The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, March 21, 1894, Page 7, Image 7

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Whvy Hon Ago to LI.. Without KM Ap
parent liu-oitiu Hiul Hake Thanaelvei
Intoliruhly Ofltaalae tn DMOBt I'l'oplr.
SmnplcH of the TWO CUMaee.
Literally, BOOfea of men itro familial to
the pttblin nr. liirgx whoae pfetenalOBB to
Itvelldom are sn traiispnmitl)' falsotliat
lliey altnoa approach the grotesque Vet
as the yean roll by they continue to float
about upon tbaenrface o( Ufa, are always
to Ih) Touud la public placee, ara on hand
nt all state nmaainm. and at every notable
thoatrical or public event, ami apparent!)!
enjoy most of the privilegei Ol the elect o(
the earth. After a time the fcellnR of rt:ri
osity abottt them dlM away anil that of
exasperation takaa t:.i place. They posr tin
men about town, "rotnulen.," BeBUMMa of
leisure anil tholtkfl. KveryKniy knows that
they are petmucae, yet they llTa on luxu
ries It 13 the cheap nrall who stan wom
en out of OOUntenance at thu theatre, who
Infest the shopping street in the early
part of the day, anil girei hia more enb
statttial anil hard Working fellow citicen
an immense amount of annoyance by his
arrogance and assumption in general,
Than aro two general cl?..-s of t lie cheap
well in New York. One is cornpoaad of
tiie silly and pratentioaa young men who
poee to gratify au iutenso ambition and
who fancy that they ilmivu the world by
their "society" airs; the. other is the type
of gaudyawell who use hia Oaaby attire and
assunnuv as the means of making a livin ,-.
Thesounv of the tacomaaof many of these
men of sham and imitation in often com
mented upon. The majority of them have
no iucomos at all, and they do uot need
them, for they do uot spend tuiy money
They keep up the semblance of a life of
leiaare airl extravagance without carrying
it out in the slinhn-t degree.
A typical obm of this sort cornea to the
writer's mind. For nearly two years he
was constantly running across a tall and
sallow youny man. who always bctrayi-d
au air of intense hauteur, and exhibited
all the aigUA ol the world of cheap swell
dom. Hia manner was lupOKilliooj and
austere. He was always to bo found in
Delmonieo'a just before and just after din
ner, and he was a prominent figure la the
theatre lobbies. V.'heucver women of par
ticular attractiveness came along he stare!
at them with au air of advanced Imperti
nence. Occasionally he could be seen Stand
ing up at the rear of a theatre, and between
the acta he was invariably to be found
stalking gloomily u; and down in the most
pretentious of the neu!ilxri!r,-catV smok
ing a cigarette, bur. never buy:n;- auj thing
to drink. After the opera he was always
to be found ia the Tturty-iiinth struct cor
ridor, still Brooking a cigarette and ap
parently waiting fjr his carriage Be
moTed about among people of wealth and
high social standing, staring at tholadiea
and arousing a universal feeling of indig
nation among the men. lie w;u always In
evening dress, and his attire ivu distinctly
fashionable in cut. though there was some
thing ia his appearance which caused ob
serving men instantly to set hici down as
an outsider. He aroused a vague and un
tiefinabio but pronounced feeling of c.;
aaparatiou in every decent man whom he
met. and yet he never did anything which
would warrant an observer iu thrashing
him. For two years the writer encountered
this particular personage everywhere he
went In New York, until one day ho saw
him in earnest conversation with a well
knuwa hatter on nroadwny.
Inquiry from the hatter revealed the
fact that the pseudo sweil wxs his nephew,
nud not a particularly popular nephew at
"lie has occupied a hail room In a Lex
tngton avenue boarding house," the hatter
said as he took up the case cf the young
man, ' for nearly three yean, and. though
the cost of the room with board i.i only JT
a week, ho has managed to run in dobt to
the landlady to the extent of over fJOu.
She is a silly old fool of a woniuu who
thinks the cub has rich relatives and
big expectations, and who actually goes
down into the kitchen after she has fin
shed her work at 11 o'clock at night ami
rons his trousers and cleans his coat.,
benzim: for the follow ing day's parade. I lo
pots in tho boarding house aa a society
man. always aata tli" regular dinner there
in evening dress, and then hurries oat un
der the pretense that he is going out to n
party, a reception or something of that
aort at the house of some well known N'ew
Yorker. For the rent of the night be
Spends his time loafing about, He's a well
dressed loafer and nothingelse. Occasion
ally he runs errands or makes himself use
ful to a theatrical manager, and in that
way secures iidmis.-,ion to the theatre.
Thau again he will manage to worm him
self into 'be good graces of soma young
man about town who is careless and amia
ble when he has been drinking alittle, and
out of thai aoQuaintance ha always man-
nges to extrart something substantial
either credit ak a tailor's or a loan of one
sort or another. Of course he never thinks
of doing any work."
This is a fair type of the ( heap swell who
is not vieions. Of course than are many
grades of the species, but they have ail
managed in ono way or another to adopt
such a peculiar look and manner that their
presence nets as an affront to men.
the rmovi iwmxt
Tito vicious typo of the cheap swell is
more interesting because he not infre
quently drifts from careless into criminal
relatious with tradesmen, and occasionally
slips Into schemes of trickery and fraud.
Kvery attentive reader of the, bOWipapaiS
has from time to time run across the. Domes
of men who have been MStented to priaon,
but had posed and been accepted by Certain
people as men of leisure and soda proiii
nenee. Than la ao denying Ike unvanal
gullibility of mankind, A large, breezy
mid genial man, clad in the nn st advanced
style of raiment, can go down to Wall
street, and into the offices of the most eon
servntlvo merchants and secure ciu.h sub
reriptions for any kind of a wildcat e;if,
nre. A modestly c lad but thoroughly ub
atnntial und reputable citizen could not
raise $50 in this fashion. A few days ago
two suits were brought and won against a
Haw Yorker who was always prominent in
club windows, who boasted not long ago
that, ho find thirty-four complete suits of
clothes mudo this year. .Judgment was
geound by ono of his creditors for tSfiOt
niul by another for 10,000, Kvery man who
linear anything oliout New Yorkers was
awaro that this particular "swell" had
Ren without any legitimate, Income for
years, and that ho owed tW.OW) or $i,(XXJ
In New Vork. Yet he succeeded iu getting
credit in the cnurao of two months for
$U,(XX). Many other men in New York
could do the same, probably. If they had
thirty-four milts of clothes. The Stars of
Ineu seems to exercise an ext inordinary
and occult inOuenco upou mankind. New
i'crk Sun.
Orsnjo Illoasomn No Longer Necessary and
Hie Veil Sometimes Omitted,
Tho traditional wedding customs, like
many Other old obssrvances, me rapidly
disappearing, whether banished by the uni
versal skepticism or the times or neglt oted
because the age is too busy toalloa any ek
men t that la not eminent )y prosala snd prac
tical, It would badifOoull to Say. A bride may
still occasional !y unconsciously advertise
tin-novelty of her position by a collection of
li.' among the ribbons of her bonnet , while
tha groom'a hat sometimes fulls a victim to
the too accurate aim of a wall meant slip
per, but thoaymbollo rites from bich these
effects n'sult are usually performed by ilitl
drcn and are regarded as a juVSgUS freak,
Orange blossoms and myrtle are often re
placed by rose.., lilies, vlnlets and other
flowers, equally appropriate to any occa
sion, while the veil s sometimes entirely
omitted. The wedding cake has in par-
A Oeatle Dlow.
People often push others in n crowd in
Jin street in a manner much ruder than
jbey would ever employ were not those
Jostled into their way entire strangers.
A lloston gentleman wi's crossing a
crowded street one dsy, when a well
dressed, ladylikv looking woman gave him
a real blow on tho shoulder while attempt
ing to push her eager way past him. lie
lifted his hnff
'Madaml" ho said courteously, "next
time i'ou nsiyiult mo in public, would you
mind sVihing a little higher up on my
shoulder, its that place Is lame!"
, The lady rushed by him, her faco lliiin
Inj with mortiilcatioa. lixchuugo.
tloular degenerated most lamentably. Far
from cutting it herself, the bride seldom
even sees it, and it is brought from the con
fectioner's in the f irm of small slabs nlrAidy
packed in white and silver boxes tied with
white ribbon and so delivered to the wed
ding guest after the bridal couple have de
parted. The custom of dressing the bridesmaids
in white is also falling Into disuse, and with
some show of reason, for it is entirely suit
able that white should be left for the bride's
toiiet solely. Delicate pinks, blues and yel
lows not only set off by contrast her snowy
apparel, but lend a superficial cheerfulness
to the bridal procession, which it is well to
encourage in the modern wedding, usually
almost as melancholy nti occasion as a fu
neral. To be married in traveling costume is a
convenient and offhand method, but as the
white regalia is one of the few poetic sur
vivals iu an ago of hard f.VJts, and a woman
cau array herself In it but once in her life,
It seams rather a pity when she does not
wear it on the one occasion. A sketch is
given of the bride's gown at a recent Paris
wedding. It is of ivory white satin mer
veillettJC and has a bell skirt with piped
seams and A round train, The bottom of
the skirt is trimmed with a flounce of gui
p ire festooned with piquets of orange blos
soms. The round bodice is slightly draped
in front and has a wide guipure cohar,
while the large sleeves consist of a puff
reaching to the elbow, where it is finished
byafioUUOaof lace. A tulle veil is worn,
secured by au orange s.iray.
r.lack Is Much In Evidence In the N'ew
Sprlnc Readweaf
Hats are of medium alia this SOS SOU, and
bonnets arc small. The combination of
black with rich carmine shades claims as
prominent a place in spring millinery as It
has held all winter. Iilack Is much in evi
dence in all the new headgear, almost every
thing displayed consisting in part at least
of some black material. Black lace is par
ticularly popular, and much jet. and many
spangles nre DJHld. There are soma pretty
littlo bonnets iu which the crown is a sort
of skeleton arrangement of -teel or gold
and black beads, while the tiny brim con
sists of a frill of plaited lace, and the trim
ming is made Up of some bits of black vcl-
vet, the two inevitable mercury wings In
steel or gold and an aigret of one or the
fit her metal llirds' bodh-i and wings are
very little seen, and as they are easily de
faced and always in bad taSta It Is to bo
hoped that they have permanently rati rail
from popular favor, datrkb klpaatwmuah
used, and with jet and v dvet are the pre
ferred trimming,
Somi) fine luce straws hnve lieen brought
out, iu black and colors, but black lace hats
are moat fOshlonableat present and a mini
tier of them are shown. The luce used is
mainly of the tine, light quality or is Jetted
or spangled- the plain, heavy guipure so
much employed of late is losing its prestige.
Moire place silk Is Utilized aa a trimming
on many of the spring hats, cut on the bias
for liows or gathered to form a soft crown,
and tha effect is rather good. Xhs low
crown of one lacs trimmed bgtwasntllts
covered by a broad silk bow set flat upon it.
BeskV the Spangled mercury w ings before
alluded to, some pretty ornaments are
shown composed of balls larger than a fll
part, also made, of overlapping spangles.
These are placed on stems and mixed with
metal aigrets, or are twisted lu with the
trimming and are a pleasing novelty.
A sketch Is glvm of a hat the brim of
Which is OOmpOMd of black lace embroid
ered with jet, and black spangles. The soft
crown is of black moire, gathered together
in the middle of the top by a Jet ornament.
The trimming is simple, consisting of a
large roaattO Ol Catmint velvet, from which
spring two upright, black ostrich tips.
A Hull Treasure House,
A succession of tenants tfe a llOUM tn
Clifton Terrace, Bean street, rmld btUO
news to publish but, for tlin fact Unit it.
lias been the medium for a collection of
names the like of which perhaps no othei
owner of property is Boil mum furnish,
The first tenant was n Mr. Farthing.
When the latter left, 11 Mr. Penny took up
tho occupancy. In the course of time Pen
ny departed and was followed by Mr.
Shilling. Thin unique succession would,
it wan thought, end here; but no, going up
In t he BSOendlng scale, v.hrn Shilling gave
up the bouso 11 Mr. Crown obtained it and
is the present ocaipier. Thus we have four
u 1 .ii : one another, uumcd re
spectively Farthing, Penny, Shilling and
Crown. What next:' Mr. Jlall-a-so1. eretflh
r would be too much to expect to SI 0, Mr.
Sovereign Is feasible snd should gild the
pinnacle of a not unenviable notoriety
which the house has thus won,- London
; Hxouange.
Posted Iu Advance.
The OWnar of O boardiug stable In the
northern par' of the city advertised a bona
for sale. Early yesterday morning a man 1
appeared ami aaked to see the equine.
"See bete," said the owner as. lie square I
olT at him, "I like to have a lair under
standing things Now thou, is it
for you or some one else;"
"Some one else."
"Do you know all about a horse or noth
ing nt Bill'
"I know every crook and turn about a
horse, sir."
"Oh, yon doi' All ri'th; We now un
derstand each other, and I'll show you the
In ten minutes a sale had been effected,
mid the horse was helm led uwmv
"Why did you care whet her lie was green
or posted"1 inquired a man who hud stood
"Made a great deal of difference to me,"
replied the late owner. " The hone la spav
ined, plgeou tooa nud woakftn the buck,
ilad ho been Ull nmetCUt 1 should huvu felt
bound to tell htm."
"But he kuww all about a bone."
"Bxnotly, and therefore knew nothing.
Easiest sale 1 ever made to anyone. "De
troit F100 Pre -
iie.iv criticism,
A sign painter had just line. bed painting
a sign for an agent for sewing machines,
who hud started ill business. As the
painter descended from his ladder be and
thasewlng machine agent both looked up
at the Sign, which read plainly as follows:
"Look here!" exclaimed the agent, some
what timidly. "Isn't 'sewing machine'
spelled with nil e instead of an Of"
The punter glanced at the agent wit him
Injured air.
"Weill" ho said, "1 should think you
might let nt work get dry before you be
gin to criticise iti" Youth's Companion,
in tlin hiuifl of n Surffcon
plves you a feeling of
horror und drcwi. JUSTS
Is no longer necessity for
Its use In lnuny discuses
formerly n sunleil us in
curable without 1 li-1 iun;.
The Triumph of
Conservative Surgery
In well e... t 1. a hy thu
fact that
RUPTURE or llreneh.
w. . urn. uno rod.
icallH cured without the ItnU'o ami without
pain. Ujuuisy, chafing I ruse . lean be thrown
away I They never cure tan often Induce In
Hnniutntlon, strangulation end death,
THMflR ovarium Fibroid (Uterine) nn.l
-'"- raany others, lire now removed
Without thi' perils of 1 ntilnir operation.
PILE TUMORS, Z''t;:T'!:i
the lower bowel, uro iieriaunently Cured with
out 1 .en or rcuoi l to me i.nue.
Ill the lllsdder, no mutter how
, I ollt let pe (eel
iarue. Is OTUShod, pulveilzeil. wash
i't out mid Jtet feet ly removed without cutting.
f I'niciry I'ussuire 1,1 alto
renioved without eiiltlm; In
I, li- of cases, Iror piuuihlet, references
ami nil pnrtlculsis, Mel 10 cents (In sii,uiin)
to Wiiisl's Dispensary Meilliul Auioclutlou,
Ho. Kit Main ftrcct, liulTuio, N. Y.
Hint of t)n ticnt rinallty for donmtla 0MiMt4
ol nil Hi7.iw4, tiuii vor. ia uur pMrt ut tun diy
ht loWlMt prlov
Ordttftf felt at my nlllfo.
no. 1 IH. WYOniNfl AVRNURi
RcArroom, flint floor Thirl Katloiul Buntt
or Mtit by mail or towpboot to tiu ninub wm
it-cfivf prompt ttentfo,
hpocleil oonlraoti vviU Ins matlo for tho Haiu
inadouvwy o( Buokwbiwt CottL
is depleted blood. Tho blood
lacks richness and tho cheeks
lack color. Tho Whole sys
tem lacks tho nourishment
the Croam cf Cod-liver Oil.
This nourishing, palatablo
fuod restores a healthy color,
enriches tho blood and tones
up tho vvholo system. Phy
sicians, the world over, en
dorse it.
Don't !i2 deceived !iy Subsidies!
Mro.l !; "col I i li,
All draocltts.
ion iMU.vtt APli i.xi Li:.
In uslnit ia -dte'n -s to atcn pain. o botiM
.iv.ii I U' h lewet injury on th" ysten;.
OpiOTB, Morjtjlri ", Cbl roforra. Ktbor, o
cnlno a::d 1 lihirsl stop petti hy deSifOTlnj
th'i Miuso of peraaptioa. tha patltnt logins
the p wr "f reeling This in a meat destruc
tive praotloj; It nuaks lha yrapturai. ahats
ny. ;'Dt. iustetd f rem irlia tiol". itreak
d iwn Iheatoraaa , Aver and lorei . and, if
ceitiuu-ei in tor a I mirth of time, kilts tilt
aerTeS and produce, local or gaaeral piraly-
There li n 1 necessity for mi-ig these uneer
tain i.--'iirs wae-i a t'OHiiivoreni'-dy lle It !
WAY'S KKAliY KKl.lKr will stop til 111 11 1
exorntdatlag pa n in r witboui sntailins
tbn least da igor, in either Infant or a lutt
it instantly ops the mot asoreefalln t
piln". i.i in Inflararaatloa and onres ciime"
tlom. trhetnerol th Unaga, Stoataob, Bo
eH. or otlcrici "dor m 1 -it- is mnni'iraries
PAlrf, a few appllcaMoaaant like Eaejio, caua
i:i the pain to Inataatlf ttop.
Co.ds, Coughs, Soro Throat,
Inflammation, Bronchitis,
Pneumonia, Asthma,
Difficult Breathing,
Bhanmatlspii Neuraejla, Solattca, Lum
bacu, Hwi-lltnu af the Jolnls, Pains
in Hack, ( brat ar Limbs.
Tha applieatten af the i:kaiY BBUaVte
be purl er partt wbare the difllrulty or pain
exist" will ttfefd I aw and rneifurt
F.IM lt 'M M A' ' i. CIlAil'S. Hi'AHNS.
ar relieeae instantly and quIcHly e'.ire'l by
ink iik i'lt'riiaiiy n half li a teaapoonfnl of
!:'!. itehuf In half a tumbler of wat-r.
Chills and Fever, Fover
and Ague Conquarod.
TbcrO IS ftOft A r m 1 l(l : nt in tli wirM
Hint will rii' r'ev r ?il A m i hu 1 all OtttPf
Mu'nrl'iUH, I) 1 1 -i i fiml Othif i'"Vor4. ivlli lv
It . . ' i l 1 1 1, no '(" 1 , iifi U .if I way h H -aily
Price 50o. pt boltle. Sold by Uruytjltfl.
Ba a ajsu Gun
i"r lha eare of nit i!iurttrtor the liera
itch, Liver, Bowels, km Bladder, Mar
V'un lllseaaeii, Haadaoae, CansSlpak lea,
Cestlveaeas, Innlgeetlee, ' o-1"-1 iui-ii,u-n.'NN,
I'ev, r iMflentmetloa or lha to -.-ei-
files sail all deransanieala 'f the in
t, r oil Vlseora, Ptirslj Veg tattle, e a
lalultta ae raereary, iuIiiuiuIh at iii-.i.i'.
I'r It e '.'.". p or I k x Holt by nil dpigirlii'.a,
or on raiviipt of price will 01 s int tiy ra ill,
1 Ive Imxei fer tine Dollar.
BAUWAY CU, IU Wsrren Ht . N. Y.
and vtpor quicKly
hasvreaVai rWouel k
jirui.iiy riiv. aureiy to red l.v IKnAI'O. tho ureal
llioit'in Renuslv. With ruitntirulloort. Hold tif
li.vt.UbV0 likuk..i. rues lam, Scrantuu, Pa.
edjf, umlfr - laranty, t'kr ! ti I'-i-i al
IV-MliV" Ilijl3 iumI IU0 apt botS, llluilrtf'l I; Obi J
liflfniui , i 1 -ei! by Mil V.'hon ttMriOfl
Stnl rwMfffMl, Oaf Mit'ir RbniUv "'"I
"t- Citrv. ti e ... IT, 1-1 I II , t
Upholstery Department
William : Sissenberger
t ipposita Baptist Clim . i
iPciiix Avenue,
Is replete with fin 3 and
medium Parlor Suits, Fancy
Hookers, Couches and
Lounges ior the Holiday
Trade. Prices to Suit all.
Also Bed Room Sets, Din
ing Room and Kitchen Fur
niture. Parlor Suits and
Odd Pieces Re-upholntorod
in a Substantial manner.
Will ba as Kood as new
DKITKIt IdiUK CO., liie'n. ( n.nltfli. l,0iW.i')IH).
best at. mi Mini: in lav: would.
UA dowtt taNii i" 0 rfefae rarara.
This Ladles' Nolld Preach laoagola mo h-,i.
on. iiuut dtUvtrod tie,, sayeatte In Ibo U.K., on
.ei:el I ,! ' ... h, Muni y 111 li I ,
ui t'natiil Nolo fur 10.
KiiuaMi avary ear thu iKK,tn
SOra Iu all 1 tall Stores fer
160. We inaku thin In ot
ounelves, tliorefote wt 7oir
aslM the dlftlWi ead aieae,
id if SUV one l-i nut wul-le il
vfuad tat moaey
W ' 1 - " S . 'ot' ur C';liu:i'in r-i'l.M',
u v v: V I f- :
?t?' I&BH.A wii will r.
t ' . .' V
Dexter Shoe Ca-fiLS
I What is Moro Attractivo
I Than a uretiy face With 0 fresh, bright
I cokii legion? For it, use Poisoni'S I'owder
I ,
i i i i 1 1 i 1 1 1 1
ft wT m
6Jr - JB
Pimples, Blotches
i and Old Sores
and Kidney Troubles
raaaaaaMiMiaaaeeeMiais n at aawieeisainw 'VEr
Marvelous Cures "??r:rz
in Blood Poison
?E Rheumatism
and Scrofula
P. P. P. parities tht booAt btlUlp
the and leblllUtort, jrlvta
fltrrngth ta wti.ikPDe'1 nerves, :. p tig
dNasutf.glvlnjc thu pativnt hoail'-L nml
hp.pi'lni'.1 whore irickiiM, cl,)iiij
ft'0llnj:a and la&sltudo Urst prevail oil,
Ft'coniiar.v arul tortinry
FYpb.jln, lor blood polix-n'.nc. mervu
rial uolfluD, mularlu. dvapop. lh, and
Iti ull blood mid skir. dffteisM, tike
Motobes. pluipU-s, old rbronlj OlOfTSs
tettr. Betid bJUt UoIIj, jrttpclMa
Ottmi wo inp-V, without iVnr of V. P. I'. lithflh?ft
bliK i purltler la the worid.uin' niakes
positive, apeodjaud permaucot euros
In ell coaea.
Ladlos whourt 15 stoms aro poi tnned
and blood lain an Impure oondl
tlon. Irreuularltlea.
aro peculiarly hrnefltod by tho w-n-dorful
tonic :tud blood cloausinK prop
Brtles of P. P. P Prlckl.v Ash, Pofio
Xtoot und Potassium.
BpIUKOPJltD, Mo.. Auk. Hth, 1H93.
1 ran pwtk in tho blgnest terms of
your medicine from my own prr.mnal
i.i w - 1 ff waffoetod ith lioari
di-uase, plearb-y ami rheunattsnj (or
;, yenr", was tieuiiMl by tho vtry let
phytiU lans snu spout hnBafod of doJ
1 111, trltMl every unown romd) with-
i;t fiii'" . . ii 1 I h.ivn only tStti
OBt twttle of your P. P. P., and can
cheerfully y It bus uoou metporsj
tfOOd Uuttl inythlDI 1 h a e ar taken,
i mva re oinmond your UiodlolotS lo ull
auCjrers of the sbore disease?.
MEt, M. U, YEA BY.
8prinj;Utld. Greun Comity, Mo.
prinklv Ash. Pnka Root and Potaa
slum, tuo tfreattst blood iurlQer oa
kmonati o.. jaiy 21 1891
Mpssrs. Ui'iTiA;; Rito;.. Buranuab.
Ga. : pBJUtBlBS I bought nbottlcof
your P.P. P. at Hot Hprhtiw.Ark..and
It has done me more good than threo
riontfcj. ti t'iurueiiiat the Hot bpriDtfa.
Hond three l ottlon ('. O. V.
Aberdeen, Brown Cuumy, d
4'upt. J. Bia Johnsjton.
fb all phm it mar concern: T here
bv testify to the wonderful nropertlaa
ot P. P. P. lor eruptions of tho skin. I
suffered Jjr stveral years with 'ia un
elfThtly and diH.iffreauble eruption on
my face. I tried orery known ri-iue-dv
but In vain, until P. P. P. was used,
and am uow entirety cured.
(Blf&fJd by) J. D. JOHNSTONs
Mttii CatjBMV Curcile
Testimony from the May tjvinTtX
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Oa. : drndemfn have trl.M your P.
P. P. for n daMH I V'. the skin, Lumily
known as sia rancor, of thirty years' w
atandis and tuiiml (trout relief: It
DnrlAtM iba blood and removaa all li wm
htAtlon from the .-ear, ofthodbonso
nnd prerenal any iproauinit of thi
sores. I have tc ken Ave or six bottli-a
und tee oonnoefit uat ajtotheroourse
v ui atfeet n cure. It has aiiso relieved
ba frou indigestion and stomach
trooolets Yoqrs truly.
Attorney at LaW. -3
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i 1 1 1 1 1 i i iii i n n 1 1 1 1 1 n 1 1 1 1-
aa " AV, ' T'SVSS
Positive Cure for Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Bron
chitis, Whooping Oough. and all AlTactio;n
of tho Bronchial Tubes.
Tho Purest, Bitfcsl and liosi Throal anil Dung Reaiedj Biror Pro
tluocd. II will cure ovory foroi of THROAT nud LUNG Diseasea
tlown to the wry borderlanil of CX3N3UMPTION,
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fivt inlo by JOHN H. PtiArnftcUt cor. Wyomlas Ave. nnd rntnofattL
BomtitoD, Pi
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Antr nt- TW. lUrrt'l''-W '.llimV'Envl r. 1Tr.V.O niyA tv, ....
i'f Bniiil for (liroular. I'rloe $1.00 tier pox. . boxoa ror tS.OOa
1 1 1 Mt ITT'M t 'lIItiMIO-A-L CO., - 4 lovoliuiU, Ohio.
i'v.'. M, HAItHia, i ;i i. I J7 iaea Aviiiii'.
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-fcr wStSMO SFl'fcR on r. Addruai MUKVrs niri licti,, Uaaoala ffmple, Ouh-aoo-XU.
ForSalo in Boffinton, Pn.,by II. C. SANDERSON, Drujgiflt, cw. v."ashlngtou
md Snruoo streets.
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In tho snip of tho shears,
The bondholder hcar3
The Bound of his money enhanciu''
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nrantona Cove. Nai in i .
ontriit Park, atliiaeapella.
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