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Merchant Woos diffident
trade by the free use of
Printers' ink.
Don't buy is just the
time to advertise and
make them buy.
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Scranton (SKCrihune.
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Asbury and Park Place Churches Are As
signed Njw Pastors.
This City Fortunate in Retaining
Five of Her Methodist Clergymen.
Officers and Members Pay a Glow
ing Tribute to Elm Park Church
and the Citizens of Scranton.
The Day Witnessed a Rush of
Business from Opening to Close
of Sessions Elma Hurst Wilson
Christened by Bishop Hurst.
YesterJay was tiie sixth amlut
day of lbs Methodist Wyoming confer
ence held iu the Bin Park chnrcli.
From the time ilia doors opun'il in
the uiorni'itc until the final ailj mrn
ment was tnauV at 5 o'clock in me af
ternoon t lere was a continuous rush of
business, excepting, of course, the
noon meal recess aud brief periods of
preliminary devotion il xrcia-i9.
One circnmstHuce, particularly, will
be happily received hr Scranton citi
zen and inemlers of Elm Park chnrch:
Out of the large unmber who mud
Hddretsts or delivered sermons or in
any way officiated nt the conference,
not one failed to pay a glowing tribute
to toe beautiful edifice in Which the
deliberations were held. They spokof
its gnndaw and the pluck of the con
Krfiation whicn md possible th"
building of what Bishop Hurst says is
the finest structure tbe Methodist
cburch possesses in this country for the
purpose of worship. AH thanked V.
H. Pearce, D.D, for his indefatigable
efforts to make their visit one loug to
be rememb'. red.
A, the becinnin of tbe afternoon
gi-ssinn it was decided to meet next year
at Carbondale.
Tbe most important feature of the
day, or of tbe conference, to the mem
bers was the aunouncsmeut of ap
pointments for the ooinjng year.
The. following will b- retained in the
Scranton churches : Rev.E. L. Santee,
Csdar Avenue; B-v. W. H Piixrce, D
D., Eim Park; R-v, A. Y. Cooper,
Hampton Street, Rev. M D Fuller,
Providence, and Rev. L C. Floyd,
Rev. J. A. Cure, of the Asbury, is
succeed-d liy Rev. Annum F. Chaffee,
who has been pastor of the Derr Mem
orial, of Wilkes-Bsrre. Rev. Mr. (Jure
lias been assigned to Athens.
Rev. J. F Jones, of the Park Place,
will exchange with Rev. P. U. Hawx-
burst, of Montrose.
Presiding Elder Rev. Thomas Har
ronns, of the Binghamron district, will
no to Say re; Rev .1 0 Woodruff, of
Plymouth. hJsppoirite.l in Riv. Mr.
Harrjons' stead.
idi Crsstsfl la Behalf of American
University at Washington.
When the morning session convened
the chair in the absence of Bishop
Hurs-. wss occupied by Rev Manley
S. Hard. D. D.
The committee report on chnrr-h ex
tension was presented by Rev. George
Forsyth, of Rantieoke, and conrained
the recommendation that 0.n00 lie
raised by the conference next year for
church extension,
The report of the committee on min
ister! d support as read by Rev. Puring
ton H. Toner, of Jackson, was adopted,
Toe eximining committee report,
read by Rev. George 0 Been, recom
mending tno appointment of Rev I,
C. Floyd as chairman for this year,
was adopted,
The conference treasurer, R"V. Hugh
(' HcDermott, of Kingston, reported
$f)9 &9:) collected for benevolent pnr-
i'se- in tfce conference last voir, and
f.Vl,034 the year previous. Of the
aVhols Minonnt, of ctdlections. $49,000
w -re for the fnnd of the Wyoming
seminary smi-c-nfennial fund. The
Wyoming '.istrict hIoiib collected $17,
0o4 of tins centennial fond,
The nominating cotrnnitt-e recom
mended trie election of the following
conference officers:
Missionary Society Kev. .T. K. Hurst
D. president; Rvs. J, 0. Woodruff, A.
vv. C s per. , H. Unyce, vice presidents.
Temperance So( iety Rev. (1. Id, ( o..
vide, president: Revs. I C Floyd, J. C.
LesCOCk, vice Presidents.
I ddCBllonal Society Bishop Hurst, pres
ident; L, I. Sprosne, .1. w. Nicholson,
vice presidents; pastorof Kingston chnrr-h,
corresponding secretary! v.. K. D. Briggs,
re. ordinal ucretnry.
Tract (Society J. B. Davis, president:
H. Prentice, secretary; U. ii. Hayes, trees,
Prtedtnan's Aid Society GK A. Cure,
prudent: J. K. Angel, vice president; F,
P. Dory, secretary; C. H. Ssckott, trens.
w yoroing Conference, Epwortb League
--O. L Heverson. president; O. K. Van
Woert, secretary; M. D. Fuller, tretisdror;
J. '. ItnrdOCk, corresponding secrotary.
VeinransN Association O. C. Lyman, M.
D. Fuller, J. F. Williams.
Histor ical Society M. H. Isnd, presid
ing elder ,1. K. Warner, (j A. Benjamiu,
J. N. Shipmau, L L. Hprngue.
Home Missions Mrs. W. H. Pearce,
nresident; Mrs. 0 B, McAnnlty.sscrstary:
Mrs. S. O. C'olvin, corresponding secro
tary; Miss Grace Crary, treasurer.
Foreign Missions Mrs. Fannie J.
Sparks, president: Mrs. (ieorge I. Weber,
Mr-. Mauley H. Hard, Mrs. Maltie Menker'
Mrs. R. W. Clinton.
Bishop Hnrst arrived and tbe chair
was relinquished by Dr. Hnrd.
A motion waa made by Rev. W. I.
Thorpe, P. E., to refer the place of the
next conference meeting to tbe presid
ing elder. Tbe motion wag with
drawn in fnvor of an Invitation by
Kev, William Edgar, of Carbondale, to
hold the next conference in that city.
Tlv Epworth league report, pre
seniel by Rev, A. E. Decker, showing
a conference membership of 15,488 in
279 chapters, whs aiiopted. A resolu
tion offered by Rev. G. A, Place com
mendinK the work of Rev. J. O, Wood
ruff as presidont of tbe league, was
A resolution eigned try Kev. W. 11.
Pearce, D. D., Rev. L L. Spragne and
Continned on Page 2.
Th Rush for Work Will Soon Be Gen
eral. rjmOKTOWN, Pa.. April Hi There il
not a sign of life in tbe coke
strike today and it appears hardly
necessary for Thursday's conven
tion to formally announce its demise.
feelings were held last night
at Lemont, Oliver and other plaees.aud
the meu decided to go to work pro
viding the Morrell and Wheeler men
weut back at the Friok scale. Th
latter voted to stay out, but many
strikers returned to work this morning
All seem to realize the strike is over
and the rush to get baek will be gener
al in a few days. Not a sign of vio
lence is reported at any of the plants
where many new meu went to work
this moruiug.
- .
Blood roiioniuit Strungslr Ends tha
Lifs rf Qacrgo C'rofut
Bkipokport. Couu,, April Hi Blood
poisoum; from a lead pencil prick
ended yeeterday the life of (jreorge 8
Crofut, aged 41, of Norwalk, in th
hosmtal here.
He ehauced to strike n finger against
a pencil in his waistcoat pocket while
brushing bis clothes a week ago and
blood poisoning followed.
correllsvIlle strike.
Workmen Are Driven from the Cam
bria Iron Company's Plant
by Women.
COXNBLLSV UXX, Pa., April H. Tbe
Cambria Iron oompany attempted to
start at tneir Wheeler works this morn
ing, but the men were driven off th
vards by the women. The victorious
females now declare they will guard
the works night and day. The men at
the Wheeler and Morrall works met
yesterday and deeided to continue the
All the raun at the Mahoning and
Atlas works of the Cambria Iron com
piny this morning accepted the new
scale and will go to work tomorrow
morning. Trontde is expected as soon
as thev start, as the mou at Wheeler
ind Morrell declare they will attack
tbe works before daylight The com
pany will place a large force of deputies
on guard and hope to repel the attack.
Tbe Wheeler and Morrell mu also
threatened to attack the Leisenring
and Trotter works this morning, but
did not show np.
Tbe Frick men are willing to work
and toe company aro prep at ed to pro
tect them. The Anchor works oi tbe
Atcheson company at Dunbar, resumed
tliis morning. The men at Wheeler
and Morrell are the only men now ont,
and it is believsd they will accept the.
new scale and go to work in a day or
two. All the Frick works are running
full, exept Leisenring No. X.
While Digging for a Miner's Treasure Es
Sess Ghostly Fiffursa.
DOTUBJTOWK, Pa., April 10. A
dream of a golden treasure that he
thought had been hidden in Charles
Gable's meadow, nt Rich Hill, induced
Charles Miller to make a search for it.
Armed with a picg and a lauteru he
went at midnight to dig for the treas
ure. He didn't find it the first night,
nor the second. On the third night,
while digging away in search of the
missing gold. Miller beheld an appari
tion that made him almost stagger
from fear.
Three figures in white stood near anil
the lantern made them look ghostly.
In a twinkling Miller was home, and,
it is said, he didn't leave bit tied for
three days. Three youag men were re
sponsible for the s'-are.
He Invitss the Wrong Mn to a Pugil
istic F.r.c omtor.
KlTTAXStSd. Pa, April 10. White
the primaries, were being held at Apollo
Saturday dispute arose between
union and non-union Bfcn, After some
hot words Hugh Kirkwool invited his
op, oniOt across the river. Two hnti
dred men went ove.-to see the fight and
a ring was f armed.
KirkWOOd mistook his man. Be was
badly Peaten and a gener al light, start
ed. Eleven men wr curried home.
Kirkwod was gashed across the fc
ind another man named Keerer was
used up so badly that, his life is endan
Jotepfa M. Hand, H yenrs old, of Rio
Grande, N. .1 , frrm paralvsiaof the In-art.
Decessed made a for'uuu in cranberry
Mary Wykoff Packer, widow of ex
Otfreroor William F. Packer, of Williams
port, Ph., aged Si Hit husband was tho
fourteenth govern.:'- of Pennsylvania.
ColOfadO miners will close every mine in
the stnte May I bvrefiisiritf to work lnnir
at pre!it rates.
Two marked men Iw.M tin ., Cnn Vm.
Cisco strret car and lied with tin-passen
gern' and conductor's money.
While sitting hy his fireside, Thomas
Wntdron. a I'hillirothM at. r,
shot dead by an unknown nsMin. '
Pfeslllefl t, ( Invplnnil will h i...,;. ...l
attend the annual festival of fSemaa
American singers, ar, ixew i ork, Juno '12.
In 1 ha new Willinmatnwn VV . u
... ... , y
field, thousands of gallons of oil nrn rnn
ulng to wssto for Inek of storngo facilities.
The sudden insanity of Juror .lohn
1 ' . . , t . , i . t . : ! t , i r I - in. mi. I ... li-i
r- ' i i in i mill
ing, W. Va., of Jarries Dachmarr, for be-
Fnilitiii to hi. rnreil ot thn ilrint l, .,,.. i...
- - w - .. ......I, t,j
Ki .'ley's g ild cure, Charles F. Johnson, of
Tonnkii. Hired the doctor for firm ooo fa
ruined health.
Ti.L-inir o , li.l.i ,. . M.i. , anililA t
nult. il.H.lliM Mm .lannm l.M.
of Anderson, lnd., fatally assaulted hi in
wnne asieep, wir.u a oeor uotLie.
Apostolic Delegate Batolll and Uishop
Douahue, of Wheeling, W. Va.. wore given
a reception and banquet at Baltimore last
hi, ii. i i ii ii . . 1 1 1 1 j'l'i hi HMouueu.
Waller Venable, B'.l years of age, son of
Commodorb Thomas I'. Venable, now on
tbe retired list of the army, committed
suicide in Williamsburg yesterday morn
ing by cutting his thrust.
Strikers Threaten lo Faralyzs Transportation
in tho Far West,
Not a Wheel Has Turned on tire
Road tor Two Days Tho Strike Is
to Be General on Roads West of
the Missouri The Mail Car, as
Usual, Brought Into the Wrangle.
Struggle of the Railroad Organiza
tion tor Mastery Promises lo Ee
Lour and Bitter.
St. I'm i., April 10.
the Amuricaii Railway Men's
union, arrived in this citv today
and told tho Associated lJress
representative that tha strike on the
t treat Northern would not. be extended
to this end of the line for a day or two.
Lsst night's train went only as far as
Crookatoo, and the road from Grand
Koi ke west is reported tied up com
pletely. The triangular nature o( the
contest is exciting much boumenl
among both railway officials and
It is considered somewhat in tin na
ture of a tight for existence on tUO jnrt
of the brotherhoods: for if defeated
and comp-dled to join the American
Railway union, the present members
of that nnion, having a large majority,
would control its affairs, and engi
neers, Bremen, conductors and train
men or the brotherhood would have to
submit to the greater voting power of
tile lower paid employes.
A local leader in Hie union said to
day that when the first cut was mad,-
last ran their organisation was too
weak to fight, but now tney bate ')
per cent, of the men in their memher
snip, and will fight the cut.
President Hill and Qeneral Manager
Case were todey in coaference with
the local chiefs of the Brotherhoods ol
Eugineers and Firemen. Mr. Case
stated that as far as (iraud Forks ev
erything is running us usual, but be
yond that point he was entirely with
out informstiou. When askel regard
ing th staiement of the Amric4n
Ruilvvay union leader at Brattle, that a
hearing had be-m refused by the com
pany, the officials turned the questions
over lo tho brotherhood leaders, who
said they could not speak for any one
but themselves, lint that they had al
ways been promptly received.
Chicaoo, April " Hi A local paper
says tnis morning that it is now settle I
that within the next week or ten days
strikes will he declared on several
northwestern roads running out of Chi
cago. Arrangements are about com
pleted for the inauguration of list
gle with Paeifla coast lines, which is
expected to result in tbe settlement for
some time to coins of the di Hereout
The contest will DS the more inter
esting in that it will involve all the ex
isting brotherhoods after the manner
of n three-cornered nght, in which the
older organizations wiil seek to aunilii
l.ite the American It.ilway union.
Bkattlb, April 10. Despite the state
ments of the officials that the strike on
the Gret Northern docs not extend
further east than Miuot, N D., tin
leaders here say that the claims of
James llogan that the whole system is
lied np are correct. Rntnors are afloat
that the Northern Pauiflo is to be tied
up on Tuesday mid that before next
week every road west of the Missouri
river, with the possible eXOepliou of
the Union Pacific, will meet th same
The mail car of the Booth West
minster and Van Coiiver train was
brought out this morning to leave at
!l 11, but the officials refused to let it
go without tho paasengw cars, and it
was left on the trarK.
The strikers then Jook out the Cana
dian Pacific uirs which inn on this
train and transferred them to die
Seattle, LakeBbore and Bailors tracks,
over winch they went in Junius, con
necting there with the Canadian l'a
bPOKAHi, April 10. 'lhere is no
change in iin. situation along the
Great Northern, Not a wheel is turn
ing from Miotit, N. IJ.. to Seattle,
Assistant General Superintendent
Purrfll had telegrams iast nigtt from
head oiH -ers.of m.- Engineers' and Km
men's Brotherhood and the Order ol
Railway Triiiim.ii assuring him thai
the slnke Wottld receive no moral or
Dnandlal support from them No at
tetupt will he made to move trains oui
..f Spokane until the trouble is settled.
(Jiii:at FaUM, Mont., April 10 In
answer to Hie circular Issued from IDS
(ireat Northern beudqasrten at st.
Paul, announcing the sonndoment of
trams on the .Montana Central railway
because of the strike ol thu employes'
Chairman Uik'T has issued u counter-
circular denying that I lit strike was
run hy a man never iu the employ of
the company, and explaining that no
tiue wis not giVeO to the com nan V be
cause tho employes did not tlieiusel vea
upect to strike Until they heard the
railway was going lo ibip in men.
Sh Fires at a Coinpiu.i n. Misses Hr
and Kills Htr Blst-r
St. Louil, April 10. Iii n Quarrel
lust night witii Lorinda u ir Iner, aged
17, Lulu Willnims, aged III, drew a re
volver and lired at her.
The bull missed the Gardner girl and
entered the lioart of M mil Williams
I B years old, a sister of Lulu, killiiii-
her instantly All the participant are
Osy Lotherlo of Ssvoaly Yearn Oosi to
Air l.-'Ti ilv Pn Anril Id . -I 'L.i.I.l
B, H. Sell, nued 70 vears. a retired
Ulerchaot. him hern .-oliVli'Lod of mi uk
an nit upon a young girl.
Today he was sentenced to pay the
costs, s.'.hi! fine and undergo six months
Threats to Lynch a Negro Asssllsnt Pr
oipltiitu Trouble In Ttxss
COBIIOANA, Tx., April 10 Ooe
week ago Mr. Moss, living oa the
outskirts of this place, Was assaulted
by n negro. i, ist Friday Morning a
negro attempted to assault Mrs. Mayn
ard, a widow living near Mrs. Muss.
Siturdriy night John Watts, negro,
was arrested nn suspicion and idsntl
Mod by Mrs. Mnyuard as her assailaul.
About L00 white people congregated
on the streets Saturday night and
strong threats were made of lynching
About as many negroes congregate I
and declared they would not allow the
lynching to occur A number of white
people made an appeal to thu crowd to
disperse and a rsc- riot was av- rt-. I
Wlllam Bain, an Eicp a Oonvletj ng
g-.l ul Keaob l hunk.
Mai i n Chunk, Pa., April ll Will
lam K. Bain, alias Robert 1'. Lord,
who escaped froul tho slate prison at
Michigan City, lnd., on March 5, was
arrested here today.
II .iu was serving a three-year sen
tence for larceny when be made his
SSCnpe, J W, French, warden, of the
prison, arrived here this afternoon and
will take lisiu back to Indians.
OhaunCCy Says That tho Reporters
Misunderstood Him as to
Chicago, April 10 "Do i want, to
be presidontt Why, certainly; but I
have not as vet become a candidate for
the nomination,'' hkm Mr. Obaancey
M. Depew as beSSUnt -red up and down
tho platform alongside his private cur
iu the Lake Shore depot this morning.
Then Mr. Depew went on lo explain
that the St, Louis reporter bad misuu-
derstood a pleasantry for a HriOUS
statement when ha wrote out the in
terview to the effect that the gn at
railway pr. hidt-nt was an avowed seek
er for the people's greatest gift.
"'1 lie candidate who begins running
thus parly will loco his breath hetore
190," continued Mr. Depew," and
should he obtain a lug lead would find
all other candidates conspiring against
biin "
"Well, who are the most likely can
didates!!" "Hold the convention right now and
the nomination would lie between Mc
Kinley and R"f, but it can't be said
what two years may bring forth iu the
way of eligibleS. There is a pruce
detit for General Harnsou's ro el to.ii.
Mr Cleveland was retired and canie in
again. Why shouldn't, the general do
so',' He is n strong man and
it pure man, and tiie policies he
espoused during the closing months of
his administration notably Hawaiian
annexation have, become overwhelm
ingly popular Besides, under Harrison
times were prosperous; iiud-r his suc
cessor they were distressingly bad.
Might not the people desire to change
back again',' lint it's too early to talk
ot candidates."
"Then you may enter the rnco later
on, Mr. depewT1 !
"You can't tell what two years may
bring torth," he replied with a laugh,
which might be taken to indicate either
the probability or thu improbability ot
his candidacy.
"The Democratic tariff policy 1 Well,
none of us knows what it is now or
what it is likely to be. The debates
ml discussions of tho much-divided
Demi oratic party remind me of s story.
Ouch two men. Started out iu u Yankee
schooner on a fishing trip, and to
neon, with they cast lois to decide
which should be captain and which
should be crew. The lellow who
won took his place at the tiller,
and ordered the crew forward to
manage the jib sheet. By nrnl by the
captain thought things looked squally,
soil shouted to the crew to shut the
jib sheet. T'm managing thing up
here,' Shouted track the crew, as he
consigned the captain to a warmer
clime. 'YoU 'tend to your own busi
ness.' Before long the schooner went
on the rocks and was smashed to
pieces. That's the way it is With the
Demooratio tariff craft. Captain
Cleveland can't manage the ctew. "
i .
Wilkes Parr.'i For Defeat OUit
Gntnsa ft ported.
PHILADI LPHIa, April 16 The
WilketBrrs team did not afford the
I'iiillies even good practice today, the
score nt th end of the seventh iiinint:
being ;it io 0, In favor of the Pbilsdsl -
phis. Score:
Philadelphia 0 4 8 H a 18 8-:t7
wilksa-Barre 0 0 0 0 U 0 o o
Hits Phlladelohl , Wi VVIlkes-Barre. fl
Kirors - l'hil.iileli!iiu. .'; Wilkes-Barre, H
Itatleries Siinri-ntl, laylorand ( lenionts;
Kesnan and Warnsr.
At New York
New York I 0 4 o :i 0 0 x in
Blnghamton . 0 i 0 " Q 0 n 0 l
His.. Bits New Y' rk. Bttsts and Vi.
son and Doyle. Bnrauamton Dolao and
PoUtl. Uwplrs Hurley.
At. Itrnokhn llrooklvn, 18: SnriiiL'-
II Id, 7.
ai now York- New York, id; Bingham-
ton, 1,
At Baltimore Baltimore, hi; Erie, ft.
ai Philadelphia University ot Penosyl
viinni, '.'I ; State iollsge, 8
W . i . i 'i OVl R THE SEAS
Bnbenstsln, the composer, is to retire
from public life lo his "slate in liussia.
Artist. Yon Loubacb, of Qertnaoy, is
painting a portrait of Ilisinar.-K for the
k steer.
Brsad riots are a daily oconrreno in Bes
head, I'eiHiu, w here there is iiili n... HulT
Oerniany will try to put. a protectorate
over Samoa, If the t'lilted Stntos wirh
dl aws from I he 1 rlple agieemeiit.
Before MOO Bpsnlsh pilgrims the Tope
beatiiled the Bpaalsh ureacher and theolo
gian, .loan d'Avlla Diego, at St. fitter's
Lord Fl'nncls Hope, presumptive duke
of Newcastle, who was recently reported
to have married Hay Vobe, the Anencao
actress, ha. been dec.lsn-d a bankrupt,
A moth's festival will bo hel l at Argen
tfUll, Fiauce, in honor of the famoo
tunic, which from HIM nnnienioi iiii has
boK.u looked upon ss the Inuorgartnsot
worn by Christ when l.o was scourgeU at
the pillar.
Coxuy's Anny Will Float un Ihi; Chesapeake
ami Ohio,
Tho Street Car Company Reaps a
Harvest Making Lotr, of Money
Carrying Peopli; to Hie Common
weal Camp A Contribution from
tho Company Tho Kelly Crowd at
Council Bluffs Watched by Militia.
Agitation at Spokane and Oilier
Cl'.MIiHltl.ssii. Mi, April IB.
lias been decided hy General
Coxey to remain in Cumberland
Until Tuesday. The army has
been a gold mine to the etret car
Ootnpeny that carrisd tho crowds to
II e camp on side of town, and It is
understood that a $100 contribution to
tin) army yesterday eras the substantial
Indneementio holding tlv common
weal army here another d-ty,
Coxey nas had trouble, however, in
getting transportation on tbe canal, tbe
canal company refusing to oome to
terms wltnont orders from Qeneral
Manager Nicholson, in GUorgetown.
'red Merlon's Sons, lumber merchants,
have agreed to hire boats if the canal
oompany will pass them through the
locks. The trip by water to Williams
port will give a muob needed three
days' rest to the army, wbioii is thor
oughly worn out mid footsore
The police force has been strength. :!. .1
by the the addition of thirty di puttee,
hut no trouble is anticipated.
Tho next crimp is to he known as
(.'amp Thackeray, a tribute of Browne
to the novelist's description ofisurround
ing country.
(J-neral Manager Nicholson, of the
Cbssapeake mid Ohio Canal company,
whose office is at Georgetown, or West
Washington, today telegraphed the
agent of the oompany at Cumberland
to permit tbe Coiey canal boats to pass
through tbe oanal from Cumberland to
Hattinsbnrg at the regular rates ol
toll. The Cumberland agent refused
to make an arrangement with Citizen
Coxey for transportation over the
ennui without the permission of Mr.
Nicholson, and telegraphed tbo latter
for advice.
At the Cntial enmpmy's ofliee it was
slated that the company bad uo right
to refus- to permit the passage of any
boats or persons over the route of tbe
canal provided the regulations were
complied with aud the regular toll
BPOKAKE, Wash., April Ki The In
dustrial army is growing stronger here,
and yesterday a permanent organisi
tion wa effeoted and captains were
elected. A committee waa appointed
to engage one of the large empty build
ings in the western part of the city lor
headquarters, and parada grounds have
also been selected. Two largo meetings
were held and the leadsrs said tnev ex
pected TOO men from S-attle an 1 adel
egation from Tacoma and Portland by
i he first of the month. Tbe army will
commence drilling today, and daily
meetings aro to be held,
Oregon's costinoknt on ihi hove.
UiiNKI'.rnu. Ore., April 10. - Company
A, Second Regimen) Industrial, com
prising sixty men. nnder the leadership
of Captain Charles E. K nn. arrived
from iiie south on Batnrdjy morning's
freight and are being fed by tbe city.
They talked ot g- ing north on Satur
day night's overland train, but tailed,
Tho Soul hem Pacific will send a woo l
train north to Divide this morning.
The army agrees to walk from there to
Etagooe, twenty-five miles
Novel Contust ti Dstetmies Whether Ii
is "Real Rotate "
BaLTIMORR, Md., April 111 An in
teresting suit Was filed yisferday 111
common pleas court. Mrs. Caroline
Dannedberg susd Isaac Dan nen berg to
secure possession of it pew in a Hebrew
synagogue Th defendant is the step,
sou of tbe plaintiff, who lie widow,
and upon the deatli of his father it ii
alleged that I ) inni ii hcrg took posses
lion of the pew, though his father hud
left nil hie property to Hie widow for
One side claims that Hie USW is Nel
estate, and that, therefore, the sou of
the dead man bad no right to trespass
upon it. The defense is bsroontrn.
Western Pennsylvania last week sent.
9,000,000 bushels oi soft ocal down the
i iino river.
Canal boats propelled by llttls electric
motors instead of mules are talked of for
i he Uohlgh Valley canal.
Tbe Pennsylvania Chautauqua will hold
IU summer meeting ai Uouut Qretna dar
ing lbs whole month or July.
Lancaster's missing tailor, George M
Ashen, who toon (d.l-'iii) cash vvt liini, lias
been beard from in New fork,
Although totally blind, Lsroy McDoo.
sld, ol McKeesport, will aoou start on a
journey across the continent on f..
Teiimg ins wire in win areary of life,
Isaac Spin r, a wealthy fanner near Al
o.uin, yestenhiy shot. Inin-ull lo death.
The entire family of Key. Q i gterllag,
of Bethlehem, was overcom by coal
iras Priday plgbt, but no ooe suffered er!
Her Slotbss having caught lire, JsOUls
Stoller, while picking coal along the
railroad near PottSVllW, was burued to
deal b.
Prison Waichniaii Pallou, of Wilke.
Bar re, hasbeeu hauled up by the comruls
sienera on a. charge ol cruelty, made by
seveial jaii inmales
Tim supremo court yesterday sfflrmsd
the Judgment of tiie ioer court In the
folio wing case i Oommonwealth vs. Mats
et a!, trom tbe quarter sessions curt of
Luserns county.
Rsess Davis, of Reading, has lost a horse
that lived thirty-sis years, and bis long
lite Is attributed to his whisky drinking.
Tbesnlmol liked nothing better tbaa Ii
pint of oid rye in a bucket of water, and
his owner freiiuoiitly guv,, him til's Isvor
ite tipple.
Pittsburg Will B Headqaartets of the
Great Deal Sir. lie.
PiTTsnuiio, April 111 The nntional
officials of the United .Mine workers
are now in Pittsburg to remain until
after tin. inauguration of the wage
battle snthorised by the reoent con
vention at ColnmbOS, O. There wiil
be no conference with the operators ol
tbe Pittsburg district unless the r..-
in"st for such conference comes first
from-tbe mine owners, It is believed
certain that throfonrtha of the min
ers in this dlstllot Will obey tho strike
order. ,
The presence of the officials of the
miner's organisation in tbl city is
taken tnindioate that the P'tlshnrg
district is lo be made tho center ol the
H Is No Followed by Forty -Six
Kuniry Coxtvltee.
WnxiHOTOK, Del., April 10 -Chris-topher
Colombu .Jone and bis coui
niouwealera stayed at Newport iut
ITlgbt and were lei by cltlSSns this
morning. Tbey then moved ou toward
Newark, six miles south.
There were forty-sis in the party.
Near Kikton then- is another party of
fori)' waiting to j .iii Joai
hello in nieS place.
The Loader of the Brazilian Insur
gents Driven Oil the
Kio Da Janeiro, April it; The gov
eminent is advised that Admiral Mello
did not surrender himself to the Urn
gnayan authorities, bat remsiaed on
board llm BepUbliea. It is said that it
whs ins intention to surrender to the
authorities of Uruguay nod that he
offered to do so on condition that they
would ijut turn him over to the Brasil
inn government. The Urnguayians
were not prepared to give bimaoy
such guarantee, and he put to tea in
the Republic,
After Mello had sailed away from
the Urguayan coast he returned to the
slate of Ifio lirande do Snl and at
tempted to land with his men, bnttbe
government troops drove him back and
oe re-einbarksd and steamed away.
Hi destinatien is not known.
It is reported that the state of Santa
Catharine has declared allegiance to
the government,
Pennaylvania Ri.rsooia:iv AppoinUd
by Governor PattiSrOa.
BARRISSrjBa, April lti Governor
Patlison Iims aptfiintel the following
persona to represeut Pennsylvania at
tin- national prison congress 'o bo held
at St. Paul, Minn., on June 10:
.1 li Patlon, of Huntington ; Samnel
McCamont, of Tyrone:.!. Henrv Coeb
riin, of Willismsport; ,1 A. IJiisr. of
Morgans; Joseph Albree, lsid..reCob
lenz, .liuues McCntchen, Kev. C. L
Bradsbitw, John HoAlbese, E s.
Wright, Hv. W. A. Kinler and Rev.
J. A Uilligan, of Allegheny City;
Rev. James Allison, Charles V. Hous
ton, A F. IKeadng, W. B Luis; on,
A J. Penticost, Thomas Wightmsn.
tleorge A. Kelly. T. I). Cseey. James
K, Reed, .1. Presley Heining, Rev. E.
R Donabue, R. h. McGonigle and
ttev. r.. p. urima, of Pittsburg; J. M.
Bnobbnan, of beaver; William H.
Chambers, John a, G.
Hopper, D. J. MoAdam, J. B.
McBride, Jsmes UeClsllaud, Thomas
UcKennan and W. v. Smith, of
Washington county; Henry M. lioies,
of Scranton; Hon. Richard Vans, An
drew J. Moloney, W, Frederick Snv
der, Henry 7. Ziegler, Qonrad li. Day,
Michael J. CsSsldy, Dr. M. V. Ball,
Frederick Collins, Dr. G G Davii.Ei.
mun.; Smltb, Richard D. Barolsy,
Howard Perkins and Dr. Benjamin F.
Butcher, of Pblladi Iphia,
Andonrisd Citizsns Vainly Cast Them
s iVS B'f r-. th Motor.
HAZMRON, Pa, April lfi Goflieb
Swain aud Stephen Girdrr, both of
Andenried, this afternoon tried to kill
themselves by lying In front of an
eleotrio car. The men prepare.) for the
ordeal by bearing tlvir breasts above
the waist. 'He- oar was crowded with
passengers as it spproaotteil Jeanu
ville, and nil were horrified to see the
moil throw themselves on tho rails be
fore the cur.
Tho motormsn quickly reversed his
current, hul did not stop the or before
it struck the men and pushed them
some distance along the track. The
OS USS for the men's attempt at suicide
is not known They cursed the man
for stopping the our an! had to be
forcibly driven from their ok.
Swain is mid to be BFaae hot no ana
can account for Ilia action of his Com-
Dnnxn Reiohstaa Bttmbsrs Abrent
lbnroIVBs unit 3ii p Saetaus
Brrmn, Anril 16 The relehstag is
having i.s mnoli illffisulty iii doing
husiiuss as tin- American bones of rep
rose u l tithes Abs ii to-ism continues
unabated, Half the sssts Inthehous
vere emptv nil loo week) and main
hours passed without the presence of a
Tho newspapers try In remedy the
abuse by publishing homilies on tin.
dnties ol deputies and exhorting the
absentees to remember their obliga
tion io ineir constituents,
Serious Anp.eti el he Great Stiiks ai
Bitsalngh un
BtKUiganas, Als,, April IS To
days developments in the miner.-'
strike snow that every mine in the .lis
iriel except those at Warrior and Tus
caloosa lid WallCT county Hie shut
down, fuiiv 7,000 men being opt,
The stnlte is growing a. d th situa
tion Is becoming m .r.. SSrioitS.
Wasrimsion, April ki, - nre
nisi )or v tfsdatr: '..( fihetsrs
nmnaifeaMia, genera (e mr,
rind icarniet' miii. miii
IVntsra fopnttffvcmfai ti
spiifiiusf wimh, yiMly oiulei- in uui.Uru
VOWADAY.S Hermsdorrs i practf.
oally tbe only Fest Black Dye for
Hosiery and Glovos.
All our "sellers" bear Hermsdorf's
-tump, and we are going to signalize
our Spring Opening by a HERMS
Monday, April 16
We shall opi?n in our
Hosiery Department
the most cotuplefe ssiortment of
Ilermsdorf Hoiery we have ever
shown Plain, Dropetiteb and Boot Pst-t-rus
and shall )ireg?nt to every pur
chaser of thee foods a valuable
Eerrasdorf Souvenir
with Heriui.d'jrf's compliments and
our own.
Ladies' Hose, 25, 35 and 55c.
Children's, 6 to3;, all s.zes, 25c.
Gents' Half Hose, 25 to 35c.
We t oh. ye these te Ira tho best values even
oller-od i 1 t Biuet. nod. n
510 and 51? Mmm Ave
THE GUTTI mm 4 Mm HIT- in
Maltese Cross
And Oak-tanned Leather Belting,
H. A Kingsbury
?13 Spruce St., Scranton, Pa.
Lewis, Reilly & Davies
Ladli ihoar friends our llt.SO, as, se.itor
ami :i Mints, sad so enthusiastic nre they
over their purchases that one ssl.. is sure to
ln 111.- mcsnsnf innkinn snotlier.
114 Wyoming Avn.
AIT UNTIL I get in my
new quarters and you
can get bargains in
that have never been offered
in Scranton.
The Jeweler.