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Tni Scranton Tribunr's Plttston de
partment is in cl ;rn- of J. M. Fahy, to
whom news items and couiplaiuts may be
referred. J
The town couucil met in regular
session in Town Hall last evening nt
8 80 o'clock. Erery member responded
to his name on roll call except Mr,
Kearney. The tninuteiof the previous
meeting were read and upproved.
buuerintendent J. W. Thomas, of
tot- Gas company, asked permission to
lay a briok gas main commencing at a
point near the old Ferry bridge to tho
borough limits. Permission was
grunted on condition that the compunv
file the necessary bond conditional for .
tbe faithful performance of the work.
Also to lay a surface pipe to B. J. Dnr
kiu's residence on South Slain street.
On application a permit to build a
barn was granted Evans Bros, on
Spring street. W, E Sharp, the greeu
grocer, asked permission to erect a
wooden awning in front of his place of
business, 91 North Main street,
Burgess Thomas Maloney was
granted permission to erect two build
Jogi on North Main street.
Sutherland & McMillan askod and
'are granted permission to lay a water
in into their place of business.
(ivorge Dehmon appeared before the
vouncil on behalf of ttiu Gitnewell Fire
Vhirra company In relation to the
iteani fire alarm whistle over which
there has been trouble recently. Presi
leni Oscar Foster and Mr. Sanders, of
the West Pittston as a committee from
the West Side couucil, appeared before
the oouncil and stated that they were
instructed to report that it wag their
"pinion that the whittle was useless.
Mr. Dehmcn stated that the whistle
bd been tampered with. Since re
pairing it the wiiistle w;s in excellent
condition and guaranteed that it would
remain so as Ion? as it was kant in
good order. The matter was finally
disposed of by a vote being tuken as to
whether tbe couucil should retain or
reject tbe whistle machines. On be
ing pat to a vote it went by default.
The bill of John Reilly for repairing
nmounting to $1,150 was cut down to
$1,073 on tbe recommendation of P.
Dershiintt and Kobert English, who
were engaged to inspect the work.
Before patting the motion to a vote
Mr Dounelly stated he wished it to be
understood that be was opposed to pay
ing the bill and that he be placed on
record as such. By a vote of 0 to 4 tbe
bill was ordered paid.
The bill of B. J. Conhn for mer
chandise and repairs, amounting to
f420, was referred to a committee to
ascertain its correctness. Tne bill of
P. J. Nolan concerning work done on
Lagrange street, was referred to the
finauce committee for action. At 10 30
o'clock, the closing of this letter, busi
ness of the matting was not completed.
The contest for extra j mitor, over
which there has been a deadlock for
several weeks, was decided. The can
didates were Mrs. Bannon and Mrs.
McHale. The former was elected, the
vots being 6 to 4 in her favor.
It was decided to put all tramps who
lodge in tbe Town hall at work on the
road the next day and pay them 50
The contract for repairing council
rooms was awarded to (John (i. Keilly ,
contract price, $183. There were sev
eral other bidders.
At the High School Building la Wast
Fittatoa Today.
At 2 o'clock this afternoon the fol -lowing
programme of the ting presenta
tion exercises will be rendered in tbe
West Sid High, School bnilding:
Krayer Rev. Thomas W. Swan
Music, "America"
Address of Presentation
George N.Lewis, Past President Camp,
491, Patriotic Order Sous of America.
Mute, "Flag of the Proa"
Address of Acceptance
V. , Hibbs. President School Board.
Music, "Hail (,'olumbia"
Brief Addresses by
Colonel S. A. Urquhart, Itev. E. H.
Stewart, Rev. Edward Heurv Eckel,
Rev. J. H. Brittain aud Rev. O. H. Mc-
Music, "Star Spanglod Banner"
Musical Director C. B. Dormau
l'iauist Miss Edith L. Kvte
(hairniau Professor F. J. Stetiler
A moat cordial invitation is extended
to all friends of our public schools.
Pattr Thtevae Ply Th-lr Vocation
Successfully at Lilbion'a Store.
Burglars effected an entrance into J.
W. Leibson's pawn shop and jewelry
store in the Armory hall block at nbont
2 o'clock yesterday morning by break
ing one of the large plate glass win
dows. Tbe thieves removed several revol
vers that laid within on ths counter.
Will Price, tha drugaist. whose sleep
ing apartments adjoin, on bearing the
crash of the broken glass instantly
clothed himself and started out to
make observations of the trouble. The
thieves bearing him nppronuliing fled.
They undoubtedly would have secured
considerable valuable plunder had they
not been disturbed, as tbe larga show
cases within the store contained valu
able gold and silver watches. Tile
window was shattered to pieces. There
is not the slightest clue as to who com
mitted tbe robbery aud the inference is
it will go on record as another mys
Constable Ulyna's report to court on
Tuesday mnst have startled the judges
somewhat. Ten violators of the liquor
law are not usually fouud iu one ward,
much lass returned to court. It is to
be hoped that the cases will be followed
up, and that the county officials will
make some effort to give them a fair
trial tiazjtte.
Mr. Ulynn ia the lion of the honr for
bis fearlessness so far as he has gone,
but the universal regret is that he dis
criminated in so far as to pass
unnoticed certain "speak-oasiea" that
rxist and flourish within a stoue's
throw of hi . own house.
At Hvratn'j Shrlna.
The following couplo were nnited In
wedlock at St John's church, Wednes
day aftern oon, by Rev. Father Finnen
P. J. Moran, of Mill Creek, and Miss
Marie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas McAudrews, of Browntown
Miss Mary J. Mullin, tbe bridesmaid.
wore cream-colored caahmere, trimmed
with lace. Dr. Hughes, of Mill Creek,
whs groomsman.
Real mkiut is characteristic of Hood's
HivrvHparilla, and is manifested ev rv day
in the the remarkable cures the medicine
Get Strength and Health With Paine's
Celery Compound.
' '
Take Paine's celery compound.
It is the remedy that niakos p0plj
First prescribed by the greatest phy
sician this country has seen, it lias
been used and prescribnl an Ir -commended
by physicians of every school
As a spring remedy it carries health
and strength and renewed energy
wherever it goes.
Food for the muscles is not food for
the nerves or brain, Paine's cel
ery coraponnd furnishes the very ele
ments that rebuild worn-out tissues.
It feeds brain, nerve c inter and
nerves, calming and equalizing their
action. It makes rich, honest blood.
Within a few days after Paine's eel
pry compound is reeularly taken, then
will be a marked improvement in the
general health; strength will Dtcomt
more endariug, the frame plumper, the
spirits better aud the breath sweeter
all declaring in the plainest terms a
healthier action of nerves and blood.
Hundreds of men and women with
that "run dowu" feeling written all
over their faces, unable to work, with
out courage, have rocoverod health,
heart and ambition through this re
markable remedy for ths blood and
nerves It purities the blood. It en
riches the blood. It generally stirs
liver and kidneys and the other or-
Oivsly Chargss Pnrsona With Con
snlraoy to Injure Him.
It will be recalled The Triuu.nk soma
ten days ago noted an notion in dam
ages brought by Jam?s McNulty
against Dr. J. F. Dively, of this place,
charging the latter with malpractice,
the charge being that the doctor failed
to attend properly to tha prosecutor's
son, who, McNnlty claimg, was placed
in his care to be treated for a brokeu
Yesterday Dr. Dively, through his
attorney, brought a counter suit for
$30,000 aeainat Drs. James O'Malley,
R. H. Uutehitis, aud Mr. and Mrs.
James McNulty, parents of the boy,
charging them with conspiracy in try
ing to iujure his reputation and pro
fessional standing.
H. W Palmer, of Wilkes-Harre, and
W. I. Hibbs, of this place, have been
retained as eounsel by the prosecutor.
Personal Mention.
The son of A. Marcus, of William
street, has recovered from a severe at
tack of croup.
Miss Alice Jones, of Nauticoke, is
spending a few days with Mrs. (i.
W. Strang on William street.
Miss Sarah Goodman, of William
h tree i, who has been visitinj; her cous
in, Mrs. Mose Burgunder, of VVilkes-
Bsrre, returned borne yesterday.
Detective James O Brien. of WilksB-
Barre, was in town yesterday.
Mrs. J. A. i nomas and daughter,
Daisy, visited her sister, Mrs. R
Besmish, in Scranton yesterday.
ft,x -Burgess James Walsh is reported
seriously ill at his home on South Main
Mlsa Ltwson Hart is home from
Syracuse university on a vacation.
Mrs. Thomas Watkins, of Scranton,
visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Law, on tha West Side.
Tbe following nsmod persona of this
place attended the Bachelors' ball ut
Doomis hall, Wednesday evening: Mr.
and Mrs. Edward Barrett, C. F. Bohan,
Charles Bohan, M. N. Donnelly, Dr. J.
C Rean, J. L. Morris, J. W. Morris,
Mauie Reilly, Teresa Maloney. Maine
Reap. Agnes Murphy, Katie O Malley
and Biua Fay.
At the unnnal meeting of the Union
Citv Mission association held Wednes
day afternoon in tbe Niagara Engine
company rooms, the old offlUfl wero
re-elected as follows: President, Mrs
A. J. Griffith ; vice-presidents, Mrs. W
R. Sax, Miss Libbie Bevan. Mrs. C. H.
Cool; secretary, Miss Elizabeth Mer-
enr; assistant secretary, Miss Margaret
Lucoe; treasurer, Miss Nettie King.
Criticising a Young- Lady.
"She would bo a pretty girl for but one
"What's thatr asked Charley.
George Her facn Is always covered with
purple nnd rod blotches.
Charley Oh, that's oasily enough dis
posed of. Used to bs the same way my
self, bnt I caught on to the troublo one
day, and got rid of it in no time.
Oeorgo What was itf
Charley Simply blood eruptions. Took
a short course of P. P. P. I tell yon, it's
jbe boss blood corrector. The governor
had rheumatism so bad that you could
bear him holler clear across the country
every time he moved. He tried it, and
yon know what an athletic old irent he is
now. If somebody would give Miss DaDy
a pointer, she would tbauk them after
wards. All the drng stores sell it "
gana destined to kejp swejt and clean
tho vitai machinery.
A clear, sou-id mini in a sturdy,
healthy body, a bright eye, an elastic
step, a clear skin, come without fail
when Pjine's oilory coiup inad is given
n trial with m.irely reasonable otre
and regularity.
Says Mr. Dudley B Stratton, one o'
Worcester's best cltizms. the prospsr-
oih proprietor of the Lincoln Square
dining room, in a recent lettor:
"About six months ago I had a sr
vere attack of eczini. No pon c-n de
scribe my sufferings I doctored an 1
used all the cures I could hear of, but
it wns still in my system
"Hearing that Mr. Will Urn H Rob
inson, with the jewelry firm of Nelson
H Divies, B31 Main streot, had been
cured of ecz -ma by using Paine's cil
ery compound, I cn'led on thatgentle
ln iu, and as a rosult, started to take
tail wonderful remedy What Mr.
Robinson told me. has bean proven to
be ti n and I take this opportunity to
express my gratitude. 1 will gladly
answer anyone who may wish to in
quire further in regard to tbe medi
cine." Paine's celery compound is the great
est bio d aud nsrvs reined? that medi
cal science has yet attained. It inakas
people well.
Trouble Over a Doe Who Likes Human
Flesh Other Notaa.
Fticcial to the Scranton Tribune.
PrIOBBURO, Pa., April 8 The open
ing of the new school house will take
place tomorrow, Friday afternoon, at U
o'clock. County Superintendent Tay
lor and President Norri, of the local
board, will speak on the benefits of ed
ucation. The public is cordially in
vited to attend.
Harry Munford is setting a good ex
ample to the property owners of this
borough by planting some trees iu
front of his rosidence on Main street.
A valuable cow owned by Georire
Qleaion, of Dickson, was struck by au
electric car yesterday aud badly in
jured. Mr. and .Mrs. Will Mornsey formerly
of this p!ao- but now of Highland.
buried a bright girl aged 11 years.
Funeral took place on Wednesday at
Mill City.
Ex Tax Collector George Helwig Is
goiug out of business with the inten
tion of devoting the rest of his days to
farm life.
Thomas McArthnr is out of town on
special business.
Ihe whereabouts or the dog that at
tempted to oat John Banigan's boy on
Sunday last are still unknown. Bur
gess Snyder and High Constable Max
Kohler have ben gunning for the
"purp" with intent to kitl, but the ani
mat cannot be located. Unless the
owner of the vicious cur gives the ofti
oinls nn opportunity to draw a bead
upon bis frame, it ia probable that le
gal prnoeedinifs will be taken. The
dog's propensities for insertiug his
molars Into the flsh of bipeds has ren
dered him extremely unpopular in the
neighborhood. Itanagan's boy is tbe
third victim of his playfulness.
Up to Date Spnrki Arrestd from Evsry
day Hpro'nlng-s.
ftpteial to the BoFaHtOH Tribune,
Mi nook a, Pa., April 5. Michael
Dnddy, of this plaee, wishes to state
that he will accept the challenge of
Patrick Foy, of Providence, to meet
him in a ten or more round sparring
match at any time, at the weight of 1:25
or U'J ponnds.
Subscribe for The Tbibtjhb. Most
interesting paper circulating in Mi
nooka. Mike Harnatt, firsman at the Green
wood breaker, will leave next month
for Seattle, Wash., where he will pur
chase a Buffalo ranch.
Ianc Davis, of Greenwood, was a
caller at Pittston yesterday.
A fancy work box, made by M. J.
Healer, of flundham. will be ralHid at
Callery's hall April 21.
The passengers on tho 8 o'clock street
ear Inst night received quite an unex
pected score by the explosion of a
number of railroad torpedoes which
were placed on tho rails by soms of tha
boys who eonsider it sport to hear
them explode.
The crowd of loafers that loiter
around the Greenwood shaft on idle
dava will hereafter be expected to be
come consplcuons by their absence.
Superintendent Loverinir will have an
officer to keep the spot untenanted, and
pedestrians, especially yonng ladies,
will escape the ribsld jests nnd insults
of the crowd.
Brief Paragraphs of Iotareat to Raadera
In an Entarprlalna- Borough.
Svecial to the Scranton Tribune.
Taylok. Pa. April 5 -Council msets
tomorrow (Friday) uk'ht in their naw
rooms. Burgess Griffims will send his
message to council, All citizens are
On Friday night, tho 13th, the Price
Library association will have a recep
tion for muinber only. The president
and secretury will make their reports
of the association' standing. Ihe
ladies will avrve refreshments.
The looal institute of the Old borge
school teachers will be hold Satnrday
afternoon at the schoolroom of Hit tie
ItoKaniu) in this town. S
Annie Baker entertained a num bor
of friend on Tuesday night.
The f antral of John Timlin tins
morning was largely atton'ioi. ser
vices were held at Sc Joseph's rthnxih
and interment in Minouka Catholic
Burdock Blood Bitters
Is a purely vegetable compound, possessing1
perfect regulating powers over all the or
gans of the svsteia, and control'jag their
eorotious. It also purifies tbe blood that
All blood humors and diseases, from a com
mon pimple to the worst scrofulous sore,
aud this combined with its unrivalled re
uulntiug, cluaiiBing and purifying mil l
encu on the secrotioas of the liver, kidneys
bowls and m: in, rondel' it unequalled as a
cure for all diseases of tho
Prom one to two bottles will cure bolls,
pimples, blotches, nettlo rah,onif,tetter,'
und all tb simple forms of skin disease.
From two to fonr bottles will cure salt
rheum or eczema, shingles, erytipolas, ul
cers, abscesses, mailing sore?, aid all skin
eruption. It is noticeable that sufferers
from skiu
Aro nearly always aggravated by intolor
Itohing, but this quicklv subsides on the
removal of the disease by B. B. B. Paus
ing on to graver yet prevalent diseases,
inch as scrolulousBwellirjirs, humors and
We have undoubted proof that from three
to tix bottles used internally and by out
ward application (diluted if the skin is
broken) to the affected parts, will effect a
i re. The groat missiou of B. B. B is to
regulate the liver, kidneys, bowels and
blood, to correct acidity and wrong action
i.f the ttomach, and to open the sluice
ways of thesysteiu to tenrry off all clogged
and impure secretions, allowing nature
thus to aid recovery and remove without
Liver complaint.
biliousness, dyspepsia.
sic:( headache, dropny.
rheumatism, auu
every species of diseuse iuiing from dis-'
ordernd liver, kidneys, stomach, boweia
and blood. Wn guarantee every bottle of
li. H. Lt. Mi, a ,i any parson be dissatis
fied after using the firat bottle, we will re
fand the mouvv on application personally
er by letter. vVe will also bo glad to send
testimonials and information proving the
-necis oi u. n u. in the above named dl-
iensee, on application to
FOSTER. M1LBURN & CO.. Buffalo.N. Y.
Manufactured at tho Wupwallopen Mills, Lu
zerne i nuuty PaH and at Wil
mington, Dt-litWAra.
Uoncral Agent for th Wyoming District,
118 Wyoming Ave., Scranton Pa.
Third National Bank Building.
THOH. FORD, Pittston. Ts.
JOHN I! SMITH & SON ; Plymouth. Pa.
B W (lULLIGAN, Wilkes-Bsrro. Pa.
Agents for the Repauuu Chemical Com
inuy's High Exploitive.
Lost Manhood
atkl vigor quickly
ttflttlv emission.
atrouhy. etc., Hurcly cuml by I.NliAI'O. the tfreat
Htinluu Rtmedy. With irrilMtlwtrutN incurs). Sold by
UAi niCWti bi,. . !'i -i i,, : i a. wi. k'a.
Inmntlon of InaaBltv.
Iby mull propald. With
.i . t. ........... ..
'FOliE AND AFTER USING do other, ,in.. eh
For Sale in Scranton, Pa., by H. C. SANDERSON, Druytrist, cor. Washington
inri Boruoo streets.
A;k lor 3!S. MOTT'S PSHSTBOTAL FILLS and tako no other.
'fcfTSend tor circular. Pr'.c 1.00 per bolt O boxes lor 5.00.
'DR. MOTT'sl CHEMICAL. CO.. - Cleveland. Ohio.
tor Salt byt'. M. IIAHKIS, UrtlgEliit,
is S
Send or bring two of theso coupons, differently numbered, 3
5 With Ten Oenttvand get one of the series of sixteen magolfloeni S
S photograpuS. Five numbers now ready.
This Coupon, with two like it, but of different
dates, and with Ten Cents in cash, will secure any
S one part of the World's Fair Art Portfolio in four
i parts.
We have the hand
somest line of Parlor
and Drawing Room
ever shown in this
state and we would
like you to see it.
Mill 6c
Washington Ave.
Best in the market
OFFICE: Binghamton. N.Y.
FACTORY: Brandt, Pa.
Atlantic Refining Go.
Manufacturers and Dealers iu
Illuminating and Lubricating
Linseed Oil, Napthas and Gaso
lines of all urades. Alle Grease,
Pinion Grease and Colliery Com
pound ; also, a largo line of Par
ruffine Wax Candles.
We also handle the Famous CROWN
ACME OIL, the only family safety
burning oil in tho market.
Ofllco: Cool Kxchaugu,
Works ut l'iue Brook,
Wyoming An
All "Situation
Wanted" ads.
inserted free.
. I.!.-, (V. mmSi itnaf-
ftattrd Cri.r !! Barton. dl
av-oi. Much ns Work Meniery, Loll of Bruin l'ltirei-. lluiJiche, V eMnUDeee,
est Manhood. Niabtly BnlBnons. Narvoasnass.aIlaralDsand)ossol power
Id GeUlrsUVeOerTSDI Of either POlcnuiH'd ly OTer exerlli mi. ynulh All errore.
exeeislvo use of totmcoo. opium or itlmulunti, which leml to Infirmity, Con-
t:nn ha eurr eri n vatl nncket. Hi ier bin. 9 rora.
a S)6 order woglTA n written an Aran tee tu enre
i . .. I . - G..MI,, .iM..,a. l.k f.trlt tn.H
n: ik&o'bo., Mutonlc Tuiuplb, chkauo'.Iu.
The only safe, euro ftn6S
reliable Female FILL
ever offered to Ladies,
especially recommend
ed to married Ladios.
121 PaRH Avenue.
A. B. Brown's Bee
Thousands Remnants of Dry Goods. Cloaks and Fur Capes during
Kile at leas than cost of material.
Every inch of counter room covered with the greatest bargains ever
Ladies' Felt Hats, this season's stylos. ,
Boys' Winter W sluts
Muffs ,
Great Clearing Sale.
1 . J
The above brands of flour can be had at any of tbe following merchants,
who will accept Tin: Tribune flour coupon of & on each one hundred pounds
of flour or 50 on each barrel of flonr.
Scranton-F. P. Price, WasbinRtou avenai I
Oold V It. Brand.
Dnnmore F. P. Price, Oold Medal Brand.
lJunmoro-F D llanley. Bopsrlative Bran-1.
Hyde Park-Carson ft Davis. Washburn St.
Gold Medal Brand; t- t-pa A. Mean, Mum
avenue, Superlative Brand.
Greeu Kiilge-A L.Spencer.tiold Modal Brand.
J. T. MeHale, Superlative
frovidonco Fcnnor ft Chappell.N' Main ave-
une. Superlative Brand ;C. J Gilla-ipiu, W.
.Market itreet. Gold Med:il Brand
Olyphant James Jordan. Superlativo Brand.
Peck vllle Shaffer ft K'ls?r Superlative.
Jermyn C. U Winters ft Co Stiperalative
ArchnaM Jones, S mpson ft Co.. Gold Modal.
Carliondalo-B. S. Clark, Gold Medal Brand.
Hnnesdale-I N. Foster ft Co Gold Med&l.
Minooka M. H. Lavelle.
Office, 813 West Lacka
wanna Ave.
Rooms 1 and 1 CoiMionwealth BU'
Made at the MOOSIC and KUSH
LnfHin & RiukI Powder Oo.'s
Electric Batteries, Fusei for exploi
ing blasts. Safety Fuse and
RepaunoChcmical Co. 's High Explosives
Seeds and
Large Medium and
White Clover,
Choice Timothy and
Lawn Grass Seeds
Guano, Bone Dust
and Phosphates for
Farms, Lawns and
IS THE BFST. Get priws and
tee tha furnace and be con
vinced. A fnll line of HEAT
ERS, Aiipello and Gauze Door
Hive, Pittston, Pa.
. . 1 0c. each.
. . I 0o each,
. . 30c. each.
$1.50 each.
trvtnth fl. V. Tritmne, Aoe. 1. ISSS.
The Flour
"Chicaoo, Oct. 81. Fha first official
announcement of Werld'a Fair di
plomas on floor baa been made. A
medal has been awarded by the
World's Fair judges to the flour manu
factured by the Washburn, Crosby Oo ,
in the great Washburn Flour Mills,
Minneapolis. The committee reports
the flonr strong and pure, and entitle
it to rank as first-class patent flonr for
family and bakers' nee."
Taylor Judge ft Co., Gold Medal; Atherton
ft Co., Superlative
Duryea Luwroneo Store Co.. Gold Modal.
Moobic -John MoCrindle. Gold Medal
PtttatoD-M. W O'Boyle, Gold Medal.
Clark's Green Ftooo ft Pnrker, Superlative.
Clark - Summit-F M. Younp. Gold Medal.
Dalton-S. E. Finn ft Bon. Gold Medal braad.
Klcholson-J. E Hardini;.
Wnverly-M. W . Bliss ft Son. Gnld Medal.
Factoryvule Charles Gardner. Gold Medal.
Bopl.ottom N-M Finn ft Son, GoM Medal.
Tobvlianna T'ibThauna ft ljehii;!i Lumber
Co Gold Medal Brand
Guuldsboro-8 A. Adams. Gold Medal Brand.
Moscow Gatee & Clements, Gold Medal.
Lake Ariel James A Bortroe, Gold Medal.
ForoatCity-J L. Morgan ft Co., Gold Meda!
Quarries and Works.
Portland. Pa.
We have placed on sale
our line of Ginghams for the
coming spring and summer.
Finer Goods, More Tasteful
Colorings and Lower Prices
than ever before, are what
will recommend them to our
E. Robinson's Sons1
Manufacturers of the Celebrated
-vv yv-wv ni i r a
rmiQ Kor unn
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