The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, March 24, 1894, Page 7, Image 7

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1 .'.'
X Dlf!7 K. "Bedford
.v.ii ;
The i-L
:3m itEtnf
I T n 1 N" Ms
w hi t er.ed
A Life ess I
miii of
frozen clay
E c laroudetl
la a ro'.-e of
Tee wn asd a,rea Wattr tan
Yfltu lean hands fol J. tlear syat ieilod.
His scant and Batttd lock! ClOM prciS
Jjralcst his ruakea :i mple-i, anil
His rifid Hmtj composed to rest.
T-e plac :ros roc'ijnl their llto4tr forrr.s bleat tbelr coaniaj cet"3 o'erceaa:
The north triad hiwled about the tomb
A3'l EhoarneiJ acil mcolieil tBtaotlt dead;
A wrea"a of faded, wUatrtd 2'jT'rs
Buncata Um fa.lea leaves half aid,
And bathed !a Batata s let tears
Repose i upon hl3 cofia 111
B-t, tol the colJ"n snallfat nocpd
And kU3ed the grltviag I icv-Si
The rcatla south wind waadarvd by
And whlspored of aadyiBg love
It touched the sleeper 3 tiammy trow,
Caressed aim with it balmy breath,
Until he stirred hit pulsolesj lim'os
And str;?gled with the boads of JeatH
It cast aside the withered flown
That rested on the dreamer s torab,
And wound about his breathing f.-,rm
A wreath of rreih and fraraat b'.oorn:
Rebuked the boWllAff polar wind
And seat it to the distant north.
Swung wide the portal of the grave
And ;ocund. sdoruus Spriae cams forth:
The ttSSOB s resurreutloa: And
The r.-.-w mtiAnbast o'er the mold
And dan'.i d';cay of nature's torn:
Is brighter. tKitte than the cli.
The aew-cora year nt am&latn Is
Of all that happy state will tr.n.
Wt' a traked from life's brief troubUd drc.a
We know one fair, eternal spring.
the valior ot nn IjornarUuuv 01
COC3t) !io know nothing about raising
ami tnarketlng grunt, and at a cou
sequence ho wus well on tuo road to
grief by the time be had learned; and
it was about this time that I, Jao'.
Uillette, an old bachelor with more ,
money than anything elas except love
for Ucorgo ami lils youngster, hap
pened out liis way and furnished hiin
with sufficient funds to keep the wolf
and tiio sheriff away from his door.
But he f 'It poorer than ever after ho
had given me his notes for the money
lout him, It was his way to consider
himself tint much worse oil than noth
ing until the note were- paid, und as
was a hand
some girl and a
country girl at
that Sensible
and dutiful, fehe
was not a saint
nor yet a sin
ner, except in
the general
way that we
all confess in
the Litany.
She had boen
trained by th'
Book of Corn
inon Prayer so far as religion went,
and hod the Catechism and the Apos
tles' Creed by heart, as Well as the
morning and vening services, and was
well up in the Collects. In short, she
had been confirmed, but I solemnly
believe that she often smiled, in a sly
Mjrt of way, when in the response
she said. "We urn miserable sinners."
She wasn't miserable a little bit, but
was. for the most part, the happiest
6ort of a girl.
Ileing neither B blonde nor a bru
nette, but Just a pleasant medium as
to complexion, I think she averaged
pretty fairly in all thingsnt about that
Btandard, ami she probably had some
thing like that estimate of herself,
ior the very reason that she was so
well balanced.
People, generally, who were ac
quainted with her, liked llulda. and I
was very fond of her. I could afford
that because I was old enough to bo
her grandfather, at tho time of which
I write -and am yet, as to that. Her
father and I had been schoolmates,
ComradeS-in-arins and life-time friends.
Indeed, our fathers ami grandfathers
had been, before us.
1'or three generations, und well
along in the fourth, our people mine
nnd Uulda't -had lived In the same re
spectable town in Kentucky, or at
least on adjoining farms so close to the
jtown that we were considered as town
ipeoplc, and wc had been christened in
the same little church and at the same
baptismal font for tho lust three gen
erations, including Ilulda's.
George Dean, Ilulda's father, got
"the California fever," however, about
tho same time that ho began to get
tome twinges of rheumatism and a
(touch of the asthma, bo ho emigrated
'to the Golden state when Hulda was,
idteen and bought an orange ranch in
!.e seemed to get some eomfort out of
that sort of misery I just indulged him
in it.
However, about that same time
Easter was getting close at hand, and
I bought Hulda an Easter bonnet, or
hat. whatever they call it. The bit of
s'.uff was cute, oo. Aa little as it
might have been erpected of mc, I
had ta-jt.e in that way I knew what
would suit Ilulda's style of beauty, and
I ffiaew a great deal abont tin.- other
"figin's" she was getting for spring
.., ar a I astonished everybody Inter
ested by my selection, made one day
at T.o Angeles. It must be confessed,
however, that I told the young sales
woman from whom I purchased the af
fair all about Ilnlda. except her Chris name. Some women are blooming
fools about names, and I suspected
ti,at tlii.-, "t didn t iiave enough every
day common sense to know that Hulda
v. its a wholesome, semibls name that
Qttod my donee much better than
any garment or bit of millinery she
had In stock. Dot excepting kid gloves
I even showed the young woman a
photograph of Hulda. and bo Well,
the Easter hat was a success.
Easter Sunday came, and as promis
ing a day as ever dawned in the citrous
belt. I rode horseback with Hulda
over to Riverside that morning to
church, and I was ns proud of her as if
I hud been u cavalier of the olden time
and she the ladylove I had won in the
tourney. Oh! how she could ride She
was a Kentucky girl and sat her be
loved Oily as if she belonged there and
didn't depend upon tho cinch of her
f addle for her lift, as do BO many
would-be horsewomen I see now and
then that make me shudder They
ride for a fad, and don t know enough
about a horse and his trappings to
even bo careful.
My fifty five years had not affected
my horsemanship. Out wc won't speak
of that further than to say I was raised
,,n a horse; yel I was never raised on a
!, licking broncho. They are not horSei,
They art only poor imitutions. ami I
never mounted one never shall while
the walking is good.
We went to church at ltiver-,lde, ad
mitted ourselves publicly to be "miser
ild'' sinners'1 several times, heard the
termon and Qulda's hut simply
pllpaed the aggregation. Then we
itarted home.
How Ilulda's lilly got Into that
julcksand In crossing tho creek is
lometbing I have never entirely set
led in my mind, but she went clenr
,u t of sight for a minute, It seemed,
ind Hulda with her, but I made a grab
it her Hulda, I mean and got the
Boater hat first That was not what i
nostly .wanted, however. I wanted
' I ii Ida ; sol threw away the hat, and
omehoW we landed on the bank, all
hero, except the Raster hut. That
loated ofT down the stream like any
tlier wreck. The filly enmo out, too,
ind stood dripping and trembling on
.he shore.
llulda first looked decidedly frigbt
ned, and puckered up her mouth to
ry, but thought better of it when
lie saw I had mud in my whiskers nnd
. as ridiculously disheveled one way or
, Mother, and more or less disposed to
say things that would have emphasised
the "miserable sinners " confession!
Hut did you ever notice how quickly
a woman can shake herself out nnd
look presentable? Well, that was what
Hulda did. She hud been with that
filly in the quicksand and water and
was as wet us a drowned rat. Hut
blest if she didn't give herself ti few
touches some way, and in five minutes
looked as pretty as before, only a little
older and somewhat more graceful and
Femininity seems to partake of this
characteristic all the way through,
The filly had given herself a few
shuddering shakes and fixed her toilet
nearly right. I gathered bunches
of eucalyptus leaves and wiped tho
side saddle some, spread a big ban
danna handkerchief over the seat, and
In twenty minutes from the time the
accident began llulda and I were can
tering over the mesa, within twenty
minutes' ride of George Dean's house,
Ilulda's blue eyes sparkling with fun
beneath the white scarf that was tied
over her nut brown hair, some tresses
of which were flying in the spring
breeze with the ends of the silken tur
ban that had taken the place of the
Easter hat.
John Pendleton was a young Metho
dist preacher who had graduated at a
Virginia college where they turn out
any quantity of his professional
"cloth," and he had come to California
in search of such of the lost bheep of
Israel as might be wandering on the
ranges of sin in and about the San
Bernardino vally. That is to say, the
California conference of the Methodist
Episcopal church smith had set him
on a circuit in that region, und he hail
been "riding" it something more than
s year when this end of this chronicle
begins, which wns just one year, to a
lay. as measured by Master, after the
juicksnnd baptizing that llulda and
'ier filly got as narrated in the para
graphs preceding the constellation of
stars that glitter in tl;u w hite tirma
sent just at the bead of this long par
Pendleton was a very good young
man. but he was enough of a "misera-
ole sinner" to retain a strong love for
lome patrimonial acre i and the ancient
I HI MI.Nim.K IHOWWa nil': HAT
mansion with white pillared porti
coes appertaining thereto, out in the
Old Dominion, that would ope day he
come his as the only heir of Judge
Pendleton, of Fauquier county. The
reverend John preached with much
eloquence and earnestness, but he also
wrote poetry and plnyed the piano
the two Inst predilections being more
and stronger evidence of the "misera
bio sinner " in him.
It was, perhaps, the poelry side of
him that made him expose on his pul
pit at the Pomona Methodist church,
where he was preaching on this Sun
day, a pretty Muster hat of the preeed
ing year's stylo, and solicit a claimant
for it, after telling how he had caught
it the year before while fording Hin
con creek on that Master Sunday aft
ernoon as he rode toward Hiversido to
preach that evening in the Methodist
church of the new city.
And Judith Dean, (leorgo Dcun's
maiden sister, who lives with him and
win, is as old as I um. If she's a day,
und admilsil to mc, while she says both
of us arc quite young yet, was In
church at Pomona on the occasion men
tioned, for Aunt Judith is a perverse
old lady, a dissenter from the estab
lished religion of her family, hav
ing apostatised when a girl while
spending borne years in "the Kelinoy"
with a maternal u tint of her own, a
Methodist and far away from the pro
tecting wing of Protestant Kpisco
pacy. Moreover, Aunt Judith just
uotes on Methodist preachers and has
offered many a yellow-legged chicken
in her time upon tho altar of her devo
tion to those good and reverend shop
herds and gentlemen.
Did any woman ever forget an Easter
bonnotV Not to my recollection, and
I am older now- much older than
when I bought llulda tho hat and
afterward pulled It from her head.
Aunt Judith recognized that hat in
stantly, und shu didn't wuit until
"class meeting" was over to suy sol
either. She claimed it for her niece,
then and there, ami invited Mr. Pen
dleton home with her to see the young
lady to whom it belonged.
Ho went, und Ilulda's blue eyes
mudu him moru of a "miserable sin
ner" than ho WM before. Hut llulda
wouldn't marry a man who had to
ride any circuit that conference told
htm to ride. She admitted thut it was
good and lovely and Christlike, and ull
that, for them to do It, but she was so
constituted that she must live ill hohlO
So she docs. John preaehos w't, but
only in the little chapel on his own
farm in Fauquier county.
I just came from there a few days
ago, where I attended the christening
of Ilulda's second baby and tirst sou,
lie wua baptized "John OUlette Pendleton."
1 lI'v r'i
I I J I 1 A
of Consumptiuu. The makers
of Ur. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery are certain of it.
They've provsd it for years post
nnd they're willing to sell it
with tho agreement that if it
doesn't benefit, or cure, in attry
case, they'll return toe money.
Consumption isthui scrofulous
condition llmt bomtS from tin
pun, blood, Tin 11 Discovery M
prevents it, if taken in time i
cures it completi ly, if you
haven't iraited too Iouk; givst
relief und WNnfort, SVCH in ud
vancud casus
1st it in ssvere, lingering
Coughs, Asthma, week f.uiins,
und ever) Bronchial, Throat,
and Lung Affection,
D. '' tiOSENBALM, ESQ., of
Dutch, OrUliioei " . Ann., writes
as folulWtl I bud Imh-h huiii,;
down in strength und weight tor
months, I vrui not able to stirtnd
I smothered very often. After 1 Ulsoovory ' my cough
was nilleyod, 1 oouM wuiii tbrea
mill's will,,, ut trouble, catohuui
pokl don't distress me now. As
bos us 1 live I'll pralso'Q.M, i. "
Fin Flu
Foil ! VI BUN . I. A I 1 1 I Nil UN All !
"Christ is risen from the dead, and
become the tlt",t fruit-j of them that
liver the whole world today rings
the anthem of the resurrection. Be
ginning in the far orient, it runs with
the dawn to the limitb of the Occident,
It Sounded from every church boll, Is
voiced in every hymn of praise, rising
up to heaven like a pnan of hope and
promise. The winter is past, und .Na
ture has set man again the lesson,
which sineu time began she has spread
out before him in the earth, that book
which may he read by the unlearned
as well as the wise, by the savage as
well ai civilized ii. an. There is no
death, there is no effort that sinks into
the dim void und becomes naught, there
is no cessation of soul influence. The
summer comes and its glory passes, the
harvest time of our lives wanes, tho
Qeldl arc brown and barren, and look
ing over them sadly we grieve that all
of our hopes were not brought to frui
tion, when the frosts of age cover our
heads we sometimes say with the great
SOttl thut voiced his agony in a durk
hour: "Youth is u blunder, manhood a
struggle and old uge u regret."
Yet we have lived und loved, and that
is within Itaelf a boon. From the
grave where were laid OUT crucified joy,
our blameless offering! to untoward
destiny, our loved and noble ideals,
shall urise a glorified spirit to guide
others down the rough way tothe place
where tin; "great light" shines. No
path of sorrow in the vale of life is
virgin to the naked feet of our shrink
ing souls. Wherever the water is deep
est, and the shadows fall darkest, there
trod the martyrs of the ages, and,
though they found a sepulcher at the
end of the journey, being dead, they
yet live and speak with undying ut
terance. Did you ever stop to think of the
wonderful symbolism of the divine em
blem of this fast andfeatt of Christen
dom? Like other symbols, it is the
plaything of the thoughtless, the im
plement of the utilitarian, and per
forms its humble office as a material
factor. It is a food for the body, and
thus the bulwark of tho soul. The
egg is the sacred emblem of the cre
ation und the resurrection. The lily
which sends up its fragrance from u
million ultars upon Master day is fair,
but its odor is lost in the encircling
air. and the hours bear away upon
their bosom its beauty, and it is gone.
When men. in their days of innocence,
worshiped the egg. nnd saw in it the
cradle of the universe, they had re
ceived into their souls the heart-throbs
of truth. Within the egg. formless but
perfect, is the element of new life. Its
shell the eurth und sky; its white
the sun: its yolk the moon: and all
the emblems of created forms sub crv
ient to the needs of the organized erea
tore. The Finns, the Persians und the
Teutons of old. in this symbolism,
clasp hands with tho Christian upon
Master day, and the past tinds another
lie of brotherhood with the present.
Christ is risen from tho dead! Hong
ages pasted when it seemed to the
waiting nations that He wns yet In the
tomb, und in the sleep of death hul
forgotten tile world. Toil, stripes and
anguish were the portion of His peo
ple, for the pOOf are Ills Wickedness
wore the robe and crown and tlllod the
earth with sighing Mveii then there
were b'ave hearts that looked up
through the clouds and listened for the
suthcin of tho resurrection It was
heard at last, and liberty of thought,
faith arid conscience was proclaimed
The eeremeiils of error ure cast off and
lie in the open sepulcher, and with
them are the broken shackles ant
reniied fetters. Mou v. CiAPta.
The receipted milliner's bill might
he made a prominent feature in Master
bonnet decoration.- Judge.
Matter 1 1 cm.
Sunday Schoid Teacher Xow, can
my little hoy tell me whut Master l
celebrated for?
Qood Mlttle Hoy (ougorly) Mgg.-
Texas biftings.
- p
Hak need Dr. Thomas' tcluctrlc Oil for
oroUp and roldt, anil dclarn It s positive
curs. Contributed bv Win K,iv srn Viv.
mouth aveuue, lluffulo, N. Y.
to slot, wii V. ' silo l ll
injury on til -y.lili:.
chl ,i":miii Bthor u
i i' n i') iiesiruyius
tin 1,.1'l'lit .ii-ii.k
1 i uslntf ut-d n
a vol I hu li t i i ft
opium. Morphlao,
Minn a'nt il.-ial
lb - noii.-, , of DfirctMition. th, bati'Ut
tba p iwer of fxeling; Thlsiaamftsl nasirm
live practfoj; It uusis the symptom-i shin
up, ind instead f removtov trohto io .-.-.ii -dovn
thostomta . liver stid iowmjI1, eiO, t
eon tlnuna Iri fora laotfth of tlmu, k , 1 i t',
iiurv.iii uud produciM local or general piraiy
There lino neoosattv for ml thesti u
tain saante wtin ;i nositlvoramedy ISe It .!'
v.Vb RBADV RE UK will utiptuemot
werueTtttlng pa " nulnltur ,vltboiii ontsilluj
th" UmiiI dauffar, m either Infant or a i
it Instantly s'opn tho most escraclaMi
psloir, allays Inflammation sad curt c nue
tluas. vhotherof th. Lunst, Stomioh, Bow
sis. or othorel ndsur mfuouememhrauee
PAIN, . few applications sat like laajic, cane
o tli : pain tu instant 1 y stop
Colds, Qoughs, Sore Throat,
Inrlammation, Bronchitis,
Pneumonia, Asthma,
Difficult Breathing,
Rbtumallsm, Nturalgta, Relation, Lum
bago, Iwalllag of tht, JoInU, Palm
in Hut k luet or LIiiiUh.
The application of the READY RELIEF to
lie .ij't ur pitrts whoro the 'lifnr'itlty ur pain
exists will fiVrd aw and comfort
sra relieved instantly sad quickly curoi by
taking lntrnaily h huir t u leuipo mfui Ji
Ri-:idy Rjliof lu blf u tutu liter ul ut-. r
Mah iria,
Chills and Fever, Fever
and Ague Conquered.
Thorn Is nut a rim? lil a;ent in th" wor d
that will curH Kev.r und Aau'-1. and all other
Wa'ari ioi. B II ins and . t tier Psvera, aide I by
Ridway'a PiiU.SO quickly as Radway'i Ready
Pries 50c. pjr bottle. Sold by Oruggiits,
I'm ht nr ul itll iliam tlf ri of ' ', BtVUI
itch I Iter, Hiiut lr Klditejrd, Ulathle t.Xi i
v tit IfUriiitfa, lltiilni;hr. On-tlitt on,
Colli 1 ntfMs, 1 niii-fHtlitn. Dyipfapftltt, If 1 1
lottsnM, l i r I titl.i tu mitt imi of tha lfuw
ci- ri)) iti i nil ttrnnfomofiti of i ho ln
tt l :iul V iatM'i ii I'm r Vortoblf, itl
tuiniiu ho mot'oury, mtnoriali 01 in 1 1
i KBtOl I DR1 (-
Prtco86cpor boi Boll hy mi tlrufftiHtF
or on receipt trf iriiv will bo a 'lit l y iu ul
Mve DOI01 lor Qno Dollar
RatDWAY & CUstl Win i.'ii st N. V
Oomfjlexion Preserved
Rriiinyce FreoMon. Pimplei
Liver Melti, Blaolihoadt,
Runhure and Tin. and n.
Uiros the uklu to lit orlul-
cKnir nnil ncniiny nn i'u; Mnerlor ti pll hum
iniiiirIIiiii and porfei'tly hnr.nlcsa. At all
arugfJsttiorttuuToe ic:5ii m Bend mrClreulaT,
VIOLA SKIN 80AP " etmptj Immpintli
Kin 'urifit!i( buap, ejMOUM I t Ci' leUeb iA vlUlout 4
,l?l to, im i.imiy. l,".ln'. U pir u,;.l tly m.di
ri.l Snatna Prine 7S Cfiih.
Eoi :iii iy Msttbawt Broa ,MotgaaBrosand
organ A Co,
a well
Man of
V ST M ST- y N.
1 1I K UKI It
1 R0D1 I
Nt'i vuu I''- 1 " r'liilttitt Mi tn -1
ita Sl w..-- mi i- iLfnM Miii
.limn, ! . tiuti tl bv ntiuoft, ulvctt vtuoi titl sirp
to i.tntik n . .iml qutttlj nut Hinrl PtnOVM
LmI m mihttnti in "id r rouni Eaulh cartwtl In vest
K-y.-i Pt loeil.OO r pi lingi IU roi a oo with r
ttnlirn gfiint it In run' up nettii rtTumti lit
(t HIiV " l ' l'-l illti.rijl t ft 1 1 VOII l ft fi it,i if
Mitntftm it. m.t on havtna INIIAPM num olhei it
he luu nut gjtt tt. wi will And It by idhII upon it . . ij.f
of ii it f Pnniplilet in hum li -I ini'lup firo a.hifow
Artt'Httil u ,i i ii I m . i'ruit. , i i n ii-". III., i i 'iu.
BOLD by Milrofttfi Bra., WholbwiU RtUil
M,tft:i.ii St. RAN TON, I'A , and Dthtl Lead
iiiK l'iKj;ihtH
Ehoomco r thi Hiohiit Miwo.l AuTHoniTict
IMlAi Kit T 1 i-urn i.,m A
woniliTfnl boon to ititvrtm
1 i , i ul,'. s i I'., 'i'Iii
Intiiirn.i, JBroaekHUi
Of U I lA fr it 4r4J
immtiliutt tiltrf. An f nlfK'iit
, i 'ii
In pnokCU rf o,tT to UdO on Oi-t In4iinitin Of Cold
ConMnueil Up I rin i )'. niiun. tn 4'ure.
HiitiifctlotiKiiiirnnU'M(lrtn''ney rpfnnilrtl Pi Ire.
m t n V t 7n u nt'tnitiriMi nmu.
aTl). tl'SasiH, Sir , Thm R.imh, Sua , D, S. t.
II Thi, Biirt'fl n i i.l imTimH remedy fnr
il Htirei.jluniB, I'ttig. H'nnderllil rem-
Elftls ,.r M mull prrimiil
efl nrPII.KK. Fi ler, SA rll. hi liriiu o a I aa
.tuirrpi. :ip niMiTi. uni,:i!
Fur Hit bv Matthfwt Uro.Muri;au I io and ol (.'.
'IP i
In the snip of tho shears,
The ixjij HioltJcT hear3
The sound of his money enhancing
Why not copy his raj .
And clip t-very duy
Toget something that's quite as entraoclnir.
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Iieinff able to do it in easy stapes, at
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the journey.
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i.oi g an it Kapi.u st. I Kwranat Rlvaa
rssaplo kqaarr, .ilt Lk n.
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Each Series Lasts but m Week, See That You Get Them All.
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Send or brilig tfro f tUese coupons, ilillVrcntly huhiImmoiI, g
with Ten Cent8,anil get one of theBeriea of sixteen magnitit'ent 5
photographs. Pire numbers now ready.
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This Coupon, with two like it, but of different
p dates, and with Ten Conts in cash, will secure any
c one part of tho World's Fair Art Portfolio in four
s parts.