi'io ",
L- 'V ftlillba i', K, .V BK,
ir 7kl-"'i ' I" 11 anil IUi
Saitlunitritl ;
t HI jnii.
- Ilfurtrm I
. . V I'""
Eexter Shoe Co., SsSiftt
l-ptcl'il (mill to Viuleis,
Brandt Ciay ProductCo
JsL JLJLtvj;
contains Four incomparable paintings by the world-famous
Medairy, which surpass all of his previous efforts for faithful
ness to nature and unparalleled beauty.
They comprise every phase of Nature's changes, as de
lineated in the four seasons, and will prove a revelation to
most persons, of her peculiar moods. Lowell has well said:
"Onr seasons have no fixed returns;
Without our will they come and go;
At noon our sudden summer burns,
Ere sunset all is snow.''
The Ottman Lithographing Company in reproducing these
paintings from the originals, has achieved a marked success,
and produced four pictures that will easily hold first place in
either home or studio, not only for their artistic merit, but as
line examples of the work of this renowned artist
Thi9 delightful picture is one ol Medairy's lour water colors. "The Seison9." which
arc all found in portfolio No. a of this Series,
"Spring" is a brightcolored work of singular merit. The drooping apple trees,
burdened with their pink and white bloom, contrast effectively with the rich qreen back
ground of trees and the Hagfringed pool in front.
The light and shades are superlative) and the whole ciiect is wondrously pleating
as a picture, or when critically considered as a study.
. V ' Si:; 'writs'
Series of
Scranton Tribune, Scranton, Pa., April 21, 1894.
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