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APRIL 11, 189 1.
'- - 1 1 , , ,
Valves J
Fittings I
Tlie most delic.tte fubric prop
erly cleaned ml
Lackawanna Laundry
308 Perm Ave.
Norrman& Moore
1 20 Wyoming Avenue
Novelties in Dress Goods,
415 Lacka. Avenue.
Wall Papers,
Window Shades,
Mattings, Rugs, etc
12 "7 Wyoming Ava
Th Union Trauafar Company, Limited.
Bus line. Baggage nd freight called for
and delivered promptly. 107 Franklin
"'Where do the good clothes come from'.'
The Delaware, Larkawnnna & Western
trainmen will be paid today.
Nine cases of measels, one of scarlet
fever aud one of diptherla were reported
to the Board of Health yesterday.
The subject of the conferonco meeting
this evening in the Providence Presbyterian
church will be "Tim Uruce of Giving."
The Ladies Kocial Union of the Perm Av
enue Baptist Church will serve supper
Thursday evening from 0 to h o'clock. A
cordial invitation Is extended to all.
The Associated Charities did not have a
quorum at thf ir meeting last night. This
la the first failure since organization, and
is accounted ror by the fact that the
weather was bad last evaning.
Some of the Thirteenth regiment mem
bers are already making preparations and
getting accoutrements in rediness for the
iettysburg encampment, which will be
held Aug. 8.
C J. Dittoss, state councillor of cirdor
United American Mechanics of Pennsyl
vania, will make an official visit to the
order this Wednesday evmug, April 11.
Members of the order will meet him at
Beer' hall, corner or Main nveuue and
Lafayette street (West Side) at n o'clock.
The attractions at the Prothingham the
xter next waelt" will be as follows:
.Monday, Lew DockstBder's Minstrels;
Wednesday and Thursday, iieury L
Dixey nud Rice's big burlesque company
In 4,Adonis;" Friday, "Alabama.'' The
a e 1 f seats for Uockstader's Minstrels will
open Friday morning at 0 o'clock at Pow
ell's Music store.
The suits of the Scranton Bicycle club
have been received and on exhibition
in the show windows of Florey & Holt on
Wyoming avenue, where thev were viewed
by many visitors yesterday. " The suits are
made of white flannel, with blue belts nud
caps trimmed In blue. Across the breast
in bine letters appears tho name "Scran
ton.'' 1
"Where do tho good clothes come from? '
NumbsT of Student Are Advanosd Into
Yearly Study Periods.
Before the examining committees of
the conference appeared yesterday u
Jiumber of probationary applicants
and tbiw who hud already been ad
mitted for study and were examined
for advancement.
Those who at last year's conference
were received on and admitted
into the first year's study, were yestai
luy continued on trial ns follows:
(Jlarlc Oallender, Arthur D. David
JJavid Evans. Siinou H. Florv, Lumen
E. San ford, F rank N. Siniti), S. G-oy
hnowden, Charles E. Sweet, Seward A
Terry, Oorge N. Underwood, Louis T.
Van (Jampen.
Those who last year were continued
on trial have been extended to the
Beoond year of study as follows: Ray
mond W Lowry, ilenry E. Wheeler.
Those who have beon coutinued from
the second to the third year are James
Wenninger, Herbert L. Ellsworth, Frank
I). Hartsock. Eugene L. Jeffrey, Elmer
E. Pearce, Charles H. Reynolds. Louis
E. Vau Hoesen and Arthur 0. Wil
liams. Anheuser iiuscll Beer.
Louis LcbmauU, a bpruca u
UK turn
npm pi in npppiup
Tba Palatial New Club House Is Tlircvo
Open to tbe PuWic.
Several Hundred of the Most Promi
nent People of the City Are Enter
tained at the New Franklin Avenue
Club House of Scranton Lodge No.
123, 6. & P. O. E.-Rich Furnish
ings, Fine Music and Hospitality.
The opening event on tbe two days
programme of exercises attending the
dedication of the new Franklin av-nne
club house of Scranton lolge 128,
Benevolent and Protective Order ol
Elks, wus a ladies' promenade retep
tiou. Tho event last evening attracted
nearly 000 guests, who listened to u
well chosen programme of music, ad
mired the spleudid lurnishlngs of the
club rooms and lodge hull, and inci
deully received new impressions as to
the quality, luiguitude. enterprise and
good talta of Scranton Elks
The reception began at 8 o'clock.
Guests after disposiug of their wraps
in two well arranged cloak rooms, were
escorted into what will ou ordinary oc
casions be the wnist and smoking room
at tho Eik's club, ou the second floor.
This room is bandsomslv fiuished In
blue, with stereo-relief work on walls
and ceiling, and is equipped with com
tortublo tables and chairs. Adjoining
it is the billiard room, which is quietly
colored in pule blue, with frescoed
wulls and ceilings, and carpeted in
Axmiuister with rare designs.
Through folding doors and under
tnsletnlly draped chenille curtains, the
procession of gu- -ts next entered the
club parlor, whose richness nud sul
dued air ot Mugnifioenoe elicited in
numerable expressions of praise. It is
finished in ivory and gold, with wall
panels tinted with a delicated bleud of
sky blue snd sreatt), and with the over
head panels beauiiiully adorned with
designs in water colors, the central
panel representing cherubs ot pluy in
a bower of roses. Presenting a note
worthy contrast with the daintiness of
these mural decorations was the ex
quisite furniture in upholstered mo
rocco, and the front draperies in che
nille relieved by real old Iiish poiat
luce portierraj. An impressive annul
view canvassed with uncommon fidel
ity rested upon a tasty easel in one
corner, while opposite stood a Shaw
piano, in Satinwood finish. Every de
tail of this parlor betokened a delic icy
and optness of selection wnich were
much remarked by discerning visitors;
and on the Second floor, amoug many
interesting features, tho parlor dourly
monopolized attention.
Opening from the parlor, through it
small archway, lay the reading room,
somewhat smaller, but otherwise fully
as beautiful. Wall tints and ceiling
panels correspou'ied with those of the
parlor and the only difference Will that
the woodwork, instead of being treated
In ivory and gold, were stained In the
old baronial finish. Upon a table at
one end of the room lay copies of the
leading magazines; while in the oppo
site corner an opened register beckoned
visiting Elks to attach theirautogruphs.
The entire second lliori intended to
be used by members and viaitiug Elks
as upurtmnuts iu a social club. These
roems will be open to them during all
hours of the day and until midnight at
The lodgo room proper occupies tho
greater portion of the third floor and
has a balcony capable of accommodat
ing I'M persons. Entrance is made to
it from two doors, each door entering
from waiting rooms in the rear. The
auditorium is 75x40 feet in size and is
over '20 feet high. Tbe ceiling is a
magnificent revelation of artistic
stereo-relief work with tints of buff
and gold and cream and blue. Three
pendant elustersof incandescent elec
tric bulbs, with glass caudlebra, jets
for gas imposed above, depend from
the arched ceiling, supplying light of
uncommon brilliancy.
At the hall's npper end, upon a raised
dais, nnder a eauopy of gilt and ivory,
stands the upholstered morocco chair
of the exalted ruler. To his left is the
secretary's desk and to his right last
evening stood the piano which accom
panied the various vocal numbers. The
etivre end of the hall, back of the ex
alted ruler's cbsir, is a mass of beauti
fnlly intertwined chenille nud damssk
draperies, while on tbe platform, in
front, stood bank upon bank of ex
quisite potted plants and forus, Tbe
stNtions of the three other executive
officers of tbe lodge were similarly, al
though not so conspieiomly denoted ;
and banks of plants and roses clotted
the entire line of raised chairs for the
use of lodge members.
Concentric rows of chairs were placed
in tbe Moor space of the hall until al
most the entire center was occupied by
women, many of whose escorts were
content to stand at u distance and contemplate-
the blended elegance of tho
room, tho beauty of its fair occupants
and the witching hues of the ladies'
gowns. Bauer's complete orchestra
discoursed sweet strains from the bal
cony, a quartette comprising Mrs
O 'Brian, Miss Richmond, Mr. Siebecker
and Mr Watkins, sang several num
bers chnrmingly, aud Mrs. O'Brien,
Mr. Watkins and the Misses Reynolds
sang pleasingly in solo and duet tium
lers, eaeh number receiving generous
favor. Refreshments were served in
tbe smoking room below.
Among the several hundred guests
present, in addition to the lo iga's mem
hers and th-ir ladies, was Grand Sacra
tary Allen O Myer. of C lumbas, O.,
who represented the officers of the
grand lod,'e; nnd a party of Elks from
Allentown and Reading. The Wilkes
Barro delegation will arrive todny
The only feature of the recaption
which occasioned ndvarss remark was
the surreptitious introduction of un
advertising card fauetionsly called u
souvenir programme. .For this 'the
committee on arrangements disclaim
all respou fiibility.
She Will Clva Ou of Ear Charuiue
Concerts at '.hi Aosdnmy of Muilc.
Miss Hiasieretta Jones will giva one
of her charming concerts at the A'cad
emy of Music tonight She possesses a
voicB of such rare power and swo-Aness
that hIic has been dublied the "Black
Patti." The Pittsburg Post cays:-
"This singer is certainly one iof the
best ever heard in the city. The clear
ness and fullness of ber tones and the
utter absence of any straining after ef
fect were nitonuhing. Tua high and
low not s are almost perfect. rc'j, re
sonant and full of that sympathetic
quality which appeals to all listeners.
She became the favorite ofhsrandi
euce from tbe moment she appeared
on accontit of her modest bnuriug aud
the entire absence of ailticutSon. "
Fores of Hen Is Already at Work Clearing
D? tba Euius.
Most of the Tenants of the Arcade
Carried Insurance That Will Cover
the Loss they Sustained Walls and
Roof of Odd Fellows' Building Dam
aged Robert Armstrong Badly
Hurt by a Hose Cart.
Curious crowds were gathered all
yesterday about the ruins of Frothing
hatn's Arcade, whioh was completely
consumed by fire at an early hour yes
terday morning.
A large force of men in charge of
Superintendent Brszille was at work
clearing away the debris, or as much
of the wreck as rested on the corridor
which ran through from Wyoming
avenue to the theater entrance on Oak
ford court. The passage wav is built
of solid masonry and will to usud as
an entrance to the theater. An en
trance is also beiug constructed from
Penn avnue.
Tho fl iraes were first discovered by
Robert Edwards, the night watchman
at tbe building. On a provious occasion
during the past month fire was dis
covered in the Arcade. It is generally
believed that yesterday morning's con
flagration and the smaller flume were
started by an incendiary. Who the
fire fiend is cannot be learned, and its
far as known, no attempt was made
yesterday morning to locate him dur
nig the early stages of the blaze Mr.
Frotliingham is inclined to disbelieve
any story of incendiarism, but tha
cold facts remain that the incipient
fires of late and finally the extensive
one can be easily moulded into a cu
rious coincidence.
Tbe fire will not In any way intr
fere with the attractions advertised for
next week. Fortunately nothiug had
been booked for the present wek. The
theater box office until further notice
will bo located at Powell's music store.
The heaviest losor is Arthur Froth
inghutu. He held a lease on the laud
from Colonel U. S. Shoemaker, which
has yet fourteen years to run. In th
theater office, located in the rear of the
building, were looted many valuable
pape.'s, office furniture, puintings, etc.
iVoue of the contents of the office were
saved, Mr. Frotbingtaatn's loss is ab
solute; he hud 110 insurance.
Among the teuants were Charles W.
Schauk, shoes, insurance (6,200; W
J. Weichel, jewelry, insurance $.'500
loss, $4,500; Scranton Illuminating
He-it and Power company, insurance
$.',000, loss 2. 000: Columbia Bicycle
agencv, loss lully covered. Other ton
ants, whose losses cannot at present be
learned, were C. M, strutter, pip-s,
etc.; P. J. Lane, hatter; J. F. Harris,
insurance agency ; John Breigel, paint
shop; H. S. Wagstnff, insurance
agoucv; Mrs. Prater, drtssmaker; Hod
son and Moser, tailors; Metropolitan
Portrait company; O P, Steel &
Co., Frank Le.icti aud a few others.
The Westminster hotel, owned by
John Jertnyn, was damaged to the ex
tent of $1.5W). Proprietor Trnm n's
loss by water will approach $2,000
The loss is fully covered by Intnrauce.
The fire did uot materially iuterfere
with business, being done u, naual at
tbe hotel yesterday.
Tbe walls aud roof of the Old Fel
lows' building were damaged to the
extent of tjSXOO. Insurance fully covers
the loss. Yesterday workmen were
engaged in the construction of a new
roof, whieb at the Wyoming avenue
nd of the buil ling was almost entirely
burned away, The stocks of Hart &
Ot inger, art goods; B. Bevan and Miss
O'Hura sustained the most serious dam
age in the Old Fellows' building.
Their losses and those of other tenants
nr covered by insurance.
Lithographs and other adverliaing
matter of the Dockstader, Dixey aud
Alabama companies, which will appear
at the Frotliingham next week, wre
consumed; the loss will be about $75 to
each company.
Robert Armstrong, of the Hook and
Ladder company, was theoniy firomau
seriously hurt. His foot was bally
bruised and ankle broken by being run
over by the cart of the Century Hose
Tbe excellent and systematic work
of tbe firemen was highly praised yes
terday. Mr. Truman was particu
larly loud in his praisesof thair splendid
work in preserving the Westminster
from destruction.
"Where do tho good clothes come from':"
One coupon and 10 cents secures a set of
elegant multichromes. The most liberal
offer yet made, bend in ycur orders curly.
Bite of tbt BurneJ Arc di to B Utlllz.d
as a Foyer.
Arthur Fiothingham completed
plans for the reconstruction of the
burned arcade yesterday afternoon and
left on the midnight train fot New
York city last evening to Older new
material for the work. The new edi
fice will be of tbe heigbth of the old
arcade with two stores in front, while
the rear will consist of an immense
foyer leading to the theatre. Tne dec
ond floor will coutain a ball room forty
feet wide by 100 feet in length and will
also contain handsome dining rooms,
kilchuns, etc.
Two stairways will lead from the
foyer to the balcony entrance of the
theater, which is on the leval of the
second 11 or. The entire srrungeinut
will be of elegant design and will affor 1
a fine entrance to the new theatre,
which is now among the features of
tne city in which all Scrautouiuus take
just pride.
Art Students
Are delighted with Tiik Tribune's multi
chromes. "Where do tho good clolhescome from? '
RIPPLE At her residence nt .W0 Madisoa
avenue, Tuesday, April 10, Mrs. Martha
Hippie, in her eigtny-tliird yoai. Notice
of funeral will be announced hereafter.
BROWN. On April 10, Carl, son of Mr.
and Mrs. W. H. Brown. Funeral Thurs
day at P. M., from residence at al
Lackawanna avenue.
"Where do the good clothes come front"
m -
We are prepared to furnidi buiness
men with first class stenographers and
typewriters by the day or hour, " Seranton
Commercial association, limited, 455 Spruce
street. -. .
Fir. Bale.
linlaiico of my stock, 40 Lackawanna
avenue, to families at wholemle only,
Friduy and Saturday.
' P. Q. CocnsEN.
The Evartr Lssd.
Walt for Gueroeoy Bros.' uew goods.
Did Rot Appear to Press His Suit Ajalast b
Bin; Iff Uurljs R b;:;S ID.
Says That He Was Unlawfully Impris
oned Levi Case Given to the Jury.
Charles Vockroth Sues Ex-Alderman
Charles Roesler Action of Mr.
Salisbury to Recover Damages from
donas Lauer Other Cases,
John D.iwkins failed to appear in
court yesterday tn prosecute bis case
against ex SheriH' Charles Robinson
and a nun pros was taken. Mr. Daw
kins sued Mr. Roninson for d imiig-s
for alleged illegal imprisonment in t:o
county jail.
Ou Sept. 18, 1802, Mr. Dawkins' wife
died at Carbondale from tbe effects of
a dose of poison she hud taken. Alder
man J. 0 Thompson, acting as cor
oner, impanneled a jury and which re
turned a verdict to the ell ct that
"Sirah Ann Dawkins came to her
death by means of poison administered
by her own hand with the conuivanoe
and consent of her husband, John Dtw
kins, the poisoning having been prear
ranged." When the verdict was rendered Al
derman Thompson committed Dawkins
to the eounty j ill and two days later
he was released nn a writ of habeas
corpus, it being charged that the com
mitm-nt was defective. The grant
jury subsequently ignored tbe bill
agaiust Dawkins and thereupon he be
guu an action Hgninst Mr, Robinson,
who wus sheriff at the time of the com
mitment, asking damages for false im
prisonment. DAWKIN'8 FAILED TO A WEAR,
Mr. Dawkins failed to appear when
his case was called yesterday and an
hour was spant In a vain search for L-tuuel Atarmnn, attorney for
Mr. Robinson, then asked for a uon
pros. He said the case was a schmn
to extort money from his client and as
Mr. Dawkins was not present to press
his suit, he thought they were entitled
to a nou pros., as they had all of their
witnesses itiourt and were prepared
to go to trial. Judge Peck, before
whom the motion was made, granted
the uon pros.
A verdict for the ' defendant was
taken in tiui ejectment case of Johanna
Ackerm in and othvrs against the Erie
and Wyoming Valley Railroad com
pany, the plainutf not appearing when
the easy was called.
At noon the jnrv retired in the case of
David J Levi against J. S. Miller and
!i. 8. Lewis. It had not agreed upon a
verdict up to .1 utrloek.
Before Judge F, i wards the suit of
Cbarlea Vockroth against ex-Aldermm
Charles W. Roesler was tried. Vock
roth u-d to recover $144.80 for wages
iie says i.s due him for services ren
dered as clerk for Air. Roesler while
th9 latter was alderman of the Eighth
ward. Ke said the agreement was that
lie was to receive $10 per month. Mr.
Roesler deuivs that there was such an
agreement and says Vockroth was to
receive whatever lie was worth. Oi
that basis he received each day what
ever he hud earned, The case was
given to tiie jury at 1 U ) p. m. and it
ugreod at I o0 and sealed its verdict.
Mtt Salisbury's suit.
A. W. Saliabury's action in trespass
agaiust Jonus L ue r Wal next culled
for trial. Mr. Salisbury in 1S92 oacu-pi-d
a building owned by Mr. Liner at
823 Lackawanna avenue. Mr. Lauer
erected an addition to the bnilding
which necessitated tbe tearing down of
the wall about Mr. nud Mrs. Salis
bury's apartments. They claim that
in tonseqnenoc of this action their
household effects and clothing were
ruined by txp.sure to the dirt and
dust incidental to building. Mrs. Sil
ishury wis on the stand in tbe after
noon and told her story in a very
dpiritod manner. At 1 o'clock the jury
went to the Salisbury apartments to
eximine the furniture and effects and
court adjourned.
Before Judge Lynch iu No. 2 tbe
closing testimony in the' Carbondale
street railway injunction caso was
heard. It will be argued Siturday.
'Where do the good clothes come from!"
Ladle, See the Ltot
in tine shoes at the Commonwealth Shoe
Store, Washington avenue.
"Whore do tbe good clothes come from:-"
Gathering of Missionary Workers to
Taka Place April 24 and 85.
An event of much interest in relig
ious circles will he the assembling in
tnis city on April 84 and ?5 of the Pnil
adelpbia branch ul the Woman's For
eign Missionary society of the Presby
terian chursh. Tbe convention will
lie held in the Second Presbyterian
church, with tho exception of a meeting, the exercises of which
will be conducted in the First Pres
byterian churoh on Washington uve
nue. The attendance will be large, as del
egates from Pennsylvania, New Jraey,
M-rvland, Ouio and other eunriguius
territory are certain to be present.
Many questions of iutsrest lire to come
np for discussion, and as in my active,
energntic and capable workers in the
cause of miiaions will be here, tbe
meeting is certain to prove of deep in
terest. In addition to the various delegate
wuo will attend, it is expected tiiat
missionary workers in most every flald
011 the globe will also com to the meet
ing, whic 1 is to be one of peculiar in
terest to them.
Mrs. Kirkpatrick is chairman of the
committee on entertainment and ar
rangements will he made for the com
fort and convenience of all the visitors,
uo matter how great the number may
Further particulars will be publlsbid
in The Tribune later.
The 81nger Sewing- Machlni Company
Are now located at 5ai Laokawaona ave
nue. See then- latest family sewing ma
cliine. Mahogany wood finish.
ft'.'0 LaekaWatUM avenue.
'Where do the good clothes come from!'1
Portfolio Numb r Two.
Of the b-autiful Multichrome series, ha
arrived. It is equal. If not superior, to til
first of the teries that have been so niuci
"Where do the good clothes come from?"
nARius just returned from New
with a hue lot of carpets, rugs ami
i i Penn aveuuo.
"Where do tho good clothes oomo from:-''
Parts Nos. 7 anrl H of fliia i,,i. ..,,.
portfolio are now ready for distribution.
Ptiys!c!ans Surprised Tha (hi DIsmsj
N 1 R e fd S ri i'.oi.
if iQi
The Subject Was Freely Discussed at
Last Night's Meeting of the Lacka
wnnna County Medical Society.
What the Doctors Said Resolution
Passed Recommending Vaccination
as a Preventive of the Disease.
The Lackawanna County Medical
society held an interesting meeting in
the arbitration room of the court
house last evening. Tner were prei
mi Di'j. Williams, Park, Capwell,
Rally, Gates, Rea, Bateaou, Connor,
Logan, Fulton aud Underwood. Dr.
Willi iins pivsid-d.
"The Human Temp-ram -ntn and
Their Application in Medicine" was
the inbj ct of an interesting piper
re-.d by Dr. J. 0, Baleson. The diff -r
.nt teinperm uts were scientifically
classitiel and 1 he necessity of their tn
ing understood by the physiciau was
clearly pointed out, The pap -r was
iiscuss 'd oy Drs R., Loan, U ider
wood, Capwell and others, all of whom
endoraed the views so comprehensively
set forth by the author.
Dr. Connor introduced the sinject of
smallpox. He said the disease pre
vailed in Danville and Williaraaport,
aud that Pittston bad quarantined
against the former place. Bingham
ion was also discussiug whether to
quarantine or not. It is not generally
known, he state 1, that smallpox pre
vuils in the Parlor City, as all men
tion of the fact has been kept out of
tho papers. Tne dostor dwelt upo-i
tlie necessity of vaccination in the pub
lie schools of the city.
Dr. Logan ssld that In 1881 the vac
cination in the schools was a success,
as was evideuced by the fact thai
although smallpox raged all around us
at tht time, yet there wereonly three
deaths in tlie ciiy lrom the disease.
Than the schools were vi-ited and the
children examined and vaccinated in'
cases where n.cessary. He thought it
time lor tbe society t act,
Dr, Capwell thought there had been
a good deal of dwadling In the matter.
He enquired as to wnat ths board of
healtu bad done and was told that word
b id been aeut to the echools that the
children soon d be Vacclumed,
Dr. Williams an 1 Dr. U ates also
spoke on tne sut j int. The latter stated
that there was a Very general vaccina
tion in the wiuier oi 18813, but there
bad been Comparatively aula since, al
thong. 1 a larga crop of children had
been grown since that time. Tnere are
cranks of all kinds to deal with, he
said, and opposition might bs ex
pected from tlie class who orgunize
auti-vacciuution societies, but it wus
theontyol physicians 10 employ this
humane method of guarding again it a
tvrritde disease.
Some difference of opinion existed -is
to just what the hoard of health had
done toward having tho suggestion of
ths state snpuriutenJ-oit of public in
struction that school cuil ireu bi v ic
oinated, carried out. Dr. Fulton
enquired as to the powers ol tne bo.,rl
to compel TuColn tion 111 the schools.
Several of the doctors expressed thair
surprise that smallpox had not ap
peared in this city, owing to its pr va
lence urouu 1 about it.
Dr. Logan offered the following res
olmiou -
Resolved, That the society request
the board of health to recomni'iid vac
cination to all persons ,w tne city w .0
uave .not been vaccinated within ten
Dr. Bateson moved to amend the
resolution by c-usingit to read sev-n
years itistead of ten. The amendment
was accepted and the resolution unani
mously adopted.
After computing the usual rou ine
business the society adjourned to its
regular uieeiiug nUbt.
Lively Bouti lid Up with a Clean
Knock Out.
Some lively fighting marked last
night's section of the Exelslor cluh's
tournament at the Academy of Music
It op-ned with a bnt between Wil
liam Adler, ot New York, aud Thomas
Gardner, of this city, representatives
of the 110 pound class. Adler won.
Geurge Ross, of New York, and J hn
Callahan, of Philadelphia, representa
tives of the 100 pound class and wi -ners
of Mondiy night events, met ai d
Ross easily vauquis aed Uii mia.
William K me was defeated by Gaor e
Mi Wrath, of Now York aud Jose h
Welleachek by Anthony Gordon. Otu
winners wereStep icii Jn Ige, .Scrant n ;
Cileries McGuire, Philadelphia; Join
Tigbe, Scranton, and James Julg,
Scranton, who .lelivere I a blow w i. h
knocked ins opponent, John Welsc,
Dr Qibb o :-,
of New York city, will be in his Seranton
office, 441 Wyoming av.-nue, every Mon
day fn.ui 8 iu the morning until U in the
Here I am,
Safe and sound,
Plump as a Herry
Pudding, but
Not so round.
Ready for business
at 417
Lackawanna Ave.
Best Seis of Teeth,$g.oo
Jrcludlng The painless extracting
el teeth by an entirely uew yiv
S. C. Snyder, D.D.S.
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B n wood,
B.rr 11.
Are rolliiiz away at SI. SO.
Glove and Corset Store,
128 Wyoming Ave.
We hsve recently rec ived a new!
line of Suede and Glasse Kid Gloves,
we FIT THEM ON nnd keep them in
A Handsome
Is our gift to our patrons this season. We depart slightly
from our usual custom of presenting gifts; that isfwe will
not confine it to clothing pnrchasei exclmivaly, but to all
Other departments. Every purchaser of Men's, Boys" or
Children's Clothing, Shoes, Hats or Furnishings, whose pur
chase amounts to One Dollar ($1.00) or over, will be given a
chance on this Beautiful PARLOR SUITE now displayed
iu our immense show window. Prize to be awarded July 5,
Our elegant display of Wearing
Apparel for all ages is a captivating
one. Our Garments have a Made-to-Order
appearance about them, unusually pos
sessed in ready-made clothing.
137 AND 139
Complete Outfitters,
S. L. G
$3.00 SHOES
Better Than Most $4.00 Shoes You Buy
I o Seams or Tacks to Kurt Your Feet.
All Styles ami Wldthi in ConjresJ or Lco.
The Best Shoe on Earth for the Money
Try a Pair and j-ou will wear no othor.
vnmviuii uyju.vv every
BANISTER'S, Cofi lackawanna ,80. Wyoming Humify
Our 9a 50 Shoes are as good as anybody's S3 00 Shoes.
We Will Present
To each of our customers who purchase goods to the
amount of ona dollar and over an envelope containing
a card. On the card is printed the name of an article
which will be given to the customer FREE.
Gifts to Deselected by the cu3tom?rs from our
regular stock. Thase Free Gifts run in value from $1
to $10, amounting in all to $2,500, and incluia Ladies'
Cloaks, Shirt Waists, Ladies' Trimmed Hats, Flowers,
Mackintoshes, Ladies' Capes, Men's Hats, Boys' Hata
and Capes, Neckwear, Starling Silver Scarf and Stick
Pins, etc., etc.
No Blanks Everyone Gets
Here We
Are Again
bi'lof'Tj .;:
Velvet i ap s, $1); Worth cl5.
Moite Silk Capug, 811; worth SIS
Fine Cloth Cape, in all colors,
8L'.S?5; worth 84.
Jackets, trimmed with Moire Silk,
in all colors, 85.75 ; worth 89.
FineBkick Cheviot, $4.60; worth 8(J.
Tailor-made Suits
Fine Serge, in blue and black,
7.50: worth 89.50.
Fine Cheviot, in blue and black,
$5.25; worth 87.
EVERY LADY purchasing a Trimm'-t!
Hat this week will bi presented with s
138 Wyoming Ave.