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General Manager.
TON, PA., UT '.ill. 1'HIBUMI fllliUDUINO
Nvw VoitK Office: TllBtrai ri'li.l'ivn.
FlIANK S Mil Y. Kakaon
kuitrrtl of the fnntniTIre n' .r-n'"V
benmtti Ion oi iiO'ttr.
r-VRANTON, Al'llll. SO ISM.
ECKUR B. COXE ti quick to deny
that he in a Omndidftta for sovcraor or
that ho 00 Old nndM any olMSMtUOH
be iudueed to accept the Democratic
nomination. Mr. Coxa, vsry eeneiuly,
propoaet to do hie political uvii:; vicar
iously. An OKI Countiy Example.
It is a Into truth to day that, a re
Kpeat of municipal uovorutueut, they
"order tiling bettor in Europe " With
Oltld s oM that ahuxr-a j;et rooted iu
lOtprtgaabl tradition!) Europeans
navvrtbr'!, as a mK, enjoy tunuici
pal adTUtagM ootupareil with whioh
those to Which Wt an aectmtoiueil ill
tree aud lollghtMMd Aiuiita r.oem iu
many directions crude, rU anduttir
ly unsatisfactory. Take, for initauce,
the veucrablo city of (Husgow and
compare it with our Amoricuu lioatou.
Tile two cities are noaily oiiunl iu
point of population; in wealth, Uottou
ii the leader, Boston, too, is our best
tdvoattd city.wliile OU?ow is nearly
an aTerage municipality, much m
'ferior to Birmingham and surpassed by
several other cities in tha L'uitod King
dom. With this explanatory introduc
tion we proceed to lamnaitiM certaiu
points of dttTi?teucs aud comparison be
tween Uinsjjow and Uoston, letting the
simple facta themselves tell their own
Glasgow's 200 miles of streets and
11,000 court y tirds aud aroaways are
cleaned regularly ouc a day, aud
sometimes t!ire times. In Boston,
only the streets are cleaned daily; the
courts have to truss to the thoughtful
janitor and the weekly garbage colieo
tor. From the sale of her street sweep
iugs (iUstrow derives an anuusl reve
nue of $180 000; Boston, with liric. as
as mucu rttuse, g- ts oul $20,000, and
New York, wi:a five time a much,
ge.s absolutely nothing;. Glasgow
owes its muuiciptl water supply, has
numerous laVjM piirks, inaiutaius a
httfa central market nnd sincj 1SC9,
wuen at a cost of fs 600,000 it bou.'ht a
city ga plant, it has decreased th re
tail cost of gas from $114 per 1.000
feet to 60 ceuts while th qnallty baa
been distinctly improved. Notwitb
stani:;i. (bis d-cna-e i cos; and m
crtaaad quality of service Gszows
three big gas plauts today return a
profit to tha city, With the txception
of her arks, Boston has none of tiieae
things. Glasgow has built hundreds
of model tenemeats and municipal
lodging houses tor the poorer classes.
A night's lodiriaif, with the use of a
ran.,-) to cook on, in the morning, costs
men from 7 to 9 cents and women 0
cents. TtacsO investment!, too, all"
pay a profit. In addition, Glasgow
has enmrjrous public baths and public
lanndries, wuere, for a few pennies,
the poo.-can enjoy all tha luxuries of
cl'janlmom. Four cents is the charge,
for a Turkish bath. All wholejale food
markets are owned by the city and
conducted uuder the constant super
vision of exr ert food impeetors, awiiir
ing that inati, Bah, same and vege
tables i'xpos-d for sale are who!'Siin-.
Prices for food articles are ex
tremely low. In Boaton, axoaptlog for
fish, food is exptfosive and the munici
pality tak s no part in its preparation
or sr.Ie. Boston uas many notable cneap
lodging houses and public batui, but
those not conduoted for profit are opr
ated by Organised charity and not as a
part of the city's dnry to its c:tiz-ins.
Thf question of rapid transit, nwh a
common jtnmt'ing tlcck in American
municipal government, uas been
answer! in Olaagaw in a manner that
fairly takes oae's Yankee breath away.
When, in ISO, George Francis Train of
fered to build a tram car line in Glasgow,
the eanr.y alderman of that enterpris
ing Scotch city decided to look into the
subject themaaivsa Tne result was
that tha city took ont its own charter
and in 1ST0 began the construction of
its own street railway system. Whan
everything had been completed, at the
city's expense, it was decided to lase
the railway's operation to some exner
ienced corporation. Hera is how the
city fathers r,f Glasgow provided for
the welfare of the taxpayers and Hit.
traveling citijsens of Glaegow: The
lease wan tornn only twnty-twr years,
and by its terms the company agrd to
psy, first, the Annual interest charge on
the full amount of the city's Invest
ment, as represented by bonds; second
a yearly sum for a sinking fnnd suffi
cient toextingaish the entire cost of the
road; third a renewal fnnd of four per
cent on tha cost of tha road,
from which it was to be kept in
perfect order, and ristorod to the city
in first class condition in lS'Jl, and
fonrth, a mileage rental of $700 per
mile. Bnt this was not all. The fares
were limited to a penny (two cents) per
mile; and Glasgow's compactness rarely
makes one poasenger'e total fare mora
than four or six cents of onr money,
while the great majority of passongers
pay only the minimum rate. The lease
provides, further, that dnring certain
honrs in the morning aad evening
workingmon shall have special curs and
enjoy aspieial half-fare rate.
But, it will be asked, would any cor
poration on earth be so foolish as to
bid for sneb a lease? This question is
best answered by a reference to the
facts. It is a Tact of record in! Glasgow
that a company did bid SToO.OOl) for the
loase and that after setting aside inter
est charges, sinking fund for the ex
tinction of the road's first cost, a I per
cent, reserve for repairs and paying its
$750-por-tnile rental this company has
been for years and Is today paying
divideads of from 9 to 11 per cent, at
faraa averaging nearly 50 per aent. less
than those paid in Scranton. When
this least) expires the city of Glasgow
will get back the money which it in
vested in building tha road; will gat
back the road itstlf, in perfect repair;
will have received a fair interest on its
first investment aud ii fair rental for
the use of thoroad; will huvo also a
cheap aud yet efficient rapid transit
service and will be prepared to put the
lease up to another aompatttloa and
mske, perhaps, even bettor terms for
the enaalngtwnty two yean In ad
ditloh to all tats, the corporation wuich
dgned tl li leai iouI I it not Wfah
to bid or i melon ol iu franobii ,
will be ali!. lii r iir fr mi ttslni II
after having averaged a 10 pel eenl
Income mi an in v stBMUt ffnlou put in
bank or Imperial icenrltlea, would
have drawn not over !l per cent, and
perhaps not over 3.
Do they, then, order tilings batter
Oxk in newspaper advertis
ing would host ton In a bill board war,
Ma, CAHIRON'B love for silver leads
him to favor (he ereotion of a prohibi
tive tariff wall aromid the United
States, with an inscription outside
telling the rest of the wurld to go to
Halifax. The trouble is that this age
ef rapid transit aud speed inUr-com-muuicatieu
has knooked this old theory
into a cocked hat.
A BBUtfi accurate and intelligible
explanation of what Brazil's latest
revolution was all about would till a
loug-folt and ardent waut.
The Gaylord Accident.
It will be retutiubered that when
numerous contemporaries, upon the
heels of the Gaylord mine BOOldent, ex
citedly broke forth into more or less
promiscuous denunciations of tne man
agement o( that colliery Tun TlIBUm
stood alone iu recommeudiug a suspen
sion of judgment until the entire f acts
could oe established iu a judicial man
ner, The wisdom of this rscommeuda
tion is shown in the fact that evon the
coroner's jury, aftsr ten days' minute
inquiry iuto tho accideut's causes, can
find 110 more definite return than n be
lief that one or more of the thirteen
victims had led the other unfortunates
into au uusaftf part of the mine, anil
bad suffered fatally for bis erroneous
judgmeut together with bis compan
ions. Coupled with this finding is, to be
snre, an opiniou that the pillars left in
the Red Ash vein had been of insuffi
cient size, aud had been still further
diminished by the disintegrating ef
fects of time, wiud aud moisture. But
there is no pretence iu this verdict that
the management of the mine had had
reason to foresee the terrible acoident
or that, fereseelns: it, they had delibrr
ately ordered em;i yss into a chamber
of death. Tue idua that men who own
and msnage coal mines are fiends with
out consciencs or souls does better in
ten cent uov-ds and lnrid melodramas
than in actual and sober discussions of
mine accidents, and ought to be rele
gated to its natural atmosphere. Tin-
resl fact is thai Qaylord mine had long
acquired deserved reputation as a
working most efficiently msnsged ;iand
there is uot one scintilla of proof that
can in any manner be tortured iuto a
direct accusation against the owners or
against the hard-working and Con
scientious interior executive force.
Supreme wuloui is not the lot of
mine owners any inoretnau it is of
mine employes. Aicidents will happen
and honest errors of judgment are
bound to occur. But when this is
said, there remains little to add with
refertnea to the established teachings
of the latest Plymouth horror.
That Colonel Rickgtts is a brave
man was proved at Gettysburg. But
isn't it exacting a little too mnoli to
ask him to get iu front of toe Hastings
Mtss Pcllaud has been kind enough
to iof'.rm th" pQbllo that she will
neither net nor lecture; bnt may, in a
book, point the moral of her misguided
life. If there is any n-w moral to be
pointed out in her ease it is the wisdom
of siUnce, the necessity of penitnee
and the indispensable requisite of a long
and trofouud oblivion,
TtvpNTT 7BARS from r.ow the Demo
crats will wear by uil that is saered
that Thonas B Itaed w..s really a
Democrat iu disguise.
Ono Typical Struggle.
It is unfortunate that aftjr it had
taken years of lucaasant urging to
bring public sentiment In Pittston
borough up to the point whero it was
willing, financially, to nuthoriz need
ed ptiblio improvements, a purely
technical obstnele should intervene to
postpone definite action, The knowl
edge that on tne borough's present as
.ad valuation nnd with Its present
outstanding debt there Is no legal room
for a new bond issue sufficient to in
augurate a new system of S"wers end
paving has acted as a temporary chill
to civic progress in this direction ; and
there are obstructionists who already
declare that wh it they call the n-w
spasm rf reformation has ended per
manently. Wo speak of this partlenlsr circum
stance both becanne we sympathize in
the perplexity that has overtaken the
progressive element in Pittston, and
because it typifies so aeenratsly a con
dition whloh is general throughout the
borough governments of northeastern
Pennsylvania. The prolonged era of
municipal stagnation through which
Pittston has passed htis boen experi
enced or is even now tho lot of many
another coinuiuoitv in this neighbor
hood. The difficulty of getting out of
these old ruts; the eagerness with
which certain persons docry atlemptod
innovations, and the nnmerous other
experiences that arise to discourage
aggressive civlo reformers, whatever
their politics or pnrposos, are incidents
not confined to ono locality. They
form tho common gauntlet of all last
ing local progress.
For this reason it is doubly essential
that this present movement in Pittston
borough for better stroets, cloansr san
itary conditions and larger public con
veniences shall not fail. Gtneral at
tontion has bsen called to It and a de
feat in Pittston would carry with it
possibilities of other defeats in other
communitiea whero similar battles are
ragiug. If it be not immediately pos
sible to put forth a new issneof bonds,
it will at least b possible to exact a
greater economy than heretofore in the
expenditure of borough revenue; to
require a better management of the
borough finances, nnd to direct a more
earnest effort at paying oil outstanding
borough filligatious. These things
accomplished, the road to a new bond
issue lor improvement purposes wul
not bo dlffloolt; and public sentiment
will bo all tho better prepared to re
ceive it.
'l imit i: is no more car- fully edited
newspaper In the United States, MpSO
iailv wit refer to those things
w ioh
it off Ml 1
i i the family cl
rk Trinnnw. It
S, 10 ti' el Wil li
i ne less MIS of I
Br okiuridgi so . dal :
No girl or young woman will be templed
by Mad line Pollard's example; uu yonug
or old man can Bud anything in W. . r.
Breckinridge's shameful career that In
vites i tii 1 1 ii I inn. Iiiileed, tlie current of
newpaper comment ami the whole drift
ol publia opinion since the trial began
have done much to reassure all who were
at all skeptical! its to the ultimate Miui
darda of virtue, purity, mol ality, and de
cency us recognized by the cuuiuiuuity at
largo. Condemned at once and unsparing
ly by all pure minded and upright men
nnd women, tins man Breckinridge has
tonnd, xo Car as we can learn, not even
among the frivolous ploasure-eeekers of
the clubs or tho coarsest votaries t vice
in H.'ilooiis aud lower resorte, n Single do
fendar. There are men in enough In
apologias for, or treat with tttppanoVi his
Ottginal offense, but none so Inst to all
sense of decency, and so devoid of the in
stiuctof chivalry toward woman whioh re
M ies i u iho most iltv;radoit breast, as to
palliate his cowardly ami brutal attempt
to shield himself at the expense of the vic
tim ot ion lust and partner tit ins sin.
Tin; BIXTYi-SOUBTH auuuul report of
the inspectors ot the Bsstsrn peniten
tiary is from the pen of Hon. Richard
Vhiix uud contains many views of
novel interest. It contends, for In
stance, that intemperance lis a causa of
crime has bsen seriously overrated.
Ouly S per cent, of the BM convicts re
ceived (tilling 1898 are classed as in
temperate. Neither is illiteracy so
greatly responsible as many people im
agine. Of those 500 convicts, '175 re
ceived a common school education,
while 34 wero educated privately, leav
ing only 87 illiterates. Mr. Vaux
claims that the failure te learn a use
ful trade is the grsatest single cause,
I'll of the 5116 prisoners being abso
lutely ignorant in this respect. Work
undoubtedly begets self-respect; and
sflf respect is a powerful nntidoto to
eritne. We might add a word as to the
ciime which frse trade would commit
by toarlug down chances for practic
ing useful trades, but this would pre
cipitate a partisan argument,
WHEN ASKED why he was elected in
a district ordinarily good for 10 000
majority the other war, Hepressntative
Qnigg aptlv replied that it was because
the Democratic party had enabled the
whole country to express its pent up
teeliugs in the ballot boxes of one sin
gle district. Tlioss foelings have since
growu so tremendous that all the bal
lot boxes of tho nation will scarcoly
suffice next November to contain the
general disgust.
Of Politicians.
Benjamin J. Haywood, of Mercer,
who is State Treasurer Jackson's cash
ier, and who represents one of the
promising executive possibilities of
northwestern Pennsylvania, has come
out flat-footed in favor of the nomina
tion of Major McDowell, of Sharon, us
congressman at-large. He declares that
tue major deserves this houer, has beeu
faithfully and solemnly promised it,
and that if ox-Congressman Huff, of
V estmorsiand, wants a place ou the
ticket; alw, the eastern section o! the
state ought to withdraw Mr. Grow and
lot the west take the whole thing. This
is ar exceedingly indiscreet suggestion
on tne part of exProthonotary Hay
wood unless it is meant to kill off what
littl remaining chance McDowell has
for a piece on the nvx' state ticket. A
politician who seriously funcies that
"Great M ijoritles" Grow can be played
as a Mponaary c msiaerauon to an in
dividual Ilka Maj r McDowell mint be
i filmed with a bad case of politick
Representative Jack Robinson's fir
ing visit to this neighborhood yester
day Was fOT tha ostensible purpose of
expressing his gratitude for the unex
pected proportions of his reoent vic
tory in Lnz rene. That triumph wss
msde all the more notable by tba strong
i anvsss presented by his enterprising
antagonist, waiter byou, wuo had con
sldsrabls snpport to begin with, from
persona who thought theroby to please
senator U lay. While swinging round
the circle Mr Robinson was newly In-
rormea ot toe : net. that put llo senti
ment is growing iu his behalf, partlcu
Isrly since lite Philadelphia Press ba
attempted, without reason or provoca
tlon, to prejudice his candidacy before
the people. On every hand it is ro
marked that this political blow below
this belt is one of the few grave errors
that tha Prwss has recently committed.
It has had the oppoiite effect to that
intended. It has iiiudo friends for Its
Kckley U Coxe's language in repudi
sting the congressional baotnltt pre
pared for him, without his knowledge
through the genorri'ity of a number of
Philadelphia political writers, is char
sctsristically terso. "1 do not want
it." he renlied with nmliu.iu . i
what Is more, I would ml takeit. "'judge
Hevdriak. of Venango, is tho I. ile. I
candidate for knock-out honors, but
he will doubtless also beut a precipitate
An Incentive to Crlmt.
tnui York Commercial Aitm liter,
DothoSS good souls who view With ftlni ni
the extraordinary invrenao in defalcations
and frauds in tho business world and hear
the excuse mada by Tiimmriny leadors that
Its organization is just as honest ns any
business concern, over realise tho truth of
the nmtterl1 Hi re in n politico-criminal
organization Of men banded together to
rub the taxpayers, whose members from
top to bottom aro growing wealthy In
varying dsgrSSS upon public plunder, vitla-
tiag tho moral air aronnd them by their
vulgar ostentntion and display, fnmiHfir
Islng tho public mind with Rand and rob
bery, Hotting tho pace of vice and Immoral
ity and than impudently turning round
and alalmtng that M is no worse than its
product, destroy Tnimnauv and you re
move the mont fertile tonne of public de
moralization. It like vice oontompliblo In
its downfall and a wbolpsouio reaotiou
must sot In.
Just About the S y, of It.
KnnUm Iter J'refi.
Thomas B, Reed, of Mninn, without rn
gaid to bin politics, Is one of the brainiest
n. en tho country MS produced, as well as
one of tl'.o best nnd meal popular with
those Who know him.
Doesn't Need to Apologize.
terenciMd VnUm.
Tho board ol health would bo condemned
if it did not ivt) publicity to the facts of
iin epidemic, anrftho press wonld fell of
its duty if it hushed up tho (net that the
suinll-pox was iu tho vicinity. Small-pox
news is not pleasant, but It must tw told
and it docs luoiii good i ...... barm. It the.
Bton or the BraekinHoaa trial awaaens
l he ; ublicto tho nmi-al rotwunoss thateit-
ai certain elm ses ol sorloty, it will do
. and il il dtu's good the press 1101 no
to unoloiri.iv f, te il.u nniilie.iit.iou.
Tue I . Qinrl ; It. Knforcement Bud.
'i'l .iiiii ilenl. r who iiiVk cash dnwu
v. r".
I 1 i
I v 1 ...
pro HCtl i 1. II e
for bis money. Dot
an vf l)o he, in
i - . autoo 'ii i-
1 II
SVe ki a ha ii i'l g t it In Loierne
ouiiiy. The p.-nk-usv is bis groa rivl
to far as tba law la concerned. It affords
him no prolection wha'ever. Whuihor
the law is deft ( live, or Whether those In -terested
In earrvlns It nnt are to bUme,
iti'e iiiiiilile to miv 1 ni f ilii. ehmnees are
thin the law would afford ample protec
tion if it was enforced
Not a left Load.
A'eut Voik Hun. pretont the outlook for a Demo-
clinic ninionty iu the ue.'tt congress is not
over-brtllfant, and tho party in the iiiue
Urasa district Bhculd not be disposed o
iske tho nsk or yielding to (ns wishes oi
in eel. on kIl'.i s in. nils In bliuuli'.tiring hiicii
a follow and losing iioth a repressntstlvs
and the respect of tbs public The Demo
ooratic party is narryiag already a pretty
lieavy load, and Itbas no strength left to
Mipliorl the fhi'lher bin den of Ibis inuiis
Its Mds.on CTellmlted.
Altoonu TtiLiitict
There Is no inienli.iii of eoiiteiuporauooua
iiileiost w hich it live dally nowspupar will
shrink from tllscussing. 'i'be nam mid
woinen who reinl it have a right to ttnuw
what is going on iu every department
of the world's life, whether it coucums
pounce, religion, science, iilulosupliy, soci
ology, or other liiiittois. They uiny Dot
agree -n, ins opinions of the nawspapar,
but they are willing to read its opinions,
mi d hate falhu into the habit of e peeling
t hem.
The Evil Sure to Grow.
.Yen' I'uifc Vrxsti.
The Philadelphia Beourd complnlus
about Democratic "absuiitenisin" in con
gress, uemocratlo absenteeism iu the j.r-
sent congress is a nn re bagatelle to vrunt
it Will be iu the next ono.
Johaun's Lamms L'nguio.
ltostun TraHcrtpt,
Johann ?'os' says this is ii poor country
for anarchists. Most occasionally deviates
into truth,
Our Bold Peace Warriors.
SlJfiltllJietit L'niO't.
The list of war governors appears to be
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