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    If Scranton s
Munioipal legislature is a
corporation sewer, it is tor
the voters of BorantOQ to
turn on the hose.
i run rm mmm
f V f sSi
We have no
Bo-s rule here. Citizens
eau have good men in office
if they will take the trouble
to nominate and elect them.
Thirteen People Known to Hive Been Killed.
M my loured.
?uin and Disaster Everywhere -Part
of the Town of Emory Totally De
stroyedHailstones Weighing Eigh
teen Ounces Fall at Lansing Switch.
A Train's Narrow Escape from the
Funnel Shaped Cloud.
Lonuview. Tex , March 19.
D TORNADO passed over thin place
A nt 1 o'clock yesterday morning
j doing much damage, At Lan
uU sing Switch six persons were
killed. Great hailttoBN Ml, many of
them weighim; from fourteen to ei;lit
ecu ounces. Others, which mint have
been vrv much larger, were found In
the heavy Warm rain, with the mer
cury nt 70 degrees, Tbev tank from
two to five Inches In the ground nar
this place. Manv chickens, turkeys
end cattle were killed.
At Lansing Switcb.slx miles east.the
tornado Struck the gravevard, tearing
op lame forest trees by the roots. It
struck the stanch old house of ,lohn
Cain, occupied hv a family of negros.
The house stood in a grove of old oaks,
every oue of which was uprooted.
Persons who knew the home often
spoke of the impossibility of wrecking
it by storm, but it is now entirely de
molished. There are six persons dead,
three mortally wounded and live seri
ously and painfully hurt.
Old man Alexander Lester was found
fitly yarns from the lions", dead. Al
exander Lester, jr., Is years old, whs
dead, mixed up with torn bed ling,
The mother, 8srah L'ster, was fonnd
airainsta tree.several yards away, dead.
Robert Lester whs under a tree, dead,
and J sper C'oilins was found dead un
der h 2-foot tree trutik His wife, Mol
lie Collius, has many bruises, but will
recover. "Sisy" Lster, aged yean,
ws found several yards, away iu a tree
top. dead.
The storm swept on toward Mar
shall. Frnit trees and fences were
demolished for many miles around. A
Texas and Pacific passenger train was
passim: at the time and just escaped
the fnnnel-shnped clood.
The list of dead is as follows:
; . -1 V ALEXANDER, aged 50.
Lkstkb. Alexander. jr.agedl'J.
LaSTBB, RoBKIlT, g"d 5.
Lester, Sarah, the mother.
Lester, baby, I years old, found dead in a
tree top.
Collins, Jasper, crushed under a tree.
The following were injured
Collins, Mollis, wife of Jasper, head
cut; will recover,
Ozer, Franc, legbrokeu.
Lkster, AUTHOR, 6 years old; will prob-
ably die.
Johnson, Silas, guest of the Lesters, bad
ly injured; will die.
Lester, Willie, '.) years old, cut and
bruised; will recover,
Lester, Arthi r, 6 years old; will die.
Th Cripple Croak Miners Ar Ready to
Denver, March 19 Governor
Waits this morning ordered the troops
bark from Cripple Creek district to
their respective armories, l ine action
was the result of a telephone conversa
tiou held by the governor witn Ailju
tunt General Tarsney, who reported
that the miners were ready to arbi
trate and would not go out in battle
array in any event.
Asked if ordering the troops back to
their respective armories meant that
the militia would disband, Governor
Waite smiled and said: "We will wait
and see." The impression is that he
will await the decision of the supreme
court before disbanding his soldiers.
Will Place a Crack Base Ball Club in the
League. Pastures.
Hazleton, Pa, March l'J. -The sub
ject of putting a state league huso ball
club in the field from Hzleton this
season waa definitely snttleil today.
The promoters of the movement today
received from a private source assur
ance of substantial support ami ail de
tails will be spsedily arranged.
A permanent organisation Will be ef
fected tomorrow evening, and the club
will be represented at tbe meeting of
the league managers in Harrisburg to
The President Stroniriy Urs-d to 8ln
th- 3 .' iioniK Bill.
Washington, D. C , March 19 Sec
retary Lamont is quoted this morniug
as saying that stronger prossnre has
been brought to bear upon the presi
dent to sign the seigniorage bill tuan
has been exerted in tavor of any other
measure which tins ever come before it,
The secretary did not say what ac
tion the president will take with re
gard to tbe bill, mid there is mncb
epeculatiou regarding it this morniug
A Freight Train Caught In a Snow Slfd
Near Seattle.
Seattle, Wash., March 19 A re
port was received last night that the
Great Northern freight train which
left Snohomish Saturday night was
strfiok by H snow slide near Snohomish
and swept over an embankment 130
feet high.
Six men who were on the train lost
their lives: The train is said to hnve
goue entirely out of Bight under the
elide in the valley.
ro.'d to cross its tracks, continues criti
cal this evoning Superintendent Day
ton arrived with reinforcements of
seventy-five men for the West Jersey.
Be inspected the barricades at tbe
crossing and placed them In charge of
Supervisors btubts and Nichols. The
South Jersey bus 000 men ready, and
others will volunteer, it is said, if they
are wanted to nuke a breaoh through
tho barricades and e(Tet a crossing.
Commissions Issued and Honorable Dis
charges Ostit'd
HarrbburOT, Pa., Msrjh It) A com
mission was Issued by Adjutant Gen
eral Greenland to 8smnel A O'Brien,
of Philadelphia, second lieutenant
Company A, Third regiment.
He also issued special orders grant
inn leave of absetii: to Captain Lver
ette Bradley, chaplain Third regiment,
until Oct. L 1804, with permission to
go beyond the sea, and announcing the
honorable discharge of Charles D. Par
lis, of the l''irst, lieutenant Company
A;EIward H. Crumley, first lieuten
ant, Company B, Second regiment;
George A, Harris, captaiu Company H,
Eighth regiment.
Annie Bailey's Unusually Long Stay
Upon Earth -Saw the Coun
try's Infancy.
Situation la Critical at Woodbine, Down
In New Jersey.
Cape May, N. J., March 19. -The
condition of allslrsat Woodbine, where
the West Jersey railroad is blocking
the attempt of the South Jersey rail-
Ttie Romantic Career ol tho Fair Plaintiff
A Story That Creates a Most Favor
able Impression Is Given in Spite of
Efforts of the Colonel's Attorneys
to Warp Testimony Her Relations
with the Defendant Continued Alter
His Marriage to Mrs. Wing.
Philadelphia, Pa., Match in Af
ter reaching the remarkable age of 121
years, Mrs Annie Bailey, colored, was
fonnd dead last night In her room at
901 Lombard street. Tbeold woman was
found sitting ou the floor with her head
resting against tbe laid. 8he was ilad.
Death was evidently dus to the infirm
ities of her age
From the storv of the old woman
herself and the testimony of her rela
tives thero seems to be no doubt that
Mrs. Biiley really hud reached and
passed the K'lst mile stone of life, nl
though there is no authentic record of
her birth.
She claimed to have been born near
Cbambersburg, Pa , in the household
of General Chambers, after whom the
town WSS named, Her memory, which
she retained up to the time of her
death, was phenomenal When she
was a very little tri rl, she said, sho re
members to have heard the people
talking about the great battle fought
on the previous Christmas night at
Trenton, between the Americans and
the British. She recalled, slso,tbe dis
cussion which etibs.iineutly attended
the "making of the laws of the conn
try," evidently the framing of the con
stitution. Her life was a very quiet
ami uneventful one. She wae a "bound
girl'' for a number of years in the fam
ily of a Mrs Ross, near her native
place. She married when quite young,
and survived her husband about oil
years. When she was about so years
old she adopteil a little girl named
Sarah Harden, who subsequently mar
ried one Mason. Mrs. Mason has enred
tor the old woman for the past 20
years, and established her in the boird
ing house, where she di d.
The old woman was an active mem
ber of the B'thel African Methodist
Episcopal church, at Sixth and Lom
bard streets, and had attended the gen
eral convention held there last sum
mer. She proudly boasted that ehe
had been a Christian for eighty years.
She hail some education, but her read
ing was mostly confined to her Bible,
which she reaJ daily up to fifteen
years ago, when her sight partly
failed. She was able to see her way
about, however, up to the time of her
death, lb-r hearing had grown some
what defective of late, but. her mental
faculties remained apparently no
VHUdnls broke into several Krio churches
and wrecked the pews and furniture.
An investigation of tbe accounts of the
WiHiamsport poor board has been ordered
by rouucils.
A 111 icted with catalepsy, Jesso Kicliul
berger, of near Bedford, has for two
months been practically unconscious.
The Miners' hospital nl Asliland will
probably discard men for women nurses,
trained in Philadelphia.
While fox hunting near PottStOWn.JobO
B. Markley whs thrown from his horse,
sustaining a fractured leg.
The widow of Uovsrnor William F.
Parker, residing at WiHiamsport, has just
passed her eighty second birthday.
Ilristol Methodists turned out io large
numbers last nigh; to welcome back their
pnstor, Kev. E. Burris, for his fourth
year there.
William B. Walker, assitant professor
OI chemistry in the state UOHSge, has re
signed mm win bo succeeded by (franklin
K. I little.
Women shoplifters, who attended the
Methodist conterence in E islon regularly,
mnde big hauls during Intermissions, The
goods were recovered lo New York,
All tbe departments of the Pennsylva
nia Steel work, at Sieelton, started up
yesterday for tbe Drst tithe in three
months. Over 4,000 men went to work.
The sensto has confirmed the nomina
lions of tho following postmasters: Penn
sylvania -Nettie B, Johnson, Athens: (',
M. Lee, Tnnkhaunoci:, and A. I lander
man, Troy
The .supreme court, at Philadelphia ron-
uor.'l a necision alllrining the lOUgfflent
oflhe .Monroe couuty court of common
pleas in the rate .of S trunk against The
Firemen s Insurance company.
The following pensions have been issiod
Pennsylvania Renewal Alfred L. Pin
nny, Urnnville Center, llradford. Reissue
and increase, John II. (loodrich, ;Kt
Troy, Bradford; minors of Joseph A. Wes
loy, ileshoppsn, Wyoming,
- .
The San FraQOlSOO Is still at Rio. coaling
in preparation ior o i tup to lUuelield
Congressman Curti', of Kana, fears
there won t be enough public land "to go
roiinu. it immigration continues.
It is not known at the state department
that the returned pauper Aunanilale, who
came to this country as t'etr Arnott.ia an
American citizen.
The Bland seigniorage bill reached tbe
white house yesterday just about Bvo miua-
OteS niter the president had gone driving
with iurs, i.ievpiaiiil.
The Democratic members of the eenntn
finance committee have decided to add i
provision to the tariff hill repealing sec
tion .1 of the Mckinley act so as to remove
all ambiguity concerning the retention of
of the reciprocal treaties made uuder that
Washington, March 19
ken through the maZeS of her
lift today under tne guidance
of Major Butterwortb, who, in
the absence tbrougb illness of Mr. Tot
ten, bus taken his place as leading
counsel for Colonel Breckinridge.
Sometimes she broke nway from where
he would lead hr and would make a
tolling remark against the silver-haired
defendnn t.
She told how her allege 1 ruin was
accomplished, how sh- gave herself up,
heart, soul, body and mind to Colouel
Breckinridge, how eho loved him and
how she acted the deceiver at his in
stigation, never once allowing a hint of
their relations to fall from her lips din
ing all th- yenrs preceding bu murriaga
to Mrs. Wing.
Miss Pollard made a gool impres
sion. She was tearful at times, tint at
other periods her voice rose until it
sounded lou 1 abovo the protests of the
Several questions were asked by Mr.
Carlisle in direct examination as soon
as the plaintiff had taken the stand,
the first on-- whether she had ever
been married, to which the answer
w is "No, Mr. Carlisle."
Then, in continuation, the plaintiff
related in greater detail than she bad
before her first meetings with the con
gressman. He had told her that she
had a wonderful intellect, that a brilli -ant
future was before her, "and I
seemed to be completely under the in
Buence of ehis wonderful powers of
persuasion,'' ah said.
"Did the relations which you have
testified to with Colonel Breckinridge
continue after April J9, ts'.id';" inquired
Mr. Carlisle, that being tbe date of the
secret marriage to Mrs. Wing.
"They did up to and including
May 17. 1893. wnich whs the last timo I
saw Colunel Breckinridge," she said,
and was about to make further sxplan-
itlons, when the defendants lawyers
interposed objections.
After tne p .ssages the sparring be
tween Mr Butterwortb and the young
woman resumed where it had been
Iropped Friday. Many detailed (nida
tions concerning her early life, her
Atu lies, amuements, friends and am
bitions were asked, to all of which she
returned replies which could have
given no comfort to her opponents.
v lion she was asked whether she was
i member of the church she explained
that she had been confniu.' l in the
Episcopal church
Are you a member now:1 wis
Once a member of the Episcopal
church always n member," canio the
epigrammatic reply.
Her early aiubition had been to
write, Miss Pollard declared, and Col-
tiel Breckinridge had told her that
she had wonderful talent iu that line.
Sue had also desired to teach.
'Do you know the value of charac
ter for u teacbsri Mr. Butterwortb
Most assuredly I do. Never so much
as todny," came the prompt reply; ''put
all this Was swept away by one net."
Further on she explained that she un
derstood the requirements for good
character in a woman wore the same
as in a man.
a woman's love.
"Did yon have any qualms of con
science between me lust night at
Sarah's anil the following morning.
when you went back to Cincinnati,
about what you had done, an? remorse?"
Mis Pollard wiis asked by Major Dut
lerwortb. "Yes. but I was desperately In love
with him. I loved him as I did not
hope to love, I was completely under
hie control
"Didn't you know this was wrong?"
"Yet, but Mr. Breckinridge is such a
man thai he can make it all seem right
to love In that way."
"Did you not know ho was matried?"
''Yes (sadly) he told ine that."
"And you loved him?"
"I lovsd bim then with nil my heart
and soul- every word of his wae a
religion to m and ho has brought m
all this misery, he has ruined my lite
for me."
The court room was crowded through
out tho (lay and Miss Pollard's bright
answers were frequently the cause of
laughter until Juiign Bradley adminis
tered a severe rebuke to the spectators.
There was one curious slip iu her let
ters which she repeated In her oral tes
timony without correction and whioh
indicated that her literary studies had
not made her text-perfect iu biblical
She referred more than once to one
of her early asuoeintes, of whom she
said sho had become enamored but Who
did not return her aff ction, as her
"blind Barnabas," obviously meaning
the "Blind Bartimeus, son of Timus, "
who sat by tbe wuyside begging, as is
recorded in St. Mark
A Man Shoots IllB Wifo at tht Altar
and Than Ci mmlts filicide.
San Francisco, March 10, A mur
der and snicido occurred yesterday
morning In the Church of the Immacu
late Conception, at Oakland, while tbe
congregation was present. John
Bradv, a house painter, shot and killed
his wife, Mary, while she was tolling
her beads in front of the altar. Then
he turned the revolver upon himself
and put a bullet in his brain. The
murdered woman had 'just been di
vorced from bim on account of bis dis
solute habits. Six children are left.
Brady bad frequently threatened to
take her life since she had obtaluod a
The woman remained kneeling nt
tho altar rail while the congregation
was leaving the church. Without u
moment's warning Brady came behind
her with n pistol iu his hand, an I. put
ting it to the back of her neck, fired.
His victim fell on thn fioor dead. In
another minute, before any one had
time to realize what had happened,
Brady whs also dead. Woman fainted
and ssreamed and rustled in fright
from the edifice. Officers of the church
ran to the scene of the terrible trag
edy, but it was too late to do anything.
The mnrderer's body presented a
shucking sight, and blood and bits of
flesh were scattered around as if the
sacred place had been turned Into a
slaughter-house. The doors of the
church were closed at once, and th
priests celebrated mass In the nfter
noon in the graveyard adjoining on ac
count of the defilement of the edifice
The man's friends say he was a crank,
and had become a maniac on account
of his wife's separation from him
An Influential Citiz n Suo-idaa at Utaver
Beaver Falls, .Match 19 Samuel
It. Patterson, son of the late James
Patterson, founder of this city and one
of the most influential eitiz-ns iu the
county, committed suicide in his pri
vate office this morning by shooting
himself through thn head.
.Mr f attsrson has for several vears
suffered from dyspepsia. He left no
word for hie family, consisting of a
wife and three children.
the mm CASE ON.
Arguments Are Heard in the United
States Circuit Court at
Experimental iDcumciit Now Awaits
Cleveland's Autograph.
The bnrolled Seigniorage Act Re
ceived and Proper y Signed in the
Senate -Mr. Peffer Introduces Bills
tor Which He Has No Sympathy.
The President Discusses the Land
ingot the British at Bluofields--Bus-iness
Is Rushed in the House.
Philadelphia, Pa, March 19 Ar
gument was begun today before lodges
i.., Butler and Gretn, in the United
States circuit court of appeals, in a dis
pnte among prominent coal, iron nnd
steel men over the possession of ftfolJ,
000 in bonds of tho Lackiiwanna iron
and Steel company, of Scranton, Pa.,
which was formerly the Scranton
Steel company. A number of the
stockholders of the company contend
that the $850,000 in bonds of the new
company, pai I to William W. Scran
ton, the president of the old company,
and Walter Scranton, its vice presi
dent under an agreement that they
should not . re engage in business in
competition with the new coiimany,
siiould not have been turned over to
them, but to the old company itself.
The Scrautous claim that the bonds
were a bonus to them. When the mat
ter was heard in the circuit court at
Pittsburg, Judge Acheson awarded the
latter tho securities. Tbe dissatisfied
stockholders of the old company took
an appeal
i he) complaining stockholders are
Louis H. Bristol. E G Sioddart, H L
Hotobklss, C. L. Johnson. Edward M
Reed and R. S. Ives, of New Haven,
Conn. ; Carlos French, of Seymour,
Conn., E S. Burton, of Chicago;
Charles N. Yeamans, of Westfield,
Mass. ; William B Murdoch, of Barnes
La., and William A. Earle, of New
Florida Will ship her .first pineapples
April IS.
Fever has killed the surgeon of the
United Statin ship K.augor, at La Liber
tad, San Salvador.
Three day'-' constant hiccoughing has
brought William a Day, of Bridgeport,
Conn., nearly to the point of death.
In carelessly handling a revolver, Benja
min r arsons, ageu in, 01 Lowell, .Muse.,
shot and killed Ueorgo Hue, his chum.
L'rokor to retire, (iilroy to become Tain
many's chief and Grant to again ran for
mayor is the latest New York gossip.
Numbed by a paralytic stroke, Mrs.
Almira N. Davis, agod 84, of East Ded
bum, Mass , upset a lamp nnd was burued
to a crisp.
John Sherman has arrived at Asheville,
N. (,'., anil will stay some time to recuper
ate Ins health, which has been somewhat
Her heart won by a rich youug F.gyp
tian, Miss Albert, I'lnian, daughter of a
Baltimore millionaire, will suou sail for
Paris to wed him.
In a dispute with D. P. Orcutt over
property, William Cashing was killed at
Lake Turps, Wash., and W. W. Basset)
severely wounded.
Justice D, L. Boodgrass has been chosen
chief justice of tho Tennessee supreme
court, to till the vacancy caused by Chief
JnttiCS Lea's death.
For killing her brutal husband. Mrs.
Dunne, of New York, was found guilty of
second degree manslaughter, but was
recommended to mercy.
By getting a writ of error iu the Federal
supreme court Clyde Mat lux. u condemned
Indian Territory murderer, will escape be
ing hanged on Good Friday.
In the breach of promise .ait of Miss
Esther Jacobs against Henry B Sire, of
New Yoi k, the jury brought in a verdict
awarding the plaintiff 150,000, the full
amount claimed.
The case of tho National Home for Dis
abled Soldiers against tho late (fc-neral H.
F Uutler, which has biteu pending in the
United States circuit court at lloston, has
been sei t ied by the payment of 118,000 by
the administrators of his estate.
Kx-Mayor John Delta, at his home, (ileu
Hock, Y'ork county, Pa,
At Now York, Itov. Dr. Stevens Parker,
a prominent Episcopal clergyman, aged III,
K. W. Paine, supposed to bo the oldest
Md Fellow iu Michigan, at Adrian, aged
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Pritchard, aged BO
years, at Baltimore, Md She was the
mother of Paymaster Arthur J. Pritchard,
U. B. N.
Mrs. Elizabeth Nobie, wife of John W.
Noble, secretary of interior under Presi
dent Harrison, at the family reBideuce,
.t04il J'i lie street, St. Louis
Ex Congressman Washington Townseml,
aged 82 years, an eminent lawyer and a
prominent Republican, at bis residence iu
West Chester of paralysis of tho brain.
James J. Fronlieiser, who had charge of
the choniical department of the Cambria
Iron works, Johnstown, Pa., expired at
Darmstadt, Herinnuy. He made the first
spiegel turned out by the Cambria com
pany. Be went to Germany six weeks
Washington, March 10,
lll having returned to the city, pre
lWI sided over the senate today.
VJ The enrolled seigniorage bill,
signed by the speaker, was received
from the bouse immediately after the
reading of Thursday's journal.
Mr Peffer, Kansas, introduced by re
quest, two bills which were roferred to
the committee on education and labor
one,"to provide public improvements
and the employment of the citizens of
the U lilted States," and the other, "for
the improvement of public roads and
other purposes." 11 1 disclaimed any
sympathy with or responsibility for the
Object! of the bills.
Mr George, Mi-sistippi, gave notice
of his intontion to u hires the senate
tomorrow on the legal aspects of the
Hawaiian question.
The message from the president of
the United States in relation to the
landing of British forces at Bluefields.
Nicaragua, and In relation to Hawaiian
affairs, was laid before the senate at
2.50 p. m nnd referred to the commit
tee on foreign relations.
The senate, alter n short executive
session, at 5 io adjourned,
The miscellaneous business of the
house was disposed of In five minutes
this morning and the sundry evil ap
apropriation bill was taken up in com
mittee of the whole. Mr. Seyors (Dim.,
Tex) asked unanimous consent to close
debate on the ponding amendment (that
relating to the Missouri river commis
sion) at '2. '10 o'clock, winch was agreed
to, and a geueral discussion of the ad
vantages and disadvantages of the
contract system followed. This and
all other umeudmeuts were voted
The tection relative to the board of
managers of soldiers' homes was taken
up Without notion on this amendment
the committee rose, and Mr. Oothwalte
(Dem., Ohio), reported the army an
propriation bill. At r) U3 the house ad
journed. e .
qaaezlng Has Cvauad, but tht Mission
Bodies Are Far Away.
Wii.kks BARRE, March 19 -For the
last three days no more bodies have
been found at the Gaylord mine la
Plymouth, notwithstanding that every
possible effort has been made. Tbe
height of the plan" is so great that an
immense amount of propping is neces
The squeezing has censed somewhat
today, and there is not go much danger
to fear by the rescuers. The bodies yet
left iu the mine may not be reached for
n week. It is now believed that they
were caught in the extreme eud of the
Tht Oreat Hungarian Ptri t Daily
Growii ir Weaksr.
TURIN, March 10 L uis Kossuth's
fever went down enuiowhat last even
ing, hit mind became clear, and he eat
up iu bed He talked with his nurse,
aelf he hud been but slightly ill, and
i ventuallr started to leave tbe bed to
out on his clothes.
He fell back after the first effort, and
sank, half fainting on the pillows.
When he regained full consciousness,
he began speaking of his love for Hun
gary. It would grieve him, be said, to
die outside his country.
. .
State Authorities Liable to Tnk' a Hand
in Stmidsbiirg Affaire,
BtBOVDSBURO, Pa., March 19 The
state authorities have written to Dis
trict Attorney J. 1! Williams asking
for Information, regarding the lynching
of Robert Puryea It Is thought that
they will move against the lynchers if
some action is not taken by the couuty
author! ties,
Judge Craig has arrived In town for
the purpose of holding a short term of
court and th lynchers are feeling very
Philllpsburtr Miners Submit to th Scale
Mad.' by Demociatic Timst.
PHILUPSBURO, Ph., March 19. At
the miners' mass meeting, field iu this
placo this afternoon, which was at
tended by 8,000 miners, on tbe advice
of the loaders of the organization it res
olution was adopted accepting the re
duction offered by the operators.
Notification was uiven the operators
that the reduction was accepted uuder
Thty Havt Bean Withdrawn from Iht
Wniers of Hlo.
Washington, D. C, March 19 -Secretary
Herbert h ig ordered all tbe
American warships away from Rio.
Tho New Y'ork will ,go to St. Luciu,
there to await further instructions by
cable from the navy departm-nt.
The Charleston will go to Moutc
vi Iio to join the Newark.
Nuns at Pittsburg Abandon tho Idea rf
Teaching In Public Fchoo'e.
PtTTSBUnO, March 19 -Before Judge
Met Tung. in common pleas court No. 8.
tbis morning, the plaintiffs in the in
junction case against the Riverside
Sub-district school board and tho five
Sisters of Meroy teachers employed by
i no nosra in the public school was
voluntarily withdrawn, state Coun
cilor Kerr, of the Junior Order United
American Mechanic authorized the
following statement:
The application for an injunction
wae withdrawn simply because we bad
nothing to enjoin. The defendant
school directors and nuns or sectarian
touchers, by abandoning their illegul
invasion of the Riverside public sehool.
removed all substantial cause of action
or complaint, and ended our case.
The Apumiranct of Small-Pox Causes
Eaoittment About Town.
LEWI8BURO, Pa.. March 19. -On Sat
urday John Rsrlok returned from Dan
ville and was tukeu sick, showing
symptoms Ol small-tH& Doctors were
called ill consultation and the cite was
pronounced small-pox of th-s mast viru
lent typo.
There is much excitement in the
town over the case. The authorities
bare quarantined Rariek's houso. There
are eleven children in the family.
poll fiTHfp
Interesting Sessions Held at Harris
burg Governor Pattison Addresses
the Meetings -Temperance Work.
HARRISBURG, March 19 At today's
session of the Central Pennsylvania
Methodist conference the board of
stewards and committee on necessity
cases reports 1 mon-ys received: Al
toona district, sfl ,640; Danville. $1.711 :
Hsrrisbnrg, $1.67ii; Juniata, $1,100;
Williiunsiiort. 1 GTS - chartered fnml
125; book oo-iceru at New York. 11.040:
Mrs. C. .(. Jackson's special gift, $260;
total, $'. 753; decrease. $fl6; appor
tioned lorluextyear, Altoona, Danvilb,
Harrisburg and WiHiamsport, $2 10U
each; Juniata, $1,000; total, $l"i,00il.
iiloomsburg, Tyrone and Sliamokin
wore nominated as the plact for hold
ing the next conference! The vote he.
ing taken, Tyrone was unanimously
Governor Pattison being introduced,
said he had been in tlie itinerary for
twenty-one vears. He was in those
days more interested in the parsonage
than the church. Ever since he bad
been very much interested in a Metho
dist conference. Tho work of the
church is unselfish. It seeks to save
and bless the whole world.
This evening the committee on pro
hibition reported these resolutions
which were adopted; The only proper
attitude toward the liquor trattia for
Christians Is that of relentless hostil
ity. If cn:i Utver be legalized withont
sin. We declare before all the world
that the church of God ought to be
known always and everywhere ae the
relentless and uncompromising foe ol
this UO-Godly business and it is tie
duty of every Christian to wage cease
less wnrlnre against It.
We do not presume to dictate the po
litical conduct of our people, but we dc
record our politic il judgment that no
political party has a right to expect,
nor ought it to receive tbe support of
Christian men so long hs it standi con -nutted
to the license policy or refuses
to put itself on record In an attitude of
open hostility to the saloon. Rev. Dr.
Payne delivered an iuterstiug address
on education.
Dress Goods
HIi demand for
Vine BlackGoods
this season is un
precedented. Our as
sortment is now very
complete, having just,
received our seconct
importation of
Exclusive Designs
In French and Ger
man Novelties. Also
a new stock of the
The name of which.
is the guarantee of
their excellence. As
the quantitiesare lim
ited, an early inspec
tion is advisable.
510 and 512 Lackawanna A?e.
Maltese Cross
Forgot to Mention His Wifs Durii g
Bis Nashville Speech
Mashville, Tenn., March 19. Col
onel w. C P. Breckinridge delivered a
lecture at Gospel Tabernacle in this
( ity on the night of June 2 last for the
benefit of a locil charitable organiza
tion known as tht Flower Mission. At
the conclusion of his address Colonel
Breckinridge was presented with a
basket of 11 iwers.
In return for this compliment he
made a speech, taking occasion to say
in a manner pathetic that ho had no
wife to whom h conld give them. This
circumstance has been vividly recalled
by the recollection that Colonel Breck
enridge w is secretly married to Mrt.
Wing on April 29, 1808, more than a
month prior to the dale of tills unnec
essary declaration.
- .
New Orl-ana Swept by a Terrible Tor
nado Nkw YORK, March 19. -It i report
ed that a cyclone has swept over the
country in tho vicinity of New Or
leans. At this writing (1 50 a. m.) all wires
are down and no details ctu be ob
Herman merchants think Prance got the
best of the convention as to tne Cameroon
Queen Margaret will receive Wayne
MacVeagh, the new United States ambas
sador, today.
T h Fiench senate bv a vote of 828 to 88
bus approved the creation of a ministry of
the colonies, thus averting a cabinet crisis.
(ictniiih liitretnllitts are trying to force
Chancellor Von Caprivi into convening n
International conference on the silver
The gleaming military helmets of tier
many', army Will be abolished, and the
entire uniform is to be obsngsd to resem
ble closely that of the Austrian troops.
For pretending to heal diseases by hyp
notism, Herman Just, of Striirxbuig, Ger
many, was sent to prison for fourteen
mouths, mid two confederates for shorter
The estimated Bnglish government ex
penditures lor the coming year, which
will b, required to be met by the budget,
amounts to 05,683,086. This is the highest
sstlmate ever submitted.
The Rome correspondent of the London
News lays that tie ltrainlian government
has been congratulated by Italy upon the
surrender of thn insurgent Beet at Bio
Janeiro and the collapse of the insuirec-
. , . ,. . . ..
lion in iuu souiu.
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prooaof y eefdsr i southern portion nuith
Oar I allies' mill Gentlemen's shoes nft,
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