The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, March 31, 1894, Page 7, Image 7

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Tlio day and Jato U the 21st of July,
Tlw icne is t!u battleground of first
Bull Run. a QeM made mtmorable for
ever. Prom daybreak tohlgb noon the Fed
cial army under McDowell 1ms been
moving down on tbe Confederate posi
tion lelected weeks ago by tho generate
Id in tin itrafegyof war. Ontbellauks
brigudea bate grappled in tho opeu
Relda, reglmenta bave daabod at each
ether iu tbu forests end tbickota. Here
h little ground lias been gaiued, there a
Uttle loit. It bus been tlitftkinuisliiuK
which yu cede every battle, locatiua
enemy, tenstiu; hit rvatllutsa, tlrawlug
Lis itrength and uncovering bis designs,
The hour is bikjh uoon. Tho Conftd
rate trout lias beeu pressed back, tbu
left wing abattered. Mi'u looking dowu
tu the battlefield trom tho bills of lon
tervllle hav every movement in plum
view. At 19 o'clock ttiw battle is wou
for tbe Federal. Bee, Barstow and
Evans, who bave beld the Confederate
center, have beeu beaten back by Burn
side, Sykes and P( rter. They give way
slowly and grudgingly, tilitmjt as they
break back, and they are trying to rally,
when there is a olutur o bayonet! tw
ins fixed to muskets, and a thousand
men rush forward at the double quick.
It lathe New York Tweuty-teventh, and
Colonel Sloeum leads it, the tii st bayonet
charge of tbe war "Forward! For
ward!" And the wedge drivee into the
Confederate center and rolls tbe frag
ment! r:gi:t and lett.
The cheering is beard u inile away
above the uoise of battle. The Federal
center moVM forward to pursue t!:e shat
tered enemy, and courier! ride away
with tbe news, "We have pierced the
Confederate center and wen tho day!"
Behind the Hying Confederates is a
plateau of 1300 acres, comprising two or
three farms. There ate two or tbrw
Carinhousts. orchards, meadows, thick
ets of pine, barren fields. H..v U Stone
wall Jackson with 5,000 men iu reserve.
The fragments of brigade!, regiments
and companies aro hur'.e-tl bae t" the
Slopes of this plateau to le rallied
and reformed behind tho reserves, ren
tiers ride away to Bcuuregard to ask for
more artillery, infantry and cavalry,
and whi lathe Federals pause to replen
ish their cartridge Loses and gird up
their loins for a last struggle 5,000 fresh
Confederate are harrying forward to check the terriritd uiub, hut each effort
uKTtO ii)J4 tit .l(oeAA PRIM A'iSUClAllON-
wuatever weapon ibey could wound or
kill, it was tbe tit of a mob. it was
a mob which went circling round and
round the battel y long ago diiabled by
tbe killimrof all Its horses, TheThlrty
i ighth New Yolk, followed by a portion
o! tbe Fire Zouaves, went forward yell
ing and cheering, but the) came too Into
to save all the nuns. The Confederate!
held the grouud and retained three of the
piecei. A! Jackson ride forward the
company ttomtbe Sheuaudouh valley is
limbing one of the captuied yuiis to the
"Who commands this company?"
asked the geuerul, looking in vain tor a
eommissionetl ufHccr.
The nun halted and staled ut him,
but no one refilled.
"Where is your captain? Where are
your lieutenants?" he demanded.
"Cuu't tell yo general," answered
,i ris itewhowaa bareheaded uudcoat
K. "but tbe bona we areworkiu un
der jest n w is that ar' Yankee With
the Hag!"
JacktoU WM about tQ apeak further
when Bit aid delivered an Order, and he
rode hurriedl) away. There is no more
fighting cu this front. To the right and
lett t iiu Federals charge again and
again, but always to b beaten back.
Did they Dumber twice us many they
could not dislodge the Confederate! from
the plate;.;;. Nature made it for the key
of a battlefield.
It is o o'clock, and tho right still
ragts fiercely. It is 4 o'clock, and the
Federals ,ue still buttering ut the slopes
it the plateau. Halt an hour later the
volleya of musketry suddenly increase
iu volume, the- artillery redoubles its
fire, there is wild cheering all ulelig the
Confederate front. Jolmsteu's troops
I have come up from the valley. He
; throws them into the battle, and the
Federals aro driven back. Tbe Confed-
I crates push forward in pursuit, and the
troops who were giving way slowly and
retiring in good order suddenly become
panic stricken.
An army panic is like unto nothing
else in its foolishness. In its madness, in
that feeling of terror which makea serv
ile coward of bravo men for a few
hours. In Uo minutes from the first
wild shouts of alarm the highways lead
ing back to I'cntetvillu were choked
with the shattered, disorganized and
tleeing Federal commands. Here and
! there feeble attempts Weta made to
of the olil store nnl pnstoiTice two men
nro seated at a table borrowed tvoiue
whero for th occasion. One of the ui
wears tho uniform of a militia captain;
the other is in citizen's dress and 1ms a
lii-t uf mimes on u paper before him.
Bear what the captain is aaying to th
met) crowding up Until they stand six
or eiitlit deep In fore him.
" Wo want 00 mure men te till up this
company. Within O week WO shall Imj
ordered to tbe front. Wo want only
young men anil good men. Now, then,
you all who want to go to war ami IM
SOmo Inn put your name! down on this
paper. You, there, BteVti Drayton, stpji
Up and sign!"
"How long ihall we una bo gone,
" l reckon ou uo days."
'Then I'll pntdown."
"And I!"
"And I!"
Bay, i nptain, " called a young farm
er from tl"' rear rank of the crowd.
"can't yo make the timo SO dayi? Tim
old man's fteliu porely this spring, und
business matters between US. It may br
years before tbern is any' further call
for oar legal talents in this ur any other
Virginia town. .Military law will soon
override everything."
The old lawyer rose up ami passed
down staiis on his way home without
further remark, loaving Royal Kenton
iu a brown itudy, which WUinteRttpt-
ii iu minutes later by wildebeeriag on
tho street. He Went down to ascertain
tho cause, and a man who bad ju"t vol
uuteered swum; bis hut and replied:
"ll'ioray! Wo uns is gwino to send
fellers right on tooaptur' Washington
und ola Aba Lincoln!"
"H'(nwif mty MOW men to Jill up!.;
company "
he cun t do uo farm work. I'd like to
c.o slung with yo1 ull, but 1 can't spuru
over UO daya. Mako it no day, hhJ 1 11
put down."
"1 don't like te say 80, " replied the
captain as be itood up to look over the
crowd, " You nee, we've got toy, t tin re.
wherever it is. and then We've nut tu
Mul.liig lltur ll,l DrSlloa,
Tho following practical and timely
hints urn furuiiheu by Harper's Bazar:
in malting over utai year dresses oi
silk or of cloth it i a good plan to use
tho skirt as an ovorikirt above a sham
skirt of velvet or of silk, If tho lower
part of tho skin li soiled, ii cau be re
moved, as the oviMliirt ci'.i i ;i up nh:ior,t
to the knee on the sidei and drupi dow n
in trout and buck only hall the distance;
between tho kuee und tin- fool of the
lower skirt, leaving the latter show ing
plainly where it is emootbl) banded on
the foundation or skirt lining.
This is very pretty in silkikirtaof five
or six breadths finished with u velvel
binding and falling on a velvel lower
skirt. Tims a dress of green and brown
shot silk, with wuv lug brown stripes, has
an ovenkirt curved up the aide in show
a brown velvet sham lk.rt. Tbe velvet
l is also Wed Ul leg o' mutton sleeves and
I as a folded collar, a belt and In points iu
front and buck like a guilttpe, This ar
rangemeut ina) do awa) with soiled or
I worn part! of the lilk, and tbedreaamay
I be further renewed by placmg horaeahos
! curves of velvet Under Ihe alinholes in a
way now fashionable.
Ovenkirt that fall in points, either
three or live, always having one point
low in front, win bo cut according to the
cloth of a left over dress. If the skirt is
full enough at the tup for the present
fashion, it is an easy matter to cut out
tho points t'el.AV. liut ll the top is too
uddan Fainting Spells,
KptleptlO Convul
sions, or Fits, and ull
nervous (liscuprs, us
Paralyila, Locomotor
Ataxia, Epilepsy, or
Fits, St. Vitus'3
lianee, Sleeplessness,
Nervous Prostration,
Nervous Debility,
Neuralgln, Molan
cholbi, i'hreatenod
IhiiaultV, und Ivhid-
red Allraonta, are treated a ; a specialty,
with mat succesj. by the Stall' of tho
Invalids' Hotel ami Surgical Institute,
Bufifclo, N. Y. Mai. y are (Hired at a
distance without, personal consultation
the necessary medicine being lent by
mail or express. Question blanks sent
on application.
For Pamphlet, References, ami I'ar
tlculart, enclose lo cent iu stamps for
Address, WoRLU's DtapBMaABt UgDl
ca t. AaaocUTlON, Buflalo, N. i.
R. II. R
have a fight or two und murch around. leant, and the lower part of the skirt l
i not soiled, the narrow upper pai t cau be
; cut oif and thus greater width obtained,
When bknts are shortened thus and
I pointed, tilt loWOT skirts should ba ot
I the same color, though a different ma
terial may be used, as cloth over velvet,
or tackiug over moire or bengalino,
the plateau.
Noon becomes 1 o'clock. The skir- ,
mishers are at work all along the front !
of the plateau, hat there is no righting, i
Another uour sups away. Tbe Fed
erals have warti-d toe. luir. At noon they
could have earned the position with a
rash. At l o'clock they would havemet
with stubbcrn rtsistanc--. but victory
would have perchtd on their banners. ,
Now as th9 Federals are ready to move
the Confederate 5,000 have become 10,
000, and their 10 pieces of artillery
have become 20.
A majority of the troops are fresh
nnd their nerves uti.-caken. and ail are
ready for tbe grapple.
Thirteen thousand Federals move
against the plateau at different points
almost as one man, and the battle opens
with a great crash. Under General
Jackson's immediate orders are fivoor
six regiments. On the right cf his line
is a Virginia regiment. On tho right of
that let'iment is n company freni the
Shenandoah valley. They have not been
only increased uie panic
What were they fleeing from? Death': :
If so, almost every man of them hud
faced doath tor hours that diy without i
flinching. They faced it no', as terri
Bed men discharged their muskets and
threw them into the ditches, us remnants 1
of cavalry commands dashed into the
mass, us fleldpieces and limbers and
Caisson, drawn by horses which seemed
to have caught the spirit of tenor,
turned in from the fields nt a mad gal
lop and rode down every obstruction.
Men flee like shadows from a plague,
but they know from what they fiVe.
Rushing into the highways, fighting
each other as they struggled to reach
the van, stumbling, fulling, a chill of !
fear upon every heart, tho army which
bad fought so well and lung streamed
into the hamlet of Centerville. There
was no pursuit. There wasn't a brigade
in the Confederate aimy in condition to
pursue, nor was the extent of tho Fed
eral disaster known to Confederate offi
cers. Hew was a strong position, and
inaction yet. As tho Federals move i here it was that troops who had not been
np to the attack Rickett 1 Federal bat
tery, supported by a Jlinntsota regi-
"Unit,, halt' ThOH uhn arc mil
oovardi ictll follow mtP'
intnt, are in fiont of .luck'on's men.
Tho battery is wheeling into position,
when the Virginia regiment is ordered
to charge it. Wuh a wild cheer, tho
eommand daabea forward, but tu meet
with such a withering volley from the
western HMD that it falls back in COS
fusion. Let us follow the company on
the right, As it fulls back its captain is
left lying on the Held. The first lieu
tenant should be in command, hut
neither ho nor his fellow officer seeks to
rully the disorganized men. Tho com
pany is breaking buck iu a mob ugh'
under Jackson's eyes, when u private
seizes tbu flag limn the panic Itlicken
color bearer and shouts:
Halt, men, halt! Those who are
not cowards will follow me!"
It was too lute to lully tho company
as u whole, it wus breaking buck on
the reserve, headed by its two Usuten-
iuu8, nut ut tuu cuii in rally iit.oiu so
of the men turned and raised a cheer
and followed tho flag. The light of tho
flag und the echo of the cheers put heart
into tho beaten regiment. Something
like order cunie out of confusion, mid a
ttOfflsnt luter two-thirds of tho regi
ment were fighting over the gUU, The
Ither regiments ot tho brigudo moved
nit, anil they came just in time. The
First .Michigan and Fourteenth New
York were charging up to support the
Minnesota men und save ij.o guns.
And now for the space of a quarter
or an hour 0,000 men fought with
bayonet, with clubbed muskets, with
in action wcto formed across the high
way leading to Washington to clu ck the
panic stricken tho isands. Mounted of
ficers rode into the mob ai d shouted
Command! and appeals. The panting
fugitives paused for a moment, but it
was not to listen, not to obey, not to
feel ashamed of their iWyfeari, It was
to draw a long breath and then dash at
the wall of glistening bayonets. The
wall menaced them, tbe bayonets point
ed at their breaata, but with one mighty
surge the living wave dissolved the
wall, burled it down, Hung the frag
ments to right and loft, and the stream
ot' humanity poured-on over thu hills
and flowed the faster for its temporary
check, It could not be checked again
until it reached the Potomac,
Let us go buck a few weeks and con
i nect the chain of events.
Tbe thunder of u hundred guns bad
been let loose at Charlstton, and the
south was rushing to arm. Ono who
I has not wirnsastd tbe beginning of war
i snnot comprehend the insanity of ex-
I citernent which accompaniea the pus
Mge of each fateful day. We of the DOI th
wen delaying, hoping, tryiog to make
ourselves believe that war would l
1 averted, though no one could tell how.
While We wen delaying the south was
I acting. No man in any southern coil
j inanity dared talk of peace. While thy
north raised rcgimanta the south put
brigades into Cgmp and plumed u cum
paign. While the north wailed the
south po'Mtwed itself of fort after fort.
Tho litiuota of every city echoed the
tri ad of tnari hhig men ; overy village
I was aroused by the music of tho fit und
drum. That generation knew nothing
I of war. .Men looked Upon tho waving
I tlss ami tippling banner!, thu march'
ing voluntnyandtb holiday attire ami
said to each other:
"Then this is wat? Men who huvu
Written of war have deceived us. Thero
h no rUBaring, no wounried, no deud.
Let us also Join in tho march."
Hut historians had not deceived them.
They were deceiving themselves. Tho
beginning of war is (Detriment and
.'east. Tho end is marked by thousands
of marble beadltonM bearing the single
word "Unknown" thoso und crape
nnd tears and desolation. It is i o'clock
In tho afternoon of ono of those never to
be forgotten spring days of 1U01. re
membered now only by gray haired
men nnd women, Tho scene is the an
cient town of Winchester, In tho beau
tiful Shenandoah valley, tho garden
spot of tho Old Dominion. Under cover
of u wooden a v. uing sheltering the front
and l should reckon on CO daya anyhow
lietter collie along. You never did have
uo such chance to see fun in ull your
li ' before."
"Waal, I reckon 10 or '.'0 days won't
make no great difference anyhow," said
the loan. And he pushed forward to
add his name to the list.
Directly opposite two men sat look
ing outeif ii second story window. They
were in the law ofi'ieo of Justin Wil
liams, a lifelong citizen of the town
and u lawyi r f repute. Ho was u mun
of 53, but curried his ago lightly. The
other was a young man of S4, well
built and having a plain but kindly
face. He was Royal Kinion of Rhl do
Island, a graduate of law at a promi
nent university and the junior partner
of tho law firm of Williams & Kenton.
They were uncle and nephew. Kenton
hud come down about 18 months before,
As the relative and partner of a promi
nent citizen he was treated with cour- '
teiy. As a Yankee, freak from Yankee
land, he w us a subject ot criticism, and
there was little heart iu the hospitality
accorded him. There could not have
been. Ho represented principles an
tagontttic to the south. There was no
neutral ground in those days, A mun
represented not himself, but his sec
tion of country. The opinions of his sec
tion were considered to be bis. A south
erner at the north would have been
j looked upon through the same eyes and
held responsible to tho same extent.
Men liked him as a man, but they de
; tested him as a Yankee.
"Well, lam sorry this trouble has
fallen upon the country," laid tho old
; lawyer as they watched the crowd oppo
site. "I have long felt that it must
I come sooner or later, b it I hoped it
I Would not be in my day. Nothing cau
now prevent war."
"But everybody appears to think it
i will end almost as soon us begun," re-
' plied Kenton.
I "They do not stop to reflect," said
the lawyer as his face assumed a more
senous look. "1 am a southerner, and
I believe the south bus been fully justi
I fled in her course, but our people are
toolilbly underestimating the strength
and temper of tho north. They will not
let us go because wo bluster and thrent-
en. If tho Bouth secures a separation,
it w ill hnve to be won on the field of
battle. It was to be, and ft lias come,
but it is to be deplored. "
"If wat cornea, bniiness will have to
go," observed Kenton as he looked
ubout the office,
war ia here, and our business bus
already Red, "replied Williams, "Mai
tial law will soon be proclaimed, and
there will b no more use for judge!,
jurors und attorney!, I have wanted to
mk you for several daya what course
you mean to pursue. If it win to be a
war of Uo iluvs, months, or even a
yeur, wo might make ( ei tuin plans, t in
It ia to be a long and bloody struggle,
and this very valley will be a battle
ground. We may us will i loss our of
fico today as a month hence. Amid
inch excitement ns this there an bo no
cull for our servii St,"
I am a northern man," laid Ken
ton after a moment'! thought,
"Y), they call yen it Yankee."
"I have cared nothing for politics.
Them is a grout prim tple In rem in
voived, but oni greitest statesmen nro
divided over it. 'i he south seeks inde
pendence from a federation which fas
become unbearable, The north, or at
leait 11 goodly portion of it, denies the
right of secession, Tills coming wai Ii
the COnMqUence, 1 stand on neutral
"You are neutral today, but you can
not bo BO days Ihji r.' Mid theold law
ei u ii troublsu look i ame into his
face. "Ho you find any neutral sjen iii
that crowd down tbara? Have yon beard
iny noiitiul tulk among our people? It
may not be in days befoio yuu will be
put to the test."
"What test:"
"Uf yuur nllegiui eo to ono side or
tho other. Every young man in our
town is haitaniog to volunteer, l am
too old to bo taken now, but later on I
may be forced into tho ranks. It will
be a war in which the south will need
her lust man. I am not pledged to n
southern confederacy, but I am pledged
to Virginia. I go with my statu. You
huvecomo down to cast your lot with us.
It is lor you to unswer whether you are
fur or ugainst your adopted stute.
Think it over. If you wish to go north,
the routes are still open. If you wish
to reuiuiu, you will bo usked why yuu
don't volunteer. I do not seek to Influ
ence you. lie guided by your own con
eciuuec. Tomorrow we will settle ull
A Creeper I ui llaliy.
One of the latest and best of utility
"creepers" is very easily made. Gingham
! is the fabric used. First measure baby's
j length und breadth, in order to allow, the
i little one a chance for freedom of ruo
' Hon, The gingham is then cut bag shape,
I 13 by 14 being the popular number of
1 inches. This, when sewed up at the side"
and bottom, is gathered into a band with
buttonhole! and buttons. Iu each lowei
corner openings have been made. JtThess
i are hemmed und are then ready for the
1 chubby leg.-. Drawing them up over the
child's limbs, you will find the dainty
i clothes snugly incased und yet the limbs
i of the toddler at lib. sty to move ut will.
wiiitv I'eopie Lsavlag the- Plains.
I A curious fact is that there ure les.
j white people oil the- high plain ot the
northwest now than there were tun year
ago. and there will probably be less in t-'ti
! ear-, more than there are now. unless the
t country is reclaimed by irrigation, which
, could only tv Uone by a system oi water
storage made possible after a vast outlay
j labor and capital.--Harper's Weekly.
ThejrAr the rtnee This aeasoa ami Aro
Tied Tor Nearly Bvef thing-.
It seems scarcely possible that satin ami
moire can long enjoy t tie tremendous opii
larity now aocordtd tbetu. It la too great
to la.-t. They are both shown In u wiih
range of quality and the latter in every va
rlety of wave and Combination of strip,
that cau be devUrd. The silk Weavers
ought certainly to lie exempt from the pre
sure of present hard times, since tin y musl
have been steadily employed in order to
produce tin- quantity of silk stuffs now dc
manded by fashion ami shoa n by the shops
Silk fabrics ure the particular rags tola
SSMOB unci are Utilised lor everything
street costumes, wraps, evening gowns,
Wrapper!, every urticle of the feminine In!
let exei pt underclothing, Fashion has
turned in a Sensible direction, (O fir a th
latter U concerned, and decree the lim n
ami muslin gowns that personally daiutj
women have never discarded, even ill the
height of the silk underwear fever. Tin
CU1U.B AMD I tltVtN J -
Colds, Coughii, Sord Tli-oat,
Inflammation, Bronchitis,
Pneumonia, Asthma,
Difficult Breathing,
Rhiumathin, Naurslal ,3cfatios, l.ui.
bsgo, Swelling ol the Joints, I'.dos
in H u li, Cheat i r Llmbi
It Km, lb tirst sud Is tin- only pain remedy
lust Instantly st,iis tin, moit eacruclatlni
pains, bib ufUremstiuus and
Ccnpvstlon, whether ,.r the , Stomseb,
Bom i., or uilif r , oni,, r oruu j.
Vi Hadwai & Co., Gentlemen Ihavstttsd
four Hendy finder for more than twenty tiv,
rests with mu ll latisfanUon bave used it
for Ls ttiipps, I'i e mi ll, in PuurUy ud uU
iuii,:f scbi-s and paint sud hsve found it un
Sllilis awry time, Rolpectfullr.
U V l(AV.MO.M),
'Jl Crjs i a: sit., .Mi IdletaWJ, C'oun.
Janasry 18, Is'ji.
Tbls 1 to certify thst ;.. February, is". I
bsd u snverestlsek or "iJt ilrip.- e," ,ind eured
;nyedr ia twenty. fou tours py th" use of
Hndway's lt. udy BeHsf und R dwnv h I'd s
I h id another attuck ol the name dreadful
it'- se In tlsrch, INl.snd unod thesani- rtiu
;Uy, with the same r"ult I do not ICOOW
Bsdwsy A On., tbe parties wh , manufsoture
tbes medleiass, sal I have always i ut van
little faith in "Almanac CertihVatss, " hut if
ttiee ! Uaes wilt only talms some sufferli
oue 1 1 me the above re to dy I ol (eel arupW
repaid lur writing what I iiave.
Beep elf illy, t I . BROWX
.1 w. BREWtEB, Asbtmrn, Pike Co.. Mo.
"One bottle ot Ha ly Belief and mie box of
ftsitwsy i Pills cere I Si Iu my inmilv of tbn
to. rill- ci mplaint. "i.a Urippe.' or InflUSn,
HAUWA i S FILLS, is the- ijuiekoat and most
effectual emu for
Price, See, pr b ittl-i Sold by Urujjiue
VeetuM. . lnilil ;,n.l va'.i:al,!
'erfe t EHgestion, oinplete al sorption sud
healthful reguUrtty, FVr the cur j of all di
ildersol the aioiuaeb, Liver, llwrli,Kl.l
tej a, llladiler, Kervoua Dlessee, Loei ul
Ippettte, Bteadache, Cnnatlpatlon, I'na-tlv-nesa,
tndtgeetloa, Blllooeneee, l, wr.
Inflammation ol the lluwele, Piles ami
ii ilemntremrnta of the Intoraal elacera,
Pstfeol Dlgeatlon will he ncnomplleltod
i) Isklna Budway'e Pllla, H oii.iiiig
irk Hsakach, 1'onl atomnch, Rllleua
i. Kill he avoided, mi. I th fund that la
eaten onitti Ibule 1 1 m nourlahlng prnpertle
for the inpporl ol Ihe natural waste of tin
I, ml
tsVObsorvs the followiag syrap'oms fol
lowing from dlsssfo n the dieestiv orgsns:
ixnttipat nu, idwsrd t ili, fnlBMn ot the
blood in Ith t el, acidity i the - oxvdi nn'i
ant. BMrtbur . iiaot of food, fnlnsssor
weight iu ti: , sour Fractal tone, sink'
In or fluttering ol ttisheast, choitingoreiii
ocitiag enastion3 wheu in s lying itoiture,
itimttessof vision, dots or wens before the
tight, rever and dull pnln in tie- hd,da&V
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ii d eye, -l n in tbee'de, eh-at. limbs, wi.i
sudden' s of heat, burning in the flah.
h lew doses ii RAD WAY'S PILLS will tree
theeyeteiuol tbe aeoventned dUord r&.
rile. .,. a Uo -oi l by Drngglata
SndtoUR rah v.v i 0., No 82Vi
run s,., Kea Yuri, for Book of Advlea
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In tho snip of the shean,
The bondholder Lear'!
The sound of his money ei ham ingj
Why not copy his wy
And clip every duj
Toget something that's quite as entranciaa.
You Casi Oo It!
By mm and clipping you get u value for
Just to think of the delights of a trip all mr our own country
from Alaska to the Quif of Mexico'
Beinq; able to do it in easy stages, at
TEN CENTS "a stage," inc.
ing the services of a guide! Yet,
that is iust what we uo for vou.
sill petticoat la etcu, to be sure, but "
It serves the purpo s ot a seoond dresi
akiit It can hardly b called auartteteol
Besides satin und molt! there Sfo iiiauv
fancy weaves shoa n in si m silks, it h aeit
and ether ooloifd (um and stripes, and
the liaiinl Ms-mi merit nf light suintnei
goods, SUeh us ohlua silKs and biiandcd
taficin.1 The latter oona In both Dowered
stripes mid -.Mti sprays, which era
usually self colurvd. ( I line and shot AW
seem tei h" used mure CSpeotally tot pylli
coats this loaioo, and the separate bodices
in which they appeared so prominently
lust year sre generally niadeot striped oi
plain moire or satin, it I said that bou
tonniere silks hiiuk, sprinkled ivlQismall
iiuwera ur bouqucti in tiir natural colors
w ill be much used, and they arc OSftelUly
very pretty, particularly whan mads up in
Cdjat shape, with u bright VSSt and laee ruf
A recant Knuiish evening kumi, reviving
the pannier affect, la shown in the aooonv
panylnRcut. it flgursaln a trousasau mid
Is niaileef reatii satin mill inuire antique.
The plain satin skirt la ladl slmpisl and
has no train. The panniers and PSVSTS are
of moire antique, while the full e'liimiaette
or vest isof silk DSdlrttn 100. The pulled
aatin sleeves rese-h only half wny to the el
how, hut ure supplemented by wide lace
ruffles. The gown Isol course only suitabU
for a tall, slender ptrson. A woman vi ro
bull liiture must nlways nvuid panniers,
bOWSYar fuahiuUHhlc they may bs,
EiicrtD ar Tst Hmrit Mtr'rai AumoaiTiri
x SEFiTliOLlNHflLCls
e'Jflif 'i'iv have vcu fs"v nni '
Jawoudcrriil i iHn tosultrei
I fgflffroniCelde, BoreT ,,,
Mall laanr, . . i
!-. r II IU It. ., ,,
' " un.. , . i, Inf. Anrnielei'.l
. - K lin , et iMenieiii i.t earn
in poetet, reai to n n ni-t tmii, .it com
ill .. ,1 I ... L
SMIefscUdnsttantnteedorninni , rernnded Prlee,
.'. . la. 'I'nnl lr I DniaaiMs Hi tUtere-J man
Wevun. H. kCOnilf, Kir , Tii- RuTtj, Vut , C S. 1
CI'S) J 1 )Vt .V TM
MFNTMDI " " aafeal rl
mun nvh sll akin dlaeeaei Keienm Itch Soil
,.,ri .,. "rn.r . r, ',.
rd( for P1I.KB, Pelfr lift rle iii Unit nai ai.
rit,ir l.y iimiiI ('Prpa lit, Addreaaaaatiofe O R L r
or sals b ststthew) Broa,l(oraanEros.and
luiViui A: i ie
BvS 10
F" -i"! '1 1'C r part of, tiuuc in j.iV yi pccss
indelible typoravure delineate
the journey,
Ihe incomparable world-famed travobr inj leclurer, PROF, GEO,
R, CFOMWELLi is the guide, Journalist!: enterprise is th) conductor
of the trip,
.lai.-IMAtK 4t'
i( lu'i..lO.
AMade a well
i an ii'. i t "V ' y
Iii iv Kini- 1'
(III. i
mMlVCM i it K iOO a.
KMIUrt 1., 30 t
I'di'-all, Hlt'l-li MUi'-- Nii
l.tMt M i In i 1 l i ' vinij;
"From Alaska to the Golf of Mexico,"
will ba pnbllehoii in tveaklv srric ot sixtn viawj aca tUw HxUj inehjs,
uiiy worth ?i 50 and will aubraeatha physio 1 and moid wondri ot
Our Own Land,
tl:o wholi dlUd by Prof. Q K. Cramwatl
imndtcm-i covcri.
Blob larli win ba eaclosdl ia
itir rnptfo, AVmhiupton.
I r.iitinn Hon Kquntv. N n Tofli
N vt'ii In 11 , 1 Iii rtnn- Canol, CQlOfstdOb
Clu ttuut if t i h1ldtihiM
VtltoWntOBi T ii'.'l, IVyuttlUfi
I t i t I Hi I'.M it, stf IttUVMpOtUi
E)t'U Hlt lUipl-i, Nt. I ui i fiiro l.lvur.
i Itmpl !uiiit . Rail l.itKo lt.
ti ut ii in Utiico, Crt)ttoa B p i In ft, lx
lid i s Khn Fslli N .iut i.
t n ! Victoria, li i
Hit km AUtka.
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SOI. I) l Mriitlir v. Hi , WholiMli and Mtatl
prnultu, SCRAN luN, i a , and otb i.ia
Complexion Preserved
Bamoves FraoklM, I'hipIm
IJner Molao, Dlacklioidi,
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Ira fur thy uurarr, JU'iilwlr JSSe aoj dileau,l; ui,ll
nsM. At oaftflM PHee Vj Caala.
Q. C. BITTNER CO., Toledo, O.
For aalo br MuUliuwa BfOI V ...:! . '
Morsau & Co.
Each Series Lasts ba: oa. Week, See That Yon Get Them All,
('if!, txtna ti Wiu Manorv, Low of Btain PowMkHMdacbc, wkrfni,,
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