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    4 More Days
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4 More Days
If you want this magnifi
cent librarj of all knowl
edge, order it at once,
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PPT pmipi
itfllni II rails
Simple bat ImprwslYJ Ceremonial over (be
Bier of ths l)?ad Senator.
The Vice President, All thp Members
ot the Cabinet, tbo Diplomatic
Corps, the Chief Justice and Asso
ciate Justice and Other Men
Eminent in Official Station and in
Private Life Pay 1 inal Honors to the
Distinguished Georgian.
Washington, Mareb 37
THE funeral service of the Ute
Beaator Colquitt, of Georgia,
took ptaoe in tue tenate cham
ber at ii o'oloek this morning, oc
onpylng only three quarters of an hour,
after wbieb (be snat adjourned till
tomorrow. They were of the siuiplrst
and most impressive character, con
.ietiug only of a prayer lv the Chap
vain of the lions", short address by the
chaplain of the senate and tne beuoJk
Hon. The speaker of the home sat side
by side with ths vice president
Prmiilent .'Ivlaml was not present,
but the members of his cabiuet were,
S were the chief jnstioe und associate
justifies of tl:e supreme court, some
members of the diplomatic corps and
many members of the house of repre
sentatives. At the oonclusion of the
services the funeral procession was
n:;aiti f.irmed OUtside the Capitol and
moved to the Pennsylvania Railroad
depot, en route 1 1 M icon, Qa , where
the interment will take place.
Ccrey and His Freak Er!mdi RacU A'.-ltanc-,
Wt In-td and Out.
Alliance. 0 , March 27 Th Cosey
army rescued Alliance at 13 50 tg lay
hungry, cold, tired, but eatlm-i istic.
Crowd awaited 111 C imlng and 20J re
cruits were promised.
A troi d of Allliance horseman fell
into lmt an ! were jeered at they passed
by. The supplies exceeded the re.nira
uients and Coxey savs a shipment will
bi made to some point east if the dou
tions continu to in.
Coxey leaves tonij.'lit for Chicago to
S"ll two hordes and to come to some
understanding with Colonel Pepper.
He BBttetpntea no trotibla In srratlging
bis affairs,
General order, N"o. . issued by Mar
ebnl Carl Browne late this evening,
furnishes the usnsl directions for to
morrow's march. The camp near h-a-lem,
Ohio, is to ho named C imp Anna
L. Diiis, in bonoi of an eastern news
writer. A rumor lias gained credence
here tonight that 'he mysterious
woman who meets the command at
each night's csnininz place is th- wife
of Aljutant Louis Smith, the "un
known,'' and that when the weather
improves she will serve as the goddess
of peace. Enough new recruits joined
tlie army tonight, according to the
marshal's rport, to form a new com
mune In honor of Coxiana miners
who joined to lay, it will be called tne
Coxiana commune.
Fruit and Tobicco Cropi Damaged In
Southern Localities,
Jacksonville, Fla., March 07. -Specials
from the fruit and vegetable dis
tricts indicate tint the cold spill has
done bnt little damage. In the north
ern section of the state some damage is
reported, 1 ut sontn of .Ta'-Ksnnvilla no
barm has tieer. don". The tobacco crop
ia reported uninjured. Monday and
today have been two of the coldest
days of the winter in Florida Some
apprehension is felt lest there he a kill
lag frost tonight as the conditions are
more favorable tlian last night,
CHARLESTON, S C March 27. --The
mercury went down to 80 dwgre -s this
morning and a general fre.zi occurred
all through the trucking districts. The
loss to the farm' -re can sosroely hi ss
ttraated as yot, butlt Will amount to
thousands of dollars. Tne crop most
effecttd are peas, encumbers, straw
berries, lettuce, beans, potatoes and
early cabbage,
DaNTILLX, 'a , March Vi -Tna cold
snap baS played DaVOO ill this section.
All kinds of fruit are greatly dam
aged und peaches which w-re in full
bloom totally destroyed and many
toiiacco plant beds are seriously In
jured. MEMPHIS, Tenn , March 27. One
million dollars will not cover the lots
to the farmers in this section of the
Mississippi valley from the blizssrd
Which has been raging for two days,
All kinds ol fruit, Vegetation and foli
age have been killed and the whol
country looks as though it had bo hi
swept by a forest fire
Rhode Island Bautia Will Use Cliarmi
Au-alnal Wilson Bill.
Providence, it. L, March v.--The
young women who represent the Rhode
Island mills started for Washington
last night, to appear before the finance
committee of the senate to protest
against the passage of the Wilson bill
Thov lire the most beautiful girls in
the mill.
Georgetown Defeat Yale, with Yale's
Creek Pitcher Pitching.
Washington, D. c, March 27. The
Georgetown college boys today defeat
ed the Yale nine M to 2.
Carter, for Yale, pitched seven inn
Inge and made bnt poor showing.
A Dying Woman's Sonsationnl Evidtne
In a Murder Case.
Fresno, Cat, March 27. The testi
mony yesterday in the second trial of
Richard S. Heath, charged with the
murder of Louis R McWhirter, a
prominent Democratic politician of
this city, was most sensational.
Mrs. Cora Palmer. who is liv
ing of consumption, was brought
into court on a cot, mil in a
voice scarcely above a whisper tol l
how on the morning of the murder she
was driving her husband to the depot
when she almost collided near Mo
hirter's residence witn a buggy. One
of the occupants of the vehicle was
U lei B. Terry, a yonng lawyer and a
son of ex Judge David R Terry, whose
name has been freely mentioned in con
nection with liie c ise They threw
some burning r.u'M Into the grass, set
ting it on tire. Mrs. Palmer jumed out
to extinguish the lUuws, but her horse
Starting she pioked up tlie rags and
placing them in her buggy, tttiuup"d
out the lire. Oil arriving home the
raga were found to b. a mask and
handkeroblef bearing the nnma li. S.
rh is the witness exhibited in court,
and at the sight of them Heath trem
bled violently And almost fainted
Mrs Palmer's tsstimony was not
shaken on sroas-examinatlon.
Union Lianas Club ,' Ohioago Ii Consid
eriog That Action.
Chicago, Much 87, The Union
League club, the moet influential social
organization of Chicago Is, it Is said,
seriously considering the ideation of
expelling Congressman Breckinridge
from honorary membership. There are
but three names on the club's list of
honorary members- -SX-Preiii lent 11 ir
risin. Chimney M. Depew and the
K mtucky congressman.
He Absolutely Refuses to Accord
riicni an Audience and Threatens
Them with Instant Arrest.
ALBANY, March 27. There was a
scene iu the ante-room of the executive
chamber this morning. At 10 o'clock
a partv of about one hundred citizens
of Troy came into the room and asked
to see the governor to present a memo
rial on the Shea matter. Shea is the
man indicted for tne murder of Robert
Iloss. The commnnicatipn asks forti.e
presence ot the attorney general In
presenting the Shea case to the grind
jury, su 1 that the governor shall not
impoes npou the attorney general ths
condition that a member of the district
attorney's office of tne county be ap
pointed i deputy. Colonel Williams,
tiie governor's private secretary, said
"The governor will receive your com
munication, but cannot S's you. "
After a parley, during which boated
words passed. Colonel Williams con
ferred With Governor Flower, an 1 the
latter persisted iu his refusal. Then
several members of the committee
Bent in their cards, aski-.g an Hence.
C"ionel Williams took In the cards and
immediately returned Sayiug. "The
L'f vsrnor des'.inrs to see any of yon, and
i oesir to say that yon gentlemeu are
obstructing public business, and each
and every one of you i3 suttjeot to In
dictment for mi. 1-manor." When
the affair was over, Brigadier General
Palmer C. Ri k"tts, a member of the
committee, wno is eugin-er in chief on
(iiv-rnnr Flower's stiff, sent in his
resignstion to the governor, Indigna
tion is universal at tau governor's d
libera'o snub.
Hipped by Frost, Delawars's Eirly Vege
tables Wnhar and Expire
Wilmington, N C, March 37. -Reports
from this section concerning the
eff-ctof tiio frost ari l fr'e.M last night
are very disheartening, A conserva
tive farmer estimates the damage along
the line of tne Wilmington and W-l-don,
between Wilmington and Golds
Lorn, a distance ot B 1 miles, at about
An official cf the (.'oast lino es'imates
the damage in sections traversed by
roads of that system at not less than
Cuvj-ln N'ar Indian Rifigs Colliery
Frecpitaten Kulr arl
Shenandoah, Ph., March 27 An
ex'ensive cave-in occurred near Indl n
Ridge colliery this morning which
buried 600 feet of the Lehigh V,illy
Railroad company's tracks and a large
portion of a Reading Railroad aiding
upon which were two cars.
N'o one was injured, although s large
furce of men Were employed in the
mine at the lima
Senator Voorhees will call up the tarlfl
bill Monday.
Congressman deary approves tiie new
(Jliimst) treaty.
The hone 111 mastered all day i and did
nothing else whatever;
Thirty-three fourth-class postal heads
were chopped off yesterday.
The Kimrsargo has boon set on lire and
her hull is entirely broken off.
The Mohican und Yorktown aretO be
prepared for sea immediately.
Congressmen Beloe proposes the repeal
ol the mail subsidy act of 18111.
Secretary Lamont has gone on a two
mouths' tour of inspection of army posts
in the South.
Congressman Mutchter has induced the
sedate finance committee to put "0 per
cent, duty on slate.
Original pensions have been granted to
K ihei I Monroe, of lla.leton, and James
K only, of Honesdsle.
The treasury's net gold yestorday was
ll(ili,(KlO,MX); the balance,
000,000, a ioss of a00n,0h0 siiiee March I.
I Jr. Kngene TownSend will next Satur
dny succeed olouel U ('. Hosbyaliell as
sup -t intendent of the I'hiladelplila mint
Clifford Anderson, of Macon, and ex
Representative Hammomi are mentioned
as possible successors to Senator Colonltt.
a. w. Gibion, no years old, of Macon,
Qa,, a messenger in the bouse of represen
tatives, Was found dead in bod yesterday
T. B, Davies, guardian of Princess Kai-
nlani, of Hawaii, is In Washington to ad
vance the deposed iUoen's fortunes or
those of his ward.
Richard Watson tiildi-r, a white house
guest, is credited with trying to patch np
a peace between Secretary DafllslS and
the American Institute of Architects.
( oininiKsioner l.ocliron has been compel
led to serve a third notice of kuspunsion of
pension upon Judge Long, of Michigan, on
account of irregularity of delivery of the
Expert Testimony Introduced in (be Identlfl
cation ol Disputed Writing,
Colonel Breckinridge's Lawyers tried
to Intimate by Mentis ol a Letter Al
leged to Be in Miss Pollard's Hand
writing That tbo PlaintiH Had In
cited the Gay Kentuckian to Visit
Her, and Unci Complimented Hun
on His Nice I ace.
W LSHINQT IN, .March 27.
EXPERT testimony to prove that
Madeline Pollard made the arl
vanoes which resulted 111 the
long liaison between Colonel
ktreckinridge and h.r---l f was the fen
tnre of the breaob of promise suit tc
dav. A Utter date 1 VVesleyan college,
July 80, ls, addressed to Colonel
Breckloridge and signed Madeline V
Pollard was produced bv the defense
and experts who had compared it with
the letters acknowledged to. have been
written by Miss Pollard, testified that
the handwriting in the first letter was
that of the person who wrote theothar.
When the July letter was shown .Miss
Pollard on the stand she pronounced it
a forgery. Bn said she had written
Colonel Breckinridge In kssi asking
his advice about the threat made by
James f. Uodes. but that she had not
asked him to call ou her.
The defense claims that the letter
July '.'!) was written by Miss Pollard
when Colonel Breckenridge had not
answered the letter she acknowledges
writing. The disputed letter was not
placed in evidence but it is known that
it contained an invitation to Colonel
Breckinridge to call on the alleged
writer at Wesleyan illegs and compli
ments him on his "nice face."
The only other witness was Major
William C Moore, the chief of the
Washington police force, who denied
statements Miss Pollard said bad ben
made by Colonel Breckinridge and her
self in his office on two occasions in
M y, lSDo, when Colonel Breckinridge
promised to marry the plaintiff.
MUa Luilse Elverson, of Philadelphia,
Married to Joins Patsnotre,
Phii.adei I'HIa. March J7 -The msr
riage of M Jules Patenotre, French
ambassador to th United States, ami
Miss iileanor Lonise Blverson, daugh
ter of James Blverson, the publisher,
was performs I at the letter's residence,
No. 2.0'.'4 Walnut street, this afternoon
at 9 o'clock. Sir Julian Panncefote,
the British ambassador, and Prince
Cantacjzene, the Russian ambasisdor,
were witnesses for the groom and
Mayor El win S. Stuart, James Elver
son, jr., brother of the bride, were
witnesses for the bride. The Frncll
consul was also preamt in an official
capacity, Cardinal Gibbons, cUi in
lull vestments, accompanied by Arch
bishop Ryan, officiated,
The bride wore a white satin gown,
en trains, with high neck and large
puffed sleeves, a v-il of tulle reaching
to the end of the train and fastened to
her hair by a diamond tiara. At her
throat was a superb necklace of three
strands of the choicest pearls, with u
diamond clasp, the gift of the groom,
N,e carried a white prayer book in her
hands, but n flowers.
This afternoon a despatch from Moa
signor Sitolli to M. Patenotre an
nounced that the pope had jtut cabled
the apostolic benediction to the newly
married pair,
A Mdnrn Sarnnon u s Hi Tin oat with
a Hu.or.
BaKOOR, Me., March 27 Horac I
Pelky, ag"d about '.'", a French woods
man, living at Howland, Me., but
boarding at the New K I gland sating
house hire, last night shot twic at
Mrs. Delilah Kicker', a grass widow
cook iii the bouse, because she would
not agree to marry him.
she escsped unharmed, whereupon
P'lky committed suicide by cutting Ins
throat with a rsior.
Parisians at a Dam n Are Startled by nn
Fxp 'slrn.
PARIS, March 87. A bomb loaded
wiih blasting powder and fragments of
iron was exploded tiiis evening on the
window sill of a public hall in Mout-cBou-Les
Mines, department of Baonc-Ki-Loiro.
A dunce was going on iu the hall at
the time. The building was badly
damaged, but nobody was hurt. The
town is the center of a coal mining and
ipuarryieg district.
$10,000 Intnndod for Patant. lUedlciue
beet from the Mall.
South Henu lad., March 27. --Mysterious
null robberies, d-feclivis who
cannot fiud thu thiCVSS and hundreds of
angry correspondents whose money has
gone astray have been making life mis
erable for certain verniers of patent
medicines and cosmetics at South IJend,
More than $10, 000 is snitl to nave dis
appeared from the mail addressed to
Omatia Youths Have a Twenty-Round
Mill in ft Billiard Ttoom Over a Olrl.
Omaha, March 27. The ap 'ctaclo of
the hoii of the dean of Trinity cathed
ral ending up holy week by lighting
witli gloves iu a sixteen-foot ring for
the smiles of a school girl is disturbing
Omabg church circles. Irving (ianl
ner, son of Dean (lirdner, ami Hurry
Oolpstaee, son of n millionaire lumber
man, fought twenty rounds, the former
being knocked out.
They uuarrelod over a well known
i Imaba beauty, and agreed to settle it
under Qucensberry rules. The priuol
p ds, their seconds, time keener and
ilo professor of physical culture, wno
acted as referee, went to the billiard
hall in tim Colpsttsr mansion, under
guise of having a frlsndly gams with
the cues, and there 1 1 . - battle was
lOLICDO, March 27. Charles Stevig
and Albert Harrington of this city
fought a finish fight last night to de
termine which should have the band
of Ml-s Mamie lleggs. Stevig was
knocked out iu lb lourlh round and
resigned his claim ii a suitor
Dublin Home ltuln i (, Caught In a Col
lapsiK Bulldisg.
Dublin, March 87 While the regu
lar meeting of the shareholders of the
Dnblln Freeman wss iu progress in the
Imperial Hotel tolay, part of the ceil
Ing of the room fell to the flour with a
t remendona crash.
Everybody believed a bomb hud been
exp'oled, and a rush was made for the
door, Before the frightened Borne
Rulers could escape, however, a sec
tion of 1 he floor give way, causing a
number of the gentlemen to fall
Several of them were trampled upon
and severely though not seriously hurt.
Mr. Thomas Sexton, who presided at
the meeting, succeeded in checking ti e
Scare by explaining its cause, and ur
d'r was finally restoied.
If Cleveland Makes Objections to ths
Fi rm of the Coiuai;n Pill.
Washington, March 27 it is be
lieved that in his exp-cled Veto of tiie
seigniorage coinage bill Mr. Cleveland
will base bis objection chiefly on struc
ture! defects in the measure.
In the event of bis doing this the ex
pectation is that tin mil will tit re
written so as to relieve it from all am
biguity, and then sent back to nim tor
DEAD AT HER iflTe'S FEET. Jennie Fallon Is As
saulted by Calvm Bartbam and
Perishes Immediately.
New Canaan, Conn . March 87.
Caivin Barthatu, a 10-year-old boy, is
in the lockup here, charged with the
murder, vesterday afternoon, ot Jen
tue Fallon, aged u Young Bartham
criminally assaulted the Child in the
yard at the rear of ths Fallon house.
The mother neard the child scream
and looking out of a window, bsw
JToUng Lsrtlie.m standing over her. The
boy ran away and the child walked with
difficulty about fifty Tee', and dropped
dead at her mother's feet
Decision That Admit Many Dip.ndeut
1 ersous to the R ill..
WASHINGTON, March 27 - The pen
sion rolls Will be greatly enlarged by a
decision ol Assistant Secretary of the
Interior Reynolds announced at the
department today.
It will admit to the rolls the names
of a large UUIUbsr of insane, idiotic,
iitni permanently "helpless minor child
ran of deceased soldiers where the pen
sions of the former bud ceased hy ibe
children attaining the age of 1(1 years
pi lor to thu passage of theactot June
27, 1S1I0.
Riotous Italians Sign a Fiitt Piomlsinu
I'ailbfully lo Disarpdir.
ALTOONA, IV, March 27 Too Ital
lane who were committed tojiil from
this city on the oharge of riotous con
duct on the night of March 18, were te
leassd ibis morning upon their paying
all costs and signing a paper before mi
aldorman agreeing to leave th- coun
try within twenty-four hours and never
They at once left for the west.
Scarlet fever la spreading in Pottsvllle,
Work on the Carlisle trolley began yes
terday. The milk inspection began yesterday at
Allegheny county Jail prisoners live on
8 cents 11 day.
Bsvorai inches of snow led iu the I'pner
Schuylkill valley yesterday morning,
The Lykens Valley ami Wllllatnatown
00 a mines, employiug 1,800 bauds are
Doctors say the deaty of young Daniel
O'DonneU, at Allentown, was caused by
too rapid growth.
A special term of quarter sessions court
has been ordered in Dauphin county, the
first on record tbore.
Cornelius If, Smith has been appointed
magistrate .or Cun t No. is, Philadelphia,
vice .InhiiKiin Homo, deceased.
After eating rake that was made of poll
minus baking powder, Annie Filer is dying
at her parent's home III Altnolin.
The dwelling house of Frederick Dam
bert, at Newton, was binned last evening
ami Lambert perished iu the Barnes.
Althuiigb both are only 111 years old,
Harry Moyer and Frank UOCkOt,of I'otts
ville, were Seized for burglarizing a store.
'I'. T. Vvolrmen, chief engineer of the
Pennsylvania anal company, has issued
orders for the opening of the canal en
Monday, April 2.
Bradford county Republicans chose
1 ,0111s I'lolet, II. William, and V. I.. K in
ner as el ut convention delegates, and in
structfld them to vote for Hastings for
governor) William N. Reynolds, of wyo
niing. for secretary of Intorual affaire, and
O. A. Brow for oongressutan-at-large,
o --
Mr. Bnrlet, Helgiums minister of tho
interior, is to be premier.
A conductor aOOOSed of stealing 100 on
a train near Milan, banged himself.
The Australians who nl tempted to col
onir.e Argentina have failed ami are start
An sffort will bo made on April 4 to dis
place three of the present directors of the
Bank of England.
Kahascb, the residence of the Albanian
chief KnHteui KabSSChl. has been captured
and binned by the Katla.
The chief cashlor of the Commsrclal
bank, of Trieste, has absconded with 46 000
florins of the bank's money.
Italian government newspapers say
t'rispi won't nsgptlatea commercial treaty
With France while proiectiouislo rule iu
the latter country.
The Fastidious absconding fligb Roller Is Held
hi Pnrllier TriaL
Bui Olbers Will Be Added When I bat
la Settled The tolo Tells Brirrbtly
the Story ol His Downfall Dabbled
in Stocks on Wall Street and Played
the Rue 's at GraveSOnd- Deserted
by Hi j Money and Abandoned by His
Adventuress Companion,
Ni v. York, Hsroh 27.
ILLIAM T. ZELL, tbe abscond
ing secret ari' and tr 'asur-r of
the Lehigh ami Wi ges-Barre company, was arraigned
10 Jefferson Market police court today,
Those who knew Zell during his days
of prosperity would never nave known
him today, for bis mustache I. ad been
shorn and bis hair cut tight to Ills
bead. The specific charge madeagsinst
'. -II wan for forging a cneek for sni 000,
drawn on the First National bank ami
ill favor of T. r. Reynolds The in dorsement
was, "For currsnoy, W.
T. Zll." Tbe prisoner is charge I
withdrawing this money aud fixing
the books SO as to link- it apie-ar that
tho check was In satisfaction of the ac
count of li W, Marple A; ( 0,
'i-ll wna accompanied by Alexander
Newbnrger, a jeweler of No 1HI7
Broadway. He waived examination
He g ive bis age as oil, his recent slop
ping place as I'liil.i.U'p iii, and bis
home as No 200 West Thiitv seventh
street. He refused to state what had
become ol his wife Tbe prisoner was
held iu flO.OOO bail for trial and was
removed to tiie Tombs, apparently iu a
cheerful and unconcerned frame of
mi ud
The reappearance of Z-ll renews in
ter-st iu his case. The inveetigati in
winch took place after Zell's departure
111 January last demonstrated that he
had left behind him aabortage of $08,
nun. Z ill, according to his own state
ment, had lost most of the stolen
money in Wall street and playing the
races before h" went aw iy. The
woman, Josla Hoffman, who was his
companion in bis flight, deserted bim
soon after ho got to Montreal. The
coal company and the Fidelity and
Casnalty company will prosecute Zell.
The lait'-r will have to uuy to ti.o for
mer 126,000, the amount of his bonds.
bhort Work Is Made of NewfoUl dtand't
Boodler LslHlntors,
St. JotlN's, N P. March ':? Henri
Woods, surveyor general and his col
league, George Uoores, who represent
the district of 15 iy Do Ver la in the
New Poundland legislature, were un
seated today for corrupt practices. They
were also disqualified from sitting iu
the (Ssembiy for a period of four
This decision renders the dissolution
of Parliament inevitable.
Junior Oid-r of Ualt ot Mt
ohaniea Oij u ths d irb,
Johnstown, Pa., March 37. State
Councilor W. T. Kerr, of the Junior
order United American Mebanics, ac
companied by his attorneys, T. H
Baird Patterson and A. I). Wilkin,
held a conference tonight with the
loading members of the order with re
gard to nuns teaching in tho public
schools of Cambria comity. There are
hftern of these nuns attired in the garb
of their order, teaching in the public
schools of Cambria county.
Ths Junior Order United American
Mechanics is opposed to these nuns
leaching in the public schools thus at
tired, and the conference was tor the
purpose of obtaining Information
against them iu order to make a fight
through the conns to oust them, as
they did in Allegheny county, where
thu Junior Order United American
workmon recently ginned such a signal
His First Man bur. Waa a Genuine
Memphis, Tenn,, March 37, A dis
patch to ibe Commercial from Ifaoou,
Ha., says senator Colqoitt'a tirst mar
riage was solemnised here, mid N
tinge of romance surrounds the event.
He eloped with a Misa Twigns, 11
member of one of the most wealthy
i leorgia families. At the residence of
Captain John itms, a relative ot the
bride of iii this city, the welding and
subsequent reconciliation with the
family look plsoo.
A-d and Fbi' Dietrich KyleieBuraed
to Dsath.
YoitK, Pa., March 27. Aged and
feeble Dletrlok Kyle W'as burned to
death near Dsllastown late last night
His equally aged and almost helpless
wiio in 1 n aged loorawl outof the fl iiuei
ami spread the alarm to neighbors, a
quarter of a mile away.
They found the old man with nil bill
his face burned to cinders, and that
was buried In a pillow.
' -
Tbe lnutal Crim of an Iowa Faun La
DBS MOltUH, ia , March 27. A
Sheriff's i)oss an I m ores of excitoj cit
lieuS are searching th" northern part
of Warren connty tor Ooorge Ash
WOftb, ami if he is caught lie will be
speedily lynched. A hworth is about
2u years old, and has li-e:i working for
Wilbur Mason on hi farm near Bam
merest. Yesterday afternoon, while
Mason was in ludtaaola, Asb worth
made improper advance! toward Mrs
Mason, who was young and pretty.
1 1 was repulsed, and Mrj. Mason
tub sun she would tell bur husband.
Asbwortb then went upstairs, procured
a revolver, und returning to whoru
Mrs MiiHi.u sat rocking her baby to
sleep, shot ber three times. One bullet
intereu tbe temtde. andoneaaoh side
of tbe body just below the rifis. Ash -
worth II -il, and was last seen at dusk
ten miles away. Mr. Mason will not
A r-'panlsb Judjf, Thinks th Russian
V-MV ia tbe li-st.
Madrid, March 37, .lodge Domen
ecb, who presided at the trial of the
Anarchists who threw tho bomb in the
Lyceum Opera house in Barcelona, ba
eilvise.i the government to create a force
1 1 Barcelona similar to that organis
ed In St Petersburg when Nihilism was
i i;s height in the Russian capital.
Senor Doroenech's scheme is to classify
every Imii.e, have each one watched
ml the police notified of the move
im-uis, of the inmates, whether resi
dents, transient lodgers or visitors, re
noi ts to be made to the :nt ral author
ity, morning and niu'llt.
Judge Domenech has had a wide ex-
perience in dealing with anarchists,
having so vigorously prosecuted tbe an
archists ill Andalusia some years ago
thai tbe notorious Black Hand crim
inal organisation which flourished In
that proviliO was completely stamped
Heroic trior!; of a Disfigured Woman
to Win Back the Love ot a
Faithless Husband.
Chicago, HI . March 27 Back of the
wedding ol (iilnert K. Bailey and Mrs
Carrie E Farrington in Jersey City,
lingered a pathetic romance in which
the groom's former bride, disfigured in
a prairie fire, suffered the iorture 0f
skin-grafting to restore her beauty and
win back her husband's love, but all
111 Vain.
On Sept. 4, 1881, Gilbert E Bailey
married Corn llaugherty, th daughter
ot a prominent New York Republican
politician. They went to a ranch near
Rapid City, 8. D., to live. A prairie
Ore swept over tbe neigbborhooJ. and
left Mrs. itailev terribly burned, ap
parently beyond recovery, an 1 ber faoe
distorted nud disflanred beyond recog
nition, She was cared for until dan
ger was past ; but her beauty wss gone,
and with it ';er husband's love. She
saw tins and went 00 U visit to her rel
atives in New York, while h- went us
correspon lent for a newspaper to the
scene or th Iudiau troubles in th
southwest. Meantime relatives had died, leaving
Mrs. Bailey weal hy, ami through ber
riches she sought to regain her baanty,
sin-hail-. 1 for Paris, and there, under
the hands of the great st surgeons,
submitted to untold tortures, and by
the expenditure of large sums of
money succeeded in securing people
who sacrificed portions of their cuticle
to be grafted on tbe unsightly face.
It was a wonderful operation, and nl
its conclusion Mrs Bailey returned to
America a r uber good looking woman,
whose stvlish wardrobe and cultivated
manner made her more attractive than
the average,
In Chicago sue learned that Bailey
was living at No 4100 Ellis avenue
it en came the discov- iy that he was
paying attentions to Mrs Farrington.
and a piiiful scene followed. The wife
rented . residence 011 Michigan avenue,
near the Dakota hotel, furnished it
luxuriously and engaged a corps of
Then she sought her husband, show
ing him the borne she had prepared,
; nd begne.l him to return to her. He
refuse!, an I then Mrs Bailey went to
see the Widow and found her and her
mother, Tne story of Bailey's life was
told and th- woman decided that he
should 110 longer be receive! at the
bouse. But ths prohibition evidently
was not lasting. The wife, broken
hearted, is said to have returned to
Europe, vvnere sue now is
J.,hn Conway, a Baltimore Tinware r, Commit Suicide.
Baltimore, March 27 John con
way, who conducted a tinware busi
ness, committed suicide this afternoon,
lb' asked to be IbOWn a pistol ill a
store on Harris in street and threatened
to shoot tho clerk for Interference
when an objsotioil was ma do to Un
loading of the weapon.
Conway tired a bullet through his
head, falling to the finordead, ; 1- was
at one tiui" wry wealthy, but business
troubles recently forced him to esflgu
Ills failure affected his mind.
11 is now claimed that Instead of John
V. McKnneowing Qravesend, Uravoseud
owe;. Me Kane ti, isn.
William DwyOT, BO years Of age, died
while kneeling at prayer in Bt. John's
cathedral, Milwaukee,
Ignatles Donnelly will meet Professor
W. A. :;im, the A. P, A. lecturer, at Mil
waukee, 111 a Joint debate on the A. I. A.
The Springfield Dailj Republican ob
served iii- Bttieth birthday by the publica
tion on Its usw press of u u page mini
Florists Blebreoht and Wadley have Bled
a claim for 117,047.41 agalusl New Fork
state for flowers furnished for the state's
building at the World's lair.
The 1 ai.1110 club, ua organised at New
York, will exchange courtesies with the
swell Prince ot Wales club, of Loudou,
alter which it has been patterned.
James Msudiley, secretary of tbe United
Textile Workers of Nee England, has is
sued circulars to labor leaders In Europe
and tins country asking I'm an interna
tlonal confbreui a.
Uev. Dr. Charles O'Reilly, of Adrian,
Mich., sx-ttassorer ol the Irish National
league, in go to Paris as a witness to
testily as 10 Mrs. Kitty O'Sbea Parnell'a
claim to I0&.000 ol the Parliamentary
The ISO, 000 damage suit 1 ( Messenger w.
H Laidlaw, who contends thai Russell
Hage pushed him to the front when tbe
bomb was thrown in Sage's Office eighteen
months ago, is to be tried In Judge Pat
tenon's court In New York.
I CLEAR WAaniNntog, March 87. iron
post Jot Wrdnttday, tfor eastern
' AansgfeaHfa, air, wamier, ra-i-fabfs
leiade, beeoatfag soitta,
for Ktesfers Aansyivaafa, air, woi-msr,
miiifh uitade,
w mi 4
1 House
ikeeping Goods
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