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TnK BOBAlrTOll Tr.iiWNE's Pittaton de
partment is in chaw of .1. M. Fully, to
Whom new Item! and complaints niay b
referred . j
Candidate George S- Ferris te Kindly Rs
celvad by Republican FrletuU.
Pot the past week or K aeveral poll
tlelana from Wllkee-Barre nod Pittaton
have vielted tins leotloo in ipiest of
delegntee for the next Republloan
comity oonTeotioo. It in, of course,
little early, bat the old apboritm, "that
tli parly birl natohee the worm," i
running Id their minds, and they aro
all utter tlu worm.
Last week Qeorga B Ferrle, attorney
at law tor Weat Pltlitoo, who Ii a can
dldate for orphan' court judge, was
tit re ami wat accompanied by .lames
Kuret aiul Profeaeor Shiel, of Pittaton,
iitiil County Cotnm iiioner Smith, of
Wllkee-Barre. Toey male tour of
tins region ami w;r kindly received
by thou- Republican friends, but
whether they aucoeeded in oatebing
nny delegate! it i: is impoulble to yet
ay Hasleton Plain Speaker,
Tits eevereat cases ct rhenmatiam w
cared by Hood' Sareaporilla, the sireat
blood purifier. Now la the time to take it.
noon i cares.
Au Intjrostuiit Budgvt of Njwj In 8hor:
Abont i o'clock Taeeday morning the
itore and :U.v ot the Annera Coal
company, located at Lnflin, waa totally
deetroyed by lire. It was occupied by
Jobn Batterton who lost everything.
Hi loas is between 1 WO and $0,000.
but la fully oorered iy iaeurano
The election of a chief for the tire
department takes place tWl evening
aud a lively content it promise to be
The work of our townsman, Con
troller Abednego since entering
npon bis Juiiea, i wiumu for him
Bnstintad praiae, Uonoernlng the just
and economic management the Wilkes.
Brre Timaa eaye "Upto dtte h? baa
beeu wieidio tae pruning k:iife ju
diciously anlwith effect. ConnlTiOg
coss tables and peace jasneea tr.ive al
ready felt id kaen edge in the cutting
'. wa of tbeir illegal fee. The old
trick of peculating on nbp 'sua u i
milea' d a t p.iss with Mr Re. He
is oppoeed to andiuni three trip btila
for one trip' work. H ti-id no good
reaaoa for paying a constable fee for
a J:zeu or more wireesaea in a
trivial ntt hatched np for pure
ly speculative parposj. Mr. Kje
twtui to think that an official who
deliver fifty subpoena! in fifty una
ntee isn't entitled to fifty fee. Bains
an old eoldier, he propoece that every
dollar drawn ia accordance with the
law, allowing a eartain sum of moaay
for ' mbatonea erected over the icrivea
of aeidiers tnned at the ip'aie of the
county, ahail be applied co that par
po and not drawn to awell the pock
et! of some mean and aaaympthetic
offl ii '. aa - M been the caee ia several
lustancee in the past. A glance at tba
commiaaiooers' booka anowa that the
coonty ejperjs! for Jaauirv, 1803, wr
in the neighborhood of $11,000 Thi
-vr f r tin same month toey w-?re
ont i 00 Here ; a dropping: off of
Ml ."ii Of eo-rgfc there mav have been
n. re to piy for laet in Jan-
nary than this, bat all the aame a large
percentage of the redaction U due to
Collector Reese's pruning knife."
Attorney Jmee L. Morri. of this
place. bP'.'ia two sain again: tae Cea"'
tral Railroad comoany of Xew Jersey.
One for James iDoar.ell claimi)10,
000 iamagaa. The other for Neil
Dougherty aaka 3 0 Iamagaa, The
nctione are fonndel on the defendant
company'! failura to carry tba plaia
tiffs to Sandy Ran, after aellmg them
ticket!. This obliged them to walk
from Pond Creek jnnctioa on a coM,
f.-osty night and O'Donneli broke hi
The regular Wedneaday evning Len
?n service at St. John'a ETaajli!t
ehurch was disoenaed with last even
ing. Thergnlir F.-i lay evening ier
vice, how-iver, will be condncted to
morrow evading as naaal.
John IfoLaog ilin, aged 1", yeirs.
aingle, wis 4ilmitted to the hospital
ysterdsy. ff" was af?ering from in
jlr:s reci7.i while at work early in
toe day at tie flatter mine, fle bving
ftlln from a wind w in the breaker.
Tne schools of the 'oorongh will be
closed tomorrow Good Frtlay nl
rmain so antii jforrlay
The memoer anlfrienlsof Thalia
lodge, Daagtiters of Rebeoc, will en
joy en entertainment an'l anppr at
Odd Fallows' hill this evening. Jr. .1
h. Mabon will make an addrass.
foncerning the condition of ex-District
Attorn-y James L, Linahan, of
Wiikes-Barre, who ia wII known in
this plae, the Wilea-Brre Tunes
s-ays. "The sp'cialia who re treat
ing Jsrn" L Lenahao, in New York,
recently performed a most deinate op
eration npon his face from the fact
that he snfTereifJno psin the physicians
made aB investigation and 'lisrovered
that a portion of In jiw bone hid de
cayed and raaoWed to remote and re
place it with a plate of silver. Mr
I.' :;ahan's face was laid opto from the
temple around th eyi down along the
aide of the nose and through the mid
He of the npper Hp After this incision
had been made the fl ih ws I n I hiek
ind the decayed portion of the bone re
moved and the Mirer plate, previously
jrepsred, inserted, the fl 'h laid buck
ti its proper place and aew 'il up The
ipsratlon was a highly SUOeetaf al one
nd the many friends of Mr Lenahao
will be pleased to know that ho is to k
ing a good recovery."
In order to get their papers here na
early as the Philadelphia papers, the
New York publisher! have had plaoed
a special newspaper train for the pur pose.
It leaves New York at 8 ''') a
in., connecting with the Philadelphia
morning train, the papers thin cach
ing I'ittston at !l 48 in. This Is the
earliest time that th New York papers
have ever reached this section, and it
will be a decided advantage to the
journils of that city, ns they nri now
ihablad to compete with the Phlladel
phia pap-rs in point of time delivery
James McNully lies brought suit
lgaimt l)r. J. K. Dooley for malprao
tine claiming dnmagss in the sum of
118,000, Dr, Uooley let an arm of Wil
limn McNulty, nged 10, son of the
prosecutor, thereby rendering it uie
leFS for life.
Dyspepsia and Indigestion
In their worst forms are cured by the
use of P, P. I'. If yon are debilitated and
run down, or If you need a tonic to regain
nVshnnd loat appetite, strength and vigor,
take P, p, I'., and you will be Mining and
healthy, l'or shattered constitutions and
lost manhood V. P. P. (Prickly Aah, Poke
Hoot and Potassium) ia the king of all
medicines. P. P. P. is the greatest blood
pnrillor in the world, tot sale by all
druggiete. .
Somk remarkable cures of doafneas aro
recorded of Ilr. Thomas' Kclectrlc Oil
Never falls to cure hoadache.
interim in i Notts of Nowa Carefully Pre
pared for Hurried Rnadina;.
.-erct'al to Iht Ncroiifoii 7Vi7jna.
OabBOMSaLV, March 21 The Bap
tist Sunday school ban placed tickets
on sale for a Mother Goose entertain
ment which will occur on the evenings
of April " and -I in the chapel. Pnco
of admission, 10 cents.
The funeral services over the remain!
of tho late Jenkin Hickards will be held
tomorrow (Thuraday) morotna at 11.80
o'clock at the home, No. 148 Spring
Tho following ofBoera have boon
elected by the St Roae Total Abstin
ence eociety President, John Mul
ranayg Bnancial secretary, Prank Oiiu-
lii : reroriliiik; secretary. Mu-liaal Mc
Donald, John Mulraney and Michael
McDonald were eleetedfdelegatoa to the
next annual convention of tlw liocessu
Carpentera aro busily at work plac
ing shelving In position in the store on
Salem avenue soon to be occupied by
Miss M irv O'Gradj
Miss Maiuio McNulty has returned
home from a visit with Piltston frioinls.
The funeral of the late Charles Hoi
lis occurred thin afternoon at 8 o'clock.
9 rrleaa weru conducted at Trinity
ohurcb, Internum was made In Uaple
wood oemetery. W. H, Darla post,
Grand Army of the Republic ofwbloh
organiaatlon the deceased was a mem
ber, attended the tuneral in a body
At last erening'a meeting ot the
councils the following claims against
Ibe city were favorably acted upon and
ordered paid Hugh Atkinson, labor,
; city controller, necessary help em
moved during lest three years, $108; T.
C. RjblnaOO, use of tackle. $l;U. 11
Trron, work on city building, $100;
lighta in Colombia flose home, ft). 07;
light in oitv buil ling, 8 58; board of
health, burying dead criminals. -517,
John Booth, cleaning pared atieets,
$68 16
Michael Soanloo, a miuer Maiding
on Powderly road, and employed m the
PowdeHr mine, met with a serious
acoident while at work yeiter.lay. It
occurred by a IA of rock ih the ebam
ber where he wa working He was
found to be severely cut and brulaed
about the hips, but it c mid uot at once
be determined whether he was Injured
internally or uot
'real nthiuit l Alru-au l'i;mies.
There ha been no change or progress ot
any kind among the pygudea of the forest
since the time of Herodotus Aa the bird
has buildt its nest, the bee its cell and the
ant its uew colony, the pygmies have sur
vived the lapse of twenty-three centuries,
i and have continued to build their beehive
I huts liter tbe same ikillesi fashion as they
; built them in the days w hen Herodotus re-
cited the story of his travels before tho
i council of At boa. 43 years before the
birth of Cunst. The reason for this is ob
vious from my point of view, which is that
the same cause! which operated before the
time of Herodotus to drive them out of
their original lauds continue to operate to
day to keep them in the low. degraded
state they are uow in.
Africa, more than any other continent,
has beeu subjeat to waves of migrating
peoples, who have been continually dispos
Mating their predecessors. Many centuries
before the Asiatic! came to lower F.gypt
the ancestors of the pygmies mustiiave oc
enpied the delta uf the Nile, poaaibly u'hile
the cave men inhabited Britain and west
ern Europe. Ueury M Stanley in Scrib-uer's.
We Have Learned of Something Entiftl
New About Food.
l-ire and I'lid.
At the Little Guinea Debating club uot
A Frank Interview Willi the Discover
ers Which Explains It
Most Clearly.
It la only recently that the public hui
learned Ihal eOUMthing entirely new in
chemletry haa been aceompltahed In
New Vors oily In a WOtd; it is the
preparing of toil .in such manner that
when taken into tliii sioiiiacu n le
qulrea no dlgeatlon, bnt i ready to ba
lakeii al once into the blood, thus 111
creasing the tlelll adding to thn life.
Tins seemed a eubjeot of !( muoh im
portanoe that a reporter fur ibis paper
was delegated to luVeCtigate, and for
tin pnrpoae oalled upon the Pre di
gected food oompany,o( 80 Reade etreei
under whoso mauagemenl the discovery
is being put to practical une. In the
course of an interview the Prealdanl
"Ves It is true that Paakola of which
von apeak, is a pre digested food, ami
is destined to supercede cod livor oil
There are various reasons fid- this oue
is because it ia free from liiaugr-eable
taste, another, beoanaeit is more ef
fectire In its operation Brery day w
receire lettajra from people who state
that Paakola has made them well alter
cod liver oil bail tailed, not iu oue in
stance, bin in hundreds.
"Can you describe the ualiire of this
"Paakola is a pre digested ftiod.prln-
olonllv atarob. but it should ba remem
bered that attempts have been made lO
produce such foods In the pftt. Pep
tones have been used for some time.
They will support life in favers, but
they will not stop tbe wasting which
takes place iu such diseases. To pre
vent tho wasting Hi disease we must
have atarob, which is a tlssh former
aud a fat producer We can fatten
neither men nor auiuial! without
starch. To fatten auiuiala we give corn
oats, wheat, barley, etc. Man is u
cooking animal he cannot digest un
cooked Itarohy food Dyspeptic call
uot even digest cook starch. Brery
emaciated person haa indigeetioo, It
is a common saying, 'My food seems to
do uie uo good.' Tho reason is that it
is not digested. This undigested food
passes into the bowels and produces
coustipatlon. Thil is the reason that
nearly nil dyspeptics are constipated
Paakola supplies this defect. Al it
requires no digestion, it passes at ouce
into the blood aud give nourishment
to the system where there is no natural
Jigostiou. Oue other important fea
ture is that Paakola aids iu the diges
tion of other food that is taken into the
stomach, so thai when persons are suf
fering from dyspepsia (it affords great
"I aee it clearly and it ii certainly
plain uud simple."
" principle! always are. Do
you uot see by the process stated that
it is giving the digestive organs a reef
By rest the organs regain strength to
carry on natural digeition. Thus it is
that oue of the first i fleet! of Paikola
ia to increase tho natural appetite,
then follows vigor, strength andcour-
Best in the market.
Brandt Clay ProductCo
OFFICBi Blnghamton, N Y
FACTORY i Brandt, Pa.
I ttg i see the following question waa up ' "f? "n n '"crease of flesh
City Music Store,
Your Chance Is Slipping Away
"Education is an ornament in prosperity; a refuge in adversity."
Tlie Cost of an Education
Ml 1 .1.1. it ItAUKU
t . larir itook r tntolw
fur discussion. "Oh Je two ureal c'lami
t.e. ure an tiuvd, which am de mos' c 1am-
The dab dsbntiil tho qneation at uTcat
l'nth. and it was finally referred to Uude
'Rastus fur settlement.
"I tell yu' what am de fan'," said Uncle
'Rastm frankly. "Yo' speiikers done dis
comboUiernted mu j daX i cayn' tell which
am de bes' at arsafyin', but I can tell
which am de mos' c lamitoos c'lamity. an'
de reaaon ain't lu en te.lied on by de uray
tors ob de ebenin'.
" fur.' am dil: De flool am de mm'
enamitoua, case ye can put de fire out by
pumpin de flood ontcr It, but, ye cayn't
pnf. de flood out by pumpin de fire onto it
nohow!" Exchange.
CoM VTnthrr in llitorr.
The year 1 Ii amoos in history as that
of the terrible retreat of the grand army
(rom Moeeow, in which Kapoleon'e forces
were weakened by the loss of (oii.iiiiO men.
This year naw some exceptionally severe
snow storms in the southwest of England.
Bray, a local magnate of Tavletock, return
ing from F.ieter by way of Dartmoor,
found 'he snow so thick at, Sfomton Karnp-
atead that It waa Impoaidble to proceed
farther on his homeward journey. At
Moreton Hampstearl he was obliged to r
m.un for no less than three weeks until
the mow had cleared off enffldentty for
him to reaume his travels London Tit
ind weight Digested food givee ui an
"It would seem, thie being the case,
that yon should have a large demaud
for Paskola. "
"Yes we are having an extensive sale
and the reason is that thn discovery
posieasei wonderful merit. People re
ecire good results immeiliately after
taking it. We receive uot less than a
thousand letters every week, all in the
line of which I hnvo sp .k"n. and ther
have been some remarkable cssts of
cures, and increase of weight. Mrs M,
S. Cook, of V0 Tompkins Avenue.
Brooklyn, is one case and John J.
rJn'Ugrtton of 886 West .'3d street is
"Yeu say there ii an interest to learn
abont thie food. Well, people should
send for our pamphlet giving full ac
count of what ,,i i is and all con
cerning it. It will be fi uud interest -ing
and instructivw ami we forward it
to all who send for it to our office, 80
Keade atreet.New York."
Vaulting Ambltim Took a Turr.b e
WfuhiHitnn I't'Rt.
Admiral Da liauia will now have a very
fair idea of 'the fenling of the gentleman
who tboogbt ht was runninc, against Da
liishn ' Irow.
Manufftcturod Rt the WApWftUOMD Millu. Lu
MIH6 county Pftei and ut Wil
uiiiitfton, Lcliwuro.
General Aitcnt lor tba Wyoming District,
u8 Wyoming Ave., Scranton Pe.
Third National Bank Building.
Tfins. ford. Pittaton, ra
JOHN B BMITH SON; Plymouth ra.
E. W MULLIGAN, Wilkea-Barre. I'a
Agentn for the Bepauua Chuiuicai Lulu
tnny'K High Kxiduaivva
Hotel Wayerly
Furopenn Plan. Firt-clas Bar sttxeheA
l pot fur Bergncr 4k I.ngoi a Tannhamaer
N, E, Cor, 15th end Fllbsr! Phllidi
Host di wirahle fnr reiilenta of N K. Fnnn'
ylvaiiii All (Onvenlenae! tor (tavelere
to ad from Breed Btreel iatli'n and th
Twelfth ami Markat Htreet utatlon H
liraMii for vi.itii.f Sorantnulaan aad ya
lie In the Antheaclte llgliu.
To solra Ihe (heap fuel I'roliletn.
Among fhc lat.e-t atternpte'l tolutions of
tl.e "heap fuel problem is the method of a
lyerm;iri inventor, who PTOpOOea to inaiiu
leetnra aa- tiy dropping a stream ot i rude
petroleum through a blent Of 'old air from
n force pump. The gas thus obtained will
be confined in a regular cylinder open at
one ebd, where it. will be lighted. This
prodseee an Igaanaely hot flame of several
feet, in length liy iwnm of this llnrne the
Inventor propotaw to het boiler!, and he
maintalna that, the healing of large Mm ks
can thus in- reduced very oBrariderably.
New Vork GOTMMorclel Advertiser.
A Phetoaaetrle itaianrn.
A pboiometrlo balanoa bn.s la-en Invent
:d by M I, ion, who uses for tbll purpose
the daogerou! eaploaivi anbatanoa Iodide
of nitrogen. If this is obtained, he says,
by allowing BfflfhOflia nt. Wdegs. to ad upon
iodine,, it. may he managed without danger
if kept in the lii)nl. It, yields a niiiply
of nitrogen which is proportional to the
intensity of light, which falls Upon it The
evolution of the gaa begina and aeaaea In
slantly with the InmiUOUl impression
PUIadelphla Raoord,
Me Dlda'l Reflect.
A clerk In a Mi' biK'i'i poetoffloe goea tJi
prison for two years for stealing a lettflf
OOUtalning IB, llnd be sUipped to illicit
lie would hardly have disgraced hliuseli
for life for thai, beggarly sum, but, he
didn't atop. A prieon cell le a great place
to itrike the balance lietwccn debit and
profit Detroit Free I'reas.
John Randolph, of Roanoke, lies burled
In the faneiiis UbUyWOOd ceinelery at
RlchlflOhd, In the Kami' inclimiire ire the
gran-s of Jamaa Ifonroa and John Tyler.
and of A. H Mill and Prlttcbett, the noted
Confederal c Itatlari.
Ham. Uhiid I Jr. Thoinaa' BoleOtrlO "il fur
OTOUp and col. In, nml declare iUa positive
cure. (;oiitribiitd by Win. Kay, 570 Ply
mouth avenue, Buffalo, N. Y.
When B.iliy wa sick, we r;ave her Pastorta.
VYIa-u lha waa a Child, ahe erlad for ( 'axturla.
When she I ante Mint, alio clung to ' 'imlorla.
Whin iHa hud Chlldrvu, she guvuthuui C'ustorla,
UU I -ii .'.it Ton f,.f I, ni ll'ii!ril, Inwi fH
JtM aaftrotn 9 pl.WftS.fVi. ay mall ekieflakleriiiii
MM ... I ,',,',. V ii.,. Remrxl, i. WM v I- . ..
UBj r..M..ii loin, in rin hi in.., in. IB Inserted in I III', I 1,11,1 Nr. nt tho
mgHKBBSSBBfBBESBBK rnteof)Ni ceni a wurd
Husband- "My dear, our hoy Robert graduate from the public schooli n.-ry bood, you know. Hure
you thought what he had best do then?"
Wife "Well, Jobn, I'd ever h-j mu'jh like to send him to college if you think you could aff rl i'. '
Husband "I'm afraid that ia out of the qUMtion, my dear bo you know tbat it would cost us at
the very leus. $500 a year for him at any gool college
"Oooduesi, m much a- that? Of conrae, we can t icnl him Lo.t I do wan t to give him a good start
in the world, and I don't think a public Mhool education is enough X, equip him for to battle of life."
Husband-"No, it is not today, when education la ao general. Now, 1're been t a tbiaking by an
advertisement I saw iu THE TRIBUNE the other day. and that ;- why 1 brought up the subject tonight
The trouble is. I think, that moit young perioni stumble into lusineis, are thrown into it by accident or
necessity, or are drawn into it by misguided ambition or perverted fancy, without any serious thought as to
their real fitness for it. Whtu the years for lturniug the theory and practice of their trade -,r t.rofeeilon
are passed they often awake with regret and dismay to the fact that they have not oniy male a distaUT :a
their election, but have waited tbe precious yeats of early manhood upon a wrong puriuit.
"Now, the chief thing for our toy'i sue cees iu life is not education at much a- PROPER EDUCA
TION that is. education along the line of his natural bent It s a y-ar or two before he graduate!. I m
going to give him an opportunity of doing a little study at borne- during tbii time I wes looking at THE
TRIBUNE Edition of the
Today, and it'i really a great thing With thtfe bcoke in the bouse, Robert will have information upDn
every poitible subject at hii band, and it is the most reliable information in the world. Whatever hit nat
ural tont ll, he can find proper development for it in thie Encyclopedia, whether tt'a the law, mechanics,
engineering, literature or any of the trts and science. I think when ho ia ready to graduate we will all
have made up our minds what be is best fitted for by his uae of these book!. Brides, there he will f ni the
life stories of all the great men of the pait, and he will know of their efforts, their struggles and their i-oc-cessee.
and he may have a better and more -erious view of life. These bookf haTe in them ail the infrac
tion he can get in a college education. Honeatly, THE TRIBUNE has given us a great Opportunity Now,
my dear, what do you think of my scheme '
Wife "It's just splendid, John, bnt what w.ll the books coitt"
B in-hand- "Why, that ia tie most inr rieing part of it. We can get them for only ten cents a day
Just think of it. "
On payment of $4.50 the entire 25 vols, will be sent, the balance to be paid in
monthly payments of $5; or on payment of $3, the first twelve volumes will b3
delivered, the last 13 to be sent as soon as the 12 are paid for.
Address or call at
437 Spruce St.
Between ashington and Wyoming A ves.
A. B. Brown's Bee Hive, Pittston, Pa.
Thousand Etomnanto of Dry Goods. Cloaks and Pat Capes during
sale ut Ii sm than oosl of material,
Ever Inch if counter room covered with the greatest bargains evor
I.mlixa' Felt IUIm, Hi in MMOU'l atylas 0i). atoll
Boys' Winter Waleta mo onoh.
M"' 30o. ench.
Cloak! $l.50enou.
Great Clearing Sale.
UMTi mm
in p. ,n i p. n
Wc have placed on sale
our line of Ginghams for the
coming spring and summer.
Finer Goods, More Tasteful
Colorings and Lower Prices
than ever lie I ore. are what
will recommend them to our
W W 1.
mill .
iv r . V' ' v' Jv
aU -
1 I T!K i.i .1,1.
The Flou
"CniCAQO, Oei 81, Fh first offlriat
annonnoeneat ot WorleYa Vir Jl
plonaa on flour li!. A
int'i'.nl luia been awarded by the
World'a Kair judsM lo tlip floor man i-
faotnrod by tho Waahbnrn, Oroaby Co,
in tho groat Waahbnrn Floor Ittlltj
Hlnneapolta Tin eomnittee roporti
tin' flour MroiiK ami pnm, anil rntitlae
li to rnnk a Brat-olaa imtwiit flour (or
tunlly nod bakere' na."
Tlia aboTO Vrnnilii of flmir can Ik had at any of tlin following merchants
who will accept TMTUBDitl rXODR OOtTON of ','5 ou each one huuclrod poaodA
.f Hour or 50 on eHfh barrel of flour.
Office, 813 West Lacka
wanna Ave.
Quarries and Works,
Portland, Pa.
IS THE BEST, (let iiricci ami
ie the furunco nnd b con
vinced. A full line of HEAT
KHS, Appollo and (lauza Door
riTxsrox. pa.
leraaton k. r. Men Waahiaaton aveane I
( M.lai tlran.1
Duaaore t P Prioa, Oold m.vIbi Brand.
paninore-F D Heoley. BuperiatTve Brand.
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