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Cellululd liooliin.irk Art l'opular, aud So
Are l.lttle Juiutnrne IlaskcU ISrownlo
DolU Afloril AimiHi'inent Tulip Miupt'd
liuubon lioxci Arc Acceptable
The best part of U entertainment for
Children is often whut they bring bone
In tho way of favors. They will exhibit
them with pride and delight) treasuring
the most ordinary lit tie souvenir with :iJ
much utiif action us their eldera would
achoieo bil of brie-a-brae.
Homemade effort in this direction
need not require much time, ami a small
sum of money will purchase the needed
The Household makes the following
helpful suggestions and gives directions
for making favors:
Little celluloid bookmarks painted
with bright flowers and tied at the ends
with a bow of baby ribbon to match will
As tinisiiintf touches to the uainty,
stick a tiny Japanese umbrella back of
the saucy fellow, tuck a fan at each sido
and then see what a pretty trifle it makes,
with the crimpy raffles of paper a'dout
the brightly robed Jap, the umbrella
sheltering him and the gay fans at his
side. And the cost! Well, the two tmp-
kins will be but '.' cents, the umbrella 8
cents, the fans 1 cent apiece aud cents
for the baby. If your sachet is bought
in bulk, it will be a very small item in
tho cost of the Japanese novelty.
Health 1
make the little folks' eyes sparkle, espe
cially if they can read their own name
on it lettered iu gold paint. It serves
also to designate their place at table.
Th. small Japanese baskets at It cents
each, if finished inside with u bag of
bright colored silk, which may often be
made from odds and cuds found iu the
piece bag, will be it source of great pleas
ure to them.
Brownie dolls, made of thick water
color paper, painted t. represent the dif
ferent grotesque figures of the Brownie
faintly, will occasion great hilarity. If
oue has artistic skill for copying, they
may be easily made, and a long narrow
strip of paper pasted on the back at the
shoulder? will serve to make them stand.
Auotherset of favors made from water
color paper are more easily accom
plished. They are made and colored to
represent a tulip. Two slits are cut in
each petal, through which narrow rib
bon is ran, the ends being tied in a small
bow. thus bringing the tulip into shape
aud holding it there, as shown by the
These are made by cutting a tiznre in
shape like the diagram. The dtstuuee
from tho center to the tip of each petal
m 1
x TTi.:r favor.
shocld be about 3 r or 4 inches. Slits are
then made in it as indicated in the dia
gram. The petals are colored to repre
sent the tulip in red and yellow, red and
white, pink anil white, etc.
The tulips are then filled either with
peppermints, timdrops, molasses drops,
or some simple candies. When placed
at each plate, filled and tied with their
bright ribbons, they are exceedingly dec
orative, and the children beam with de
hght over tulip and contents.
How to Tie Slioeitrin!4.
"Stop a rainnte. My shoestring is un
tied." "Oh, dear! What a nuisance!
Your shoes are alway3 untying, and
there's onr car coming.'" Result, fuss
and bad temper. Though a shoestring
is a very ;isy thing to tie, not one person
in a hundred knows how to do it. We
all know how to tie a bow and of what
a bow consists two loops and a knot in
the middle. Now, suppose Wore you
tighten your bow, and while yon stili
have a lo -p in eacii hand, yon take the
loop in yonr right hand and it
through 'he knot in the middle. Kow
go your USUal way and give both loops a
good hard tug to tighten them, arid th ra
yon are! No more untied shoestrings.
No more lost cars. When you want to
unfasten it, take one of the tag ends in
your hand, give a (food poll, and tho
thing is done, or rather undone, writes
one of Good Housekeeping's correspond,
A i niii Bsavenlt That wy lie tueii
Aim, f or l liJldmi'4 I'urtlri.
A Japan' so novelty that made its bow
to the guests of n recent Japancwi tea is
so clever yet so inexpensive a getup that
it deserves to receive special recognition.
It is suited as a favor for children's pr
tics as well as the teas of grownup peo-
Cood Looks Dependent Largely ou the
Cars Bestowed bile rhey Wars Infants,
A mother who bas tried experiment.
Ingonherown little ones with (success
writes as follows iu The Housewife: As
soon B8 the nurse bas lofl lake the child
in hand yourself, in the morning, after
the bath, put it through its exercises.
Take the tiny button of a nose between
your finger and thumb, just above the
apology fern bridge, move your fingers
gently down two or three tunes to the
tip. is.' sure you do this tenderly, or
you may hurt the delicate, barely set
cartilage, or bring the flesh down too
much, and so make the nose thick at the
end. The happy medium is essy to find.
Wet the lirst tinker and gently follow
the shaK of the eyebrows (the tirst
month or two there is often no hair to
mark where they ought to bet to insure a
delicate arch and a finely penciled point
instead of a wide spreading straight line.
These two should be done without fail
every day till the child is i or 5. Out)
day, when the baby is asleep, let its eye
lashes be cut ever SO little. If nervous
yourself, do not attempt it, as one false
slip may seriously injure the child, in
th.u case get some one else to supply
your place nurse, friend or your family
As to the hair itself, a great deal can
be done to prevent a child having lank,
heavy hair. From the time the tirst few
hairs begin to appear on baby's head, di
rectly it ha been bathed, and while its
hair is wet. brush it up the wrong way.
It may not look so trim and tidy BS when
brushed smoothly down, but it is worth
a good deal to insure curly hair, and tho
treatment will do much in most cases.
When first the hair begins to grow in
r al earnest, do not let it get long and
straggly. Have it cut frequently, though
only just a shaving need bo taken off
each time.
1 have purposely left the most impor
tant rule to the last. If you want pretty
children, keep them happy. I do not
mean spoil them, but try to understand
their characters, to make them obey by
the rule of love, and above all don't
keep on scolding them. Peevishness,
which, by causing the corners of a child's
mouth to droop, would spoil a baby
Venus, is generally the result of ill
health. Treat it as such. One filial word:
If your children grow tip good looking,
do not allow your friends to tell them so,
for vanity and self consciousness neu
tralize the charms of childhood as of
Sonic New Trimming.
A long range of new trimmings have
fringes formed of bunches of spearheads
of jet clustered together, and some of
the drops are shaped like fans, larger
than spearheads. Tassels of these play
an all important part, and deep fringes
are nsed. The trimmings, which follow
the idea of the circular cuttings, are
sometimes crocheted with cord and jet.
Moire ribbons and galonsare a domi
nant Ides, these being often worked in
designs with sequins or smaller pail
lettes. Some of ..." wide makes of such
ribbons have fringes falling from the
edge. An extremely pretty novelty is a
light make of lace worked all over with
jet, plaited with a narrow jet galon
down the center, ready for trimming
capes and mnntles. Occasionally leaves
of jet are laid on the plaits of lace. Some
time there is only one row with a jet
heading, bnt often the lace is joined
down the center and covered with jet,
the ornamental bor h r of the lace show
inor at each '!.". Tie n. again, this class
of trimming is diversified with deep
fringes and deep Vandykes of jet.
A Calqne Penwiper.
A clever notion for tli' small boy or
girl to work out is the wishbone pen
wiper. It is a simple little affair, but
ranks forem r am mg novelty trifles for
the writing desk. Golden Days gives an
illustrated description of how to make it.
pie. The hostess of the tea alluded to
along with other very chic notions in ta
blo decorations originated this cunning
souvenir, one of which was placed St the
plate of each guest. Just how it is fasli
ioned was recently told in Golden Days.
Begin with two gayly decorated Jap
anese napkins. Lay them down onu
abovo the other and fill in the center of
tho paper with cotton batting which has
been generously sprinkled with white
iris, sandalwood or Hweet orchid sachet.
Stand upright upon the cotton a baby
Jap and then gather up the edges of the
napkins nnd securo them just below the
Jap's waist with a bit of belie ribbon.
You will find that tho batting lias given
you a substantial foundation for the
whimsical affair,
Mtss l.nrin: CAIisoN.of Siir
snae, mkfa . e ii'. "1 liavs
been troubled with terrible
bend ache for shout two yeara
unit ooaM ""t set saytbhui to
help mi', i-ot at I Ml Mend
SdvhMd me lo iitl.ii your Ilea
Dot K III mm BIT1 KMSi Srhloh
1 did, ion! after taking two
bottle. I have not had the
besuacno sluue."
I'll V Nil I VNS A M SI HOI (ISs
nil a KIM l A It DKAN line removed to Old
Hpruos street, Borsuton, i'u (Jest op
ignite oour I boaso Bousrs I
DM a J. lUNNHliL. Office Wl Washington
avonuoj corner Bpruos rtreoL ovoi
lYsnokes drug store. Kesidenoa, 741 vtuest
Office boot! lOJtitoUa m. sad t sad
S.SJ to 7.89 p, n Bnudsy, S to 3 ui
DP. W ft ALLEN, Office cor Lack
wanoaand Wssulngton aves i over i "
not shoe itorei ottoe muts. lotohla to. and
tito p. in; i'Vuiiiui: at rssldouce, M8N.
Washington evo.
U,UU t KEY. PnuiUou limited to
Lt omoi of the Kye, Ear, Now sad Throats
Dffloo, lifil Wyoming ere Beeideno. Ml Vine
fclrcot ,
nit 1. M UATKs. tin Wsehiuuton Aveuue.
Office bonra, iait ui
to s p,ro,
IUHN 1 WKN'l'Z, U, I'. UffiouM and j
t" t'omiuonvvualtti l.uitttitiK; rosldonos 't
Miidliwnevo: office hours W tn I'i i t t, l"
)'. Bnndays 180 to 4. evenings at resldeuoe. a
kpcclalty ma.l of dvesaei u tiw syot ceo nosi
snd throat ami g y neppjogy.
A good Kizeil wi-hbonn is r. cptired for
the foundation. Ujion the upper por
tion of the bone a head is supplied by
black HeiilitiK wax, having white beads
for eyes. On the head a cup of red
doth, trimmed with whiir.i bends, is
tucked. Several circlets of rod cloth,
edged with beads, are prepared.
Through these the head Is thrust, the
legs appearing beneath the edge of the
skirts. Tiie feet are also formed of koiiI
ng wax. (in the cloth skirt, which acts
as penwiper. Home lines are printed, as
for instance:
Ohi o I WSS a SlIsbbOBS
Anil grew upon u hen.
Now I uin a little Kluvft
And mado to wipe a pen.
Huiu e I or I'liililliiKa.
A nice sauce for any baked or boiled
pudding is made by (Teaming n cup of
sugar with a tablespoonful of butter.
Add tho beaten yolk and then the white
whipped stiff. Flavor to taste. If a soft
sauce is preferred, stand the howl con
taining this mixture over a kettle of boil
ing water, aud add, Stirring tho while,
one-half pint of boiling water.
A Uood Coffee Cuke.
Ono heaping cupful each of sugar and
strong coffee, a scant half cupful of
shortening, 8 scant cupfuls of flour, 8
teaBpoonfuls of baking powder sifted
with the flour, cinnamon and cloves.
L1 STUKGE, Veterinary Burgeou, t'""
IV t istry a specialty; gold medalist of On
tario Veterinary Ouuege, Office. Summer'
Uvpry, BBS Djj st.. uoar Keller's osrnaga hau.
Telephone No. tW-
l M C. KANCK't
.1 . See, No- 317 Si
KAN'L'hVS Law ami t'olli ctloa ot
irui-u i;t.. otiitosllo 1'nrin:
tloiiso. Si riniton. l a.; collcrtioiia a niu-clalty
throuehout Penasylvaniat reliable correepoud
euta m every county.
TehbuPb a iia.mj. Attorneys and CoUUlil
I tors at Law, Commonwealth luiiwin
u av W, It. JBSSVP,
HonAcs B llAva
w it Jrssdp, .in.
ncv ami t'ounwlorn at l.a. itciiublicin
l-uildilu. Washtnitton a
IJATTEHttON A: WILC'OX, Attorueya and
1 Couneeilon at Law; offices ii and s Lihrary
tuildiug, bcrantou, Pa.
William a. Wilcox
t torneys and Counaallors, Commonwsslts
iHeldim: Konms In. .11 an I '.'1
U Eli BY M BEELY Law offices in Price
II building, hM Washington avenue
LMtANK T OKELL, Attorney at Law Kooui
1 a. Coal Kxrlmnp- Srr.intun. I 'a.
MILTON V. LOWKY, ' Att'ya, SS Washing
('. H , VON STOW II. ftonav.. C H winaiw
OAKPOBD. Attorney at Law
w. EOOaK, Attorney at lw
I AVE.-. W OAKPOBD. Attorney st
l rooms SS, St snd Mt Commonwealth b'l'g
Offleo. HIT Snrnrost . Scranton. I'u.
A. WATBEB. Attorney at Law
. La. k iwanna am-, s. ie.t..ri. Ps
P. SA11TH. oan-el!or at Law. nrtlee.
rooms M. .Vi. .'m t'..miiionwe:Pt!i hndiiin
1 u. pncHLK. Attorney at Law, una-
V ' . monwi'ulth liiiilniur. n ninton. I a
I. KlMEOYS. Sniui-i. ,r.
A R HKPLoULK, Attorney -Louns nco-
It, tinted on real i-st .t- ..tint v. ! - sp: ;
fj i'TklLLAM. Attoruov-ut-Law, ) Wy
15. omlngsvenne. Bcrsnton.
written and seknowlsdged by J W.
HP.OWNINO. Attorney and Notary Public, It
CoiniiH.nwealth Building
C( ID ' it. 01- TiiP. LAI KA'A' v. N A. S-ni:
O too, i'a , prepares hoys ami giril lor ooUogl
or buaiueaa: thoromthly traiuj vuuiik children
Catalogue at
iir.v Thomas M oan
Waltfk II. Busi.u
.11 an 1 Bcnooi, 41- Adsma avenue. PuplU
r"celvol at all tiir.oa. Next torm will open
in riST
Oentint, No, If,
i '. I.AUIIAC'H, ur
i . Wyomimt ave.
Jt. STKATTON, office I'oal Bxchau
i.o ws
i lil-i al.d Loan AlSO1
rlnlloli will loan .olllll lieV on eli-i.r terim
mil pay you hot tor on Investment than eny
othr aswHiiti'in. UBII ou r. a. UAiiuaa"
DEB, Dime Itank Imlldln
rpHE WE8TM1NHTEK, :r. :v. Wyoming
1 aw l!ooti' heati il wtlti htram; all mod
i in mad. Iron
rrn nnprorenienla. I' M
ZlEOLEB'B HOTEL, ;::.' Lackawgnus aj
uue, Bciautou. Kates reasonable.
P Zi i i. i i ii. Proprietor.
W. (i. BCHENCK, Manngivr.
bixteetith street, one block eait of UroMWSJ
ai union Bousre, Now York.
American ilnn. ?) per day ai d upward
(ma'NB HOUBEi Buropesfl phtnt good
J room. Open day and night. Par hup.
plied with the Li Ht
P II. COTWK Proprletnt
i'i KANTON IIOt'SK. mar D U A- W. ps
O ai-nser depot. I'oliil'ieli d on tin- I'.iiropiMn
n)sn. Virion Kuril Proprietor
(HAND CENTHAU i ii" largeetand Imsi
I soppsd hotel In AilSntown, Ps, i rstsi
l ami $-'.nn per day
Viitoii I' rtAiiNrw, Proprietor.
Alt! II 111 fJTH
ijavis HOUPT. Arehlteuta U is -I
I ' ?.i and ?n Commonwealth b'ld'e, Bcraninn
I, WALTBB, Archlteot, Library build
hilt. Wyoming syennr Bersntofti
I,. BBOWrt, Ar.h H Archlteot, Price
btilkJlng.SQ Viashington Ave.,Horanton.
lumosr. 1 and DlttM Lank building
Bcrsnton. Pa.
1VI Mipplloa, envelopes paper Iihkh, twine.
Warchouao. 130 WSsbtOgtOU ave, Hi rant-in,
lOOTB'M LIVERY, INW I'apousn avenue
I' First elaui on i i lav. h D I. I OhTI ., nl
ranersl Dlreotor ami Bmbalmry
I pals dsafers In Woodwsre, Ctordsgs snd
nit cioih, . " w Lsokswsunn svonna
J haiia, plenles, psrttes, receptions, we.t
dlnga and ooneeit work fiindnhe'l l or tornn
ddiBHN H. ,1. Bauer, conduotor, II' Wyoming
av , ovir Hnlbsrt's nmalg store
T.1ZBA UNN A BON 8, bulTden and contrs
J t torn. Yard" Corner Ollvs st. and Adsisi
ave ; rorner AhIi it. nnd Pena ave , KersutoS
( It l, ARK & i n, Bssdsmen, FlorUti
J , Slid Nuraeryinini; atom till Washington
avonue; green boune.lICjU North Main SVSUUSJ
Store telephone 783.
i I AS.
OHAND UNION' TKA '' .Iimi.. Hroa
u uti: m iii'.i ns.
I ob. KUBTTBU 6il UMkawsnas svense,
Scranton, i'u , niamif'r of Wlro :lo.ll
Ken etate.
tQU'HAXBH5uLEm ' ' I N i ".
X avenue; vory ilialrnhla loostion, Anply
O. F. RKYNOLUri. or V I LI. AUD. WAUltfiN
aus,&M WIIaL buy modern nkwnroo.m
Ip hottist sH UnproTemsntsi tsrms essyj cor
ccr Madlaon avuime and Deluwaro atruot. Ap
? corner Mediaou avonua uud Delawar.i
ttreet. Tvrua eaey. Apply
fi(. "vih.fJ Vy p i '. 'a? I( "
Him 'ilm vlHv Jk I r rmfc I i 1
1 IBi' I lJ mgagjd :
. S. S v L . - v - . '
The Last Day
X retiring from its great educational enterprise, TIIE TRIBUNE bows its con
rattilations to its readers for the broad intelligence shown by their hearty co
operation in this gigantic intellectual crusade. We extend our thanks to the thous
ands of friends and readers who, by their prompt and concerted action, have made
this splendid success possible.
We have sustained the enormous expense and performed the vast labor neves
sary in order to bring within reach what we consider to be the best Reference Li
brary in print, and the universal praise and congratulations which have poured in
upon us, from rich and poor alike, more than repays our every effort
Judging by the crowds that are thronging in The Tribune Encyclopedia De
partment, all day and until late in the night, it is evident the people realize that a
great opportunity is last slipping away, and in a lew short hours will be forever gone.
In order to accommodate every friend possible we will keep the Encyclopedia
Rooms open up to the last minute. At the hour of midnight the offer closes. N')
more orders will be accepted after 12 o'clock toaiglit.
All mail orders bearing postmark of Monday will be honored.
Our Final Proposition
On receipt of $4.50 we will forward the complete set of : 5 volumes, the balance to
be paid $5 per month. Or, on receipt of $3, we will staid 12 volumes, to be paid $3,
per month. The last hall will be sent as soon as the first halt is paid for. Mail orders
will receive the same attention as if given in person, AH orders mailed on the last day
will be filled even if received Monday. Address
The Tribune E. B. Department
m St ,
iWiiiiiiiimifiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiHi liiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiinuiiieiiiaiiiHtiiiH
eat .
COUPON NO. 29. I 1
Selld or bring two of these coupons, differently numbered, s!s
S with Ten CentH.und get one of the .series of sixteen nmgnilicent 5 I S
s photographs. Five numbers now ready.
This Coupon, with two like it, but of different r
I dates, and with Ten Cents in cash, will secure any g
s one part of the World's Fair Art Portfolio in four
S parts.