The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, April 13, 1894, Page 5, Image 5

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Oil J W 9
. .
s and machinery co, I
The most dalioatt laUtic ruop
i rly cleaned m
Lackavauna Laundry
iOii retro Ave
Worrman& (loore
120 Wyoming Avenuo
Novelties in Dress Goods.
415 Lacka. Avenus.
one week',
.'ginning Monday,
April i()th, we will
sell All-wool Extra
Super Ingrains
Regular 75c goods.
(ML ft .... U..
1 ' I
'27 Wyoming Ave.
Th. Ur.ifin OesspaaV, Ltmitsd.
'liua line. Baggage and frei!;nt called f'r
nnd delivered promptly. 107 franklin
Children's matinee at ew Wonderland
theatre Saturday morning. Doorsopen at
B o'clock, performance at 10. Let the lit
tle ones 0 and see "Uncle Tom' Cam'u.''
rieven case of mea-loa atnl two of dip
thurta were r-p&rted to the board of health
xssterdar, Uaeuf tbe eases of diptberia
h located In Ryda Park and the other in
(liven Hid".
Lew Doekstader's well known minstrel
eempaay will lw tbo attraction at. tin
Krothinghnm theater next Jfonday even
i'ie, aim tlit calo of seats will "p..n ;it
Powell's .Music store at'' o'clock this morn-
inK. On tbe eveningofths pei'tVirnwnce
tickets Will bo bgIU in the lobby of tiie
At the recent annual SJtembly of the
Eolith Florida (-'hatnu'iua at Mount JJera
-tne 1 nansaaana modeiad alter ire New
"lk state ''hatainu wa notice, that, our
townsman 1 ... iNettietoM. wasrsLeoUd
an first vice DTMldeat and also re-elected
president oi lbs Generel Congregational
nisociation of Plorida.
a pjeaaaut birthday party was Riven nt.
the homo of Mr. and Mre. Patrick Mc
Gill, nt South Washington avenue Tqh
day, m honor of the levsnteentb birthday
of their daughter. May. Amouc the s
present were: Misses K. McCarthy, P..
Bwarta, B. Courtrigbt, J, and M Gsrrity,
'I and A. kilcnlleu, A. McGillj and Mas
tor W. McDili, (i MeCarthy. W. and I',
simier. .Miss MeGill received a number oi
presents from iier friends.
Aniienscir uuscu IJasr.
te-ats Li.ii muii's, IX bvruco u "
Commutes Aecommsnds tin of
tin Vohurir Farm.
The members of ths poor board com
mittas appeiuted to nrfaut;e for tho
nurchaao of additional land for the
Hillside farm, met last oveninfc at the;
Free Preen cilice, and opoucd tbo bids
received, threniii number.
.IcbhIo TwinloR offered to "H the
poor board ISO m.-roa of land for $10,000.
William Atherton Valued his farm,
OpniisUng of 130 acres, at $100 jir aore.
(morrje W. I'.eemer, who owns 140
in res, fUueted one-fourth of a milo
touthwest of the poor fartu, oll'ered to
Hell the same, for jlt) j.or acre. Tula
was considere.i n very reasonable flgurc
nnd Hie committee dsctdsd to recom
mend the acceptance of .Mr. Beemer's
If the poor board purclinses this
tract, as il doubtless will, as more ! !
Is greatly needed, the poor farm win
then consist of 309 acres. At present
the board is renting 00 mires of land for
pufttnre, paving a yearly rental for tlie
mine of lf:!00. 'J'lie pnrciiiiiu of the
Beemor.trsot, which is known as the
Vosburg farm, will provide infHoionl
land and there will be nu necessity of
luuliUij alter thin year.
Tssi. for Art
Way be easily CUltiVatsQ.
TninuNC Mnltichromes.
Bm Ink
Itri MtAKi'-; for linu groceries and mar-'
kl Kcode of all Kinds. "
a ' t ,.i
The L.add.
Wait tor Uueruuey Bros.' new goods. l
nil iams k
i 110 HE il
lusu Buojut o: the iHktiuutt Bu As
sccialiou Wre Enjoyable.
Mr.jor Everett Wnrren Was Toaut
Mastar and Introduced Jutlpjo R. w.
Archbald, tv-Jmlqe Soeley, Ex
Congrc jsman Amirititri, Qornallua
Coni;!nvs, Ex-Justice Hindi M A.
McGinlay, H. J. Bsamtsh, Edward
Marrifleld, dudga Jotm Lynch and
dudga Benjamin Peck and Hon. De
Forrest Van Vieet.
The Court of Hilarity, Judge Bl
wards presiding, met In annual leasiou
ii tiro ( Sourt HniHrt fKt evenins mul
lipl'l a fiw tivnir beating Of in no than
ordinary Intsrsst.
Thoss who .comprise this augnit
body um msmners of tbs Lacka
wanna bar usoeiatioq or law stu
dsnts who hi)i to ons 'Uy bs number
l mi among it aotive members,
Annually thu Bar saioelation holds
i banquet which is recognised as one of
the must enjoyable events of the kind
hrld in the city. Lost night's waa no
exception to the rule, it ws a very
; informal affair murk' l l y union of that
pirit of freedom whiah obaraoterisee
th dinners of ths Clover club, of I'uii
sdelpbia It required all the bardihcod that a
self oosseseed lawyer ! commonly sup
posed to posseis to bring a speech
making effort to anything Ilka sno
cssaful lisoe. What with l'r-d PJeits's
"exsotly," Senator llePonald's
louder," and lik? relevant, pertinent
and timely Interjections from a score
of other u'uid barristers, the speaker al
time.' was at a loss to l;uow what to
consider himself, tiro entertainer or the
L'i:t everytliiug was in a ipirit of
good fellowship and was aoesptod us
suob, The banqaetters oared not for
the stern practicalities of life. All of
that had been put behind tiimi for the
nonce, liter were content to Iuu.jh
with the world and make the sjimlser'.i with tln'in. Tb'V succeeded.
The banquet of 'H will loni liuj;r in
the memory of those who participated,
At 7 o'clock the banqnetters repaired
i to the tablt Wbiob had bi-en spr"a 1 in
I tbe main corridor of the court house.
Scores of incandescent lignti and
banquet lanipn threw a Rood of light
mi the tastefully arrauged t.iui.t
which Wi re ornamented at intervals
with p.iltm and tr 1 choicest pro! net of
the reeti Uouae. Tiie 8h its at the table
i bad been assigned in advenes and each
member of the party found a card at
n,s plata be ri:i- tin name.
At the center of the table JndKa II,
M. Edwards, the pr-siJ"i:t of the oveu.
ing, ca ! tl)i position of honor. On big
isft was Meier Kverjtt Warren the
toastmeater of t'ne evenipg, and on the
riht, Ju ige Jolia Lynch, of vilk-.'s-
Barre Others present were:
Jndf,'e R. v'. Archbald, Judge Bsniatnio
Pock, of To wanda; ox-Just tee Alfred Efand,
lex-Judge H. SI, Beeiey, ex-Jndge it. A.
.'ICniipp, ex-Juilcro P. P. bmitli, Hon. I.e
I V ijrrent Van VleeS, Ithaca, N. Y.l Attor-
' Ainoriisn' W. W. Baylor. It. J. Beatniab,
lc du Pont Brock, James E. Hon-, William
0. Boyer, Walter Briags, John B,
Cornelius Cmegys, Melvin i. Uorbett, J.
Anon Davis, w, 8. Diehl, David J.Davis,
Mieor".' i'. IJavUsfiD. . 1.. LWVIS,
Ba ene D. Fellows. V. W. Flelts, John P.
Murphy, W. il. liearhart, U. J, Han i.
lnrace E. Hand, E. H, House, George 8.
i Horn, SV. (1. dessup, jr., John P. Jones,
I Vv'iiiiam B. Lewis, Milton W. Lowry,
John ;. McAskie. jr. A. McQiniey, Bo
ward Merrifield, II. W. Mulboliami. R. J.
Murray, J. W. Oakford, .leaeph O'Brien,
I James J. O'Neill, Herman Ostbans, P.
. Partridge, B. .''. Patrick, Qeoroe i. Peck,
j 'j'. i". Penman, B, H. Pr.ce, Harry Ik Reyn-
j ld, Oeor derson. M. 1'. P.uudo. P. W,
Stokes. H. L. Taylor, W. Uayioid Thomas
! a. A. voeburg, CJeorge M, Wation. w. w.
Watson, W. A. Wileox, M. J. Wilson, R,
a. Zimmerman, ity Solicitor Robert
Hiuarf, Carbondale; i Ity B lietor James
ii Torrey, senator a ncuopain, ms
triet Attorney John P.Kelly, Sheriff John
t. Paliey, tJourt tteao(frupher 11. II. Cos
ter Ctsraof tbe Courts John H. Thomas,
Register of Wills II. T. Koehlsr. Coun
ty Commissioners. Giles Roberts, B. w.
Roberts, John Demuth, C'.roner J,
,t. Keilev. Prothonotaty 0, E. Prvor,
Ueputv Frothoiiiitary Myron Kns
sol, County Borveior A, B. Donning,
ir Law Btndenti foun Bonner, John Ed
wards, P. F. Timlin, 0. P. WMailey, An
gostns Uittnnburt:. .ioin.s UcDonald,
Kobirt Adams, Lonll Howell, Mr. l!;er..,
M. J. MeAndrawf
I he menu card was 11 uniiitie pro hi
; Uou r,..,ard after the form of a leg il
: ,',,' ,. Meiosed la a manilln
lil case audi as is w prei I Ve
legal papers for reference, On the liio
case the following was printed.
No. II. liil.irlty term, 1801,
In Be
I died April 12, lv.l, 880 6, in.
Exit lao'rlocK
( oiirt lloiisij Corridor.
' i I'Bntlir, chairman I
HORAt B P.. Kami, I Attorneys
W, H. JlSWtfP, jr., for
M, 1. 1 ions art, l hiaestors,
v. U. Lm is, j
Uonroittee. i
Tbers was notiiiti.,' tolems about the
banquet, The splendid menu was dis
cussed leisurely while she merry j et
and anecdotes nnd stories, eiiliViniui;
and entertaining, aped, around the
Tin: KFSAKtXU HEifl.N.s.
it was ii o'clock when tim msmbers
of the bar an I their guests wru culled
to order by .fudire RlfVaVds, who sain
that he was glad of an opportunity to
th'ink iii" committee foroalllng bin to
the honorable potltlon of president of
the evening. Be returned thanks for
tbe fact that the grim reaper had
not invaded tho bar aSSOOlatlon dur
ing the year, nnd e':prnssed regret
that the ree.snt lllneai oi Judge P W.
Qunster prevented him fiom being with
them and participating In tbe festivi
ties el ibeooeasipOi Although be is
the oldest judge of the Liekawanna
court, ho c. ild bis Hympatniet sseui 1
to be with th youni;er iimmbeM of the
btr. He Mateatad that nt lirat
he found it sotmnvhat irk.ioine to
fit nlone on the neueli nnd oft
en felt incline I to step dawn
and discuss the caso at Issue with the
I lawyers, if-' appealed fa tbe old mem-
bars the neslois of the liar to h.
I honest with the court and not to quote
i law as law when they know it is not
I tho law applicable to the case nt Isius,
Judge Bldwards then read letters Of re
I ;,Tet from iladuos RipA Beatle, Stvldge
and Woodward and Lieutenant ti.iv-
j ernor Walres, who weje unable to be
present fieolosed by introducing us
l the toastiuiisLer of the eveglug Msjot
i Bwerett Warren.
In acoepting the dutiti of the post
lion Mr. Warren tnada n vnry hippy
aildrsaa, closing by tsyiji an aloqusot
tribute in Jadga u. v. Arohbald's
ability aud great fairaesi and jadlolotu
uus on tbf bench. After the nssni'
blase bad drank a toast to the btaltb
ni ,7 mine AroWbald that gentleman Was
naked to respond to tbs Brat toast oi
tin' atoning, ' Legal Bllsnce,"
Judge 'Archbald opsned by saying
teat lie bud ben unit-1 .y nifdlatjn
gnisbed associate, Judge Granstsr, t
xpr 'Si bis i.xris nt nut being al I to
be present Hn then dlsonsiod in a
most lateresting way various kinds o(
leunl siicncr, his witticisms frequently
provoking applanse and laugbtsr. Be
clnntnl by saying that if In uu Hilont in
an art, to li l";;tllv nilont is udiiiy
which all ihoniaend avor to perform
V.x Oongresaman Lsmnsl Amsrman
was tiie next person railed opon by
Tosslmastsr Warrsn. Re wns miced
to (nnk ubinit the "Preparation of
t lasts, " .Mr. Amcrman suit i
There are two essentials for a lawyer in
the preparation of a rate first prepara
tion, second a case, 1 1 Is preparation eou
lists In a knowledge of men nnd sffsirs,
for there is nothing bs must not knew;
an i ducated comuion sunse, for lawil tho
per f ec tioh ot reason ; control of bimself,
for trying rases is an art) an bonesi heart!
tor the guldeu rnle is the foundation of
justice, and a memory well stored with ail
the principles of the luw,
A case ie sometimes bard to get, Blaok
done was sixteen year. wit hunt a cine,
Brougham waited ten years without a cli
ent. Don't make a oase, or take onetbal
bas no merit in It, Ths number of menu
factored easeswe see in cunt from time
to time Is not creditable to tbe manufac
turers. Clients won't pay if told they
have no niK,., hence tbe temptatiou to take
oases without merit it requires courage
tossy to clients," Igree, for Justice ti low,
verdlots and uncei tain and law ie oostly,''
yet the coursgeons lawyer prospers In
fume and finance, clients will some day
leuiu to pay lawyers to keep Utemout of
Having the preparation ami a ess? how
shall a lawyer procoed. It Is marvelous
bow a ciunt will try to deceive bl lawyer
us to the fsots hi the eae, lie must be
compelled to tell the whole truth, A ro
talosr la like oil, it prevents friction mid
tbe machinery works easily. It tnsnrci
cor.t'nlence on the parr of the eh -at. tor he
iniinediatelv culls you ".My lawyer.'' Voll
are his lawyer, hut he must not be permit
ted to dictate how the case shall ba tried.
Sharply define the lsue nnd nuke bin un
derstand it. Let bim know i be difficulties
of the case. It is never Kafo to tell him ue
will rarely win.
In the preparation of the law the funda
mental principles applicable to tbe csie
should be ascertained. These principles
may no Illustrated oy reported ca-es, t he
tendency of both the bench and t lie h tr i.
to neglect principles and reiy ou reported
CflSee. This renderi the law uucert In and
muny times defeats iostice, Let tbe needle
deflect from jus'ice but a fraction of a lie
gree in the tirst case and alter a d ixeu or
more cases following tbe same conrss nd
you Bad yourself sailing away from jus
tice, that Inw and justice are no Unur
the same.
UtQAti woriosa
Ex-Judge H, If. Sevly was called
upon to respond to the toast, "Legal
Fiction?." He sal 1 in part:
There nro legal notions and fictions of
law. .Sow- what is a Qctlonl in order
that we may have tho case clearly before
us I have brought Into court this evening
itch aruml lucid ilellnitl.-n of tlio term.
A legal flotioo is a true lie. It ie a lie be
cause It is a lie, and it is true because the
law enys it is on the principle that we may
do evil that good may result.
After relating n number of Instances
of what he termed legal Sotlon tie sail
there was a moral to all this and it was
that things are uot alW.lVS what they
seem to br.
Attorney Cornelius Comegys followed
the cx-Wayne jurist with remarks
about ''Fellowship of tbe liar." He
declared that no other occupation has
snch n long array of distinguished men
us the law. Iti closing he said:
Lot w drink to Anld Lang Syne and to
the law the law which is aspirit of peace
descending from high places hovers over
all, (aiding the strong, protecting tbe
weak, repressing tne wrong) the law
through and by which tbe productive en
ergy, the inventive genius and mecbauical
skill of our people has created u national
life already, though young with n past o'
wonderful attainment and a future richer I
ami rarer in promise than is the dream of
ambitious otjkvariclons youth.
Bx-Juitloe Alfred Hand was ui ihii
point Introduced by Toaatmaster War
ten 'I he toast to which he was asked
to respond was "Classification of
Lawyers," During bis ducjurse he
said :
Mr. President, toastmeater and follow,
lovers of retainers:
1 understand perfectly why my frietul
Arcbbald's jealousy was aroused at the
programme presented here tonight. The
committee have shewn me a Very great
compliment -Riving to me the only scien
tific subject that there is on tho pro
gramme. Y"ll Will notice they have us
signed to Judge Archbald the still bunt, to
Iriond Amermnn nil the bard oases, to
my friend Beely all the lying, to my friend
Comegys the bar, to friend Beamish the
lllgbts of the imagination, to McGlnlsy
the bad memory, and to our absent friend
the IWing around the circle, and they nave
given t" me tne only icientific subject . To
tie frank with yon I will any that I ap
pointed the committee. Something has
bet n said about the law and very pro:' irly,
t e nil Know what the law is- a ruls of
human action. Tbe old principsl stands as
pure justice matured w ith the wisdom of
the age. a statute is no more law than
any other written document nntii it is
muted with the principle nnd experience
nnd becomes part of the wisdom of the
people, and in Hint senso it ii true. The
voice of the people Is the voice of God. it
is no more true that the Mchtinley bill is
law than that the NTileon bill will become
law. A statute Is no law, The gentleman
With Whom I lead taw said, if yen matter
the common law yen area lawyer nnd that
Ie all that is required, it embraces nil
principles and all cases are lonadod on
The llrst classification that would uatur-
aiiv come to mind would be tbs learned
lawyers nnd the unluai neil. W hen I have
'completed the fist there will be no one tc
put Into Iho latter. Wueu I lake the tem
p.i.'inenls of the bar lh lu-! will b'
harder. We have the profound lawyer,
Hie nlirawd lawy-r, the wise lawyer, the
dew lawyer nnd the objective lawver, nnd
we have the man that cannot be
taken unawares, and ho on. The
Lackawanna bar compares with any bsr
that I Know of In tuo state. We will all
have to taken little criticism to reach tbe
lugiiost standard that I spoije or nt ths
start, and that is to labor that we OS "in"
lawyers with n isnss of the dignity and
manhood that we owe to tint law, to BO'
oisty, to the community, to the state and
the nation, Wtere all ready to step on
he last round where t here in room for all,
To dothlewemuet labor while we have
hearts to hope, inimU to tuuili
and lung' to breathe, This h
the task before you nnd promise
me that you will labor in that direction a.
laiibfnlly as you have entered Into tbe ju
bilattou tonigiit.aiidl can make aclns Ifica
tioa that easily embraoee tbe entire Laoka.
waunn bar, ami tnut I- that, it Is the only
bar thai stands unclassified, because us
msmbers all stand on tho t p round,
Attorney H. J. Beamish, the post of
the Kir oasooiatton, was nexi Intro
dueed npd reel a poem entitled
"Courts of Pennsylvania," It wasrs
ositred with every evidence nl fav r.
"Things u Lnwyt-r Should Forget"
drew forth n response from Attorney
ML a. McOlnley, who spoke for tbe
younger in inlvrs of the liar, lie said:
Mil. m''s EUtMARKO,
Mr. TOSSt muter. Honorable IttdgSI, Mem
bers of Lackawanna Bar, ami oilier liars;
"Things a Lawyer saouhi forget," tne
subject assig n d to me, i. a singelsrens,
in unit it is difficult to anderstand how a
lawyer one forget ttmt whi.'b hu gavsf
knew or possessed, it is impossible to
takesemstbmg from nothtngi mil wh-n
the attempt is made to designate tbo
tbingj a lawyer should forget the first
point to be ascertained fs what he knows
or possesses In order to he in a po.dtiou to
know what ho can forget.
it BSemi the Committee has not been
Very explicit a in what Is meaut by
"tiling. Whether It refers to tbe jaw
Ver'a hand-', to hit fo t or to s .;n :i tide
of w an ig uppareli or whether it u'lud-s
to the parti a to tne suit, the Jary, tbe
members of thwbai orth. learoed coin- ,
the committse apparently bad not the
time to elucldatei
After defining In a humorous wiv
the words that oomprils tb lUbj a ot
liia toast, Mr. Met Holey a lid :
A lnwyer h add forget the cams lie hai
wmi. After the cli 'iit h Mi:ur-il ny the
depo II of his retainer, t ie declaration iu
the case filed and tba bail started rotllngt
after tbe case il upon lbs jrlal Hit and
continuance after continuance is sought
and obtulned; after many weary dears of
n ei rcb In turning the dusty leaves of
dog-eared authorities in the preparation
ofabriof, mid the case finally comes on
for trial 1 lit er Hie jury has been called
and "fixed by Kasson nnd their eare tre
punned by the bursts ol eloquence on ths
pert of oouosel for plalntlifi after the
witnesses bnvi been sworn, and, in their
own way, have nu ravelled their tales of
woe, while thoss fvitieman of the jury
who arc not sleeping are fo isting their
eyes on the artistic figure designated by
dim Iltinn as "that Woman on tnoOSiting
that' bliudfeldedi" niier tbe defence has
iviated it-i Version of the Conspiracy Ut
issue and, Indlreotly, mentions tne plain
tiff's witnesses hi colossal prevaricators
wblcb in Hi" parlance Of the day means
obel Kal iii after the oranssi In the
case have sgsln Inflicted a pyioiccnuicai
harangue unon a sufforipg jury and a
gupiug audlenti ; utter the learned (Joint
has whetted Iti scalps! sod dissected tho
law governind tbelssne; after th3 "twelve
good men ami i rue,'' with solemn step and
slow, have followed the leadership ol
Herr von Ritter to the n,iiiat precincts
ol tli'.' caucus chamber, divested tln in-
selveiot th'ir coat", lighted their pipes
and discussed the questional to whet nor
or not they will be able to make a full
week or only get live days pay out ot tbe
county; finully, when unlike tbe six bun
died at Balaklava tee jury o imea trooping
bsokagslu and delivered its veraiec to
Tommy Daniels, and after tbe lawyer bus
learned that me conclusion ot tbe "twelve
of his peers" is In his favor, and has re
ceived the remaining duoats from bis
ehent, I aav, gentlemen of tbe bar, tbat
cio-e with all its annoying Incidents and
all the clashee with the attorney on the
Other Side, is one of the things a lawyer
should ior:;'t, banish from alsmomorj
mid the space occupied bv it taken up by
new matters, He will do wall to bury it
quietly, putting over Its last rssting place
tbe suggestive and iouI Inspiring liuess
"When yea find u fat gooso,
piueit him clean i
And lei the fat goose
STty Hie lean I '
To my Immediate brotaen who compose
tbe younger ban There are m my things
we sbonld forget, in the th-st place we
should forget that we are llviug, becau-e
the fact of our existence Is so lodistloct
ami rem it- ut times that it it donh ful if
wo me within the charmed circle. We
should forget thai oar briefs are exceed
ingly limned and end MVor to make up in
quantity what they lack in number. We
sbonld forget thai the vast mnltitode that
Warm the chain Without the railing in the
court room neglect to cheer ni u with ap
plause nn t encouragement when a paint is
scored against. us. Wo should forgot tbat
wears not of the hoi arietot and have not
yet roache I tbo goal toward which we
are striving. Wo shenld forget tbe
looks ot withering scorn that ate
cast upon us by some of our
more tortunato brothers when we fall to
BhoW tbat we are walking encyclopedia,
of legal lore, Wesboald torget that pas
lession h ten-ninths of the law when tbe
other fellow has the meat and we have tuo
bo I a litigation. We should forgot
that our rent i due and unpaid, that our
boarding mistress husiuu soother chalk
mark on our account, and that we know
the source from whence the wherewithal
is to be obtained to nice, ths little incum
brances that must bs liquidated; for few
ot us me like Abraham Lincoln, of Whom
one of Lis biographers aptly I ays, "al
though he was snort ot funds, in was long
ill ti'.e h g-, and had Ho biUg to do bUt to
walk loBpringfleld where his friend, John
T, Smart, cheerfully supplied his wants."
We should forgot that we do not as yet
need a policemen at the door to tog and
number our clients that they may not
ho injured i i tbe rush. We should forgt
tblt tbe time has not yet come lor us to
hold the lines of fast trotters, and tj eat
pie three times a day.
sllotli.l lor;8t. all tuesa tlr.igs. For
get that a S bill is an event. Forg t that
the world moves sine we cu:, m. mo.o
with it, t bough seine others iu-.-,: les law
yers nro only made cognisant of tho fact
in a inuuner similar to the man who had
been ntteudlnga popular lecture on astton-
oiny. TbS subject of the dl--
course was that the world moved, refer rina
Oallileo's -nniiressed ile.'laratioii in ve.
lntieii to the I set. The gentleman, "alter
I he hill was over," in his BUXicty to (jet
thesuniect, thiouch hi:a. mute freanent
stops at liquidating establishments along
MS route lioine, consio'ieiitly liecame si
exhilarated tbat the ground seem ti to
heave SI he essayed to walk. At last, iti
despair, be caught his arm around a friendly
1 it n, 1 1-1 H i t and, as lie it. eK-
claimed, "By gosh! Old Galllleo was;
the world does move.
what bBouIiD m: roROOTTBIt.
We should forget our Blaekstons, nt
least II would seem so judging from the
limited number ot times wo hear It q toted.
We should forgst our Cblttyon Pleading
because ulnae B.nator McDonald and
Prank Okell have been ut Rnrrisburg
there is no need of a lawyer crowding hi.
mud with pleadings. Life is too snort
We sbonld forget tbe dlssppolntmsnts re
ceived al Ills hands of tho court. We
should forget tho license application! we
were rare would be grunted and which
were overlooked by ths court. We should
forget the that were promised and
never leeetvod, We should also forget tho
tees we did receive and stand hit" Oliver
Twist still calling for "in ire."
What Is there then la all we can recall
that we should fell to forgot: Perhaps
nothing, except ! hat Abraham Lincoln,
Uufus Cboate, .fumes T. Brady. Charles
O'Connor, Jeremiah Black und ether dis
languished men of oar brilliant nineteenth
OSUtury, were all. ill their early practice,
bustling, struggling, briefless banisters
traveling over the rocky road of experi
ence just a ; you nnd I nre now doing,
Bnt tbere aro hundreds of other things
we lb mid forget. Wu should forget we
are here tins evening, Wu should for
gel thai a man is never convicted 00 cir-
enmatautlal evldeacei bat some clroum
tautlal evidence is w ry strong as when
you "lind a trout in the milk ' Wesbould
forget the client, and Hie bUSlneM that
were to be tent as by msgnanlmouifrleads
but WhlCU were like the "letter thai never
came." We should forget that the busi
ness of the chart i Hirer years behind, for
w hut is three years In the life) of along
winded lawyer,
Ami lastly, my brethrsn, l would sin'
oerely request that you forget that I have
spoken. I have lorgotion my speech, The
ei nuscrlpt, iiko the Dutehman'i anchor,
is h line, and I forgot to bring it with me!
And feeling sure you will forget anything
1 may have said, I pioini.,o you I shall
easily forget tho misery ami torture I have
kept you in for the pist fifteen minutes
and will now forgot to stand up nnd wiv
Iu tlio siisince of Lieutenant Gov
ernor L A. Watres, Edward Mrrrl
fisld was called tin m to reapotul to the
toast "One More Round." Judge John
Lysoh mid Jo Ig" Beojuniu Peek were
vnIm on and made brief reipouie, ami
Hot lie Forrest Van Vieot, of tbaoa,
snoan to the toast "Opeetsand isi-
iotsf iii an entertuiiiiug way. Tne
bsniuei was brought to g aJosi by
.iiidje Eldsrardt
I Will Onn on Shiu.iUv
liulni-'h llloeaur will opan lii Unii.p fur.
uinh! a Htoie touiurrnw nt 1J1 lvnn
iivmii'. His Sim k) is very liir,, mid hny
I'lsot iiiiuaii furnisiiiiii; ,,oils on a jot, br
Uiills iq his DSW BtQI that, luivo ni'Vi r tiwii
offsi-d iu tbe eilJ li'lurf. Sir. Btosaar
wilumkr) n sjifcialty of tt ami 10 cent
Joseph Jeftreys ysstsrday registered
with Protbonotary l'ryor as a law stu
de: r m tho office of Attoruoys llulnlaudcr
it Vosburg.
Court yeeWdav mode on order diro.:ti' g
thin Proak H. Beeiey, u prisoner at the
countyjdi be transrerred to theLooka
wanna fa sdil for treatment, Beeiey is
servi:. five mo -t .' crm at Itnpris m
mnt for forge y, He is lUjrsriug fro a
blood jmtso ifng,
BbsrUPs deeds were SCknowfrdlied in
open eourt yeefotday to It il. 1'bmop,
John E wiiiuims, Patrick a. Bold m,
Thomas Krels, Jan b 11. Klinged, Acme
Rearne. D. A. R iharlMAn ICtllmni I) I'm.
ell, Helen, Kate and Louis Brhnen, Qer-1
man l.uilding associiitloti, P. r. f:eD ill-
oel), Nettio v.. Walter. Industrial Building
nnd Loan nSBOCiatlon, Lttev .1 Uoud, C. L
Bill. Jacob Wagner, 0. S. Woodruff,
Mi' bs I lleeban. Meadow Brook Building
and Loan nssocisth n.
Dccaaieti Was Guilty of Contributory
NegllgenC Mr, Salisbtiry Gets a
S'JO Vacdict Oilier Cr.scs.
After court convened yesterday morn
ing Judge Lvncn, in court room'.'
granted u compulsory non suit in th
case of Mri Msrtba Jans Beamani
against tbe Delaware, Lackawanna and
Western Railroad company. Mrs. Sea
mans asked damages lor the death ol
her husband, who wns killed on the de
fendant company's road at a ornssln g
near Fnctoryville, in February, 1W1
lu granting the non-suit Judge
Lynch said thai the inpreiae court had
decided that if a man iu approaching a
crossing does not stop, look and listen
and is Immediately thereafter killed by
a train on tbe crossing, no matter how
trave the negligence of whloh tbe com
pany may bo guilty, he is guilty of
contributory negligence and his sur
viving relatives cannot recover. The
s line court h ,s again lately decided
that if a man approae ling a orosslog
Can have u view of the track for ii
long war and even though he stops, looks
snd listens and after war Is end-iavors
to cross tbs tracks and is klllelbe
thereby takes his life iu his own hands
and there can be no recovery.
The CSIC of A. W. Salisbury tig ainst
Jonas Latur was giv-n to the jury
about II o'clock yesterday morning
and at 2 p. ru. it returned with a ver
dlci oi sio In favor of the plaintiff
While the closing arguments were
being made to the jury iu the case, s
note for P. F. O'Boyle of Carbondale,
one of the jurors, wis banded to Judge
Bl wards, It cuuv.ved the sal i itelll
genee that Mr. O'Boyle'a mother Imd
tlird inddenly at Carbondale. After
th. jury nad been charged, by consent
nf, counsel Mr. O'C .yle was sxousvd
from duty and eleven me.i pssisJ upjii
the case.
The jury in the case of Henry Col
lins ngainst the Carbondale Traction
oompiiuy went to Csrbn .dale yjster lay
morning to view tan property said to
have been damaged, It had not re
turned np to the time court adjourned
nt i! HO and cOnsequsnlly no iiusiiies
was trensneted ticioro Judge Peek in
No. yesterday.
Wt -n the case of the llirtie Seal
company against George S Brock wns
called for trial, tbs defendant failed to
nppj-ir ia 1 a v -r lict was t tken f r th
piuintiir for $81 00, the amount claimed.
An action brought by A B. Harrington
against Gu rncey Brothers to r.coTi-r
ibAUt 800 as ojmmis.ious on pi uioi
and organs that he sold for the dt fend
.tits, was next put on trial b.for
Judge Lynch. Hj r Ev rett Warren
rsprtsenta ths plaintiff, ami Attorney
0 H. Wells tbe defendants, The plain
tiff's -il- of tho cis bad not all been
pn Banted When onrt adjourned fir
the day.
Call at the Bcrsnton Cash store and
learn the process of making beautiful
bread uu I cake I rem tbo celebrated Gold
Medal and Superlative Floor made by th-Wasbburn-Crosby
Co., of Minneapolis.
Instruction free.
l.i. i ii i r, oniniie, radishes, kiue and spin
ach at Rviohart's Msrkst.
KnL Boses lixclus;vly.
Best made. Play any desired number of
tunes, tiiiutschi - Sons., manufacturer
11)80 Cbfstnnt street, Philadelphia. Won
derf ul orrhestrial organe, only tS and fm.
Bnecialtyi Old music boxes carefully re
paired and improved with new tunes, as
B"ave You p
Bavs you lean ihe beautiful multi
chromes r if not, cull at 'ihe Tribuxi
business offloe to-day and ba convinced of
their excellence.
. .
Wi nro prepared to furnish business
men With first clssi stenographers and
typewriters by the day or hour, B Teuton
Commercial association, limited, 403 Bproce
street. ,
TttXT all fnlli tbe factories we menu, to
make mattreasos with Benton tbeunhol'
terer, 811 Adama eve. Hair and nil kinds
of made over for I1.S0, New
ticks. A, 0, A, i-l 03
Km s; '.
Balance of my took, tuo Lackawanna
avenue, to families at wholesale oulv,
Friday and Saturday.
" B. G. Covnmtx.
Fni in creamery tutter,88c.! gnaranteed
strictly ftcsh eggs at Reiohart's Market.
. . -
Haoms juet retnraed from New Yoik
with a lino lot of carpets, ruginnd mats.
KM I'enn avenue. .
r- s
That we are here and
all opened up, we can
show you something
new in the line of
White China
lor decorating.
4T Lackawanna Ave,
Best Sev.3 of Teeth,$800
ireiuiiitu tim rani Mttroutlai
it (aU) by ..: mtnviy aaW i'i
S. C. Snyder, O.D.S.
lUo WYUftsINQ AVii
V'-XT." :.
TliisJ IS
one KIHD
Kiel S AS
B ii v o, ii,
H.rr II,
i .''. PENS AVE.
Are rotthw away at si .-.o. i
128 Wyoming; Ave.
W,afaUlltleofLadiei and j
l,o.l,i; 11 .......
uroiuug niiuuca in'
' SlartfcwL&U.
A Handsome
I3 our gift to our patrous this season. We depart slightly
from oar usual custom of presenting gifts: that is, wa will
not confine it to clothing purchisei exclwivaly, but to all
other departments. Every purchaser of Men's, Hoys" or
Children's Clothing, Shoes, Hats or Furnishings, whose pur
chase amount! lo One Dollar (1.00) or over, will be given a
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Our elegant display of Wearing
Apparel for all ages is a captivating
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J Cs
PEI (Mil &
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lighted willi it.
Save yon got the right idea of ill It yon haven't, ruli In; we
will explain it to yon. Aftk your neigbbori about It,
The Pree Distribtttiou will last aboul three treeka.
liy permiuion, we refer yon to the following, a few of onrouito
MR D, E MORQAN, Q Suvilpr aTenu, BsIUtqi,
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MUS s. b II AHltls, -n; Peun avsoua
tiiomas MUNLEY, fUQ . Arohbsld, P.
MRS BREWER, 111 Laroti 1,1 rent.
MKS. MULLEN. IU? DiTiRion B vst.
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Here We
Are Again
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rVt-pY lAtiv nMh..i.a ,
Hal this week will bj preiietid with s
silk veil.
133 Wyoiuin? Avs.
Eureka Laundry Ca.
Con linden St. End Adams Ave,
i.Gti;i lloi bi: Svcans.
All kinds of Laundry work guaranteed
gj.! 'r-.a
an anybody's S3 00 Shaes.