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to bat the Vouag Fooplo are Daing to Advance
Members of the tpworth Leagues
ami Socit'lies ot Christian Liuleavor
Keep Up Their Noble Work for the
Salvation ot Souls Notes Concern
ing the Luther League and Its
Probably do oue ocoaalon develop 10
Deny of Sermtou'a tnuslol resources
BS the EistiT season. All of the
chnreuee havt prtpartd more or 1 e-
elaborate proiramines.and must of thetn
hate large ami well triiinud chorus
uholrs. The i'Ihsj of luualo is alio
Rrenly Improving Themmto at Bt
Luke i will be nnosually attractive,
both morniug nnd !eveulng, under the
masterly direction of Protestor Conant
At St. Peter's Cathedral next Sun lays'
music will nndoobtsdly surpass any -thins
ever before nirvn in that ohnroh
A large and able choir, under the
leadorahip of Professor Schilling anl
assisted by many prominent solo art
Itts from here .and abroad, will take
part. At i mt miss tney win renuer
Moziri's rat masterpiece, "Twelfth
Musi. ' They will be assisted by
Bauer's orchestra and several; jpromi
ueut players from Wilkes Barre and
New York.
The music at St. Patrick's ohuroh
rendered by a large s :oir, will be nu
ns natty attractive and pleasing.
The large cboras oholrof F.rt l'ro
byterian ehnrch under Tallie Morgan's
leadership is prepare I to render th
finitt music ever given In that popular
ehnrch Some very tine solo and
qairttts will alio form special feat
ures F.ster music at the Trinity F.vinj!
loal Lutheran church this yeir will be
under ihe directum et ii T Wliitt
wore, chorister and R. F.. Pro the roe,
orauist. The programme is au elah
orate one anl has b-eu very carefully
The Provtdense Presbyterian'.er
choir, led bv Chorister Davis, will ren
der a very attractive E ister pro
gramme. Chorister Williams of Frovi lencs
Methodist Episcopal cbir. ht pre
pired a programme for Eister Sunday
Mat will undoubtedly escel all prev
ious eff irts.
Thi Epworth Lsau.
The devotional meetia? of Elm Park
Lau on Easter Suudav will be led
bv W H. Peck. The subject is "Toe
irat King aod Uis Kingdom " The
music will be unusually attractive.
S ng service begins at tf 30 aad mt
ing will be duuiusl erlv so that all
uuy have an opportunity to secure
seats in the auditorium for evening ser
vice. Toe annuil alctiou of officers will
occur a irly m April
H. H Beldteman, of the litrary 4e
partm-nt. will deliver an address be
fore the Dminore league on "What to
Bead auJ Hut to Read" at their nest
literary meeting.
Several eothni.-tic members of the
Simpson leagae visited the devotional
service last Sunday.
Elm Park leaeu is certainly pronl
of us music and musicians. About half
th- mmters of the church choir are
sctive l.ns;n-r.
The debut on Thnrsd it evenmn was
on t r.f anu'ual interest. Tne coiitisi
ants all sem to hav come pr-pirJ
for battle .ml there were som- very
able arguments advanced, many origi
nal i !as developed and considerable of
fnu and repartee.
The Dunmor league has a member
ship of 120 and 117 ribacribers to the
Ejiworth Herald. S11M7 none but an
enterprising league cm make such a
An interesting and profitable devo
tional meeting was hell oa Tuesday
-v-ning. Elmer Jackson was ths
The regular topics assigned to the
fl. worth league are used at the weekly
meeting and prove to be very helpful.
The department of entertainment
iiav charge of decorating the chnrcn
for Enter
The department of mTC.y anl help,
assisted by til secretary, is looking up
members who have been absent some
The debate at the Providence league
on Monday evening was entertaining
end instructive, and ereatxl quite a
diversion anions the many wno at
tended. The ifeit literary meeting
Will be held Monday evening. April '
The devotional meetin of th-Simp-on
Epworth loaguo led by Professor
Wood on last Sun lay evening, was ex
cvplionally interesting ami t ie attend
ance unusually
On Sunday evening the Simpson
l"Hoe will be led by Mrs Frame H.
Ey-r. -Subject, 'Risking All for God'
Chris' tan Er.dnavir Soclstlii.
Th devotional meeting on Sunday
evening at the Washburn Street Pres
byterian Endeavor will be one of un
namil interest and no doubt Urg'lv at
tended. This will let a special Better
consecration service. The topic is,
"What Is Christ's Life Doing For
Yon?" II. Tim , II., 118 The president
ol this affgressive o:ietv is I) L Mor
gan, one of the WfHt .Sido'e most popu
lar young mn.
The Providence Presbyterian En
deavor society is one of th most Hour
ialiiiig in the citv. There are ahou I'M
iiK iiibers, Membership is still iiior'iH
luir most encouragingly. Within two
years the membership and attendance
nt devotional rnnetintrs have doubled,
Devotional meetings are bold Sunday
evening from ti 80 nntil 7 IS, and are
largely attended and ii-iunally helpful
mid Interesting, Miss Nellie Herbert
is at present the active and efficient
president. Business waling ere held
regularly tlm first Wndnesdny after
conteoration matting Socials art sus
pended for a short time A junior so
ciety wns recently organised with
membership of twenty live. Its meet
in as are held Tuesday iil'ti-niojiiH at
4 80,
lieorire W. Bttlt, is at present the
tnergetio president of North Main Av
enun liaptist Endeavor society. Tali
OrganilatiOD has lit present thirty live,
nclivw members. The finances tire in
excellent condition, and ihs society
Iiiih a balance in hank Every depart
ment of work is developing and grow
ing. L set yeartbeV sent two delegates
to the convention st Montreal, and will
Send tWO deb-gates this year. Then so-t-inj,
literary and devotional services
are well attended, nnd full of interast.
The Wsthbnrn Street Prepbvtorian
Christian Endeavor socioty are work
log faithfully to pi. in .-urate a syste
matio beiievclont organization among
tbtlr members. This societv bB
pledged, collected and deposited in
bank i$IU towards the now cnurcn
building fund.
Tim Yonog Men's Chi Ipsilon society
held one of their most interest inn meet
ings on Monday eveuing. They have
pledged $100 toward the new church
On next Thursday tvenlng Colonel
Hippie will L'iva his entertaining "An
derionville Reiuiiiisotmiieft" under the
auspices of the Ladies' Aid society.
Luthar Lni(iie, Trl-.uty Church.
This active leange of Trinity Evan
celical Lutheran chinch in its interest
111 belptug improve tlitt church music
is ntlug ite tieit etforts to piirchase a
pipe organ for th ehurob, Tut organ
Will be placed on trial in a few weeks,
after Whloh a concert will be Riven.
Every effort will be made to have this
entertainment first class in every re
The Eaater servloe to be rendered 0 1
Sunday evening under the able dire,:
lion ol Chorister Q V Whlttemore,
will be exceptionally tine I'ndtr the
pi,-n-nt management the Sunday school
snd church music are improving won
derfolly. New members are being added weekly
to the league and the devotional in-et
nig are constantly growing in Inter
est. Every department of work in
Trinity oburon is progressing most
hopefully and all are encmraged anew
to greater personal efforts lu the Mas
ter's work.
Brlsf Heliirtuus Nito
The Junior Epworth league of Simp
son church is under the energetic in 1 it -agrmsut
of Miss Hattie Smith, Those
who know Miss Smith's characteristic
energy, conscientiousness and ability,
will nnderstan 1 that this organisation
nuder her care is prospering wonder
fully. On account of being the ninetieth
anniversary of the birth of Qenoral
Meal D.1W, the great temperance advo
cate, this week w is observed t y K,
worth leagues. Christian Endeavor and
otiier young people's church societies
as "Pledge Week " Those wh 1 are fit
miliar with Central Dow's vigorous
work in the cause of ttinptranot will
ever honor his name for hi" OOUrageoUt
and (earless tihl against the evil of
tbt nun truffle
- o
Frank McDonue1!, it Avoca, D119 Sua
deully at the O il l Cure.
NJtt'iut to tkf Peranum 'Irdmtit.
Pittsivs, Pa,, March 88. -Frank Mc
Donnell, a barber of Avoca, arrive,!
here Thursday to undergo treatment at
the Monroe Uold C'ure located at the
corner of Maiu and Uutler stroets. Dr
Rust, the physiciau in charge, after an
examination found him to be suffering
from cardiac debility. Toward eveu
iog irew wore and Drs, Dively and
L'e Voe were called in and administered
the necessary remedies but all to 110
purpose. Ai the cook struck uiue Mc
Uouuell died.
Deputy Corouer Perkins was notified
and arrived here yesterday, lie dt
cided au iiiiiuegt was necessary and
elected the following jury to iuves:i-
;te the esse Edward KUtltdae, U
Snyder. James ttibbans, Phillip Radr,
P. Eirlevand hlward ttirrett. the
jury viewed the body and will meet at
tiie Ligle hotel Wtiinttxlay nes: ut o
m. A post-mortem txuuiuation
was ordered to be made.
All the N wj of a Hust'lng Citv Brightly
PlTTSTON, March F.'s took a
big tumble inpric yesterday. It ws
ine to tho starting of several of our
merchants In culling prices Tn price
fell from 1 1 cents per dozen to b cents.
Toward evening prices began to as-
Abont noon yesterday an alarm of
tir- was turned in from box 30. The
fire w ig discovered to Da in the Bnn-
i-nbnrg buildingon South Main street.
Tnefl ims were subdued without ths
aid of the fire departm-nt. Monday night CompiUf 11 will
hold their annual E ister bill It will
bs litld in the K-ystone hill anl prom
ises to lie a grand aff air.
Daugiiters of Rebecca lodg held an
enter:aiument aui social In Old Fel-
lows hall Thursday evening. About
3o') parsons w-re present 1111 I an enj y-
able time was had by all. At the con-
nsion of the programme the company
present partook of an excellent suppjr
whi:h had h-an prepared for them
About thirty fnnds of the cause of
temparance assembUd at the home of
Mrs. J. F. Dively, on William street,
last evening to commemorate tho nine
titth birthday of Nesl Dow, ths great
temperance worker, of Maine Musk.-.
singing and addresses were indulged in
greatly to the delight Of all present.
Ths fair of the Ligle Hoee company,
which was suspended temporarily a
few week ago, reopened lit evening
under very favorable eireumstances in
the company s hall on Kennedy street.
Ihe members of the finance commit
tee of conncil met ; Town hall, Thurs-
ay evening to give a hearing to per
sons who have claims standing against
the borough for some time that have
not been paid. I he ComtnltttS app, ,v-
eil Dr O M.iliey'e .11 of j.VJ to dam
age of '-arriage, ai 1 Kearney's lull
of 142.78 for blavKsluithlngi John
Walau s bill for extra work and Dr
Donaldson's bill of $16 lor semes
rendered as veterinary surgeon were
also approved, The bills will have to
he approved by the council before be
log paid.
An itartalnlntc Badgit of Orsonal and
Other I ems Of tntsreaf.
t i.ri ml to the .Scraaoa Tribitni.
VaKOLINO, Pa., Maroii li:i Mrs L
II. Wilcox is sick
Mi-s Louise (f regnry, of Liberty, N.
'1'., returns to school at Ilaacok. Sat
unlay after a week's visit at the home
of Contractor Wilcox.
Mi-s McOabe, of Pretton, is visiting
her brother, .lames, of this place.
Mr and Mrs Qent Kseler r rltlt
Iting friends in iloiiesdalw
Mr Bird It noting to Rlobmondalt
Katie O'Neill and Tessla Plunkett
spent Wednesday In Carbondsle.
Mrs Daniel Rsgen is sick
Mrs. m I). Mitobtll It visiting frltndi
in Wilkes-llirre.
Re?, .1. D. Evans, of Plymouth, will
hold services in the school bouse both
morning end evening, next Bundayi in
the morning at 10 30 1 evening tit 7.
Many Milis has sold his meat market
to Patrick Carney, from While's valley.
I,. II. Wilcox spent Wudnesduv in
Mis L II. Wilcox nnd friend, Hits
L J. Gregory, spent Tuesday lu Car
Sanies Mullally has moved into his
new h.
Philosophy from Nsvni-iluk.
Itvnitiny 'I itnn.
If ad tho dtvils were oaat out of some
people thoy would look like walking skel
etons, s ,
One Momnnt. PNas.i.
OhiOOQO Dittxttchi
We hope this country will not be obliged
to fight the British lu Iiluellulds until we
tlud out where Uluetields Ik ou the map.
1 e
Cholly What did you do when May
accepted you?
Chsppis I blew a kias at fieri
Prof. Edward E. Phelps, M.D., LLD., Whose Giant
tellect Discovered Paine's Celery Compound.
Thousands Remnanta t,r Dry Goods. Cloaks and Fur Capes during
naif at less man cost ol material.
Every inch of counter room covered with the greatest bargains eve
Ladies' Felt Hats, this season's styles 0o each.
Boys' Winter Waists " ! I Oo! each.
M,uff ..30c. each.
Clok .....$l.50eaoh.
Great Clearing Sale.
Two giants am mg 111111 the great
est statesman aud the greatest ptiysi
clan that America has produotd Dan
iel andElwardE Falps have both
done honor to Dsrtmouth college, one
as a student, the othir Hi au instruc
tor. To Prof Edward E Phelps, M.D.,
LL. D . the world today owes longer
life and more freedom from sicUuess,
than to any other pbyslci tn
Every Dirtmonth alu nous of more
thinado.Mi years sta-iding remem
bers the awt in Which In held tho keen
observer wtio-te nam- appoarep in th"
collego cataloge next to that of the
president as professor of 111 iteri t mid
ica and every younger gra.laitt has
admired the complete uunum of unl
ical botany which Dr Pdtlpi gave to
the college
But it was the world-famed discov
ery of Prof. Phelps of an Infsllible
cure for those fearful Ills that result
from an Impaired nervous system and
impure bloo i which has en tears 1 Ine
great doctor to the world and made his
life an era in the practlos of in-dicine
I'rof, Phelps was born in I iinecti
cnt and grsdncsttd from the ml II tar v
sch'inl at Norwich, Yt. He ttndieJ
medicine wsth Prof. N'athin Smith, of
New Haven, Conn , anl gralaated in
ui'dicine at Yale.
His 11 inuil talent soon brought him
reputation and prominence among his
professional brethren In 1V he was
elected to the professorship or an itoiuy
snd surgery in the Vsrmont univer
sity. In 1 4 1 he was appointed lec
turer on mat ria medio 1 and medical
botany in Dirtmmtn eollee. The
next year he was chosen profesor of
the chair then vacated by Prof. Robby,
and occupied the chair, the mst im
portant one in the country, until a few
years before his death in 1880
He had for years foreseen the dan
gers of th-" American way of living.
Ho went about to find a scientific, com
mon seiisa remedy to cure the common
evils that. under one nam and another,
result from an unheal th! ul state of the
nervous system, and within a score of
years have seemed to bo swoopiug over
the country like an epidemic
lie succeeded
He gave the medical profession a cel
ebrated remedy, which has since come
to be known th" world ovr as Paine's
celery compound.!
It was Dr.PhtlpV prescription which
ever Bince has o.-eu fren'.v USsd and
prescribe! bv the most eminent of the
profession, The formula wai lurnis'ied
to all reputable physicians 1 They found
the wouderfnl remedy to be exactly
what was claimed for it. a greats nerve
and brain strengthener and restorer.
It was demonstrated beyond doubt that
Psint'l celery compound would cure
nervousdebility and exhaustion, MO
ralgia, sleeplessness, dyspspsia and all
blood diseases.
It was us harmless as it was good
and it was the universal advice of u
medical profession that thi coinpou -id
he placed where the general public
could secure it, and thoneands of po
ulo have every year proven the wisdom
of this good advice
The recent sdvice of Commodore
Howell to use this COTADOOnd. which
the commodore publicly sai l had savec
his own life, and the published testi
uionialsof Mayor McShaue, of Mon
(reel : tbt pott-mthor Hardy, Georg
Wright. Marie Tempest, Councillor
Morse, Mabr-l JcnnS4, and other m n
and women of national reputation,
has brought the c mpound mto specia
As 11 well-known physician in th.
city says. ''Paine's celery cnmpnun.i
Is not a pitent inadtcine. it is not
inre tonic: it is not an ordinary nsi
vine it is as far beyond them nil
the diamond is superior to cheap gla
A Brf Iludat Hulkrt lato Brief
Sprciilt t the Scrantim TrihHnt.
MtKOOXA, Ph., Mnrch 88, William
Conroy, brother-in-law of ex-Super
visor Patrick Coyne, will shortly re
turn to his home in Syracuse.
Jaini-s Cooabay, of New York, vis
i t I his friend? ntra yesterday
Isaac Ilavis, of QrttnWOOd, is visit
ing in lluryea.
A iiiartette consisting of Misses
Jennie LoUghney and A-mie Hullin,
John Casey and Thomas Qojon, will
sing at ths tuttrtaintttellt Monday
An inoffensive Polander was as
saulted and robbed on his way fiom
church Inst Bundsv night and reliev-d
nf nit watch and '' 50 Tbess iccnr
reuens are bec tiling to frequent and
deserve prompt punishment if ths pr
pttrators can be sppreheudtd,
John St. Jobn, "f Qrotnwood, has
petitioned court, for a commission as
deputy constable.
Nut So Thirsiv for Illnnd, After All.
K'nikiagtea Poll, ! m
(h.vnrnor Waito weakens when tho trad
ing is good and deep.
Hi ai. mkhit Is characteristic of iiiinii s
Hsrsapai ilia, and is iiiauifi-ateil every dny
In tbt the rtmsrkabla cures tbt medicine
in tooniplitbts, "
Rsad What Nxlehbora Think of
Bi Itannloa
The et of Britanntra ordered from you
has been received and unpacked, and upon
sssmlnstlon I find that lbs work exceeds
my sipectatlons In paper, print and bind
ing, it is the great Edinburgh, page for
I age, which I have alWSS desiied, but
could not purohstt before on aocouut "t
the price, H'.'.'i in cloth,
Jobs w. sVaonku,
Principal No. lut-icUool.
Tbls Ittbe agt of books Learning Is so
broed and books are so numerous that u
is Impossible for any one to proourt sepa
rate volumes upon all the subjects which
at prsttnt engage human thought, lu
plureof thi ', a gnnil BncyclopedlS Is nil at
tSOpt to abridge, or SPttomllt, and OlSSS
if V all knowledge tn bring 11 Within the
limit of our comprehension, After n some
what direful study of three or fnur of the
principal Encyclopedias, 1 slSrm without
IiiKitanry that the BrltMUtOS has nn
superior. Renders of nil classes should
ponsess it.
Pastor Providence Baptist church.
BCBAKTON, I'll., Dec. ?, ISM,
About one year ago I purchased from
Charles Kcnhiiei 's Smis tht ninth edition
of tho Bneydtpedia Brltanntca, leather
biuding, $) per velnine.
Attorney aud I'ouunellor.
Judgo II. ML Edwards tty si
I have compared the vohimo or your re
print of the Edinburg edition at the Bri
tannlea Encyclopedia with a volums of
the original edition in my uossossiou, and
I find It to be tho same, besides having the
American additions. It is a complete li
brary in Itself.
The public :liould appreciate and take
advantage of TBS Tnini NKM offer of a
Copy of the great 1 lliibuig edition of tin
bniyclopudia liriiiiiiuicii with supple
mental matter ndclpil to each volume and
Ihe latest msiw, lit fl H3 per Volume, and
on so easy pavmeutx it is a rate opportun
ity. It is a comp ete liuinry and should lie
in the home of every school hoy nnd girl
1 me who has never , i au Encyclopedia
cannot sppreclata it- value Let the boys
and girls learn it" use when young, and 10
lay the foundation. They are not using
Mich aids half enough.
Principal No. 35.
A. B. Brown's Bee Hive, Pittston, Pa.
From the scores
commendatory of
seems Hint enough
liiblish confidence.
main in which to
487 SprtlCe Htreet ,
receipt of t at) by
volumes will bu
prepai 1.
it such txpretiiom
this great work it
had been said to es-
i lly uiiiH davs re
seem e it. ( HVicr st
open evenings. I In
mail the twenty tive
forwnrded, express
Dytptnsle ami Indlcestleu
In their worst forms nr.- Hired by the
use of 1". 1'. I'. If you are debilitated and
run down, or II you need a toino to regain
flesh ami lost appetite, strength mul vigor,
take I'. I. 1'., mid you will he strong and
healthy, f or shattered constitutions and
lost manhood I'. P. i. (Prlokly Ash, Poke
Root and Potassium) IS the king of all
nieilicinos. P P. P. is tin- greatest blood
purifier lU tli World. For sslo by all
druggitlt. t
Sum remni'kable cures nf deafness are
recorded of Dr. Thomas' Eclt-ctric Oil.
Never fails lo cure headache.
When Baby was Kick, we cave htrOsstcrtSi
When -ihe w as a Child, she cried for 1 'astoria.
When si,,, bettmt Kiss, she suing to Csslorls.
When She had 1 1. 11. uvollieui L'astolUv
hue mmi?
1 j
1 uiii semi kiikk lo any man
the ureeorlptloil ol 11 new and
iioslt Ire reilied y lo eii In 1 in-111111 II.
a oak organs, and sure oufe tor nil srcaknesi
in young or old men, Onres oases ot i.uat
Manhood, Rmlsatens ami Viselcoeels in
lAdays. disease never returns. Co ires pond
Nice private. All , ti. 1 scut In plain sealed
in vol Iddross, T. C. iiahnk.h, Loeh
Uox S04i News Dealer! Marshall, Nn li.
I MaKloReni
etjy, MMH t'lartr.tT, hswk L , nNi,,i l
I Iicilivi' jiriaits sin I 100-tiftgc h sib, ilhiftrstM I row I
I liriitnpM,nlncurt)t).frtsb)rrniiil Whn HotRLriiifi I
and Meiciirrftu., Our Mnfflc Ramotlv 1H I
Ipniltuwl) (UT. 1001 ltKllV:0 ( O, tletn. III. I
We have placed on sale
our line of Ginghams for the
coming spring and summer
Finer Goods, More Tasteful
Colorings and Lower Prices
than ever before, are what
will recommend them to out
lUvti.v wiiro.) Him SHOEING FOROKuf
Willi, m Blum A flru tor b ptrtxusQtnt boil
MM HtHinI, 1 iDitll OOttdttOt Hi if ntifl' Mid
I'Atholofrloal hhotini (or tiio PrcvoiitfoQi
M ftDd luifl uf i.ititu'iifHH nnd othw Inptdl
mtttti in tho roovvtttntiof ikhhh iiuiipotal
or duo to Imptrftol ihortng I uttll gtvttM
v ork my oortont) utt nti n mui KiiHruiitrt no
Xtrft ctttsgti Otctpt for imiMt'Ti int'iit- Union
bNt, otf. . will bt t rofttod tif tarn xttis. A ffti
QUttlc mitl piufoHuitiDul MTiot siivoti ovcry
MiMidky trom 1 to -1' M.
Every Woman
SoiMtimtt needs a rell
able muntbly rtgulatnu
Hi- prompt, safe sad OtrlstS In result Tho iionu-
iMiiOr. nal'sl aarer dliappolat seBlaarwStit
11.00. tVul Medlcluu Cu . Clevoliind. O.
Bold Iit JOHN H. PHILP8 , Plisrmsolst
oornor yomiQg aVtBUt sud Niu... street
Bcrantou. l's.
i to., rA x y. infra , Ate, 1. ua.
The Flour
"CHICAGO, Oct 31.-Fhe first cllicial
SBDoniicemtBt of World's Fair dU
ploiuas 011 Hour bae been made. A
medal baa been awarded by the
World's Fair judges to tbe floar manor
factured by tbe Washburn, Crosby 'Jo,
in tbe jj-reat Wnbbbnra Flour Mills
Miutit-Bpoli. Tbe commrttee reporti
tbe Hour strong mid pure, and entitle!
it to rank as Qrst-olats t at-:.: Hour for
tsmily aud Inkers use '
Ibe above brands of flour cbl be bud at nuy of tbe fullowina; mercbants,
wbo will accept ThbTbiBCVI flovu cui'Fo.N of i5 ou eacb oue buuZred pounds
of flour or 00 ou each barrel of flour.
k-cranton-F. P Price. Wasting-ton aveane I
(ioltl llo-iu UrbLil
Panmore- P PHca Qold Meilal Brand
DunnioTv-1-' U ttsaler. SuperUUve iiran i
Hydu Park-Cur wjn & Davie. Washburn St.
Uold Medal Ilrand. J wpli A Mean Man,
avenue, Superlative Brand.
Green Ridv-i- A L.Sponoer.Uuld Medal Brand.
J. T SKHhIc. Haperlative
Providence Penaer & Chappdi.N Main avt-
nna traperlatlvn brand ;C. J OUlespla vv.
Markot itieat, Uo:d Medal brand
Olyi.hant Jaiai-s Jordan. Superlative Brand
Pwkviiie fiiait-r 4 K-la.-i HaperlatiV9
.Iermvn-C U Winters , Co Buperalatlro
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Daryea- Lawreuci v irs Co., Goid Medal
Moo-i-.- Ji.l.n MeCiiodle, oold Medal
Pittaton-M W O'Boyle, Gold M'.-da!
Clark's Green Fracc 4- Parker. Superlative.
Clark's Summit-1 M Tounic, Gold Medal
Dalton- E Finn S Sot. Gold Mela. Brand.
Xicbolson-J E H:.ram.
WeverlT M Bliss A: Son, Gold Meuul.
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Lake .Vriel-Jiinnip .1 Hortrei.. Gold Medal
Forelt City J L Morgan 4 Co.. Gild Mtal
Office, 813 West Lacka
wanna Ave.
Quarries and Works,
Portland, Pa.
Lost Manhood
and vigor quickly
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MATIUEWS UKOS , Uruaa-Uli. Scrauton.Pa.
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Brandt Clay ProductCo.
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FACTORY: Uratult. Vx
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G antral Agent for tha Wyoming District
118 Wyominj Ave., Scranton Pa.
1 LlrU Niitlonal Bank Uiilldllia
Tllos POBD, Pittston, I'a
JOHN B SMITH SON; riym.-ulli. Pa.
V, W, MULLIGAN, WIlkas Barre. Pa
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City Music Store,
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81H.IV. At HA I Kll
musical merchandise;
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InserteJ In THE TRIBUNE at the
rate of ONE CENT A WORD.
Hotel Waverly
European Plan First-cliw" I'nr ntt .oriM.
Uvpol tor Bviai'v A Ktih'ol TaunbiiHitk-r
i, i Co:, 15tli find Filbert Sts, PrIMi
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