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Beecham's pills are fot
biliousness, bilious headache,
dyspepsia, heartburn, torpid
liver, dizziness, sick head
ache, bad taste in the mouth,
Coated tongue, loss of appe
tite, sallow skin, when caused
by constipation ; and consti
pation is the most frequent
cause of all of them.
book free ; pills 25c. At
drugstores.or write B.F.Allen
Co.,365 Canal St., New York.
Laces and Embroideries
Wers nover so beautiful as now.
Betides (heir loveliness, th
prices nre sucli as to commend
them to the atceution of the
more prudent buyers. Notwith
standing the imeiiu.ilel demand
for lnces this s9;uoa, our stock is
consistent with the deunud.
Fine American Ginghams
at 10 and 12 ' c.
In n c unplets line of styles in all
the new combinations, aud color
inns. The goods are exceptional
v.ilue at the price, this identi cul
quality .having been soli last
season for 10 and 10 cents per
Serpentine Crepa at 20c
This fiifric bears a strong re
semblance to an all-vol mate
rial. It is light, airy and is
shown iu ten different coloriug-i,
including all the popular shades
for evening wear.
36-inch French Percales
at 12 '..c.
In many styles and colorings, t he
choicest product of the
fully represents i, anl the de
sires arc entirely ditu.-rent from
any other printed fabric on the
Opening of Millinery
Th"re was no evi lonco of hard
times at our Millinery Oneninz
A Inrgfl number of ladiss w-re
present to pick ou: their liAts
from an ass irtment so inviting
as to make choosing a pleisant
difSculty. T h il.trunds upon ut
for prompt execution of orlers
are quite extraordinary.
Gorman's Grand Depot
Bri'f Parazron at . '.-in' la the
Eai-orn Bnburbt,
fitperinl to thr Scranton Tribun:
Til roof-, Pu., Marsh 26 Miss Ila-i-nah
Indian mile n Hying trip to
Biiikoly on Satnrd ly.
Miss Cittharitirf Pritclnrd, of U'y
pliant, spniit Sunday at Throop.
Mr. Bncklio, of Providenoe, preached
at tli" Baptllt chnrch on Sunday last.
Mr- Thomas Henderson and (laugh
ter Bella, spant Sunday at Pricoburg.
Miss Ann Williams lus n
turned home after an of three
Jessie f'arfery and Thomas Alxsin.
of bunmnre, snent Sunday with F.ithr
Richard Parfery, of this place.
Miss Robins, of Providence,
Fpnt Sundav with her parent! here.
II V. Bellman, Jr., of Newark, N. J.,
who has been stiemliicr tli- last few
days with his father, will ratnm home
Miss Nettie Bertley, who li taking a
course at the t.fat normal school at
liloomsbnrif, ipent E ister with her pa
rents in this place.
Miss Anna Coolinan, of Herrioks
vlllo, is visiting hnr brother, VV. X
Cool man, of this place.
Messrs. Fahringur and Case made a
Hying trip on their bicyilos on Sunday
to Mayfiuld
Brief and Intrtath,f Parucrftphs Con
cnminir Thrlfiv N'hbor.
Special to tin' Scranton Tribune.
Moosio, P.. March SO, t'be Loyal
Temperance legion will meet in the
basement of th Prtsbyteriao church
this evening. The election of officers
will tek place,
The Women's Christian Temperaucn
union will bold a Sob-Web social aud
Hiipper Thursday evening, April 12, at
the home of the president, Mrs. John
Andrew Menzis and family leave to
day for Scotland, where they will
maktt their future home.
At the concert to be h'ld Wednesday
evening nt the Brick church. Mr. Will
iams, the leader of the Wales choir
that took tho priz at the World's fair,
mid Mr. Lewis, of Scranton, will sing.
Electric Bittnra.
This remedy is becoming so well known
iml so popular as to need no special men -tlou.
All who have used Electric Bitters
sine the same song of praise. A purer
medicine does not exist audit Is guaran
teed to do all that is claimed. Klectric
Bitters will cure all diseases of the Liver
ami Kidneys, will remove 1'imples, Bolls,
Fait iiuemn nnd Other affections ciiused by
Import blood. -Will drive Malaria from
the systom and prevont ns woll as cure h11
llalarial fevers. -For cure of Headache,
Contispstion and Indigestion try Electric
Bitters Entire satisfaction guaranteed,
or money refunded. Price 50 cts. and II
per bottle at Matthews Bros., Drug ctore.
pint or town oorreeponlents ofT'iu Tata
Dmb should sign their iitm.H ia full to eaob
newsletter, not for pnliUoaiion uut to guard
attuiust ilecviitieu.l
All the Nsws of the Pionaer Ci:y Tersely
Special tii Mm scranton IWeitse,
Carbon dai. k, Pa., March 20 Miss
.lunette Uryd -n, of (hove street, en
tertained a party of fourteen young
ladies to tea on Saturduy evening.
Miss Mae Hallock, of Gilbert street,
wm the guest of Scranton friends over
E isler.
Misj Maggie Lewis returned to her
home in Scranton Saturday evening
after enjoying u visit in this city as tue
tiest ot the Misses Bessie aud Lottie
Wilson Geary i spending his Eister
vacation with bis pirenta, Mr. and
Ilri William B Geary, of South
Chora h street.
Miss S.lly Johnson, of Kiugston, ar
rived in this city Saturday evening
aud is the guest of her friend, Miss
Jennie Annger, of Terrace street.
Dr. T O Fitssiminous will tomorrow
remove his office to his newly ac
quired property at the comer of Church
stiret and Sixth avenue.
Bert I' x, who is a trained nurse stti
dent at Black well's Island, is um ou
il visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. i. D.x, of North ChUroh street.
romorrow (Tuesday) evening will
occur tlie recital given by Professor
Thomas' pU ils iu tue lecture room of
tho Presbyterian church.
At the Congregatloual parsonage an
egg social was held this evening, and A
pleasant time wis enjoyed by all
George Gillis has accepted ft position
a position with Taouias Levison, of
Salem avenue, recently mule vacant
by the resignation of Eddie Hjberts,
who has accepted a situation in the
office of the Erie coinpsuv.
Tomorrow (Tuesday) evening occurs
tho last of the series of lectures given
in Masonic hill during the past few
months. It will be dolivered by Pro
fessor G. W. Twitmyer. of Honosdsle,
Mise Minnie Bittlnger, of Port Jer
vis, is visiting relatives iu this city.
George X. Smith and bride, of Roch
ester, N Y.. are guests at the home ot
Mr and Mrs. L. A. Uassett, of Lincoln
John Petiiick, of Salem avenue, spent
Sun lay as the guest of friends iu
W. J. H.imilton, W. G. Scnrrv. D.L.
Crane, H. T. Williams. J. D. Purtell.
Ed Yarriogton ami J.B. Rowlsoo were
among those from tuis place who al
ien led the opening of Frothingbam's
uew tbeat-T in Scranton this evening
U S. Wonnacott was a caller in
W lymart today.
Miss Msry Watt, of Washington
street, eutertainid as her guest Etster
Miss Helen Richardson, of Camden,
N. J.
George C. Ts.ylor.of Woltham.Mass.,
is spending his Eister vacation as the
;iiest of Dr. F. E Jenkins.
In Holland. Mieh,, ('. J. Doesbury pub
lishes the News, aud iu its columns
strongly recommends Dr. Thomas' Elec
tric On for coughs, colds, sore throat, ca
tarrh and asthma.
An Ente:talc!ng l.und.- of New from a
Beautiful Vi'.lace.
Ffecial to thf Scranton Tribuiii.
D u.TON. Pa., March 80 T. H. Mil
ler is beautifying his residence with a
new coat of p lint.
E Schoonover has finish'd nn the
porch to his dwelllnir, giving it a very
nest and tidy appearanes.
Ignite a number of ciianires will take
place during the spring Among whicn
we note that Ed Smith will vie it the
rooms whic i ne now occupies and take
np his r-sidence in the Armstrong
tiouse. Miss Leili Panleo will take
possession of the rooms made vacant
v Mr Smith's removal, and together
with her mother will open a millinerv
establishment ther-in. Del Rhodes will
also v icst" and rmov to the Camp
bell farm beyond Wells Comers. Will
Phillips will t ike the place of Mr
Rhodes in tho meat market and will
also rccupy the rooms where Mr.
Rhodes now lives.
II. M Ivs and family, who are now
in Florida, will not 'ie borne until
about May 1.
Mis Louisa Lwis, dansrhter of Ran
dull Lewis, died quite suddenly Sun
day morning. Funeral services will
be held at the residence on Tuesday at
9 p. m
Measles have become an epidemic
hre within the last few days. Tho
primary department of our school is
almost deplete ! in consequence.
Quarterly meeting services were con
ducted In the Mthortist Episcopal
church on Sunday. Presiding Eider
llarroun of Bingbamton, was present.
A I lv '. '', ., i .. 'j Daily Budtfet of
Local News.
F.jnrinl to thr Scranton IWSHM
FOBMT CllY. Pa, March 26. The
mercury has been courting SFOttnU . r
the past few davs.
E. U. Bradley, tho jeweler, sp at
Sunday with Susquehanna friende
Mr. and Mrs. I. P. McCormick spont
last evening in Cirbnndale.
M. ileiidlor spent n short time in the
Pioneer ( ity today.
G. P. Rogers, of Car bond ale, a di
rector in the Alexander Cur Replacsr
Company, was in town to lay.
The following Scrsutonlans were
registered at the Forest House today:
Gerrett Berry, B L Bir. E A. Oil
more, c. Hayden, S (i. Wait.
Miss Alien Gregory returned this
inoruing after a few days pleasant so
jonm in Scranton.
The marriage of Sarah Rourvltob, of
Forest City, to Hsrry Viuklesteiu, of
Scranton, took place iu Carbondale yes
terday. Erie Station Agent Thomas Cnn
niiighHiu, nf Herrick, spent E isler ai
his home in this place.
MARCH 27, 1894.
Your choice of tliron bountiful
pictures, "Telephone Girl' "De
livering Christmas Presents"
and "Maidens Swinging." Heud
by mail or messenger or bring
ooapons like this of three differ
ent tliiti'M, with 10 cents, stamps
or coin, to
Cor. Pei:n Ave. and Spruce St.
Marriaio of E. F. Snyder and Miss
Man. I E. Twining-.
Ftiecial to the St-ronton Tri'iiiiif.
Clark's Bdmjiit, Pa., Mrch !0
verv pretty wedding took plao on Sat
nrday evening at 8 o'olook. March 24,
at the home of the bride's pirents, Mr.
and Mrs, Jessie Twining, nsr the Hill
Side home. Tho eontr-ictiug parties
were Miss Maul E third daughter of
Mr. Twining, to K F. Snyder, f Chin
Ohilla, Kev. T. 11 Parsons, of Waverly,
officiating. After the eervices were
eoucluiled ail sat down to a sumptuous
repast, after whhdi the evening was
delightfully spent with music, etc.
Mr. Snyder is one of our most enter
prising and progressive young f armers,
and he has found in his bride a true
helpmeet who will preside over his
home with th grass of a iiussii, nnd
yet not above the willingness of a hi
tier. Mr. Snyder has his house all fur
nished, and will at oneo commence
house keeping in order to relieve his
mother, who will RtOVS into the house
near Chinchilla church. The presents
were numerona and useful.
Among the guests were: Mr and
Mrs. .laiiiea Tiukhini, Cbiusllla; Mr
ami Mis Freeman Leach, Chinchilla:
Mr. and Mrs. .lay Snyder, Chinchilla;
Mr. und Mrs Fred Snyder, Wallsville;
Mr. and Mrs. Dale, Scranton; Mr. and
Mre. Abraham Twining, Clark's Sum
mit; Mr. and Mrs. Wells Franklin,
Clark's Summit: Mr. Leonard. Green
Grove; O. Van Bnskirk, Bald Mount;
Miss Borton, Wilkes-Bar re; Miss Cora
Pbilp, Clark's Summit ; Miss Gertrude
Atberton, Clark's Summit; Miss Kilty
Atherton, Clark's Summit, All wish
them a long and happy life.
Pointed rarnif raphe litliilv Prepared
for lluniort Prusal.
Sfecial to ikt Ssronfon lVi6iine
Avoca, Pa. March 86. Miss Bells
0 Hrleu, of Pittston, speut Sunday in
Thomas McDonald, an aged nnd
highly retp toted citizen of the North
End, did this morning of general de
bility. The funeral will take plaos
Wednesday morning with a high mass
of requiem lutermatit will be made in
Miss Maine Filzsiminons gave a S
o'clock ten to a number of her lady
frieuda in honor of Miss Maine O'Brieu
at her home on Saturday evening.
Those present were Misses Mamie and
B O'Brien, Nellie Cnrran, Lizzie Dix
on, Maine Kearney, Msry and Lizzie
Whslen, Fannie aud Bsssie Webber
ami Lydia Conner.
Miss Annie Cnmminga, of Scranton,
spent Sunday with her aunt, Mrs. T
A P. Curran, of Scrnnton, was in
town yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. James Webber and Mr.
aud Mrs. William Webber spent Las
ler in Duumore.
Don't forget tho choir entertainment
in the Methodist Lpiacopal ohurch on
Thursday evening next.
The funeral of Frank McDonnell
took place yesterday and was largely
attended, Interment was made iu
A number of Avoca people nre at
tending the opining of Frothingbam's
ti eater at Scranton this eveuiug.
The Beptsaopba will hold their reg
ular meeting this evening.
Mrs Tyrell, of Fortv Fort, is visiting pirents on York avenue.
Miss Alice Morahnn commenced to
day to tesch as principal in No. 2
school building, to fill the vacancy
caused by the resignation of Miss
Maine O'Brien, who will enter the con
vent at Carbondale on next Saturday.
Pen Pictures of Everydav Life la an la
Wstln,f Tnwn.
Fpfciol to tht Svranon Tribune.
JlBMYN, Pa., Marc i 28. Tomorrow
eveuiuk' the 1'emperace oand will hold
a social iu Carey's hall, a short musical
programme has been prepared for the
The next meeting of the local teachers
instituto will take place here April 7.
This eveninir at the residence of Jo
seph Tennis a mite sociable will be
held for the benefit of the St, James
Henry Hemelright, who is taking a
three years' courae In Bellevue hospital
as professional nnrss, is borne for a ten
daya' vacation.
H, J, Erk and Thomas Parry aro do
ing iurv duty tuis week.
Mrs D. Davis, of Main street, is seri
ously ill
A pleasant surprise wss given to
Robert an t Frmk Blukeelee, at the
house of C. L) Winter Kfrshmenta
were served at a late hour, aud all re
port an enjoyable eveninif.
The funeral of Mollis F. Carey, only
child of Mr. and Mrs Frank Carey,
will take plice today.
Richard Qendall and Rolph Itymer
have returned to Wyoming seminary
T. V. Powdsrly and Prank Mang, of
Carbondale; L Focus, of Bofftlo, and
L Lindlay, of Bcranton, were Jermyn
visitors yeterday.
A laro number of the it-publicans
of Jermyn and Mayfield gathered at the
rooms of the VViiliaiii McKinley club
last evening, it being the form il open
nig of tho rooms Speeches wer de
liverd by several prominent lights
The CHiSsn's band was preSSnt and
helped to enliven the occasion.
Adolv Laluji, carriage manufacturer,
l in 'an oil street, Buffalo, S. Y., states;
I eras troubled with nauseaof thestom
acb, sick besdaeba and general debility,
Burdock's Blood !!itt"r cured me.
I- i i ,- Ovsr the Sap.'ems Court De
c.hlou Olhar Net of Inieret
flpesfel fe tits Ssrcafoa IWStfae.
TAYLOR, Pa., March 211 - The people
of Taylor are in good epulis today, oc
casioned bv the decision haudod down
l.y the supreme court this morning in
favor of Taylor as n borongb.
Faster services at tho various
churches Sunday were Interesting,
Tho Prtsbytsriso, Congrsgatlonal,
Methodist Lpisuopal and Calvary
churches were hands m dy decorsto I
with plants.
The reception committee of the Price
Library tISOOiatlon met touiuht nud
decided to hold a ui' tubers' social at a
iituro time.
lui.pi. and Indlaeatlon
In their worst foriiis are cured by the
use of Y. 1'. P. If you are debilitated aud
run down, or If you need a toulc to regain
ihsh end lost appetite, strength and vigor,
take P, P. P., and you will he utrong and
healthy, tor shattered constitutions and
lout manhood I'. 1'. 1. (Priokly Ash, l'oka
Hoot and Potassium) is the kiug of nil
medicines. P. 1. I1, is the greatest blood
purifier iu the world. For salo by all
Important Evante of Current Iatarest
Carafullv Chronlolrd.
Special to thn Scranton lYihune.
Olyi'Hant. Pa,, March 20 D, T.
Gibbons, of West S:d Scrautou, wasa
caller iu town today.
Matthew Mickey, who has been vis
iting New Yofk for the past three
months, returned home Saturdas night.
The Ladies' Aid society of the Pres
byterian chnrch will meet at the home
of Mrs. Crippeit on Delaware street
Wednesday afternoon nt J lo ociook.
William Mason expects to move his
family to Blakely We lu-sday.
Eastor Ssrvicei In ths Mplo City Per
sonal Notes.
fvvcitl to tlie Scranton Tribune.
BONtSDALS, Pa.. March 20 The ser
vices iu the several churches vesterdav
betokened the character of the day, all
being beantlfully deoorated with iliw
ers. The decorations in St. John's
church wore profuse and elegant. The
singing was unusually line and the sor
vics impressive. The SUOrisS service
in I Iraoe church at 0 a in. largely
attended It was a choral service and
the songs were bright and
clear. Holy communion was cele
brated at 10.80 a. m every sitting
was filled. Usv. O. H. Bergbaus
preaohed an impressive and instruc-tiv-
sermon. At tho children's servico
al7.:W p, m the church was crowded.
The superintendent's report showed an
increase iu the entire work of tho
school. The church was handsomely
decorated with flowers.
K. L. GrHinhs is homo from Cornell.
Warren K. Dimock is iu llonesdal
endeavoring to place iu a new tele
phony line.
A Wll Known nud Ki:lmab!e Lady
Piunon to the Oreat heyond.
Special to tkn Sctanton Tribune.
HONBSDALI, Pa., March 20 Mrs.
Anna A. Tracsv died at tho home '
nor daughter, Mrs. L iev Bentley, at 8
a. m today, ngod Hi y.tnri and 8
Mrs. Tracev wis birnat Slwrbarne,
N. Y., .lulv 35, 1809, and with her hus
band, J. II li Tracsy. oami toHmes
dale in 1832, iieiog with the late Hon,
John Torrey, Hon. Otis Avery and Mrs
Kzn Hand, among the oldest of Ho iee-
dale's residents. Dr. Avery nnd Mrs.
H ind being now the last two of the
first settlers of Hones dale.
Mrs. Tracer is survived bv oue son,
Commodore C. W. Tracey, of Ports
mouth, N II , and Mrs. Lucy Bentley.
The funeral will be bald from the
home of Mrs. Bentlev at U p. m. Wed
nesday. The services will b conduct
ed by Kev. William H. Swift, of the
PresbyturlSu church, of which Mrs.
Tracey has been a member for mauy
m .
Happmlug-e of a Day Penaed by a
Hilgh', Huatllna Correspondent.
Siieciul to the Scranton Tribune.
The infant daughter of Morris Man
gan is seriously ill.
John Lowry, of Main street, is mak
ing improvements on his property.
Micanel Walsh and wife, of Forest
City, are visiting relatives in tbis
The funeral of John Holleran of
Miner's Hill, took place yesterday and
was largely attended.
Miss May Grrrity. after a week's
visit with friends, has returned to her
home in Pittston.
James Powell will leave tomorrow
for Stroudsburg, after spending his
Eister vacation here. A farewell social
will he tendered to him by his fellow
meuibers of the Young Men's Institute
this evening nt their rooms.
The Star Base Ball clnb has nrganiz d
with the following players J O'Neil,
catcher, T. Disked aud M Noonan,
pitchers, T. Mongan, first base, O.
Melvln, second bass, T. Shes, snori
stop; H Driscbll. riiriu field; G Smith,
center field. J. McDoc il l, lift fHd
Chicken thieves and midnight bur
glars are necoming unmrous iu this
tn ice. i wo oraoksuieu attempted to
burglar ze the house o' a widow named
Mrs. Morrison, on u . I iv night, but
she shouted to the neighbors and ti e
thieves fl d. Roosts are robbed nightly,
and the people here will likely mak
an example of the first scoundrel
csnc .t
Mrs. w i u.i am Roberts, Bridgeport, !f. v.,
writes: "If I had nut taken your Medi
cine, 1 would not ho here now. The doctors
did me no good, I whs just a mere skele
ton, could not eat. I
would have awful pain
id inv utouiuch-pain in
my side, bowels and
chest ; soreness In my
hack and woiuh; wss
iicrvoim. nnd
could not sleep.
Alter I took your
'Favor Its Prescrip
tion,' and ' Ooldcu Med
ical Discovery, I com
menced to Improve.
In two weeks could
milk uhout the house
could eat did not
have any more pain in
my stomal li t hrcw
away my morphino
first commenced tsliinir
the medicine it made me leel worse. 1 was
hoarse, could not speuk aloud for three ilsys;
as I (Ol hotter my reins und bad feelings felt
me und I could dlii-p irood ; my nerves ffot
in tier opioid ' iook
Mrs. Roberts.
powders. When I
Before I tool
lour months
am now quite Meshy mid
medicine 1 ki nt
m h d lour month:, got worse ull the while.
an woik ull day."
e have the hand
somest line of Parlor
and Drawing Room
ever shown in this
state and we would
like you to see it.
Hill 6c
Washington Ave.
His Enemy
Dyspepsia Causes Much
Pains and Distress After Eating Re
lieved by Hood b Sarsaparilla.
"i I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass :
"1 must praise Hood's Barsaparllla for the
good it has done me. i was troubled with dyi
pepsla. 1 luul severe pains In my heart, and the
Welling ot my stomal li and distress alter nst
Inn caused wo much s'.ifferlnu. I tried iltffcrunt
remedies wltlioiit eetting relief. Finally i de
elded to i;iw. Hood's Barsaparllla a trial, being
the first one in town to lake it. After taking
A Handsome Complexion
Ia-onc of the (jrcatest cliarms a woman can
possess Poisohi'b Complkiion Iiwdkh
gives It.
tve bottles, I telt perfectly well and have enjoyed
good health ever since. Many of the towns
people have asked me. about the success of
Hood's Bnrs'iparllla, and I have cheerfully ree
immeuded it teellng Indeed grateful for the good
II lias dene inc. PrTenda sou relatives have also
taken Hood's Karsapsrllla With good results."
Millabo A., Strhiestown, Pa,
hood's Pills eure !n'-r ills, eonsttpatlcn,
biiiuiisiicsii, Jaundlee, sick beadaobs, Indigestion,
Dr. B. Grewer
Tfia Philadelphia cp'ch!ist,
And hiii sseoetoted ttaS of Enallsb and Gcr
nmn fhjilclii8,iiro now lormauently located
Temple Court Building
.11 I BPRUOFl ST.,
Where thoy may be . ,,n-ulted DAILY AND
The In a graduate ot tho t'nlvorsity
or PennnylvanU, formerly demonBtrator of
physiology nd Fiugcry at the il-dlco-Chlr-orlcal
College, of Philadelphia. He 1 also
an honorary e ernlwr of the Medico-Chli ur
gical Aasociiitloa. sdi! wae phymiciao nd
surgeon lii rhief of the most noted American
snd Oerinan boepltala comes highly indorsed
by the leading pi ofe-sorn of Philadelphia aud
New ork.
His many years of bosoltsl eTnerionoe en
ftbles this eminent physician n:nf eurgoa to
correctly dlignose nnd treat all defcrmit n
snd dlsesSH with the moat flattering success,
snd his huh standing in the state will nut
all w him to accept any inci.ritble case
Lohi M. miuoii itt-roi.i D
II you tiave neon l:iv."i up oy your physl
risn call upon th doctor and be examined
He curea the worst caaesof Nervoua Debility.
Kcrofula. Old 8ore i itarrh. Piles. Female
Weakness. Affections of the Ear. Eye. Nose
and Throat, Asthma, Dnafneas. Tumors. (Hi
ceia and Cripi'l-n of every description. Con
snltatlon In English nnd Gorman Free, which
shall be considered sacred an l strictly confi
dential lifllco ITonrai 0 A.M. to P. K. Dally.
Suniiay, U a.m. lo 2 p in.
National Bank of Scrantoa
CAPITAL $250,000,
SURPLUS $25,000,
RAITUEL HINE8 .(President
V . W WATSON. Vice President
A li. WILLIAMS. Ciishior.
i microns,
BAKtTIt Hints, JAMtS it FtvrnitAnT.
Iobkcii .1 JKRMVW, M H, KBMBRSnj,
CUAb, l'. HAirunWS, JoliN T.POUTBB.
Thl" bank Invites the patronage of business
men ami iirms generally,
fublic Sale.
Third National
Bank of Scranton.
Statement Peb "a . ihim. called for by
ihe Cenrptroller nt the Curreney.
UK80I in i s.
I.enn . i 1 11..1 in 00
Ovenlralla 047. :I7
United state llunda KO.Ollll.OO
Other llnnds BIS.87S 7i
I'm, Him; UoUSe 8,l)74.48
Premiums nn U. I, llnnds.... e-ia 7fi
line irnni I . s. Treasurer 7. con nn
i, ne I, mo llmilia von 4ii. 7a
( aah 140. 6411.
Capital , ,'oo ono OO
Surplus ."Mo.uoo oo
UlldlTlded Profit OOieOllll
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lilvlilends i i,; 384.00
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Duntollauka 0e.3;0.30
IVILLIAM I ON'NKI.l., Trealili-nt.
.in II. CATLIM, len-President.
WILLIAM ii. MCCK, Cashlea
M'illiam i , .iiiu-ii, Georen If. Catlln,
Alti-ed llnnd. Jauios Archlialil, Henry
Itelln, Jr., M llllaiu T. Smith, Lutliar
Tlila Itnnk ofl'eis to depositors even
farlllty svin-i noted by I Iti-lr balances, bual
naa and reapotialblllty.
Special attention given to buaincaa ac
counts. Interest paid on time deposits.
There are hundreds of young men .tad young women in this
country who have splendid ability, but they have never Iraen
wakened up.
Wood's College of Bosiness and Shorthand
Has been an inspiration to hundreds ot young people. If yon
are tired of inactivity and want to do something tangible,
come to the College.
bhobtmamu counsr. p E WOODi Proprietor
Onyx Top Brass Table
T. MMsi
I ) $6.oo
Hat and Coat Racks. 3-hook, 25c; 5-hook, 50c.
406 and 408 Lackawanna Avenue.
The most complete
in the market,
I! U Co.
205 AND m MtM oG AYE.
"No star wa3 ever lost we once have seen,
We always may be what we might have been,"
Scranton, Pa.
22 and 23 Commonwealth Building.
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